Wednesday 19 May 2021

Fuck Israel, US and their supporters

I have actually wrote about the Israeli ongoing genocide against the Palestinians at another platform elsewhere several days ago.

I think I took quite a bit of risk writing that one and if you read it, you would probably agree with me.

So, I don't want to write more on it.

If I do write more from my heart about the killings of even babies in Gaza now, I believe they are going to arrest me under SOSMA and call me Jihadist Annie.

Trust me, they will.

I feel very strongly about it, that it would be very hard for me not to write something very inflammatory. 

So, I think, I'll just keep how I truly feel on this one closed in my heart.

Well, I can't afford to go to jail anyway for expressing my true opinion as I have to continue working to fulfil my  responsibilities.

It's a bitch, but that's the reality of life.

Anyway, I have faith in the teachings of my religion, which promised that the oppressors who are now killing babies in Gaza, stealing other people's homes in the holy land, desecrating one of the holiest sites of my religion will in the end be vanquished.

Yeah, when the time comes, it was said that they will be hunted with even rocks and trees refusing to give them shelter.

I hold on to that faith, whenever I feel hopeless watching the little mutilated bodies of Gaza children being wrapped in their death shrouds for burial.


  1. Aisay Annie...there u go again letting emotions affect yr thinking process....just like in d Fireman Adib case. Just answer this one simple question....who gains the most from this war? Israel, Hamas, Fatah, US, Iran.....this is a no brainer actually. I can tell u it is definitely not Israel - they have the most to lose.

    1. Regardless who gains the most,the senseless,brutal and racist attacks showed the Israelis are animals at best.They have taken everything from the Palestinians but they still want more by subjugating them to humiliations and more.

  2. the us will probably beat your yellow ass but not fuck

  3. Iron Drome missile cost US$100,000 a piece whereas the Hama missile only cost US$1,000.

  4. long live palestine
    long live malaysia and everyone that is helping palestine

  5. The question is who are friends of Isreal amongst the arabs.They have diplomatic relation. It is known fact that some of thier commercial flights carried maltitudes of sensors that can be detect and side look the targets miles beyond the flight path at 33k feet.This is an old technolgy.