Friday 21 May 2021

No to personal attacks against people who want to help in Covid war

 It's really a war now with the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths steadily increasing.

Malaysia is yet to announce a full lockdown at the time of this writing and our vaccination programme is still going rather slow, as far as I'm concerned.

Full lockdown now is good, but I believe that vaccination is the real key to winning the war against the pandemic as proven in the slowly opening Europe and US.

Well, I still haven't got my jabs yet but am waiting for it, patiently.

I do understand that the frontliners and more vulnerable people need it more and therefore should have theirs first.

However, I do hope that they could quickly get as many vaccine dosages as possible to accelerate the immunisation process.

For that, I think the government should welcome any offer of help that it could get.

Yes, there has been that vaccine scam case in Penang but that should not mean the other offers to help in the immunisation process were bogus too.

I'm of the opinion that those who want to help speed up the process should not be discouraged from doing so.

For instance, I was a bit bewildered when the Petra Group came under attack when it offered to help procure 200,000 dosages of Covid-19 vaccine,

That, despite it was confirmed by The Star that the offer was genuine.

That's why I don't really understand why Azmin Ali's outfit MalaysiaNow came out with this one yesterday,

Man behind free vaccines offer has history of unfulfilled pledges

which even has a Bahasa Malaysia version

Lelaki di belakang tawaran vaksin percuma miliki sejarah janji tak tertunai

It's without question a direct personal attack against the Petra Group boss as the article has nothing really to do with the immunisation programme.

Reading through the article, I believe the reporter who wrote it was specially assigned to dig up dirts about that Vinod guy.

It's the type of assignments reporters in the mainstream media called as coming from "wahyu dari atas" (edict from above). 

Okay, it's probably because the Vinod guy is a friend of Anwar and Azmin doesn't like him because of that.

But come on la, I don't like Anwar and his friends too because of their politics, but the guy is offering to help in the Covid war and what's wrong with that?

We need all the help that we could get now, okay.

Politics or personal dislike should not be mixed in these sort of things.

Anyway, I have not personally met this Vinod guy but I don't think he is as bad as portrayed in that article.

It's true that he has some unfulfilled promises but admitting to that, he had previously explained that he was suddenly hit by some financial problems himself due to the economic downturn at that time.

I don't think that's a big crime. It's not like he went around robbing people, okay.

A guy has some extra money and promised to give some to charity but suddenly he lost that extra money and can't fulfil his promise. That's understandable la.

Now he has some more extra money and again want to do some good with it, what's wrong with that?

Are we now saying that he can't help people anymore and that he should be vilified instead?

That's a bit too much lah.

Hey, we are now backpaddling against the rising Covid tide and therefore shouldn't care less about badmouthing people who want to help us.

People are dying, the health system is overstretched and the economy is in bad shape - definitely not the time to whack people who genuinely wanted to help.

Come on la Azmin, if you are pissed off with Anwar, just go after him. I can even join you later as I don't like Anwar too.

But don't la make your people at MalaysiaNow to whack his friend, who just wanted to help in the Covid war.

Malaysia needs that promised extra vaccine dosages to speed up its immunisation process. It's about saving people's lives, okay.


  1. "It's true that he has some unfulfilled promises but admitting to that, he had previously explained that he was suddenly hit by some financial problems himself due to the economic downturn at that time."-If someone want to redeem himself, why can't he fulfilled past promises first , like the donation to the Scot University (since it is still there and standing)before committing to another promise? Thats how I would judge him. Don't keep promising new promises when you can't even fulfill past promises. My personal view is this is just another sandiwara to get publicity.

  2. KJ yang mengatakan tawaran Vaksin percuma itu sebagai scam..

    KJ memberitahu wartawan pegawainya dapat berhubung dengan “individu yang mendakwa dirinya sebagai Yong Chee Kong”, lelaki yang menandatangani surat kepada kerajaan Pulau Pinang.



    “Dia tanya kepadanya apakah mempunyai bukti sumbangan itu supaya kita boleh permudahkan (contohnya memesan kepada Sinovac). Dia kata tidak ada. Dia kata mempunyai wang dan akaun di Hong Kong,” ciap Khairy di Twitter petang ini.

    “Pegawai saya kemudiannya memberitahunya dia boleh tunjukkan bukti sumbangan itu atau melakukan sumbangan secara rasmi kepada kerajaan Malaysia yang kemudiannya akan menyerahkan kepada kerajaan Pulau Pinang. Bukan untuknya membayar kepada mana-mana syarikat. Tetapi dia enggan.”




  3. is there anyone more hated in boleh land than azmin ?

    1. Anon 19:58,

      Many of your kind. The despicables.

      Anon 14:09, is also one of those kind. The worst.

      Everything is racial to them. Superiority Complex stinks to the high heaven.

      Who claims, their kind was the first to voyage around the world.

      That the illuminati, the freemason, the antichrist fear of none except their race.

      That their illustrious historic achievements and the conquers of the world were erased by the evil west, the penjajah, for fear of their bangkit, or kuih bangkit?

      That the Prophet actually said that their race is the only hope for mankind at the End of Days.

      That the penjajahan of the peninsular had never occurred. It was probably a Yap Ah Loy lie.

      That the only person who had ever written something, some sort of a fiction called Sulalatus Salatin, was a pengkhianat bangsa, a liar. There were no other books being written and they only wore sarongs, and they have all read the same one book for the last 500 years only to discover the lies now.

      And the superiority complex self-centeredness and recklessness had caused danger to the Country, spiking up the infections.

      And still, they don't care and decided to continue to talk c..k.

    2. Can you speak English please!

      And when u want to korek telinga kiri use your left hand, no need to use your right hand go one full circle over your kernel in order to korek it...ok!

  4. We are having a half baked pie next week.

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