Tuesday 25 May 2021

Tajuddin's shit will stick on Umno

When Zahid replaced his deputy Mat Hasan with Tajuddin Rahman as Umno's election director in November last year, I described it as the

That boorish Tajuddin was appointed by Muhyiddin as Prasarana chairman six month earlier as part of effort to shore up support for the Perikatan Nasional government among Umno leaders.

And as I predicted, he made a mess out of it.

You can read about it in this first post of mine this year

Today, the whole world can see how screwed up Prasarana now under Tajuddin.

We have headlines such as this

Prasarana needs new chairman after Tajuddin’s train wreck press conference

and tonnes of uglier yet truthful comments about the man in the social media.

Well, the shit will definitely stick on Umno.

After he was made the party's election director, Tajuddin has been making numerous stupid statements as if he is the Umno president.

News outlets published his statements as if they were the party's official stand.

Yup, he became Umno's face.

Ugly and boorish.

It reminds me of the final days of Umno and BN before they were crushed in 2018.

One of Najib's biggest faults at that time was letting people like Tajuddin shaped the party's image.

People became so disgusted of them that they voted for Pakatan Harapan.

Tajuddin may won in Pasir Salak, where his core supporters provided enough votes for him but his image which became Umno's image did terrible harm for the party in other constituencies, especially among the fence sitters.

What happened at the Prasarana's press conference today will make people think - hey, if Umno comes back to power, this is the kind of leaders who will run the country.

I'm quite sure Tajuddin costs Umno a few hundred thousands votes by appearing and behaving the way he did at the press conference.

Who can blame those voters for that. Even I don't want such a leader myself.

That's why I don't really blame those who voted for Pakatan in the last general election.

Too many such characters in Umno at that time and they are the loud ones, who became the faces of Umno.

Now Umno, in particular Zahid and gang are making the same mistake again by promoting characters such as Tajuddin as party's frontliners.

They believe the Malays will support them no matter what.

Well, if that's their attitude, they will be shocked yet again in the next general election.

Malays are not cows, okay.

They also want good leaders to manage this country.


  1. Aisay Annie....u kena sabar sikit la. Come August this chap will step down along with others. This was the stand taken at the last UMNO gathering...or will he delay stepping down citing increasing covid cases. U seem to know these UMNO ministers better...so will he letak jawatan?

  2. "What happened at the Prasarana's press conference today will make people think - hey, if Umno comes back to power, this is the kind of leaders who will run the country."

    I had those exact thoughts when I watched his pc vid clip. Buat malu bangsa..

  3. unfortunately, cash is king in msia. they will continue to vote for likes of pasir salak as long as cash is in hand.

    74m americans voted for trump.

  4. He bullied Syed Saddiq in Parliment. He bullied many others. He is terribly rude. If UMNO still needs him, it just shows the kind of talent pool in UMNO.

  5. wait till the cows come home

  6. Bersyukurlah Annie. Dia dah pun dipecat dari Prasarana serta merta

  7. That is his real character la Annie. That’s how he always behaving. He’s not fake. What you see is what you get. I don’t blame him. I blame people who put him there. He’s behaving like that since he was a young man. Everyone knows his rough and tough persona and kinda accept it.

    Those who know him know that it is not his real intention of making light out of serious situation. Actually he means well. He’s weakness is being too straight forward and somewhat a lose cannon. I bet you also have a friend like that.

    If indeed he’s really that evil and bad, why he keeps on winning his parliamentary seat with comfortable margin for decades?? It shows people like him is a rarity. A rare breed. Like Nazri Aziz. No matter what he does, no matter how badly he behaves, people kinda accept it and move on. No heart feeling. You get offended all the time. Just get on with it.

    Actually by right he’s not supposed to hold a PC. He’s a mere non executive Chairman. He’s not the one who run Prasarana. Bukan dia pun yang buat kerja. Tugas Chairman attend board meeting sahaja. Yang buat kerja orang lain. Prasarana has its own CEO or GM. Those are thr people who supposed conduct a PC.

    A guy like Tajuddin sometimes put on a tough guy persona just to intimidate people but actually he’s a good guy. A great guy. Loyal to friends and family. And most importantly loyal to Umno. An Umno loyalist to boot. He’s no semburit. You will never gonna see him jump ship when things turn sour and bad. People like him are loyal and never betray his party. He will stand by Umno no matter how bad the situation is. He is Umno man inside out, through and through.

    1. OMG! Anon 20:36 anak Tajuddin ke??

      People like him are loyal because he knows he will never make it elsewhere otherwise.

      Once again umno has proven the number 1 quality they value & reward is blind loyalty to the leader. Hail hitler!

    2. Shush! Too late and too bad, the damage had already been done. Most of the people are not fooled conveniently as we can see right through him, his outright true nature. So, stop placate us with all the nonsense tending to image packaging him for good.

    3. “Once again umno has proven the number 1 quality they value & reward is blind loyalty to the leader. Hail hitler!”

      -As if it doesn’t happen to other party? A guy being known having very strange peculiar s*xual habit, kantoi banyak kali, caught off guard with pants down but you guys still want to hoist him as supreme leader. A candidate for high office. Isn’t that too a blind loyalty? If not then what is it supposed to be called? Reform agenda??

    4. “People like him are loyal because he knows he will never make it elsewhere otherwise. “

      -No matter how bad the press he receives, at least he knows how to defend his parliamentary seat. An important organ of parliamentary democracy. Democratically elected as a member of the legislative. Even to be a Prime Minister in parliamentary democracy such as Malaysia, first and foremost you need to be an elected MP as stated in the Constitution. Otherwise we’ll be like the junta in Myanmar. Snatching power from elected government and declared himself as prime minister.

      Tajuddin is DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED representative. You can’t take that away from him. He’s taking his seat in parliament honourably. The people had chosen him. He’s not taking his seat in parliament through back door via senatorship. Unlike some people who not only couldn’t make it through the main door of parliament house but thinking himself good enough holding senior position in party or senior position in government. Shame on you.

    5. Remember this fiasco that had occurred inside parliament compound in 2016
      His supporters including his son intimidated an opposition mp


    6. If indeed he’s really that evil and bad, why he keeps on winning his parliamentary seat with comfortable margin for decades?

      KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 – Umno’s “six million dollar man” Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, who was tied to allegations of corruption in the award of a RM1.3 billion 23-year concession to his company to build the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Tapah campus, has been made a deputy minister.

      Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in naming his Cabinet today announced the appointment of the controversial Pasir Salak MP (picture) as a Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry.

      Tajuddin was given the moniker after he was sacked from Umno in 1995 following allegations that he had paid RM6 million to secure his position as a division chief.

      Because he BOUGHT it with corrupt money. He is corrupt chosen by even more corrupt called Najib.

      Thank you.

    7. "No matter how bad the press he receives, at least he knows how to defend his parliamentary seat. "

      Yaa, of course, when u have $6million to throw for division chief post, I wonder how much dedak he tabur for his parliamentary seat? Btw he was found guilty by umno for money politics.

  8. Everyone knows how this guy is. It has got nothing to do with Umno's capability. Ask the one who appointed him....that's right...PM bodoh lerrr..

    1. Yup, pm bodoh coz he thot he could keep this guy & the perak faction quiet by giving this kepala gangster high profile position...or maybe pm was waiting for him to make a fool of himself publicly???

      But umno president is desperate when he appoints this guy as the election director replacing his deputy..

  9. Annie,

    Re:Tajuddin is the face of UMNO.

    Tajuddin is the face of a Malay Leader. Pemimpin Melayu.

    This is what UMNO had achieved during the many years of reigning over Malaysia. They shaped the way their supporters think, that good life will ensue when you go up the political ladder.

    UMNO managed to instil a new form of communism into the minds of its supporters. They called it the "Agenda Melayu", and as long as that agenda is served, matlamat menghalalkan cara.

    And they convinced their supporters, that somehow if their leader is rich, there will be prosperity and security for their people.

    Pengagihan Harta, they convinced their people that this is the way forward. It's a new form of communism that they were preaching, yet, like they are so used to not being straightforward, they called it social justice.

    This is 'pakai jari tangan kiri korek lubang telinga kanan'. They twist and turn, putar alam, but all that they want is good life and wealth for themselves, and only themselves.

    And so when you asked their people, who are your idols amongst your people, they could only mentioned names of those in politics. Their boss.

    There are no scientist, no intellect, no philosopher, no thinker.

    So Tajuddin survived, and he will continue to survive, because the Pasir Salak folks still are looking for J W W Birch. They said that he is not dead, and still usaha nak porak perandakan bangsa Tajuddin. And Tajuddin is actually Maharaja Lela.

    And Tajuddin will survive.

    1. U r so right...this bloke Will survive n thrive but let's not forget wat message is being sent by his sacking.... don't mess with Bersatu. The present face of d government is all UMNO...Sabri,AB n Khairy...n they r doing a real shitty job. PM n geng have isolated themselves rather well. For me it's Bersatu 1 UMNO 0

    2. Anon 14:17,

      UMNO should be happy. Even though they are no longer in power, yet their teachings, the model society that they had strive to create, has been successfully accomplished.

      Their politicians, and their supporters, wherever they are, whichever party they belong to now, think the UMNO way.

      They identify themselves with a common identity. They identify a common purpose of life, and they work towards a common goal. They have a heart that differentiates with people who are not from their same kind, and they identity themselves as being the favourite sons and daughters of God and thereby in the name of their God they belittle and mistreat others who are different in race and religion.

      And, in doing so, they thought they would get benefit from their God and a castle is built for them in heaven.

      They do not see injustice the way it should be seen, their vantage point is always from their misguided hearts. Their mouth speaks mercy but only to be shown to their own kind.

      They practice hypocrisy, amass wealth, have enormous appetite to the enjoyment of this world.

      And people of their same kind are indifference to the suffering of others, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      To the extent that Malaysia is now on top of the world in terms of Covid-19 failures. Yet, what do you see in their way of doing?

      Fighting, politicking, scheming, and along the way amassing more wealth.

      And, whichever party they are from, they do and think the same. And this, is the success of a ghost called UMNO, this ghost lives in each of them.

      The possessed lot.

  10. Tak sabar2 nak sack orang Umno...padahal satu negara nak PM bodoh n kabinet bodoh dia letak jawatan.

  11. Annie, Tajuddin Pasir Salak memang jenis manusia yang begitu.
    2. Yang penting, dia tidak berpura-pura atau berlakon
    3. Tajuddin Pasir Salak jujur dengan menjadi dirinya sendiri

    1. Yup, rakyat yg bukan taksub umno dah lama tau..kita tepuk tgn je bila msia & umno dimalukan cam ni

  12. Tajuddin was sacked from UMNO when he was found guilty of money politics during party election; hence the RM6million money politics. But he was later readmitted to UMNO. Apparently UMNO has no qualms of having corrupted members amongst it midst.

    1. Whatever this old-junk '6M-Ringgit-man' has done previously and however he tries to be loyal to his party, nothing more important than asking him to attend some very basic elementary propriety classes. A so-called principled and seasoned politician so deprived of empathy in all forms. Already ugly inside and out, now he looks even uglier and scruffier than ever. Bravo PN for the sacking rather than letting him walk out on his own!