Monday 24 January 2022

Truth about Azam Baki and a bit on Johor election

It was quite comical to see many people (especially pro-Pakatan crowd) jumping all over the place after Securities Commission cleared MACC boss Azam Baki from any wrong doing.

They are now accusing the SC of not being independent and doing government's biddings. 


I even have a young friend who complained that youths would find it hard to understand why SC came to such a conclusion.

I actually felt like telling him that young people should go through life more before thinking about such things but stopped myself from doing that as I know that would be pointless and politically incorrect in this age of Undi18.

Well, I believe my friend and other young people like him shouldn't worry too much about not finding the truth.

In case everyone forgets, Azam Baki has sued the self-styled journalist who started the whole accusation against him and they are going to court.

In court, everything will be put in the open and there will be nothing to hide.

So, Azam Baki will try to prove his innocence, while the journalist will reveal everything she has against him.

Everything will be factual, right?

No more trial by media or public lynching by street mob.

For those who already believe that Azam Baki is guilty, they should take comfort in the knowledge that the journalist is supposedly a lady of integrity and has been hailed as a heroic whistle blower.

Surely she would have all her facts ready to be presented in court for all to see.

Surely she didn't buta-buta accuse Azam Baki of being a corrupt person to suit the agenda of some politicians who wanted to paint the establishment as being a vampire that is drinking the blood of the rakyat....correct?

Well, just wait for the trial then, okay.

It's going to be either Azam Baki being factually proven to be a corrupt person or he'll get RM10 million from the journalist for defaming him.

As dramatic as a Korean courtroom drama, I think.

Moving on to the coming Johor election, I have to say that my sources in the state are still quite reliable.

They got it right that it will take place not long after the CNY celebration next month.

I believe they are going to be right again about the outcome of the poll.

They said BN will win with a landslide, sweeping the others into the longkang.

Okay, DAP will survive by clinging on to the edge of the longkang because they will still win in the Chinese-majority areas.

The only unfortunate thing about the coming state poll is that Khaled Nordin will almost certainly be fielded in his former state constituency of Permas and he will win there.

That's according to my sources in Johor too lah. Sigh.

They even said that Khaled will try to become MB again later on by using his CONNECTIONS.

But I don't believe them as I think they were trying to pull a prank on me.

That's just too crazy, okay.

Anyway, I hope to go to Johor once the campaigning starts.

I actually really hate writing without going on the ground.

Hopefully my boss will let me go there even though I know he can't belanja my trip because our company has not yet recover from the effects of Covid-19.

If I get the green light, I will go to Johor using my own money. Hopefully I have enough for the trip.

See how la.



  1. Saya berpendapat PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob hanya perlu address the issue wise & frankly
    2. Soalnya bukan azam baki bersalah atau anak muda perlu hidup lebih lama
    3. Menutup sistem public transport semata-mata untuk azam baki dan pada masa yang sama, membubarkan DUN Johor jelas dua perkara besar yang contradict each other dan menyebabkan imej negara kita setanding Myanmar
    4. Apa salahnya just BERDIRI MEGAH di Pentas Debat dan tidak perlu terlalu melindungi azam baki itu kerana pihak berwajib berkenaan perkara itu iaitu Suruhanjaya Sekuriti telah mengatakan tiada apa benda salah boleh dikaitkan dengan azam baki
    5. Saya banyak kali berhadapan dengan Para Anak Muda. Saya tidak melihat isu ini soal PH, soal PN atau soal Ketenteraman Awam mahupun penularan pandemik


    1. Saya tak setuju imej Malaysia sama dengan Myanmar. Malaysia tak halau rakyatnya dari kaum tertentu macam Rohingya.

    2. Ok. But seriously saya rasa cara PM Ismail Sabri last Saturday terlalu menakjubkan buat saya dan rakan-rakan. Perlu diingat, Kami bukan pro-pembangkang, pro-kerajaan mahupun pro-Kuasa Ketiga. Kami cuma Golongan Profesional yang memerhati 🤝

    3. Pada saya la, pihak berkuasa melaksanakan undang2 je hari Sabtu lepas. Yg nak buat protes tu tak ikut undang2 kena lah dihalang. Tu pun rasanya dibuat dengan penuh hemah dan tak timbul kekacauan. Kalau tak laksana undang2, negara jadi kecoh pulak nanti.

    4. always agree to disagree ☺️☕✌️

    5. When you hold high office. You must ve judge with high integrity otherwise people will question your judgement. You have to impartial or seen to impartial. Any lapse of judgement is inexcusible as we are bot judging a peon.

    6. Well myanmar will say that thier law to forbid anybody to protest. And thier law that rohinya is not thier citizen. If we go by that logic why should we not complain. It may be dracoñian.If you live in glass house dont throw stones.MY suggestion no point in protest or suport for gen x and y. Go to ballot box starting with coming prn and state you mind. Country is no longer belongs to babyboomer with 40s 50 or60 ideològies.You chart the course and you live by it.

    7. tentang PRN Johor yang bakal diadakan dalam bulan Mac depan, Saya dan rakan-rakan berharap UMNO-BN berjaya membentuk majoriti kukuh sepertimana PRN Melaka
      2. Jika ada keputusan luar dugaan sekalipun, Kami amat berharap Asalkan PAS tidak berada dalam Kerajaan yang bakal dibentuk.
      3. Hasni dan Khaled Nordin mesti ambil perhatian, Say NO to PAS!

  2. Aisay Annie...abt Zam2 alakazam....he said shares bought by his bro using his account. SC found that all shares in his name...WTF? This itself shows something stinks and yet u jump when people demand answers.

    1. Where got I jumped? I just suggest we wait for the Azam vs journalist case to go to court. Then we will find out lah the truth.

  3. "I even have a young friend who complained that youths would find it hard to understand why SC came to such a conclusion."

    Sadly, your young friend is a lot smarter than you are.

    You can visit the MACC website to see the double standards applied in this case.

    Rakyat biasa kena.

    On the EXACT same facts.

    Funny how the minute MACC threatened the SC (just 2 days after the Azam scandal broke), the SC backed off.

    I guess that means both organizations are compromised.

    People who don't get paid to "blog" (if you can call it that) can see that very, very clearly.

    It's only Geng Rocky and RPK who are defending Azam, soooooo....let's see how many people are persuaded.

    Kih kih kih.

    1. You really should not put the "kih,kih kih" at the end of your comments. It made you sound a bit stupid. Seriously.

    2. But seriously, do look up the SC's past cases under the very same provisions.

      Once you've done that, please explain how Azam's case differs? Why different outcome?

      This is worse than your failed defence of BossKu and other crooks on your financing aide.

      Kih kih kih....


  4. Sorry, SC said Azam controlled his accounts. Azam said his brother controlled his brokerage accounts.

    Isn't that the issue? Did Azam lie
    And of so who actually the beneficiary. So memang ada bau disini

    Please, don't be conveniently blur blur when you want to

    1. Ok lah, I'm blur. That's why I want to wait for the Azam vs journalist case to be clear about the whole thing. Now one side said this, the other side said that. Simply hantam saja.

  5. Azam in his presser defence, said his brother used his account for purchasing the stock. SC’s remit is only to investigate if the stocks were under Azams name - thats it. They said they cant clarify if his brother instructed the purchase. So dont talk ck Annie.

  6. i oso blur blur what sc is talking about, are they educating us how to do wrong without breaking the law? sabri shd consider change the name of sc to sophistry commission.

    1. Good one!!!


    Very bad to begin with, JavaMan will enter defence, KepitttMan went to Batu Caves perlukah dress like Indian?
    Dia Bugis kuttt...
    I certainly don't want to believe that Hasni is right to predict 2/3 majority. Just ask JavaMan to cuti2laaa, let's TMN9 carry on!
    Khalid said he's not contesting?
    UMM-I made a deal in Melaka, Sarawak, Johor xxx mau krrr ambik insurance...

  8. kematian itu ada dua makna

    1. Kematian bagi orang beriman yg baik baik amalan dan ilmu nya bawa manfaat pada manusia di dunia maka dunia kehilangan dan kerugian pafa yang hidup

    2. Kemayian bagi manudia munafik acah acah power islamik, berbelit cabang lidahnya bila menghukum dia memilih milih bila menfitnah diheret rakyat dihasut kematian jenis ini adalah keuntungan pada yang masih hidup dari terlepas dari dosa fitnah jijik adu domba batu api dan sebagainya

    Renung renung kan dan selamat beramal

  9. Haiyaa
    Masa PH took over high profiled heads of institutions mayak cipat2 PH kasi tukaq.

    1. June 2018 TS Wahid tetiba retired (????) as PNB grp Chairman n replaced by Zeti.

    2. Ogos 2018 plak .. seorang bekas ketua pengarah Organisasi Perisikan Luar Malaysia (MEIO) ditahan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) hari ini kerana disyaki terbabit dalam salah guna kuasa dan penyelewengan dana milik kerajaan bagi peruntukan Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU-14)....

    2.Oct 2018 plak TanSri Ranjit Exec Chairmn of SC

    Lepaih tu mula la drama2 pelaburan esp tiap hali jual beli saham2 esp sykt2 empunya GLCs, PNB, Tabung2 itu ini esp milik majoriti Bumis dok kena main macam tikam tikam..

    Mula la adengan jual aset itu ini, harga2 saham byk mula jatuh dan dividend2 spt TH dan Amanah Saham merudum.. haiyaa mayak CILAKA la.

    Pikiaq2 sendili la why the need to replace these high profiled heads??? Jangan malah ya.. TIME magazine placed Malaysia as the 2nd most corrupted country in the world!!

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. jangan ahli keluarga jadi "barua scambags" kat pulau selatan udah lah!!!!!
      jadi "barua scambags" pun bukan kerja proffesional.
      tapi perkerja jaga "thai jamban"

  10. Ini lah masaalah so called parti keramat.Setengah ketua telah di hakimi atau okt masih di dewakan dan disembah. Tak ada lansung guna fikiran yg di beri allah utk berfikir tentang amal maaruf nahir munkar. Tak rasa takut utk berdepan dgn allah karana mimilih amir2 yg cacat Bencana yg kita alami skg masih tak faham dalil2.Jangan lah jadi bangsa ad dan thamud. So choose your leader wisely. Ini ada lah ujian allah.As reminder johor folks choose you leader wisely or you will be held before allah on your actions as we are all accountable for all our action in this world. Wallah A'lam.

  11. Anon 9:45 masaalahnya terlalu ramai dgn yakin mengatakan fitnah, dengki, suka mengaibkan dan mencalar reputasi org yg sudah didapati bersalah oleh mahkamah. Kalau yg menjaga kepentingan kita fahamlah tp org kampung kat Pekan bermati-matian mempertahankan dan terus menyokong dewa mereka yg mencuri duit SRC sebanyak RM42 juta. Orang Pekan tak marah pun Jho Low yg hidup bebas tipu najib dgn mencuri berbillion ringgit duit rakyat.