Monday 7 December 2020

Let's support Nga Kor Ming

 I'm supporting the effort by DAP's Nga Kor Ming to be friends with Umno.

As I previously wrote,


I know, many of you would think this could never happen but who knows, Malaysian politics could be quite weird sometimes.

Anyway, just let me daydream of it for a while.

Yeah, Umno and DAP being friends is nice.

Maybe they could find a common ground for the good of the country.

And if that happens, I don't have to quarrel over politics too much anymore with my beloved who is a DAP supporter.

That's really nice.

Nga in his open letter today said,

DAP-Umno cooperation leads to more tolerant multiracial government


“Apart from ensuring stability, it can also prevent the government from being held hostage by PAS’ extreme populism, the threat to diversity and pressure towards fundamentalism, which are a threat to the secular and pluralistic spirit of the Federal Constitution,” he said.

I totally agree with him on that one.

I'm not so much against Pas as I used to be but there is a need to check on the penunggang agama among them who became more visible after the party joined the government side. 

I will always remember the case of a Pas minister who went vacationing overseas at the height of Covid-19 scare and blatantly ignored the SOP.

Nga's letter was actually meant for the DAP grassroots who opposed the possible cooperation with Umno over the Perak crisis.

It was actually written in Chinese.

Well, the same as in Umno, DAP also have its share of extreme members and supporters who hate their opponents just for the sake of hating.

Such members and supporters also prefer to take the easy route of getting communal support by playing the racial cards.

But, I believe the majority of DAP and Umno people are not of that type.

They want what is best for the country and Malaysians, which is a tolerant multi-racial society as when the country was founded when it achieved Merdeka.

The question now is whether DAP and Umno are controlled by the majority good people or minority intolerant scheming politicians.

Let's wait and see on that one.

Honestly, my money is not on the good people winning but who knows, maybe we'll have a pleasant surprise.

Personally, I think the Perak crisis is an opportunity which opens the door to a possibly better political environment, which will contributes to a more stable and successful Malaysia.


  1. Either way, UMNO wins.

    They have just slapped PPBM very hard in the face.

    And PPBM deserves it.

    For sheer arrogance.

    Anyway, Mookimak via his proxy, Annuar Musang, will try his best to derail it.

    The lebai malang of PISPASPUS dah U-turn dah.

    As expected.

    Mercedes and Vellfire, once tasted, cannot be surrendered.

  2. Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Tunku Abdul Rahman's passing.

    He was the 2nd President of UMNO, not the first, as many people wrongly think.

    The first was Dato' Onn bin Dato' Jaafar, who wanted one party that all Malaysians could join, regardless of race.

    That was too advanced for its time.

    Tunku came up with the Alliance model instead.

    Umno for Malays, MCA for Cinabeng2, MIC for thambi2.

    (At that stage of course, East Mal was not part of Malaya.)

    The most stable way that Malaysia can be governed is with an UMNO PM, a Cinabeng party, an Indian party, and various others for other races.

    Is this ideal?

    Not really. Maybe in 50 or 100 years, Onn Jaafar's vision will come to pass. We'll all be dead and gone, but let's hope so.

    In the meantime, there is nothing weird about UMNO-PKR-DAP as a coalition.

    PPBM and PAS are parasites.

    They want to ride on UMNO's reach and machinery, but they offer nothing in return.

    In PRU15, such an alliance has 90+ seats already locked in. With no need to layan PPBM & PAS parasites, UMNO should win the majority of Malay seats.

    Plus East Mal, we are looking at a majority of at least 150-170 in Dewan Rakyat.

    But will it happen?


    Because Annuar Musang and the Moo Dedak Camp in UMNO will make sure it doesn't.

    But here's one question for them:

    Will you sell out UMNO's 16 seats that were stolen by PPBM?

    Because the grassroots will never forgive you, if you do.

  3. Good points:

    "Bekas Ketua Menteri Melaka Adly Zahari berkata, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin akhirnya terpaksa melutut kepada Umno untuk mempertahankan kedudukannya sebagai Perdana Menteri walaupun kini berdepan dengan kehilangan satu persatu negerinya.

    Katanya, Bersatu yang merasakan mereka sebuah parti yang kuat sebenarnya lemah sehinggakan mereka hilang kuasa di Johor, Kedah dan yang terbaharu di Perak.

    “Yang tinggal dan bersisa hanya di Sabah, itu pun tunggu masa sahaja. Semuanya ditentukan Umno.

    “Kuasa terakhir adalah pada Perdana Menteri, namun keabsahan bilangan sokongan turut bergantung kepada Umno,” katanya melalui Facebook.

    Adly juga berkata, di peringkat awal Langkah Sheraton menggambarkan mereka cerdik yang berjaya mendapatkan kedudukan Perdana Menteri, Menteri Kanan, Menteri dan kemudian kekal di Perak.

    “Kemuncaknya adalah apabila mereka berjaya menubuhkan PN dan kejayaan yang terbaru dengan merampas Sabah daripada tangan Warisan,” katanya.

    Namun katanya, dalam sistem demokrasi kuasa ditentukan oleh rakyat malangnya kuasa rakyat dikhianati sehingga kerajaan sah yang dipilih dalam PRU14 lalu ditumbangkan melalui Langkah Sheraton.

    “Umno antara parti terkuat di Malaysia, yang berkuasa menjatuhkan mereka adalah rakyat pada 2018.

    “Tapi sayang, kuasa rakyat itu dikhianati. Ada parti politik merasakan mereka boleh menentukan masa depan negara dengan membelakangkan mandat rakyat.

    “Politik di hadapan tanpa berpegang kepada mandat rakyat akan belit-membelit, penuh tipu muslihat, percaya dan tidak percaya. Kita perhatikan sahaja,” katanya."

    In the end, what did Moo do?

    He stole Tun Dr M's party, but also weakened it.

  4. Wonder what would the outcome looks like if the devils get associated hand in hand with the so-called angels in Perak? The God must be crazy that allows this craziest politics to happen in our homeland. Dap♡Umno in the same bed??? Possible? Oh dear, what the world is coming to? Just can't bear to accept all this after re-watching Nga's videos, lambasting Umno from head to toes just 3 years ago.

  5. "The question now is whether DAP and Umno are controlled by the majority good people or minority intolerant scheming politicians"

    Dah terang lagi bersuluh. Umno's president & punahsihat are the ones desperate to hold on to power sampai sanggup jilat balik ludah.

  6. Whatttt...!!!
    Omg...DAP does not mind working with those "kleptocrats"...!

  7. Just enjoy the wayang cina...kihkih