Tuesday 21 September 2021

Good news for Pakatan

 This should be good news for Pakatan,

Tajuddin eyeing top three posts in Umno polls, claims some members confident he can transform party

I think Malay Mail got so excited over it that it gave the story a rather longish headline.

Well, I don't blame them. Pakatan people should  really rejoice over these sort of stories.

It means there's still hope, okay.

If Umno leaders are all good people, then Pakatan would not stand a chance in the next general election.

Fortunately for them, the Umno leadership is still quite bad as it is.

As I previously wrote, except for Mat Hasan, I don't really like the top leaders of Umno.

Ya, that includes PM Ismail Sabri.

And if Umno people decide to elect people like Tajuddin as their top leaders, then that would only make it worse.

That should really be the end of Umno, actually.

Personally, I would not vote for someone like that or a party which promote such a person.

I believe that many Malays who are fence sitters would be like me.

The chances of this thing happening is actually quite high.

The current Umno supreme council is full of such people.

And they are making themselves into the faces of Umno.

Just look at that irritating Puad Zarkashi fellow, who has been getting quite a lot of media coverage.

I noticed that FMT has been publishing his statements quite regularly as if his is the voice of Umno.

That guy was very much disliked at his home base in Batu Pahat due to the way he conducted himself during his term as MP there in 2008-2013.

Umno may field him as its candidate there again in the next general election.

If it really happens, I hope he'll lose.

You see, the Umno leaders' bad habits are still there.

Look at how they put up billboards all over KL congratulating Shahidan Kassim when he was appointed Federal Territories Minister.

Why the hell they need to do that?

So stupid.

It reminds me of Perlis when the guy was the MB there.

Billboards of his not so nice to look at face were everywhere in Kangar and Arau at that time.

I remember very well what a good Umno friend of mine from Kuala Perlis said to me back then;

"Shidan ni ingat dia Stalin ke nak letak muka dia merata tempat,"


And Shahidan is not the only Umno leader with this billboard issue.

Umno people, really need to reflect on this. 

Those days when people, particularly Malays submit themselves to bad leaders of Umno's choice are gone.

If they continue to fail in choosing good leaders for their party, then their party will soon be dead.

No amount of Malay or Muslim unity talks can save Umno if its leaders consist of bad people.


  1. does it really matter for elections ? all umno warlords / idiots ( or any malay politician ) need to do is take out the kris, spew out race & religion, then throw some cash and goodies, the voters will come like flies to shit.

    1. This kind of language used towards Malay voters is one of the main reasons why Pakatan lost their support after winning GE14.

    2. right. but was that observation wrong ?

      lets call a spade a spade.

    3. Ya, go ahead and insult the Malays. That gives them the right to call you pariah shit. You just confirmed what Umno has been saying about you all along.

    4. Anonymous21 September 2021 at 21:59

      You need to understand that Annie is a Professional Spinner, but also a very bad one.

      So don't try talking logic to her, okay?

      Next she will accuse you of killing Adib.

      Also, she has a crush on Pasir Salak but too shy to admit.

    5. hang on annie, you havent answered anon21:59, was his observation wrong abt the umno voters ?

  2. its the other way round, pakatan have more chance if measurement and benchmark are basing on capability, fairness and perhaps good people. no way one can beat stupidity and dumb that count on race and religion.

  3. Enemy at the gate Part 2 : Malaysia vs Singapore War (Singa Pura-pura). Malaysia Is Almost At War ???? Do you not believe ? Mersing line is the theory of Singapore invade Malaysia

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    19. What is a shameful argument ??? the argument often used is that we are more numerous. We also have to be wary of many Singapore proxies, 'barua' and 'talibarut' in this country.

    1. Rather than posturing on war with Singapura, don't you think it's better to safeguard the fate of Pulau Pisang... 14 km off Pontian... so that it does not slipped off our hands, just like what happened to Pulau Batu Putih?


  4. Aisay Annie....this is a case of likeability Vs ability. UMNO politicians can endear themselves to most people hence v likeable but have zero ability to get things done. DAP politicians have d ability to get things done efficiently but in d process they step on toes n people hate their guts. There u have it...wh type do u prefer?

    1. A good observation.

    2. "DAP politicians have the ability to get things done"...
      Let me see.. Theresa Kok's drink minyak sawit campaign... Guan Eng's hantam 10% sajelah.. Yeo Bee Yin's pasir gudang/ diplomatic blunders.. Oh.. Lynas.. Yah we remember the Lynas mutants.. LOL

    3. Likeable leaders usually do the wrong things able leaders do the right things which are seldom likeabke.

    4. Over the top, oversimplification.. misleading. Let’s have some respect for the readers shall we..

  5. I agree with Annie.

    "If Umno leaders are all good people, then Pakatan would not stand a chance in the next general election."

  6. I too had hope that Mat Hassan will be the leader that transforms umno but he turns out to be too meek & old school leader who wants the leadership to be handed to him on a silver platter. Sorryla..zaman tu dah berlalu.

    Now I hope kj will somehow rise to the pinnacle. At least he is competent & he is young. It is digusting to see all the old leaders still clinging to power & think they are the solution to M'sia's problem when they were the ones who help dig the hole we are in right now.

  7. God cursed UMNO. Only KuLi realise...
    Way forward UMNO is dead. Go 4 Ummi...

  8. Annie, nampaknya awak belum kenal grassroots UMNO.
    2. Mereka seperti Tajuddin & Shahidan adalah 'godfather' untuk grassroots UMNO & orang Melayu
    3. Lihatlah betapa hebat Shahidan suatu ketika dulu ketika berkonflik dengan Raja Perlis bab kontroversi Menteri Besar Perlis suatu ketika dulu.
    4. Orang-orang Melayu sukakan Pemimpin seperti Tajuddin & Shahidan kerana Pemimpin seperti Shahidan & Tajuddin sentiasa bersama mereka dalam bab duit.
    Itulah UMNO yang akan terus bertakhta di hati Orang-orang Melayu DULU, KINI & SELAMANYA

    1. "Orang-orang Melayu sukakan Pemimpin seperti Tajuddin & Shahidan kerana Pemimpin seperti Shahidan & Tajuddin sentiasa bersama mereka dalam bab duit."


      Dato’ Tajuddin Rahman, ahli Parlimen Pasir Salak yang didapati menerima anugerah konsesi RM1.3 bilion untuk membina UiTM Tapah, walaupun syarikat miliknya (Detik Utuh Sdn Bhd) bukanlah syarikat pembinaan yang aktif dan mempunyai rekod prestasi yang baik.

      Merujuk kepada pengumuman yang dibuat kepada Bursa Malaysia, rakan kongsi yang juga merupakan syarikat pembinaan sebenar dalam projek ini iaitu Crest Builder Holdings Berhad mengumumkan bahawa projek itu dimiliki secara bersama oleh Crest Builder Holdings Berhad (51%) dan Detik Utuh Sdn Bhd (49%) melalui syarikat pegangan khas bernama UniTapah Sdn Bhd.

      Kos pembinaan UiTM Tapah hanyalah RM285 juta tetapi Unitapah diberikan konsesi selama 23 tahun untuk membina dan menyenggara kemudahan universiti itu pada jumlah RM1.3 bilion sepanjang tempoh itu.

      Kadar bayaran kepada Unitapah oleh Kerajaan Malaysia adalah seperti berikut:

      • Bayaran tetap penyediaan bangunan – RM4.50 setiap kaki persegi setiap bulan.

      • Bayaran penyenggaraan bulanan – RM1.146 setiap kaki persegi setiap bulan.

      Jumlah keluasan kaki persegi keseluruhan UiTM Tapah yang diberikan melalui konsesi ini adalah seluas 837,872 kaki persegi.

      Ini bermakna, setiap bulan Kerajaan Persekutuan terpaksa membayar sewa dan yuran penyenggaraan sebanyak RM56.77 juta. Jumlah keseluruhan sepanjang tempoh konsesi adalah RM1.3 bilion, iaitu 5 kali ganda berbanding dengan kos pembinaan yang hanyalah RM285 juta.

      Nih lah perangai "godfather" totok Umgnok. Mcm Al Capone jer oiiiiiii.

      Takziah, Umgnok.

    2. Pakatan should prosecute Tajuddin on this one when they were in power.

    3. The problem is the tender process.

      If I set up a RM2 company with no experience, I just need to use kabel to get millions in contracts. No crime is committed. But you end up with RM200 screwdrivers lah. You think the reno at the minister's office really cost 300K in furniture? Mark-up 500% at least. Taxpayer money only, what.

      Count the number of Umno millionaires and billionaires who did nothing for it. It's a very, very long list.

      Ku Nan was correct - 2 million is kacang putih to him.

    4. No way there's no crime in that.

    5. It's just a combo of "Unqualified Company" plus "Massive Mark-Up".

      Biasa ler.

      This happened in only ONE ministry (run by H2O), taken from Auditor-General report:

      146 sets of screwdrivers bought for RM 224 per set when the market price is only RM 40 per set;

      82 sets of Staedler Mars technical pens bought for RM 225 per set when the market price is only RM 120 per set;

      90 sets of Faber Castell technical pens bought for RM 1,147 per set when the market price is RM 160 per set;

      17 sets of technical books consisting of 10 titles priced at RM 10,700 per set when the market price is only RM417 per set;

      650 sets of plastic vases bought at RM 42.80 per set when the market price is only RM 5.20 per set:

      3 sets of settee bought between RM 8,250-RM 9.075 per set when the market price is only RM 1,500 per set;

      two tower cranes bought for RM 5.72 million when the market price is only RM 2.98 million

      60 used cars bought at a price of RM 4.24 million when the market price is only RM 2.8 million an excess of RM 1.44 million;

      152 desktop computer packages bought for RM 4.5 million when the market price is only RM 1.4 million, an excess of RM 3.1 million;

      420 sets of cement mortar boards bought at RM 1,027 per set when the market price is only RM 150 per set;

      2 units of two-tonne car jack bought for RM 5,471 per unit when the market price is only RM 50 per unit.

      Someone made lots of $$$$$$$$$.

      Rafizi got arrested for the NFC cow-condo case, yet the persons who pulled it off are still free. The confirmed loss to us taxpayers is about 250 million.

      Welcome to Malaysia!

  9. Enemy at the gate Part 2 : Lee Kwan Yew goverment is vary super chronic of cronny and nepotism with super fucking kiasu attitude.

    Look at the new attack pattern of DAP and its brother PAP in Singapore is still the same, namely cronyism and nepotism.

    Meanwhile, in Singapore, the bloody Lee Kwan Yew family is chronic with cronyism and nepotism in all areas.

    Lee Kwan Yew also put his siblings in high rangking position portfolio in Goverment Department in Singapore. Control of people and Singpore goverment via nepotism.

    In addition to his eldest son, Lee Hsieng Loong, who is now the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee's other relatives hold important positions, both in government and state-owned enterprises.

    In addition, minority groups, such as people of Malay and Indian descent, complained that they were "second class" citizens rather than people of Chinese descent.

    Can you name it one fucking single Malays in Singapore with billionaire title..!? Do you think all Malay Singapore are not buisness minded or Lee Kwan Yew discriminate policy make Malay become 'second class' and slaves.

    By Hook or by crook Singapore must take control of Malaysia through our proxies (DAP and slaves), otherwise Singapore cannot survive. While Singapore will use poisonus nerves and the installa their proxies, 'barua' and 'talibarut' to trouble Malaysia, Singapore means is building a security system for itself

    They are the DAP and PAP who practice chronic cronyism and nepotism in their party while shifting the issue of cronyism and nepotism in the DAP Party in Malaysia and the PAP in Singapore.

    They will accuse the Malaysian government of cronyism and nepotism. The reality is that the DAP party and its big brother the PAP are cronyism and nepotism is very chronic. Dear PKR, PAN and PejWang party leaders are blind and blindess to this issue in real reality.

    Singapore blogger Amos Yee was jailed for critical Lee Kuan Yew. This young bravehart blogger for comments made in a video highlights the restrictive environment in which Singaporean journalists are forced to work,” said Bob Dietz, CPJ’s Asia program coordinator.

    “We call on authorities to release Amos Yee immediately and to undertake reform of Singapore’s outdated laws restricting the media.”

    If Singaporean media can play fire to the neighbour they can act and reteliate the same thing to the Singapore goverment..!! Period..

    Malays need to understand the issues brought by their fucking media in Singapore. All the issues they brought up were of interest to DAP here and their brother in Singapore there.

    The new Malay feeling in PH hopefully the light of repentance will illuminate their dark hearts one day.

    Close relationship with a far more profitable our neighbor and brotherhood in Indonesia, which has a lot of natural resources and profitable is the best choice to battle with Singapore. It is good to cancel the HSR project its benefit their Chinese clan of proxy and crony who lives in Malaysia.

    It is good to increase the investment of allied neighbors like Indonesia. Well done Petronas Carigali found an oil well in Sampang Madura Indonesia.

    185 million barrels of new wells Petronas Carigali were discovered in Madura Indonesia. Many wells will be explored by Petronas Carigali. Petronas CSR already make Indonesian people much appreciated to Malaysia.

    Leave Singapore alone and forget about Singapore.

    1. He he he... how can we, Melayus forget about Singapura... when in 1965, it was our own Kepala-Bapak that gave the Island... including lots of other smaller ones around it... on a silver platter to DAP's brother.

      And... about a century before that... it was sold off... 'selagi ada bulan dan bintang'... to Penjajah British.

    2. Bro/ sis,

      Tolong la double check your writing. Pening nak baca berterabur bahasa. Really appreciated the effort for such long article/ comment though

    3. "185 million barrels of new wells Petronas Carigali were discovered in Madura Indonesia. Many wells will be explored by Petronas Carigali. Petronas CSR already make Indonesian people much appreciated to Malaysia."

      I don't think it's something Malaysian should be bragging about.

      Maybe... Indonesian Oil-Giant Pertamina... purposely gave-way to Petronas, knowing damn well that investing on crude oil exploration is no longer viable when the whole world is becoming more concern about climate change and vigorously investing in green power generation... e.g... Europe has banned diesel-engine production and batteries for electric-cars getting more reliable and low-cost, etc.

      Hence, crude oil future market will likely shrink further in near future.

    4. hihihi... why Singapore sudah takut kaaa..!?

  10. What is this mod umxo minister is doing. He still think that we are still vassal of china.Asking thier view. GO ASK US UK AND AUS too lah. Did he knows that spratly island has deep craven and canyon where chinese hide thier nuke sub. Any dummy knows that they will object. Where is asean zofan.Just remain neutral.This are big boys fight. Btw nuke sub can dive deep beyond where layer where warm sea water meet cold sea water. You can hide under this layer with no detection. Apa lah menteri ni. Just stays silent lah

    1. Haiyaaa wht nuke sub r u talking about? What china us uk aus? Ini C19 virus pun mereka talak bole lawan!

      Ini virus kasi semua olang mayak sibuk la.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Najib dijemput berbincang dengan duta-duta asing
    September 26, 2021

    Najib dijemput berbincang dengan duta-duta asing

    Busy sikit hari ini.

    Sebentar tadi pula saya berada di Kedutaan Qatar.

    Saya berbesar hati dapat bertemu dengan beberapa perwakilan asing dari kalangan Duta-Duta Besar dan Pesuruhjaya Tinggi di Malaysia.

    Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada Duta Besar Qatar ke Malaysia TYT Fahad Mohammed Kafoud yang menjadi tuan rumah malam ini.

    Bersama tadi juga ialah TYT Thamer Abdalla Mohammad Adwan (Jordan), TYT Sheikh Al-Abbas Ibrahim Hamed Al Harthi (Oman), TYT George Bitar Ghanem (Lebanon), TYT Walid Abu Ali (Palestin), TYT Dr. Moheb Rahman Spinghar (Afghanistan), TYT Roland Galharague (Perancis) dan TYT Amna Baloch (Pakistan).

    Tiba tiba Atok dan boboi terasa gatal dan pedih pedih kedua dua mata mereka.

    Kenapa yer...!?



  12. Tun mme kebal nak lingkup kan Perti PejWang serang jer boboi tue...

    Bapa Borek Anak Rintik.. Jangan beri muka lagi hantam sampai jadi..

    Seperti Bapanya.. Lidah Bercabang Cabang Bila Bercakap..

    Seperti biasa dan klise 'Acah acah power gitew...!!

    Mula… Saya Tak Tahu.

    Kemudian… Ohhh Itu Untuk Tujuan Penyelidikan Kanser…

    Murahnya Hati Boboy Anak Atok Ni.. Orang Kedah Nak Makan Pun Tak Cukup..

    Dia Derma RM13 Juta Untuk Syarikat Di Kanada…

    Tunggu Esok Apa Pula Jawapan Dia….


  13. Dumno is full of silly and past shelf life people la wheer got any smart people there ha ha ha

  14. Muda muda lagi dah pandai menipu.

    Terkejut dengan laporan portal berita Sinar Harian dan Astro Awani hari ini (Rabu, 29 September 2021) yang membuat liputan sebahagian perbahasan wakil rakyat dari Parlimen Muar dalam Dewan Rakyat hari ini.

    Wakil rakyat Muar tersebut semasa mengambil bahagian dalam sesi perbahasan Rancangan Malaysia ke-12 (RMK-12) petang tadi, telah mendakwa bahawa pencen yang diperolehi oleh seorang Ahli Parlimen mampu mencecah lebih RM100,000 sebulan.

    Ucapan beliau itu bersifat semberono dan tidak bertanggungjawab, selain bertujuan untuk membangkitkan sentimen kebencian dalam kalangan rakyat, tanpa berlandaskan asas dan fakta yang sebenar.

    Namun, itu tidaklah menghairankan kerana itulah sifat sebenar yang dimiliki oleh wakil rakyat tersebut yang konsisten menunggang sentimen rakyat bagi meraih simpati dan sokongan.