Sunday 19 March 2023

Nothing much except nonsense after almost four months

It has been almost four months since Pakatan Harapan returned to power with the help of Umno.

Now, I think I can comment again without people accusing me of jumping the gun on a new government.

By the way, I have been resting since my last post as I was not well. I'm feeling better now to start writing again.

Firstly, I don't think things are better now than before GE15.

And I don't think it will get better, even if you ask me to wait some more.

What has the new government done so far?

Except for some sound bites and the obvious, nothing much really.

Menu Rahmah? Sure.

It's not even better than the Ismail Sabri's administration, okay.

At least back then we can criticise the government without fearing a police report will be lodged against us.

Now, say something and off they run to the police station crying for an investigation.

Anwar is now threatening action against those whom he categorises as racial bigots and religious zealots.

Guess why Dr Mahathir suddenly can't even get a venue for his Malay gathering.

Ya, why else.

I'm actually quite concerned though that the 97-year-old guy may end up in jail soon.

Mukhriz really need to tell his father to rest now. Not worth it for the handsome old man to be running around at the risk of being jailed at his age.

Well Muhyiddin, who is already 70 may be going to jail soon while Hadi is being investigated for saying something. 

On another front, the liberal shit is starting to fly all over the place again.

They were quiet for awhile after GE15 because they were scared of losing Umno's support but now they are back with the same nonsense like it was in 2018.

Just look at that Mentega Terbang movie, which was clearly intended to upset the Muslims.

The scene where a Muslim father told his teenage daughter that he's okay if she wants to go murtad really made my blood boils.

If Anwar really meant it when he said he will act against those who try to cause racial and religious strife, then I would like to see all those involved in making the movie be thrown in jail. 

At the very least, Anwar should condemn the movie.

Or is he too liberal and "inclusive" for that?

And what was that about the Jom Ziarah nonsense programme?

Hannah Yeoh, after all the uproar, said it doesn't involve Muslim youth. However, before that the advertisement of the programme didn't say that.

Does the government has anything better to do?

I have been to church many times when I was in college because of my friends who were members of the Christian Fellowship but I'm being there got nothing to do with the government.

I went there just to play ping pong with my friends, actually. 

Despite not being a proper good Muslim, I'm not like Syed Saddiq, who thinks it's okay for Muslim youth to go to churches and temples to learn about other religions. 

Come to think of it, I don't even spend time in mosque to learn about my own religion as I should be, okay.

Anyway, there's too much of religious things on TikTok already.

Well, I'm sure the LTTE/BJP wannabe extremists in DAP are enjoying all these nonsense.

I suspect they are now under a gag order as DAP don't want to spook Umno ahead the coming state elections.

They'll surely make noise again after that.

Would Anwar dare to "firmly act" against those DAP elements?

DAP is after all the real power behind Pakatan as it has more parliamentary seats compared to PKR and Amanah.

Even the seats own by PKR and Amanah are mostly courtesy of DAP supporters' votes.

As far as I'm concerned, the real fight now is between DAP and PAS, which is the real power behind Perikatan.

The rest, who are now making a lot more noises compared to them are just their instruments.

As for Umno, I can't even bear to look at it these days.

Too much nonsense happening within the party now.

I also wonder whether Anwar will act on Umno soon for advocating Malay nationalism and upholding Islam. 

Maybe after he has no use of the party or when DAP wants it done pronto. 


  1. Annie, thank God you are back!!!!!!!!
    Believe me, this eternal chameleon will do nothing good for the country, but just to be where he is now, to rebrand his image as he has loads of ugly past. He is so very fearing every moves of the opposition and frightened of his own shadow at the same time. His me-me, my-my, I-I attitude is absolutely stomach-churning sight which makes me burn with anger.

    1. Atok , Abahkau & Mail Bera are much better. Right?..😇

    2. you are a real joker la

  2. Glad to have you back again Annie! Keep sharing & take good care of your health ya. Cheers!

  3. They are trying very hard to undo the indoctrination.

  4. I pray for you everyday ever since you suddenly off the radar for months. Glad you’re fine. Alhamdulillah

  5. Alhamdulillah...
    I'm with you Annie 125%..

    1. Me too. Welcome back Annie.

      ~ Hantu Siber ~

  6. Great u r back. Semoga dirahmati Allah selalu Annie.
    Now Bang Non mau main keris. Dia ingat dia sorang saja ada keris. Keris kontot orang tak takut la...hehehe

  7. Hadap la!
    If you think that Abah & Pak Mail Sabri much better...that past history.
    So sengal, one..! Agong suruh unite..sebab you pun tahu, semua x cukup majoriti..x mau pulak ikut unity government. Why? of course la, semua ada plan bod* sendiri! You pikir, Agong x tahu?
    Damn! Sengal betul la diorang ni, pikir tekak sendiri..instead of rakyat punya hal.
    Dah x mau jd K'rajaan, now you all melalak tiap- tiap hari, orang lain buat x betul! Kalau you buang ego sengal tu, surely difference story!
    Oh Tuhan, hindari la otak aku dari kebod*tan yang dibuat oleh puak-puak bengong...x nak dengar cakap Raja yang memerintah dan bagi pangkat & semua gelaran.
    Ini Malaysia, itu realiti!

    1. Does unity means kena terima dgn senyuman semua idea termasuk lah idea bodoh rafizi jual nasi lemak bungkus 2 rggt melalui vending machine? Kesian makcik jual tepi jln, nasi lemak dah x laku sebab ada org kayangan potong jln jual nasi lemak dgn harga subsidi dlm stesen lrt. Yg paling untung gelak guling2 pembekal vending machine. Nasi lemak basi bukan masalah dia.

    2. It''s optional! Itu pilihan...Belajar dari kesilapan. Itu bisnesnya, ada otak yang cerdas, boleh saja nak senyum atau tidak! Formulanya, tahu di mana posisi kita...dan tentunya jangan cepat "koyak!"
      Orang nak bantu, kita tambah ilmu.
      Asyik minta dibantu..otak buntu, keliru, ada kaki..kematu! Akaun kena beku, itu cerita lain.!

    3. Sistem demokrasi berparlimen memberikan hak dan kebebasan sepenuhnya kepada mana-mana parti politik untuk memilih dan bersuara. Apabila pembangkang enggan menyertai kerajaan, maka nama PERPADUAN telah gugur secara sendirinya. Akan tetapi, nampaknya kerajaan campuran ini masih berdegil dan berterusan mengelirukan rakyat. Hanya pemimpin yang berkuku besi dan bongkak sahaja akan mempraktikkan amalan yang tak sihat ini. Buktinya, saban hari pelabur asing cabut lari dan nilai ringgit terus merudum.

  8. Welcome back Annie. Glad u are ok.

  9. Good going, all Malaysians, the wackadoo keeps misleading us to the path of no return. Not only insulting the poor but the KERIS is readily to be used in no time. Something must immediately be done to reduce the impact of damage. Perhaps another upsurge of Green Wave in the upcoming PRN may do some magic. To hell with these 2 biggest vindictive liars, we don't need them, do we?

  10. You are really sick in the head for writing such shit
    Can you name 1 notable achievement of the previous 2 garbage government ???
    At least the current government is trying to fix the rot from the past
    Go and take a break and get better else you will be writing more such crap ha ha ha

    1. If you really can't stand the SHIT, pls go elsewhere that suits your crappy taste. Period.

  11. that mentega terbang movie has been ard since 2021. Interesting how it is now offending bunch of people and not before.

    lets cut through the bs here. the malay under siege theme is back in play again as hadi & co are now on the other side of the aisle. like 2018, they will play that card again & again as thats the only thing they know. icerd then blackpick concerts now. Hannah is their LGE boegyman this time around.

    Tun & the opposition have no interest in nation building. parliament has been in session 30-40 days now and i have yet to see any constructive feedback from them. Its all race & religion


      this sums up tun & PN’s playbook. that handsome old man you call, just wants to bring down anwar at all costs - ppl are sick of him.

    2. Mind you, not all people are sick of handsome and robust Tun M, me included. Hidup Tun!!

    3. old habits die hard :/ . must be a bitter pill for him to swallow from hero to zero . Nobody’s good enuff

    4. tun wont die unless he sees anwar off 😂. in his books no one is good enough except him & the dumb son. worked against badawi, najib ( only good thing he did ), tsmy, ‘ mail, and now anwar.

      msians will thank him for his services, but will not shed a tear.

  12. This gomen? All ministers lidah macam BIAWAK....bercabang...u want to trust them??? Hahahahaha.....

    1. correction . ALL politicians . Worldwide . Don’t hate the player . Hate the game .

  13. Chess games been played..
    There will be one victor as the game ended in june...winner takes all ...loser lost everything...good luck..

  14. Hooooraaaay!!!!
    Here are some great achievements of MR Madani so far:

    No nepotism, no cronyism, no political appointment, no corruption, no interference of govt agencies/jurisdiction, no direct nego, no lavish banquet, no fireworks, no new yr celebration, no salary, no renovation, no Benz, no day off, no witch-hunting,no free batik shirt, wearing RM2 socks, cheap eats only, 100% freedom of expression, RM11b reduction of ECRL costs, retrieval of RM8b 1MDB fund, ..........and many more in which my memory fails to keep up with.

    Yes, you are right, a whole new-pure Malaysia. What an exceptional Allah-sent Madani!!!

  15. Welcome back,Annie.And hope you're getting and feeling much better now.

  16. Selamat menyambut Ramadan, dear Annie.
    While the govt head gets to travel, we are left all on our own to brave the ever soaring cost of living. Not an iota he has done to deal with it, but just a bunch of word salad, politicking all the way from his day-1. Useless cakap tak serupa bikin. Phuiii..

  17. There is nothing substantial to see in a few months . Not even a year or two . Government is probably busy fire fighting internally behind the scenes , So what’s new . At least the fires are not so big nowadays . Don’t forget they inherited the country at the worst time and in the worst condition . An elephant in the room many don’t want to see . At least more ministers are working harder now , still could be better . Baby steps i guess . Opposition also trying to stay relevant. Some go on radio shows , some have nothing but to argue for days over eggs .Takfe topic lain ke sampai tiap tiap hari main telur? some can’t make up their mind kejap keluarga malaysia , unity , 1malaysia lah tapi tak boleh menziarahi each others ‘rumah’. It took years to build this nation , years to contaminate it . Now people are complaining nothing to see in 4 months ? this is not an instagram or hash tag nation .’Like and share ‘ today and forgotten tomorrow or even worse still by lunch time . Don’t get carried away with the age of instant gratification mentality . We need everyone to bangun dan sedar diri and ask yourself honestly what can you do for the nation , what are you doing for the nation and most painfully and honestly what have you done for the nation to make it a better place . Don’t know what to do ? maybe actually start paying your taxes and study loans for a start ? Ouch that gotta hurt right but yeah reality bites :)

    1. Too sentimental..
      1) what happen to no PM should be Minister of Finance to avoid abuse.. bohong
      2) what happen to getting professional to lead business concerns of govt interest instead of appointing crony politician.. bohong again
      3) what happen to fighting the perompak and court cluster.. end up in bed together ha ha.. so the end justify the means .. same ol story..
      If you really believe the rakyat sees government with insta result mindset, do start living in the reality instead of living at the edge of your seat in front of the laptop. Even a 17 yrs old have more sense

    2. Anon 21:22

      1) if i were him i also wouldn’t dare give anyone that position . if you understand politics in this country , you’d know why. Bohong ? how naive are you . Find me a politician that don’t bohong . Semua bohong ! see kena kantoi only or not

      2)and over night whole parliament full of technocrats ? i also want la . who dowan . macam singapore . gaji besar . ada kpi . Don’t hit target , get fired . you seem to think politics in malaysia is black or white . Believe me it’s never like that and it’s never what it seems

      3) Again wishful thinking kicking up a fuss . who also know la if he did that , kerajan dia sendiri mungkin akan runtuh kan. duhhh ! need to explain to you ke ? would you rather no court cluster , your gomen go crashing down again with all the cock ups and you waste a few years of your life watching the same drama over and over AGAIN ?!

      if not instant gratification then what’s with the “eh 4 months already , apa pon tadak “ .

  18. Hi Annie , i have been a reader for years . why are my comments not posted ? there is no profanity or ugly religious comments . Just plain simple reality of the nation and its political landscape . That too is not allowed ? kinda one sided right your comments section if it’s run that way .

    1. I'm quite sure comments in this blog come from all sides. For this post, I didn't throw out any comment.

    2. Yup. Quite balance with a tint more comments from the PH side. The PH writers seem to have more flair in writing.. more interesting to read. Fictional account and comics sell. Do we put trust in fiction and comic..

  19. lets not blame the madini govt. any govt in the last 3yrs would have struggled. countries everywhere is struggling for growth & taming inflation.

    covid happened, shit happens. the global supply chain is out of whack, contributing to the problems today. we overspent during covid, dug deep into epf & govt coffers. this mandini govt have find a balance

    make your bed, dont rely on handouts or govts. its tough but we will get through it together.

  20. A sue-happy gay has openly become advocate for his assistant, a corrupt. Praising him in the Dewan Rakyat, dated 21 Feb, really tells a lot which makes me feel nausea and sick in my stomach. He spins and twists his own words to an unbelievable degree. That is a dangerous sign. What the hell is coming to my beloved country?

  21. Up till today, all sort of names have been entitled to the current government:-

    1)kerajaan perpaduan 2)kerajaan madani
    3) kerajaan PH-BN 4)kerajaan gabungan 5)kerajaan luar tabii 6)kerajaan zalim
    7)kerajaan kuku besi 8)kerajaan pengkhianat 9)kerajaan penipu 10)kerajaan hoi ya hoi

    Well, in my opinion, all the above are perfectly right except the 1st one. What a score of 90%; Grade A+!! Well done!