Wednesday 9 August 2023

Selangor to decide outcome of state elections

Campaigning for the six state elections now enters its final lap.

I think Perikatan is more or less sure to retain Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah while Pakatan would keep Penang.

The real tough fights would be in Selangor and Negri Sembilan.

Pakatan as the incumbent has the advantage to win the two states but a shocker could happen, especially in Selangor.

The votes swing in Selangor can be quite violent.

In the general election in 2004, BN won all parliament seats and only lost two state seats in Selangor. The votes however swung in 2008 and BN lost the state. Selangor BN never recovered from that loss.

Well, it all once again depends on the mood of Malay voters.

Are they happy with Anwar and the gang?

Do they feel that life is better now compared to life during....let's say Najib's time?

I can't answer these questions about how the people feel as I have not been on the ground for quite a long time.

I can only speak for myself.

I don't like Anwar and his gang  because they bullshit too much and my life now is a lot worse compared to during Najib's time.

Ya, despite Najib being said to be corrupt, he did a lot of good for Malaysia and life was better, at least for me back then, 

Non-Malay votes? Almost all of them will vote Pakatan again for DAP's sake but their number would not be good enough to counter  a possible united bloc of Malay votes.

Guess they need to work more on chanting the mantra that it's racist for Malays to unite politically.

Never mind.

Can the outcome of the state election affect the government in Putrajaya?

Sure, if it's 6-0 or 5-1 or even 4-2 in Perikatan's favour.

The 4-2 is if Perikatan captures Selangor.

Pakatan can't afford to lose Selangor as the shockwave could affect the political dynamics of other states, including the all important Sabah and Sarawak.

Lose Selangor, and the Pakatan's Madani government would not likely to survive its full term.

Another factor that may affect the Madani government is how Umno performs at the polls.

If Umno gets wiped out, then Zahid's days should be numbered.

Not just Zahid, but the whole rotten bunch need to go.

How many failures before Umno or whatever is left of the party will act to change the party's  leadership?

Umno people, how come you never learnt that you need to change your leader if he/she continuously failed and dragged the party into the longkang?


Never mind. 

Anyway, if Umno people actually awaken from their stupor and get rid of Zahid, it would be just a matter of time before the party pulls out of Anwar's government.

That should be good enough to collapse it.



    Lagi satu idea bangang dari pmx kaki klentong!

    Tepuk dahi! We don't need another school that seggregates our citizens so early on in their lives. So what will this school teach that will be different? More agama so that the malays will be further seggregated? Why put a stigma that these children will carry up to university? Is pmx going to announce a uni for the poor too?

    More importantly, what has happened to the sekolah berasrama penuh & the mrsm? They are no longer for the poor???


  2. Calon Taman Templar "janji" konon nak selesaikan kesesakn jln Templar k Selayang???

    Hmm, mudah2an burung2 pungguk kawasan sini akhirnya dpt ketemu dengan sang bulan klo CikKak tu menang situ nanti ya.

    Ini satunya sbb nape anak sya angkut bungkus gi kejo Singapore. Dulu lepaih sembahyang subuh aje gelap2 terus pi kejo.. sampai awal, sblum opis buka kol 9pg, sempat tidoq kejap.

    Balik pun kena nunggu elok lepaih kol 9mlm baru bertolak pulang dari opis.

    Skrg kejo Singapore, JB to Senai campoq checkpoint.. 45minit aje sampai tau dak? Dapat gaji elaun bla bla plak 4kali ganda..

    Agaknya CikKak calon Templar mampu bg kesenangan kpd anak saya dak klo dia pulang kojo dMalaysia?? Dia risau la nak balik Selangoq.. satni jadi burung pungguk sekali lagi.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. Umno is already dead and Ponorogo is half-buried. Many Umno members are defecting quietly.
    Meanwhile Sanusi's phenomenal aura moves with him, wherever he goes and whatever he says, yet all is centered on PN. This massive Wave of Rakyat itself will allow PN to gain at least 5-1, if not 6-0, I suppose.
    People are just fed up and have no choice but give up. Luckily, we have an alternative PN to lean on and 6PRN to be used as a referendum to send a strong massage that things have gone severely amiss in Putrajaya. Vote for PN!

  4. Only Morons will still believe in the bullshit dished out by PN and pas la , wake up and have a global view if u can

    1. How about this for a world view:


  5. Perhaps wearing a LGBT Swatch does more harm than watching 1975 or maybe Coldplay? I am seriously confused. Rainbow is never to be seen in the sky of Malaysia. Even if you see one, pls pretend that it does not exist. Good job, mad-dah-ni!

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      can get three years free stale nasi kah?

    2. lierofanus
      who do you think can provide "bread crumps" and "tongkat" for ketuanan superior race the next four years
      surely the "ketuanan" superior races mindsets already controlled in such since mahafiruan pemerintahan.