Tuesday 18 July 2023

Zaid is right, I better shut up

This Madani era is indeed a dangerous time for people to talk too much.

This is a NST headline today;

Zaid Ibrahim courts controversy by taking veiled swipe at Malay Rulers

What Zaid actually said now that NST suggested that he' may get in trouble?

excerpts 1;

"My advice to the common people : Do not say anything that may be construed as insulting Malay Rulers; even if unintentional.

"Do not say an MB (Menteri Besar) is a clown; as that will be insulting the Ruler for appointing a clown. Do not say Malay Rulers are wealthy ; as that could imply the wealth is improperly obtained.

"Do not say Malay Rulers are involved in timber or durian business ; or internet business. That would be demeaning .You can only praise them. Better still say nothing at all," he tweeted.

excerpts 2

"The most significant achievement of the Madani govt is using Sedition Act against its political opponent. When this opponent said sorry, the Madani Minister replied, 'That's not enough'.

"When this seditious leader said sorry to the Palace, the response was, 'matter not settled'.

"Now that Sanusi will be charged, everyone is happy. No more pressure on the AG (Attorney-General). The Bar Council, the great defender of the rule of law, must be satisfied too," he tweeted.

Wah, give advice like that also can get in trouble....sigh.

Hopefully I wouldn't get in trouble for reproducing those excerpts.

Well, I took those from the NST article, so if I kena, NST should kena also. 

Never mind, I'll just follow Zaid's advice. 

It's not worth it to risk being jailed.

Cannot talk about 3R, so no more talk about agama Islam, bangsa Melayu or raja-raja for me. 

Got it.  

So much for all those talks about freedom of speech and expression.

This is Najib's fault because he only abolished the ISA and not the others, which Pakatan people used to describe as "draconian laws".

Maybe Pakatan people don't think those laws are draconian anymore.

Yup, Pakatan people change their mind all the time one.


  1. since when zaid’s opinion hold any value. he has flipped so many times. last i recall, he was najibs defender

  2. H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E


    1. a new tagline: Malaysia Mungkiri

  3. What even more baffling is the lightning speed of the charge levelled against him. After 4 or 5 days or so after the alleged seditious remark uttered. How fast the investigation wrapped up. Less than a week.

    What happened to another alleged seditious remarked uttered by former chief minister earlier this month? Temples destroyed by marauding Mongols? Isn’t that too involved the 3R as well? It has been more than 2 weeks now. At what stage of the investigation now? Is there anyone going to be charged? Hello??

  4. The hypocrisy of PH leaders is beyond belief. Conveniently they backtracking on their promise without even batting an eye. Bloody hell, they even find the repressive act comes in handy now.

  5. it was only a matter of time before his mouth got him into trouble. lge & hadi next.

    this is a good proper warning to everyone on the 3Rs. Elections around the corner & the only card hadi & co can play is the 3Rs. its no surprise the idiots from pas has the most ‘ guilty ‘ slander cases in the courts. to date, inhave not heard of anything constructive from the opposition on helping the economy or people - unless you count banning blackpink or coldplay as one.

    the are clueless on how to revive an economy - just look at kelantan & terengganu. blessed with beautiful beaches, padi fields, local culture - a sure fire bet on middle east tourism. but no, they are too busy slandering, playing 3Rs in putrajaya.

  6. we can complain all we want abt this madini govt, but what are the options ? Tun 3.0 ? hadi ? Tsmy ?

  7. Replies
    1. mamak kutti akk tun-tang dah nyanyak dan ber-dendam kesumbat.

  8. the country needs to learn to survive by itself . The different races up there need to learn to sit on the same table and talk to each other properly. If you choose Tin3 , tun is not going to be around long . when he leaves they will start fighting again . same same . sooner you fight sooner you settle sooner we move on . There is no other way . There will always be something to fight about

    1. Anonymous21 July 2023 at 14:50
      learn to "berak ber-canngul" di tali air like viet kong first

      PieM: Malayah can learn from Vietnam’s progress

  9. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed,” Dr Hallima quote along with a Hitler picture in the background.

    liesof ahni