Friday 27 December 2013

Bitching in sadness

Just can't sleep.

Remembering someone.

The bastard died on me.

I'm playing this song is in remembrance of my lost love.

Now I have to settle for a Chinese DAP supporter with double chin. Life can be a real bitch.


No politics today.

Who cares anyway.

We all Malaysians are just a spoilt lot.

A bit of price hikes here and there and we start bitching till no end.

Drive an over RM100k car and bitching about 20 sen petrol price hike.

Drinking cappuccino at posh cafe in Bangsar and complaining about no more sugar subsidy.

Go on overseas vacations twice a year and moaning over the kids' more expensive school  bus fares.

Etc etc etc....bitching, bitching, bitching....

Yea, go ahead, go worship the likes of Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok etc etc...

Everything will be free once they take over.

And Pas members, trust me, those DAP evangelists will soon memeluk agama Islam. Tak percaya, tanya Nik Aziz.

Yea, yea, yea, also Anwar will make a great prime minister who will turn this country into the greatest country in the Singapore.

Go ahead, vote Pakatan. As if I give a flying shit.

Excuse me. Today I'm just fed up with all your bitching....and my bitching too.


  1. cool it down annie
    the Dogs And Pigs aka DAP can never rule this negri melayu unless wth the help of macai anjing baruah melayu fuckatan

    btw annie do u really sure u fall in luv wth those chinese communist double chin hehee better be careful

    i can pinang u laa hahaa beware of those bermuka muka cina u know but then again its up to u annie luv is blind yeah but chinese never blind wen come to money they are greedy pig so put ur money intact from those double chin greedy pig lol

    1. May be she don't want to end up being one of the wives of future husband.

    2. Neither did she want to end up with Cinbeng DAP with many concubines
      ( soly kah kalau salah eja! )

    3. Stupir anon 04:27, semua orang tahu Dogs And Pigs can never rule this negri melayu, only you believe they will. Tolonglah pandai sikit nanti diketawakan oleh orang ramai !

    4. 14.25
      ur moron urself idiotic lunatic
      chinese ll rule this malay country if so many stupid malays like u like wat happened to nizar keldai ex keldai mb in perak wen everybody know dapigs rule perak thru keldai nizar

    5. think back annie chinese guy can marry only one but can have 10 concubines
      marry moslem better up to 4 but all wives not gundik@mistress

    6. Marry a Mat Salleh man like me, habis cerita. But he must be willing to convert lah

    7. Hey Mat Salleh! If you are really Mat Salleh get the fuck of here! No room for you, verstehen sie! 

    8. Anon 12:50,

      Lu jealous ke? No Mat Salleh wants to marry you? Hahaha! The chinkies want to marry Caucasians because they want their offspring to have double eye lids. But the chinkies' DNA is very strong and as a result their children have sepet eyes.

  2. Wow!

    You Sure one Hell Of A Messed Up Lady!

    Better meet a Psochotherapist before you end up in Tanjong Rambutan!

    Told You NOT to Associate with the Rocky Bru Guy...

    Whoever listens to him ends up a Mess Like You.

    1. You are the bastard who die on him, don't you see the point bastard! Our bashing Is your nightmare; however, it could be our pennies are your happiness. The choice is yours.

    2. anon 15:25, please dengki properly, hardly understand what you wrote lah. Please keep to your dog and pig bashing, will you.

    3. Anon 09:26,

      You must be a product of sekolah cHINA. The right word is "PSYCHOTHERAPIST" and not psochoterapist. Ramai jugak sepet bengap, ye!

    4. Please please I wanna sing this to the piglets, Mary has ChauChiBai ChauChiBai ChauChiBai, Mary has ChauChiBai, her ChauChiBai Busuk.

    5. Anon 18:07, how come you don't understand, Yau are the pig and dog or better still you are pig mixed with dog. When you bark the  piglets with large ears are squealing like you in your five fingers and dig! .it's genetically possible.

    6. Censor it please for the sake of nurturing the peace of the believers amongst us.

  3. Still on this ke?
    Okla.... Annie ..marry me be my 2nd wife...
    bla bla bla...same as before....amacam?

  4. Red bean army will praise and support you if you start attacking bn.........

    1. what is there to attack UMNO/BN ? kan UMNO/BN tu "perfect", rakyat semua hidup gumbira.

    2. as long not being anjing baruah cina like pas bahlol

  5. No politics today ??? then why hentam the likes of Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok, Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz ?
    Annie dah giler kot ? Tiap-tiap hari dengki sama pemimpin2 serta penyokong2 PR.

    1. Correction, we just don't like DAP and PKR. Make us do it to dislike them and shit like you more.

    2. too bad for you anon 15:35, there are now more PR supporters than UMNO/BN supporters. You can continuing to keep dengki with them okay.

    3. Anon 18:04, have you taken your medication.? You are day dreaming!!

    4. Anon 18:04,

      You must be day dreaming. After tsunami chinkies, now the majority Malays support UMNO. In GE 14,there will be tsunami Melayu. PR leaders and supporters akan menggigit jari hingga putus!

    5. 18.04
      too bad thers more bn than fuckatan fuckatan looks having more supporters coz most of them like anjing menyalak... n 10pct bn didnt go to vote last election

      DAP@Dogs And Pigs

    6. You better take your medication!

    7. You better take your medication! meant for the shit head Anon 18:04

    8. Majority your ass. Last election Malay votes split 50-50. UMNO won by gerrymandering. With UMNO pushing through all the price hikes, you can expect the Malay will be affected most and hence their votes will be tilted towards Pakatan.

    9. 11.39
      yes malay begin to despise umno but on the other hand do u think dissatisfied malay ll vote fuckatan instead? NOOOOO WAYYYYY AS LONG AS FUCKATAN HAS DAP CINA BABI IN IT




    10. 90% of the  Malay voters voted for Pas and Umno during the last general election. Out of the 90%, 70% is the hard cord Malay supporters of the both parties. 

      You can only wish Malay votes would go to Pakatan in next general election. I bet you, Malay votes will stick to these two parties until doomsday. If you think Pas will stay longer as a partner in Pakatan, you better hold your balls, ensiling your balls much better.


    11. Anon 28 Dec. 11:39, Too bad for you to mumble and ramble over gerrymandering. 

      Gerrymandering has been practiced in almost every Governments condoning the 'democratic systems.' It is an attempt to establish a political and partisan advantage of the ruling party. Although it has a negative connotation but it is a stabilizer for a ruling party to stay on power in running a Government.

      To the incumbent gerrymandering is made to use for its favor. Malaysia is fit for gerrymandering. It is a legitimate practice because of its wide range of diverse racial content. Thus empirically it has proven as an advantaged aspiration for stability, peace and harmony by association to progress and for 'Nation building' for now.

      But gerrymandering would become more obvious in a situation when PAS, UMNO and Malay elected representatives join forces. It becomes 2/3 majority in the house of Parliament. By its majority, constitutionally the Alliance can redraw the new electorate constituency in favor of the ruling Alliance. If gerrymandering is to practice in this engagement, the outcome for Malaysian Democracy is presumably dead. So don't play play, go easy and stop bitching about gerrymandering.

  6. "Now I have to settle for a Chinese DAP supporter with double chin."

    WHAT is the matter with you? Can't you get someone better? Why not? Do you look like a mata sepet so you can't get a nice Malay guy?

    1. the only good about chinese is only the female wth good curve tapi perangai suka bising bising hahaa
      used to have a chinese gf but split already coz day n nite barking lol

    2. barking you because you are lazy ? lol

    3. 19.13
      no laa u know la chinese is a descendant of dog always barking buat bising no matter wat even if cinabeng mati pun masih pukul gendang buat bising even hiring ppl to cry out louds

      for once i ask the cinabeng to shut ur mouth up pls

    4. 11.41
      ur a stupid chinese pig
      everybody in the world knows chinese is a pig wth 2 legs bangsa pengotor an hiv carrier

      pls potong ur lancau so dirty laa get clorox to cleanse ur smelly body pls

      bodohh punye pendatang sepet

  7. Ma'am, could you mind your un-ladylike language a little? otherwise spidey's web couldn't cushion your emotional crash!

    1. u sud say the same thing to DAP@Dogs And Dap they are the worst creature on earth

      annie go on wth ur style of writing we all luv uuuuuuu lol

    2. Yeah Auntie, Love will keep us Alive ....

  8. Memang betul cakap Annie, Rakyat Malaysia memang tak susah walaupon harga barangan naik, malah ada wang yang cukup banyak untuk belanja.

    Rosmah's son buys RM110mil condo in New York !!
    Hidup UMNO, Hidup Melayu !

    1. ehhh cina babi beli building 1million lu tara bising ke

      our common enemy is chinese pendatang not malay laa bodohh

  9. "And Pas members, trust me, those DAP evangelists will soon memeluk agama Islam. Tak percaya, tanya Nik Aziz. Yea, yea, yea, also Anwar will make a great prime minister who will turn this country into the greatest country in the Singapore. Go ahead, vote Pakatan. As if I give a flying shit."

    Scallywags scandalizing the religion .....

  10. Ye ke di New York? nak tahu kat mana condo yang berharga RM110  milion itu dibeli. Pertama: New York City atau New York State? Alamatnya sekali? 

    1. Anon 27 Dec.2013 19:34,
      Ye ke, anak Rosmah beli condo di New York? Hebatnya orang Melayu sekarang!
      Cuma, selain daripada, alamat, boleh tak sebarkan gambar condo tersebut, perabot perabot dan hiasan dalaman, kolam renang dll. Tapi jangan lupa gambar tersebut mesti ada anak Rosmah dalam keadaan santai untuk menunjukkan condo itu miliknya!
      Lagi cantik kalau ada surat hak milik condo tersebut! Barulah berita ini ada 'class'

    2. anon 08:12 memang orang yg bodoh, dah kena kelentong UMNO masih tak sedar-sedar. Janganlah malas, kalau nak info cari-lah pak goggle, semua orang dah tahu tapi anon 08:12 masih tidor lagi.

    3. Anon08:12, lu lagi bodoh lagi baik utk UMNO ! UMNO dengan senangnya boleh tipu lu.

    4. Kau yang bodoh, berilah cerita sedikit yang kau dengar anak Rosmah beli rumah RM 110 million tu. Anon 8:12 kata lebih cantek jikalau ada hak milik pembelian harta itu. Lagi pun, Katherine Clarke yang melaporkan berita itu tidak dapat mengesahkanya, goblok!




    6. Hai Anon 28 Dec 2013 12:26 & 13:36

      Anda mesti penyokong PR gabungan DAP, PAS dan pembenci UMNO/BN kan?
      Macam mana boleh agak anda golongan tersebut?
      Senang aje, bila anda tidak tahu cara untuk membalas komen dengan bijak, mulalah cakap merapu, mengejek dan panggil orang 'bodoh'!
      Tidak tahulah siapa yang 'bodoh' !
      Hentilah mengutuk orang. Ingatlah dosa dan pahala!

  11. Annie, baik kawin dengan lelaki India..

    He will put you on the straight path..

    Pakai Nandek and makan Capati...


    1. JBond: I used to head a division of a listed Chinese family company where I actually discriminated against Chinese employees because our market was the Malay market.

    So there is absolutely no apartheid in even typically Chinese family companies. We employ people based purely on needs and not skin colour. NST is clearly out to disparage Chinese employers.

    2. Debater: The private sector companies are not charities. Most small Chinese enterprises do business with China and Taiwan. There are not many English or Malay speakers there. Don't expect them to employ translators for the sake of employing bumiputeras.

    Language is just a tool. If bumis do not or are not encouraged to learn other languages, they are at a disadvantage.

    1. Stupid chinese
      wats ur point of telling nonsense here

      chinese is a pig....period

      no need to argue further

  13. A pro-business Sultan

    EVEN before the Sultan of Johor pulled off the RM4.5bil property deal with the Chinese this month, he had been displaying a certain business savvy.

    At a chance meeting with the Sultan early this year, this writer learnt about how he was taking an interest in ensuring Johor Corp (JCorp) – the asset-rich but debt-laden state investment arm – had the right checks and balances in place.

    Although proud of JCorp’s achievements in owning assets like KFC Holdings Bhd, plantation giant Kulim (M) Bhd and hospital chain KPJ Healthcare Bhd, it was under his leadership that JCorp refinanced its huge debt and bought back from Johorians the investment units of Dana Johor at RM1 apiece.

    This was an old failed investment scheme by JCorp for Johorians that had seen its value significantly shrink over the years.

    In that short meeting, the Sultan, who declined the request for a full interview, talked generally about how Johor should be looking to draw more foreign direct investment into the state, which, in turn, would bring about positive economic spin-offs for Johorians, such as jobs and contracts for small and medium enterprises or SMEs.

    He was agreeable to be quoted on this: that he is “pro-business” and hopes to see Johor and Johorians prosper.

    Clearly though, the Sultan is also keen to participate in business.

    In 2012, it was reported that Singapore billionaire Peter Lim had teamed up with the Sultan of Johor to build a S$2bil (US$1.55bil) complex that would include a hospital, hotels, flats and entertainment outlets in Johor Baru.

    This year, the pace of deals in Johor is gathering steam. And the Sultan made the headlines when it was disclosed that he had sold a parcel of prime land in Johor Baru to China-based Guangzhou R&F Properties Co Ltd for RM4.5bil.The price paid was a new record for Johor at RM890 per sq ft for the 47ha believed to be in the vicinity of the old Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex, which faces Singapore and hence holds much potential.

    Aside from Singapore’s Peter, the Sultan is also working on ventures with Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo.

    The Sultan acquired a 20% stake in Berjaya Times Square Sdn Bhd.

    In explaining the deal, the vendor - Berjaya Assets Bhd - made reference to the Sultan’s “stature and business acumen” as part of the justification for the discounted price.

    Kang Hoo is already well-known as the man behind master developer Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd (IWH), which, in turn, is a partnership between himself and the Johor state government.

    Just this week, Kang Hoo’s IWH sold another piece of land to a Singapore party at a price that even topped what Guangzhou R&F Properties had paid.

    Insiders say that the Sultan has a few able trusted advisers in the various sectors of business he is interested in.

    Aside from property, the Sultan is also said to be very keen on oil and gas, power, shipping and transport.

    The Sultan is evidently passionate about the transport sector and trains, in particular. Notably, the Sultan of Johor commandeered the last train out from the Tanjong Pagar railway station in Singapore before the historical station was closed.

    He holds the record as the first ruler to obtain a Class 26 locomotive driving licence a few years ago.

    It’s no surprise then that observers reckon that transport could be an area in which the Sultan of Johor would make headlines in 2014. The state is at the centre of two major rail projects – the last leg of the nationwide Electrified Double-Tracking Project (EDTP) from Gemas to Johor Baru and the high-speed rail link from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Johor constitutes the largest part of the latter.

    Observers say the Sultan has already linked up with top Japanese companies that are keen to provide the technology for the high-speed train. Similarly, on the EDTP, the Sultan had reportedly travelled to China in 2012 to team up with a top player, namely, the state-owned China Railway 18th Construction Bureau Co Ltd (CR18G).

    1. It is not view with universal approbation when the Sultan of Johore is in business.

      However, hope His Royal Highest business interest is not merely investment underlining probability in the business of concession. 

      He should establish a proper Royal Business Cooperation. A key  organized business division specifically for the development of Johore's  entrepreneurial enterprise to be set up under the entrepreneurship of the Royal Cooperation. As the businesses grow and prosperous, so thus the Johore's entrepreneurial communities.

      The Royal Highest can set up the Royal Economic Foundation of Johore. A research centre of science and technology to bring about for the economic development and well being of Johorean. God saves the king of great Johore.

  14. An Example of How A Sudden Rise in The Cost of Living Can Impact The Middle Class

    How much does it take to have a decent life in Malaysia? That has been the top question in the country in the past few years and a greater concern in 2014 as electricity rates and transport costs go up and subsidies go down.

    While Putrajaya talks up proposals to help the people mitigate rising prices with cost of living labs and possibly even more targeted subsidies, most Malaysians are looking at the prospect of expenditure exceeding their monthly salaries.

    One of them is Caroline Wong, who believes her combined household income of RM12,000 is not enough to sustain a living in Penang, famed for its beaches as much as it electronics manufacturing sector.

    The 34-year-old clerk lives with her husband, a sales manager and their young daughter are starting to feel the pinch despite earning an income that was once sufficient to live comfortably.

    “We are always eating in at home now and we can no longer afford to buy goods like branded clothing,” Wong told The Malaysian Insider in Penang's capital city George Town.

    According to Wong, every month the couple have to fork out RM4,000 for the house and car, RM1,500 on food and another RM1,500 on daycare, baby food and milk for their child.

    On top of that, there is RM750 on insurance and a family medical card, RM700 on petrol, RM600 on phone bills, WiFi and broadband, RM120 on Astro, RM140 on water and electricity bills and RM110 on a weekly housekeeper.

    “We put aside RM500 every month for road tax and car insurance. Come May next year, we will have to spend another RM1,500 a month on our second child when it arrives,” Wong said.

    Her tale is just one of many who are living in Penang, the country’s most expensive city.

    1. 12k sebulan pun tak cukup?

    2. Kalau orang Islam, itu namanya tak bersyukur atau rezeki tak berkat... tapi sebab dia Kafir Harbi apa nak dikesahkan.

      Contohnya rezeki tak berkat tu, walaupu gaji belasan ribu, ada aje hal dan masaalah dihadapi, anak sakit la, diri sakit la, kena rompak la, orang gaji lari la, orang gaji lari dengan laki la dan sebagainya.

      Orang yang rezeki berkat walaupun gaji tak banyak mana mereka sentiasa bersyukur, masaalah pun tak bertimpa-timpa....

    3. Dr. Muhayya: "Solusi Keluar Dari Bebanan Hidup" kpd. Jenis Orang Kaya Yang Bergaji RM12,000

    4. chinese god is money thats why they even sell their wives n daughters to be prostitute esp in bukit bintang

      12k a mth tak cukup ermmm
      i think this chinese couple eat 2 to 3 pigs a day lol thats why they claimed 12k is not suffice


    The Yasukuni Shrine visit by Prime Minister Abe and other law makers is a worrying signal of Abe’s 'militaristic, anti-China' streak: analysts said.

    The US embassy in Tokyo on Thursday expressed "disappointment" over the trip to the Yasukuni Shrine, which honours 2.5 million Japanese war dead, including 14 top-level war criminals. It said the visit would "exacerbate tensions".

    Buoyed by the US government's strong criticism of Abe's visit, President Xi Jinping's administration is unlikely to do much more than condemn the move and step up patrols around the Diaoyu Islands, or Senkaku Islands as Japan calls them, which are claimed by both China and Japan.

    The mainland's notorious re-education-though-labour system is officially history. The decision by the National People's Congress Standing Committee to formally abolish the 56-year-old system, which allowed authorities to sentence people to up to four years of forced labour without trial, was praised by former prisoners.

  16. Aiyaa, don’t listen to all those men la Annie. Pantang mention the word “kawen” ramai yang mau offer diri mereka, 2nd wife lor, 3rd wife lor, 4th wife lor. Apala.

  17. True Annie,

    In fact I don't mind people complaining about price hike but when they complain from a political angle thinking PR can sort it out its plain stupid bitching. Why? PR policy increasing house price to astronomical level sikit pun tak complain. Khalid imposed huge development charges in selangor that all developer had to increase price to burden the rakyat. Rumah is the biggest item of a rakyat purchase. They don't mind pun in this increase. Gila betul.

    It seems that they don't have otak. Too many hypocritical stupid statement. Just like budget. They complain at wits end their concern about our debt and deficit budget. But year in year out pr without fail propose a deficit budget which increases the country's debt. Tak pa pula. Gila punya bodoh. How can same matter be right or wrong because of who the doer is?

  18. Despite outrage, Muslim couple are stray dogs’ best friends - Part 2

    He said it takes between RM40,000 and RM50,000 a month to run the shelter, which has no proper running water or electricity for now, and donations came in form of cash, food and medicine.

    There is a group called Pak Mie Animal Shelter Hell on Facebook and some blogs that attack the couple over what they do.

    Pak Mie said some people take one look at his shelter and start criticising before trying to understand the hardship and commitment required to run the place.

    "Some have lodged complaints with the local veterinary department. The officers here came to inspect the shelter, hear my explanations and left satisfied."

    In recent months, Pak Mie and Mak Intan's furry kids were also looking at an eviction.

    The Alor Star City Council had ordered the couple to get out of the government reserve land and a plot belonging to Indah Water Konsortium beside a river in Tanjung Bendahara, which they had been occupying for years now with their simple makeshift shelter.

    This happened around the same time Pak Mie was told he could not relocate his animals to the rural Kuala Nerang some 37km away, where he had bought a piece of land and started building a new shelter.

    He had already invested more than RM300,000, which partly came from a donation, on the project.

    "The land in Kuala Nerang was a good place as it was not near any residential area but some villagers started to object.

    “I had allowed veterinary students to conduct operations to spay 10 of my dogs there. The villagers came, saw what was happening, and lodged complaints.

    "We had planned to move there in September but now I have to sell the land. I cannot pursue it any more to avoid problems and tensions with the locals. It would not be safe for my dogs any more.”

    However, the authorities have recently granted permission to Pak Mie to keep his shelter in Tanjung Bendahara with the condition that he builds a more proper place for the animals.

    "I was directed to set up a proper shelter with a septic tank so the animal faeces will not flow into the river, and also cement the ground.

    "I have no idea how and when we will finish building the new shelter. We can only work on it bit by bit when we have some money," he said, as he gave The Malaysian Insider a tour of his shelter.

    Pak Mie, who refers to himself as “ayah” (father) when he talks to his dogs, said he and his wife just want to be allowed to care for the animals they rescued from the streets in peace, and that he would face even cannon if anyone tries to take his animals.

    "They are precious to us and we have made many sacrifices. Mak Intan even took time to learn from veterinarians how to treat the animals for minor illnesses and injuries. She doesn't go home to sleep if she has to care for the sick animals."

    Pak Mie said he hopes the authorities will find a better solution to control the stray population than catching the animals and destroying them.

    "Putting a dog to sleep sounds humane but why kill a perfectly fine animal when the stray population can be controlled by spaying?

    "If the Government does not want to spend money to set up shelters, then think of a way that does not involve taking an innocent animal's life."

    Pak Mie said he and Mak Intan would keep on saving dogs and caring for them until they die, even though age has already caught up with them.

    December 28, 2013.

    1. 1 cent worth of lenghty comment!!!

    2. Its just a cut & paste. RM0.00 worth of plagiarism

  19. Agreed. To many biching but not finding a solution. At the end the problem will not be resolved because your're wasting your time biching rather than thinking.


  20. 1. Electricity tariffs to go down an average of 1.7 per cent for January to March. The latest tariffs have been approved by electricity industry regulator Energy Market Authority. SP Services, a subsidiary of Singapore Power, reviews the tariffs quarterly based on guidelines set by the authority.

    2. About 800,000 Singaporean households living in Housing Board flats will receive $135 million in utilities rebates in January.

    Part of the GST Voucher scheme, the GST Voucher - Utilities-Save (U-Save) is paid out four times a year.

    In the January payout, eligible Singaporean households will receive a rebate ranging from $135 for those in executive flats, to $195 for those in 1-room flats. This comprises the quarterly payout of $45 to $65, and the final tranche of the GST Voucher - U-Save Special Payment announced in Budget 2013.
    800,000 Singaporean households to get $135 million in utilities rebates in January

    With this rebate, those living in 1- to 2-room HDB flats can offset six to eight months of utilities bills on average, while those living in 3- to 4-room flats can offset up to four months.

    Households do not need to sign up for the rebate.

  21. Good, let's migrate across the causeway.

    1. Anon 13:11

      Ada berani ke diorang? Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!