Sunday 2 March 2014

Chinese should treat neighbors better

Woke up just now feeling quite good.

The fever has gone and I'm just coughing a bit.

This place where I'm now is very peaceful.

I can hear the birds chirping outside the window. They seem to like hanging out at the bamboo trees there.

However, my good feeling lasted just for awhile.

Checked my messages and saw this via NST SMS Alert,

NST 02/03. A mass stabbing at Kunming railway station in China left 28 people dead and 113 injured in a violent terrorist attack - AFP

I surfed the net and found this story by The Guardian.

China horrified as mass stabbings at Kunming rail station leave dozens dead

I guess things are not all well in China despite all that new prosperity and other advances.

It appeared that there are still those who are angry and feel oppressed.

In this case, the blame has so far landed on the minority Muslims of Xinjiang.

You can read a bit about the unhappy history of Xinjiang here,

Xinjiang conflict 

I think the tragedy at the Kunming railway station should prompt the Chinese authorities to consider the need to settle its internal problems before anything else.

It's obvious that China has a lot of problems, though unseen as they were mostly kept under wrap by its tough censorship of the media, including the internet.

In that context, the Chinese should reconsider its maneuvers in the South China Sea.

I believe that if they can't settle their problems at home, they shouldn't go around bullying their smaller "friends" in South East Asia by claiming that the entire sea belongs to them.

They even claim rights in other countries' territorial water.

I don't really understand why the Chinese have to do that.

Malaysia, for instance has always regarded China as a good friend and look up to it to balance the power of the Americans in the region.

Now the Chinese have reduced themselves to the level of a big bully. It's turning into just another imperialist power which itself claimed to despise not that too long ago.

I think it's the new found prosperity and military strength which led them to believe that they have the right to own everything and take anything they want from their neighbors.

It's a pity, really.

If only China could be a real friend.

Now small countries in this region, including Malaysia have no choice but to turn to the Americans to counter the Chinese threat in the South China Sea.

How I wish the Chinese could realize all these.

They should really clean up the mess in their own home instead of wanting to take stuff from other people's house.


  1. Chinese will be the 'new black' in the year 2020....
    History repeat itself...
    Communist era...
    With today's context, once the Malays
    Got it shit together.. The future is all ours
    The year will be 2020 where Malays will
    Be aggressive towards other races and more progressive while keeping their values towards their own kind....
    The emerging of chinese today thanks to
    Emerging of china in the year 1990's
    Before that, being a Chinese was always viewed as a outsider or a coward who run away from a shithole country that was run by a tryant Mao zedong
    Now that china had revolutionize its country and get its act together.. Every
    "outsider" jump in the bandwagon and piggyback on china success... Without realizing their great grandparents "cowardly" ran away from that phase

    Which is why bangsa Malaysia is rubbish!
    1) why do Malays need to accommodate others' need so as the other races skip that "phase" in life
    The phase of unity to overcome odds
    2) when Malays become bangsa Malaysia
    It's means, bangsa melayu sudah hilang as generation progress, no one will claimed they are Malay ...
    Which also means... Bangsa melayu lost his history as once the empire of srivijaya, Melaka , etc, etc.....
    3) if Malays adopt bangsa Malaysia...
    Then the only Malays can be said are in Singapore as they are still Malays
    So Malays in Singapore are limited editio n like the last of Mohicans fighting against all odds to preserve their identity...
    The Malays in Singapore were left behind in tengku Abdul Rahman era... And were left stranded today by us...
    But they can claimed they are the last survival of that once great empire
    4) if Malays become bangsa Malaysia , what will ever happened to e sultans?
    The sultan take care of the Malays so, when there's no Malays ... Why would "Malaysian" support the sultan?
    It's a political game of Chinese "sun zhi art of war" it's a slick move to slowly to plurge the identity of being a Malay
    It can also be said, anybody can become a prime minister, MB, etc...
    There nothing to gain for a Malay to become " bangsa Malaysia "
    The best is just try to hold on till 2020...and get our shit together
    And then a new 'Malay" will emerge as a champion of a new political power in south east Asia ... Aggressive ( new found confidence, dah tak bertolak ansur) yet kind towards its own kind. ..

    1. yo anon 11:26, by year 2020 Pakatan Rakyat already form the federal gomen, Anwar Ibrahim elected as PM and most of UMNO bigwigs already put in jail for corruption and treason charges. The income per capital has increased by 80%,car price reduced, toll free highway and many more universities were build to cater for ALL MALAYSIANS.
      Since 2018,Annie has change her blogs genre to home improvement,cooking and gardening stuff.

    2. What the hell have you been smoking, they must have been passing drugs in Pakatan ceramahs.

    3. Anwar as PM? Will he legalise LGBT? Memang mengundang laknat Allah SWT

    4. Anon 12:54, lets look into a bigger picture. Anwar is considered minor in his political endeavor. The grand agenda of DAP, Democratic Action Party by leadership and majority of the Chinese communities by Chauvinism is worth to ponder. Unfortunately or fortunately they are my brother citizens.

      No matter what, as proven, Chinese being Chinese who think that they one day want to go back to their mother land. This notion is dead because they are unwanted but to pleasure their association with the Communist regime in their own interval manner is alive and well in Malaysia.

      Like DAP, the members are aware that they are the core design of the oversea Chinese but try to reason it out by hiding behind the name of 'democracy'. Worst than that, it has developed deeper into a racist-chauvinistic blind party loyalists today. 

      The basic ideology, DAP is the Chauvinistic/Chinese union philosophy. They are positioned in collective bargaining to defile the Constitution. It has become a practice of DAP's day to day policy by looking at Taiwan's economic and political as their models in preparation for national political power.

      The idea of their economic worth is for their own kind to have direct Communist China money as their sole investor in the State they govern. By economic sentiment, in return for Robert Kuok influence and huge investment in the Republic of China since the 70s in response to Deng Xiaoping's China economic reform is sorted via Robert Kuak for China direct investment.

      DAP's State Government ignores the Malaysia policy toward Republic of China. The Malaysian-Sino international relation is usually neither ally nor enemy. Malaysia does not regard China as an adversary but as a neutral friend in selected areas as far as trade and commerce are concerned. But the State Government of Penang, its policy subtly demonstrated that China is an ally through the lobbyists in Hong Kong.

      The central power in Penang is going through  a social engineering exercises  in favor for supposedly of collective Chinese collective interest. Their workplace is gearing toward collection and distribution of resources from China incorporated  by the State of Penang central power. 

      Lim Guan Eng  is  promoting  the ideas and he knows exactly what he is promoting pandering to the Chinese electorate for votes by his grand agenda. He is selling Malaysia out for ethnic Chinese people's power under his party organization, DAP, a collective bargaining, union mentality, socialism at first, and possibly 'modern communistic engagement' in the end. 

      In relation to the possible South China Sea conflict, DAP is silence and subtly encouraging the new bully rights over the 'Red Line' which was drawn before the formation of China Communist. Interestingly, China is harping on the Red Line as the basis of her claims. Back to DAP, where does DAP's slogan, "Malaysian Malaysia" stances?

    5. anon 15:13, tolong tanya sama Najib samada LGBT kini legal ke ataupon illegal di Malaysia ? Adakah undang2 di Malaysia menyatakan LGBT tu illegal ?
      Tolong semak dengan Azalina Othman (UMNO) ada tak LGBT di Parlimen ?

    6. LGBT illegal

    7. Anti-LGBT laws: Malaysia

      Malaysian law currently provides for whipping and up to a 20-year prison sentence for homosexual acts involving either men or women.

      According to the 2011 report on laws about homosexuality worldwide from the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, Malaysian law on homosexual activity is codified in Section 377 of its Penal Code:

      Penal Code (Consolidated version 1998) 187

      Unnatural Offences
      Section 377A. Carnal intercourse against the order of nature.
      “Any person who has sexual connection with another person by the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature. … Penetration is sufficient to constitute the sexual connection necessary to the offence described in this section.”

      Section 377B. Punishment for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature.
      “Whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse against the order of nature shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping.”

      Section 377C. Committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature without consent, etc.
      “Whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse against the order of nature on another person without the consent, or against the will, of the other person, or by putting other person in fear of death or hurt to the person or any other person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of not less than five years and not more than twenty years, and shall also be liable to whipping.”

      Section 377D. Outrages on decency.
      “Any person who, in public or private, commits, or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any person of, any act of gross indecency with another person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years.”

      Sharia law

      The report states further:

      “Moreover, several states in Malaysia have instated Islamic Sharia laws, applying to male and female muslims, criminalising homosexual and lesbian acts with up to three years imprisonment and whipping.

      “The Sharia Penal law in the Malaysian state of Syriah prescribes penalties for sodomy (Liwat) and lesbian relations (Musahaqat) with fines of RM5,000.00, three years imprisonment and 6 lashes of the whip. All these penalties can be combined.”

    8. Aggresive... Like what Malay Muslims in Sambas in West Kalimantan in Indonesia did to Madurese Muslims in 1999, when Malays cannibalized, beheaded, raped Madurese Muslims, and destroyed their Mosques?

      I do not think other southeast asians want to see that kind of "aggresive" behavior.

    9. Bugis came in the past and conquer some states and so the same kind to negeri. Why all the mute to them

    10. Yes, by 2020, extrapolating the trend of progress of the Malays since Merdaka, the Malays should experience a dramatic realisation of destiny.

    11. China is Malaysia's biggest export customer. And Malaysia exports more palm oil to China than Indonesia, which is not involved in the South China sea matter. Perhaps that is why the government does not want to kick up a fuss over the recent China Navy movement near James Shoal.

      If DAP had kicked up a fuss, it would mean embarrassing the federal government internationally.

    12. Aquino is embarrasing phillipines kicking the fuss

  2. The minority of Xinjiang needs annie more than ever to fight the communist chinese, since annie is the best of the best 'chinese basher'.
    THe communist chinese gomen will be having a hard time fend off the 'heavy' blogger like annie. Congrates annie for going 'international', mainland cinabeng better watch out for our great annie !!

  3. Again is probably the job of Xinjiang Muslim. Don't blame the non Muslim being Islamphobic!.

    1. I'ts because the Hans from outside were massing into Xinjiang, swarming over the Uyghur, denying them of their livelihood.

    2. The same to sabahans and sarawakians since they join Malaysia or umno malayanise the government service

    3. "malayanise the government service".. WTF? whats the % of non bumis applying for civil service? Bahasa Malaysia also cannot get credit.. a large number of the non bumis elders also cannot speak proper Bahasa Malaysia!! And you call yourselves proud Malaysians? Young non bumis rather sell pirated dvds.. selling manufactured drugs than to join civil service.. go fuck yourself..

    4. Fuck yourself for blaming Chinese. Not wanting to employ bumis. Umno malayanise civil service and employ lowly sabahan and sarawakian. U low mentality

  4. Now we see the chinese grand plan. First they send all their unwanted low class all over the world but with specific instruction of maintaining their chineseness (mainly its unwanted traits). Once they get footholds, economic and politics, then mainland chinese will begin to exert their motherland control on these countries.

    Taiwan is very much a democratic part of mainland china as ikt ws much easier to control the masses via a dictatorial mean.

    The chinese here are nothing more than agents for the chinese diaspora grand plan and at is heart is the DAPsters. They will never be bangsa malaysia unless they have full control of the country economy, politic and culture. Their version of bangsa malaysia is chionese based.

    Kalau orang melayu tak sedar lagi, tak tahu lah.

    The furure is yellow.

    1. woi anon 13:04, engkau ni baru sahaja selesai menjalani khusus BTN ke ? teori hang ni teori kangkung tau ! dak kata bodoh tapi marah pulak.

    2. yeah, the future is yellow !
      Yellow = Bersih = People Power
      UMNO is very afraid of yellow.

    3. anon 13:04, siapakah yg jual tanah dengan berleluasa di Johor kepada cukong-cukong cina dari Singapore dan China ? Adakah Melayu di Johor ataupon Perkasa dan UMNO tidak sedar lagi ?

    4. Siapa yang jadi broker dan berjaya menipu tuan-tuan tanah melayu supaya menjual tanah melayu kepada cina singapore dan cina.

      Anon 16:15 sudah tentu tahu jawapannya.

    5. broker tu UMNO lah, siapa lagi !!

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. UMNO tak main lah jadi broker. Only chinaman yang sanggup buat kerja haram tu.

    8. anon 18:54 masih tidor lagi ke ? hehehehehe
      ramainya geng UMNO brokers bertempat di puterajaya, sampai tempat letak kereta di PMO pon boleh jumpa broker kat situ.

    9. Anon 18:34
      If you have specific allegation against certain individuals, please lodge a report with the authorities. Making such allegations at a blog such as this may invite legal repercussions. Thank you.

    10. Siapakah yang jual tanah-tanah orang Melayu... below link:

  5. Annie,

    Glad you are feeling better. I tried to avoid giving you suggestions because I was told by others that I was not a doctor so I was not to prescribe on your medical conditions :)

    Kunming is simply another example of people who are quite happy to attack innocent defenceless bystanders for a political cause - soft targets, I think that is what it is called.

    The unfortunate thing is that these aforementioned people will be associated with Islam, the religion, rather than their political cause, Xinjiang.

    Now, there is one more reason for everybody to hate Islam. It really makes me wonder why these people do it!!!

    I don't think it's the first time - I think I found some links recently about Kunming.

    I'm sure they'll be very busy in Beijing right now.

    As far as what China should do, I don't really care - it's a Chinese problem to deal with not mine.

    I am more interested in Malaysian affairs rather than Chinese, for example the case of the Spratleys, James Shoal, etc, as you have alluded.

    Basically, I like the Chinese Navy to fuck off from Malaysian territory - we have a 200km maritime zone, haven't we?

    I am frankly shocked at the response, or rather the lack of, by the Malaysian Navy and as a Malaysian, I demand to know why.

    The Phillipines Govt has tried pretty hard and are just barely hanging onto their territory.

    Why can't our Navy do something like that?

    Anyway, I am starting to rant and I am starting to sound silly. Might be a good time to stop. :)


    1. Its a small minded person who blames an entire group rather than the people who have done the crime.
      The people who did this attack did it for whatever reason (maybe desperation of their plight) your attempts to blame Muslims and Islam is silly in my view.
      Why do they do it? Because maybe just maybe they have no choice maybe China's agressive assault against the uighurs has been going on for so long that the uighurs see no way of stopping so lash out at even innocent people why should anyone blame Islam when one of China's vice president is Muslim and a large community (Hui) are with Beijing?
      Why do you assume that this attack would be a blame on islam when China's own media have refrained from doing so they blame "separatists"
      Your rant is another poor attack on Islam but is a big fail

    2. Dear Glady.
      Don't you think that the Hans have been swarming over the Uyghurs, denying them of livelihood. I heard there was no problem among the locals. It's the outsider Hans, that the Uyghurs are not happy about.

    3. always... Islam is under attacks and never Islam is attacking, get real please !

    4. Dear RD,
      Don't talk shit, I repeat (3x) don't talk shit !
      RD being to xinjiang ? or you read somewhere about the Uyghurs people and draw your own conclusion and the non muslim is always at faults, is it ?

    5. OK, for those who do not think Islam will be blamed for this, I only ask that you monitor the international news outlets yourselves and ask yourselves what the underlying message REALLY is.

      The Xinjiang separatists have now being linked to Islamic fundamentalists and IMHO it is to the detriment of the Uighurs because the outside world has simply ignored the Uighur cause for autonomy.

      Anyway, this is a matter outside of Malaysia and happening in a different country. I don't see it's relevance to Malaysian politics and how we can fix our own problems.


    6. RD,

      Why should I care if the Hans are screwing the Uighurs?

      Do you care when the Hans are fucking over the Tibetans?

      How about Mongolia? Does anybody care?

      They are not Malaysian problems, RD.


      I only care that the People's Republic of China is making claims over Malaysian territory and NOBODY has made any comments about it!!

      I hear the moaning and groaning of how the Melayus are losing their tanah air to the pendatangs BUT NOT ONE FRIGGING WORD HERE about the problems Annie has mentioned regarding the loss of the James Shoal and the Spratley islands!!!


      Don't you people want to know WHY THE MALAYSIAN NAVY HAS DONE NOTHING ALL THESE YEARS?? This problem did not start just last week, last month, last year, you know.

      Do you people know that the Philippines Government has sent commandos in to protect their own claims?

      Why hasn't the order been given for our Malaysian commandos to do likewise?


      Gawd!! I just want to cry sometimes over the sheer stupidity of some Malaysians. I really do.

      I'm sorry for ranting again but I really feel for the Malaysian defence forces who are being made to look stupid by those who are supposed to be in charge.

      And yes, I have friends in the Malaysian army and yes they are UMNO supporters but we don't discuss politics - we are just friends.

      Also, good soldiers don't talk very much about their work and my friends are very good soldiers.


    7. Glady the DAP toady,

      You talk too much but are plain coward. Why don't you prove it by joining the Malaysian Navy? Now that they have relaxed the rules for you buggers, joinlah we want to see how brave and patriotic you and your kinds are? Got no balls?

    8. The same thing to sulus. They should f**k off and Dr m should f**k them off.

    9. Dear Glady.

      Yes. What happened in Xinjiang is not Malaysian problem. But don’t be too quick to blame/brand the Uyghur ‘whatever’. If they were treated fairly in the past, things might not be as bad as today.

      Don't be too alarm about that Chinese Military landing/exercise on James Shoal, about 80km west, off Kuching. By any international standard, that shoal is legally Malaysian. While Pulau Layang-Layang (a part of a cluster of Spratly Islands) about 300km, north-west of Kota Kinabalu is a different matter, all-together. That is why Dr.M ordered the Navy to set-up base, just 2 month after becoming PM, 1981. (and that was after initiating that ‘London Dawn Raid’ on Guthrie). Today, if not because of Dr.M, we would not have legitimate claims on any part within that cluster of shoals.

      Annie was right. “Malaysia, for instance has always regarded China as a good friend and look up to it, to balance the power of the Americans in the region.”

      China is now in the best position to exert it’s Military presence in the South China Seas, as deterrent against US intervention in this part of the world. By all means, China is closer to us than the Americans. Don’t forget about US Naval base in Subic Bay, Philippines and Naval/Military base in Okinawa and many other parts of Japan. The US even have a Naval base in Sembawang, Singapore.
      Of-course China have a Military base in the Paracel Island, annexed just after the American withdrawal from Vietnam War, 1975, which caused animosity among Vietnamese, towards China.
      Therefore, China’s flexing its muscle in the South China seas is just like the cold-war era of US and Russia. Now it’s between US and China/Russia.

      Please remember that China has never interfere with Malaysian Politics, (except during the communist insurgency) while the US was known to have supported the opposition in Malaysia and in many parts of the world except, un-democratic Saudi Arabia. What an irony.

      Who knows. Maybe President Xi Jinping, had secretly called on Najib, then make our boys close one eye, on the day of James Shoal’s landing.
      So Glady, please don’t be too angry about our Navy guys, not exerting firmness or, as you implied, “look stupid. The American must have been astounded too.

    10. Who is Glady? The name sound like our cleaning lady.

    11. Anonymous @ 2 March 2014 22:38,

      "... Why don't you prove it by joining the Malaysian Navy?.."

      Prove what?

      That I am not going to receive any orders to take back Malaysian territory?

      Keep up your stupid racist views and attack me instead of thinking how to get Malaysian territory back from the PRC.


    12. RD,

      I am not the person who is saying the attack is linked to the Xinjiang Uighurs. Pls go have a look at international news portals.

      Pls also read carefully what I said about the Malaysian Navy. I am directly accusing those in charge - not the rank and file.

      So, Malaysians are to sit here quietly and trust that everything is OK with our territorial claims over the Spratleys and the James Shoal.

      Good luck to that kind of thinking. Just watch what is going to happen - the PRC is a much better player at this game and Malaysian will lose its claim to the Spratleys and the James Shoal.


    13. Dear Glady.

      As I said, James Shoals is 80km away from Malaysian shores. By any civil standard, China will be looked upon with aghast by the international community, if they were to annex it. Malaysia does not make a formal compliant, even after the 3rd. landing. It's a subtle way to tell the Americans that we are a ‘good-friend’ of China, too.

      Of-course it's impossible for Malaysia to claim the whole of Spratly Islands. At least we already have a permanent military base with an airfield on Terumbu Layang-layang, nearest of the atolls, 300km to the shores of Sabah. We even have a resort there and China have never exert untoward determination on where we build our facilities, since 1981.

      I think our government is pissed-off with the American for meddling in our political affairs by funding the opposition and it’s apparatus, to bring about an Arab Spring of sort. Everyone knows that Anwar Ibrahim is a very good friend of the American. Who knows, when Pakatan gets to Putrajaya, Malaysia will become a staunch ally of the US. Then things might turn ugly, on Terumbu Layang-Layang and James Shoal too.

      That’s the underlying cause of tension between Philippine, Japan, Vietnam and South Korea (through North Korea) with China. All these countries are ‘good friends’ of the US.

  6. Everyone talking crap about how China controls overseas Chinese, should realize that the curreent Philippine President is of Chinese ancestry. Aquino's great grandfather was a Chinese mestizo from the Chinese Cojuangco family. Most Thai Prime Ministers have been Chinese Thai.

    The Burmese Prime Minister Ne Win was Chinese, but he massacred the Chinese minority in Burma.

    By the way, Chinese speaking Hui Muslims have a history of fighting against Uyghur Muslims from Xinjiang.

    Mahatir said China is not a threat, and Hishamuddin said China can patrol in the Spratly islands whenever it wants to and doesnt care about other ASEAN nations viewing
    China as threat.

    "MALAYSIA differed with fellow Southeast Asian claimants in the South China Sea on the threat posed by China, dismissing concerns about patrols off its coast.

    Malaysia is not worried about how often Chinese ships patrol the areas it claims in the waters, Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said in an interview in Brunei Darussalam on Wednesday."

    Malaysia's Mahathir says China is no threat

    Mahathir: China no threat to Malaysia

    Philippines and Vietnam's claims to the islands are not legitimate. See here, Republic of China (Taiwan) was the first to claim all Spratly islands in the 1930s, Vietnam was under the rule of its French colonial master and Philippines was ruled by American. Philippines did not even lodge claims until the 1970s

    British found Chinese fishermen on the islands first

    Vietnam treat Cham minority like crap.

  7. Should we worried about China ? , why not ! ,but threat from People Republic of China could be considered external which I presume would be much easier to handle and manage politically or diplomatically .
    Internal threat should be a serious concern and initially manage , so history are not repeating like the fall of Kota Melaka to the Portuguese with the help of Chinese and Indian traders ,so Malaysia should be reminded .

    1. people should be more worry about tebing tinggi and his band of goons, little knowledge is dangerous man !

    2. Better to have a little knowledge that total ignorant like Anon 18:28. Hehehee

    3. wah, now tebing tinggi is re-writing the history of Kejatuhan Kesultanan Melaka....bravo !
      Tebing tinggi, where you get the history fact that the chinese and indian traders cohort with the Portuguese to conquer Melaka ? from the current 'Sultan Melaka' ? kah..kah..kah..

    4. Anon 19;50

      It's does happened before your fore fathers came by tongkang to this land, anyway I don't know whether they teach Sejarah Tanah Melayu in SJK(C) ,if they did, I am sure you don't care because you only want to be called Malaysian for it's benefit only .

    5. So becareful of India too tebing tinggi. But why Malaysia allow Indian mamak to be pm?

    6. Yo tebing tinggi, so your reference is primary school 'sejarah tanah melayu' , patutlah tulis yg bukan-bukan. Hehehehehehehe

    7. Mamak adalah orang Melayu. Bangsa Melayu merangkumi berbagai keturunan seperti Arab, Jawa, Bugis, Mamak dll asalkan beragama Islam. Bangsa CINA tidak boleh diterima sebagai orang Melayu tetapi anak campuran Cina dan Melayu Islam boleh ditarafkan sebagai orang Melayu.
      Harapkan DAPigs who loves criticizing Mamak get this straight into their pig head!

  8. Anon 12.54,
    Woi,tidur ke,by 2020 the man concern will walking with tongkat if he is not jailed.Judging by the recent development in his party now where everybody are tikaming each other back,I have the feeling that his party will become another Semangat 46 before next GE.

  9. Anon 19:08
    Woi, mabuk ke, before 2020 the "man concern" will become the PM whether you like it or not and judging by the recent development in UMNO whereby madey and his gang is scheming to unseat Najib, I have a strong feeling that Najib is now partnering with Anwar to stave off madey attacks.

    1. Anon 22:01,

      Masih mabuk todi ke? Anwar tak akan jadi PM and that is the fact. Anwar akan masuk jail and that is the fact. Najib will be replaced by an ultra-Malay and that is the fact. Mahathir and his factions in UMNO will be stronger and that is the fact. The chinkies will be screwdriver by Anwar left right and vented and be sodomized from behind and these are the facts. APA LAGI CINA CELAKA MAHU!

  10. Demi Rakyat......,

    FLOM : Demi rakyat, tiada masa lagi untuk hobi dan bermain badminton
    Annie : Demi rakyat, cina, india, melayu (yg sokong pakatan rakyat) akan terus dimaki hamun dan regime UMNO yg korup akan terus dan tetap disokong.
    Najib : Demi rakyat, saya akan remain silent dan bertaat setia kepada FLOM.
    Madey : Demi rakyat, Anwar mesti dikalahkan no matter what,Najib mesti diturunkan dan Mukhriz mesti dinaikkan.
    Ibrahim Ali : Demi rakyat, saya akan terus jadi president Perkasa.
    Isma : Demi rakyat, Isma akan terus menabur kebencian antara muslim dan kristian.
    LOL/RD/Tebing tinggi : Demi rakyat, kami bertiga LOL/RD/Tebing Tinggi berjanji akan teruskan usaha gigih kami 'mengacau taik' aka stirring shit di blog annie dan di mana-mana blog yg pro UMNO.
    Geng Mamak UMNO : Demi rakyat, kami akan terus membuat 'KERJA' mamak seperti biasa, khususnya di Pulau Pinang.
    MCA : Demi rakyat, kami mahu jawatan menteri, timbalan menteri, exco negeri dan jawatan-jawatan di mana ada lobang.
    MIC : Demi rakyat, Samy Vellu still control MIC.
    Gerakan : Demi rakyat, Gerakan akan terus bergerak
    Taib Mahmud : Demi rakyat, saya jadi Yang DiPetua Negeri untuk menyelia kerajaan negeri sarawak.
    Muhyiddin : Demi rakyat, saya akan bersara tak lama lagi
    Mukhriz : Demi rakyat, saya akan terus jadi MB kedah sehingga ayahanda suruh ke federal.
    Mokhzani : Demi rakyat, saya akan terus mengekalkan status billionaire saya, insyaallah.
    The Council of Islamic NGOs : Demi rakyat, kami akan teurs menyaran Teresa Kok supaya berminta maaf atas video lucu 'Onederful Malaysia'.
    Zahid Hamidi : Demi rakyat, ancaman-ancaman terhadap pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat adalah bukan ancaman.
    Zul Nordin : Demi rakyat, saya akan menjadi wakil rakyat suatu hari kelak.
    Syed Mokhtar Bukhari : Demi rakyat, saya akan teruskan usaha murni memonopli ke semua bidang perniagaan di Malaysia dengan bantuan UMNO.

    1. Demi Rakyat: Azmin Ali mahu rampas jawatan MB (Wang RM3 Billion) yang di kumpul oleh Khalid Ibrahim.

      Demi Rakyat: Al-Juburi pun mahu jadi BM Selangor. Pujuk? Paksa? atau mungkin rasuah? ADUN Kajang untuk letak jawatan, supaya boleh bertanding dan rampas jawatan MB, dari Khalid. Azmin boleh jadi Naib MB saja.

      Demi Rakyat: Lim Guan Eng tersilap tulis RM 6 Billion (Sepatutnya 8 Bilion) untuk terowong bawah laut Pulau Pinang.

      Demi Rakyat: Tony Pua sudah jadi pelobi YTL untuk dapat kontrak IPP di Johor.

      Demi Rakyat, Al-Juburi sekarang berada di Jepun untuk.... ahem-ahem. Paham-paham saja lah. Balik Malaysia, baru rasa lega dan muka berseri-seri. (Kali ini mesti gelidah dulu bilik hotel, takut ada spy-cam).

    2. Shahrizat : Demi rakyat, saya tidak akan membenarkan lembu dibela di condo.
      Salleh Ismail : Demi rakyat, saya akan memberitahu isteri saya terlebin dahulu sekiranya ada project baru membela lembu lagi.
      Ahmad said : Demi rakyat, saya akan pergi ke Antarctica menyelidik 'global warming'.
      UMNO : Demi rakyat, semua harga barangan akan dinaikkan dan GST akan dilaksanakan.

  11. Dear Glady.

    Have you ever wonder why, the Xinjiang’s mass stabbing was not prime news in Malaysia, especially on TV? Even when there are racial clashes in India, our media have been known to play-down the incident.

    And, please stop your conspiracy theory about Xinjiang being separatist and its linkage with Islamic fundamentalists to make the Uighur look bad. Your insinuation does not bode well for Malaysians.

    They would not have been that daring if they were not oppressed or treated fairly by their government. If they have links with the Arabs, they would have planted explosive, or wrap it up, around their bodies.

  12. Anon 22.01.
    I agreed with anon 22,32..Najib will not repeat what Tun Abdullah had done.UMNO Supreme Council Members are powerful totally different from DAP and PKR Executive Council which comprised of Father,sons,daughters and In Laws.Since GE 13 most of Najib actions resulted from UMNO Supreme Councils collective decisions.