Saturday 25 March 2023

Learning from the shit that happened

As many would agree, the Malaysian economy is not exactly doing that well now despite all the positive statistics and data being showcased by the government.

Many are now struggling to make ends meet..

Personally, I'm also in trouble as I may lose my job soon.

The small company I'm working for is still struggling to survive after being hit hard by the Covid pandemic. No help from the government there, okay.

I'm preparing for the worst as I don't have any other skill than what I'm doing for the company now.

In case I got retrenched, I'm planning to buy a small cheap car (maybe Proton Pesona) and become a Grab driver.

My driving skill is quite good, you see.

Well, I don't need to earn that much. 

I would be okay as long as I can pay my bills and not go hungry.

I actually thought of doing other things such as opening a darts cafe or setting up a vegetable farm but those would need a lot of money to start.

And running such a place would also involve quite a bit of stress without much guarantee of success in the current economy.

Being a Grab driver would be easier and involve lesser risks.

Yeah, the worst that could happen is me getting stabbed and robbed by a crazy passenger.  But I believe the chances of that happening would be quite remote.

Anyway, I will not hold any grudge if I got retrenched. It happened to me before.

I would thank my boss for giving me employment over the years and I will remember only the good things about my work place where I had earned my living. Same as when it happened the last time.

I believe if that happens, it's because Allah has better plans for me.

Maybe I would even enjoy being a Grab driver more than what I'm doing now.

It's the same way I look at what's happening to this country.

Maybe we are going through the current shit so that we could become better people.

It's like getting rid of the bad blood.

Anwar said he would be a great PM and many people believe him, so Allah moved Malaysians' hearts to vote the way they did in GE15 so they could experience the truth in all that BS.

Maybe we will be wiser after going through more shit over the next few years. Obviously we didn't learn enough from the shit that we went through after GE14. Especially the Malays.

Maybe the shit we are enduring now will shape a better Malaysia, just like the shit that happened after the fall of Soviet Union shaped a better Russia.

Maybe one day we can have our own Putin and invade Singapore because it was part of the tanah jajahan taalok negeri Johor.

Hahahaha....that's a nice thought, right?

Or at least give Penang back to Kedah.

Yeah, why do we need to recognise all those treaties made with the colonial masters who conned our ancestors into it.

It would be nice if we grow a backbone and do that after going through the current shit, right?

Hmmm...maybe Kedah can have back Penang after China have back Taiwan.

Ok, ok, ok, I think I'm rambling now because of low sugar in my blood.

I'm fasting, okay.

Eh, enough lah.



  1. pm is trying hard to bring home some investment from arabs....n here wat a disillusional piece of crap u support u give!

    1. Aiyoo, other than O&G, what technology can the arabs bring? Saudi's crown prince didn't bother to meet anwar (no pic). I wonder why...

    2. "Bring home some investments"
      Oh really? How much? Check your fact right first. It was reported that he received a mere lukewarm reception and the Crown Prince couldn't even bother to meet up with him. Should be something to do with his personality traits. What a shame and ashamed!

    3. I wonder why King Salman or even his son mbs didn’t bother to meet the prime minister? Didn’t the government check beforehand the availability of King Salman and mbs before pm departed? It shouldn’t be that way considering this was first long journey trip after being appointed as PM. Throughout history the Arabs are world famous when it comes to hospitality and treating their guests with top notch celebration. It is rude and disrespectful to turn away incoming guest. It is not like he’s showing up in front of your office unannounced. The thing is once the leader feels offended, the whole country too feel offended.

    4. always lose lose with msian bloggers. cant bring inv from china as communist, dap will take away malay rights. cant get from west as all infidels, zionist whatever.

      even the arabs cant catch a break

    5. Anon 7:59
      It is because your PM is a NOBODY. The impudent reception implies a great deal. It was like a huge smack across the face of him, a self-absorbed egotist. He deserved it. Who cares how the world is going to perceive the Arab King and Prince.

    6. This tok arab lost usd1b investment in swiss bank. They are building cities costing in billions in thier own country. Dont expect them to come here. Haj and umrah are costing more than double as they dont have money. You do not develop the country through fdi. You have to build internally. Look at top five richest men in us. They are self made with no initial capital but they have brain.

  2. Annie,

    I do not agree with you at all.

    The new government have managed to bring Tesla into Malaysia.

    In the event, you are out of work, you can drive a Grab cab using Tesla Model 3.

    Soon Malaysia will become more modern with electric car, chatGpt4, etc.

    I heard there are plans to sell nasi lemak using food dispenser machine, like in Japan they sells noodles or sushi.

    Don't worry, after 3 years, we will become like South Korea.

    1. Why wait after 3 years? Hari ini saya jadi PM, esok kita jadi South Korea!

  3. glad you are looking at options to get back on your feet. as i me tioned in the previous post, dont rely on govt or handouts or EPF. make your own bed, the dark clouds will clear.

    as for the economy, its a zero sum game. most are suffering but new car sales are off the charts. so what gives ?

    1. i’m lost in this part also . Economy not doing good but car sales are high . People spending like crazy ? betul ke ni ? what’s going on Malaysia

  4. Whooowhaaaa...... Proponents of government are all busy lining up to receive their rewards. Losers become winners. This pm truly has no qualms about saying is one thing; doing is another. He gives not a shit to that. It is just a speck of his many grandiose schemes. Not doubt, he is capable of keeping up a pretence to the nth degree. Just the other day, saw him shedding tears at the Pulapol. Oh, come on, really??? Or merely genuine crocodile tears.

  5. Selamat berbuka Annie.. jangan marah2 nanti hilang pahala...
    Orang yang janji macam macam masa GE15...dah sure dapat dosa...sebab kuat menipu...depa puasa pun tak guna...bulan posa pun masih menipu

    1. Segala yang berlaku ada hikmah. Sekarang rakyat sudah tahu makna sebenar 'Reformasi'.

  6. Instead of presenting us a practicable cost of living plan, he has spent all his hundred-day mapping out a desperate strategy with the intention to emasculate PN, and worst of all, threatened to go full force if the opposition tries to bust a gut on making mischief. Has he not forgotten those grubby moves of 16 Sept 2008, Langkah Kajang 2014, and also the outrageous cry wolf "I've got the numbers" howling? He sure was brainy to orchestrate all these, but failed miserably and dragged the country down to some extent.
    Yea, from then on, he has successfully inspired a lot of copycats. That, of course, Sheraton Move included. Now, he has had his wish granted, why does he still not prove his worth to the people?

    1. Give him at least a year...then we'll see ...a boy or a girl!

    2. Anon 14:24
      Didn't the pm always say that he has a set of formulas at hand and ready to be used any time any day? So, where is it? Another good bluff? It has been 4 months now, he can't even solve the lacks and prices of food, let alone other major troubles. Well, you may wait until the empty vessel cow comes home. Ya, why not?

  7. Broke into a fit of laughter while reading on the FMT, PM's "fruitful" Saudi Arabia trip. The dumb mouthpiece was quick to embellish the story. Just cannot believe that someone of that level of intelligence is qualified to be a govt head. Never mind la, keep the truth to yourself. Nonetheless, TQ the Arabs for helping us to deflate somewhat of his self-puffed up arrogance. Somehow, cladding in a white jubah attempting to fit in has failed to do the trick.

  8. I fully support issue of removing the monoploy especially AP for importing car from oversea. There is nothing to protect local auto industry anymore. Contruction industries classification ie abcdef. Are few examples. The question is if this gomen have guts to walk the talk.

    1. i think it’s kinda open already . you can go to any proper car dealer and they can bring in any car for you . go online pick a car show the fella and they do the rest . the ap’s cost nothing compared to what it used to cost . it’s basically their service charge for all the paperwork and importation stuff .

  9. SHIT! - Buah tangan novel karya Shanon Ahmad..selepas masuk keluar politik! Sekarang, baru tahu siapa buat 'shit', siapa kena cuci itu 'Shit!' Tahan la...!

  10. Muka tak malu...pi rumah orang tapi tak jumpa tuan rumah..tuan rumah tak mau jumpa.....hahahaha....rasa diri macam hebat...PERASAN....

  11. Years ago. Bomoh used to chant to wave off evil spirit. DATANG TAK DI JEMPUT PULANG TAK DI HANTAR