Tuesday 22 June 2021

Don't believe in Covid-19 lies

 I think KJ did well with this,

Khairy tells why vaccine supplies have been slow


He said the vaccination rate of Malaysia depended on vaccine supply, which is monopolised by countries in the EU. Advanced Asian countries including Japan were also left behind, compared to the EU, US and the UK.

Khairy said the process of vaccination in Malaysia should be compared to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines where Malaysia was ahead and almost catching up with Japan.

He said the unfair supply of vaccine has long been raised because the UK bought the vaccine five times its population and similarly with Canada.

It was only after advanced countries had achieved herd immunity did countries such as the US, Japan and even China start supplying vaccines, for which Malaysia has been waiting for so long.

I believe in his explanation because I have a friend in Japan who has yet to receive his vaccine jabs.

My friend lives in a big city there, so I guess those in the rural areas of that country are more likely not yet vaccinated too.

So, Malaysia is not that far worse when it comes to Covid-19 vaccination than the super efficient Japan.

And I heard Taiwan is also struggling with its vaccination effort.

It's not about being efficient, but rather the availability of the vaccine.

Anyway, KJ had also said more vaccines are coming soon so that the inoculation process could be hasten further and we may even be back to normal by year end.

There have even been reports that we may have GE15 soon once we overcome the pandemic.

It's good to be positive like that

Honestly, I'm a bit tired of those who keep saying that the country is doomed.

The way I see it, there are too many out there who are trying to capitalise on our worries.

I don't really like the current government, but when its critics started to paddle nonsense on Covid-19  in order to take over Putrajaya, I told myself that I don't want such people to take over.

They really shouldn't exploit our vulnerabilities to get what they want.

That makes them no better than those in government now....or even worse.

Even if we are angry with the government, we shouldn't resort to lies to achieve our objectives.

That's simply not sustainable as proven by what happened with the Pakatan government of 22 months.

They projected an image of a totally corrupt BN government even though they knew it was not as bad as they depicted and once in power they turned out to be no better or even worse than that.

It's the same thing this time. They are using lies again to get what they want without offering any guarantee that they could do any better.

The worse thing is that, they are doing it amidst real sufferings and deaths caused by the pandemic.

I want a change of government too, but not that way.

And I don't want those liars to be the next government .


  1. KJ should be in the Cabinet, no matter which coalition wins in next GE.So far, he has displayed what we need in a Minister as many have failed to perform up to expectations.

    1. If he is succeed in his task vaccinating more than 80% Malaysian population before year end, which I think he will, he’s definitely the most successful minister in his role as coordinating minister in the history of Malaysia. The Malaysian people will owe him so much and forever indebted to him for making them safe and sound. Definitely prime minister material. The front runner for the coveted post. In that event, no politician is more qualify to be Malaysian prime minister other than him. Not even H2O, AI, ZH, AA could come close.

  2. there is only 2-3 ministers who are doing any work in this bloated cabinet. KJ is one of them. The rest of cabinet, glcs, university heads are all rent seekers

  3. Japan will play host to Olympics within months. I wonder how they gonna do it with their inoculation drives at snail pace. Hopefully things will get better. Fingers crossed.

  4. https://www.malaysianow.com/news/2021/06/21/ex-cj-reminds-agong-he-is-bound-by-ags-advice-even-if-its-not-popular-among-politicians-ngos/


    Former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad has reminded the Yang di-Pertuan Agong that any action in conflict with the advice of the attorney-general (AG) could be subject to legal challenge which could see the king’s decision nullified in court, adding that he is bound to follow such counsel even if it is “politically unpopular” and criticised by politicians.

    “If the Yang di-Pertuan Agong turns his back on the AG’s advice, and in the event of a challenge against a decision or action of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in court, the AG will find it difficult to take the role of defence,” he said, citing Article 145 (2) of the constitution.

    His views were contained in a joint statement with senior law lecturer Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz, in response to recent calls from the Malay rulers as well as several proposals by politicians urging Putrajaya to reconvene Parliament and end the current state of emergency.

    They also warned of attempts by some quarters to involve the palace in carrying out their wishes, although this is beyond the jurisdiction of the Malay rulers.

    “The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay rulers must be careful not to allow the institution of the monarchy to fall into their traps. The wise Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay rulers should be constantly vigilant that he is the constitutional monarch as entrusted by the constitution. His Majesty is also subject to the rule of law and must comply with the provisions of the constitution.”

    They also said the government was ultimately responsible for all decisions made by the Agong based on the advice of the AG, the prime minister and the Cabinet, although these might be disliked by political parties on both sides, NGOs and the public.

    In the statement, Hamid said the Agong was bound to heed the advice of the AG, the prime minister and Cabinet in carrying out all official duties even if the advice “does not please His Majesty”.

    “But as long as it is not about matters in which he has no discretion, he has to accept it taking into account his role to obtain adequate information as provided for under Article 40(1) of the constitution,” the statement added.

    Hamid also dismissed the call for the rulers to appoint a new prime minister, saying not only is the Dewan Rakyat not in session, it is also beyond their constitutional powers to do so.

    “We state that the Conference of Rulers has no power to do so. Its duties and jurisdiction are set out by the constitution under Article 38, Third Schedule and Fifth Schedule of the constitution,” Hamid added.

    *Wonder why mainstream newsportals didn’t cover this newsworthy piece. Talking about fair and balanced journalism..sigh…

    1. You should also read other legal views,example GKtv. No one is 100% legally right but morally is another measurement of a transparent and governance Govt.

  5. Hi Annie.
    Hope all is well on your side.
    With regards of this article, I honestly think KJ has screwed up big time.
    Let's be honest about it.
    Besides the usual tai chi of the original manufacturing countries are late to share their vaccine lots, we should ask him absolutely basic questions.
    Like what is the need of Mega Vaccination Centres, only to complain that people don't show up?
    Why aren't people showing up?
    Is it because these centres aren't feasible for them?
    Why don't we invest in smaller but many centres instead?
    What is happening to those who have registered for months but still have yet to receive their jabs?
    Why are there so many knee jerk response instead of proper planning ahead?
    The vacciations for journalists for example. It really is not rocket science.
    Also, why on earth is he working in silos?
    Check out the comments on his FB each time he goes on live with the MOH, then we can gauge how out of depth KJ is.
    Small queries not amounting to criticsm, and KJ will get extra defensive.
    Look at how he responded to Najib's jabs and also recently the Oxford Cambridge Alumni forum on Vaccinations;
    Singapore a postage sized country?
    Look, KJ is a brilliant manager, but he needs a Head of Department above him, for him to function properly.
    This KJ is not the Sea Games KJ, this KJ is almost the same as KJ of Pak Lah era. Noise, optic, no substance.
    Sure, there will be few fans of him saying he looks like he is doing work.
    But we need to ask, what sort of work has he been doing.
    So far, there has been alot of optics. Alot of noises.
    Again, so little substance.
    Unfortunately this time, there has been those who has lost their lives because of bumbling responses.
    Pretty sure alot of people notices that too.
    In short, he too, must go back to his cold storage, if he is lucky.

    1. Hi, Im ok over here. Hope you are ok over there too. Im actually not really a fan of KJ being one of of those who fought his gang back during the Pak Lah era. However, I believe we should be fair to him. If there is not enough vaccine supply, there's only so much the guy can do. That applies across the board. How many journalists had died of Covid by the way? Ok, they are frontliners but I dont think they are facing the same degree of risk as doctors and nurses at the Covid wards. Facing a reasonable degree if danger is part of a journalist job.Trust me, I know that. And a good one doesn't complain too much about it. Well,considerung the limited supply in the early stages, I'm also of the opinion that the most vulnerable should get the vaccine first. Whatever it is I believe things are better now with more supply coming in. Thank you.

    2. Anon 17:57,

      "Why aren't ppl showing up?"

      Well, for some (many), it is the same reason as to why there is always an extra long queue on the last day of anything & why we always have date extensions to every dateline.

      And then there are ppl that got cold feet on the appt day or change their minds when they can't get their vaccine of choice.

      Of course, this is changing now that ppl are more scared of the latest covid variant than they are of vaccine.

    3. Every bit of malaysian is frontliners. Do you think a fathers, mothers,sons and daughters that goes out to earn a living are not frontliner. The fact that we missed the boat in mid june 2020 in pre ordering those vaccine.US started pre order at warp speed only in july 2020 while still at development stage. The question is when we first start preodering. Now the self are already empty

    4. Wow. Annie replied my comments. Hats off.
      From Anonymous22 June 2021 at 17:57

  6. Kalau kita ni kaki komplen, nanti dalam kubur pun kita komplen jugak. Hidup untuk komplen. Tak ada apa perkara pun yang layak untuk tak di komplen. Negara membangun memang la banyak perkara yang kita tak dapat nak capai ikut rate negara maju. Lahir di salah negara la kaki komplen semua ni.

    1. Ni bukan pasal kaki komplen....ni pasal kerajaan dgn menteri2 yg tak tau buat kerja dan menyebab ka kematian rakyat.

  7. Between a foreigner and a local, I'd rather put more trust to the latter, no matter what the circumstances, in the case of life and death of people in this land that we all call home.

  8. Yes KJ is too defensive , he should listen more than talking .

    Covid 19 is 18 months already , what is he doing so far . i feel others can do better , a listener and a planner . PM should ask somebody else to do the job .

    1. Vaccine supplies r limited.. apapun the element or "profit/potential future benefits" will still exist, may it be for the producing ctries (eg US, China), manufacturers etc. hmmmm

      Klo PN sekadar mampu offer mrk dua biji teloq gantung aje, lambat la nampaknya nak dpt bekalan.

      Apapun varian baru dok mutate dgn cepatnya, hangpa dok diam2 aje la drumah..

      Nak menunjuk cerdik pandai sampai bila? Tgk angka2 infected dvalley.. esp Selangoq. Kan tu under PH?? Tak mampu sekolagkan dan control rakyat sendiri ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. KJ talks a lot of nonsense...a lot of people here still not yet vaccinated....truth is he just dont have the contacts and purchasing power to buy more vaccines for the people...he is together with the current government...no plan whatso ever...the timing of his vaccine is also haywire.

  10. KJ shd have more experience being a minister before....sadly when he was minister of KBS he was busy doing modelling and sports...he doesnt even know that his ministry spent 100m which cannot vouched for. looking at his appearance ...he is a mess

  11. Even if you don't like KJ and the PN govt.you should not deny the facts that he stated and take side with the imperiallist mindset. Go read about COVAX.The statistics on vaccine resipients clearly shows all EURO countries,USA and Canada have more than 50% of their populations vaccinated. While others are still struggling with less than 20% . Some poor countries have not even a single person vaccinated.
    Deny all this and you are the real fascist minded penderhaka who Malaysia do not need right now.

    1. err, know where Bhutan mongolia chile is?

    2. KJ said..I was talking about durian, he was talking about rambutan.
      ..same goes here...

    3. Ox-tards know different durians and rambutans.
      errr durians "stinks" not,
      rambutans like grapes "sweet" and unvisally

    4. It is free market. They got money they sapu semua lah. So apa nak complain. These countries pay premium lah. You want musang king you pay lah otherwise you got rambutan

  12. Apapun angkat dua tapak tangan dan byk2 bersyukur yg BN despite being bullied by PN Mohid.. sabaq and did not pull out fm PN DEMI NEGARA MALAYSIA.

    KJ and Hishamud, Mohid boh in said Ministries.. being anak menantu bekas BN PMs, negara luaq sejuk hati la buka sikit pintu mereka bila kenangkn jasa2 lama orang tua mereka. Klo Najib keberangkalian by now 32m Rakyat Malaysia dah vaccinated.

    Katakaloooo PH masih berkuasa? Menyombong semacam. Kerja dok cancel projects??.. Tun, DAP masa berkuasa lagak macam they are the supermen of the universe.

    Look up vax world statistics. Indonesia and Singapore dah vaccinated berapa million rakyat mereka?

    Contoh Singapore rakyat 5.7m? 5.03m dh rcd their 1st jab. Lu olang2 ada faham bahasa tak??? My kids as foreigners tggl sana pun will be getting their vaccinations soon!!!

    Rakyat kita skrg sdg berdepan dgn macam segala masalah... tgh viral video a man jumped fm the 10th flr of a building. Ternyata tiada tempat utk rakyat mengadu nasib tau tak? Dah sampai ktahap ni pun Parliamen masih tutup?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Macam mana teruk nya Mahidin sebagai PM dan kerajaan PN ..mereka akan terus perintah sampai PRU15.
      Sebabnya..kalo Mahidin dan PN ditumbangkan hari ini atau bila2 sebelum pilihanraya, yang akan ambil aleh sebagai kerajaan ialah PH dan Anwar sebagai PM.
      Rakyat Malaysia maseh sedar bahawa macam mana teruknya kerajaan pintu belakang.. lagi teruk KERAJAAN CUCUK BELAKANG.
      Sesiapa tak percaya tanya TunM ..22 bulan bersama mereka dia cukup tau.

  13. lupakan isu kafir mengkafir ni.... isu lama dah isu dah basi nk ulang2 bosan... klu ada timbul lagi isu kafir mengkafir masa PRU seterusnya baru kita lawan.... dah tutup nak ingat balik wat apa... isu kafir mengkafir makanan daging sembelihan umno, kubo barasingan dah tak ada lagi... itu dulu amalan syiah.... PAS dulu masa revolusi Iran Ayatullah Khomeini ramai ahli PAS hantar anak belajar di Qom Iran...

    udah udah la tu... tutup trus

    Kebanyakkan orang PAS yg ada bau bau ajaran dan amalan syiah dah kuar PAS tubuh PAN jadi barua DAP

  14. “They projected an image of a totally corrupt BN government even though they knew it was not as bad as they depicted“