Friday 18 June 2021

Better get ready for GE15...and more Covid deaths

A friend in Japan asked me yesterday what to make of the Rulers' decision for parliament to reconvene.

I told him that they have most likely did so because they were trying to distance themselves from the increasingly unpopular Muhyiddin's administration.

I believe that the Rulers felt that Muhyiddin and his gang are making them looked bad.

For instance, the state of Emergency issue got the Agong entangled in it with people believing that he was in cahoot with Muhyiddin by allowing it to happen.

I was reliably informed that one of the Sultans had even refused to take calls from the PM prior to the Conference of Rulers meeting on Wednesday.

Now the pressure is on for the parliament to be reconvened and Muhyiddin has to deal with it on his own.

His people are now selling the idea that parliament should reconvene in September or October and I think that's because they are trying to buy as much time as possible to make sure they have enough MPs on their side to face a no confidence vote which is almost certain to come.

Well, for one thing, the vaccination process is now getting better and this is important because the more people have it, the less anger there would be against the government.

Businesses may even be okay again with more people vaccinated.

This is what Muhyiddin's opponents don't want to happen when it's time for them to table that no confidence motion.

They want to do it now while the government struggles and fumbles, so that it could be used to justify themselves taking over Putrajaya.

Looking at things the way they are now, I think Muhyiddin will indeed hang on to power as this is after all a matter of survival.

He can't give up the fight because if he does so ,he would not only be condemning himself but also those who have been supporting him.

As I previously wrote, let's say Pakatan takes over, I'm quite sure people like Azmin and the other PKR turncoats will have their asses fried by Anwar.

They will indeed fight back and persuade Muhyiddin not to give up.

After all, they still have the edge of being the ones who hold state powers now.

I'm quite sure Muhyiddin would even try to cut a deal, especially with Umno, to make sure he has enough number in parliament to face a possible onslaught by Anwar and gang.

Anwar will of course try the same thing, but I have a feeling that Muhyiddin will win on this one as he, being in power has more to offer.

Then there's DAP inside the Anwar's camp which many Umno people may still probably find hard to accept as their ally.

Anyway, even if Anwar somehow managed to get Umno inside his pocket, Muhyiddin still have the option to dissolve parliament and call for a fresh election.

I was hoping for this not to happen because of the pandemic but it's now becoming a very likely scenario.

Sarawak, for one, is getting prepared for its state election with the end of the Emergency.

In the event of a snap election, I think Muhyiddin and his people may even be willing to compromise with Umno/BN or even be its junior partner to form a solid Malay Muslim block along with PAS against Pakatan.

His Pribumi Bersatu's motto may even be changed to "Asal Bukan Pakatan".

Azmin, for instance may likely think it's better to be bullied by Umno than getting his ass fried by Anwar in revenge for the Sheraton Move. Pakatan led by Anwar may just throw some corruption charges against him the way they did to Umno leaders after GE14. 

Sigh. That kind of quarrels can be quite bitter, you know.

Anyway, the election will of course cause another wave of Covid-19 infections and more people will die.

That actually goes without saying. For the sake of democracy, I would say. 

Quite expensive this democracy thing, actually.

Well, let's just hope that by that time, the majority of Malaysians are already vaccinated, so that not too many of us will die because the country needs to decide who should lead it.


  1. Ya. Itulah Harga yang perlu dibayar. Tanpa kompromi.

    1. pandai montori lawan covd.
      macam panata yang sakit, bontot di vaxed.
      anyway some like rear, assmin

  2. This PM and his 69 members have lost the trust of many rakyat.Confusing and often U-turns on SOP, MCO etc. Never used the emergency to procure faster and more vaccines, faster approvals of vaccines (NPRA should work 24/7 as this is pandemic times and not honeymoon period), build more quarantine centres, mass testing etc. On top of that, restricted inter state travel for Raya, yet allowed 100,000 over students to balik kampung ! Normal rakyat straight away get hefty summons, politicians get invited to balai polis, send reports to Bukit Aman and/or AG to get instructions and takes days and sometimes weeks. Of course, there is no trust in this PM and his 69 members. We cannot keep on going like this , keep blaming rakyat never follow SOP. Please lead by example. Never even stop any political activities during emergency.If rakyat dont die of hunger and no food on table, some may even die of depression, so what is covid19 to them?

    1. We have 70 clowns in this country. Thier ship is going to run aground soon and all clowns are running in lifeboat away from from chief clown claiming self preservation. Let have GE and throw these clowns to the sharks.

      Chief clown

  3. Aisay Annie...Muhiddin or Mahaidin got me thinking. In an election you submit yr papers to the Returning come you submit a name which differs from the name on your IC? How did the RO let this pass? How come observers of other candidates did not spot this glaring mistake? Shouldnt the seat be declared null n void? I am no lawyer but can someone with legal knowledge shed some light on this.

    1. I am not a lawyer. But knew someone (Arwah oredi) used 3 different names whn travelling oberseas.. those in travel industries shld know la


      Its nothing new nothing to be surprised about.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Anon 09:18

      Nampak sangat kamu menulis tapi malas membaca.
      2. Sepatutnya selepas Hari Penamaan Calon, keesokannya kamu mesti surat khabar dan baca nama senarai calon
      3. Memang nama dalam borang pencalonan Yidin x Telor adalah Mahiaddin malah anaknya yang menyanyi tu pun Najwa Mahiaddin...

  4. "Muhyiddin still have the option to dissolve parliament and call for a fresh election." no this not legally what the Federal Constitution states. YDPA has 100% discretion under Art 43 to refuse it and choose a PM who he thinks has msjority. No way Rulers will agree to election during pandemic. But first understand legally not Mydin or Moohideen or whatever who "has the option to dissolve parliament and call for a fresh election." That is not what Federal Constitution empowers him to do.

  5. I believed the Agong will not consent to a general election even if PM dissolve parliament, the reason is obvious.

    In the next GE, PN will be totally wiped out,and all the frogs in PBBM know it.

    Even if Muhyddin is willing to be a junior member by joining BN, I don't think the people in UMNO is eager to accept them ,their hatred for people like azmin,hamzah is too deep,it has reach a point of no return.

    UMNO working with Anwar is a more likely (ala perak style) scenario as zahid is still close to anwar.

    So, one way or another,PN's reign is finished, how long they may want to delay implementing the Royal rulers decree is yet to be seen.

  6. If you know how to manage the crisis,we can contain the pandemic even during elections.So many countries had conducted their elections during the pandemic without any serious repercussion but why is it considered as a death sentence in Malaysia?Most Malaysians do follow the SOP as reported by Penang with 95% compliance and Perak with something similar.With any SOP you cant expect 100% compliance because sometimes you simply forget or sometimes you cant practice social distancing like the foreign workers living in congested living environments.So tye strategists who planned these SOP must take these into accounts and stop blaming the citizens for tgeir failure to come out with workable solutions.They must learn to accept their faile strategies and come out with better plans rather than repeatedly doing the same things again and again epecting different result.

    1. Anon 14:24
      2. Awak seolah-olah duduk dalam circle awak sendiri dan tidak turun ke lapangan....
      3. Siapa kita Rakyat Malaysia patuh S.O.P?
      4. Contoh sudah ada di hadapan mata, akhir tahun 2020 ketika govt.-of-the Day beri kebenaran merentas....Natijahnya kita boleh lihat sehingga ke hari ini
      4. Rakyat Malaysia tidak suka patuh S.O.P , mereka hanya berlakon dan berdrama di hadapan khalayak sahaja....
      5. Bila bersama circle mereka, business as usual bagi mereka.

    2. Herman Adnan
      Angka yang saya beri diatas adalah dari kajian kerajaan negeri pulau pinang,ap kenyataan Ketua Polis negeri Perak dan apa yang saya lihat diseliling saya.Misalnya bila saya kemasjid pada hari Jumaat,saya lihat semua orang memakai madk dan duduk mengikut penjarakkan yang ditetapkan tetapi bila mereka keluar dari masjid mereka tidak dapat mengekalkan pejarakkan ketika menuju ketempat meletak kasut yang berada disatu sudut sahaja.Ini berlaku walaupun ada beberapa anggota polis yang ditempatkan dimadjid.Masaalahnya pihak yang bertanggung jawab tidak menyelesaikan masaalah kasut yang hanya berada disatu sudut.Saya nampak perkara yang sama dipasar raya dimana pembeli tidak diarahkan bergerak one way sahaja melalui rak rak barang dan pihak yang bertanggung jawab hanya berminat tentang mask dan my sejahtera saja dan bukan untuk memberi cadangan yang boleh mengelakkan kesesaka.Dimasa lockdown pekerja pekerja asing tidak dibenarkan bekerja tapi mereka masih duduk bersama dikongsi atau asrama yang sesak,jadi bagaimana kita dapat menyekat penyebaran wabak walaupun tempat kerja telah ditutup?

    3. anon 14:34 yang dikasihi...
      2. Kelihatan tidak 'got my point'.....
      3. Yang saya 'highlight' adalah pembubaran Parlimen yang akan menjuruskan Pengundi berdaftar Malaysia kepada PRU15...
      4. Awak tulis Pilihanraya waktu pandemik di negara lain berjaya dan awak tidak nampak sukar untuk kita pun melaksanakannya dalam masa terdekat...
      5. Setiap hari, saya turun ke lapangan dan membuat eksperimen sosial...
      6. 100 orang yang saya jumpa, tak sampai 20 orang yang betul-betul menghayati S.O.P

  7. Anney, for better or worse please address Muhyiddin as Mahiaddin Md Yasin as he is officially known.


    During Tun@pH goverment in power they are failed to pee the Malaysian people. Buy don't try to masturbed them...!

    Matthias Chang Political Masturbation political pha chu cheng : I had tried to warn Mahathir don't masturbation Malaysian people and warn Tun about Kit Siang and Guan Eng. Then tell the people, Mr Guan Eng, during PH Goverment how was PH spending RM250 billion..!?

    According to ex-Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng, there was only RM450 million available in the coffers as of the 30th of April 2018. Do you believe (the previous government) left RM42 billion to us (the government)? It can’t be true as there were only millions, not billions.

    But when pendemic PN Goverment spending almost 600 billion during first total lockdown implimented. Who is the big liar..!?

    “That’s why we need to impose the Sales and Services Tax (SST). PH don’t have enough money,” Lim Guan Eng@ex MoF said.
    “But, I’m sorry. We need money to run the country. Otherwise, we will be facing an operating deficit,” Lim Guan Eng said.

    Who's to belived PH said no money during thier in power or PN spending billions during total lockdown till now..!!

    PH government undertook to sell 12 strategic assets worth RM25.6 billion, including IHH Berhad (RM8.42 billion), Sapura Upstream (RM3.7 bililon), Acibadem Sigort (RM1.25 billion), Telco M1 (RM1.65 billion), TNB shares (RM1.05 bililon), Boustead Plantation (RM1.2 bililon), Axiata Digital (RM0.579 bililon), BDO Unibank (RM0.415 bililon), CIMB (RM0.364 billion), Royale Chulan Hotel (RM0.197 bililon) and the Hong Kong Consulate building, sold to a buyer from China (RM1.6 billion).

    The biggest joke was Khazanah’s decision to sell 16% of its stake in IHH Healthcare to Japan’s Mitsui & Co for a meagre RM8.42 billion, leaving Khazanah only 26% equity interests in the company, a share cut worth RM13.13 billion today...!! This is how the moron Mr Lim@ex MoF and Tun@PM done to Malaysian people..!!

    Dropped out school ITM Mat Sabu@Kalunari, LGE@Fake Charted Accountan and Anwar Ibrahim Degree In Arts understand what Matthias Chang was mentioned..!?

    It was a joke, as not only was IHH’s 2017 year-end value US$11 billion, it clocked an annual revenue of RM11.1 billion and a pre-tax profit of RM2.3 billion, making its shares worth many times more what Khazanah negotiated with Mitsui.

    Lawyer and author of the Future Fast Forward Trilogy, Matthias Chang, took a swipe at Lim Kit Siang, calling on the people to tell the DAP supremo uno to “shut up.”

    In a fiery, no holds barred signature write-up, the one-time political secretary to fourth Malaysian premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said people should bombard the senior Lim and tell him to “stay at home and to indulge in self-serving political masturbation.”

    “Tun M was blinded by Kit Siang’s false subservience and Kow Tows. Tun M fell for it. I had told Tun M, Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are arrogant scumbags. “Tun did not listen...If you can't pee them don't try to masturbation Malaysian people.!!!??

    “Karma is in play now Tun Mahathir”. His grand child supposed goes to jail after she drunk till breaking SOP of control movement order.

    Tun if you failed to pee Malaysia don't try to masturbation the Malaysian people during PH goverment in power..!!! No brain.

    Pakatan Harapan is dead it's Pakatan Pha Chu Cheng. It's better the time capsule dig it out now. Supposed its already dig it now.!! See Link The useless time capsule


    9 lapuran polis sudah dibuat pada Tun
    Pengerusi UMMAH Malaysia, Mohd Zai Mustafa mengesahkan sebanyak 9 laporan polis telah dibuat kes beku akaun bank taikun Cina dlm kes 1MDB oleh pihaknya terhadap Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Semua Hampeh..!!


    1. @ 18:54

      absolutely. last 18 mths shit show is all ph’s fault. i think dap had them by the balls.

      i propose WHO investigate if covid started in dap’s headquarters. as the towel head hadi claimed today, its all these non believers fault

  9. The vaccination process is not getting any better. They are trying mix vaccines n only 1m doses are coming in july which means only 500k Malaysians will get..n no idea how many or when the next batch is coming. Those who have registered earlier are being shoved to the back again n again...

    1. anon 20.21
      please check your facts before posting, don't just simply shoot all your nonsense.

    2. annon 22 57
      blog is "crappy" ani way

    3. Tetapi kita tak boleh kawal yang itu (bekalan vaksin) kerana pembekalnya datang daripada luar negara, jadi terpaksalah kita tunggu giliran kita, tapi dah terjamin bekalan itu akan tiba dalam satu masa yang telah dijadualkan

      what was important was that the vaccination registration process be expedited.
      Sekarang ini dah diberikan banyak kemudahan, boleh daftar secara MySejahtera, ‘online’ atau secara fizikal

      China vaccine doses pass 1 billion mark

      "ta-ker" banyak vaksin, tak pula 10 million pun kedukut.

      mungkin Mahiaddin terlupa Malaysia ada internet.

    4. Smlm Hospital Serdang offer vaccines and ramai dtg beratur...then KKM bagi arahan stop and hanya utk pesakit dan waris pesakit saja.....ntah apa2 kelam kabut jadi nye...yang dah register awal sampai skrg tak dapat....alooo...priority bagi jer lah yg dah register dulu..dah lah takde bantuan kewangan suruh duduk rumah sampai bila...yg jaga vaksin pulak duk bagi kroni jer ker?

  10. Instead of quelling the unrest, it looks like the political ding-dong is gaining momentum and getting more tumultuous than ever in the wake of Royal's statement. Jumping at the chance, the opposition, particularly, has all been champing at the bit for the reconvening of Parliament. Even if the matter gets going by next week or so, the prolonged agony, the real pain in the neck will still be there. Hell no that the august House has such a magic power. People are literally under the pain of death with each passing day. Hence, why not opt for NOC as an in-between alternative to stamp out the long and tiring tussle. We are fed up to the back teeth with the mess that our politicians have landed us in.

  11. Annie,

    FMT reported last month that treatment cost for 1 covid-19 patient could come to over RM140,000 in private hospital. It also said that the cost for treatment in government facility would be about the same.

    In contrast, deputy health minister had stated that cost for vaccine per person is around RM77.35.

    So the cost for treating about 18,000 covid-19 patients would be enough to vaccinate 32 million entire Malaysian population.

    A sincere and honest government would get the entire nation vaccinated by last month.

    But no. Lives are not the priority for these religious people. Instead, quoting 'Life of Annie', the pressing issues for them are these:

    i. to distance themselves from unpopular Mahiaddin;

    ii. to buy more time for negotiating with MPs on-sale;

    iii. to hang on to power for survival;

    iv. to hang on because 'being in power has more to offer';

    v. the need for formation of Malay/Muslim block along with PAS.

    Life of Annie suggested that:

    a. Anwar will take over from Mahiaddin if Mahiaddin steps down; so for the sake of Malay/Muslim block along with PAS, and to avoid corruption charges, and to prevent PH from taking over, and to avoid asses from being burnt, Mahiaddin should stay on;

    b. Election will cause Malaysians to die, and Mahiaddin holds the option to call for election, so Mahiaddin actually is holding the lives of Malaysians; in other words, Life of Annie is advising Malaysians to fear Mahiaddin.

    If your Japanese friend concurs with what you said, then he must be pleased that General Yamashita has found his descendants in Tanah Melayu. Yoku yattane!

    1. Hahaha. You have a weird brain.

    2. Annie,

      That depends on the perspective.

      Abdul Azeez, a MACC accused person has just been appointed as Malaysian representative for Palestinian aid mission.

      Amanat Hadi which was declared haram by all the muftis and Jakim for more than 20 years ago is now kosher.

      Tahaluf Siyasi, aka befriending anyone if beneficial to you, is the way to go.

      For the Tahaluf tribe, a principled person is weird.

  12. So much have been written. On Covid19 on parliment on elections.
    For me and many other Malaysians out there... I repeat again (sic)..Please save us from the present backdoor govt. but spare us from the backside govt.
    And today I want to add..lets revive the ABAI..