Saturday 3 September 2016

Please don't make 1MDB even more confusing

Sometimes my friends laughed at me when I told them I don't write much about the 1MDB issue because I don't really understand it.

They said I'm dense.

Well, I don't mind them calling me that. I can managed my ego. I just don't like to pretend to know something which I actually am ignorant about.

For instance, if I have never been on the political battleground of Johor or even live in the state, I would not try to pretend to be a political expert of Johor and advise Johor Umno to kick out half of its members just simply because they disagree with the party leadership over something.

Either you are with us or against us, remember?

Unless of course if I'm a DAP undercover operative working inside the Umno camp trying to create havoc within the party.

Anyway, the 1MDB issue is complex, so I prefer to let those who really know about it do the explaining.

I would try to listen and understand as much as I can.

As to why I still don't understand it, it's because there are so many conflicting explanations and reports

The other day an accountant friend who is a prominent blogger told me that the 1MDB money was not stolen but the very next day another accountant friend who is also an equally prominent blogger told me otherwise.

Both had insisted that they were right.

There are so many of these conflicting stories being told that I don't know which to believe.

Just look at these two reports by national news agency Bernama.

This is a report yesterday

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 2 (Bernama) -- The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) have sent a mutual legal assistance request to the United States' (US) authorities to record statements from witnesses in the country in connection with investigations into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.
 He said the request was the beginning of the second phase of PDRM's investigation.
 "We have sent a request to the (US) authorities to record statements from witnesses there and it will take a long time.
 "As for the first phase of the 1MDB investigation, the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) has returned the investigation papers to us because there are things that need to be reviewed.
 "The AGC had also directed a number of things to be we will take action as directed before re-submitting the investigation papers to them," he told a press conference after an appreciation ceremony to thank officials who handled the 36th ASEANAPOL Conference, in Bukit Aman here today.
Asked on whether police would be conduction an investigation based on the report of the US Department of Justice (DoJ) regard misappropriation of 1MDB funds, Khalid said PDRM would not interfere in the matter.
 "The action by the United States is civil lawsuits, PDRM will not intervene and do not try to associate us with politics.
 "Our job is to safeguard the country's security and order and don't drag us to (make) political statements," he said.
 The DoJ had recently filed civil lawsuits to seize assets said to have been acquired with money allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB, a government strategic investment fund.

And this is a report today,

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 (Bernama) -- Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has denied that the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is seeking Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) with the United States to interview witnesses overseas relating to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) investigation.
 Khalid affirmed that several reports published by the media today was incorrect.
 "This is false, and I did not say this...earlier today I was just explaining the process if an investigation were to be conducted outside Malaysia.
 "Namely, in the event of us seeking to take witness statements overseas, PDRM would follow the required international protocols and seek MLA under the guidance of the Attorney General's Chambers," he said in the statement today.
 Khalid said PDRM was satisfied with the progress made relating to 1MDB investigation and was hoping to conclude the investigation as soon as possible.
As the investigation was ongoing, all parties should refrain from any reporting that could be prejudicial, he said.
 "Failure to do so will result in action from PDRM in accordance with the law," he said.
 Khalid added that PDRM had completed the first phase of its investigation into 1MDB, which is based on the bi-partisan Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report.
 He said the investigation papers had been passed to AG Chambers and discussed.
 "The AG Chambers has returned the papers and requested further investigations, which PDRM will implement," he added.

See, it's all very confusing.

How can they make such a mistake?

That's why I said the 1MDB issue is very complicated.

Even the IGP and Bernama got it all mixed up.

I hope those responsible in clearing up the mess can get their acts together so that we, the ordinary rakyat would not get all muddled up by the issue.


  1. Annie,

    1MDB is actually not hard. Look up the WSJ article from yesterday that has a detailed chart of money flows.

    But how do we know it's real?

    Because the Bugis pondan does not dare to sue. And will never sue.

    Electronic forensic evidence, once recorded, cannot be tampered with. And 7 countries have that trail.

    The allegations are serious. Basically people are saying you songlap-ed money to finance your boiboi's soft porn movie, jewellery, Chanel, anti-ageing treatments, etc.

    That's serious.

    If you have folks who have tried doing business via the PMO, Annie, ask them how it works, and what percentage has to go to the female PM.

    Then you can judge, true or false.


  2. Oh, by the way, I have an important question for
    Ustazah Blobby Porkfat (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour of the Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century)...

    "Memasang replika burung helang sebagai mercu tanda adalah haram kerana ia menyerupai bentuk haiwan hidup, kata Timbalan Mufti Perak Zamri Hashim.

    Beliau mengetengahkan hadis riwayat Ibnu Abbas bahawa Nabi Muhammad bersabda:

    “Setiap pembuat patung diazab baginya di dalam neraka kerana menjadikan setiap patung itu roh sebagai alat penyeksa terhadapnya di dalam neraka jahanam.

    “Ijmak seluruh ulama daripada semua mazhab Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah menetapkan haram membina atau membuat replika patung yang lengkap bagi benda bernyawa seperti manusia atau binatang.

    “Malah, jika sudah dibina wajib dirobohkan

“Manakala membinanya atau membuatnya adalah dosa besar,” tulisnya dalam sisipan “Ibrah” di Berita Harian hari ini."

    As she's alim, and a graduate of al-Azhar, I would like our triple-chinned, cellulite-bloated Malaysiakini Ustazah to provide an opinion.

    But please, finish your bak kut teh first.

    Sixth helping, ye kak? : )

    Calories, calories...

    1. 'Ustazah Blobby Porkfat (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour of the Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century)'....her list of 'titles' is sure getting impressive, by the minit! LOLZ

    2. Yeah go ahead and turn the eagle statue into rubbles. Last time Pas-led government did that in Terengganu, it cost them the whole state; turning Hadi Awang into one term MB.
      The thing is it has been there for such a long time, why now it has become a religious issue? The sculpture itself and the place surrounding it has become a massive tourist attraction. It is not like the people on the island worship it or something. It is there to attract tourists so economic activities will take place. People could earn some money.

    3. is she really muslim scholar.........or talks big only

    4. Talks big??? Getting "Bigger" and "Bigger" by the day lah. Whoops fatter

    5. She's a fake and charlatan. And her blog is dying. Handful of comments (some from herself.) Maybe people aren't as stupid as she thinks.

    6. Hadis yg tak ada asas langsung dlm alquran


    7. Ya banyak hadith saling bersandar dgn al-Quran, Sdr Azmi
      (terutama dlm Tafsir eg Ibn Kathir)
      namun ada daripada Rosulu 'Llah SAW yang tidak merujujuk al-Quran secara terus juga diriwatkan dgn baik Sanadnya
      ( Ruj Dr Rozaimi, UPSI)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  3. A-G & IGP doing sandiwara. Chiat. They have no intention of nabbing MO1. But people are not dumb.

    The fact that both NST and Utusan are dying fast shows people are not dumb. Unlike the garmen lah!

    1. 'raja tweeter' tu budak suruhan umngok jer.........

  4. 1mdb issues are not that complex as you would like to think. I had analysed the fin reports from 2010 until 2014 and I found that something must be gravely wrong. I was dead sure.I did the analysis more than 2 yrs ago. By looking at the numbers I inferred (at that time) that 1mdb was poorly managed - high leverage and investment decisions without proper appraisals to those projects invested. The only way to find the causes of the problems was to have forensic auditing on 1mdb.

    Based on the results of various investigations by local and foreign agencies, I can safely say that 1mdb was use as a vechicle to scam 1mdb's monies. If the foreign agencies were not involved in the investigation, we will never know what had happened to 1mdb's monies.

    To me, the 1mdb scam is almost a perfect crime as the plan was so well executed and the money went through different countries, different banks and different bank accounts.


    1. The problem with dedak eaters and Abdul Rahman Dahlan is their sheer stupidity.

      Read all 136 pages of the DOJ report, lah. The diversion of the $731 million into MO1's (i.e. Najis's) account is directly from 1MDB bonds. Understand what the DOJ are saying. ARD doesn't.

      Why you think he had to lie repeatedly about it and invent the arab donor bullshit?

      Any Malaysian with an IQ above 20 knows this has jack shit to do with the BOD or Shahrol. Too late.

      MO1 is a criminal by the name of Jibby Tong Sampah, and he stole billions FROM OUR POCKETS.

      FULL STOP.

    2. Bro 11:00

      I wrote that the pm has to go in A Voice a few days ago; ada comment berleter ngan gua...

      Gua pun tak faham manusia yang masih bertegas tunggu siasatan selesai la, innocent until proven guilty la, macam macam la..

      Lu betul..ini melibatkan the highest executive of Malaysia dan ni kemaluan besar, ini pengkhianatan, ini ada criminal element...yang sebaik nya pm resign dan badan penyiasat boleh la siasat dengan bebas dan tanpa diganggu..baru la boleh kata pm kita gentleman...Atau pun go and do a real Nothing To Hide explanation in detail. TV3 kan ada.. i am sure this will show some sincerity in the man if he really has nothing to do with the db mess.

      Bukan susah pun tapi apasal tak mau berterus terang ? Kita rakyat berhak nak tahu... dan bila kita tak boleh dapat penjelasan, kita memekak le menuntut penjelasan. Salah ke ? Merakam kan tuntutan kita ?

      So cara jawapan dan jawapan itu sendiri yang telah diumum kan masih belum dapat buat kita percaya. Apa pasal seorang pendana menteri sebodoh ini ? Lagi cepat dijelaskan (kalau logik la) lagi lekas rakyat Malaysia akan berhenti memekak. Atau saman la WSJ tu, Sarawak Report ke. yang di Malaysia ni pun boleh...ada ramai najib boleh saman malu...Dr.M, The Edge, Tony Pua, Rafizi, Ini yang disiasat maklumat bocor ? Apa punya bingai da .... if maklumat bocor proves a crime, bocor pun tak pasal...

  5. Raja Twitter gostan plak.

    Apa nak jadi melayu ni. Bodoh2 belaka yg memegang jawatan awam. Baik kehakiman, kepolisian, SKMM dan semua jawatan penting dipegang olih melayu yg bodoh.

    Melayu2 bodoh diSKMM buat kerja bodoh. Satu dunia tahu MO1 adalah Najib. Yang himpunan Tangkap MO1 tu yg dianjurkan olih pelajar2 ialah suruh polis melayu tangkap Najib lah..

    apa ke bodohnya melayu diSKMM ni. Dh lah ahli2 Umno dan Menteri2 Umno bodoh, yg pegang jawatan awam jugak adalah melayu2 bodoh....

    1. Kabinet 1MDB ni semuanya tokong tokong yg terpilih berlaka.

      Yang penting hanyalah pangkat, darjat dan imbuhan selain daripada kemewahan hidup yg bakal dikecapi dan banyak lagi longgokan harta karun yang akan menanti.

      Jawatan menteri adalah lombong emas. Bukan untuk berkhidmat demi kepentingan rakyat tetapi untuk melombong emas sepuas puasnya. Apabila emas dah habis mereka akan melombong pasir pula.


  6. Yes 1MDB is frustratingly more complex, Lil sis Ms Annie
    because it involves foreign JV company and lack of corporate transparency

    Weren't the $ billions diversion then initiated by officers of IPIC?
    ( to be anytime soon cleared in-sya-Allah by London Arbitration)

    The BoDs are solely responsible for the poor business/ financing strategies and must be made public for future learnings. If thete are any criminal misrepresentation by offices, Tan Sri AG must not hesitate to prosecute.

    This is Rakyats own SWJ company, not any party to own nor fight against. Alaa why are we waiting?

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. WOIIIIII, Mangkuk Zina al-Kentut al-Hisap, 'The BoDs are solely responsible', pale otak hang.........penternak engko yg 'solely responsible', doh.......laaaaa, entah ape spesis haiwan si Mangkuk Zina nih........palui


    2. What(?) you apparently don't have even an idiot opinion, Sdr ANON 14:34
      on 1MDB which is the subject of this thread

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Aduhai Zin, kenapa u nak buat hukuman rojak dengan "The BoDs are solely responsible for the poor business/ financing strategies and must be made public for future learnings. If thete are any criminal misrepresentation by offices, Tan Sri AG must not hesitate to prosecute."???

      Kan? ada directors 1MDB yang awal2 resign ketika Ahjibgor & Macai buat suka2 dengan transaksi wang banyak tanpa approval BOD dulu kan? Zin lupa dah? Lepas tu Najib dan Jholow tak responsible songlap duit kah?

    4. The BOD of 1mdb had nothing to do with this:

      RM520k for Chanel; RM60m for clothes, jewellery; RM28m into CIMB against BAFIA rules, RM280k for a relative, RM176m to crony supplier, RM56 million to another crony supplier, fancy car RM224k; RM3.75 million at foreign jewellers in one shot.

      Oh plus W.O.W.S, the very Islamic movie.....hehehe


    5. Even if influenced by M01(?) and they testify as such
      the BoDs are under law solely culpable
      ( Co Law 101)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. M zin alor gajah babi bodoh
      Yeah islamic law cannot save your sorry ass
      Madam rosmah busuk ko tu suruh ko macai buat damage control guna undang2 bangsat macam tu

      Uhh takutnya aku
      Undang2 takutnyeeereeeeeeeee
      The BoD are under law solely responsible

      Uhhh takutnyeee
      Otak kampung aku sungguh takut


    7. Rujuk saja Companies Act 1965
      berkenaan hak dan tanggungjawab BoDs

      Kalau tak setuju pun Sdr ANON 10:05
      nauzubi 'Llah perlu ke guna nama ejekan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. M Zin, tolong rujuk Article 117 of 1MDB MOA, which was in force throughout the Bugis lanun's songlap-ing. And his signature is on all transfers, some of which to his own accounts. This has zero to do with Companies Act 1965 because of MOA itself is specific.

      'Released by the Public Accounts Committee, the transcripts showed 1MDB and government officials when quizzed made multiple references to Article 117 of 1MDB’s constitution which states all matters need authorization from the premier. That’s even as the probe blamed financial and reporting lapses on a former chief executive.'

      Why do you think Carimakan was scared and why the AG Report is under OSA?


    9. Yes the MoA, but from whom transfers came is the subject of dispute, Sdr ANON 12.11
      now being heard at London Arbitration

      It is apparently not directly but from a JV company and transfets were initiated by IPIC managers

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    10. Zin, u pls jangan torture us with ur genius mind...siapa chairman of the BOD 1MDB?


    11. Chairman of the Board(?) Sdr ANON 16:45

      The Chairman of the BoD is Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah who was appointed on 24th August 2012 to replace ineffective TS Lodin W Kamaruddin

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    12. Dah merompak duit rakyat lepas tu sendiri kata kata nauzubillah

    13. 'Zin, u pls jangan torture us with ur genius'...poor Zin dah overdose on dedak.

      Zin, your paymaster signed the JV in 2013 with UAE when he 'bersekongkol' with Jho Low and the 2 Arabs to re-transfer the money only 1 week later.

      Your paymaster got his "donation" from these 1MDB bonds, in a trail that the whole world has uncovered in great detail.

      Look up these words: Devonshire, Tanore, Eric Tan. But finish eating your dedak first. You obviously see your paymaster as a victim of the cruelty of having US$700 million transferred to his personal account from 1MDB.

      Kesian dia, innocent victim!

      Poooorah lah dei.

    14. Zin, are u saying the 1MDB Advisory Board Chairman and Malaysian Minister of Finance a.k.a. Sanrabone Mappadulung Najib knows nuts about the workings of the BOD of 1MDB all along?

    15. m zin mabuk dedak, bro........


    16. What dedak(?) I voted PAS GE-13
      and really your business to ignore CA 1965

      BoD duties and responsibilities are actually common knowledge even the kampung folks. My wife and I were on the Board of companies and compulsory for all directors even of the smallest Sdn Bhds to attend SSMs one day course

      Just a suggestion, to learn up the law, boleh?
      ( to protect yr personal interest in companies)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    17. Just a suggestion, Zin, learn to read, boleh? You are like a deaf parrot. Article 117 says all decisions made during the 1mdb mega-songlap were signed by Najis himself. Why you think two board members resigned? Read about BOD meeting minutes during PSI songlap deal, boleh?


    18. Signatories in co law are merely technical SOPs, Sdr ANON 07:43
      following resolutions passed by members of the BoD who are the ones solely culpable
      ( no signature without Board decision)

      Yes good point about probable undue influence but diverted monies were not from 1MDB bit the JV co kan(?)
      and really why nauzubi 'Llah would you call a Muslim leader/ anyone by an insultory name?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    19. Wrong yet again. And you do not even understand the chronology of events.


      One week after this picture, your hero got his "donation" via Tanore and Jho Low, and an equal share went to the 2 Arabs.

      "Muslim leader"? Were you taught to be corrupt, Zin?


    20. What corrupt, not conclusive proven the source of the money Sdr ANON 19:22
      which is probably for UMNO
      as are funds for all parties including DAP and Pribumi
      ($millions by YAB Tun & Tun Daim?)
      from very dubious sources.

      Thats why easier to vote PAS

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  7. A lot of people give up on understanding. But here's the simple point, OK:

    a) The PM says "my cash was given by an Arab royal". The A-G agrees.

    b) The MACC wanted to charge Najib. The A-G BLOCKED ACCESS to overseas evidence. BNM wanted to charge 1MDB, the A-G blocked it.

    c) The Swiss, Singapore and USA have tonnes of forensic evidence to show that the so-called "donation" is derived directly from 1MDB. The conspiracy is between Najib, Jho Low, and the two Arabs in UAE. All of these people made a minimum of US$500 million to US$1.5 billion from the scam. (Read the DOJ Report).

    d) The person called MO1 is a liar, thief and swindler and appointed equally corrupt person to block prosecution.

    Tu la ceritanya.

    1. "The Swiss, Singapore and USA have tonnes of forensic evidence to show that the so-called "donation" is derived directly from 1MDB."

      OK! But why hasn't any of them accused Najib by name? Unless and until they name him, nothing happens to Najib - full stop. If they do not, people can speculate till the cows come home and nothing will happen to Najib.

    2. speculate apa bro? MO1 mmg najib lah.......tapi USA nak bagi 'face' sikit. Ko pi baca DOJ report ler, konpom cerita dongeng "saudi donor" tu mmg 100%"WHY DOES PEOPLE TELL LIES, if nothing 2 hide"? Abang coba teka ler.....common sense........"WHY DOES PEOPLE TELL LIES"???

    3. "Unless and until they name him"...they did. As clear as daylight. Just practicality of international relations. But wait till one of the 2 UAE Arabs confirms his role in the scam. Should be funny, get the popcorn ready.

    4. "tapi USA nak bagi 'face' sikit"

      Apa-apa sebab, jika USA tak namakan "MO1", tiada kes.

      "But wait till one of the 2 UAE Arabs confirms his role in the scam."

      OK. Wait and see.

      It has been estimated that this DoJ case can take as long as seven years to complete, by which time it will be into the next presidential term after the upcoming one where either Hillary or Trump will become the next president and that's a long time and it could be two new Attorneys General later. So OK, we wait and see what develops next.

    5. IT.Scheiss...

      You've a good reputation amongst commentators in blogs, everywhere. Don't tarnish it by trying to defend the indefensible.

    6. And if World War III happens under Hillary Clinton as the next president of USA, then what will happen to this case. Will it be top of the US DoJ's priority or what if Washington DC no longer exists?

    7. Dear IT.Scheiss

      Are you implying that Najib could 'escape' the long arms of the law if there's World War III....???

      You must have doubts on Najib's innocence. Don't you?

    8. IT.Scheiss, you are confusing several points here.

      a) Is Najib actually involved? Read the 136 pages. If he's MO1, he's 100% guilty. Simple.

      b) Can he be prosecuted? He has head of state immunity. It's a legal concept. And there are practical difficulties. And time. And he's killed off all local probes one by one. That says a lot about our moral fibre.

      c) "And if World War III happens under Hillary Clinton as the next president of USA, then what will happen to this case. Will it be top of the US DoJ's priority or what if Washington DC no longer exists?" Errrr, OK. No answer needed.

      d) Whatever it was, the man has told a f*** of a lot of lies in this issue. Now he talks about fearing Allah SWT. Good stuff. And no kids, there is no princely Arab donor.

    9. 'Scheiss' as a somewhat shorter form of 'scheisse' (shit, crap)
      Scheiss in general is often used the same way, as 'fuck' in US Englisch...

      In German language, e.g. 'scheiss' (from Scheisse - shit) and 'egal' (equal) becomes 'scheissegal' which means whatever but with an 'fucking whatever' in mind.

      So ein Scheiss - What the shit!
      Was für ein Scheiss hast Du gemacht? - What the crap did you do?

  8. Annie,

    //Unless of course if I'm a DAP undercover operative working inside the Umno camp trying to create havoc within the party//

    I have always said you are the lousiest DAP undercover operative ever.

    You keep praising various UMNO people and whacking DAP politicians.

    //the 1MDB issue is complex//

    Not true.

    The 1MDB issue is quite simple.

    Money has been stolen and this has been verified by independent sources like the US authorities, the Swiss, the Singaporeans, the Australians, and god knows who else.

    Even the Abu Dhabi authorities have begun prosecutions but I consider them to have a vested interest because they have lost money themselves.

    //See, it's all very confusing//

    I suspect that it is a deliberate ploy to put out two sides of a story.

    This way nobody can say which is which.

    Some people may have read only one story, some people may have read only the other story, and they will argue on which story is correct.

    Then there are those who have read both stories and like you they will be confused.

    So, can you imagine how someone who has NOT read either story? They would not know who or what to believe.

    //Even the IGP and Bernama got it all mixed up//

    Nupe, I don't don't believe that the IGP has got it mixed up.

    He knows exactly what he is doing by putting out different signals.


    1. igp he waits for order....dari atas

    2. Yea! he is putting out different signals like a dumbo sitting on the fence. Is he still in charge of catching thieves in this country?

    3. He's in charge of catching lotsa $$$$$ when he does what he's told

  9. Tu la cerita nya....ASWJ dah ubah tiang Gol
    Tu lah ceritanya. ....Che DET dah melatah buka pekong konspirasi
    Tu lah ceritanya......SR melatah libatkan DYMM Agong dalam plan nak jatuhkan Najib
    Tu lah ceritanya.....Orang bangang aja buat kerja nak sabitkan kesalahan.yg dituduh tiodak dipangil ambil keterangan...worst than Kanggaro court kalau ada trial pun
    Tu la ceritanya....from realiable sources,from people familiar with the case......Court mana nak accept hearsay evidences
    Tu la ceritanya.....sekejap 42 bil,lepas itu 27 bil,lastx tak hilang pun dan tak ada bukti nak prosecute Najib
    T u la ceritanya....kena kelentong
    Tu la ceritanya.....tak payah lah...cari sendiri....LOL

    1. Oi sundal dedak 19:36, ko blom habis cerita lagi, O.

      Nahhhh, ambik ler engko...........

      Jawapan 1 : (Diam)
Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.
Jawapan 4 : SWIFT Code di dalam dokumen WSJ adalah tidak benar
Jawapan 5 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.
Jawapan 6 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.
Jawapan 7 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.
Jawapan 8 : Najib tidak jadi saman WSJ kerana dia tidak terkenal di Amerika Syarikat
Jawapan 9 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun peribadi sendiri untuk terima wang
Jawapan 10 : RM2.6 billion itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 11 : RM2.6 billion itu adalah derma
Jawapan 12 : Akaun peribadi Najib sebenarnya adalah akaun amanah atas nama Umno
Jawapan 13 : Lebih baik Najib pegang wang dalam akaun peribadi dari dipegang oleh proksi
Jawapan 14 : Penderma RM2.6 billion itu adalah adalah dari Timur Tengah
Jawapan 15 : Sedekah RM2.6 billion datang dari penyokong-penyokong Umno
Jawapan 16 : Najib berhak untuk merahsiakan derma kerana ianya untuk akaun peribadi
Jawapan 17 : Duit derma lebih selamat di dalam akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri
Jawapan 18 : Ahli-ahli Umno memang dah lama setuju wang sumbangan boleh masuk ke dalam akaun peribadi Presiden
Jawapan 19 : Duit itu guna untuk pilihanraya dan kerja kebajikan
Jawapan 20 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan ISIS
Jawapan 21 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan DAP dan YAHUDI
Jawapan 22 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan Muslim Brotherhood
Jawapan 23 : Duit itu sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana Malaysia berfahaman Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah
Jawapan 24 : Duit itu bukan duit rakyat, jangan dengki dengan rezeki seseorang
Jawapan 25 : BERSIH dan pembangkang juga menerima duit derma dan perlu isytiharkan penderma mereka
Jawapan 26 : Jangan ganggu pentadbiran Najib, zaman Tun Mahathir sudah berlalu
Jawapan 27 : Dulu Tun Mahathir pun mesti dapat derma dalam akaun peribadi untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 28 : Bank Negara sudah lama tahu, dan saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan
Jawapan 29 : Ada ramai penderma, bukan seorang penderma
Jawapan 30 : Zahid Hamidi jumpa wakil-wakil penderma
Jawapan 31 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6 billion untuk kegunaan Umno
Jawapan 32 : Henti kan fitnah. Saya tidak pernah menyoal Pak Lah bagaimana dia cari duit untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 33 : Menuduh Najib adalah sama seperti menyerang umat Islam Malaysia
Jawapan 34 : Walaupun saya telah memecat ramai orang, saya berjiwa besar
Jawapan 35 : Jangan persoal cara Najib Razak memerintah. Dia perintah mengikut sunnah Nabi
Jawapan 36 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang
Jawapan 37 : Raja Arab sebelum meninggal memberi sedekah RM2.6 billion kepada Najib
Jawapan 38 : RM 2.03 billion telah di pulangkan kembali kepada Raja Arab sebab tak habis digunakan
Jawapan 39 : Derma sedekah itu adalah hal peribadi antara Najib dan Raja Arab
Jawapan 40 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.


      *krik krik krik*

    2. 41: Saya takut hanya pada Tuhan. Begitu juga menteri2 dan AG saya yang menari2 di tepi jalan.

  10. One only has to look at Najib's ever-changing replies on his durian runtuh bank account to be convinced about his guilt in the 1MDB scam.

    They start with I dunno; I don't have such account; ok got but I dunno again; I'm not so stupid...; ok people give me money, I never ask; they want to help me; donor wants to help me; I only use a little bit and gave back most; etc etc etc.

    Lies upon lies.

    As for our newspapers which I've stopped buying, a few days back I sold my old copies to my paper lama auntie and told her I'd stopped buying newspapers, she lamented that these days very susah because almost no one buys newspapers anymore. Her former customers said tak mau beli, semua tipu!!

    As for Ah So, she should just marry Ridhuan Tee and both of them can have a jolly good time wallowing in their favourite past time. At least Tee can legitimately talk about Islamic matters.

    Better than Ah So, spouting off on defending the umma while chomping on her tai pau and sucking the bone marrow of her bak kut teh (extra large portion).

    I suspect the eagle issue also part of trying to kena Tun M.

    1. Yea, lets face it innocent people dont have to tell 40-over lies to cover-up! Right

  11. Anon 21.11
    Tu la cerita nya....2 thn melalak habok pun tarak
    Tu la cerita nya....Dari 5 Bilion dah tinggal 4 bil,la panik sponsor nak blah...plan semua kantoi
    Tu la cerita nya....Boi,boi tak jadi PM...habih RM 100 Bil pada kronies tak dapat recover
    Tu la ceritanya.....Konspirasi gagal....frust menunggeng
    Tu la cerita nya.....22 Ogos tak ada pun DOJ pangil 3 ekor yg terlibat
    Tu la cerita nya.....sampai 40 items...merepek,tak faham pun..LOL

    1. Tp, anon 21.11 punya jwpn mmg thorbaek, penuh maksud mendalam,.. Tu pn kalo korang tinggi IQ utk paham,..

      Geng2 dedak2 sekalian; nailed it, u all fakk

    2. setuju 100%, 3 September 2016 at 23:03.........dorang semua fakk! Pemakan2 dedak nih, ishhhhh

  12. Me.... if I do not want to confuse myself, I just remind myself the following:-

    - Look what happened to UMNO and BN's image & reputation when Najib as Defense Minister...solicited Razak Baginda as middleman to purchase submarines for the Navy.
    RPK then, had even sworn a SD, alleging that Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed. After 13 years...still haunting UMNO. Now, Atantuya's murderer can be used to blackmail our PM. More Rakyat's money wasted? shut Sirul's mouth?

    - Deepak Carpet's interest-free loan of RM30 million from Bank Rakyat.

    - Jho Low and 1MDB...As long as Najib is can be used, at every election campaign to tarnish BN and UMNO.

    Hidup Najib, Mampus UMNO.

    1. Correct bro, correct. Much money stolen from MOD also

    2. scorpene profit mark up = 500 million, songlap thru razak baginda HK company........

    3. Cannot say who profits....but the point is that... it was a needless waste of Rakyat's money to pay Razak Baginda, USD500 million as commission... when Navy personnel could have done a better job, at a much lower expense too. The government had only to pay for mileage claims and overseas allowance.

    4. Betul. If you look at Najib's songlap career, started from before 2009 actually. Maybe Tun don't see his mistake of making Najib PM till too late.

    5. That was Tun's biggest mistake ever. Helping this Bugis pirate, who then killed our nation.

  13. Annie,

    I think you better leave Nur Jazlan behind.

    Saying really dumb things:

    "Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed bersetuju dengan cadangan mewujudkan keadaan tidak selesa di penjara sebagai sebahagian proses pemulihan banduan supaya mereka insaf dengan kesalahan dilakukan.

    Timbalan menteri dalam negeri itu mengulas kenyataan bekas Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan, Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah menggesa Jabatan Penjara memastikan pesalah yang menjalani hukuman penjara disemai perasaan takut dan satu daripada cara itu ialah melalui ketidakselesaan dalam sel mereka.

    Semalam, Mohd Noor berkata, amalan memberi “kemudahan ala VIP” kepada banduan perlu dihentikan, sebaliknya mereka wajar diberi layanan setimpal dengan kesalahan masing-masing, contohnya sel banduan perlu ada nyamuk, tikus dan lipas yang boleh mengganggu penjenayah bagi mengelakkan mereka “mengambil peluang melakukan jenayah semata-mata untuk menikmati segala kemudahan disediakan Jabatan Penjara”.

    “Saya setuju dengan dia,” kata Nur Jazlan kepada FMT hari ini."

    Sorry la beb, this guy has dropped IQ severely since 2 years ago. Is this the way for a Minister to talk?

    Also, he's fat.

    Fat and stupid is not a good combo, just ask Kak Smellin'. She's both.

    1. Hehehe, you know I have a friend who called NJ "the next generation of Umno". Now when I mention, he duduk senyap jer. This guy is biggest let down. Of a zero-integrity man. No hope NJ

    2. PS: yea, Also dun, forget the guy ran away from PAC - no balls and greedy to get high position . Well you see the REAL NJ on that day

    3. nur jazlan 18 month ago and nur jazlan today......very different

    4. Nur Jazlan is a disgraceful opportunist. That's all.

  14. people only want to believe what they want on 1mdb.
    so they pretend to act like they know...but actually dont.
    all malaysian agencies as well as international agencies could not even find any fault that leads to our pm but still these people are not satisfied.
    they want him to sue....sue for what?...they want our pm to waste his time and rakyats money to sue....are they that idiot?
    they call him all kinds of names , condem his family and those who support him....for what?...malaysians have to be smarter than this. stop wasting time on things you dont know and focus on ur work like what our pm is doing.
    if u dont like him as pm then just wait for the next election ...if not just get out from malaysia.....FAHAM?

    1. Tak paham woh.

      We know the 2.6beliyon donation is bullshit. We know he stole.
      So how?

      We know kak gemuk pemakan dedak.

    2. all malaysian agencies as well as international agencies could not even find any fault that leads to our pm?

      Hello bro you mabuk ketum or what?

      Swiss A-G confirm 4 billion USD stolen.

      Ditto DOJ.

      5 other countries are on it

      Apa lagi pemakan dedak mahu?

      No wrongdoing yea rite

    3. confirm kepala hotak ko
      aloooooo.....u. kn dedak mana ni?

    4. 'all malaysian agencies as well as international agencies', DOJ is what?

    5. Not just DOJ or Swiss, 5 other countries also. The world is laughing at us.

    6. world got better things to do lahhhh...why waste time...u think msia so important to them ahhh?
      what a laughing konon...bodo

    7. Thats true
      Resolving and jailing the corrupt politician and ministers is important

      Faham tak bodoh?
      Very very important!
      Bila lagi nak paham? 1000 tahun lagi?

      Malaysia is more important that the west, asian and united nations combined
      Fuck the west, fuck the asian and fuck the united nations
      All we care is about malaysia
      And najib mesti disumbatkan dalam penjara
      Itu yang paling penting untuk malaysia
      And fuck the world

  15. Annie,

    The Chosen One in action:

    "Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today emphasised that he was not afraid to face attacks from the enemy or give up the struggle for the people despite the endless attacks from within and outside the country.

    “Armed with the spirit, we will rise again. (I will) certainly fight. I am afraid of no one, I only fear Allah S.W.T. I am not afraid of people who betray Umno after becoming a leader for 22 years."

    Rasa nak muntah? Yes, me too.

    "I only fear Allah S.W.T."


    a) Then why did you lie and say you had never even got the money in your personal account? (YouTube the video evidence)

    b) Then why did you tell so many further lies and spin the story about the Arab donor (who does not exist) ASKING you open an account? (YouTube the video evidence)

    How many lies have you told, pink lips?

    How much money have you stolen?

    "I only fear Allah S.W.T."

    Misuse of religion.

    Sounds like some fat, creepy old female Cinapek one could mention?

  16. Noh omar ada scandal tender 164 juta
    Im very grateful for the malaysian
    Because malaysia is peaceful
    Peaceful to rob, pirate and songlap the nation
    Uwooooooo bestnyeeeeeee
    Aku sungguh bersyukur dengan pemimpin noh omar yang sungguh berbahagia sedangkan rakyat merempat
    Hidup lubang bontot melayu
    Hidup bontot melayu
    Hidup melayu

    1. ye lah kan....mcm dap jugak lah ....bapak pun boleh mintak duit kopi daaaa....suka hati.....
      yg banyak bagi cina lahhh.....duit kan tuhan mereka.

  17. I knew it
    Najib ordered his men to mention his name
    Because he can get away with it
    Brcause he wants to how how godly he is
    How heroic it is
    But its all a sham, all theater and all devillishly deceptive
    Because he wants to make the use of worldy law to fucking get away with it
    Like a fucking ancient cockroach

    1. A cockroach has no less brainpower than a butterfly, but we're quicker to deny it has consciousness because it's a species that lives in filth with black scum running in its veins.

    2. aloooo..baca report doj sampai habis...then think where the source comes from then u will know how stupid u r

  18. The PM is in his sincere, faithful and dedication and hard working to lead and develop the nation. PR is creating speculation every day without fail to down great Najib. The base less speculation without proper evidence does not make any sense.

    1. And Joe Low is the indefatigable minister of super finances dedicated to empowering the Preminent Moron.

    2. msian politics....tuduh dulu....demo dulu.....later baru tunjuk bukti....semua bukti oversea mari daaaa

  19. Still confused?

  20. I'm perplexed, as to why our government likes to 'dukung biawak hidup' on the expense of the Rakyat.

    I think its Najib's own doing... that most of his cabinet ministers are made of...dimwits. After-all, Najib value loyal people over 'smart people'.

    The latest bangang Zahid... to extradite, jailed Thailand's citizens, involved in Wang Kelian human-trafficking.

    Just like last time... when some politicians suggested, the government extradite Jamulul Kiram who was dying of chronic diabetes and needs blood transfusion, 3 times a week. Luckily they scraped that idea. If would have created lots of problem... for Health ministry, prison personnel and the Police to escort him, every-time he needs blood transfusion or brought to court.. then Dying under our care and we have to bare his funeral expenses too.

    1. 'most of his cabinet ministers are made of...dimwits'

      Mael Sabri, Tajuddin, Aziz Karpawi, Mat Maslan 3.85, Zahid Komedi, Nazi Aziz....we are led by morons.


    2. Ya lah aku yang pandai sangat(?)
      namun tidak perlu takabbur kut

      ( maaf cakap warong kopi)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  21. Annie..

    Kau tak paham ker atau kau takut nak paham??..
    Aku paham kalo kau tulis yg kau paham psl 1mdb ni..kena pulak declare camp mane yg kau nak latam..ujung ujung kau yg kena palam

  22. Even the nobody bloggers are killing ARD:


  23. Annie
    Kalau tak fahampse contact TSMY
    Masa dlm cabinet ,begatau semua orang dia hanya dapat info on 1 MDB dari SR saja,pada hal 2/3 kali breifings dibuat pada Cabinet Ministers.
    La ni bila kena chopped off dan ditendang keluar dah jadi Accountant Maggie Mee,berbuih cakap lecture atas pentas hal 1 MDB,malah tokok tambah lak tu.
    How to expect we want to trust this man.

  24. Hello..char siew pau is delicious and my fave too. I must learn to make a halal version of it..

  25. 1MDB is a complex issue for you to write? Are you really that dumb?Or ist because you had consumed dedak too thus it is not right for you to talk about 1MDB?Even the bangla security and indonesian toilet cleaners knows about 1MDB and you call thsi complex?

    To keep it as simple as possible for people like you, here is what 1MDB means;-1MDB, now better known as the den of thieves.

    The assistant Attorney General of USA said – “What happened instead was corrupt officials within 1MDB and others siphoned off a very large percentage of the money that was raised to the tune of $3 billion and used it in ways that provided absolutely no benefit to people in Malaysia other than themselves.”

    Only the most incompetent, and the most stupid could not comprehend what 1MDB means.

  26. UMNO controlled media are going frenzy(since they are bancrupt of news) about this "Uncle Lim" in Penang who collected RM260 in return for allocation for low cost house in Penang the person who paid RM260 did not get the promised low-cost house. MACC wasted no time in arresting this "Uncle Lim" who is the father of a DAP Adun.

    Where did corruption took place here? There were no return of favor in exchange of money. This is a pure crime case but just because it involves DAP,it suddenly become corruption. But howcome Najib claimed he received RM2.6( although we all know it's a BULLSHIT) but it is not a corruption? Just because UMNO controls the government?

    Everyone knows that the new MACC Chief is Najib's puppet aka dedak eater and he had just proven so and will continue to prove over and over again.

    I guess next,they will be spying on all family members of DAP politicians when they dine out in mamak stall and even if they short or over pay the mamak stall, MACC will immediately arrest and charge them for corruption.

    I'm not sure whether DAP politicians family members farting in public will also be a crime too?

  27. Pls don't get confused with 1mdb. Read The Scribe by A Kadir Jasin blog. Funny indeed ....

  28. 1MDB was supposed to invest in energy and property businesses to create jobs, but funds instead moved to secret offshore havens and later was distributed among various participants, the Justice Department alleges. Bank-transfer records reviewed by the Journal show that large sums wound up in the prime minister’s personal accounts at AmBank, which is based in Kuala Lumpur.

    Instead of creating jobs, it ended up causing people to lose jobs.

  29. Between 2009 and 2013, Mr. Low, a family friend of the prime minister, and his associates helped embezzle at least $3.5 billion from 1Malaysia Development Bhd., a state investment fund created by Mr. Najib, the U.S. Justice Department alleged in a lawsuit filed in July.

  30. Jikapun benar Najib curi wang, dia guna wang untuk kita orang Melayu. Takapalah.

  31. Any PM abused their position in one way or another. The people wanted to see how good the curent PM runs the show. Denial only not enough. There are many ways to overcome it, but looked none in the establishment had the capability. Act fast before its too late. Creativity and dynamism are the keys but the key people were too complacent and lack of both.

  32. Annie dah makan dedak 1mdb