Friday 7 July 2023

Be more specific about the 3R

They keep repeating it ; Don't touch on the 3R (race, religion, royalty), which are considered as sensitive issues.

Today, I saw a story about the IGP once again warning everyone not to touch on the 3R while campaigning  for the coming six state elections.

But what exactly that can't be said about the 3R?

I think they need to be more specific about it as I have a lot of questions on the matter.

Can we say Malays and Muslims should be united so that they would not dilute their majority as what they had done in previous elections? Will we get arrested if we say that?

How about saying non-Bumiputera should vote for DAP so that they would not be second, third, fourth or even fifth class citizens? I remember Guan Eng said that during a rally in the run up to GE13.

How about defending Chinese schools? Is that also taboo now? I did that quite a lot. You can check this blog's archive to read what I wrote about those schools.

Chinese schools is a sensitive issue after all. Their opponents argued that Chinese schools are one of the reasons Malaysians are not united. Most of the schools' supporters think that's just being racist. 

Can I write about Adib again? There's a lot of racial and religious issues surrounding the deadly beating of the fireman. Or have you all forgot Adib?

How about all those efforts to reconvert kids? Can we talk about that or should we just stay quiet as people flaunt their "victories" over such things?

Can Umno and the other Malay-based parties talk about menyatupadukan orang Melayu? 

Can Pas people talk about memperkasakan Islam in Malaysia?

Will they get arrested if they do that?

Will the government eventually ban all those race and religion based parties?

Umno, what would be your new name if that happens? United Malaysian Nationalist Organisation? How about changing it now so that you will be better aligned with your new Pakatan Harapan friends? Maybe then they will accept you as being incorruptible.

Anyway, PKR, DAP and Amanah never talked about the 3R, aren't they...yeah, sure. 

Sorry. I tend to remember when people said that Malay is not even a race, Islam should be equal as other religions in this country and royalty is a waste of public money. 

Eh, enough lah. Don't want to be accused of trying to cause trouble by touching on the 3R. Nanti kena tangkap pulak.


  1. Old parties founded pre merdeka days are slowly dying as more and more boomers and generation before them are dying. The pools are getting smaller by year. No efforts to rejuvenate the parties taking place. Like grooming young charismatic leaders in parties key positions in the mould of Pita Limjaroenrat of Thailand. Old men insist on clinging to posts out of personal interest or just sheer boredom.

    At the same time, more and more of millennials and Gen Z are able to vote. Millions and millions of them. Undi18 and automatic registration only hasten their participation. These new generations are green conscious. They go green everywhere and everything. Going green is new way forward. Green environment, green energy, give up the meat and eat more green, embracing greeneries outdoors etc. That includes riding out the green wave by supporting the green party.

  2. Eat your durian, keep quiet & prepare to vote💰


    Is this not seditious & inflammatory?

    Fahmi Fadzil, jgn double standard, hanya berani ugut rakyat marhaen saja. You're one of the biggest letdown of pkr's young leaders. Indah khabar dari rupa.

    1. both hadi & lge are being investigated no ?

  4. If there is anyone who eventually ended in lockup due to 3R, that very person should be LGE. But this is their kerajaan, what can we do? Likewise, the famously line of Hulu Langat MP: ini kerajaan kami, suka hati kami lah. Worse still, we have a pathological liar who leads a circus Cabinet, doing things according to their taste and whims. Malaysia is heading down to the drain even without touching on the damned taboo 3R. Talk all the f**king BS madani.

    1. Talking about acroym..
      True - Current govt ada issue on Madani and 3R..

      BN ada 1MDB, SRC , PEMANDU, NKRAs etc
      PN pun ada PKP/MCO , PERMAI, 'Lu Jana Wa Bawa', Bet more win more / massuuk more (ENE draws) etc
      Semua ada 'halatuju' dan mahu "pancut' ekonomi konon..

  5. Anon 11:17 . Eh please la you quoting malaysianow !??who reads that crap . might as well read some other nonsense. Please don’t bring Azmin sheraton move shitheads media mouth piece here la ya. Takkan korang tak tau. Malaysianow …. ptui!!!

  6. sanusi 😂. hope thats specific enough for you annie !