Sunday 19 September 2021

Great defender of the Nons

 People, especially DAP supporters always asked me in not such a nice way why I hate Guan Eng and his father so much.

Actually, I don't hate them at all.

I'm just very much annoyed by them.

You can't hate people who were born to be annoying creatures but you do have the right to express your annoyance towards them, right?

Just look at this story from yesterday,

Guan Eng warns so-called racist and extremist groups in government

Hey man, we don't even know yet the detail of that Bill and you were already calling people racists and extremists.

The people Guan Eng called racists and extremists also already explained that it got nothing to do with non-Muslims and yet he still used such a strong language.

Trying too hard to portray yourself as the defender of the non-Muslims, aren't you?

Just like during the Sarawak election in 2011, when Guan Eng tried to be a defender of the Christians.

Well, he was actually at that time just trying to win over the majority Christian Ibans of that state.

A bit like menunggang agama lah.

This time, I think, he was trying to stay relevant by convincing the non-Muslims that he's their hope against racist and extremist Malay Muslims who are out to get them.

Not the first time he did that, actually.

Back in 2019, while still in power, Guan Eng declared that an Umno-Pas cooperation was a "declaration of war" on non-Malays.

That's how inflammatory he could get.

And who could ever forget the DAP's very racist campaign strategy of the 2013 general election which resulted in the Chinese tsunami.

As we know now, every action has its reaction.

The current government is now very much dominated by the Malays and other bumiputera.

Even if the next general election is to be held tomorrow, I believe we would still end up with the same kind of government.

The 22 months under Pakatan rule, led by people like Guan Eng thought the Malays and bumiputera that they can't trust such a set-up of people to lead them.

They trusted the bunch in 2018 only to later realise that Pakatan was not sincere to them.

Once in power, they showed their disdain towards the Malays and bumiputera by doing things that really hurtful.

The evidence was plentiful, as openly illustrated by Pakatan supporters' comments about especially the Malay Muslims in the social media.

The whole thing reached a boiling point when they defended perpetrators of a hate crime which resulted in in the killing of fireman Adib.

Adib's death was tragic enough, but those hurtful comments defending those who beat him up were what made me decide that this country must never be ruled by those people. 

Pakatan lost one after another by-elections after that before it imploded in early last year.

Now Guan Eng is back with his old trick of  trying to scare the non-Malays again into supporting him and his party.

After all, he needs to stay relevant as I was told that even Anthony Loke is getting to be more popular than him among DAP people. 

I think he would succeed to a certain degree, but not to the level of 2013 or 2018.

Well, Guan Eng has been churning out statements after statements every other days lately and so does his father.

This one is from today,

Hardly any impact in Khairy’s first month as health minister, says Kit Siang

Haiyo, what does he expect KJ to do?

Take over the ministry and the number of Covid-19 deaths immediately drops to zero is it?

I think the KJ guy has been working his ass off la.

Yesterday, he even did a spot check alone at a hospital.

Vaccination rate has also been good, with almost 80 per cent of the adult population already being fully vaccinated.

Seriously, I think Kit Siang should worry more about his son than KJ.

He should advice Guan Eng not to try too hard portraying himself as a hero as it only shows that he's just a fake.

But knowing the old man, he would probably be cheering on his son.

Well, what to do. The Lim family has always been trying to be like the Lee family in Singapore.

Cannot la uncle. Your son is not handsome and smart like Hsien Loong.

Seriously, just look at them, okay.


  1. LGE dah habis modal...orang lidah bercabang tak boleh percaya...bullshiting too much...otak udang...bodo nak mampusss...yang dia tau suka cucuk rasis statement...pi mampusss la LGE...dah tak hensem mulut bau busukkk pulak...

    1. Kena tangkap rasuah lagi dengan SPRM..buat malu DAP saja

  2. Secretary General DAP, Lim Guan Eng, brother of Ismail Sabri Mr. Zamri apponited as NAFAS chairmaan can caused crony and nepotism skeptikal reformed of goverment.

    DAP also made history when the 'otai' of the party's founder, Lim Kit Siang, was certainly more lively with the presence of "his daughter" , Li Hui Ying, who was appointed as the Senator of the Senate representing Penang.

    Let's investigate the family of Lee Kwan Yew, the big brother of DAP in Singapore.

    Let See below Singapore's Lee Family and Nepotism.

    Singapore’s ruling Lee family, apparently angered by a comment made on a Singapore-based blog Temasek Review Emeritus, has come down hard, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, his wife, Ho Ching, his brother Lee Hsien Yang, all demanding apologies for intimating that they have filled top government positions with family members.

    Lee Kuan Yew became prime minister of Singapore in 1959 and ran the place until 1990, when he stepped down to become a senior minister and then was appointed minister mentor by his son, with many of his critics alleging he has continued to run the island republic from behind the scenes.

    After an interregnum from 1990 to 2004 when Goh Chok Tong held the premiership, Lee Hsien Loong took over as prime minister and has led the People’s Action Party government since.

    Among other Lee family members who have held high positions in government are the elder Lee’s daughter, Lee Wee Ling, who is director of the National Neurological Institute.

    His other son, Lee Hsien Yang, was chief executive officer of Singapore Telecommunications from May 1995 until April 2007. He was appointed the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore in 2009.

    Ho Ching, Hsien Loong’s wife, has run Temasek Holdings, the sovereign wealth fund controlled by the Singapore Ministry of Finance, since 2002 after serving as president and chief executive officer of the government-owned Singapore Technologies.

    Although she has been criticized for some disastrous investments, including one in former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s Shin Corp that Fortune Magazine called a "spectacular misjudgment" as well as several others in flagging western investment banks, she has never been asked to step down.

    Malay voters unite against our enemies, and attack Singapore using a strategy of 'hatred' and how they insulted Malay and instituation.

    Understand the way DAP and the big brother DAP@ LeeKwanYew in Singapore make 'hatred' attacks, 'disparage' while slander the way they do.

    Time to teach Singapore bastard. Without Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore is just a name. Forget Singapore, it is good that diplomatic relations between Singapore and Malaysia are reviewed or the standard of relations is downgraded..!!

    1. Singapore is an uninhabitable island. A real life survivor island. Only losers live in Singapore.

  3. dey. its the blog that came out with that provocative headline, not LGE. you bloggers are just as bad as tabloids

    1. kikiki.. your bloody tranquil morning really 'sentap' wooo..!!


  4. Replies
    1. Who killed Adib's memory?

      Bloggers who should be paid less than 5 sen JKOM macai.


    2 years ago......

    "KOTA BHARU: Kerajaan Kelantan akan menggunakan khidmat pakar bedah bagi hukuman potong tangan terhadap penjenayah yang disabitkan dengan kesalahan mencuri apabila hukum hudud dilaksanakan.

    Timbalan Menteri Besar, Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, berkata khidmat golongan terbabit mereka diperlukan dalam zaman moden ini tanpa menggunakan algojo bagi mengelak kerosakan terhadap anggota badan lain.

    Beliau berkata, keadaan berbeza dengan zaman dulu apabila hukuman potong tangan dilakukan begitu saja hingga boleh menyebabkan kecederaan pada lengan.

    "Ulama berpendapat, zaman moden ini perlu menggunakan khidmat pakar bedah supaya hukuman hanya membabitkan pergelangan tangan dipotong dan tidak mencederakan lengan.

    "Kita mengenal pasti kaedah bersesuaian dan lebih praktikal kerana mereka tidak memerlukan kursus, cuma panduan dan penjelasan dari segi agama terutama mengenai paras tangan yang perlu dipotong," katanya."

    Bullshit pancing undi lah.

    Just like "We love Rohingya".

    Or brain-dead bloggers still trying to capitalise on poor Adib's death. (Mentioning no names, heheheheheh.)

    So boring, so lame, and so, so, so predictable.

    Anyway, at least Kelate politikus are efficient (except when getting clean water to their people):

    "Kita mengenal pasti kaedah bersesuaian dan lebih praktikal kerana mereka tidak memerlukan kursus, cuma panduan dan penjelasan dari segi agama terutama mengenai paras tangan yang perlu dipotong," katanya."

    Good thing they are in gomen now.

  6. MoU antara kerajaan dan pembangkang ada unsur rasuah. Tapi Tun kata "kalau pi beli kapai terbang kita minta sesuatu itu Tun kata 'offset'".

    Parti Pejuang Tanah Air (PEJUANG) tidak mahu terbabit dengan Memorandum Persefahaman (MoU) Transformasi dan Kestabilan Politik di antara Kerajaan Persekutuan dengan Pakatan Harapan (PH), Isnin lalu.

    Pengerusi PEJUANG, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, berkata parti itu kekal dengan keputusan menjadi blok bebas yang tidak berpihak dengan mana-mana gabungan parti, termasuk PH.

    “Kami tidak diundang untuk berbincang perkara ini. Kami berpendapat perlu ada kebebasan bagi parti lawan untuk membuat apa jua teguran yang perlu kerana dalam sistem demokrasi, kita perlu ada parti lawan untuk memberi teguran kepada kerajaan.

    “Jadi, ini kita dapati kalau kita ambil bahagian kerana kita dapat pulangan tertentu. Itu bagi kita tidak sesuai kerana dia nampak seolah-olah dia ada unsur rasuah di situ, iaitu kami akan sokong kalau kamu bagi sekian-sekian kepada kami.”

    Tapi lain tahun dolu dolu masa jadi PM ke 7 kalu kita minta sesuatu umpamanya kalau kita beli kapal terbang, kita minta ‘offset’.

    Sama ada kita anggap ‘offset’ itu sebagai rasuah atau tidak, terpulang kepada anda. Link kat bawah nih haah sial..!!

    “Bagi saya kalau kita boleh dapat sesuatu kerana kita membeli sesuatu dengan harga tinggi, kenapa kita tak boleh terima?

    Tun kalau tak dapat apa yang dia nak dia akan fitnah itu suma ada unsur rasuah. Walau dah tua nak mati kata kata dan lidah bercabang Tun masih berbisa..!!

  7. Part 5 Enemy at the gate. Take back shares of 'auction shares' in Singapore during Pakatan Harapan rule.

    The tidal relationship to continue to be suspicious of each other is Singapore big agenda so that Indonesia - Malaysia to always be tense and chaotic. (Indonesia should emulate Malaysia in facing port dominance in Batam and other Singapore)

    Through the media controlled by the Singapore proxies of the Tiong Kok (Chinese Clan) in Indonesia, they will slander and create tense with Malaysia. Indonesian Muslims need to be aware of the manipulation of Indonesian Chinese (Christian Chinese). (China rejects Jokowi)

    Indonesian Chinese make up only 10% of Indonesia's population but control 90% of Indonesia's economy and media. (Singapore holds Indonesian money) *

    Strengthen economic relations between Indonesia and Malaysia, the best way to fight Singapore's proxy through Chinese citizens in both Malaysia and Indonesia (Petronas vs Pertamina)

    Similarly, Lee Kwan Yew said control both country through our Chinese proxies in their land, otherwise Singapore cannot survive. (new order warga Cina Indonesia)

    Singapore proxies are Chinese nationals in Malaysia and Tiong Kok in neighboring Indonesia (Pertamina defeats Petronas, media sparked subtle provocations)

    Another example of the 'slander' of the Indonesian media belonging to the shares of Indonesian Chinese citizens to show off Indonesians - Malaysians for having the same faith (Chinese dominate careers in Indonesia the face of the minister is clearly Chinese)

    Kuan Yew through Lee Kuan Yew's book: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going about the existence of a campaign from outside to bring down the country because it is considered an invader and according to him there are efforts on the part of Malaysia and Indonesia to affect the country's port business. * (Indonesia warns Singapore could go dark if Indonesia stops gas supply.)

    While it will use the nerve method and the installation of legs and 'talibarut' to trouble Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is building a security system for itself. (Charles Santiago, Pakatan Harapan minister, is afraid of Indonesia's Omni Laws .. !!)

    Strengthen economic, cultural relations with Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and leave Singapore and forget Singapore .. !!

    Take back shares of shares that were auctioned cheaply in Singapore during the 22 months Pakatan Harapan ruled.

    PH government undertook to sell 12 strategic assets worth RM25.6 billion, including IHH Berhad (RM8.42 billion), Sapura Upstream (RM3.7 billion), Acibadem Sigort (RM1.25 billion), Telco M1 (RM1.65 billion) , TNB shares (RM1.05 billion), Boustead Plantation (RM1.2 billion), Axiata Digital (RM0.579 billion), BDO Unibank (RM0.415 billion), CIMB (RM0.364 billion), Royale Chulan Hotel (RM0 .197 billion) and the Hong Kong Consulate building, sold to a buyer from China (RM1.6 billion).

    The biggest joke was Khazanah’s decision to sell 16% of its stake in IHH Healthcare to Japan’s Mitsui & Co for a meagre RM8.42 billion, leaving Khazanah only 26% equity interests in the company, a share cut worth RM13.13 billion (Indonesian media wide coverage of petronas 128 million barrels)


    1. u make it sound like conman mahathir is a singapore agent? i gotta believe u.

    2. this is the beginning to make civil war to Singapore... if you have friends like Singapore so you don't need enemy anymore..

      Your Singaporean friend act like enemy to you and to others too

      Go to hell Singapore..!!

  8. countinue...

    Creating proxy Malay Made In Singapore billionaire to capture Singapore's economy with the help of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia on the basis of 'meritocracy' positively in Singapore. We have to do that and any project between Singpore have to regulated Malay Singapore have an 30% equity in Singapore Company* (CSR Petronas in Indonesia)

    Strengthen the network and the network of the Union of Islamic Malay traders in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Leave Singapore and Forget Singapore. !! (massage to Muslims in Singapore by Prof Imran Hossein)

    Strengthen and improve economic development with Indonesia's neighborly relations. Leave Singapore and Forget Singapore..!!!

  9. Enemy at my gate next episode on the way coming soonn... tungguuuu

  10. Kuasai negara Malaydia melalui proksi ( DAP dan barua) , jika tidak Singapura tidak boleh survive - Lee Kwan Yew

    Sambil akan menguna kan cara saraf dan pemasangan kaki dan talibarut untuk menyusah kan Malaysia dan Indonesia, Singapura pula membina satu sistem keselamatan untuk diri nya. Ketahanan keteteraan yang di siap kan oleh Israel untuk Singapura.

    Apa sahaja alat ketenteraan yang di guna kan oleh Israel di negara Arab atau negara jiran nya ada lah bahan ujian untuk akhir nya di serah kan kepada Singapura.

    Kini ketahui lah bahawa sememang nya parti politik tertentu di Malaysia diguna kan untuk mencapai hasrat Singapura.

    Sambil menunggu kejayaan mencapai hasrat itu pelbagai cara di guna akn untuk distabilize kan negara ini.

    Kesusahan Negara Malaysia ada lah kesejahteraan mereka di Singapura.

  11. Annie,

    As you have no ideas apart from parroting everything RPK says two days later, try Nur Sajat laaaaaa.....the DAP is bringing in transgender culture to corrupt orang Melayu!

    Keep your legs crossed.

    1. Eh eh eh....your blog posts follow his lah! Dia baru post pasai ru355, ko post pasai ru355 plak....hmmmmm, Very suspicious. I hope you are not him in disguise. Kih kih kih......

  12. your beloved crap government is in power for the last 17 months and what have they done regarding the issue below??? Don't just bull S*** people la. they also not interested right?

    The whole thing reached a boiling point when they defended perpetrators of a hate crime which resulted in in the killing of fireman Adib.

  13. Bila Melayu panas baran bantai security guard sampai menyebabkan kematian,ramai yang bersuara.
    Baru2 ini sorang India mabuk langgar 2 anak muda Melayu sampai mati. Takde pulak yang mengamuk.
    Syabas kepada pihak Polis dan Pendakwa Raya yang buat tuduhan membunuh kepada dua2 pelaku dalam dua kes ini.
    Let the law its course.

  14. I think a lot of non Malays are also tired of the Lims, keep changing their stories. Dont forget LGE is also considered a "court cluster", he needs a mirror for his birthday.Many including my parents will not forget how he 'punished' TAR College during his times due to his jealousy over the success of this college and university.Someone somewhere would have his family or distant relatives having studied or studying in TAR College and they will always remembered not to allow him to come near again.