Monday 5 August 2013

Zainah's way to downgrade the fatwa council

Apparently, all those mufti and alim ulama may soon lose their job.

At least, that's how it should be according to this article in the MCA-own the Star newspaper,

Only in Malaysia: where we have gone wrong with fatwa

It's written by Zainah Anwar, the founder of Sisters in Islam.

She presented all sorts of arguments which I believe pointed to the effect that people like her have the same rights as the mufti and those sitting at the fatwa council to decide on how the sharia is to be governed.

However, I noted this little paragraph which I think was where her aim is really laid at,

"How much more does it take for this government to realise that forcing people to believe what they do not believe does not constitute faith?"

It's the government's fault, she said. To be exact, it's the Barisan Nasional government's fault.

Zainah knows that she can't win if she goes against the ulama and mufti head on because the muslims of this country will not go along with her in such a fight. 

So, the other way of going about it is to attack the government, which is apparently the best target if anyone want to get at such institutions such as the fatwa council.

Topple the BN government and Zainah and the gang may change the way it works in that council. Well, who knows, maybe Zainah herself may sit at the council after that. 

However, the way it is now, most muslims of this country would rather follow those with the best religious knowledge rather than some liberal women who claim to know their religion but not even bother to wear a tudung. 

But, there is a likelihood that such brain washings via articles such as the one wrote by Zainah and published by the Star, may change things in future. 

As it was, not too long ago, who would had thought that young Malay Muslim children wearing kopiah would be told by their parents to carry the flag of DAP, which leaders had made it clear that they do not want this country to be govern as according to Islam. It is happening now, thanks to such manipulation of mind carried out relentlessly by DAP and its allies.

Well, I'm not a devout Muslim myself and like Zainah, I don't wear tudung and such. 

But I will not argue against those fatwa either or at least I wouldn't say that I am better when it comes to knowledge of Islamic teachings than those alim ulama. I may not be able to abide by all the fatwa or even the basic teachings of Islam, but I will not try to run it down either. Ok, I may make some noises, but not to the extent of describing the alim ulama as dictators and such.

This whole thing reminds me of an incident related to me a few years ago. 

A group of liberal Muslim women had tried to meet with a mufti and debate with him on an issue of Islamic jurisprudence. 

The mufti just asked a question, "Have you all performed the solat (the five times daily obligatory prayers for Muslims) before coming here to debate with me?"

The debate did not take place.


  1. Our faith has been governed all this while and do we have a problem with it? For instance, I don't believe that the highway speed is 110. In fact in many countries, it is 120 and in some, there is no limit. What about capital punishment for certain crime? When it comes to law, it is always others who decide what is good for us. But too bad, when it comes to religious law, some refuse to accept it because they are busy breaking it. Imagine if a drug trafficker says the same with regard to capital punishment for drug trafficking, or a sodomite wants to repel law on sodomy (because it is archaic somehow).

    As with regard to fatwa, well it is not about punishing for going against the fatwa, but it is for challenging the fatwa. Because if everybody starts to challenge the fatwa, it might be as well as no fatwa at all because then everybody starts to give their own fatwa. For a country to work, we must have one leader, one decision, one law and one fatwa. If you disagree with a fatwa in this country, feel free to follow the fatwa of another. But do not openly challenge it.

    1. Annie Stupid Woman6 August 2013 at 03:09

      " I'm not a devout Muslim myself and like Zainah, I don't wear tudung and such. But I will not argue against those fatwa either or at least I wouldn't say that I am better when it comes to knowledge of Islamic teachings than those alim ulama."

      Why not when you obviously dont believe in tudung fatwas? Who are kidding? why dont you stand for your right. You Annies should be ashame of attacking intelligent malay women. whose applause are waiting for by attacking other malay women? Why dont you attack the blatant sexist fatwas and inhuman one against malay children born out of wedlock?

      You in fact is a worse human in secular thinking than Zainah because at least she fight for justice or at least what she believes is justice. While you Annie just wallow in hypocrisy. Iam not wearing tudung but I dont criticise turban wearing malay men so I am good...haha.

      Why not when the fatwas are made by UMNO appointed officers. Do you really think they are faultless? What a cop out.

      Are you afraid of God or are you afraid of men? She really deserve a lot of credit for clear thinking while you unfortunately is a paid writer for UMNO Ghani.

      Why do you think you are more religiously superior in Islam because you dont understand the issues that SIS is bringing up?

      It is not a good thing to not query injustice and tahayul edicts by UMNO goervenment servants.

      Yes the Fatwa Council consist of ordinary men appointed by UMNO machinery. No women here.

      You Annie is a real disappointment. Not wearing a tudung doesnt justify cricitcising othere women who fighting for truth and justice. What SIS are saying are common sense.

      Who are you promoting? Whose side are you on? What the fuck are you talking about all these while? I dont wear the tudung. I date kafir unwashed Chinese man. I touched chinese mans hand. But hey I am a good islamic girl because I dont understand the fatwas.

      What a load of bullshit thinking. But reading your unabashed worshipping of Gani shows you are far behind SIS.

      In fact you are not qualified to question SIS reasoning let alone talk about fatwas.

      You are in fact PAS like in thinking. Stupid shallow and percays tahayul and has no self confidence. Well you deserve your miserable existence dear stupid gir..

    2. Annie Stupid Women, it could be Annie mangkuk suffered from the BABI syndrome (Brother Aniwar Bin Ibrahim)that is spread by UMNO.

      you See, Annie mangkuk also claim that Anwar almost bring the country down during the late 90's without any substantiate facts, just taruk aje.

      SO next time, Annie putus cinta pon BABI punya pasal-lah !!

    3. bila Fatwa Council nak keuarkan Fatwa kasi haramkan Rasuah ??? bila ?? bila ??

      haram beauty pagent, haram minum calsberg tapi tak haram rasuah, macam mana ni ?????

    4. Pergerakan Wanita UMNO6 August 2013 at 22:22

      First thing you must know about UMNO is that it is a Nationalist organisation. The religious malay organisation is PAS.

      If you confused yourself thinking religiously like PAS and yet thinking you are UMNO then that will get you or the Malays nowhere.

      SIS is what Wanita UMNO was before. How Malay women get to be where they are today, voting, judges, freedom of sports and study are all the legacy of Wanita UMNO.

      All these are haram you understand according to Islam and still haram to Arab women today and this was in the fifties mind you. So Wanita UMNO or Pergerakan Wanita or WI formed the liberal malay view then.

      So please dont try to be dongeng based and betray the malay women's movement with oxymoron thinking.

    5. The Majlis Fatwa has served its purpose for the Malays. Nowadays we have Parliament, Senate, Dewan Undangan Negeri, Kementerian, expert group. labouratories, Majlis Daerah..

      No need for another governemnt body to make up laws anymore lah..

    6. What is Zurainah's stance on syiah's mutaah?

      The Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan serves to guide us.Otherwise anyone just simply gives a fatwa.It will create havoc.Let the MFK does its work.

  2. Pakai tudung pun tak lepas lagi Zainah nak cakap pasal fatwa. Solat apa lagi? Nak tahu jugak siapa mak ayah dia? didik anak sampai nak cabar ulamak.

    1. Bapanya seorang tersohor UMNO, salah seorang pengasasnya. Kakaknya Tan Sri Zarinah yang pernah menerajui SC.

      Mungkin ini lumrah orang yang berketurunan elitist UMNO, berpegangan liberal sehingga meminggirkan perjuangan melayu. Lihat sahajalah contoh-contoh disekeliling...

    2. anon 07:54 hanya tahu isu tudung aje tapi tak erti baca Al Quran dlm bahasa Arab dan apa yg tergandung dlm Al mesti dah kena kangkang ostaz dan ostazah UMNO !!

    3. TudungBudayaArab6 August 2013 at 03:11

      Untuk pengetahunan anon PAS 7:54, tudung itu ada lah budaya arab. Kita orang Melayu tiada padang pasir tak perlu pakai tudung. tiada pun ayat dalam alquran menyuruh perempuan melayu pakai tudung.

    4. Anon 6 August 2013 03:11,
      Malas hendak cakap banyak banayk dengan orang seperti anda tentang kewajipan wanita memakai hijab.
      Bacalah surah Al Ahzab ayat 59 dan terjemahannya kalau anda rajin dan ada masa!

    5. "Pakai tudung pun tak lepas lagi" Bodoh betul kau ni.Mana ada perintah pakai tudung dalam Quran. Mana ada ayat Quran yng menyatakan rambut wanita itu aurat. Jangan percaya sangat dengan kitab -kitab hadis.

    6. Anon 6 August 2013 08:12

      Terjemahan mana yang kau baca. Sila tunjukkan perkataan arab dlm ayat tersebut yng membawa makna "tudung" atau "rambut".

  3. Congratulations for a very well written article. - Mohammad

  4. Assalamualaikum. Thank you Annie. May Allah SWT bless your good soul. Zainah is a living cysts in Islam.Period.

    1. You see no issue with using God's name and cursing a fellow human being at the same time? Surely, no matter how angry we might be, we all have a responsibility to treat each other with respect? I think God treats us with respect. I find it odd that we think we are above that same behaviour. Blessings.

    2. islam1st, you are a deviant Muslim. May Allah SWT have mercy on you. Period.

    3. I agree, may islamist rot in hell hehe...Allah is with Zainah. this is the kind of people who Zainah talk about. God dont belong to you. Calling your islam will only lead you neraka jahanam wiht your foul mouth.

  5. Anon 0754 - Apaknya nama Anwar

  6. Ini lah akibat nya apabila Islam di intepretasi dalam logik akal dan falsafah. Malah rujukan mereka bukan Ulama-Ulama tersohor Islam tetapi philisofer kafirun kurun ke 18 ! Bila segala yang di sensasikan hanya mengikut rasa keseronokan hidup dengan penerangan yang berlawanan nas/dalil,rujukan dan itjmak ulamak. Ini indah nya Islam. Ada kah ini tindakan jumud?

    Kadangkala ada individu merujuk ayat-ayat Al Quran, di bandingkan dengan bible, degan tafsiran sendiri, mengabaikan terus hadis-hadis yang menerangkan amalan atau sunnah Rasulullah.

    Biasa nya individu begini secara logik nya tidak mengamalkan Islam. Jenis kaki yamseng! Cheers! Bottoms up! Happy hours dalam setiap keadaan, mereka bercakap fasal Islam. Malah di samakan Malaysia dengan taliban, ada yang melabel Islam itu jumud seingga tidak berupaya menjana kekayaan, ketinggalan pendidikan, pembangunan akibat fikiran dan amalan Islam kolot! Ada juga bercerita melebihi Ulama Islam sendiri tetapi bangun pagi nya dengan penuh kekafiran sehingga ke petang nya.... makan benda haram, dan hari-hari yang serupa tanpa solat dan kepatuhan kain nya... Ini kah yang mereka banggakan dengan hidup berjaya dan penuh pengertian?

    Sesungguh nya setiap gerak geri tutur kata dan perlakuan kita di perhati oleh Al Quran (jangan salah faham, maksud nya apa ada pada kita semua nya ada keterangan nya dalam Al Quran. Biasa lah, manusia ini angkuh dan riak dengan Tuhan nya)

    Kesimpulan jika tidak beriman, di mana akidah kita. Jika tidak berakidah di mana syariat kita. Jika tiada syariat, siapa kah diri kita? Jika kita tidak kenal siapa diri kita, ada kah kita akan kenal dengan Allah? Jika kita tidak kenal Allah, apa lagi yang ada? Maka kosong lah segala-gala nya, hakikat roh yang tidak bernama....

    Maka ilmu-ilmu Allah itu merangkumi semua dan akhir nya balik menjadi SATU ! Usah kita mendabik dada kerana dengan hanya sakit gigi kita sudah tidak tentu rasa....

    * Salam bertamu singgah sebentar, annie, di laman anda... artikel annie santai tapi tepat sasaran....

    1. Maae , you are confused.

    2. I'm not confused. I'm not young though...

    3. maae kau tak faham fungsi ugama. Mengaitkan yamseng dengan tulisan Annie dan Zainah menunjukan hang ni melayu kolot PAS. Apa kaitan yamseng dengan tulisan ni muahaha.. hang sebetulnya yang tak layak bercakap mengenai ugama.
      Melayu mcm anda dan Annie sebetulnya diketawakan oleh dunia luar. Dunia luar luas dan bukan di kuasai oleh pemikiran orang Arab.

      Pemikiran kolot oleh Fatwa Council ditertawakan oleh bangsa-bangsa lain. Poco-poco haram, hisap paip haram, ASB haram di Selangor dan Pahang negeri Najib sendiri. Hah orang Selangor tak tahu ke? Jual baleklah ASB tu cepat-cepat kalau tak nak masuk neraka. Tak faham ke Fatwa Selangor kata ASB itu haram?

      ASB tu susah payah UMNO bangunkan untuk membangunkan ekonomi orang Melayu, ni Melayu dalam Majlis Fatwa kata haram. Jadi kemungkinan besar mereka ni orang PAS haha..

      Kesannya penjual trust fund cina Public Bank kata, lu beli Public Bank Islamik lah. Itu ASB haram hohoho..bodohnya orang Melayu yang buat fatwa tu atau mereka tidak memahami perjuangan UMNO sendiri. ASB haram di Pahang muahaha...

      Tapi oleh kerana ramai orang Selangor dan Pahang beli juga ASB walaupun fatwa kata haram, ini menunjukan Fatwa ASB haram tidak diterima oleh majoriti orang Melayu. Maknanya orang Melayu Selangor dan Pahang tidak mengendahkan Fatwa. Yelah Fatwa tak masuk akal. Ini yang dipertahankan oleh Cik Annie kita kerana dia tak pakai tudung jadi dia pun setuju dengan alim ulama, ASB itu haram...pelik bin ajaib minda melayu ni..

    4. Apo yang kau merepek ni jang?

      Cheers nampak? Bottoms up lagi... he..he lepas tu gi join cina, yamseng!

      Jelas pemikiran anon ASB Haram ni sekular macam si polan yang annie komen ni. Cakap pakai kepala lutut. He..he...pelik.

      Jika orang itu mantap ilmu agama nya, apa yang saya tulis amat jelas. Pekara wajib asas yang melayakkan diri di panggil Islam. Hanya sendiri yang tahu. Tak payah canang anda lebih hebat dan lebih islamik dari yang lain....

      Bukan sekadar, " well, I believe in god, too..." tetapi cara hidup dan persepsi nya terhadap Islam keseluruhan amat bertentangan. Bahawa mereka menganggap orang yang patuh kepada Rukun Iman dan Rukun Islam, kemudian mengikuti sunnah Nabi Muhammad adalah ekstrim! Mereka ini golongan tidak sebut pun nama Nabi Muhammad! Apa lagi selawat dan salam.

      Anon ASB Haram! Anda sakit jiwa....

    5. MAAE

      ....there comes to it Our command by night or by day, and We make it as a harvest, as if it had not flourished yesterday. Thus do We explain in detail the signs for a people who GIVE THOUGHT. 10:24

      dan maae kata "apabila Islam di intepretasi dalam logik akal...."

      bila Allah suroh pakai akal?

      dan maae kata lagi "Malah rujukan mereka bukan Ulama-Ulama tersohor..."

      bila Allah confirm "...Thus do We EXPLAIN IN DETAIL the signs..."

      Unquestionably, to Allah belongs whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth. And those who invoke other than Allah do not [actually] follow [His] "partners." They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying 10:66

      barangkali meseg Allah di atas bukan untuk Maae, kerana Maae perlu 'rujukan' untuk faham meseg ALLAH yang TERANG lagi JELAS.

      atau setiap kali dapat SMS Maee akan rujuo pada siapa untuk faham?

  7. Alhamdulillah , you're not wit the SIS.
    Choosing to relate the incident in your last 2 para make this posting a 'dakwah'.

    1. of course Annie is not with SIS, Annie is with scoundrel UMNO, and very soon, Annie with come out with her versions of fatwa. Stay tune.

    2. Anon 12:37,

      Tell your Daddy Anak Party to stop giving bullshit excuses and start fresh election as per RoS instructions.

    3. not Daddy Anak is DAPig, you fool !!!

  8. .. I personally think that fatwas should be an opinion instead of a law that can be enforced. Why? Because for one thing, it is not written in Quran so why must it go under Islamic law? Another main and most important reason is the perpetrators do not do harm to others.

    Under fatwa, smoking is haram. If you smoke in your room, you will only do harm to yourself. Should the state stop you from smoking? Same thing with drinking moderate alcohol.

    Drugs on the hand is different. Once you're hooked, you will do harm to others because you have totally lost your mental faculties. That's why it is covered under criminal laws. Same thing with drunk driving and maybe smoking at public places.

    Beauty pageant. Frankly I want to do away with all beauty pageants. Be it for women, men and children. Parading your bodies for all to see, judge and commercialise is so unethical.

    So in this case, if Fatwa Council wants to stop Muslims women from participating I have no problem BUT they must stop men from participating in body beautiful contests too. Modesty in Quran is not restricted to women only you know. So please be consistent.

    1. Absolutely.

      God gave us a brain so that we can think for ourselves. You are a bright girl, Annie, use your brain logically. Rethink your mindset about the ulamas.
      A fatwa is an opinion. No mention of fatwas in the Quran.
      Do not follow the 'learneds' blindly.
      Follow the Quran because that is the word of God. Nothing else.

    2. Annie learned her Islam's faith ala UMNO version, that is why she does not have a critical mind, everything that UMNO did is right, even murder, corruption ,cheating and fitnah are all right as long as it carried out by UMNO.

      Some say she did not even pass her Law diploma in UiTM and yet bluffing her way to give legal opinions like a law expert. Worst still, her UMNO admirers believe her !!

      And now she acts like an Islamic learned scholar and speaks on behalf of Allah.

  9. Ostazah Annie, jangan tulis yg bukan-bukan, are you Annie trying to become an expert in Islam or Allah spokewoemn ? You can't wear too many hats you know, after orang tak caya sama you.

    1. sebab tu orang panggil di Annie Mangkuk , pasal suka tulis yg bukan-bukan dan berlagak bodoh sombong.

    2. Anon 12:05, orang lain tak ambil kisahlah, asalkan UMNO caya sudah.

      UMNO caya maksud ada duiiiiiiiit masuk.

  10. "Have you all performed the solat (the five times daily obligatory prayers for Muslims) before coming here to debate with me?"

    Well, it shows that the Mufti is scare to debate or does not understand what is a debate all about. It might be a way to cover his own weakness and foolishness from publicly expose.

    It is like Najib, despite many requests from Anwar asking for debate on National Policy, Najib just keeps silent like what he has been doing now.

    1. It actually teaches us that if we want to argue about Islam as if we are experts, we must at least be practicing Muslims. Otherwise, we are just bullshitting and wasting time of the learned ulama.

      As for Najib and Anwar, what is the point of the PM or for that matter anyone else wanting to debate about what are good for this country with Anwar when Anwar himself almost sink the country when he was the deputy prime minister and finance minister during the financial crisis of the late 90s. It's wasting time only.

    2. you define 'experts? Who decide who is expert and who is not? A debate is a debate, whether your are an expert or not expert. Let the audience decide who is talking facts and who is talking cock.

      A fine example is Annie, are you an expert in Islam? Annie says, "Zainah's way to downgrade the fatwa council" on what basis are you accusing Zainah of? On the basis, you are Ostazah Annie, an Islamic expert ??

      Everyone (includes UMNO geng) knows that Najib doesn't have the balls and intelligent to debate with Anwar and your flimsy excuse (as you are Najib's spokewomen)tak boleh pakai lah !!

    3. Anon 13:35
      you are an example of someone who is not to be debated with. A debate with you is a waste of time. You either don't know how to read and understand what you are reading or simply one of those who bought his Phd at some obscure college to make up for his lack of intelligence and credibility. I admit, I'm also not very smart for actually responding to comments of someone like you. So, that's it. I rest my case as I need to stop being not so smart. Cheers.

    4. Hey Annie, if you can't refute what Anon 13:35 wrote, just admit it.

      Don't be a typical loser starting cursing here and there and giving feebleminded excuses.

      See, again you are accusing people buying PHD from some obscure this your favorite line of accusation when cornered ?

    5. If u are sick you go to doctor. But who decides who to be doctor? Paper qualification? But strange when it comes to health we want expert opinion from qualified doctor. But when it comes to religion it seems that suddenly everyone is an expert who is qualified to debate. Funny.

    6. "Well, it shows that the Mufti is scare to debate or does not understand what is a debate all about. It might be a way to cover his own weakness and foolishness from publicly expose."

      These things come in all shape and forms. This guy (gal?) here wants to debate, wants to be dissentful to religion in general, and Annie in particular. But he (she) gets all her spellings mixed up, all her English grammar wrong, and all her arguments leaky.

      Hehehehe. Sama laa... those respected ladies wanted to debate with the Mufti. But first things first laaa, Mufti go and ask sudah sembahyang kaaa? Meaning, you oredi practise basic basic Islam 'aaa? If not kalu, how come you people menyebok-nyebok want to discuss some more advanced versions of Islam, some more higher commandments of Allah Ta'ala? Basic basic one you cannot even follow, suddenly become smart one 'aaa, want to discuss advanced topics?

      Hehehehe that was a cool one from the Mufti. And of course the cacing-kepanasan anonymouse and anonymii like 13:35 now go and divert and make it an UMNO issue laaa! Verlything also UMNO. Tsunami Ache 2004 also UMNO kaa wei? Hehehehehe i can't stop laughing.

      And Anonymee 12:05 above does one better: cannot put up argument, so attack argumenter: now want to attack Annie pulak and calling her Ostazah Annie.

      Maybe these are what the PKRs are made up of?

      Ostazah Anonymous

    7. bila Annie mangkok dah tak boleh jawab,

      1) akan " I rest my case" kah..kah..kah... ni lah perangai orang yg tak lulus Diploma in Law.

      2)akan sukanya Annie accuse orang beli Phd,what with Phd ? how about degrees? laku jugak tahu.

      3)akan kata dirinya 'Smart'aka 'syiok sendiri-lah'

    8. Wah so many expert Ularmak wannabe in this blog, guys better check back your aqidah before labeling somebody else. What is the 2nd most important in Rukun Islam?. Solat 5 times a day and it is WAJIB!!.. If you can't be obedient to Allah s.w.t then for what the Mufti to debate with the Liberal Muslim?. Al-Quran is the word of Allah, Al-Sunnah is from our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w. At least Annie know to protect her aqidah by still holding on her iktiqad rather than semborong using logical thinking to argue what in Al-Quran and Hadiths. A fatwa comes from Muzakarah between Ulama that are base on Al-Quran and Hadith. Unless those Anonymous are from Syiah (Al-Bait) side, well no wonder coz even the Para Sahabat they cursing them in their zikir and one of their characteristic is calling names on others when they can't accept the truths.

    9. Itu lah masalahnya bila orang lain nak jadi blogger, dia pun nak join sekali. Blogger lain macam Zakir Bigdog, Syed Akbar, Rocky, those people have experiences and substances for sure. As for Annie, A Level pun tak lepas, Diploma ITM pun failed. Ilmu di dada tak cukup, tak payah nak tunjuk pandai. Dah tau mangkuk, duduk senyap2 kat rumah. Tak payah nak melalak tak tentu pasal. Pegi lah buat benda lain yang lebih berfaedah. Ptuiii.....

    10. Well Annie seems to think that wearing tudung is wajib for her just like sembahyang. So why is she debating the "higher" aspect of Islam and ridiculing malay women activists like Zainah and SIS?
      Is she given special dispensasion by God?

    11. Kepada sesiapa yang ingin menyertai pertubuhan alternatif ala-ala "Sister in Islam" yang dinamakan "Sister of Moron" sila bagi nama kepada Dr Annie Mangkuk dengan segera. Yuran keahlian adalah percuma. Sekian terima kasih.

  11. All this action taken by JAKIM against dog woman, horny Alvivi et cetera would be the same action taken should it happened in the 80's or 90's. So what gives? I'll tell you what gives.


  12. Few people have the courage of Puan Zainah Anwar's stand up to the religion bigots.

    Instead, a little lady of the valley has publicly shamed and ridiculed the entire valley by defending the bigots.

    1. True, true I cannot read Annie anymore without being reminded she is a traitor to modern malay women. Such a pity. And she is not wearing a tudung and date a kafir some more..
      Such hypocrisy wont attract people to UMNO.

    2. Dear Annie,

      Tak usah layan orang macam mereka ni.

      I'm wearing tudung & i dont mind to date non-muslim guy.

    3. dear annie,

      tak usah layan orang macam mereka ni.

      Dear readers,

      i dont mind to date non-muslim guy. Btw i'm racist malay women who have a racist DAP bf.

    4. TudungMenghalalkanSeks6 August 2013 at 21:44

      Nurish Aizan said"
      I'm wearing tudung & i dont mind to date non-muslim guy."

      So I am qualified to talk about fatwas..hehe..

      Pompuan melayu macam nurish azlan ni ramai. Tu Nurul Izzah pun pakai tudung. Dia kulum juga zakar pensyarah.

      Tak hairan lah Nurish..haha..

      Out of topik. Oxy moron. If you wear tudung because you are afraid of allah hell then why do you commit zina with a non Muslim?

      Go join PAS, Pasti Ada Seks. There every body wear tudung or kopiah and fornicate in hotel rooms.

      The point is that to wear tudung or to fornicate with non muslim guys is your choice. And doing all these un islamic things does not elevate you to SIS or Ustazah level. Please lah. Think clearly.
      Oh yes, why dont we come out with another fat was? Memakai tudung boleh mencegah kehamilan seks di luar nikah..muahaha.. Nurish..

  13. Question for Ostazah Annie,
    Can the opinion of ulama (fatwa) turned into the law of the land (Malaysia) without going through the legislative process ?

  14. Annie, to rebut what Zainah's has written, can you please put forward you arguments and thoughts in a more intelligence and intellectual manner ar ? Like women to women kind of way. After all, you are graduated from UiTM and deemed to be uncommonly "smart". Do it for the good of your blog readers.

    Instead Annie go ballistic and maki hamun here and there, from accusing Zainah wanted to overthrown gomen to tudung then young malay boy in kopiah, Dapig and allies...apa ni ?? bodoh-lah.

    If Annie can't refute what Zainah's has written,Annie doesn't have to act stupid by writing in blogs nonsensically and let the whole world know about it. Just follow Najib's acts, when cornered stay silent and be cool !!

    Do it the UMNO style, oh yea !!

    1. annie graduated from UiTM? she failed her Law diploma for sure. so can't really expect much from this wannabe loser to come out with a better argument.

  15. A fatwa banned the beauty pageant have been in place since 1990's. Those people seemed accepting then why now they bring this up. Fretting as if Malaysia run by religious fanatics. All of a sudden, everyone now is an expert on Islam.
    As for me. It is non-issue. I mean really. Please don't sweat a small thing. There's a lot things happening in Malaysia that worth spending time of rather than blowing your top over a beauty competition.
    If you're desperate to show off your hour-glass body, then get married and parading it front of your husband.

    1. Do you know UMNO send JAWI officers to go to the Beauty Pageants to catch any Malay women who want to take part?

      It is a waste of taxpayers money. Why? Because it is a legitimate activity. Other races and religion can take part. So where is the One Malaysia?

      Why is UMNO acting like PAS?

    2. Are you a Muslim or a Kafir? If a Muslim, Nauzubillah and feel really sad for you but if you a Kafir, exposing bodies for beauties to me admire by people particularly men is not a legitimate activity in Islam.

    3. Anonymous, that is your personal opinions. Malaysia and UMNO is secular. Not a legitimate activity in Islam but it is a legitimate activity in Malaysia. You read about them in the papers. They represent Malaysia etc etc.

      Where in the law does it says that JAWI can prohibit women from attending any event? What about football and all those sexy knees? Why JAWI dont put their officers to stop Malay women? Why not stop Malay men from admiring exposed bodies everywhere? Why the fatwa is so stupid is that with the internet men can see enough pussies to qualify as a gynie than at a pageant. And of course you can see exposed arabs and malay women bodies too.

      Stupid anonymous. If you are a Muslim I pity your stupidity..hehe.. Go stuck in your hypocrisy.

  16. Anonymous 12:30 ... if the Mufti refused you a debate, then it is his individual failing. Not that the Mufti as an institution is scared or was trying to uphold any indefensible fatwas or etc.

    To debate, both the debater must be talking on the same set of facts. In the context of the Mufti, it is the Syarie lah. The issue with the Mufti is the women's aurat. In Islam, aurat of a man or woman is not about the flesh. Baju ketat pun tak boleh. Here, Zainah had a point on the other day. The fatwa should have covered 'body building' as well.

    You may ask, if waring swimming dress for a Miss Universe competition is disallowed, how come wearing the same thing for swimming competition is ok? The answer is equally no. But the Mufti cannot go and attack everywhere. He has to priorities and rightly so, he chose to be firmed with Miss Universe.

  17. Nak tau kalau si zainah anwar sudah berumah tangga dan mempunyai anak..apa kata beliau jiak suatu hari nanti si anaknya kata, " ibu, i nak tukar agama" @ "ibu, i nak jadi atheis.". Mungkin si zainah jawab " mai kita celebrate."...

    1. kesian aku baca komen atas nie. nampak sangat akal cetek. bodoh punya melayu. patut pun melayu asyik tertinggal jauh di belakang macam ani gani yang mangkuk ayun lagi gemuk macam king kong.

    2. Itu hak dia. Kalau dia tak percaya mcm mana? Ugama itu satu kepercayaan. Dan Islam sendiri berkata tiada paksaan dalam ugama. Takkan nak paksa dan sebat sampai dia percaya?

      Not in this age man.

    3. Anon 19:23, jangan jadi kaki sibuk nak jaga tepi kain orang, jaga-lah diri dan keluarga baik-baik dulu-lah.

      Jom pergi main mercun !

    4. Anon 12.25, mercun tak main la. meriam buluh baru anak jantan. kasi aim meriam buluh kat depan muka annie mangkuk. mana tahu, bila dah meletup depan muka, annie bodoh will become less mangkuk? ada berani?

    5. Anon 00:41,

      "bodoh punya melayu'.. Nampak akal awk lagi cetek...yg komen di sini bukannya semuanya melayu...sikit2 nak salahkan melayu...ccme on lah..anon 03:37, islam is a deen..way of life bukan sekadar satu kepercayaan semata2..anon 12:35, awk kata sy sibuk jaga tepi kain org tapi yg awk juga reply kenapa? Nak sama cam sy sibuk jaga tepi kain org???

  18. I don't support SIS. For me it is a tool to promote opposition propaganda and to interpret Islam according to their whims and fancies. A person can be a liberal and also a good Muslim. But SIS has screwed the true teachings of Islam. They might as well remove 'Islam' from the name.

    JAKIM is also not doing the right thing. Calling for action to be taken against the dog woman is just too much. And JAKIM has also forbidden the 4 Malay beauty contestants from attending the Beauty Contest in Indonesia. What is this? Do they want to turn Malaysia into another Afghanistan during Taliban's rule?

  19. Dearest Annie... check out the pro-umno blogger's site
    very enlightening... the more arabic we've become, more islamic we are... that's where this country is heading.
    Arabs have failed...their 'syura' consist of elders who studied from their fathers and those before them...edicts handed down without understanding.. does Islam wants us to do that? accept without understanding? follow just because the powers that be told us to..

  20. Great mind talk about ideas, while small mind (like Annie)talk about people all the time.

    1. Poor annie, trying very hard to look smart when she is nothing but a TONG SAMPAH.

    2. excuse me, Annie is not a tong sampah, Annie is "Mangkuk".

    3. anon 12.27, which one is more haprak, mangkuk or tong sampah?

  21. Anon anon yang mepertikaikan peranan ulamak dan majlis fatwa. Tahukan anda bahawa sumber hukum Islam sudah tentu pertamanya berdasarkan AlQuran,kedua hadith dan sunnah Rasulullah dan ketiga Itjmak Ulamak.

    Contohnya dalam AlQuran diwajibkan umat Islam mengerjakan solat tetapi dalam AlQuran tidak menerangkan cara cara mengerjakan Solatitu. Cara menunaikan solat ditunjukkan melalui hadith dan sunnah Rasullullah.

    Islam adalah agama yang sesuai untuk sepanjang zaman. Islam telah wujud sejak lebih 1400 tahun yang lalu. Dunia berkembang maju dan perubahan perubahan berlaku.

    Dunia kini telah masuk era angkasa lepas. Walaupun sekarang umat Islam setahu saya belum ada yang sampai meneroka angkasa lepas, pihak ulamak telah berbicang cara cara mengerjakan solat sekiranya kita berada di sana.

    Saya bawa contoh ini untuk menunjukkan peranan ulamak dalam menentukan hukum yang tidak ditunjukkan dalam AlQuran, hadith dan sunnah Raullullah.

    Tapi jangan keliru hukum hukum yang diputuskan bukan ikut logik minda ulamak tetapi berdasarkan nas nas yang terdapat dan AlQuran, hadith dan sunnah Rasullah. Hukum ini dibincang,didebat dan diperhalusi sebelum dijadikan fatwa.

    So, sister in Islam ( meluat dengan nama pertubuhan yang menggunakan nama Islam), golongan Islam liberal dan golongan yang setaraf dengan mereka jangan meperlekehkan ulamak ulamak yang duduk dalam majlis Fatwa. Mereka adalah golongan cendiakawan Islam yang mepunyai ilmu agama Islam yang tinggi dan mendalam.

    Adakah anda mempunyai ilmu agama Islam yang setaraf dengan mereka untuk mepertikaikan fatwa fatwa yang mereka keluarkan. Kalau ada sila kemukakan sebelum melempar pandangan sendiri yang berdasarkan andaian logik anda semata mata. Pandangan berdasarkan andaian semata mata adalah tidak ilmiah!

    1. Mereka pun pandai sangat. Poco-poco pun haram. ASB pun haram. Mcm buat sibuk je. Mereka makan gaji. Sampai masa pencen.
      Cendikiawan Melayu dalam Majlis Fatwa tak lah boleh dibanggakan sangat kalau ASB yang dibuat oleh UMNO pun haram.

      Bukti pendapat mereka dalam Majlis Fatwa tidak diterima majoriti orang Melayu kerana berjuta-juta orang Melayu tetap membeli ASB. Tak ke hina bila fatwa mereka tak diikuti hehe..

    2. Nik Aziz kata rokok haram tapi beribu pengikut yang anuti PAS hisap rokok. Macam mana tu, tak ke hina Tok Guru tu? Isk tak patut tak patut.

    3. Inilah contoh manusia yang cakap ikut sedap mulut sahaja dan tidak menunjukkan tahap keintelektualan yang tinggi.

      Memang agaknya saya 'jahil' kerana belum terbaca fatwa yang mengatakan ASB itu haram. Tolong paparkan berita mengenainya!

      Sekira benar ada fatwa seperti yang anda sebutkan, saya yakin mereka mengeluarkannya bukan sewenang wenangnya. Tentu ada nas nas Al Quran, hadith dan sunnah Nabi Muhammad saw atau pendapat ulamak ulamak terdahulu yang menyokong fatwa mereka.

      Tentang fatwa mereka tidak dipatuhi oleh 'berjuta juta orang Melayu' yang tetap membeli ASB, itu apa hendak dihairankan. Sedangkan hokum hukum yang jelas haram dan berdosa dalam AlQuran pun ramai umat Islam yang engkar walaupun tahu neraka balasannya

      Berzina, membunuh, menipu ( tidak terhitung kalau hendak disenaraikan ) hukumnya haram dan berdosa besar melakukannya. Adakah orang orang Islam tidak melakukannya?

      Kalau ikut logic fikiran anda "...Tak ke hina bila fatwa mereka tak diikuti hehe.."

      Dalam situasi yang saya sebutkan tadi bagaimana pula pendapat anda?

    4. Perintah sembahyang yang Nabi Kita Nabi Muhammad SAW sendiri sampaikan, mereka boleh mempertikaikan. Kalau yang tak pertikaikan pun ramai yang senang2 abaikan.
      Apatah lagi fatwa yang dikeluarkan majlis fatwa Malaysia.


  22. Annie : "I may not be able to abide by all the fatwa or even the basic teachings of Islam, but I will not try to run it down either"....Ostazah Annie your understanding of Islam is screwed.

    mai Annie main mercun bersama, okay !!

  23. Lots, people or groups of people associate themselves with Islam, but the way their thinking and their practices doesn't seems to be associated with Islam. Most, they just thought, and mere assumption.

  24. Reading all these comments suggests we are in a crisis of the modern consciousness.
    Some find meaning in a world of criss-crossing vanities and distractions through being of service to humanity:

  25. Dont really understand what SIS do. They are not even worth mentioning lah Annie. They same like PAS use the word Islam for their own benefits. not to Muslims or ummahs benefits.
    Dalam Al Quran tak suruh pun muslims dengar ckp SiS or PaS...suruh dgr ckp ulamak pewaris Nabi...ulamak pas tak payah lerr.

  26. Wonder anyone of you watched 'Crommwell' with Richard Harris in the title role?

    It was the Battle of Naseby, between the King's army and the rebel 'roundheads' of Crommwell.

    Both side's priests prayed to the one and the same Christian God for victory!

  27. Something to share. SIS should be the frontline to support women in Gaza.

    1. Kita diadili Allah swt berdasarkan apa yang kita lakukan. Kalau kita bersolat, berpuasa dan melakukan segala suruhan Allah swt, kita akan mendapat ganjaran pahala.

      Sungguhpun begitu jika kita mengumpat contohnya, dosa kita tetap akan ditulis oleh Malaikat yang di sebelah kiri!

      Apa yang ingin saya tegaskan di sini, buat baik akan dapat pahala tapi bila kita buat juhat kita tetap berdosa!

  28. it is sad to see so many muslims talking from their hips (or maybe a little lower down) about issues which they neither have the knowledge nor the experience to talk about.

    If it is not Ramadhan, the words probably come from syaitan, but since syaitan were all in chains, then syaitan probably manifested in human form.

    I strongly urged that we leave this matter to those who have the knowledge and for them to debate accordingly.

    SIS must have very strong reason for stirring the storm, be it for good or for evil. Let them be answerable to Allah alone and not joined by us.

    1. "I strongly urged that we leave this matter to those who have the knowledge and for them to debate accordingly."

      .. I strongly suggest you read the Quran. Many instances Quran mentioned about the consequences of being a blind followers. In Quran it stated that Islam do not have religious "priest" group that has exclusive right to interpret the Quran. So we should encourage good debates among the masses.

      .. Quran also stated "show me your evidence, if you are right". So debates among the scholars and non-scholars should be a good platform for the scholars to provide the evidence if they are right, don't you think?

      Another thing, never underestimate the value of "stupid or dumb questions". A lot of useful world invention were the results of these "stupid" questions.

    2. So many modern anonymous people getting angry with you Annie for not agreeing with them that a woman can parade herself like a cheap little whore in order to be modern. And that means your writing hit the right spot. Kudos annie.These modern creatures have no idea of what Talibanised Islam is. If they were in Pakistan or Aghanistan, they would wish they were in Malaysia. Here, they only have fatwas to worry about. What is next? Women should be allowed to be lesbian, seems in the modern West, gay marriage is a criterion of modernity?

    3. Hey,srizals you speak like a Taliban. There is no room for Talibanism here.

      Annie is not destined to Talibanism but mangkukism.

    4. Whatever you say Miss Bowl, sorry, I forgot to put toilet before your name.

  29. "Hampir tiba masanya kamu dikerumuni oleh manusia seperti mana orang-orang mengerumuni sesuatu hidangan" Berkata seorang sahabat, "Adakah ia lantaran pada waktu kita yang sedikit?" Nabi menjawab, "Tidak,sebaliknya kamu ramai tetapi kamu menjadi seperti buih ketika berlaku banjir. Allah mencabutkan rasa gerun dari hati musuhmu dan memasukkan perasaan wahan ke dalam hatimu." Sahabat-sahabat bertanya, "Apakah itu wahan?" Bersabda nabi, "Cintakan dunia dan takutkan mati ".

    (Hadis Riwayat Abu Daud)

    Sangat benar sekali. Ramai yang bersuara di sini tetapi hampir semua tak ubah sebagai sisa-sisa di dalam tong sampah.

  30. Hi Annie,

    I am happy that SIS is raising the issue. There must be some room in progressive Malaysia for moderate Muslims to raise their concerns and objections on how M'sia syariah law are implemented. There seems to be selective application of the fatwa.

    I worry that there will come a day in M'sia when wearing tudung, for example, is a decision of the state instead of a personal choice. Coercion is not faith.

  31. The ulama said Muslim women must have sex jihad as well:

    1. Stupid, read carefully and distinguish between Syiah and Sunni. Bet you are a Kafirun who try to disgrace Islam.

  32. Kali ini saya akan menulis sesuatu yang keluar dari tajuk yang dibincangkan.

    Apabila saya membaca tulisan pendapat atau isu di blog, saya tidak akan ketinggalan membaca komen komen yang dilontarkan oleh pembaca pembaca! Saya ingin tahu pula apa pendapat mereka sama ada bersetuju atau tidak dengan pendapat/isu yang ditulis dan alasan alasannya.

    Saya amat kecewa apabila membaca banyak komen yang ditulis dalam membincangkan isu 'Zainah's way to downgrade the fatwa council' oleh pembaca. Sama ada mereka bersetuju atau sebaliknya dengan pendapat penulis blog bukan masalahnya tapi isi dan cara mereka melontarkan komen tersebut.

    Mungkin ada yang bertanya kalau kecewa mengapa terus baca. Jawapannya mudah kerana saya ingin mengetahui cara minda mereka berfungsi sehingga lahirlah pendapat yang berqualiti rendah (s-m-a-).

    Ini pendapat saya terpulang sama ada hendak 'reject'. Ramai yang tidak bersetuju dengan pendapat yang dikemukakan mungkin disebabkan pendapat tersebut tidak sesuai dengan cita rasa mereka disebabkan aliran politik yang berbeza. Dari gaya dan isi penulisan, pengendali blog agak cenderung untuk menyokong kerajaan, senang cakap UMNO/BN). Ini mereka tidak suka.

    Selain itu ada juga yang seronok seronok hendak berdebat, keluarkan pendapat sendiri dan bila pengendali blog siarkan pendapat mereka, mereka rasa amat 'happy'

    Saya berpendapat dua dua alasan untuk berdebat tidak salah. Apa yang salah ialah isi isi pendapat dan cara pendapat itu dilontarkan.

    Maka lahirkan pendapat yang mengandungi perkataan perkataan berbentuk makian, cacian dan menghina. Isi isi jitu tidak ada. Antaranya 'mangkuk hayun' 'ditong sampakan' dsb. Tidak tahulah siapa yang 'mangkuk hayun' dan pendapat siapa yang patut 'ditong sampakan'

    Bila agaknya ketandusan perkataan perkataan cacian dan makian timbul pula ayat menghina pengendali blog yang dikatakan gagal diploma Law UITM. Agaknya pemberi komentar semuanya lulusan sekurang kurangnya tahap Sarjana Muda dan mungkin ada agaknya berkelulusan tahap Doktor Falasafah!

    Tapi bila baca idea dan tahap mutu penulisan, piiiiiiilah!

    Saya ingin cadangkan kepada penulis blog, cukup cukuplah beri ruang kepada penulis komen tahap ini atas dasar 'freedom of speech'

    Saya bimbang mungkin ada warga asing sama ada yang berkunjung ke Malaysia atau pembaca pembaca Negara luar yang boleh eksess blog ini. Saya bimbang mereka membuat anggapan semua rakyat Malaysia tahap otak mereka seperti ini!

    Saya amat ingin supaya golongan wanita Islam liberal ini diberi peluang oleh Mufti untuk berdebat dengan mereka mengenai fatwa yang dikeluarkan oleh Majlis Fatwa.

    Ini akan menjernihkan keadaan dan memberi kefahaman kepada umat Islam. Idea mereka boleh mempengaruhi masyarakat Islam terutama golongan mereka dan umat Islam yang kurang pengetahuan agama.

    Kalau saya seorang penjudi, ( minta dijauhkan Allah ) 'my bet is on Mufti!'. Amat sukar bagi kita walaupun setinggi mana ilmu pengetahuan di bidang lain, tanpa ilmu agama (yang dipelajari secara mendalam dan formal ) untuk berdebat isu agama dengan mereka yang dalam ilmu dan pakar pula bidang agama Islam.

  33. Dunia akhir zaman. Telah begitu banyak petunjuk ALLAH SWT tampilkan, seperti mana yang diceritakan dalam Al Quran dan As Sunnah. Tetapi manusia masih terus dalam penafian. Disesatkan golongan Nasrani, Majusi dan Yahudi LAKNATULLAH. Telah diceritakan oleh ALLAH SWT dalam AlQuran dan menerusi wahyu ALLAH kepada RASULULLAH SAW mengenai kemunculan manusia-manusia yang kurang, malah yang tidak mempunyai ilmu agama dan beramal mengikut ajaran dan panduan Al Quran dan As Sunnah RASULULLAH SAW, tetapi bercakap bagai bijak pandai dan ilmuwan Islam. Diceritakan juga dalam Al Quran dan hadits sahih bahawa bagaimana wanita adalah paling ramai menjadi penghuni neraka. Hakikatnya, wanita amat disanjung dan dihormati oleh agama Islam, diletakkan darjatnya begitu tinggi. Wanita-wanita ini di kalangan mereka yang taat kepada ALLAH SWT dan Rasulnya, hemah budi bicara dan perbuatan, sentiasa menjaga kehormatan diri dan keluarganya, menjaga iman, tatasusila, taat kepada agama dan suaminya (kalau sudah berumahtangga). Golongan wanita inilah yang akan menjadi penghuni Syurga. Lantas, wahai kaum Hawa, berhati-hatilah dengan dakyah dan pemikiran moden, liberal, plural dan sebagainya yang kadang kala pada zahirnya nampak tiada cacat celanya, tetapi ia sebenarnya seperti duri dalam daging yang membawa manusia menuju kepada kehancuran, penderitaan dan kesakitan berpanjangan. Kumpulan wanita ini hadir dalam pelbagai rupa dan bentuk dalam masyarakat Islam sendiri dan kita perlu mengetahuinya bagi mempersiapkan diri berdepan dengan kelompok yang berselindung di sebalik tabir profesional, kecerdikan, kebijaksanaan dan ilmu duniawinya yang secara lahiriahnya saja nampak hebat. Wahai kaum Hawa, bukalah mata dan lihatlah apakah kerosakan yang telah dibawa oleh golongan ini, pasang telinga dan dengarlah apakah yang mereka sering perkata dan ucapkan serta ilmu yang disampaikan, buka minda dan berfikirlah adakah ia bersesuaian dan bertepatan dengan asas-asas hukum hakam Islam. Jangan terkeliru wahai kaum Hawa kerana ia akan hanya menjerumuskan anda ke lembah kehinaan dan seksaan berpanjangan.

  34. Saudara Saudara Islam,

    Janganlah mudah terpengaruh dengan pihak-pihak yang suka menjenamakan agama Islam. Islam adalah agama tauhid yang diturunkan oleh ALLAH SWT kepada umat manusia untuk taat dan mengakui keESAANNYA.

    RASULULLAH SAW adalah utusan ALLAH SWT. Wahyu diturunkan kepada RASULULLAH SAW menerusi malaikat Jibrail untuk disampaikan kepada umat manusia.

    Ajaran disampaikan RASULULLAH SAW itu sudah cukup lengkap, terperinci dan terkandung secara tersusun dan cantik dalam Al Quran yang merupakan mukjizat yang tidak ternilai dan tidak mampu dipadam, diubahsuai dan dimusnahkan oleh manusia sehingga ke hari kiamat nanti.

    Mukjizat ini akan terus hidup segar menjadi panduan, rujukan dan amalan umat manusia yang beriman dan bertaqwa terhadap keESAANNYA.

    Ingatlah bahawasanya RASULULLAH SAW dalam khutbah terakhirnya di Lembah Uranah, Gunung Arafah pada 9hb Zulhijjah Tahun 10 Hijriyyah sebelum kewafatan baginda:

    "Wahai manusia, dengarlah baik-baik apa yang hendak ku katakan. Aku tidak mengetahui apakah aku dapat bertemu lagi dengan kamu semua selepas tahun ini. Oleh itu, dengarlah dengan teliti kata-kataku ini dan sampaikanlah ia kepada orang-orang yang tidak dapat hadir di sini pada hari ini.

    Wahai manusia seperti mana menganggap bulan ini, dan kota ini sebagai suci, maka anggaplah jiwa dan harta setiap orang Muslim, sebagai amanah yang suci. Kembalikan harta yang diamanahkan kepada kamu kepada pemiliknya yang berhak, janganlah kamu sakiti sesiapa pun agar orang lain tidak menyakiti kamu pula. Ingatlah sesungguhnya kamu akan menemui Tuhan kamu, dan Dia pasti akan membuat perhitungan di atas segala amalan kamu. ALLAH telah mengharamkan riba, oleh itu segala urusan yang melibatkan riba dibatalkan mulai sekarang.

    Berwaspadalah terhadap Syaitan demi keselamatan agama kamu. dia telah berputus asa untuk menyesatkan kamu dengan perkara-perkara besar, maka berjaga jagalah supaya kamu tidak mengikuti dalam perkara-perkara kecil.

    Wahai manusia, sebagai mana kamu mempunyai hak ke atas para isteri kamu, mereka juga mempunyai hak di atas kamu. Sekiranya mereka menyempurnakan hak mereka ke atas kamu, maka mereka juga berhak untuk diberi makan dan pakaian dalam suasana kasih sayang. Layanilah wanita-wanita kamu dengan baik dan berlemah lembutlah terhadap mereka kerana sesungguhnya mereka adalah teman dan pembantu kamu yang setia. Dan hak kamu atas mereka ialah mereka sama sekali tidak boleh memasukkan orang yang tidak kamu sukai ke dalam rumah kamu dan dilarang melakukan zina.

    Wahai manusia, dengarlah bersungguh-sungguh kata-kataku ini, sembahlah ALLAH yang Maha Esa. Dirikanlah solat fardhu lima kali sehari, berpuasalah di bulan Ramadan, tunaikanlah zakat dan harta kekayaan kamu. Kerjakanlah Ibadah Haji sekiranya kamu mampu. Ketahuilah setiap Muslim adalah saudara kepada saudara Muslim yang lain. Kamu semua adalah sama, tidak seorang pun lebih mulia dan yang lainnya kecuali dalam taqwa dan beramal soleh.

    Ingatlah, bahawa kamu akan menghadap ALLAH pada suatu hari untuk dipertanggungjawabkan di atas apa yang telah kamu kerjakan. Oleh itu, awasilah agar jangan sekali-kali terkeluar dari landasan kebenaran selepas ketiadaanku.

    Wahai manusia, tidak ada lagi Nabi atau Rasul yang akan datang selepas ku dan tidak akan lahir agama baru. Oleh itu, wahai manusia, nilailah dengan betul dan fahamilah kata-kataku yang telah aku sampaikan kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara yang sekiranya kamu berpegang teguh dan mengikuti kedua-duanya, nescaya kamu tidak akan tersesat selama-lamanya. Itulah Al Quran dan Sunnah ku.

    Hendaklah orang-orang yang mendengar ucapanku menyampaikannya pula kepada orang lain dan hendaklah orang lain itu menyampaikannya pula kepada orang lain. Semoga yang terakhir lebih memahami kata-kataku dari dan mereka yang mendengar terus dariku. Saksikanlah Ya ALLAH, bahawasanya telah aku sampaikan risalah Mu, kepada hamba-hamba Mu.

  35. cover your hair live your lifestyle
    stop provoke or kaypoh on others
    idiot Annie

  36. Wah Annie, yr blog actually kan attract some much attention, actually we now can safely officially changed the name of Sisters in Islam to Traitors to Islam!!

  37. To Anon 13.50......thank you for that. malangnya ramai commenters kat sini terlalu pandai dan terlalu liberal untuk mendengar nasihat nabi kita...tak ada dalam Islam kita diajar menghina orang dengan panggilan mangkuklah,fail examlah,tong sampahlah.Mula mula aku balik dari Eropah setelah 23 tahun tinggal disana,aku support juga SIS,tapi lamalama aku tenguk mereka ni lebih banyak bising dari pengetahuan Islam,so malas aku nak dengar cakap mereka.On another note,naper pulak tak jadi meeting bila mufti tu tanya dah solat ke belum?I suppose its because these ladies tak solat 5 waktu.Sungguh memalukanlah kalau the pillar of Islam macam ni pun mereka tak boleh lakukan. Every breath that we take is due to the grace of Allah, thus is it too much for us to give 30 mins of our time daily to bow before Him and submit ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually to Him?

  38. Hi Annie,

    I missed too many of your wonderful postings.

    Have been way too busy with Raya and other stuff.

    Keep up the good work.

    This link below ( although super late ) is for anyone who might want to know more about the hijab.

    Allah knows best.


  40. This stupid SIS is the most devianist group of all NGO .Mahathir & Bedolla daughter together with senile Zainah Anwar is what we call 'Bodoh Tak Boleh Di ajar'.They think's they know everything regarding Islam but actually they are the spot cancer of religion.