Saturday 22 July 2023

Sanusi the macho kampung funny guy

 I have not been bothered to properly listen to Pas leaders' speeches for quite a long time.

That was until Sanusi's arrest the other day.

I started to check on YouTube videos of his speeches to understand better what actually went wrong with the guy.

I was actually quite entertained by the videos.

Firstly, I found Sanusi to be actually quite a smart MB.

I particularly like his plan to bring more development to the Kedah hinterland.

Sanusi is truly the tough kampung guy type and that probably explains his passion to develop the much neglected rural area of Kedah.

And the guy is brash and very funny at the same time. 

A bit like Mat Sabu but not too irritating and clownish like the Amanah president.

I failed to find the video of his speech, which got him in trouble but based on the videos that I watched, I can guess what had happened.

I doubt that he actually intended to insult Sultan of Selangor as alleged. He was probably his usual recklessly funny self while whacking his political opponents when he uttered the allegedly offending words.

The guy is after all too smart to intentionally go around insulting the royalty. 

But never mind lah. I rather not talk too much about that as it may land me in jail.

As I previously wrote, in this Madani era, you can easily get in trouble for what you said about the 3R.

You may intend to say something but it could be interpreted or intentionally misinterpreted as saying something else.

As it is, just saying that the prime minister is a liar risks being accused of insulting the Agong who appointed the PM.

So, let's not get into that and go back to Sanusi.

Here's the guy explaining more or less his macho Kedah kampung style:


  1. 3Rs were never in play when pas / pn were part of the govt, so yes, 3Rs were their strategy last election & since they became opposition - thats the only strategy they know. glad the govt is coming down hard on them.

    everyone including you annie, bitching
    & moaning abt the govt. whats your solution ?

    1. Well, for starters maybe PH can start fulfilling its promises. I remember Anwar said "Hari ini saya jadi PM, esok harga minyak turunnn!!!" Awat tak turun2 lagi. Let's not even talk about the promise to abolish the so-called draconian laws.

    2. you need a class in economics 101 annie.

    3. Melati Kampung22 July 2023 at 23:43

      Well, Madani promises RM170 billion investment signed MOU from China. Until now not a single cent come in. The unemployed thousands of graduates are hoping for that investment to materialise to open jobs opportunities. Habuk pun tak dak. Madani kaki auta

    4. Anon 21:53, pls tell that to your menteri vending machine.

    5. you must be as stupid as you sound. expect china to write a cheque tomo ? real world dont work this way sherlock.

    6. Anon 08:45, it was announced as if its gonna start right away. Oh I forgot, pmx pandai goreng & kaki kelentong.


    7. What about pm for 2 terms, they hv been shouting about almost 20 to 30 year, it seems when in power they tend to forget what they promised

    8. Hari ni pm besok harga minyan turun . Cmon you seriously believe that bullshit . That has been told dozens of time surely you’re not that gullible . Election talk la kan . Not like he’s got free ron95 flowing out of his ass for 30 million people .

      Like the other fella here said world don’t work this way . China not gonna write you a cheque . China way , ok i do this for your country you gotta do something back for us ? fair game right . China is not santa claus . They too busy playing their own game and we a small piece of shit on the map is and always will be casualties somewhere down the line .You rather be a casualty or beneficiary to what China does . Why on earth they give you 170 bil . cos they best friend? cmon now .

      Thanks for the video though . Makes me laugh .

  2. MB Sanusi is seen as a promising rising star-leader of PN and can be made a future PM of our country someday. This has more or less become a threat to the clueless sitting PM whose popularity is fast plummeting with each passing day.
    Sanusi, a real fighter, who is not only nicknamed Panglima Perang but also Hero Malaya fits the bill to be elevated to the topmost position to lead us. He is far-sighted, courageous and bold to speak out loud and dares to go against the odds for a change of betterment.
    What's more, he fears no one. His career is certainly on the up and up. In such a short period of time, this guy has earned so much respect and support of people from all walks of life. Everyone thinks so highly of him nowadays. Surely, he is the one whom we should look up to.

    1. Aisey, nak puji pun biarlah berpada2. PM material? Pls lah, m'sia can do better, we haven't slide down that far yet.

    2. oh pls. sanusi is jaguh kampung, exactly like ron di santis in florida. loud mouth & uncouth. they need racists & whitewash policies to get the media space.

      he will be a PM for malays only. not malaysia as he has shown he doesnt give a shit abt other races.

    3. so you non think lge was good la last time rite...well where is the tunnel been reclaim and developed yet still no tunnel in place...typical gullible dapster exactly like kit siang holier than thou...kiasu and hypocrite at the highest level..

    4. Anon21.39
      Instead of getting rid of kleptocracy, now the madanon has gained himself a kakistocracy. Yea, wait till our nation declares bankruptcy and then meets the same fate as Greece n Sri Lanka. Happy?

    5. 21:39 Paling kurang yg dipuji dan puja tu bukan seorg peliwat atau pun bekas banduan yg disabit salah guna kuasa. Itu fakta.


    "Fact-check: Maybank statement on 'PM's unclear policies' is real"

    Munafik sungguh kerajaan mungkiri ni, tak cukup dgn control tv1/2/3suku & mainstream media, naratif analisis ekonomi pihak bank pun nak dikawal.

    Putar (spin) selagi boleh, nanti kalau tiba2 bersepai semua boleh buat2 terkejut.