Wednesday 20 November 2019

Umno, choose your leaders wisely, don't be bribed

I'm still in resting mode after Tanjung Piai.

So, I was not really paying attention to all that nonsense about the meeting they had at Azmin's house.

Stupid politicians and their stupid scheming.

After all, I don't care too much for those Umno people on both sides of all that - those who attended the meeting to support Dr Mahathir or those who criticised them for it.

Well, I have to admit though that I dislike the loudest empty cans among them more.

Puad Zarkhashi, Lokman Adam....urgh. These are among the characters who caused BN/Umno to lose in GE14 by displaying their stupidity, arrogance etc.

I believe that they were making those noises over the meeting just to remain relevant. I hope Umno people will realise who they really are, and reject them.

As for Hishammuddin, whom they said was the mastermind behind the meeting, I don't think he can actually mastermind anything. Heck, I think I'm smarter than him, okay. And if it's really him being the mastermind, the whole thing is going to fail anyway. He's that miserably not so smart.

Ya, I think all that was just a waste of time.

Why can't they just wait and  let DAP, it's Amanah lapdog and Anwar's PKR gang to pressure Dr Mahathir all they want.

I believe that if the old man feels that he doesn't have the number to stave off a vote of no confidence, he can just dissolves parliament and we can have another general election as early as next year.

Then maybe we can have a nationwide Tanjung Piai.

Really guys, especially the Umno gang out there.

Just ignore all that nonsense.

You all should focus on what's more important - like Mat Hasan, who went and performed his duties as Umno deputy president in Langkawi, barely two days after the exhaustive campaign in Tanjung Piai.

That was, while people like me were still resting from the rigours of the by-election.

The guy was simply good.

I stole these pictures of him at Dr Mahathir's Langkawi stronghold from his Instagram.

As you may noticed, Mat Hasan doesn't look like he's out of place mixing with the grassroots and Pas members.

I think he would be okay too with the non-Malays because he's a good guy. Back then during the Rantau by-election, he got up to 20 per cent of the Chinese votes which was relatively good at that time for an Umno guy.

These are things that the now scheming Umno blue blood won't be able to do.

In short, why those Umno leaders have to resort to political manoeuvring and not work for the betterment of the people like Mat Hasan?

Well, that's because they are not sincere and only willing to do things just to get something for themselves.

That's how they became rotten and ultimately lost it in GE14.

So, Umno people, now that Malaysians appeared to want to give your party and its allies another chance such as in Tanjung Piai, please seize it by getting rid of all those lousy leaders.

To do that, you all must resist the temptation of being fooled and bribed into choosing them as your leaders.

If you all can do that, then I'm sure things will be good again for your party and ultimately Malaysia.

For one thing, please don't simply listen to your Ketua Bahagian on how to choose your leaders because they may probably had succumbed to the temptations.

Come on guys, I'm sure you are not that dumb and can choose your own leaders wisely, okay.

For now, just ignore the monkeys and be focused on further fixing your party, like what Mat Hasan is doing.


  1. Tok Mat ... told you so ..kan Cik Annie .

    PM in waiting ...!!!


    1. Tok Mat nak jadi 'PM in waiting'... kena la menang kerusi Parlimen dulu, bila ada kekosongan atau tunggu 3 tahun lagi, pada PRU15. Itu pun jika menang dan Zahid Hamidi & Najib sudah masuk jail.
      Lepas Tok Mat jadi PM, boleh la mohon YDP Agong Ampunkan kedua Penyamun tu, supaya boleh kembali-aktif berpolitik dan salah-guna process democracy dengan melaksanakan Langkah Kajang atau Port Dick-son... sama seperti 'PM in Waiting' yang original tu.

      Takkan Waghih nak samakan Tok Mat dengan mamat bekas-banduan salah-guna-kuasa + liwat yang diampun YDP Agong tu. Antara mereka berdua, macam langit & bumi. Tak tahu la saya, jika Waghih tahu 'rahsia-gelap' Tok Mat, sama seperti 'PM in Waiting' original tu.
      He he he...

  2. 1. If BN intends to support Tun as the PM until the dissolution of Dewan Rakyat, make it clear and may refuse to be part of the Cabinet.
    2. I think this is PAS position.
    3. That is why until now, there is no formal political cooperation between BN and PAS.
    4. Indeed, some PAS leaders are not happy with uncertainty of act on part of BN in particular UMNO.
    5. Hopefully, UMNO gets its house in order.

  3. Mat Hassan first and foremost wasn’t expecting he was out of job and out of sight of mainstream politics after GE14. He’s currently in the political wilderness and has plenty of time. That’s why you see him always ‘jalan-jalan’. Ka Siong too and other BN leaders especially those who don’t have court case. Even though you’re old, if the body is fit and healthy, then why don’t you put it to good use by being productive.

    All the free time he has he put it to good use by strenghtening grassroot support right from ordinary members to higher ups. Of course he never looked awkward or out of place with them coz he’s a former MB mind you not a fed minister. He’s much closer to the rakyat than all those people grandiose buildings in Putrajaya. And for good 13 years being MB. Imagine the strong bond he forged with the people on the ground and ordinary folks.

  4. CASH is KING!
    Dulu semasa AMANAH bertungkus-lumus dalam serba kepayahan, kami lah yang dicari untuk gerakkan segala besar kecil perkara. Sekarang.. bukan sahaja call tidak diangkat...SMS pun orang lain yang tulis...tidur atas duit lah katakan...

    Orang macam Mohamad bin Hassan akan gagal. Tunggu dan lihat lah. Tak perlu berdondang sayang sangat.

    Saya yang menjalankan amanah,

  5. wonder why in speaking on mat hassan highly yet there was not a single slight on questioning the 'deposed' president on what the hell going on with 1MDB and have guts like TSM which eventually cost his DPM position (which TSM could easily kowtow and retire into the sunset beautifully....3 million members and a little fractions questioned....yet even the bangla-boy KJ could not 'bell the cat' according to him only after the government by the klepto fell on its sword!

    You still would like to believe there are leader/s with integrity within UMNO-BN?

    Also Tanjong Piai doesn't seem to heed their own MB when he mentioned the debt servicing amounting to more than 50 Billion could fund the southern state for the next 35 years or so, easy! Yet?

    Stupid can be taught but, stupid and arrogant TP with more malays than any other fell for a chinese whom opposed JAWI and kowtow with the thieves! Did malays in Tanjong Piai lives changes overnight?

  6. I will vote for Tok Mat Hasan anytime!

  7. Annie,

    Why no defence of your two bosses for bleeding a charity dry (not one sen to the poor) and for faking 1MDB accounts?

    Weren't your Umno leaders deaf & dumb while Malaysians were being raped by their own party?

    "Serve the people" pulak.


  8. Aisay Annie... Mat Hassan comes across as a nice likeable bloke. Maybe he is...always smiling, gd at interacting with all races, no airs about him and always approachable....BUT has he the gonads/scrotal gumption to right the wrongs? His ex-boss was screwing the country's finances and not a squeak was heard from him. He closed one eye and shut the other. Public servants must be measured against a higher standard...Mat Hassan failed miserably when he acted blind, deaf & dumb to obvious rape, theft and plunder of the nations finances. Annie you want such types to helm the country?

    1. Exactly anon 15:29. And when Zahid came back to reclaim his President post did Mat Hassan object even though many members are voicing out their displeasure of having leaders who are facing charges.No. He chose to welcome back Zahid even when its clear to be detrimental to UMNO.Beradab tapi maseh tak bermaruah. Thats just how I will describe him.

  9. Spot on Annie. All those noises by Anwar..Azmin...Hisham is just to make sure they are not forgotten. Mat Hassan is my best bet for the job though...his corporate experience will take him through...

    1. 19:34 what corporate experience, Hasan was parachuted into corporate world for window dressing OK

  10. All your writings annie, in the end zahid and najib were still chosen to lead

    1. 12:01 are you a read bean babi ?

  11. No question about it Mat Hasan should be leading UMNO and BN going into the next GE and not the like of bugisman, jawaman and pintuman and their fellow pencuris.

    UMNO grass root members must wake up before UMNO is totally destroyed. The rakyat in general and the chinese in particular has shown their willingness to give their support to BN in this by-election. Get rid of all those crooks in UMNO and choose the right leaders and not allowed cash to poison you. I believed those crooks who are facing court actions currently still has plenty of cash around which they will use to buy support. For the sake of our country, just choose the right leaders.

    1. in meia not chosen "right" leader. only choice is tough and thick skin leader. becos any "good" deeds will be destroy with trolls army, literally hundreds of them. for the sake of "MO1" mecuri no #1. wonder where the money come from?
      if cannot then the witches will come into play. do all the black arts. 108 bomohs

    2. Anon 17:12

      Kusut otak kamu ni? Go cuci your own tandas first can or not??

  12. annine any "dosa" annine part of this becos kempen for peniup lah! lah!
    masa undi banyak insyalah, insyahlah
    lepas menang macam tokong lge. but lje do not paly god!!!!!

    Wee menjelaskan bahawa beliau tidak berjanji akan menghantar pengundinya mengerjakan umrah sebaliknya hanya memberitahu telah pun menghantar pengundi di Tanjung Piai semasa menjadi ahli parlimen sebelum PRU14.

  13. annine what left in umngok is those who can only survive on "dedaks". about 3 millions lessser left include annine. if she a umno memeber. without "dedaks" mostly will perish. cannot even compete with viet kong who was nearly half decade ravaged by wars.

    1. Phuitt Anon 16:59

      Own house crumbling still git time to dance??

  14. Anon 17:12 ,13:24 ,16:59 .
    Ini contoh Dapigs yang di upah jadi Machai RBA olih LKS/LGE . Cinapeks dari "Drop out " sekolah Vernacular yang English ke laut ,Bahasa MELAYU lintang pukang.
    Pemimpin UMNO /BN memang susah ada yang dipenjarakan Dan ada yang sedang didakwa di Mahkamah.Bagaimanapun Ahli2 UMNO akan tetap ada , pemimpin akan berganti.
    Kamu Cinabeng Dapigs pergi balik jumpa Master kamu,minta untuk fokus kerja di Blog 2 Cina sahaja..senang mau celita maa...

    1. What is this Melayu dog barking about?

    2. Ronimza.

      Jangan-jangan... Anon yang disangka RBA Dapigs tu, mak-bapak dia hantar ke Sekolah Kebangsaan? Pasal tu, BI dia 'ke laut'.

      Nak kata BM dia 'lintang-pukang' pun tak logik, jika tulisan beliau pada 13:24, diambil-kira.

      "Wee menjelaskan bahawa beliau tidak berjanji akan menghantar pengundinya mengerjakan umrah sebaliknya hanya memberitahu telah pun menghantar pengundi di Tanjung Piai semasa menjadi ahli parlimen sebelum PRU14."

      Pada saya, kira Ok la, BM dia tu. Tak tau la, jika dia copy-paste dari mana-mana blog UMNO atau PAS

      Ronimza pun, pada saya, kurang-cerdik.

      Hari ini, mana ada lagi RBA. DAP sudah jadi sebahagian dari Kerajaan dan media-arus-perdana atau MSM, kesemua seolah-olah berlumba-lumba 'menjilat' atau membodek Kerajaan memerintah.
      Ketika Kit Siang sedang berpelok dengan Haji Hadi dulu, memang la DAP mengajikan RBA yang beroperasi dari Komtar & Wenworth Hotel Jalan Pudu.
      Ketika itu, Nga Kor Ming, dalam ceramah kelolaan PAS, petik sekerat-dua ayat Al-Quran pun, penyokong PAS laung... AllahuAkhbar.

      MSM hari ini, sudah tentu takut jadi macam TV3, Utusan & Kosmo, yang menjadi lidah BN/UMNO, telah atau akan lingkop jika terus memburuk-burukkan PH.
      Maklumlah, dulu TV3, Utusan/Kosmo bersekongkol dan cuba menyorok kebenaran demi melindungi penyamun. Legasi Dr. M seperti Menara berkembar Petronas pun, TV3 cuba 'padam' dengan menghilangkannya dari gambar latar-belakang Bulletin Utama 8 malam.

      Penyamun 'cook the books' dalam Laporan Audit KeWANGan 1MDB, TV3 & Utusan lapor sebagai bukti tiada penyelewengan berlaku.
      Manakala, Pak-Pak Lebai PAS berpuas-hati dengan penerangan Arul Kandasamy... apa nama Melayu-Islam dia, saya dah lupa.
      Laporan KeWANGan TH pun, Pak Lebai berpuas-hati.

      Yang peliknya, selepas UMNO/BN tumbang... Cina-DAP pula yang salah... seolah-olah Jho Low adalah agent yang dihantar DAP untuk menjahanamkan kepala-bapak orang Melayu atau UMNO.

    3. Red bean babi punya komen saya tak baca

    4. xbaca ke xmampu nak balas?


    Apa sedang berlaku ni?
    MACC jgn tiam tiam woh
    Rakyat dan satu dunia sedang peghati.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Pencapaian terbesar Adun DAP Negeri Melaka;

    Haiyaaa. Babi hutan harga mesti mahal owhhh.. Daging babi dapat kat sapa? BBQ sakan ni.

    Aduh, lemah lutut klo dapat wakil camni.

    Tst tst tst. Buka. Sja rakyat nengok siaran langsung ni tau.. satu dunia maaa. Malunya

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. Annie... need to also do this article in Bahasa supaya boleh dikongsi dibaca oleh wider audience especially UMNO grassroots... bagi depa paham sikit... toksah dok syok Dgn Kejayaan Di Tg Piai....

    1. anon 17 16
      boleh tolong translate, supuya wider audience viewing

      sick beyong redemtion


    Awatla asyik tergege2 dalam Dewan. Macam nak cheap publicity aje agar sedara mara rakan2 dalits dari India stary-eyed ke sekok tu? Masuk Dewan kelolo meghapu main mencelah2 aje memanjang ni.

    Ha.. Hari ni Speaker Tuan nampak steady sikit. Agaknya dah dapat rasa bahang tendangan Tanjung Piai ke? Camni la.. baru la rakyat respect.

    Awat koman sangat wakil dari DAP ni? No wonder negara makin hari makin merudum.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. when bossku MOD can songlap scorpene submarines, wow hisham as MOD so clean no songlap (PH govt is squeezing hisham balls no 🤔)
    dumbo trolls toksah defend dumbo corruptors balik kampong tanam jagong lah muakakaka