Monday 28 June 2021

Thank you Japan

I felt that my fondness for Japan was properly justified when I read this report the other day,

Japan to send a million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Malaysia

The report also stated (excerpts);

It will also send two million additional doses of the vaccine to Taiwan and Vietnam and a million doses each to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Japan has previously pledged US$1 billion (RM4.2 billion) and 30 million doses to the the global vaccine sharing scheme Covax and has arranged direct shipments to its Asian neighbours to speed up delivery.

When it comes to being a friend, I think Japan is the best.

Despite struggling with its own vaccination programme, Japan is being mindful of its more unfortunate friends facing supply problems caused by other rich countries hoarding the vaccines.

It had also already rushed 1.24 million vaccines to Taiwan, which supplies were possibly being blocked by the communists in Beijing who claimed it as part of their territory.

Why can't the Chinese government send vaccine to their supposedly Chinese brothers and sisters in Taiwan?

I seriously believe that the communists are trying to use the pandemic to bring Taiwan to its knees.

Anyway, I think we should do more to thank Japan for its generosity in helping us and others during this difficult time.

I tried my best to do so by sending a thank you note to all my Japanese friends via WhatsApp and they were genuinely happy that their country could help us.

They didn't complain about their government's decision on the matter despite most of them are still waiting for their turn to get vaccinated.

Well, it's good manner to say thank you to those who help us.

The Taiwanese did their best to thank Japan, United States and Lithuania, the only three countries I know so far, which had helped them by sending vaccine supplies.

Lithuania was the extra special one being a small country of less than three million people, yet it sent 20,000 doses of vaccine to Taiwan.

The Taiwanese response was so fantastic. They among others organised a campaign to buy Lithuanian goods and even sent a consignment of popular Taiwanese snacks to the Baltic country to demonstrate their gratitude.

My mother told me that this I Mei milk puff  which they sent to Lithuania was her favourite snack when she was a student in Taipei.

I believe we need more of these positive stories in weathering the pandemic.

I know, things are hard but I also believe that we will pull through this.

Let's not be too negative.

We can't win this war if we keep saying that we were already screwed up.


  1. japs a bit odd, they refuse vaccination hence the excess, similar to twnese before current outbreak, to excuse khairy lousy job done cited japan n taiwan situation sound to me, an excuse.

    i dont know whether the next govt can or cant manage the pandemic, the greatness of democracy is to allow us to kick out one that fail us, hence yr justification of remain status quo is similar to hadi call for muslim govt, a fallacy.

    we are screwed, taiwan number reduce to 2 digit within 2 months, ours is increasing to 5k after one years, i dont know how not saying we r screwed can lead us to the winning side.

    still the same annie after so many years.

    1. I'm not saying we shouldn't change the govt. It's just that I don't think changing the govt amidst the pendamic now is a good idea. It would only cause more disruptions with no guaranteed positive result. Anyway, you are entitled to yr opinion but I'm ok with KJ's works so far. As for Japan and Taiwan, I like them both and happy the pandemic was not so bad there. Too bad our situation has been worse but I prefer to remain positive and hopefully with more vaccine arriving soon, we could overcome this pandemic by end of this year.

  2. They say incubation period for any Covid19 variant is not more than 21 days. Thus lockdown were enforced on us again and again for more than 21 days at a time so that we can break the chain. But did the chain break ? Hardly !
    So where did we screw up ?

    In some countries the government works with the opposition to help combat spreading of Covid19. In this country the government plays hide and seek and the oppsition is busy counting useless Satutory Declarations.

    This is a major worms in the brain in the representatives we have elected. Once elected they don't work for us anymore. But they make it sound like they do. We gave them the Parliament and they show us that they as good as monkeys in the zoo. They want Parliament to reconvene and yes We too want the same but please spare us the animal like shouting and yelling. Instead, debate like educated adults.

    To the Prime Minister, don't hold us back. Order the Parliament to sit. We want to see which of the representatives are monkeys and which are human. If they come after you, then stand tall like a man. But how sure are you your opponents can pull the numbers ? If it comes to this, We know which monkeys should be caged come voting time. For now We know Our Agong is a wise man who would want the best for His Majesty's subjects.

    And people, we need this Covid19 to go away quick and get back to our lives. Our ministers may have the brains of baboons and let them be. We cannot change that and We need an election to change them, which is not going to happen anytime soon. So We have to do what We can do that is to beat this damned Covid by practising wearing masks wherever we are out of our houses and to observe our distance from another person who may just be a non-symtomatic Covid carrier. And we must not forget to sanitize ourselves frequently. If We all have been doing this 100% of the time, this Covid would have no house to stay.

    Japan donates vaccine to us, well Thank You Japan. We Appreciate It Very Much. If We Malaysians can be as disciplined as Japanese, today We would not have to argue among us KJ is doing lousy job or PH could do a better job. Cut this crap and do our part in Kita Jaga Kita.

  3. get your facts right annie. china offered vaccines to twn but was rebuffed.

    1. The communists' offer came as they blocked Taiwan from getting the vaccines elsewhere. They want Taiwan to kowtow to them.

  4. Ramai mangsa era keganasan Jepun masih hidup.. a million doses of vax is nothing compared to wht dey plundered kekayaan bumi ini..

    PN Gomen giving RM300K to each wakil kawasan.. hmmm Parliamen tak bersidang, dok rumah tak buat ape2.. saya sarankn bukan gerai depan rumah, hari2 kacau dan edarkan bubur lambok dan pastikn senua penduduk tiap hari dapat makan tau.

    Kalo nak lebih kerja ringgan, senang dan within the RM300K budget, kerah famili kamu yg dok rymah goyang kaki waktu wabaq ni dok pelahap puluhan ribu bulan2, pakat2 masak dan edarkan maggie mee.

    Make sure RM300K guna utk meringgankn kepayahan hidup rakyat tau.. jgn sesekali izinkn anak bini mengebat pula belanja duit tu ya..

    Kamu semua wakil rakyat, dbayaq gaji tau, berjasa la sikit kepada rakyat dan negara ya..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  5. Yahooo. PN Mohid akan credit dlm akaun bujang2 RM100 arini. Macam2 bole beli tau. Harap berjimat2 ya dn tips survival utk 1 bulan;

    1. 60 × Maggie mee @50sen= RM30 (1 hari 2 pek sja)

    2. Beras 4kg @ RM5.50 = RM21
    Cukup buat bubur nasi hari2

    3. Bawang merah 1kg @4 = RM8

    4. Kacang hijau 2kg @4 = RM8
    (hari2 buat togey sendiri tau)

    Baki RM30+ pikiaq2 apa lain perlu nak buat bubur tiap hari..


    PS: minta kilang mee segera turunkn sikit harga ya sbb berjuta2 rakyat Malaysia akan memerlukan jasa baik anda.

    Pemimpin2 Negara yg gaji elaun puluhan ratusan ribu.. amboi hari2 makan hebat, pakat montel gemuk2 la keturunan kamu semua kan? Kekeke

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Teloq 2 rak @RM10 = RM20

    1. Read this in one blogs :

      Macam mana teruk nya Mahidin sebagai PM dan kerajaan PN ..mereka akan terus perintah sampai PRU15. Sebabnya..kalo Mahidin ditumbangkan hari ini atau bila2 sebelum pilihanraya, yang akan ambik aleh sebagai kerajaan ialah PH dan Anwar sebagai PM.
      Rakyat Malaysia maseh sedar bahawa macam mana teruknya kerajaan pintu belakang.. lagi teruk KERAJAAN CUCUK BELAKANG. Sesiapa tak percaya tanya TunM ..22 bulan bersama mereka dia cukup tau.

  6. We ahould send Super Ring to Japan. It might help to increase pir export