Tuesday 6 December 2022

Shut up and work, ministers

I really think that the prime minister and his people in the Cabinet should just stop talking and instead be focused on their work preparing the country for the coming recession.

The more they talk, the bigger liars they seemed to be.

Yesterday, Rafizi denied that he had threatened the MACC chief for checking up his company Invoke before the election.

He even blamed the media for getting his words wrong.

Those journalists didn't go to school, aren't they?

Why are you only denying it now?

Stop it lah Rafizi.

Your words don't worth a dime after all the kelentong you did during the election campaign.

You should just shut up and do your work.

Anyway, what is this Economic Affairs Ministry is going to do?  We already have finance ministry, Miti, etc. 

Cooking up more stupid theories?

And what is that nonsense of Rafizi being proud of being sued many times for his simply hantam exposes. That's just plain stupidity.

Anwar should also cut down on the politicking and work properly.

Why the f@#k is he wasting time threatening Muhyiddin over the Covid funds thing?

Nothing better to do, is it?

If you have evidence, just let the enforcement agencies charge the guy in court lah.

Threatening for what.

His stupid information chief Fahmi should also stop flaunting police actions against Pakatan's political opponents.

Talked so much of not interfering with the work of enforcement agencies, yet keep saying that PM Anwar has ordered the police to do this and that even over the most silly things.

All this reminded me of how Anwar used to control the media during his stint as Dr Mahathir's deputy in the late 1990s.

So much for all those talks about freedom of opinion and expression.

Okay, your side won the election. Doesn't matter that you lied to win. Now is time for you to at least do the work that you promised the people.

Stop bullshitting and witch hunting.

Just work.

If you do a good job, people will likely forget that you lied to them.

Malaysians tend to be like that.

People don't want to hear your nonsense anymore and they also don't want more trouble if you try to put Muhyiddin and Hadi in jail like what you did to Najib.

You think those crazy Pas people will not do crazy things if you try to put Hadi in jail for allegedly calling Anwar a Zionist shill?

Think again, okay.

We can't afford the risk of such shit going into the recession.

What we need now is a functioning government and that's all that matter.

All the lies and bullshit should be dealt with in the next election and not now.


  1. Replies
    1. HY, me 2 agree. Especially RAFIZI RAMLI. Just ask him to shut his f*ck up.

  2. Memang ministers now macam bodo semua. Baik duduk diam nampak cerdik sikit...buka mulut saja nampak kebodohan all of them. Enough of bullshitting la Rafizi..cakap u penuh nanah.. bau busuk. ..perut u tu penuh taikkkk...

  3. Betoi cik Annie.. Video viral syed saddiq habaq gaji2, elaun2, itu ini bla bla ada yg lapat kot leghah RM3K++ sehari???

    Bayangkan BSH setahun lakyat lapat less thn tht?

    2500/365 = enam linggit lapan kupang Lima duit sehari!! (Sgd dua dolar dua kupang satu duit!!! - nak beli kertas tisu calit taik pun tak cukup) Ceh. Memalukan.

    Lepaih tu buat lawak bg lakyat RM30?? Seumuq hidup lak tu. Mayak cilaka! Sgd10 pun tatak sampai!!

    So no nonsense2 n start working, perform and deliver ALL YOUR PROMISES!!

    Harap2 tak lama lagi sosial media kita2 jgn kena pantau dgn FBI, CIA, gestapo, Mossad dan Outvoke plak ya..

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

  4. What can you hope from this unprincipled 'tin kosong' PM who can't even name his government correctly. May I repeat, this is NOT at all a unity government unless n until PN joins in. The PM must have felt so good seeing his ROTTWEILERs attacking so many people at his behest. Protecting the master has become the first thing to fulfil after getting into power. That's why they've been bullshitting n threatening this n that, filing police reports against who n who.... all for the sake of shielding someone they bow low to.

  5. This Rafiji guy is just good auditor only. Good at checking and fault findings and know nuts about economy. He is not a trained economist.

  6. Annie - this time I agree with your ranting on PH MP clowns. At last you used your brain to write. Good for you.

  7. The guy not even properly or adequately dressed even in circumstances requires him to do so such as official government functions. Turned up in official events shabbily dressed. How on earth people going to take him seriously?

  8. A curse word a day for this gomen until it collapses. And extra curse on Anwar's Cabinet Yes-men. Don't y'all find putting Nasution in where he sits now, is the silliest joke? Well, the old phase Anwar is surfacing for all to see. By all means, he has gotten himself into the power which means he will continue to stay by crook or by hook for as long as the condition allows him to do so. Now, anak Melayu, anak Cina, anak India, anak Kadazan, anak Iban, anak......semua anak saya is forsaken, instead it's going to be replaced by semua duduk diam2 jangan banyak cakap kalau tak nanti saya tangkap lu.

  9. Proud of our country to have a sodomi** as PM. Is he the existing one and only in the world???? I wonder.

  10. Saya sokong. 70 Professor pun sokong.
    Rakyat suka, Amerika suka. Erdogan pun suka.
    Kita tunggu dan tengok sajalah.

  11. why dont u just stop all this crap nad get a proper job and maybe get married too ha ha ha

    1. no worry. got "vibrators" nowadays many modes like "salsa" "cha cha" "tango"

    2. PAS saran negeri kerajaan perpaduan haram judi


      buk! buk! buk!

      monang atas 4 Deee

  12. Oh, really?? As an economic adviser, he was paid only RM1.00 per year?? What a philanthropic work he had offered to the Selangor rakyat. My foot!!!!! Pls stop all these nonsensical praising to the sky and shut all the crawlers fu*k up. Can anyone tell me, where does his millions ringgit asset come from? Falling from the sky? Plucking from the trees at his backyard? Waving his magic wand to produce millions? Receiving donations from Turkey, US, Isreal..... ?????

    1. Agreed. Dont la cerita as though all pro bono...RM1 mau bayar kencing pun tak lepas,,,,So janganla kencin rakyat... All his yesman shouted aloud macam Boss ni Malaikat. Semuanya wangi. Maybe his kentut also wangi...

    2. how much he was paid is not big deal. me Pakatoon supporter.
      bukan pun duit bapak hang gaji dia di bayar!!!

    3. Unknown6 December 2022 at 16:53
      2500/365 = enam linggit lapan kupang Lima duit sehari!!

      bani keturunan yang tak akan kaya

  13. Rakyat suspense tggu harga teloq turun.. PM habaq nak umum, janji dh 2hari belum ditepati.

    Rafizi kena la bantu MatSabu congak sikit.. cepat2 tlg rakyat b
    jimat belanja..

    Contoh 1famili makan 6bj teloq tiap hari = 180bj/bulan.

    1. Klo harga turun Rgt0.02 maka satu bulan satu famili bole jimat 0.02 x 180 = tiga hinggit enam kupang (Sgd1.11/bulan).

    2. Klo harga turun Rgt0.10 maka satu bulan famili bole jimat 0.10 x 180 = lapan belas hinggit (Sgd5.54/bulan).

    Nak bantu satu famili Malaysia satu bulan jimat sgd1.11 atau sgd5.54 pun masakan PM, Rafizi, MatSabu dan Nga tak bole tolong setel?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. pfofessor tahi lembu pi main jauh jauh. selagi mampu makan takde nak peduli. kecuali professor tahi lembu yang kira sangat satu duit hingga boi gadai burit di SG. sebab papa mau 1 hinggit dapat 30 duit SG

    2. YAHOO! PN menang bagan

  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=306&v=tT4Kj-bRqtE&feature=emb_logo

    Boleh sesiapa bagitau fahmi fadzil sgt tak pro jawab phone masa tgh buat press conference. Just because your boss did it doesn't make it right.


  15. Harga petrol belum turun.

    Harga telur belum turun.

    Toll NS Hiway belum kensel

    Kerajaan Janji Dicapati.

    1. Anonymous7 December 2022 at 23:21
      Kerajaan Janji Dicapati.

      pak java kato no dap no ah jolle bee
      itu laku masa PRU
      habis undi
      tak paksa pun

  16. Unlike Martin Luther King,
    They also say

    I have a dream....
    A dream to ......

    1. Correction!! Not nightmare but HONEYMOON. Shit couple. Finally happy ever after, till death do them part.

  17. kepada Otai...9 December 2022 at 10:26
    real aktor pooper thai lembu
    entha berapa alias palsu bangsat itu ada

    The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said today the investigation into claims that some of the Covid-19 stimulus funds had been misappropriated by the former Perikatan Nasional (PN) administration will focus on the RM92.5 billion in direct fiscal injection.

    The quantum accounts for all the funds disbursed by the government under several Covid-19 stimulus that totalled RM530 billion.

    The remaining sum of RM437.5 billion came in the form of programmes that were not funded by taxpayers money, the commission said in a statement.

    lain kata 92.5 billion hinggit lui mak bapak koto
    hu! hu! hu!
    PNipu abah kow & gang lebai lebainita 4Dee
    and main aktor 4 seasons