Wednesday 12 July 2017

Towards a more Islamic state (updated)

(Note: Updates at the bottom of the original post)


This is an interesting development,

Kelantan passes Syariah bill allowing public whipping

I wonder why it takes them so long to do it.

Pas has been ruling Kelantan for decades after all.

Also noted that the bill was passed unanimously at the state legislative assembly.

That means all the Pas, BN, and Amanah's Husam Musa, the single Pakatan Harapan assemblyman in the state legislature supported the bill.

So, no one should complain, okay.

That's what the Kelantanese want, that's what they are going to get.

This is part of democracy, after all.

Those assemblymen are representatives of the Kelantanese people.

Since they all agreed to it, that means the people agreed too.

That's good, what.

Maybe it will makes the state even more Islamic.

More syariah compliant, I guess.

I bet the Kelantanese who are not living in Kelantan are also agreeable to it.

Maybe it's nice to balik kampung and feel the more Islamic atmosphere.

That includes the funny Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. He's Kelantanese too. Datuk, balik kampung jangan nakal-nakal, nanti kena rotan :)

Well, people of the other dominantly Malay-Muslim states of Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah and Perlis may want the same thing.

They should know what to do in the next general election, if they want that.

Come to think of it, Malay Muslims in the other less Islamic states, should do the same.

Who knows, it may happen in their state too.

Nothing to lose to try, right?

After all, it's a good way to eradicate all the sinful activities.

Maybe after that, other countries can also learn from us.

One thing for sure, I'm going to recommend this to my Japanese friends.

It's a good way to shut down their awful porno industry and put a stop to all the other sinful activities in that otherwise beautiful country.

Imagine all those AV stars being lined up to be publicly caned at Kabukicho. I'm sure all the Tokyo yakuza running the "entertainment" outlets there will run for cover.

Okay, that's all.



Found this video of public whipping in Acheh, Indonesia. I think the one in Kelantan will be like this,

The public seem to enjoy the spectacle.

Well, some people like these sort of things.

At least it's not like this one, which is in Sudan,

Or this one somewhere in Pakistan,


  1. Replies
    1. Kamu telah menyelewengkan Millat al-Ibrahim dengan akal dangkal dan nafs al-takkabur kamu.

  2. Public beheadings next

    1. 'I was told "You cut off a foot or I'll kill your family" so I did it': Children reveal how they were forced by ISIS to mutilate prisoners

  3. I have lived in Kelantan for the past 30 years Believe me, it is not going to happen.
    Both Pas and UMNO are using the RUU 355 as the stepping stone to get the Kelantanese support.
    After GE14,all this will become a footnote in Kelantan history.I can bet my last dirham on that .btw,what happen to the so called Islamic currency of dinar and darham.the brainchild of the Kelantan MB in waiting.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. PAS & Umngok ni kebuloq sgt nak cover kemungkaran dan penyelewengan NAJIB ka...RM 2.6 Billion dlm akaun najib sendiri bukti statement akaun tok arab sampai hari ini tak boleh tunjuk sah la duit curi haram.

    2. The Muslims in Spo're are shockingly amused by the latest developments in Kelantan. We thought Kelantan Ulamaks has found a cure of its "illnesses"...surely this is politics at its best. Instead of finding ways to tackle poverty they prefer to do Hudud first. It's brilliant.

    3. What don't you know? There was a 38-man gang-rape of a 15yr old schoolgirl just a few years ago somewhere in Kota Bahru where their ulamaks pontificate (after Nik Aziz at a public rally glibly recommended raping girls who were not dressed right)

    4. I feel truly sorry for the girl
      Her future has been robbed and the damages to her mental wellbeing must be devastating

      When I looked at this case, the implementation of hudud looked more and more sense to me
      I will immediately vote for PAS

      But at the same time I feel more sorry towards millions of people in kelantan
      Najib can use the people of kelantan for voting UMNO to cover his massive embezzlement of 1mdb saga

      His lavish party, treating rakyat money as personal bank account, swindling Malaysian people on massive scale, the closed tender dealing with communist china, selling native bumiputra land to godless communist, the rusting of water tap, felda global ventures, the proton dealings, multimillion dollar yacts, blatant corruption, kleptocracy and hundreds more

      How to choose between 1 lives of a girl and 30million Malaysians? What a difficult chooses

      Then again, if najib haven't swindle rakyat money in the first place, then this hundreds of problem wouldn't have appeared

      Najib basically creates this chaos and he himself offer the solution to the rakyat

      How stupid of me if I vote for PAS
      Instead I'll vote for opposition

      Rakyat tertekan

  4. Annie,

    I do wonder if the Kelantanese people know what they are getting themselves into.

    I have a feeling it is not that they are very Islamic but rather they are fearful that they will not be seen to be Islamic if they do not allow canings.

    I am willing to bet that one could even get Kelantanese people to support beheadings, throwing homosexuals off buidlings, making non-Muslims pay extra tax, etc etc.

    I suppose it is nice to have people who just follow whatever they are told to do.


    1. politicians can do and can say anything in the name of is very sad when these politicians drag God in their pursuit of power.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. You don't sound like Prof Kangkung. You've stolen his ID, shame on you!

    3. Kangkung man dah insaf ka

      If you're not fake then congratulations

  5. quess its tym to roll up the leaf, get a few puffs of ganja in the system nd get it moving with Ramli Sarip's Perjalanan Hidup..

    di mana akhir nye, says bro Ramli...


  6. Undang-undang atak mau kawal orang lea aa , tapi atak manyak olang bolih kawal itu undang-undang maa aa.

    Tatak bolih kawal undang-undang punya yang selau kena maa aa .

  7. Heh heh hehhh.

    More wayang lah.

    In 1993 Kelate Dewan passed hudud law.

    Also wayang, but not even correct in Islam.

    Kelate enactment:

    9. Hirabah.
    A person or a group of persons confiscate the property of another with violence or wrongful
    restrain or making threat is said to commit hirabah.
    10 Hirabah sentence.
    Any person who commits hirabah shall be punished with following hudud punishments:
    (a) death and thereafter crucified, if the victim of the offence is killed and his property

    But sula is not part of hudud....

    So wayang lah.

    In Parlimen next session both Najis Al-Songlap & Hadi Bawang will pretend to be very holy.

    Then Najis will back off because East Mal is kingmaker.

    Then Najis will songlap more of our money and give Bawang more crumbs.

    That's all.

    1. Anonymous13 July 2017 at 07:55

      You wayang is not complete,

      Then MCA and East Malaysia leaders will come out to "fight" hudud.

      Try to be hero.

      So everybody wins.

      UMNO & PAS tumpang on Islam to be "holy".

      The non-Islamic parties act "hero".

      Whole thing is just a big act and using religion for political gain.

  8. Annie,

    the Kelantan Melayu Islam, for long supporting PAS and it's sekutu and those who are sympathetic to its cause, deserve the flogging on themselves their children and relatives.

    for as long as the hudud only applicable to the Melayu Islam there, please bring forth the chopping and flogging soonest possible.

    Godspeed, Godspeed.

    really couldn't wait. honestly, bring it at once. I will buy first class flight ticket and stay in the most luxurious hotel in KB to watch it like I would do for world cup soccer match final.

    1. funny anon1809.just make sure don't bring any girl with you when you check in into the hotel.
      From what I heard,the hotels in Kota Bharu have informers.They will be rewarded if they tip the authority about the possible khalwat,be careful

      Prof Kangkung

  9. Annie,

    After goodness knows how many years of forcing an Islamist agenda down the throats of Kelantanese, Parti Anak Syaitan has not improve things one bit.

    Kelantanese are still raping, killing, stealing, fornicating with each other's wives, watching pornography, going to prostitutes, etc etc.

    In other words, Kelantanese are just like anybody else anywhere in the world.

    And now, the only answer Parti Anak Syaitan offers is to increase punishments?

    It reminds me of that saying I used to see on car stickers and tee-shirts, "The floggings will continue until morale improves".


  10. Pornography dont go suicide bombing people instead pornography wanted people to be alive & ___king...

  11. I dunno about that, you maybe right, you may be wrong but one things fo sure,
    the jews killed our little guy, Christ. A slow, painful and agonizing
    death. Nothing can beat that.