Wednesday 3 May 2023

Pas is going all out to unite the Malays

Hadi and the other Pas leaders have apparently signed Dr Mahathir's Malay proclamation last night.

This was obviously part of preparations to unite the Malays for the coming state elections.

Dr Mahathir's influence may no longer be the same among the Malays but the significance of Pas supporting his initiative for a united Malays should not be dismissed.

Looks like the handsome old man, despite his advanced age, will be campaigning for Perikatan over the next few months.

He may to a certain extent sway some undecided Malays to vote for that coalition.

Well, Pas is now not shying away from having even its long-time foe Dr Mahathir on its side.

The outcome of the state elections may not change anything in Putrajaya but Perikatan's possible successes may put a lot of pressure on the Anwar's administration.

This is particularly so if the Malays overwhelmingly vote for Perikatan.

Penang, which has slightly more Chinese and Indian voters compared to Malays would probably be the only safe state for Pakatan.

Based on the outcome of GE15, an overwhelming victory for Perikatan could happen in the Malay-dominated states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah.

What would be more worrying for Anwar and his allies would be the outcome of the polls in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

Being currently just an arm-chair observer, I can't tell whether the so-called green wave has gain or lose momentum over the past half a year since GE15, but I can sense that the situation is still worrying for Pakatan.

Anwar would be relying heavily on Umno to stem the tide but the once dominant Malay-based party is currently at its weakest point following the devastating losses in GE15 and subsequent internal purges.

Many Malays now regard Umno as being just a junior partner in the Pakatan-led government and this may lead them to shift their support for the Pas-driven Perikatan. 

The Anwar's administration will definitely be in danger if Negeri Sembilan and even more importantly Selangor fall to Perikatan because of the possible Malay tsunami, 

Pakatan will be reduced to only DAP-dominated Penang. while Umno-led BN, which now controls Perak, Pahang, Melaka and Johor may reconsider its position for fear of losing those holdings.

Sarawak and Sabah will as usual follow which ever side that could offer them the best deal.

On the positive note though, Anwar and his allies could take comfort on the fact that Perikatan has not been very vocal on Malay and Islamic issues since GE15 as compared to how Umno and Pas were relentless in exploiting them after GE14.

This was probably due to Pakatan's success in preventing Perikatan from exploiting such issues.

DAP in particular had done well in shutting up its extremist elements, who were very vocal after GE14.

Fo instance, the BJP/LTTE wannabes within its ranks have been relatively quiet, which is a good thing.

Alhamdulillah. No more beating up a fireman to death this time.

I think they also fear that Pas and its allies will ride on the majority Malay votes to take over the whole thing and once in power go after them.

Hopefully those extremists will continue to shut up after the state elections.


  1. Proklaiminasi Melayu'...

    Asalkan bukan acah acah power Proklaimanasi Melayu' Pantekkk udah ler...!!

    Sokong saja tapi kena ber hati hati dengan si pantek lidah bercabang ni.. Asal boleh tumbang kan saki Baki barua DAP@LeeKwanYew boleh saja kita sokong...

    Asalkan Boboi bukan jadi calon dan Parti Pejuang tidak berada dalam Perikatan Nasional..!! Anak anak bekas barua DAP@LeeKwanYee ini adalah Mesra Gereja, pejuang COMANGO, pejuang liberalisma SIS dan LGBT politik toksik.. Fakta anak beranak sama Tok Wan nya julang plakad COMANGO Seksuality Merdeka di jalan TAR..

    Tragedi Pulau Batu Putih baru saja digadai pada anak Lee Kwan Yew oleh barua lidah bercabang paling renta berjaya dibaruakan oleh DAP@ LeeKwanYew.

    Silap ari bulan serban janggut Dan kopiah dengan telo labuh ulamak ulamak PN pulak kena jual pada anak Lee Kwan Yew pulak nanti...

    Mac, percubaan sebelum ini untuk mengadakan acara yang menampilkan Mahathir telah dibatalkan selepas tempat tuan rumah membatalkan tempahan penganjur.

    Pada masa itu, Mahathir menuduh Perdana Menteri Anwar Ibrahim mengarahkan pembatalan itu.

    "Tiada perkara seperti ini boleh dilakukan tanpa persetujuan atau arahannya," katanya.

    Minggu lalu, Mahathir berkata orang ramai tidak perlu takut dengan “gelombang hijau” sokongan kepada Perikatan Nasional, sambil menunjukkan bahawa Malaysia menyaksikan pembangunan pesat apabila ia ditadbir oleh kerajaan majoriti Melayu selama 60 tahun.

    Hati hati dengan lidah bercabang pemimpin acah acah power Melayu' Islamik' ni...

    Sokong bersyarat..


  2. Deep down inside, I know Tun M is all out to deny the mere 11% Malay support for anwar. Can't wait to see how PMx would react to it if the massive gathering is being held.

  3. dr.m has zero interest in uniting malays. he will say whatever to get rid anwar or any pm that doesnt pander to his whims or protect his dumb son.

    Single most destructive force in msia last 50yrs. Honestly, the sooner he goes, msia is better off.

    1. You must be a cracko with loose marble if you think he is dructive power. Why dont you not use ns highway or take a ferry to penang or not take erl mrt or dont visit putrajaya. Are you willing to use subang airport. You must be blind in your eyes and in your heart. I dont vote for him but i accepted that he did something.

    2. You must be a bloody ungrateful moron without substance. We enjoy the modern amenities today bec of Tun!!! Before he became PM we were an agriculture based country. He wasnt called father of modern malaysia for nothing. Scions like you may try to deny it but history will prove that. The old man has done a whole lot more than any other politicians whether u like it or not!!!

  4. wait. werent the malays united when bersatu, pas, umno were together from 2020 to 2022 ?

    How did that go Tun ?

  5. 126...!!??

    126 angka ini signifikan hingga ramai 'çyber troopers' pro kerajaan meroyan di laman Facebook.

    Tidak perlu risau dengan bilangan angka. Bukan seperti Perdana Menteri (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) dulu, yang sanggup buat sidang media berkali-kali hanya untuk sebut 'I have the numbers'.

    "Adakah beedosa sebut 126

    "Pihak sebelah sana (Kerajaan Perpaduan) pun tahu dah kebenarannya,"

    Dah ada catatan di Facebook itu dengan menulis '126 dah…jika benar Alhamdulillah'....


  6. Hello you bastard 19.08...keep ur arsehole quiet la...baru nak hidup senang sudah sombong.. what's wrong if Tun take that move.. if not because of Tun..Penang won't get it's bridge la....masa buat bridge semua orang condemned him....Ni la orang PH cilaka bangsat punya manusia

    1. Pretty sure this fellow 19:08 has got F9 in History and a blindly fanatical follower of pmx. True tellers tell while liars sell everything, including their souls to devils.

    2. alahu! walauanitt PASSY pi kerja indon maids.
      berita dari di Johor Bharu. tahun 2022 Gaji Minima di Batam sudah hampiri RM1,400 sebulan.

      Ikut berita ini keputusan untuk naikkan Gaji Minima di Pulau Batam dibuat oleh gabenor kepulauan Riau, seorang ahli politik yang perlu menjaga popularitinya dengan pengundi di Riau.

      Maka setiap tahun Gaji Minima di Batam dinaikkan dan sekarang sudah mencecah RM1,400 sebulan. Gaji ini melebihi Gaji Minima RM1,100 di Malaysia (yang sekarang dicadangkan dinaikkan menjadi RM1,500 di semua negeri).

    3. mamak kutty need some jobs for gamuda mmc,
      built bridge is gimmick like LRT and monorails for vinccy tong and IPP for YTL

  7. I was born before independence, and has lived under 10 pms.
    Please don't tell lies.

  8. "Alhamdulillah. No more beating up a fireman to death this time."

    Please explain?????

  9. Looks like the number 126 and the Malay Proclamation have had the PHBN side of people cringe in sleepless nights. That has also caused a Penangese sami suffers from a sudden spike of stress hormones. If anwar could have all his cry-wolf dramas not long ago, so can others. Why not? Tit for tat is no stranger for politicians. But, question now is, why the need to shield behind the yellow robes?

  10. Annie is promoting he he. Uniting the malays kasi pecah lagi ada laa.

  11. when la is the fella gonna finally DIE ! just die already man . i don’t know much but i know once he dies things will be different . I’m waiting to see what that change brings .

    1. Much to your dismay, he will never die. He is the real deal, a true blue hero. Unlike the one that we have now, is all mouth but no action. So, he must go even if force has to be used.

    2. Great … so we going to go back to square one AGAIN . So much for stability . All we want is stability . Without that there can never be any growth . One fella gets the throne and the other is busy trying to dethrone the former . Round and round that vicious cycle goes ……
      with regards to your comment . Well i’m not all for him i have to admit but if i were him , how on earth am i going to rule when everyday everyone is trying some back door stunt show on him . How to focus ?

    3. Probably you will die first.