Monday 21 February 2022

Don't worry, Muslims are not like those BJP/LTTE wannabes

 This is an interesting story

Perikatan used most amount of racial, religious rhetoric in Melaka


According to the study, PN scored the highest mentions at 56%, believed to be due to their campaign slogan of “Islam Menyatukan Ummah (Islam Unites the Community)” and their repeated calls for the closure of 4D gaming outlets in Kedah and a change to the “Timah” whiskey brand’s name.

PH recorded a score of 39%, with messages in the category mostly focused on promoting an inclusive policy for all Malaysians regardless of race, religion and background while also criticising BN for racial divisiveness and crony culture.

Meanwhile, only 25% of BN’s messages emphasised race-based policies which advocated the narrative of Bumiputera rights and privileges, and pushed for the necessity of upholding the national language.

So, according to that study, Perikatan is the most racist coalition in the Melaka election, followed by Pakatan and then BN.

Most interesting for me is that Pakatan used more racial and religious tactics than BN in that election.

And this study was done by people who are not exactly pro-BN.

Okay, the study found that Pakatan's racial and religious campaigning are mostly to say that BN is a racist and religious bigot coalition, but still, it's a form of using race and religion to win the election, right?

It also tells us that Pakatan is accusing BN of using racism and religious bigotry more than BN itself actually being racist and religious bigot.

Well, I know about this all these while. That's why, despite Pakatan's claim of its inclusiveness and desire for racial equality, I know that most of them are just a bunch of hypocrites.

The ones who did the most jumping around calling others racists are themselves the worst racists.

Just look at the Loh Siew Hong case. Who are the first gang of politicians and their supporters getting involved in it by throwing racial and religious accusations all over the place?

Yup, the BJP or LTTE wannabe gang within DAP.

The way I see it, they just wanted to exploit the case so that Indians will continue to support them and their party by accusing the Muslim authorities of suppressing the community.

Did the Muslims or Umno gang react to that?

I don't think so. At least not in a way that the DAP extremists were hoping. There were of course some grumblings but it's not like Muslims are up in arms over it.

I think the overwhelming majority of Muslims in this country know that the whole thing was just a family dispute and nothing to get too excited about.

The kids are back with their mother, as they rightfully should be, but if Allah wills it, they will remain Muslims. If not, that's Allah's will too.

The religious authorities had after all done all they could to help care for the kids after their father converted them to Islam. 

It doesn't really matter that they were whacked for looking after the kids during the three-year absence of their parents, because that's Allah's will too. 

I believe most Muslims in this country are of that thought over the whole thing.

We will just pray to Allah for the kids to be safe and remain in Islam.

Still, there are people who feel that they need to say this,

Loh’s case shouldn’t become a ‘communal contest’, says NGO group


In a statement today, Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) warned that doing so could affect relations among various races in the country and undermine Islam's image

"Loh's children returning to their mother does not close the door to them becoming Muslims when they are adults," said GBM chairman Badlishah Sham Baharin.

"GBM is confident that Malaysians can accept a just and reasonable solution to the plight of Loh and her children.

"Muslim Malaysians should not buy into fearmongering that non-Muslims are out to reduce the number of Muslims."

First of all, the ones who from the very start of the issue have been trying to turn the issue into a "communal contest" are those DAP BJP/LTTE wannabes, okay.

The media was also complicit in that by pushing the narrative that the main issue about the kids was their unilateral conversion to Islam by their father and blaming the religious authorities over it.

I don't think the media would be so gung ho about the issue if it's just about a custody battle over the kids.

And why worry about the image of Islam now after it was shredded throughout the whole thing by the self-appointed defenders of a Hindu mother's rights.

Those extremists in DAP and Pakatan along with their co-believers in the media have all these while been peddling the idea that Muslims are trying to steal non-Muslim kids and convert them, okay.

So many of such cases in the past.

The real reason behind their antics was their own racism and prejudice towards Muslims, coupled with their loathing of this country being ruled by the majority "inferior race".

And who is this Badlishah guy to say that the kids could still be Muslims when they are adults. 

Hey bro, the kids are still Muslims  now and will continue to be so if their hearts remain with Islam even with them being with their Hindu mother.

As about Muslims succumbing to "fearmongering" that non-Muslims are out to reduce their number, rest assured that most Muslims in this country have no fear over such things.

Otherwise, BN which used the least amount of racial and religious issues in its campaign wouldn't have won the Melaka election by a landslide riding on mostly the support of Malay Muslims majority in that state.


  1. Ok. Dap is bad, BN is good, no matter how much their leaders steal.

    got it

  2. thats common in msia perampas put the blame on the one kena rampas.

  3. You are right,Annie.If Allah wills it, those kids will still be Muslims when they grow up, even with a non-Muslim mother.Remember the recent case of an elderly retired Chinese lady who adopted a Muslim girl here from small, and that girl is today a fine,Muslim young lady,whose biological mother is Indonesian.The love between that noble aging Chinese adopted mother and the girl never recognized the religious disparity between them.And the dear old lady fastidiously respected the needs, especially diet-wise and religious rituals wise, to openly allow the young girl to grow up living the Muslim ways.This is truly what it should be all about in our caring Malaysian society.

  4. Well malay muslim are not like bjp or ltte wannabes and will to do sumpah laknat on this.

  5. Aisay Annie...God/Allah/Creator gave us a brain to think. But in this country we cannot choose what is best for us. That right has been taken away from us. Why must we follow the Sunni school of thought? Why can't we follow others? Who n when was this decided for us? Annie u r just like a cow being led....not putting yr God given brain to use. How can one be born into a religion. N individual must b allowed to choose which faith he wants to follow. The world wld b a better place if we can do this without others getting their knickers in a twist.

    1. U can't choose yr religion? I feel sorry for you, if that's the case. As for myself, I can choose my religion because my faith is in my heart and it belongs to me. Thank you.

    2. So true, you cannot choose your faith, all is fixed even for Islam. You can only be a shafie as you can't be syiah , can't follow maliki where is ok to have dog. Once the state label you islam in your IC you must follow state islam nothing else.

    3. Anon 09:22, you should tell the Malay Muslim voters in Johor that they were forced to be Muslims by the state/government controlled by BN/Umno so that they will vote for Pakatan on March 12. Anyway, I don't know that BN/Umno forced the Hindus,Christians, Buddhists etc in this country to be what they are too.

    4. Setiap bayi di lahir di atas fitrah.kedua orang tua nyalah yang menjadikannya yahudi majusi atau nasrani. Sahih muslim.
      Tidak ada paksaan utk memasuki agama islam. Sesungguhnya jalan yg benar dari jalan yg sesat dan barang siapa inkar kapada tughut dan beriman kpd allah. Maka sesungguhnya ia berpegang kpd tali yg kuat yang tak adan putus. Dan allah maha mendengar lagi mengetahui. Al bakarah ayat 256.
      This ayat is just after ayat kursi which is considered suprime ayat in quran. So there is no compulsion in islam. You have right to choose.

    5. Yes correct no compulsion. The true Islam allows you to choose, you can quit Islam return to islam, quit and return again to islam. It is between you and God. But when the state / government get involves it becomes compulsion.

  6. Five Pillars of Islam, the fifth is "Pilgrimage to Mecca".

    Sebab mrk bukan Islam la mrk kekok dan blur bab racist nih semua kut?.. katakalooo bahalol2 nih dapat pi buat Haji, hari2 terkenching dalam seluaq, makan tak lalu, tidoq tak kena.

    Mesti terkejut beroq bila terpaksa bergaul dengan puluhan ribu apa segala races dalam dunia esp pada musim2 Haji. Bila dekat dengan yg berjubah labuh.. mesti sorok tak berani keluaq hotel, dok ingat yg berjubah semua Taliban memanjang.. kekeke

    Heran plak. Negara India dan China Muslims lebih ramai dari populasi Melayu Islam dMsia. Can deduce tht these "racist groups" asal usul mereka datang dari outer space kut? Bonggoq2 punya manusia nih semua.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. So the police did not take action after the 2019 and 2021 court order to return custoy of the chilren to her. She was looking and they were hidden away.

    Of course she will seek help. Only in your mind are these extremist actions . The extremist action is the court orders not being followed and the indifference of the police.

    Jangan putar balik

  8. seems like annie’s censorship is worse than china’s great firewall.

    cant articulate an argument, censor. pretty lame.

    1. Try to comment on the topic of the post. I received too many spam comments that I have to filter them out. Thanks.

  9. Oh no, another person claiming to speak for all the Muslims in Malaysia.

    Just what we need

  10. So if these are = BJP/LTTE wannabe

    that must make therefore PAS = Taliban wannabe

    Based on the labelling here