Wednesday 9 February 2022

Johor stories and Azmin's safe seat

I was watching a classy British gangster movie yesterday when an old friend called.

The guy was one of my teammates when I was operating out of Johor.

Unlike me, he's still running around in the local political circle there.

We talked about the coming Johor election and he asked me a thing or two as he still think I have a good insight of politics in the state.

I reminded him that I have left Johor for almost 10 years and only visited my home state once in a while since then.

So, I'm not the best source of information anymore for Johor politics. In fact, I told him that being still on the ground there definitely makes him having better knowledge of it than me.

Nonetheless, he insisted to know my opinion as I do still keep in touch with some of the main Johor political seniors and players.

I told him what I know and it turns out that his prediction of a BN victory in the coming state election was even more optimistic than mine.

He said at most, Pakatan could only win 14 of the 56 seats while my prediction was 18.

And my friend is a Chinese.

He told me that Johor DAP, which is the only BN opponent in the state with a real machinery was in a mess due to infightings and it may even lose one or two of its strongholds.

"Cina pun dah menyampah. Dia orang ramai yang malas nak mengundi," he said.

He said the only real problem faced by BN was the pressure put on its Johor chief Hasni by certain quarters in Umno to put undesirable candidates.

One example was in Kempas where some Umno gang was trying to replace the main guy there Ramli Buhanie with a parachute candidate.

I was glad when he told me that Jazlan, as the division chief in Pulai which Kempas is part of, is backing Ramli. I know Ramli and he's a good guy.

Hopefully Hasni will listen to Jazlan on that one and stand his ground and not let outsiders, no matter how powerful, meddle with Johor Umno affairs.

Otherwise he will be another lame duck MB like Khaled Nordin.

Anyway, my friend told me something really funny that happened the other day.

He said Azmin Ali was down there meeting his supporters and it turned out that he was also checking whether he could get himself a safe parliament seat to contest in Johor in the next general election.

The guy must be so desperate, if what my friend told me is the truth.

There's no way he could find such a seat in Johor.

In fact there are nobody who is an anti-Umno Malay who could find a safe seat to contest in that state at the moment, unless maybe if he/she tries to contest on DAP ticket in one of the party's strongholds.

Whatever it is, my guess was that Azmin was probably looking for such a seat in other states too.

Well, good luck to him.

Honestly, I believe that the guy will be screwed whichever way he turns now. Everyone is turning their back to him and he can't go anywhere with that. He's just not that type.

This article,

Is Azmin's political career coming to a grinding halt? 

started with this;


Once touted as the next future deputy prime minister, Bersatu supreme council member Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali may see his political career come to a standstill.

Ya, I was actually one of those who thought that the guy was even a PM material.

That was until the same sex video scandal.

Even if it's not true, at that time I have to say that the guy was finished.

He may be able to survive homosexual allegations or a proper sex recording but not with a video like that.

He shouldn't have put himself in such a position.

Whoever did that video thing really did him in. Fake or not doesn't really matter as the perception game is clearly against him now.

And I'm quite sure it was not Umno, which was behind it.

Honestly, if I'm Azmin, I would cut my losses and retire from politics.

Why should I let myself be buggered by all the nonsense.

I heard he is already quite well off now, after all.

He should really just migrates and starts a new life with his wonderful family elsewhere. 

San Francisco would be nice, I think. Azmin stands a better chance of finding himself a safe seat there than in Johor. 

Yeah, I would have done that if I have such money and loved ones.


  1. I also think that DAP will also lose many seats. Many Chineses are fed up with their antics and we still have uncle LKS making noises everyday when he should have retired. The same fate await them in GE15.

  2. A major earthquake in San Francisco area is long over due.

    Not very smart of you to suggest Azmin to migrate to SF, though there are many of Azmin's kind in SF who have zippers on both sides of the trousers.

  3. if conman, pencuri and penipu can easily get reelected, i dont think its a problem for azmin, he just have to choose wisely, as far as i know, kedah pahang and kelantan have no problem with conman pencuri and penipu.

    1. Why do u have such low opinion of the voters? isnt it apparent the voters been rejecting the penipu parties of manifesto bukan janji over and over post ge14

      The voters just choose parties that dont tipu with manifesto bukan janji.. Doesnt matter how loud u shout najib najib najib.. voters still remember who tipu each one the voters with manifesto tipu

      lagi mau tipu ka?

      As far as Azmin is concern, the longer time voter sees nothing is happening at his ministry before GE15, then confirm nothing will be happening to him by the voting time..doesnt matter which party he ll be by then

    2. HY ,macam mana kamu tahu Kedah,Pahang,Kelantan tiada masalah ?
      Pra PRU 14,Pakcik & Makcik,Cinabeng &Cinapeks,Ane & Aci sokong Conman No.1 Madey jadi Ketua ,lepas menang nak lantik Lagi satu conman Anwar jadi Ketua Pula,ganti Madey .Nak Tanya U HY,PRU 14 U undi PH tak?Bijak ke pilihan U .

      HY, berhenti lah buat stigma buruk kepada setiap pengundi Dalam demokrasi Malaysia,hormati pilihan orang lain.walaupun pilihan orang lain itu tidak Sama dengan pilihan HY.Bolih tak?
      Jika tak bolih,Kamu HY memang Mudder Fooder lah

    3. HY, as for Pahang particularly Pekan, if pencuri kemaluan negara is their godsent angel, any tom dick or harry is just fine.

  4. AA kissing Ai, the Artificial guy, n Selangor Flooding Johor Bleeding....
    Kusufian Write@blogspot
    Disengage n UMNO BN win big....
    Otherwise revert to 04...

  5. The guy was trained by & learnt politics from Anwar Ibrahim... enuf said.

  6. azmin & zuraidah are def the most hated pair in msian political circles. his only option really is PAS, but that hotel incident hangs over it.

    1. These are the guys that go for short term pleasure with no regard for long term pressure.

  7. Annie is so shocked by cucuk juboq, but still worships the same people who have gang-raped our country's coffers for decades. (And the Malays have been the main victims.)

    Great value system.

    Good macai : )

    1. You r so right my fren. Aisay Annie...why d obsession with d Rear Admiral ? If true it's a private affair among consenting adults. Wat Jibby did is outrageous....he screwed d whole country...n u Annie r ok with this. Have u no shame (quoting Moo) Where r yr values my dear Annie

    2. Aiyaaa....who screw who laa... biggest con of the malaysian politic... manifesto bukan janji.. none of the PH want to admit that is the biggest tipu?...come on try better la this time.. try bigger lies... see where we ll put in malaysian voting history... come on make fun some more of the voters...nak muntah already... just wait till we get to GE...come on

  8. Cakap bergegau kah kah kah..PPBM Tidak cukup “Jantan” telo goyang untuk Cabut "Butt Plug" Perdana Menteri...!! kah kah kah

    Cakap berdegar degar, cabar sana sini.

    Hina sana sini, tapi akhirnya terserlah “Not man enough to pull the PM butt plug” ..kah kah kah..!!

    Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia , akhirnya pergunakan Ahli Majlis tertinggi Bersatu Razali Idris untuk tutup malu Muhyiddin Yassin dan Wan Saiful.

    Dalam kenyataan terbaru, mewakili Bersatu , Razali menyatakan Parti nya akan terus beri sokongan kepada Perdana Menteri Ismail Sabri sehingga habis tempuh.. cakap bergegau ekor bergemumang taik.. kah kah kan....

  9. Kalimat "wallahi,wabillahi, wataullahi' di PRN Johor.. siapa yang kenaaa..!!

    Alhamdullilah, Bossku amat berani dalam melafaskan kalimat "wallahi,wabillahi, wataullahi' dalam menafikan keterlibatan diri beliau dalam kes tersebut.

    Dimata orang awam "lafas" yang dibuat Bosssku itu mungkin tidak akan membawa apa perubahan mahupun tidak makna tetapi sebenarnya "implikasi' dari " kalimat lafas"yang disebutkan Bossku itu amatlah besar bahananya.

    Sebenarnya Bossku mempertaruhkan "hela hela' bala atau balasan ALLAH SWT kemuka pintu hadapan rumahnya, sekiranya beliau berbohong.


    Sebelum diangkat jadi Perdana Menteri ,tak da pulak sibuk sibuk pasal "kluster Mahkamah".

    Bolih pulak terima kluster ni!!!

    Rezeki diangkat sebagai PM pun atas ihsan' "kluster Mahkamah". Kalau tak da sokongan kluster ni, agak agak bolih ke merasa jadi Perdana Menteri?

    Tetapi sekiranya Bossku benar benar tidak bersalah dan teraniya.. inshallah..bala pasti akan berbalik pihak yang menuduh dan yang memfitnah beliau.

    Atas nasihat Zety lah selaku Gabenor Bank Negara duit dimasukkan RM65 juta ke akaun Bossku ditangkap. Kes AMLA keluarga penyamun Zety sebanyak RM700 juta tiada satu bijik buah Zeti dan keluarga diambil sebarang tindakan...!!

    Perkara yang serupa juga pernah dilakukan olih Bossku ketika beliau difitnah dalam kes pembunuhan Altantuya.

    Kesalahan awal Zety adalah dengan sengaja menyembunyikan satu jenayah AMLA, kesalahan kedua pula adalah menyalahguna kan kuasa untuk melindung jenayah suami dansendiri Tawfiq Ayman dan anak anak penyamunnya.

    Yakin atau tidak.. sebelum PRU 14 gerombolan ini berjemaah menuduh beliau terlibat...

    Apa jadi selepas Bossku 'bersumpah laknat'?

    Kerajaan mereka tumbang !!!hanya bertahan 22 bulan saja!!

    Mereka berkata ini adalah kebetulan dan tiada kena mengena dengan sumpah Bossku..!!

    Ini semua menyebabkan keyakinan ramai rakyat bahawa kes mengenakan Datuk Seri Najib telah di rancang oleh pihak tertentu.
    Tun Mahathir sangat malu untuk menggelar Zeti dan Nor Yakob sebagai “Penyamun” seperti mana beliau menuduh Bossku jauh sebelum kes 1MDB dibuka lagi.

    Hahahaha ������

    Kebenaran Firman Allah SWT yang mana satu yang mahu kamu nafikan??

    Ini kali kedua Bossku "menyerahkan" batang tubuhnya kehadrat' ALLAH SWT untuk diperhitungkan.

    Siapa bakal terkena ataupun adakah sumpah bakal makan diri Bossku???

    Inshallah..dalam masa terdekat di PRN Johor ini kita akan saksikan 'bala bala yang akan menerjah"

    Tunggu Siapa kena! siapa yang kena! siapa yang kena!


  10. Deyy Al Juboori brapa kali mau kena main haahh..!! Kikikiki..

    Sekali lagi PKR bakal jadi mangsa dan DAP bakal hilang banyak kerusi dan MCA bakal diterima semula olih masyarakat Cina.

    Kaum Cina amat terkesan dengan mainan Mahathir ketika 22 bulan memerintah. Kaum Cina juga terpedaya dengan mainan silapmata DAP.

    Ini mengakibatkan ramai peniaga kecil dan besar kaum Cina terjejas teruk akibat dari dasar Mahathir dan dari dasar Kerajaan Tun kaum Cina mula susut kekayaan dan mula hilang punca pendapatan kerana darurat' serta lockdown PKP berpanjangan.

    Kini orang Johor sudah tidak termakan dakyah pembangkang lagi. Kini mereka menwar war kan agar semua parti pembangkang bergabung di satu khemah besar.

    Tujuan pengabungan semua parti pembangkang hanyalah untuk menjatuhkan BN dan UMNO saja kerana tidak mahu BN dan UMNO kembali berkuasa.

    Tuduhan 60 tahun korup dimainkan sedangkan semua maha korup dan mega korup dan yang korup iman dan akidah (penganut pluralisma murtad & COMANGO) dan gadai pulau pulau dalam BM/ UMNO sudah berambos pergi dan membentuk gabungan bersama PKR,PejWang dan Bersatu.

    Kalau itulah matlamatnya, maka, akan berulang lagi cerita cita cita Mahathir iaitu "mahu menjatuhkan Bossku". Menjatuhkan dengan apa cara sekali pun.

    Yang didendang pembangkang hanyalah "pembubaran DUN dan mengadakan PRN Johor hanyalah untuk menyelamatkan Bossku dari kes Mahkamah.

    Apa punya gila.. pembangkang pembangang sklisn..!!! Tak ada kaitan langsung antara kes Mahkamah dengan PRN Johor.

    Rakyat sedar dan tahu bahawa diera Bossku sebagai Perdana Menteri ekonomi negara berada pada keadaan yang sangat baik. Kekayaan negara berjaya ditambah dari RM800 billion keparas RM2 Trillion Ringgit.

    Rakyat sudah terjebak 22 bulan dibawah Pakatan Harapan pimpinan Mahathir..yang kesudahanya.. hanya dendam Mahathir terhadap Bossku saja yang berjaya dilaksanakan, selain nya semua kelaut dalam..!!

  11. The first duck egg for the lame duck anwar to swallow in the upcoming Johor polls will be Dun Kempas and the rest 19 will follow suit. A formidably arrogant leader like him deserves to score a string of ZERO. Can't wait to fastforward to the date of 12th March.

  12. 1.6 billoin digunakan untuk peruntukkan rasuah PEGAWAI ASIA TENGGARA....AMIN

    Sapa Pegawai Asia Tenggara..AMIN

    Budak Pejabat kah, Peon kah, CC kah, Kerani Pejabat Pembancuh kopi kah..AMIN

    Ini bukan kerja sorang sorang...AMIN

    ini kerja penyamun berjamaah..AMIN

    Di imam kan Ostat Jho Low..AMIN

    Dimakmumkan oleh Zety dan keluarga penyamun nya, Nik Faisal, semua Pegawai kaum Cina di AmBank..AMIN

    Penyamun menyamun secara berjemaah yang kena Bossku sorang kah kah kah..AMIN

    Oopss Atok pun menyamun secara berjemaah berimamkan Jho Low secara ghaib dari IJN... kah kah kah


    kah kah kah...Kah kah apa ke bangang punya kes lahh...


    Sajat! oh! Sajat! nasib hang lah bukan "K-pop" jadian.
    sure can. no dalil

  14. Petikan surat Tun untuk PRN Bangsa Johor... Baru keluar IJN tukar bateri baru racun fitnah Tun masih berbisa.!!

    kluster mahkamah dan kleptokrat dari Umno. Tujuan mereka ialah untuk memperkukuhkan kedudukan mereka di negeri-negeri sebagai langkah awal sebelum pilihan raya umum ke-15.

    Perancangan mereka ialah apabila menang di pilihan raya umum nanti, mereka akan dapat mengguna kedudukan untuk menyelesai kes-kes salahguna kuasa, pencurian wang dan harta rakyat.

    Belum habis perbicaraan dan rayuan orang tua celaka ini sudah menuduh dan buat fitnah jijik sekira Bossku berkuasa semula akan menggunakan kuada dan kedudukan mereka menyelesaikan kes Bossku... Nampak tak serangan awal untuk meracun dan memfitnah minda rakyat. Biar mahkamah yang bua keputusan hormati mahkamah..!! Tua renta masih tak serik serik buat fitnah celaka..!!

    Ada pengundi yang berkata bahawa kumpulan kluster mahkamah dan kleptokrat tidak bertanding di dalam PRN Johor. Memang benar tetapi mereka yang bertanding di atas tiket Umno dan Barisan Nasional akan memberi kekuatan kepada kluster mahkamah dan kleptokrat.

    PRN Bangsa Johor tiada kena mengena dengan kluster mahkamah.. dah majority Negeri Johor tergantung... cukup cukup lah Tun buat tuduhan fitnah jijik celaka ini ...!!


  15. Ekcherli ahh ameno can win big in johore because ah..johor is ameno base one. Some more johore is where ameno was born that's why. Johore people so terror.

  16. Hati hati bila orang fasik acah acah power Melayu islamik berkata kata..

    Boboi kata pilih PejWang akan ujudkan kerajaan penyayang..!!

    Ketika menjadi kerajaan selama 22 bulan , dengan sombong kerajaan pimpinan ayah nya menempelak orang Melayu sebagai “pemalas” , “suka meminta bantuan kerajaan” , “jangan iri hati kepada orang kaya” dan “harus ikat perut”.

    Akibat perbuatan durjana , merampas Kembali elaun elaun RELA, nelayan, petani dan membuang puluhan ribu kakitangan awam yang majoriti Melayu, kini, ada hati pula Mukhriz berjanji memberi kerajaan “Penyayang’ kepada Bangsa Johor.

    Walaupun Mukhriz dan ayah nya cuba bersembunyi bertopeng di sebalik logo PEJUANG, namun rakyat tidak lupa PEJUANG ada lah sisa kumbahan kerajaan 22 bulan yang menzalimi rakyat.

    Harta rakyat habis di lelong, tanah milik umat Islam habis di gadai, Aset Tabung Haji diaseret ke kaki MoF bukan Islam semua Ketika Mukhriz dan ayah nya bersama PakatanHarapan.

    Itu kah rupa bentuk penyayang yang cuba PEJUANG persembahkan kepada Bangsa Johor?

    “Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika datang kepadamu orang fasik membawa suatu berita, maka periksalah dengan teliti, agar kamu tidak menimpakan suatu musibah kepada suatu kaum tanpa mengetahui keadaannya yang menyebabkan kamu menyesal atas perbuatanmu itu.” (Al-Hujurat: 6).

    Fasik juga berarti keluar dari kebenaran, penipu dan lidah bercabang.

    Pada PRN Bangsa Johor hari kemenangan hampir tiba dan kehancuran orang fasik semakin nyata...

    1. Poodah.. kuman seberang lautan nampak, taik depan mata dikatakan bunga. #umnoputramunafik


    It is nice to have friends in high places, boleh walk away je... berita pun tenggelam sebab berita ebit liew lagi sensasi...