Sunday 27 February 2022

Guan Eng helping fellow court cluster from Umno?

DAP's poster boy Lim Guan Eng has apparently been busy issuing press statements and giving interviews of late.

Maybe he was trying to match or surpass his father's reportedly 25,000 press statements issued so far.

Need to stay relevant, I guess.

In his latest interview, Guan Eng said,

Ismail a captive of court cluster, snap GE unlikely

which I think is a bit incoherent.

First of all, I don't believe that Guan Eng should really harp too much on the court cluster, because he himself is currently facing corruption charges in court.

It made him sounds a bit lame, honestly.

Guan Eng was quoted as saying in the interview that the PM, who is an Umno vice-president "was caught in a vice as he was a captive of the court cluster."

Right after that, he said


“If you look at the court cluster, they are calling the shots in the party (Umno). They want to have early elections so that they can decide on the candidates, not only for GE15 but also for the Cabinet and the prime minister’s position."

That's before he said


“So he (Ismail Sabri) would not want to call for an election. He (would) want to hang on for as long as possible, and the memorandum of understanding (with Pakatan) gives him the breathing space to do so.”

Up to that point, I thought Guan Eng was indicating that he and his Pakatan gang were backing the PM, who despite being "a captive of the court cluster" will resist any attempt to push the GE15 forward.

However, he continued the interview by whacking Ismail Sabri, calling him a useless PM and such.

That's when I thought that something was wrong with Guan Eng.

Is he actually supporting his fellow court cluster from Umno in pushing for a snap GE15 by running down the PM?

If the PM is so bad like he said, then that's more reason to have a snap poll.

Cannot be, right?

Or, was Guan Eng simply hantam whatever came to his mind during the interview.

Seriously guys, that's a real possibility as I noticed that his recent press statements were a bit of that kind.

Same as his father's.

They were kinda rambling as if designed to just make some noises so that people pay a bit of attention to their existence.

Anyway, if Guan Eng was right about Ismail Sabri being a "captive of the court cluster", then by right we may expect a snap poll soon instead of the other way around.

The guy's best chance to survive politically is to go with the flow.

If he tries to resist any push towards the court cluster's alleged snap poll designs, then he would surely be cut off from his party leadership in the coming Umno election, scheduled before end of this year.

Even now, there are talks within Umno that Ismail along with others such as Hishammuddin and Annuar Musa were actually Pribumi Bersatu stooges.

So, it would be more beneficial for Ismail to play along with the court cluster's scheme, as doing so would afford him to at least keep his position in the party if not the premiership.

Well, I believe all that will depend on the outcome of the Johor election.

If BN wins with a landslide as it did in Melaka, then the possibility of a snap GE15 will be very real.

BN would want to keep the momentum going.

The only thing which could hold it back would be the Covid-19 situation, as the country by right would need to wait for it to ease a bit before having a general election.

Other than that, I can't see how Ismail Sabri could resist possible calls from his own party to hold the general election.

He definitely can't wait until he gets kicked out via the party polls later this year.

Looking at the development of the Johor election so far, I don't see how Pakatan and the other anti-BN factions could prevent themselves from suffering another disaster.

They were even quarrelling among themselves.

Just look at the nomination process yesterday. Not a single of the 56 seats are to be contested in a straight fight.

The scenario now is definitely not the same as in 2018.

I think DAP would manage to retain some of its seats in the state election, especially those with huge Chinese majority, and that's about all there is to it.


  1. dap court cluster is at vast diff with umno court cluster, the latter is a pencuri that curi and sudah belanja bayar hermes and lv bag, while the former is one that is claimed a pencuri that going to curi future money from future profit.

    the claimant sound like a god to me.

    1. Saudara HY,saya cadangkan anda hadir dan ikuti perbicaraan Lim Guan Eng pada sessi akan datang.Nanti saudara akan tahu siapa sebenarnya Ex CM Pulau Pinang ini.

    2. kawan ns, the so called evidence is all talk, i yet to see any prove on actual fund transacted or money changed hand, maybe you can claim lge have intention to engage in corruption, however looking at how selected prosecution that happened among politician in msia, the impression i have is this is more likely a persecution. the judgement is more on public opinion rather than evidence shown.

  2. This man is not relevant anymore, in fact he will be a liability whoever is associated with him ,be it PH ,DAP,amanah
    If eventually PH disintegrated, he will be the one most responsible. Many has opined that Anwar will cause the downfall of PH,WRONG, this idiot will be the one if one were to analyse the situation carefully.

  3. I won't be bothered with what LGE or LKS said for the last few years as both tend to contradict themselves after a while. In a nutshell, they tend to shoot themselves in the foot, and self destroy. LGE is definately part of the court cluster. Never get any fresh and innovative economic ideas from him or his boy-boy, and Najib does that better than him.

  4. Boleh jalan la Apek...cakap banyak sangat. Lu ingat lu sorang banyak pandai...orang lain semua bodo...Lu pun mau makan duit haram juga maaaa...Hati banyak busuk ini orang...

  5. The problem with DAP is once they hold the court the few become court jesters. Making all sorts of requests and demands from the court. The silent majority just revolted. They are intoxicated with power with old school ideas. They do not realized that peoples are not idealogue and their support are fluid.

  6. Asalkan bukan ABU..

    A = Asalkan
    B = Bukan
    U = Utara

    Semua pemimpin utama parti politik dari Utara semua tak guna gadai pulau pulau strategik negara dan gadai akidah dengan pluralisma murtad syiah dan COMANGO..

    Nak fakta ka...!?

  7. Aisay Annie....bila la u jadi mcm Nostradamus n can predict d future? Knowing how many seats DAP can win etc. U now openly side with d rapist Jibby ( rape n plundered d country) A guy with no shame. A reason why Scandinavian countries have such low rates of corruption is becos d people ostracise those who r we kiss their hands n lick their arses. Way to go Annie!

  8. Atuk sll habaq Melayu Mudah Lupa.. tapi Apek ni bukan Melayu.. dia lagi mudah lupa. Mulut hebiaq suka tegoq olang lain tp dia lupa ke "lagu GST" dia nyanyi kat Tabika dulu? Kanak2 kecik camtu pun dia dah mula asuh suluh benci sama BN.

    Payah katakalo DAP menang. Sejak C19 satu dunia tak lupa nama Wuhan. Sinophobia lata lata nak masuk klinik, lestolan pun ada yg tatak kasi. Kena tattoo kat dahi "I AM A MALAYSIAN".

    Payah la nak bawa Johore trade delegation klo tak bawa Mat Sabu ikut sama. Nak gi juga dunia Alab jgn sesekali bawa Nga Kor Ming tau. Foleign investor nak masuk pun ketaq lutut. Klo tak ikut kepala otak depa tup tup plojek kena cancel.. Petronas kena jaga baik2 silap2 jadi mcam IHH Arigatogozaimas.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Good investors do not have sentiments on what asset they perchased. Investment 101. What price is right they buy and when price is right they sell.Hang pi tanya Warren buffet.Pi main monopoly dulu. Hang beli beli tak jual hang tak ada liquid.hang bangkrupt. Petronas pun kena pi market utk dapat fund.So selling asset if price is prudent. There is no sentiment in investment.

    2. Tokwan Buffet bukan macam Atok. Otak dia very laju very alert. Mcam PH mmg ketaq2 lutut dia mesti cabut lali jauh2 wan takut nak dekat.

      Tengok C19. PH masih dok gamit lambai2 tourist dari Chinese China, Atok malah sbb rakyat tegoq tapi by May 2020 syk Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet dah siap sold off all his airlines stock.

      Haiyaa.. elok kamu nih. Elok hang gi main ekoq kuda tikam2 TOTO udah la..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Lagi satu nak sentoh Felda. Banyak ladang2 Felda kat Johore kena bokbaik katakaloo nak pangkah PH. Takut satni Felda pun tukaq nama jadi Felda Kamsiakamsia Ltd pula.

    Segheyau bila pikiaq masa PH menang, senyap2 depa lelong ladang2 Tabung Haji. Sampai harini dok heran tak habis. Cilaka betoi

    Gomen PN masih dok tidoq ke? Napa lambat sgt nak siasat apa jadi kat Tabung Haji masa PH memerintah negara ini?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. Gelombang "bossku" sukar dibendung PRN Bangsa Johor.. Tun gelabah PejWang panik sambutan luar biasa 'bossku' di Stadium Larkin

    Sambutan luarbiasa Bossku di PRN Bangsa Johor di Stadium Larkin menambah gelabah Tun Mahathir.

    Tun Mahathir mahu elak di soal oleh para wartawan berkenaan isu isu panas terkini yang membabitkan kroni kroini nya.

    Sedang panas di MEDSOS dan bualan netizen adalah isu kroni rapat dan kesayangan beliau Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar telah disebut secara rasmi di dalam mahkamah Amerika telah menerima sogokan untuk mluluskan bon kepada Goldman Sach.

    Malah bekas CEO nya Tim Liessner telah menyatakan ‘fugitive” Jho Low telah memberi bayaran sebanyak dua kali , satu sebelum pelulusan dan satu selepas.

    Menyedari diri nya satu liabiliti di Johor kerana Ketika menjadi Perdana Menteri 22 bulan telah membawa kerosakan kepada ekonomi negara sekaligus membabitkan negeri Johor.

    Modal Mahathir hanya perguna kan isu yang di reka nya ia itu kes mahkamah pemimpin UMNO.

    Beberapa hari lalu Mahathir telah melancarkan bahan kempen dari parti PEJUANG, namun rakyat Johor di percayai tidak akan mempercayainya atas sebab Mahathir di kenali sebagai pembohong bersiri.

    Namun , apa pun , telahan beberapa pakar politik di Johor, parti PEJUANG sekadar pengacau dan mahu membuat bidaan sahaja jika mereka dapat dua atau tiga kerusi.

    Gelombang atau “wave” memberi sokongan terhadap Bossku di PRN Bangsa Johor sangat “generic” dan bukan atas kerja kerja “PR”.

    Sesiapa yang menentang Bossku akan menerima risiko di benci dan di tolak oleh Rakyat kata mereka.

    Rakyat sudah tidak peduli lagi dengan hukuman dari hakim hakim yang ikut skrip Tun Mahathir.

    1. Ph is not in gomen when court of appeal made thier decision. Get real lah. Jangan jadi bodoh sangat yg tak bolih di ajar atau tak bolih bagitahu.1mdb skg dibicara di us. In your mind this is still kerja Tdm.i have no problem with bossku.he was judged to be complicit with this fiasco.he did not accept it . It is okay. The problem is subtantial of peoples still do not believe it. Majority of them is muslim malay that read quran and pray 5x aday just tak guna akal. This were reminded in quran so many times and we do not abide. Bossku was pm and leader of the country. He was head of mof. Yet money was lost and swindle out of country. AT least feel malu that this was under his watch IF he did not accept the court decisions. At the end of the day we all meet our maker and will be answerable for all our deeds.If rakyat tak peduli with this . i feel sorry for them.Jangan lah macam kaum aad.lut dll yg telah di beri amaram.

  11. LGE very bad one want to win election oni. Najib Tim Leissner Jho Low very good people collect 1mdb money to fund for election oso but for rakyat to prosper some more. LGE last time go to jail one because of Rahim Thambi Chick's case. Very very bad LGE.

  12. Cakap banyak banyak, komen banyak banyak pulak. Undi je la siapa pun. Tunggu linggit Malaysia jadi lupiah Malusia baru tahu nilai pimpinan. Sudah BalangNaik masih tak sedar apa itu nilai, tiada masalah pun. Olang kita boleh cari kreja kat sebelang laut. Apa susah!!! Pandai ulus rumah, pandai kait buah, pandai toreh, pandai makan Maggi takda hal pun kreja sebelang laut.
    Sudah banyak petik apple sebelang laut tak komplain pun.
    Tapi klu jadi tuan, Malaysia ni syurga di dunia. Tak caya tanyalah Bangla, Nepal semua dah gemuk gemuk belaka kreja kat Malusia.
    The height of idiocy is being totally ignorant of what's really happening around you.
    Most Malaysians don't give shit what happens to the future generations. As long as they have enough today they presume their future generations will be ok.
    Oit. Covid pun belum settle lagi ceritanya syurga dah sampai.

    To each his own.