Sunday 13 August 2023

Six state election results and short summaries

This is the comparison between the six state election results last night and the previous one in the 2018 general election.

Last night : BN - 2, PH - 32, PN - 22
2018 : BN - 4, PH - 51. PN - 1

Summary : Perikatan made 2,200 per cent gain in Selangor, Pakatan downed to 62,74 per cent of its force in 2018, while BN or to be more precise Umno was reduced by half. The most significant was Azmin's victory in Hulu Kelang. The guy will be a pain in Anwar gang's butt at the state assembly.

Last night : BN - 14, PH - 17, PN - 5
2018 : BN- 16, PH- 20, PN - 0

Summary : Mat Hasan continues to carry Umno's torch in Negri Sembilan, proving that the party could still be accepted by the Malays if it offers good leaders instead of the clowns at PWTC. An Umno man should become MB. PN managed 5 wins despite having no proper leaders in the state and that's 500 per cent gain from their zero in 2018.  

Last night : BN - 1, PH - 1, PN - 43
2018 : BN - 8, PH - 0, PN - 37

Summary : Pakatan, or to be more precise Pas almost wiped out Umno from the state. Pakatan got one seat because of a good candidate. Kelantanese are after all not Talibans to deny a potential good leader despite her party being not as Islamic as Pas. 

Last night : BN - 0, PH - 0, PN - 32
2018 : BN - 10, PH - 0, PN - 22

Summary : The total wipeout of Umno and Pakatan in Terengganu was the most obvious evidence that the Malays are shifting towards the far right as they lost confidence with their leaders in the centre. If the non-Malays could give their total support to DAP, the Malays in Terengganu proved that their community could do the same by supporting a more Malay-centric or Islamic-centric party.

Last night : BN - 0, PH - 3, PN - 33
2018 : BN - 3, PH - 18, PN - 15

Summary : Umno is more or less dead in Kedah. Pakatan has at least the non-Malay voters to give them its three seats there. With the Panglima Sanusi factor into play, Malays in Kedah have no reason to support an Umno led by the likes of Mahadzir Khaled.

Last night : BN - 2, PH - 27, PN - 11
2018 : BN - 2, PH - 37, PN - 1

Summary : DAP retained Penang but their Pakatan allies lost 10 seats to Perikatan. It's quite obvious that even the Malays in the state are shifting to Perikatan. All seats in Anwar's former stronghold Permatang Pauh were won by Perikatan candidates. Based on what happened in the run up to the polls, CM Chow will have his hands full to handle the pressure from not only the resurgent opposition but also from the "emperor gang" within DAP.


A total of 245 seats were up for grab in the six state elections.

The results : 
Perikatan Nasional - 146
Pakatan Harapan - 80
Barisan Nasional - 19

Summary : This should be an indication of what's to come in the next elections in Malaysia. Do note that BN, or to be more precise Umno, contested 108 seats and only won 19, which is sad for the once great party. 


  1. elections are over for federal & state - for next 4ys. plenty time to clean house for umno.

    they just need to get rid of zahid & the warlords. start fresh with new young leaders. bring back khairy. but joining hands with PN, is death for them - will be swallowed up & wont exist in a year. if najib being released wont save them

    1. It's either sudden death or death by a thousand cuts... still mati unless they get rid of zahid & his henchmen. Mat Hassan needs to go as well.

    2. suka atau tidak pmx kena bebaskan najib kalu mau undi melayu dari amno...

      result najib better than zahid!

    3. saya tak pasti tok mat perlu disingkirkan atau tidak...

      saya pasti warlord amno di negeri-negeri tiada wakil amno perlu ditukar segera...

  2. When asked by ASTRO AWANI moderators what UMNO would do after the huge lost in PRN6, KJ said, “NOTHING!”.

  3. 1st step - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi must go.
    All the MP can meet up assure the PMX they will not pull out from govt but only to replace TPM with Dato seri Mad Hassan. N UMNO to get him suspended for president of UMNO

    Or 2nd options which more daring but give good impression to rakyat, pull out from Govt but give assurance or do agreement similar to the one before BN would not involve in any plot to remove the govt let PH n Pn square off among themselve n BN b a credible oppositions n build strength from within. Bcoz u need longer time to regain trust

    For UMNO drastic changes is needed n it mean a really drastic changes

    1- do EGM n get every members in umno hv right to vote bcoz what needs to b done will get support from all members n not these prick tht still in denial

    Change UMNO

    - run UMNO as a corporate entity structure rather thn political party mean everything will b done by process n rules n performance base.

    - amend the constitution MT members and ketua bahagian if involve on court case others thn traffics will automatically suspended pending case settled

    - remove all the warlord or ketua bahagian authority with now we hv automatic registration of voters, ketua bahagian will no longer can hold party at ransom because no way ketua bahagian can win elections by only putting his ppls in bahagian. This is why we see we lost so badly bcoz it is a tradition ketua bahagian tht r so powerful they seem to control the voters tht they know r aligning to UMNO. With so many new voters now we know the ketua bahagian who has been ketua bahagian for years failed to do anything to make UMNO better but only think about themselve.

    Make a regulation tht no family members can hold n appointed in any important position in bahagian. We see lots ketua bahagian, ketua wanita is the wife, ketua puteri daughter, ketua pemuda son, brothers sisters in ajk bahagian or ketua cawangan. All these will not make the best talent come to umno if they know they will only hv to work for the interest of ketua bahagian. If the family members is trully very talented they will survive n can thrive in other bahgian.

    Remove the title of ketua bahagian and just call them coordinator or pengerusi bahagian tht only hv a power to chair meeting n create a permanent position to run the bahagian in full time n hv clear reporting structure of financial and daily operations.

  4. Make a regulations tht ketua bahagian or MT will not take any small project or tender by them or family behalf.

    No acceptance of any govt, GLc or company board post n if they want to accept they need to relinquish the position in bahagian or MT.

    UMNO will make a clear distances of separation between working as politicians with positions in umno n serving the daily activities of rakyat or being an UMNO member with no position but serving positions in govt/GLC for the best interests of rakyat.

    centralise the Human Resources to a very credible corporate experience independent corporate sectors. This HR will only answerable to the UMNO management committee. Ie to attract best talent n membership approval.

    Every level of position must hv age limit. Maximum 60 for a bahagian position n if reaching the age automatically remove. If u can n want contribute u can still contribute is tht what all the politicians always say, i can contribute, i can give my ideas etc. no one stopping u to contribute but do it without position.

    Must put a very clear qualification criteria for an MP of ADUN, n this is where the HR will verified qualifications etc.

    Age of contesting in elections must b fresh n follow the corporate standard n hv age limit. Not too young like muda who think they smart but want everyone to do the work for them etc. minimum 35 max 50 right age with enough experiences n wisdom.

    Create a rotations system that anyone cannot hold same position for more thn 3 years.

    The reason for all these changes is the ppls outside do not care anymore what is UMNO. The group of ppls tht get benefit from umno n still know the history of umno (30 to 45) hate umno so much why? These ppls if they r western educated prefer pkr n seem to enjoy to work under Chinese, group with middle east influence only see pas like they a malaikat.

    With pas is now offering so many credible personalities with highly educated backgrounds vs with whats umno offering datuk mahazir khalid, megat zulkarnain, ahmad said, johan all these ppls r hated by the peoples bcoz of their antic of power n lust of project. The guy in malacca rauf, he will b crucified when the state election come. I saw his facebook posting n all is a ‘syok sendiri posting’

    I hv got my fair share of benefit thanks to UMNO. I am from Kedah tht hv the most exciting years for UMNO. tun Dr mahathir PM4 is from kedah while the late PAS president Fadzil Noor from kedah, dato harun din in perlis, Anwar when he was in UMNO in permatang pauh. Lim kit siang with in penang. U can imagine how tense n it is a really really tense situation in every election since the 60s in kedah N now kedah is zero for UMNO.

    But i am still with UMNO but NOT the current UMNO but the UMNO from 1946-2003.

    Move forward n change, UMNO must do something tht no party can n dare to do n we will get the rakyat trust back. We hv strong foundation of the history n loyal members,
    what we only need is to change.

    1. Bro, dont try too hard. U said it too, people outside dont care anymore what is UMNO…why flog a dying horse?

  5. Dear Annie, i need to do some adjustments on the sentence in the posting I forwarded just now to give better context n to avoid confusion

    “These ppls if they r western educated prefer pkr n seem to enjoy to work under Chinese”

    To change to:

    These ppls if they r western educated prefer pkr n seem to enjoy to work with or under DAP


    “group with middle east influence only see pas like they a malaikat.”

    To change to:
    The group with Middle Eastern influence only see PAS as they cant do nothing wrong.


  6. It wouldnt be a complete picture to talk about UMNO survival without addressing the power play and tactical move by DAP. After all when UMNO has gone down and losing its MiC and MCA partner, DAP has managed a successful PRN with 98% success rate. Diminishing rete of return for UMNO has already been on the wall ever since PH invited UMNO as coalition partner at Federal level power grab in PRU15. To expect UMNO to grow when PH took them in wouldnt be the base of that decision. Foregone conclusion.
    We saw in the PRN only PKR mounted an overkill attack on PN esp for Kedah, DAP didnt do much. Most likely PKR has veered away from the script to the extent that PKR lose considerable seat as opposed to DAP success. A losing PKR and a losing UMNo now is more beholden to the abang long DAP. Both have dance to the tune of DAP.
    It makes one wonder just when will UMNO and PKR grow up. Greed has no limit but the rakyat patience has limit.
    The PN now only need to venture/ explore vibes from Sabah and Sarawak to see how a more national coalition would work as the major opposition to provide the check and balance for stupid Madani program.
    PN can exercise a little restraint and be patience about going for federal. The Madani are bound to shoot themselves in their foot by their own. PN should just focus for now on repaying the mandate given by the rakyat with better programme to alleviate the problem faced by the rakyat at state level. Do that and we will reward you in PRN16.
    For UMNO high ups, it doesnt matter anymore to the rakyat on what you want to do, just do what you want to do.

    1. @ anon 1020

      all rulers are malay. except for penang, all MBs are malay. 99% of civil service, police, armed forces malay. the affirmative action is still in place for housing, varsity, scholarships. all GLC heads are malay. grand total of 5 cabinet ministers are non malay.

      so yeah dap is pulling the strings.