Sunday 5 September 2021

Ismail Sabri's first major blunder

I have always been sceptical of Ismail Sabri being able to do anything for real.

It's not that I hate him or anything but the few times I met him, especially back then when I was in Pahang, the guy didn't impress me at all.

Whenever people asked me what I think of him, I would always said he's a nice guy but a bit slow.

And yesterday he justified me saying that by reappointing Muhyiddin as chairman of the National Recovery Council with ministerial status.

That's so lame, if you ask me.

Ismail Sabri, as the PM should take charge of the council instead of giving it back to Muhyiddin.

Mail, you can't do the job yourself, is it?

Are you too slow to do it?

And Muhyiddin of all people. That's stupid.

I wouldn't go to the extent of putting #kerajaangagal next to Muhyiddin's name, but I wouldn't say he had done a fantastic job as PM either.

He should just take a rest la and let a new guy takes charge and do better things.

After all, Malaysia could do with an improved strategy in its handling of Covid-19.

Or at least a moral booster of a man in charge who is better than the previous one instead of the same guy again.

Why can't Ismail Sabri sees that?


Actually, I don't even mind if Ismail Sabri put Najib there, if he really needs to concentrate on other stuff.

Seriously, Najib would be better than Muhyiddin in that position.

I know, you all Pakatan supporters hate Najib and want Anwar to be in charge, but that's impractical, okay.

What ever it is, all of them, Muhyiddin, Najib and Anwar, should not be in charge again.

They had their chances (Anwar was acting PM once).

Ismail Sabri should join the list too, based on his decision yesterday.

We need someone fresh and with new good ideas.

Let's have that, once we can have GE15.

Once we achieve herd immunity, hopefully before end of this year, we must have a snap general election.

And Ismail Sabri better not try to cling on to power.

He needs to stop such nonsense as that statement by the AG yesterday.

Have the vote of confidence in Dewan Rakyat, or otherwise all the bullshit fighting will start again.

We are tired of it, okay.


  1. Aisay Annie....v well said. The reappointment of d 3 Duta Khas also makes no sense other than to prop him up. Can also someone pls explain why people with 2 doses n way pass the 2 wk window can still b in stage 4 n 5 Wen it was earlier said that they will only get a mild infection.

    1. Please give details. Source of your accusation.

  2. "Ismail Sabri's first major blunder"

    Oh really?


    So the re-appointment of two utterly useless "special envoys" PLUS A NEW ONE was not a blunder?

    Total bill to us, millions annually.

    So the appointment of a 69-member cabinet filled with deadwood was not a blunder?

    This is BLATANTLY buying support.

    You really think people like Spanish Fly, KenTaki Derhaka, or Azmin's minor kutu like the NZ macha are doing anything to earn their money?

    The cabinet positions are a bribe.

    Let's call it what it is.

  3. Want to gelak or want to tangkap nangis! Prefer... gelak while your tapak tangan tutup your mulut! Ok la kot!?
    This is Malaysia politic...when the Melayu main politik...apa you mahu expect sangat!
    Ingat selalu..! Orang dulu-dulu ada cakap - "Melepas tengkuk masing-masing!"
    Orang Melayu...lama tau jadi miskin, sekarang baru nak rasa jadi kaya...baru nak bermewah-mewah...datang bala Covid la pulak!
    Ya, ampunnnn...!!!

  4. the dumb takeover the stupid job while the stupid takeover the dumb job

  5. "Perdana Menteri Ismail Sabri Yaakob menjadikan kerajaan seperti “barang mainan untuk bersuka-suka” menerusi beberapa tindakannya termasuk memilih Muhyiddin Yassin sebagai pengerusi Majlis Pemulihan Negara (MPN) bertaraf menteri, kata A Kadir Jasin.

    Wartawan veteran itu berkata hanya dalam tempoh 15 hari, Ismail membuktikan beliau tidak serius membangunkan sebuah pentadbiran berwibawa.

    “Bekas Perdana Menteri yang mengaku dia hilang sokongan ahli Dewan Rakyat daripada gabungannya sendiri dilantik untuk memulihkan negara! Kegilaan apakah ini?

    “Apa lagi kalau bukan tikus dibagi tugas memperbaiki labu. Tikus itu pula bukan sebarang tikus tapi tikus yang rosakkan labu. Sekarang dia diberikan tugas memperbaikki labu yang dirosakkannya itu,” kata Kadir di Facebooknya."

    So here's the logic......

    Umno kicked out Moo because he was doing a terrible job on Covid, then re-hired him to....handle Covid.


    Najib only posts about sports and Gardenia bread now.

    Kerajaan gagal became Kerajaan berjaya, with exactly the same people.

    Now all his cases will be dropped.

  6. The people will see this as UMNOs folly. UMNO put Ismail up there n he's made o mockery of this.Zahid proudly boasted " I told u UMNO will come back to rule d nation" so the people will judge this screwed up cabinet as UMNOs creation.....great job Zahid. Wonder why BossKu is quiet...he will usually let fly on FB.

    1. Dont worry bro.We will teach this parti keramat big time in ge15. They are the cause of all evils. Tell me anak dia bolih bayar close to rm15m back tax. Mark my word we will be elected. They never realised when silent majority are fed up the nation will fall like what we have seen in afghanistan. 300000 afghan army just collapsed to 75000 taliban because thier leaders are so corrupt. When the nation is full of corrupt leaders the masses have no will to fight.

  7. Ya Allah ya Tuhan ku. Awat jadi sampai lagu ni? Dok bayaq gaji elaun brapa pulak dah kat depa2 nih?

    Rakyat sdg menderita depa nih pulun dok cekop utk tengkolok masing2. Tst tst tst taktau apa lagi nak cakap.

    Abis la klo camni, anak2 muda kami seram nak balik k negara sendiri.. macam takde harapan masa depan mereka.

    Sedih betoi.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    Berita habaq bantuan akan mula dagihkn bulan ini? Berapa? RM200? RM500? Nampak gaya aku la kilang2 mee segara bulan nih kan?

    1. Macam filem p.ramlee. 500 utk engkau 50000 utk aku.

  8. Hi Annie
    2. Pada bacaan saya, PM9 Mail Bera bertindak bijak dengan menamakan PM8 ketuai MPN
    3. Jika PM7 yang mengetuai MPN, itu baik untuk Rakyat tetapi pelantikan PM8 baik untuk survival POLITIK PM9...
    Selagi mana Ahli Politik, hayat Politiknya lah yang menjadi taruhan utama...

  9. Totally agreed with you that Najib will do a better job than Mahaiddin.He is more knowledgeable and hand on than Moo, who like to delegate and not as well read like Tun to learn new knowledge. The chair of the NRC is more powerful than the PM. It can lockdown any states based on covid19 cases or create SOP after SOP to frustrate Mail and gang.It is beginning to look like Moo is the defacto PM and Mail back to his old job, taking orders and not lead.

    1. Najib...pls la...he is only good at hiring good pr ppl & cybertroopers.

      The mess we had with contract doctors started during nsjib's time. Instead of fixing the issue, he only put a nice wrapper around it to hide it in plain sight. Pandai le tu...pandai klentong!

    2. Malay value system
      - tak Kisah lah najib tu curi duit kita bagi dia chairman NRC
      - Hadi kata ok to lie.
      - AG no need to follow agung instructions, no need vote of confidence.
      You wonder how the malays race will prosper with no strong value system.
      Annie you know Japan so strong in their value system you can leave you wallet in restaurant came back later, the wallet will still be there for you to collect.

    3. Ya, Japanese value system is better than Indian and Chinese value systems too. They don't have caste system and eat less pork.

    4. Sorry Japanese do have caste and its very subtle

    5. Ah, so Japanese are not so great either. Caste system is bad.


    6. Annie,

      Toksah lah divert into irrelevant topics to answer Anonymous6 September 2021 at 08:21.

      He/she is talking about governance values. Maybe he/she should say Malaysian and not Malay, but the point is valid.

      The contrast is quite striking.

      a) Japanese PM resigned because of failure to handle pandemic. Our PM tried every dirty trick to cling to power, got kicked out because of failure to handle pandemic, and then was reappointed to....oversee pandemic response.

      b) Japanese PM is in big trouble because...his supporters once paid for dinner during a cherry blossom viewing party. Our PM very nearly got away with stealing US$4 billion from public funds. And the chances are high he will STILL get away with it.

      So as far as governance values go, I would say they are better than us.

    7. Oh, governance values. Cakap lah awal2. Cara dia tulis tu macam nak cerita pasal racial values.

    8. I would say all discrimination is bad Annie, whether caste or anything else.

  10. After a month of wasted's all anti climax. Court cluster pakat dengan Oppo leader to get rid of PM8 with the hope of Oppo Leader becomes PM....grand plan not well executed...plan masuk tong sampah...padan muka dengan AI...percaya lagi dengan geng cluster mahkamah...macam P Ramlee Abdul Wahub cakap kenapa bodoh percaya orang penipu.....

    Tony Pua slammed those against PM8 offer...PH leaders semua tak padan muka u get recycle Ministers....sudahlah PH and opposition team... jangan nak menjerit jerit lagi,,,kita orang semua dah penat sangat,,,

  11. Annie , the right person for the job is YM Tan Sri Tengku Razaliegh Hamzah . Yes Ismail Sabri erred big time in reappointing Mahaidin .

  12. Muhyiddin, Najib and Anwar, should not be in charge again.... Anwar has never governed as Pm. He was charged politically by convict pm najib and worst dishonorable pm, father of too many bad things and spent so MANY years in jail.

  13. after all the circus of last few months, we end up with more cabinet / ministers. sabri up there is all a show. nothing has changed. forget abt reforms, it aint gonna happen - even if PH had taken tsmy’s offer, they will get strimg along for tsmy’s survival - his appointment just proved it.

    every corner we turn, msians are fk*d by these politicians

  14. Dah lah PM dari UMNO

    Apa lagi UMNO mahu?

  15. "but a bit slow"

    Saya ingat dia tak slow Annie, dia pantas untuk dapat SD, no 1 untik kutip SD, mana slow?

  16. Annie! for once u have written on facts n science ..keep it up tq

  17. I am not surprised. He owed his job and his position to Moo. His gomen too is largely prop up by Bersatu and the Kartel MPs. Should they yank support to him, his gomen would collapse again. The PM need to be changed again. That’s the reason too why key cabinet posts still go Bersatu way with the like of EPU, MOF, MOE and KDN.

    He only take back Rural Development because Rural is the face of Umno. Majority Umno’s seats are coming from this place. Umno’s strength and breadth is rural. And that’s where most seats are coming from if you were to form government. This highly influential ministry with key agencies such as Felda, Risda, Mara, JKKK, Orang Asli etc is not for bargain. These Malay majority areas is the key to Putrajaya.

  18. Paklah has got more balls than this PakLongkang lahh...Longkang, Midin n semburit are not what we want. Pleaselah get rid of them all.

  19. Najib is far better than any of the leaders that we have so far.

    1. Better for whom...Jho Lo, umnoputras & kleptocrats? Oh...he gave a few dedak in exchange for 6% gst

  20. Maszlee Malik mendakwa Muhyiddin Yassin mendesak Dr Mahathir Mohamad memintanya meletak jawatan sebagai menteri pendidikan kerana isu kontrak membabitkan YTL Communications Sdn Bhd membekalkan peranti paling 'cikai'.

    Elok YTL Communicatuon Sdn Bhd tidak diberi kontrak itu sebab YTL menyeduskan peranti paling 'cikai'.

    Pengguna dakwa dapat telefon ‘cikai’. Video yang dimuat naik pelayar VestaEris di YouTube.

    Tular video di media sosial mendakwa sebuah syarikat telekomunikasi membekalkan telefon bimbit tidak berkualiti kepada pengguna di bawah subsidi Jaringan Prihatin bagi tujuan Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran di Rumah (PdPR) untuk golongan B40.

    Dalam buku terbaharunya “Memori Bukan Memoir”, Maszlee berkata beliau dipanggil sebanyak lima kali untuk bertemu Mahathir yang juga perdana menteri ketika itu, mengenai perkara terbabit.

    Daripada dua pertemuan itu, kepimpinan tertinggi Kementerian Pendidikan turut bersamanya menjelaskan keputusan untuk tidak menyambung kontrak YTL sebagai penyedia khidmat untuk projek 1BestariNet, yang dimulakan Muhyiddin pada 2011 ketika menjadi menteri pendidikan.

    Video berdurasi 10 minit 34 saat itu dimuat naik di saluran YouTube oleh pemilik akaun menggunakan nama ‘VestaEris’.

    Difahamkan punca video klip itu ditularkan ialah disebabkan kecewa kerana tidak mendapat telefon bimbit mengikut spesifikasi seperti diharapkan.

    “Ramai buat video ini kerana tidak puas hati. Mana tahu ada orang terdesak nak guna telefon, tetapi dapat yang ‘cikai’ (kualiti rendah).

    “Masing-masing macam sampah. Semak spesifikasi telefon dan kebanyakan macam sampah,” katanya menerusi YouTube yang yang dimuat naik pada 15 Mei lalu.

    Individu di sebalik klip video tersebut turut mendakwa, antara spesifikasi yang tidak sesuai digunakan ialah kamera menggunakan megapixel yang rendah, jangka hayat bateri tidak lama dan perisian tidak relevan untuk digunakan pada zaman ini.

    Kenapa tak bagi saja pada Telekom Malaysia dari syarikat kroni Cina yang membekalkan peranti paling cikai.

  21. Perdana Menteri tidak boleh jadi jutawan - Tun Mahathir

    Tak tau nak gelak atau nak nangis kenyataan bodoh dari Tun Mahathir. Sila berikan contoh mantan mantan Perdana Menteri di Malaysia yang bukan jutawan sebelum dilantik jadi Perdana Menteri.

    Dr Mahathir memberitahu, kebiasannya Perdana Menteri tidak memiliki kekayaan, dan sekiranya seseorang itu kaya, maka beliau perlu mengisytiharkan statusnya sewaktu perlantikan.

    Rakyat berhak mendakwa Perdana Menteri yang menjadi jutawan selepas menjawat jawatan tersebut kerana memperoleh wang secara haram, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Ahli Parlimen Langkawi itu memberitahu, kebiasaannya Perdana Menteri tidak memiliki kekayaan, dan sekiranya seseorang itu kaya, maka beliau perlu mengisytiharkan statusnya sewaktu perlantikan.

    Oleh yang demikian katanya, segala kekayaan selepas menjawat jawatan nombor satu itu hendaklah dianggap sebagai haram dan boleh dirampas oleh pihak yang berkuasa.

    Kenyataan bodoh bangang dari Tun ini tak perlu dilayan sangat. Cuba nak alih tiang gol isu isu pasal fitnah jijik lidah bercabang kian terbongkar.

    Semua PM sebelum dilantik memegang kementerian stratrgik negara. Kementerian yg di sandang bukan kaleng kaleng bajet yg diberikan. Semasa pegang portfolio kementerian tdb semua dah kaya raya jadi jutawan dah termasuk lah Tun memegang portfolio kementerian sebelum jadi Perdana Menteri.

    Alahai nak goreng bio la beragak agak skettt....


    1. Ini cybertrooper GenY or millenial ni??? Alahai, tulis ikut sedap molot, buang duit je..simple research pun x reti nak buat. Kekayaan melampau2 ni wujud dlm zaman kegemilangan PM4...zaman Msia Inc, zaman the rise of umnoputras & zaman melayu diajar supaya buang sifat malu & it's ok to be kurang ajar

    2. kikikkikii.. krkayaan melampau lampau masa tu sbb ada wawasan 2020 iaitu wawasn pha chu cheng... kaya melampau puak kroni dan anak cuci... anak cucu kroni kaya pink form.. rakyat dapat punk form ciput kenavtapif dng MIDF listing RM2.00 hengget esok listing BSKL naik RM12.00 hengget... rakyat dapat 1 lot kroni dapat pink form jota jota lot....

      Wawasan pha chu cheng Tun Mahathir Mohammad

    3. biorlah dia awak oiiiii Anon 16:47, bak kata pujangga BBNU...

  22. Its his 2nd major blunder. 1st was keeping the same old bloated cabinet. 3rd blunder - not having a confidence vote. He’s an idiot for doing that, given PH has said they will stand behind the ‘csa’. Its unavoidable as budget is coming up.

    so what has changed from 2 mths ago ? absolutely nothing. Same shit diff pot.

  23. It is sad that ex diplomat complained about ex pm. It is likes ex sargent complained about his commanding general. He does not have privy to war room discussions and decisions.BTW
    did any of our south of border complained but lky.No. They have ethics.

    1. to be clear , a diplomat is a civil servant, not a politician.

      if people complain in Singapore they will get sued for defamation into bankruptcy. Has happened many times

      As far as I know some publications are still banned in Singapore because the govt didn't like what they say like the Economist.

  24. best betul mengumpat beramai2 ye.

  25. Perang rasuah Mahathir samasa 22 bulan sebenarnya cuma kempen balas dendam terhadap pemimpin UMNO saja bukan untuk seluruh negara.

    Kejahatan, Kedengkian, Hasad Dengki Tun Mahathir Semakin Hari Semakin Terserlah…
    Kejahatan, Kedengkian, Hasad Dengki Tun Semakin Hari Semakin Terserlah…

    Tun Mahathir Mempergunakan SPRM, AG, PDRM, Mahkamah Sepenuh Hati Demi Untuk Memuaskan Nafsu dan Hasad Dengkinya Terhadap UMNO…

    Dendam kesumat Tun Mahathir mengenakan tuduhan rasuah kes 1MDB terhadap Najib oleh Sarawak Report pantas diambil tindakan, “laporan serupa oleh portal berkenaan mengenai rasuah di Sarawak tidak dipedulikan,”

    Perang Dr Mahathir Mohamad terhadap rasuah sebenarnya semasa kempen PRU 14 dulu hanya terhadap pemimpin Umno seperti Najib. Akhirnya rakyat termakan hasutan dan fitnah jijik Tun Mohamad dan Pakatan Harapan dalam kes 1MDB.

    Manakala pakatan PH kerajaan pimpinannya tidak banyak bertindak untuk mengurangkan amalan berkenaan. Malah Tommy Thomas mengugurkan kes rasuah pemimpin DAP yang sedang dibicarakan di mahkamah.

    Tun yang akhirnya terjerat menjadi barua DAP@Lee Kwan Yee bisu dan lansung tidak bertindak apa apa terhadap kes yang sedang dibicara di mahkamah.

    Hanya beberapa pemimpin kanan Umno didakwa di mahkamah, dalam pada Mahathir menjanjikan untuk menentang rasuah, kata Dennis Ignatius dalam bab mengenai korupsi dalam bukunya, “Paradise Lost: Mahathir & The End of Hope”.

    Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menyerahkan hasil siasatannya kepada peguam negara “tidak siapa tahu apa kesudahannya.” Ini menyebabkan rakyat cukup meluat dan menyampah dengan Tun Mahathir Mohammad dan Pakatan Harapan.

    Tindakan menarik balik tuduhan rasuah terhadap Lim Guan Eng berkaitan tanah kerajaan negeri dan pembelian banglo di bawah harga pasaran.

    Paling celaka kepimpinan Tun ini juga tidak memberi gambaran positif terhadap komitmen Pakatan Harapan dalam melawan rasuah serta mempertahankan kedaulatan undang-undang.

    Walaupun kes terhadap bekas menteri kewangan itu mungkin bermotifkan politik pada awalnya, penarikan balik kes berkenaan memberi contoh duluan betapa buruknya serta memberi gambaran bahawa Ahli Parlimen Bagan itu telah diberi layanan istimewa oleh Tun.

    Pemimpin PH dan Tun banyak bercakap mengenai perang terhadap rasuah, tetapi perhatian hanya diberikan terhadap beberapa pemimpin kanan Umno terutama Bossku.

    Langkah berani bossku bersumpah laknat, berhujah di kandang tertuduh dan mencabar tuduhan fitnah jijik banyak konspirasi pegawai kerajaan Zety Gabnor Bank Negara dan pegawai 1MDB terbongkar untuk mengenakan Najib.

    Tun hanya mahu membalas dendam pada pemimpin UMNO kerana membiarkan Mukhriz kalah semasa pemilihan UMNO.

    Akhirnya kepimpinan celaka ini melingkup dan bertahan selama 22 bulan sahaja. Jangan Risau.. Kejahatan, Kedengkian, Hasad Dengki Tun Semakin Hari Semakin Terserlah… Tun Tidak Akan Menongkat Langit.. Dia Akan Mati Dalam Penuh Kehinaan.. Tunggu dan Lihat !!

    Eloklah Tun tumpukan pada blok ke tiga yang dicanangkan oleh Parti Pejuang dalam kempan PRU 15 nanti. Insyallah rakyat akan menghukum pemimpin acah acah melayu islamik dan cakap tak serupa bikin.


    1. little good news for "ketuanan"
      Penutupan kilang sarung tangan getah akibatkan pelanggan lari ke China, Thailand - Hartalega
      after all these sektor only mint "milyar-aires" from pendatang. last industrial frontiers soon tutup.
      anyway "very brilliant" montori attracting very high end industry like posche propably Lamborghini ferraris
      any idea he not looking FDIs from high end ais krim industry baskin robbin or Häagen-Dazs
      is he happy with hafee

  26. Instead of using dumb cronies, use the best brains that Malaysia has to offer
    We are in this deep shit because of use dumb people to do smart things- it’s impossible I tell you

    1. Agreed. Like asking lulusan sekolah pondok explaining theory of everthing. We are famous for choosing square pegs into round holes...Just because we have too many square pegs.

  27. Koreng jelesss Krrrr...
    Ternyata Zahid Komedi lebih bijak dpd KepitttMan...
    Now Tong Ikan cam Ikan Tongkul..
    PN krrr MN krrr BN 3X Kong jrrr...
    Ai cam Beruk Makyeh. KS n GE still To'kong Cerik Tok Kun..

  28. I'm back Baby!

    Datuk Seri Haji Ahmad bin Maslan

    1. Tahniah Datuk Seri

    2. Kena dapat undi dulu, minggu depan

  29. For a short while we had azumu curry mee now we are served mee goreng by ahmad maslan for the rest of the term like it or not. These umno goons must be sadists.