Wednesday 16 December 2020

Umno set to be in the driving seat again

 It has been a lot of time and energy wasting on the Malaysian political front the past one week.

Despite all the noises, nothing actually happened.

In Perak, its business as usual again, except that Umno now having the upper hand and PH looking rather silly for failing to grab the opportunity to set up a new governing alliance there.

Yesterday, again it was another anti-climax, as Budget 2021 passed its final hurdle, and all that talks of a new government taking over Putrajaya become a number one bullshit.

Well, I'm okay with all that as my life remains the same. The nonsense doesn't directly affects me.

Go to work, earn enough to survive, play darts a bit whenever I could, and that's just fine with me.

Anyway, I'm quite sure now that the current government will stay in power till the end of this term.

Umno, which has been unhappy with the way it was being treated by Pribumi Bersatu must had been appeased somehow.

My bet though is on the party to maintain the status quo only until the next GE.

I believe the prospect of Umno, along with its BN allies going on their own after that is very likely now.

Some top party leaders, including the much respected deputy president Mat Hassan have already rejected the idea of BN joining forces with Pribumi Bersatu's Perikatan Nasional (PN).

Many would have thought that this will split the Malay/bumiputera votes again, but that would depend quite a bit on Pas which currently has both its feets in PN and Muafakat Nasional (MN), its alliance with Umno and the other BN parties.

If Pas does the wise thing, that is sticking with MN and leaving PN then the split will not be very bad.

PN would likely die a natural death if Pas really do that. 

Pas have a lot to gain under MN as it would almost certain to have the overwhelmingly Malay-majority states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah. It would also have more opening in the Cabinet as without Pribumi Bersatu, there would be more jobs to be filled.

A combination of Umno and Pas is also almost certain to wipe out any opponent in Malay-majority constituencies.

These can't be said if Pas choose to stay in PN as Pribumi Bersatu is not strong enough to face Umno and its BN allies as an opponent.

I also believe that Pas would not risk splitting the Malay votes by too much as the worst that could happen to it is if Pakatan Harapan (PH), with DAP as its driving force comes back to power.

Yes, the best that could happen for PH, especially DAP is for the Malay votes to be split again the way it did during the last general election.

Pas, I think will chose the best option to prevent that.

Nonetheless, Muhyiddin and his Pribumi Bersatu would likely see this coming and try to mitigate it.

Well, they have to offer Umno and Pas something really big to avoid being left out of the next deal.

I can't think for now what they could offer, but whatever it is, Umno is set to be in the driving seat again.

Unless, of course if they are too stupid to realise it and screw up again.


  1. Pesanan Profesor Diraja Ungku Abdul Aziz kepada Melayu. Antara bait kata ringkas tapi penuh makna dari beliau yang boleh kita ambil sebagai pengajaran dan tauladan ;

    “Rajin bekerja, Rajin bercakap” – bagus

    “Rajin bekerja, malas bercakap” – kena buli

    “Malas bekerja, Rajin bercakap” – wayang cina

    “Malas bekerja, malas bercakap” – tak guna

    “Malas bekerja, suka mengadu” – lalat hijau

    “Malas bekerja, suka ponteng” – lebih baik berhenti

    “Malas bekerja, suka termenung" – lebih baik mati

    "Itu bukan salah saya, salah orang lain" - Tun Mahathir

    Selamat tinggal permata negara. Hilangnya seorang ilmuan dan tokoh pendidikan negara.

    Hadirmu satu dalam sejuta, pergimu tiada pengganti.

  2. "Well, they have to offer Umno and Pas something really big to avoid being left out of the next deal.

    I can't think for now what they could offer, but whatever it is, Umno is set to be in the driving seat again."

    Simple answer:

    Release all the remaining UMNO leaders being charged, and Hippo Betina too.

    Kau thim.

    THAT is the deal they want.

    I think they already achieved it.

    1. Quote : "Well, they have to offer Umno and Pas something really big to avoid being left out of the next deal.

      Pos PM dan tidak ada yang lain adalah tawaran terbaik!!! Ingat BUKAN party nyamuk la

  3. Old man, but still very sharp:

    1. One of the things associated with democracy is that Governments and the people must subscribe to the Rule of Law.

    2. We all believe that if we do this, we will enjoy good governance and, the people would be protected through the application of laws.

    3. But now we are seeing laws being used to do things that cannot be considered as democratic or even just.

    4. For example people can elect the Government through elections. But now we see the Government of the people’s choice being replaced by a Government of the people rejected by them. The losers rule. The winners form the opposition.

    5. You would think this is wrong. But the law says it is legal. It is therefore a part of the rule of law. We must accept.

    6. In Sabah, State assemblymen who are supporters of the Government, suddenly left the Government. Why? The only explanation is that they had been bribed.

    7. The Government had to be dissolved, a new election held and the people rejected in the original election now form the Government.

    8. Again, this is legal. This is a part of the rule of law and must be accepted.

    9. Then the former Ketua Menteri (Chief Minister) who faced 42 charges of financial wrong doings had all the charges withdrawn by the Attorney General (A.G.).

    10. Again, it is all legal. The A.G. has the right to withdraw charges. The rule of law is not breached.

    11. In another case, the accused gave back some of the money he was alleged to have stolen. He was discharged on the promise that he would return the rest of the money later on. It is also legal.

    12. And now a man who bribed a minister was fined after he admitted to doing so. But the minister who accepted the bribe is discharged without being acquitted.

    13. Again, it is completely legal and in accord with the Rule of Law.

    14. Maybe later on even a man convicted of stealing millions of Government money will be pardoned. This too would be according to the law.

    15. All these are in accordance with the law. Criminals can go unpunished. Crimes can be committed without fearing the law.

    16. All are done according to the rule of law.

    17. We are going to see criminals enjoying a free life according to the law.

    18. It seems that the rule of law can be so abused that justice will not be done.

    - chedet

    1. waahh chedet... when you not in power all needs follow the relus

      when you in power this old man is forgotten already what he say

      shittt you old man

      melayu mudah lupa

    2. Anon 20:29

      Whoever you are and whichever your faith is, one thing for sure, i.e. there must be some shortcomings in your upbringing. People will blame your parents who failed to teach you the very basic manner of respecting the elderly, what more to say an old man who is almost 100. You definitely need to do some reflections on this matter. Go home and ask either your grandparents or parents, if you have any.

  4. This Umno, Bersatu and Pas marriage won’t last long because their appeal to the same segment of voters that is Malay majority constituencies esoecially in rural areas. Jostling for seats will be intense coming GE-15 since the three need to apply give-and-take and need to surrender their traditional seats.

  5. When parliament dissolves, and there’s no longer government, Bersatu as party will be nothing. A nobody party. A party with no natural strength to draw upon. A party appeal to no one. No grassroot support. No machinery. No reaches. It needs to cling to other parties to survive. To ride on their strengths. This grand collision is just a ruse to mask it all.

    Bersatu as a party consists of opportunists, parasites, backstabbers, backside lovers, dishonoured people, frogs from Umno and PKR who only cares and look after themselves.

    When the chips are down and there’s another round change of flavour, these frogs will run helter-skelter and shamrlessly switch party once again. There’s no loyalty. No love lost. Their love and loyalty only to themselves. Their only care is for ministerial position, government position and perks that come from it.

    To them, a political party is just a stepping stone. Something to ride upon going to higher fruits. When it’s no longer useful, they will switch to other side. Wear their uniforms and singing their anthems if need to. Fist fiercely clenched with arms stretch out high, banging the table shouting the party rethorics. Those stuff are just a facade. They only want ministerial post at the end of the day.

    1. Very good analysis.

      However, UMMO also one camp like that.

      H20, Mael Sabri, and of course PPBM Vice-President Annuar Musa.

      They also....

      "Their only care is for ministerial position, government position and perks that come from it. "


    "IPOH: The state government will allocate a sum of RM11.8mil to be distributed to all state assemblymen.

    During the tabling of the state budget for next year, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Saarani Mohamad said all 59 state assemblymen will get RM200,000 each.

    Saarani said the allocation was given following an instruction by Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah to find ways to lessen the tension and strife between politicians.

    "The Sultan's care for his subjects is a guide for me and the administration to ensure that we are always fair and create harmony to fulfil the socio-economic needs of the people.

    "We also agreed that all state assemblymen will be invited to the district action committee, focus group and disaster management meetings," he said when tabling the state budget for next year at the state assembly sitting on Wednesday (Dec 16).

    "With this, we hope all the state representatives can perform their tasks and responsibilities effectively," he added."


    Such a wise ruler, Perak has.

    How lucky they are.

  7. Annie yang dimuliakan...
    Bacaan saya adalah PM Muhyi akan survive untuk tempoh masa yang lama.
    2. Malah rekod Tun M mungkin akan diatasi oleh Pentadbiran PM8 ini.
    3. Gandingan THREE STOOGES ( mak enon, gombak & Larut ) adalah KEKUATAN Pagoh untuk terus GAGAH di atas para Musuh Politik Nya.
    Selamat Maju Jaya MALAYSIA 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

    1. the viet kongs satu masa pada tahun 1980 "berak di tepi longkong" has good news
      Research: Vietnam On Track To Become An Upper-Middle Income Country By 2023
      Vietnam is also reportedly on track to achieve upper-middle-income status in 2023 with a per capita income projected at 11,000 USD (RM44,566) in 2035.

    2. one more country can do research on "waste management" like some graduates do in a sputhern island.
      khabar angin dikatakan gaji lagi lumayan dari "exekutive baru"
      by the way how your friend "manaitu vanatuvarasu" doing in viet cong country

  8. Phew.... finally weeks of drama in the august House has ended, and so, the stage drop curtain was lowered and every YB went home, leaving behind an intact PN government and happy Cabinet members to go on a spree for the time being. Anyhow, kudos to Tun M's brilliant attempt to initiate such a bloc vote against the Budget to maneuver a proof test on the so-called "solid, formidable and convincing" numbers, as resoundingly claimed by the cocky noisy PM9-in-waiting. On the spur of the moment, he was caught off guard and unable to stow away but to let out the throbbing truth. Already a big liar yet conspiratorially and surreptitiously teamed up with 2 massive crooks, still asserting that only he could save the nation and its people. What a laughable yuck! In a nutshell, UMNO is the champion of the champions when it comes to play political games. DAP or PKR is absolutely no match for that purpose. Well, whatever the endgame is, the lousiest loser must be gotten rid of. There is certainly no place for an atrociously low standard leader to wreck the whole team's effort. So, the only way out for PH is to usher in a new strong-willed and capable leader, the sooner the better. It is time to regroup and embark on a new journey of fighting spirit to turn the tables.

  9. Saja saja kopi pes dati blog reformasi... haahhh gaduh jangan tak gaduhhh...!!

    Contoh Bajet untuk JPM..Yang menyokong 105,tak menyokong 95 dan TAK HADIR 20..Puak-puak mana yang Tak Hadir ini?inikah puak-puak yang disebut sebagai Grand Coalition (GC)? Grand Coalition atas dahi nenek kamu?Kalau benar-benar ikhlas ingin bersama dalam GC,adakah patut mereka tidak hadir?Akhirnya setiap kali gagal dalam undian bajet peringkat kementerian,maka Dsai yang menjadi sasaran dihentam,dikritik dan diperli.. Sdangkan geng2 yg tdk hadir itu dipuja dan dipuji,malah dianggap sbgai rkn pmbangkang yg baik? Siap bg cadangan utk buat GC lagi?Sdangkan merekalah pnyebab utama bajet itu lulus krana mereka tdk hadir semasa undian bajet peringkat kementerian.

    Atas sbb itu,secara peribadi saya bersedia mnyokong tanpa berbelah bahagi jika PKR dan Dsai mengambil keputusan utk tidak bersama dgn mereka2 yg dikatakan ingin wujud GC itu..Kami ada maruah dan harga diri yg perlu dipertahankan..Kalau PKR dan Dsai yg dikatakan pnyebab kpd kegagalan undian bajet itu,maka tinggalkan kami dan pergilah bersama dgn Tun M,Shafie,Salahudin dll dlm GC mengarut itu..

    haahhh masa gaduh sila tepok sekali


  10. Wah Laman Blog Rasmi PKR jadi champion islam atau acah acah power saja..!?


    Sejak sekian lama dlm penulisan saya sgt kritis melawan sikap perkauman yg dimainkan oleh parti2 politik. Sejak dari alam persekolahan sehingga skg saya sudah terbiasa dgn kehidupan kepelbagaian kaum di mana agama saya mengajar menghormati agama2 yg lain.

    Apatah lagi apabila berhijrah ke Sabah. Keluarga sebelah isteri ada yg beragama Kristian dan Budhist. Kami boleh hidup bersama dlm suasana saling hormat menghormati. Namun dlm keterbukaan beragama saya ada batasannya. Diharap saudara mara ku yg bukan Muslim memahaminya.

    Seperti hari Krismas menjelang tiba bukan saya tidak mahu meraikan atau mengucapkannya. Ikuti kisah ini mengapa saya tidak dpt meraikan bersama hari Krismas bersama kalian.

    (Psst : atas tu saja kopi pes dari Blog Laman Reformas.. !!)

    Rang Undang-Undang Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) 2016 (RUU 355) yang kini 'bergema' kembali bukanlah untuk diluluskan, sebaliknya untuk digugurkan.

    Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat, Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah), Faiz Fadzil berkata, orang Melayu Islam ternanti-nanti bilakah kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) yang dianggotai Pas akan membentangkan RUU 355 tersebut di Parlimen.

    Menurutnya, jangkaan orang ramai ternyata meleset apabila Timbalan Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Hal Ehwal Agama), Ahmad Marzuk Shaary memberi jawapan bahawa RUU 355 perlu selaras dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

    Wah baru sekarang Laman Rasmi PKR Blog Reformasi jadi champion bersuara pasal isu murtad, islam dan kahwin murtad. Sedangkan Anwar Ibrahim masih bisu mungkin hendak memelihara ajaran pluralisma agama. Kerajaan PN proksi Tun@Mahyuddin diam bisu dan kaku lagi. Ini bukan kerajaan BN ini kerajaan PN@Tun yang menjulang plakad COMANGO dulu. Awas musuh islam dalam selimut.

    PPBM ... 10-20
    PAS. ... 10-25
    MCA MIC GERAKAN .... 0
    PBB. ... 10-25
    DAP ... 60
    PKR ... 10-20
    PA . ... 1-5

  12. Anwar, tun dn warga2 tua dalam PH nampak gaya suka main tombola.. esp Anw "he has the numbers" memanjang??

    Even as oppo cuba la tunjuk sikit kehebatan masing2.. beri la sumbangan kpd rakyat dgn cara2 yg positip sikit.. tak malu dgn Ebit Liew ke?

    Professor Nasi Lemak


    If atok@pH failed to pee the Malaysian people now don't try to masturbed them...!

    Matthias Chang Political Masturbation : I had tried to warn Mahathir don't masturbation Malaysian people and warn Tun about Kit Siang and Guan Eng. Then tell me, Mr Guan Eng, how this ex goverment PH able to spend RM250 billion..!?

    According to then Ex-Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng gov of PH, there was only RM450 million available in the coffers as of the 30th of April 2018. Do you believe (the previous government) left RM42 billion to us (the government)? It can’t be true as there were only millions, not billions.

    “That’s why we need to impose the Sales and Services Tax (SST). We (government) don’t have enough money,” Lim Guan Eng said.
    “But, I’m sorry. We need money to run the country. Otherwise, we will be facing an operating deficit,” Lim Guan Eng said.

    Ex-PH government undertook to sell 12 strategic assets worth RM25.6 billion, including IHH Berhad (RM8.42 billion), Sapura Upstream (RM3.7 bililon), Acibadem Sigort (RM1.25 billion), Telco M1 (RM1.65 billion), TNB shares (RM1.05 bililon), Boustead Plantation (RM1.2 bililon), Axiata Digital (RM0.579 bililon), BDO Unibank (RM0.415 bililon), CIMB (RM0.364 billion), Royale Chulan Hotel (RM0.197 bililon) and the Hong Kong Consulate building, sold to a buyer from China (RM1.6 billion).

    The biggest joke was Khazanah’s decision to sell 16% of its stake in IHH Healthcare to Japan’s Mitsui & Co for a meagre RM8.42 billion, leaving Khazanah only 26% equity interests in the company, a share cut worth RM13.13 billion today...!! This is the moron ex Finincal Ministry of Malaysia Mr Lim and Tun did to nation..!!

    Do you think dropped out school ITM Mat Sabu@Kalunari, LGE@Fake Charted Accountan and Anwar Ibrahim@3rd Class Degree In Arts understand what Matthias Chang was mentioned..!?

    It was a joke, as not only was IHH’s 2017 year-end value US$11 billion, it clocked an annual revenue of RM11.1 billion and a pre-tax profit of RM2.3 billion, making its shares worth many times more what Khazanah negotiated with Mitsui.

    Lawyer and author of the Future Fast Forward Trilogy, Matthias Chang, took a swipe at Lim Kit Siang today, calling on the people to tell the DAP supremo to “shut up.” his motherfucker..!

    In a fiery, no holds barred signature write-up, the one-time political secretary to fourth Malaysian premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said people should bombard the senior Lim and tell him to “stay at home and to indulge in self-serving political masturbation.”

    “Tun M was blinded by Kit Siang’s false subservience and Kow Tows. Tun M fell for it. I had told Tun M, Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are arrogant scumbags.

    “Tun did not listen...Tun try to masturbation Malaysian people.!!!??

    “Karma is in play now Tun Mahathir”. His grand child supposed goes to jail after she drunk till breaking SOP of control movement order.

    Most important thing make this karma must lost this useless legacy will end forever in Malaysian history..!!

    The moron Tun if you failed to pee Malaysia don't try to masturbation the Malaysian people during yur PH goverment in power..!!!

    Bila wartawan tanya kenapa Wawasan 2020 gagal, dengan selamber Tun kata 'Salah Najib'...!! Ternyata kini Wawasan 2020 hanyalah Wawasan Pha Chu Cheng pala bana atok kau..!!

    Wawasan 2020 wawasan utk orang bodoh..!!

    Saya ulanggg..!!