Saturday 6 January 2018

A good suggestion and a bit on Felda land

I'm not well and not really in the mood to write.

Just want to highlight this comment which I received just now because I think it's interesting;

Memang betul bn personalities mostly memang macam sial; especially yg suka menonjolkan siri for the wrong reason dan cakap merapu tanpa berfikir. I do like Mat Hassan of NS and Zambry of Perak.

Ph personalities pun tak kurang macam sial nya jugak. Rafizi huh..dia aje cerdik. I prefer Tony Pua. Tapi ph has more sensible words than bn. But get this - i used to despise LGE but today he proves capable.

Memang betul dah dekat 20 tahun Malaysia berkelahi sama sendiri. Semua gila nak berkuasa termasuk pelakon terbaik di Sg.Buloh tu. Bila berkuasa gerenti salahguna kuasa. Azmin hmm dua kali lima aje. Dia inherit Khalid good work yang lain politik sampah jugak.

My bet goes to the younger DAP reps and Amanah reps

Annie, let's personalities yg rakyat Malaysia boleh terima memimpin. Keparat2 yg dah memang macam sial cakap dan perangai ni hambuskan. Macam KJ ni boleh la kasi chance subject to dia polish telor sendiri danjangan polish telor orang lain. H2O..buang terus. Dua duit pun tak berguna. Suruh dia pergu asah dan asapkan keris umno yg dah berkarat.

Quite a good suggestion, don't you think?

By the way, I think I got it right when I wrote this;
- Everyone who should know about the deal, knew about it from day one. Nothing was said about it because everyone agreed that there's nothing wrong with the deal. That's the reason why MACC was quick to say there was no element of corruption in the deal. They knew it much earlier and had checked on it much before BH broke the story.

- The whole brouhahah was actually started by a bunch of people who were unhappy because the land deal leads to other deals which benefit a gang of people, believed to be linked with Isa. They were unhappy because they were left out of it, actually.

- These unhappy people, who have a degree of control over Media Prima are the ones who told BH to break the story which triggered all the noises.

- Shahrir responded to it because.....well, Shahrir is Shahrir.....he simply has to say something.

- All in all, this is just another palace intrigue. A struggle for power and profits between one gang of eunuchs against another gang of eunuchs. Something like that.

Read Rocky's
The salient points:
Para 7:
The PM says report(s) that claimed the Felda land in Semarak had been lost were inaccurate.
Para 4&5:
The PM had directed Felda on Dec 11, 10 days before the BH broke the story  to:
(a) determine if there was abuse of power or/and corruption in the procedures for KL Vertical City, the ongoing project on the Felda Semarak land and
(b) lodge a police report

Rocky also asked,
The MACC has ruled OUT any element of corruption in the deal between FIC and Synergy Promenade (No elements of graft in Felda land transfer, says MACC - Dec 21) so we are looking at other "elements", if anything at all. Refer to Para 8: IF the audit firm and the police find any form of misappropriation, the Government will take legal action.

What if the audit firm and the police don't find anything?

What if the deal wasn't "dubious" as reported?

Well, if the whole nonsense is really just nonsense (which I believe it is), then Najib should know that his eunuchs are having another round of bullshit fighting among themselves for their personal wealth and interests at the expense of BN and Umno. I believe one gang of the eunuchs pushed for an investigation on the deal and to make sure the whole thing goes their way, they ordered a story on it to be published in Berita Harian. Now Najib should also know that those ass kissers at Media Prima are willing to publish fake and misleading news in their newspapers, which are damaging to BN and Umno just to please those self serving eunuchs.
Kalau Najib tak nampak juga, aku tak tau la nak kata apa lagi. 

Shit...past 2am now. 
I better get some sleep.
Need to take those medication first...this coughing is killing me. 


  1. Why ask auditors to check compliance issues ? What happened to 1MDB audit ? Why was is declared " Rahsia " ?

  2. The SINGLE MAIN objective in the coming elections is to get majority of Malay voters voting for the opposition. The question on how to win their votes, as much as possible especially those who live in rural/semi rural areas, as well as Felda folks. Getting them coming all out and in droves voting for the opposition.

    In order to do just that, they need to be led to believe and be convinced enough so that they can make that massive LEAP OF FAITH. A change of heart to vote for the opposition.

    The question is who is most qualify to do it? Who is the giy eho can make it happen? Who is the guy ifluential enough can convince them to do just that? Coming from which party?

    Do you believe Azmin or Rafizi can engineer this? Do you believe PKR can deliver the votes from this segment of voters?

    If it is indeed PKR could deliver the votes, Malay tsunami could have happened in GE 13 but it didn’t happen. Even Pas couldn’t made it happened.

    So Pakatan, please get real. Don’t live in La La land. All these talks about of wanting lion share of rural seats and postponing the announcement of PM candidate only make matters worst. It’s counter productive. It will only further spooke the Malays.

    They will not give you their votes in if they still have lingering doubt about the opposition. They will not give you their votes if they think the Malays is in danger of losing political power if there is a change of government.

    They will not give you their votes if they think their rights and special positions threatened. All their doubts need to be removed. They need to be told beforehand who gonna be their leader before they cast their votes.

    1. That is why Pakatan MUST name Dr.M as designated PM tomorrow, to convince the Malays that they will not be losing anything if they vote for the opposition.

      Only stupid or racist Malays will say, think or worry about Dr.M being DAP's pawn.

      How could a man who wrote The Malay Dilemma in 1970 could gave away the country to anyone, especially from Mainland China.

      If Dr.M were PM, I don't think he would agree with MCA's Party-to-Party relation with China's Communist Party, done in a manner of secrecy. By right, such discreet political relationship should be deem insidious and detrimental to the country's security.

    2. Pakatan is in deep trouble. One one hand PKR doesn't want Mahathir to be the Prime Minister if Pakatan wins the general election. (I put the chance of Pakatan to form a federal government at less than 5%).
      If Pakatan do not name Tun Mahathir as their ínterim Prime Minister, the old man will sulk. Everybody knows the consequences of Mahathir's sulk to the Pakatan Harapan or I would saya Pakatan Tiada Harapan. Haha

      Prof Kangkung

  3. the eunuchs going for the balls of the emperor without clothes unclothed by the fatso empress. let tangan ghaib rub-a-dub to sleep

  4. coughing is killing me ... Quit smoking dear. You don't need to light up to look or feel good. You're already smokin' hot beb!

  5. Annie,

    Sorry to hear about your health issues.

    I picked up a cough and the sniffles myself and I am now almost better after nearly 3 weeks!!!

    Being the caring sharing guy that I am, I made sure I continued my normal routine so that I could share my disease around to as many people as possible :)

    OK, on the FELDA land scam... sorry... I meant land transaction.

    Look, the matter is now all resolved - Isa Samad has given his statement to whomever he gave his statement to, so everything is now OK.

    *nudge*nudge*wink*wink*say no more*

    From the few facts I have read, it appears that there is nothing illegal with how the deal was structured.

    You give me a piece of land, I build you a nice big house on that piece of land, you live in that house, you pay me rent for putting your house on .. *ahem* ... my land... nothing wrong what.

    Perfectly legal :)

    That's why MACC is keeping quiet, PDRM will do nothing - it's a civil matter between you and me.

    That forensic accounting team which was setup up? Buang masa je..

    Everything is legal and above board, OK?

    FELDA cant do shit to unwind the agreement :)

    So, thank you, ball boys, thank you, linesmen, winners are grinners and losers can go cry on the shoulders of someone who cares :)


  6. Comment from Ismail Muda,

    Pada tahun 1997, Tun M meminta Kerajaan Negeri memberi milik tanah kpd felda dgn penetapan kadar premium RM500/ekar utk dijadikan ladang komersial sebagai sumber income utama Felda. Dgn keputusan ini Kerajaan tidak lagi beri apa2 geran kpd felda utk kos operasinya & felda jadi self financing.

    Tahun 2000, felda melunaskan semua hutang dgn World Bank 14 tahun lebih awal & dgn itu felda tidak punya apa2 liabiliti hutang. Aset & pelaburan felda bertambah dari tahun ke tahun termasuk saham2 dlm Maybank, MISC, Amanah Raya dll. Bajet tahunan felda begitu besar menyamai 5 negeri & surplus.

    Anak2 sykt felda yg berpayong di bawah felda holdings untung dgn turn over lebih RM15 bil setahun.
    Saban tahun untung ini dipulangkan kpd peneroka dlm bentuk dividen dlm Koperasi Permodalan Felda ( KPF ).

    Najib jaga felda April 2004. Sedikit demi sedikit dia menabur dedak. Diperkenalkan mcm2 insentif kpd peneroka...duit raya, bonus, pelepasan caruman itu ini & mcm2. Dikerahnya Isa Samad supaya sykt felda pegi listing. Najib mahu cipta Nama & rekod supaya FGV become 2nd biggest IPO in the world... Pelik, felda byak modal & dana serta tunai, Najib mahu jugak masuk bursa.

    Hasil ke bursa, felda dpat RM 5.2 bil, selebihnya RM4 bil plus FGV. Ini menjadikan felda mempunyai tunai yg banyak melebihi rm13 bil termasuk pinjaman KWSP RM6 bil, saham2 & pelaburan dlm institusi.
    Benar lah kata pepatah ibarat kera merentas dusun, ibarat musang jaga reban, lombong emas satu bukit pun habis ditarahnya...Isa Samad mengawal segalanya...!!!

    Aliran tunai felda makin lemah, liabiliti pinjaman makin bertambah, bajet tahunan felda defesit 4 tahun berturut2, projek rumah 2nd byak terbengkalai, bantuan itu ini mula dikurangkan. Komen Audit Negara terhadap operasi felda sgt ketara. Laporan kewangan felda lewat siap tidak spt sebelumnya mengikut jadual.

    Tidak ade ape lagi yg tinggal di felda di tangan Najib. Legasi & imej bapanya sudah tercemar teruk. Felda skrg menghadapi situasi getir & sukar dgn aset yg lemah & pelaburan2 pasif yg belum pasti pulangannya. Dulu felda mengurus kejayaan membantu org miskin, skrg Najib sebenarnya mengurus kegagalan...

  7. I don’t trust Azmin. Too shifty of a character. No one knows what he’s up too. It makes you always second guess him. Highly ambitious individual. Doesn’t always play by the rules. Despise consensus. His way or the highway.

    In 2013, after learning the his name was not on the list being sent to Selangor palace to be nominated as Selangor MB, he ran amuck and hastily arranged a press conference attacking PKR leadership.

    Remember Sarawak state election? He refused to honour the existing agreement and ordered PKR to contest against each other (against DAP) in 3 corner fight in 5 state seats. Pakatan fared worst in Sarawak than they did in 2011.

    It’s clear that he was able to do that because there is no strong leadeship in Pakatan to reign in him. What more now being an MB, he must have felt he doesn’t to follow anyone’s orders.

    Without solid and strong leadership, small napoleons in the party could do anything they want according to their whim and fancy. An overly independent and single minded character like Azmin needs to be controlled and reign in.

    That’s why the advent of Mahathir in Pakatan is such a revelation..

  8. Dear Annie,

    I understand how U feel because I am in the same boat too.
    I have been sick physically and mentally since in Mekah, performing the Umrah. When I arrived back in Malsysia, my helath deteriorate. I was hospitalized because they suscpected I was infected by Mers. Cov!!!!
    Now my blood pressure is not stable - up and down, so is my emotion since I heard the Sg.Buloh guy is desperate and calwing to be the PM!!!
    Everyone told me to rest. Not to worry but how can I....???
    My mind keep wondering whether we are heading for something worse - out of the crocdile mouth and jump into the dragon's throat....????
    I remember what Anwar Ibrahim did when he was the TPM.
    Dia pun pernah salahguna kuasa polis for his own end.
    I am scared.
    And just like U, I am wondering whether it is worth the while to vote after all.

  9. Anonymous @ 6 January 2018 at 12:59,

    //I don’t trust Azmin.//

    Come on, be serious - which politician can be really trusted?

    Even those supposedly religious pak lebais cannot be trusted and they are supposed to have the highest of moral standards, OK?

    //He refused to honour the existing agreement and ordered PKR to contest against each other (against DAP) in 3 corner fight in 5 state seats.//


    Those morons in Sarawak PKR and Sarawak DAP do not need instructions from anybody to sabo each other, OK?

    Those idiots are quite happy to help BN win in Sarawak time after time after time, as long as their sworn enemy do not win, be it Sarawak PKR or Sarawak DAP as the case may be.

    //An overly independent and single minded character like Azmin needs to be controlled and reign in.//

    And exactly why should we try to curb Azmin Ali AS LONG AS he is working towards a change in government in Putrajaya?

    As a politician, I think an Azmin Ali character is exactly what we need for Putrajaya - I mean that seriously.

    He has displayed loyalty to Anwar Ibrahim above and beyond the call of duty and that makes him a person I respect.

    I have reason to believe that Azmin is still in close contact with Anwar to this very day.

    //That’s why the advent of Mahathir in Pakatan is such a revelation.//

    Yup, I agree that having Mahatir in Pakatan is a big plus.

    Mahatir is still a much feared man.

    Look at the attacks on him by variius senior UMNO politicians.

    If Mahatir was as powerless and impotent as they would have us believe, why spent so much time and energy attacking him?

    He's already 92 and yet they still cant break the man.

    Love him or hate him but Mahatir is a formidable opponent in anyone's language.


  10. The GE14 battles are on the ground (not social media) OK, harapan boots already on the ground whilst stupid BN still fighting cyber wars against undefeatable Red Bean Army (RBA) wink wink wink

    1. RBA dah masuk lokap.wink wink

      Prof Kangkung

  11. Anonymous @ 6 January 2018 at 18:00,

    //whilst stupid BN still fighting cyber wars against undefeatable Red Bean Army (RBA)//

    If BN is fighting the RBA, then BN is REALLY stupid.

    There is no such thing as the RBA.

    The RBA was made up by some UMNO crony to korek duit to setup a bunch of cybertroopers.

    You can be assured somebody made a lot of money.

    Many pro-opposition supporters who are online do so in their own time.

    You can easily tell by looking at how there is no cookie-cutter approach to the articles they comment on, the huge variety of commentary styles and the spontaneity of commentaters.

    The only common thread which unites online pro-opposition supporters is their disgust and distaste for BN and PAS.


    1. Dear gladiator,
      RBAs do exist,or should I say did exist.They have their financiers,the office where they operate etc.
      How do I know all these?I have some 'privilaged information'.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. RBAs used to operate from Komtar and Wentworth Hotel Jln. Pudu during the time of Razak Baginda and Altantuya and Deepak Carpet.

      But now, with 1MDB-Jho Low scandal, FGV, etc... and with Dr.M on their side... DAP no longer need to waste money on RBAs.

      Glady was right...

      "Many pro-opposition supporters who are online do so in their own time.
      You can easily tell by looking at how there is no cookie-cutter approach to the articles they comment on, the huge variety of commentary styles and the spontaneity of commentaters."

      I'm one of them and a former supporter of UMNO too.

    3. A good suggestion - BN MO1 should setup a tentera kangkung merah to be headed by Prof Kangkung wakakaka

    4. 'I have some 'privilaged information'.

      Pros Kangkang,

      There is no such thing as "privilaged information".

      "Privileged" maybe.

      No dedak for you.

      Prof Sawi

  12. We dont need china scum money
    Najib can suck his own basketball

  13. Dear Annie,
    For the Felda scandal how can an outside crony link company granted with Power of Attorney sell Felda land to itself without a single cent being paid to Felda?? This is stealing Felda land or business??

    How come so clever, they learn from 1MDB MO1 is it?

    1. Same "business model" as Bandar Malaysia al Pinklips....songlap kaw2

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