Thursday 9 December 2021

Don't let village kids risk falling off trees to get 5G connectivity

Annuar Musa had previously announced that the decision to let Finance Ministry's special purpose vehicle Digital National Bhd (DNB) handles the 5G rollout will be reconsidered.

Then the communication and multimedia minister yesterday said the government will take into account the views of MPs who opposed its plan for the 5G rollout via the single wholesale network concept.

Those MPs who are mostly from the Opposition have suddenly became IT experts and ardent defenders of the telcos on the issue.

They didn't seem to even notice that the country's

Rural connectivity remains poor with industry giving focus on urban areas

Well, it's probably because most, if not all of those Opposition MPs' constituencies are in the urban areas and therefore they couldn't care less about connectivity in the villages.

Yup, the whole point of the plan to let DNB handles the 5G rollout was to make sure the rural areas don't lag further behind as they currently do because the telcos only care about making even more money in the urban areas.

The MPs talked about letting market forces being the deciding factor in the 5G rollout, which was typical of urban people.

For them, it's the villagers fault that they live in the rural areas and getting poor connectivity.

And I honestly believe that they don't really care about village kids having to climb trees to get internet connection for their online classes.

The digital divide reached a flashpoint last year when 18-year-old Veveonah Mosibin, from Kg Sabanalang Pitas in Sabah, went viral in March 2020 after she posted a video of herself studying on top of a tree in order to sit for her exams.

Ya, they did make some noises for political mileage when such stories went viral but when the government wanted to really do something to address the problem, they talked about market forces and such.

They even defended the telcos which supposedly spent RM26 billion on the 4G platform yet still resulted in stories of kids on trees trying to get connected with their classes.

How much the telcos contributed or offer to contribute to your election funds YBs?

Why I asked?

Because I saw this earlier this morning,

Huawei’s alleged 5G manoeuvres in Malaysia

Hopefully it's not true.

Sorry, anything to do with the communists in Beijing raises the red flag in my brain.

Anyway, I'm hoping for the government to stay the course with its original 5G rollout plan, which prioritise equality between the urban and rural areas.

Why do we need to care too much about the telcos that have already made tonnes of money all these while despite giving Malaysians relatively poor services, especially in the rural areas?

I really don't understand why the government is even considering making a U-turn on the matter.

Eh, Annuar, after this, if a village kid got hurt or worse after falling down a tree to get internet connectivity, those Opposition MPs will still go after you, okay.

They will have memory loss about pressuring the government to give the 5G rollout to the telcos, which as usual will give priority to the urban areas where their constituencies are located.


  1. Aiyooooooo Annie.

    Trying to play the rural card, huh?

    Poor Veveonah?

    Yes, I want her to have good connectivity too, but why do we need to enrich cronies to do it?

    Look at what your blogging captain says:

    "FIVE people will end up as billionaire cronies from our 5G sellout, the rest of us will pay, pay, pay

    The Muhyiddin Yassin administration saw 5G as a legitimate means to build a war chest (for the next general election). That’s the talk, anyway, and of course they will says it’s crap but then again, the facts are: the people pushing hard for the idea sat/sit on high-level economic advisory committees; the SPV created to oversee the SWN is Digital Nasional Berhad, which comes directly under the Minister of Finance, who was appointed by Muhyiddin (or, some says, by the King himself); Digital Nasional Berhad’s plan is to spend RM11 billion to get 5G to Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and KL by Christmas this year (and nationwide by 2024), whereas, if we were to auction the 5G spectrum to the existing players (Celcom, Maxis, etc), the Government could be earning (instead of spending) RM12 billion!

    If more talk (or more crap?) were to be believed, this 5G scheme will benefit FIVE people, who will end up with hundreds of millions in their bank accounts to last at least 5 generations. All five are already shameless cronies: a former banker who became a media baron; his good pal who used to lord over the 4th floor operations of a former prime minister; a royal pain; a former banker who came into the government via the back door and harbours /hopes to run in the next general election; and a former Prime Minister.

    They must be stopped."

    Bukan I cakap ye, blogging captain engko yg cakap.

    Plus, can you really trust a company with a guy with two arrest warrants issued for him in two different countries?


  2. before the village kids fall off from trees for 5G connectivity
    school class. most probably will drop out of schools to joint foolpanda or grab. with rising cost of living. 22 000 students
    khabar angin that the guys who monoplize rice, sugar, flour. indirectly raising roti, tea tarik, nasi kandar planning a higher tower somewhere in mid kl

  3. Speaking of Veveonah, even the guy who maki hamun her is not in favour of DNB!

    KUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Kewangan (MoF) tidak memanggil atau berbincang dengan Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia (KKMM) dalam pelantikan Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) untuk melaksanakan teknologi 5G di Malaysia.

    Timbalan Menteri Komunikasi dan Multimedia, Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin berkata, kementeriannya kemudian mempersoalkan pelantikan itu terutamanya berkaitan harga perkhidmatan itu yang akan dikenakan kepada pengguna kelak.

    “Bila beri spektrum kepada DNB dan DNB jual pula kepada telco (syarikat telekomunikasi), bermakna dua kali peningkatan tetapi DNB beri jaminan harganya lebih murah daripada sekarang."


    As if.

  4. pencuri pn vs pencuri umno vs pencuri conman mahathir

    1. Haiya HY.

      Get real and buka mata sepet kamu luas2 sikit bole? Why mentiond only fm pn umno Tun sja?

      Amboi u must be thinkg PKR DAP Amanah PAs all so pure?. Google forbes 30 richest Malaysians..

      Lu ingat mrk successful tarak pakai glease juga ke? BTW itu telowong apa celita?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. aduh plofassor racist, telco are mostly conman crony and one that now in power are umno and pn, pray tell how to relate this episode to pkr dap and amanah?

      telowong cakap kat thread telowong, sini pasal lima g, orang cakap timah lu mahu tutur fatimah pula.

  5. Firstly, Annie! 5G won't solve coverage and high bandwidth issues in rural areas. The nature of 5G is suitable for urban areas and high-density populations.
    Secondly, 5G operated using High Radio frequency which means the coverage will be very small to cater to high bandwidth, and Telco's need to invest or to build many BTS (Based Transmission Station) approximately 4 new BTS's from the existing side just for 5G. The 5G coverage will reduce to 500-700 meters for each BTS. The will be a massive investment for telcos.
    Thirdly, 5G network requires a fiber-optic connection to BTS because it could carry the high bandwidth - ONLY Fiber Optic. 5G cannot operate in Microwave and VSAT transmission due to its limitations.
    Finally, my suggestion for Rural areas for broadband solution go for WLAN - bigger coverage, still able to get up to 10mbps and easy set-up. It can work with Microwave and VSAT transmission.

    1. Fourthly, DNB has none of these anyway!!!

    2. Perhaps you could relate back to the 1990s, Telecommunications Minister that time Dato' Seri Samy Vellu has issued GSM licenses to Sapura, MRCB, Berjaya, Binariang, and TRI. Is a total waste of money, resources, and manpower. End-up Sapura(ADAM) sold to TimeDotCom later Maxis, MRCB(EMATEL) sold to Telekom later Celcom, Berjaya(DIGI) later sold to Telenor Group.
      DNB will be a waste of public money, resource and manpower, to build basic infra for 5G - it requires 20 billion - 30 billion to cover Malaysia.

    3. Bro 5g needs new infrastructure. Yang lama tak bolih guna. Semua kena baru. Currently US has about 200k cell tower covering whole country with 5G they will need millions of towers. These cell sites are not like current towers.True 5G network is standalone infrastucture. 4G network is non standalone infrastructure. So telco have to set independent infrastuture.Otherwise telco will try to interface 4G/5G to provide 5G likes not a real true 5G. In short all has to start fresh if you want the true 5G experience. I have no privy what dnb plan but i suspected since they have no burden to carry they should start afresh. What country needs is true 5G not 5G like.

  6. not sure where annie is going with the communist china bullshit. msia def can fk themselves up without anyones help. this is Mof ( PN ) vs annuar ( umno ). All these muppets care abt is $$$ for themselves, their party & election.

    1. Correct.

      That ZaFool dude has a lot to answer for.

      "Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin says the Finance Ministry insisted on giving the 5G spectrum to Digital Nasional Bhd despite protest from his ministry.

      THE Finance Ministry (MOF) insisted on giving the 5G spectrum to Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB) despite protest from the Communications and Multimedia Ministry, Zahidi Zainul Abidin said today.

      “We were instructed by MOF to give the contract to DNB without any consultations,” the deputy minister told Parliament today.

      “We raised questions about the pricing as DNB will be selling to telecommunication companies (telcos) but DNB assured us that the price will be cheaper than 4G. That was their guarantee.

      “It’s quite a miracle that DNB will be selling the 5G spectrum at a lower price to telcos but we had to agree,” said the Padang Besar MP.

      The deputy minister was responding to Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (Ledang-PH) on when DNB was going to brief Parliament on its plans for 5G."


      If MOF is sidestepping the right ministry, there is the smell of crooks in the air.

  7. Think about it.

    What does DNB even HAVE?

    Expertise? Assets? Yilek.

    It's a shell, like 1MDB.

    "Just Like 1MDB But Bigger? The Looming Horror Of 5DNB

    Just like 1MDB, the whole process has been hijacked by an arrogant (and this time entirely unelected) fellow at the MOF, who has immediately placed the project without any tendering or consultation under the murky purview of a so-called special purpose vehicle (SPV) of his own choice.

    This SPV has turned out to be an entirely new entity with no previous capital nor existing staff nor infrastructure. ‘Starting from scratch’ as the Minister put it: just like 1MDB.

    The SPV moreover is run by flunkeys from outside the existing civil service, a number of whom are of questionable character given their previous records. Just like 1MDB.

    Unnamed financial advisors are also discussed as floating in the background of the project and powerfully orchestrating it, with their own interests apparently in mind. Just like 1MDB.

    And whilst the touted projections for the project are ludicrously ambitious, the specifics have been unclear. Efforts appear to have been concentrated on extracting the huge sums of money required for the project rather than on working out how any of it really should be spent. Just like with 1MDB, as the Appeal Court spelled out in its ruling against Najib."

    Same old con job.

    A "company" set up to milk money and nothing else.

    Look at what Zahidi from the Ministry in charge says:

    "We didn’t see what DNB could do as it had nothing and had to start from scratch.

    “DNB doesn’t even have any (telecommunication) poles,” said Zahidi. Fahmi Fadzil (Lembah Pantai-PH) then asked how DNB secured the project when it had nothing.

    “You have to ask MOF on the investments needed as we didn’t invest. Our work is communications but MOF wants to do our job."

    Sounds familiar, kan?

    Same as 1MDB.

    1. This has nothing to do with merit of dnb. It is one ministry run one party and another ministry run by another. The crews are fighting and imcompetent captain did nothing.
      One thing for sure coalition govt will not works if Prime minister is weak. What makes is worst is the opposition is in carhoots with this shenanigans.

    2. Anonymous10 December 2021 at 23:17

      Put it this way.

      This whole DNB scam was conceived in the era of AbahCirit and executed by his hand-picked Finance Minister.

      Yes, it was a PPBM money-raising scam for elections and crony enrichment.

      But Mael Sabri chose not to change the Finance Minister when he took over.


      Let's be clear - this DNB SPV is STILL designed as a money-raising scam for elections and crony enrichment.

      But for whom?

      Still for PPBM?

      Or for ONE camp in Umno?

      Or is Mael Sabri a hybrid Umno-Bersatu monster?

      Playing both sides.

      See where the billions made by DNB end up.

      In whose pockets?

      Either way, we the rakyat kena, lah.

      Biasa lah.

      We pay for their greed.


  8. buka mata sepet kamu luas2 sikit bole?
    tapi mata tak sepet asyik ternampak khinzir yang mengancam.

  9. Ya annie,

    Telco is making a lot of profit despote poor performance even compared to countries like indonesia, vietnam and laos. They roll out their network based on profir thus rural areas neglected while urban areas saw redundant investment among telcos to compete for market share.

    Dnb is government owned company. It is not a crony company. It is far from 1mdb as it has proper governance and not controlled by pm who also a finance minister who has absolute authority in the company.

    This people who oppose 5g by dnb is trying to hijack this project and give it to familiar party for political fund.

    It is meant to enhance nations competitiveness since we are lagging behind not only singapore but thailand, indonesia, philippine and vietnam who already have their 5g. Yet we are dreaming about championing digital economy in asean.

    Current 4g model where network left to telco has resulted us poor quality services, coverage and high cost to consumer and businesses.

    1. "Dnb is government owned company. It is not a crony company. It is far from 1mdb as it has proper governance and not controlled by pm who also a finance minister who has absolute authority in the company."


      This "SPV" scam is completely unnecessary and is designed to be a songlap vehicle.

      Why did Moo and Zafrul set it up?

      Why is Comms Ministry not involved?

      Zafrul is a puppet.

      Who pulls his strings?

      Why was a known crook put in charge of DNB?


    2. I believe Comm ministry definitely involved. But they cant involve actively because they are the policy maker and regulator mcmc is under them. The company is the operator and all gov companies owned by mof. If comm ministry involve directly in running the company, how mcmc want to regulate the company?

      Ridicculous comm ministry not involve since mcmc the one giving license to dnb.

    3. We are not sure dnb is making monEy what we are sure telcos are making ton of money.


  10. Wahhhh, Annie, are you Anwar's polsec???


    Same thinking as you on rural.

    "Anwar raises caution over 5G infrastructure monopoly, reminds govt of 1MDB fiasco if tender matters lack transparency

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 8 — Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today cautioned the government over the seemingly monopolistic nature of the infrastructure development for the fifth-generation (5G) network, reminding the Communications and Multimedia Ministry (KKMM) of the irregularities which brought down 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

    “One thing that is also worrying is that the 5G network will be centered in urban areas. I seek an explanation from the minister because if this happens, the gap will widen and the situation of the communities in villages and rural areas will be more affected. As it is, there is no 4G now already and we go on to create 5G, and we leave them too. So this is a matter which needs to be given attention."

    Actually true.

    Why hop to 5G when most folks don't have 4G?

  11. Dear Annie,
    Allo me to comment and correct you on this 5G matter. I graduated majoring in telecommunications and has worked in a mobile telco for 13 years.
    I am not in agreement with the govt to deploy 5G network through whole sale model via DNB as it has its pros and cons.
    My opinion is that the technology will keep evolved and 6G is already here already. My opinion is the govt should facilitate the licensed telcos to work together and drive the 5G deployment on their own. There is no need for MOF to create DNB and tasked it to deploy the 5G infra as it is more prone to fail in my honest opinion.
    For the rural coverage, MCMC has already initiated USP ( universal/ shared service provision) to ensure rural and remote areas do get the coverage using funding from each of the telcos and managed by MCMC. This USP however needs to be further improved to solve non coverage issua in the village/ rural areas and not 5G.
    Furthermore, as far as advancement is concerned, 6G is the real deal compare to 5G. All this fuss about 5G is blown out of the proportion. Govt should facilitate the telco after all, all the telco operators are all licensed by the government.

    1. Hi bro. I beg to differ.i have been in this telco bussines since early days for mobile phone. I have seen in and out. I was paid big buck and now retired from one of major telco. I have seen how they operated at top level for past 30 odd years.It is all driven profit not development or infrastructure building. Aussie govt have to spend billion to buy two next generation high throughput satellites to serve wayout stations in rural remote area so kids can have comparable facilities as those in major cities.No telcos want to go there.Agreed that 5G will not be able to serve rural sabah and sarawak but we need non profit entity like dnb to spearhead the development.

    2. I agree 100% with Noradz 11 December 2021 at 19:31.

      Also, the "scheme of things" became much clearer today:

      "Former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin has warned Putrajaya against reconsidering the single wholesale network (SWN) model for the country’s 5G rollout, saying it could lead to a loss in investor confidence.

      The repercussions could damage the government’s reputation, and have serious financial and legal implications for the country and Digital Nasional Bhd if contracts are terminated or breached due to a change in the model, he said."

      Kih kih kih.

      Tiba2 gelabah biawak pulak.

      If Abah is going through more cirit-birit caused by fear of DNB not getting the money, we can read between the lines:

      DNB was created to raise $$$$$$$$$$$ for Bersatu's PRU15 war chest. Hence, they installed a proven crook as the "go-between", and the Finance Muppet worked out the deal (PS: this is parked under MOF, not under MCMC.)

      Anu Musang is a closet Bersatu member, which complicates things, but Umno just woke up and realised they have to kill the Bersatu money grab ASAP.

      That's the game being played now.

      As for rural folks, seriously, they don't care.

  12. HY
    Takyah jadi boloh penat2 dok komen on dis 5G.. pelojek 5G ke, Telowong ke semuanya sama sja la. Same old stolies, waste time only lor.

    The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) kan ini keloja meleka?? TAPI?? Mesti sesama meleka bila check terkejut, tengok2 bapa, anak bini, sedala mala, croni meleka sendili pun perut semua mayak buncit dan kenyang.

    Pakatan Harapan government dulu konon named three senior cabinet ministers together with a special advisory council that consists of eminent Malaysians. Itu Daim sikalang pun sonyap aje masih dok dSouth Africa ke? Itu hali Nurul Izzah pun cabut lali fm PAC. Kekekeke mayak lucu la lia olang nih semua.

    Elok follow aje Elon Musk and his vision to Mars. Golongan muda follow aje BTS. Lagi selonok.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. ada anak muda keturunan "ketuanan" p Sngapoke berstatus sebagai "trolle amabsodor", "waste managment offcer" also
      "water closet manager". kan nasb baik Brtish pakai otak simpan sikit pulau untuk masa kercemasan.
      Elon Mus suka berasapkan "hemp". Bila nak "halal" kan "hemp"

  13. PDRM kara tiada keluarkan Notis Merah Interpol tangkap Jho Low rupanya belum masuk senarai notis merah interpol... Ketua Pulis Mesia Acryl Sani

    22 bulan Tun Mahathir berkuasa yang sungguh memalukan. Tak tau nak kata apa dah nihh nak nangis ke atau nak ketawa nak guling guling atas jalan raya ker nih... kikikiki..

    Makna kata 22 bulan berkuasa ex IGP si Bedul lantikan Tun tak buat apa apa. Ex IGP ini makan gaji buto kot dengan muka poyo selamber tak tau malu dia kata Jho Low dah jadi beruang..!!

    Al Jazera boleh temubual Jho Low sambil gentel2 garu telo lagi. Masa Tun Mahathir berkuasa ex IGP lantikan nya makan gaji buta tak buat kerja. Patut la kes Zety tak siap siap smpi skg...!!

    Bukan setakat tidak diburu... malah tiada arahan penangkapan pernah dibuat untuk Jho Low... Even takder jugak Notis Merah Interpol dikeluarkan semasa 22 PH berkuasa.. Hahaha...

    Patutlah 22 bulan Tun berkuasa semua Kartel Judi online kartel Bapak Ayam, Kartel Daging Import Haram dan Kartel Kerala semua lesap. Justo pun lesap betul betul depan lubang hidung Tun Mahathir.

    PDRM kata pernah buat permohonan untuk keluarkan Notis Merah Interpol buat Jho Low... tetapi ianya ditolak masa 22 bulan Tun berkuasa kott ... Hahaha.... Ini memang lawak...

    Mana pernah ader permintaan Notis Merah dari mana-mana negara yang ditolak oleh Interpol.... Interpol takder kuasa untuk menolak semua nih...


    1. Awak dah ketinggalan kereta api!


    looks like AbahCirit's DNB songlap plan is going to be fiercely opposed.

    Latest is Tok Mat:

    "PETALING JAYA: The government must explain if the financing model for the country’s contentious 5G network rollout through Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) is sustainable, Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan said.

    In a Facebook post, Tok Mat, as he is popularly known, said a previous statement that the financing of the 5G network rollout will not require a government guarantee was “odd”.

    DNB had announced that the rollout would cost RM20 billion over 10 years, with the funding coming from bank loans and sukuk.

    “DNB is owned by the government. Surely, there is a risk that the debt and operational costs will directly burden the government,” he said.

    In November, finance minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz said the cost of implementing the 5G network will be financed through a combination of deferred financing to vendors, trade financing and working capital, as well as sukuk programmes that would be issued in the national capital market.

    He added it would not involve any government guarantee or funding, indirectly or with permission, off-balance sheet.

    Zafrul said DNB would instead obtain financing through financial services such as banks and this will be repaid through sales proceeds generated from the wholesale sale of capacity.

    Mohamad, meanwhile, repeated previous concerns over DNB’s monopoly as the sole 5G network provider, arguing that it would put the national rollout at risk of a “single point of failure”.

    “This risk being taken by the government requires a concrete explanation. The trust deficit towards DNB and the Single Wholesale Network (SWN) seems to be growing clearer and the government must address this.”

    So now the ball moves to:

    a) Annuar Musang

    b) Ismail sabri

    Both are PPBM members pretending to be in UMNO.

    Will they bow to pressure?

    Or will PPBM's 11 billion songlap stand?

  15. Liew Ping-Pong of DAP gets it wrong again.....

    (FROM FMT)

    "There would be a snap general election the moment the pact collapses – “a dream come true” for what he called Umno’s “troika”, comprising Najib, Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan.

    “If the troika win a majority, the two senior leaders will walk free from jail,” he said in an article posted on Sunday."

    Ehhhhh why Tok Mat is in the "troika" ahhhhh? This is wrong.

    "Liew said that Ismail was only “50% Umno”, being close to Muhyiddin Yassin’s Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional coalition, Umno’s rival to gain Malay voter support."

    This is correct. Teloq Penyu is very pro-PPBM.

    “The greatest threat to Ismail Sabri’s premiership is from the Umno core leadership, and not any other political players,” Liew said."


    "Liew said the only way for the two leaders to avoid jail time was to ensure Umno won the next general election, with one of them or Mohamad Hasan as prime minister. The two leaders had caused the collapses of two governments and would have no qualms in doing it again, even if it is ostensibly led by an Umno prime minister, Liew said."


    Tok Mat is NOT pro-Zahid or pro-Najib.

    Both Teloq Penyu and Tok Mat want that duo in jail, because they have more chance to be UMNO president.

  16. "THE decision to appoint Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB) the country’s sole 5G network provider was made by Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz and former communications and multimedia minister Saifuddin Abdullah without the knowledge of other officers, Zahidi Zainul Abidin said.

    The Communications and Multimedia Deputy Minister said even their deputy ministers at the time were not informed."

    Konpom a carefully-planned massive $$$$$$$$$$ songlap by PPBM.

    The Indian guy's cut would have been pretty big too.

    Annuar Musang is a PPBM member at heart - will he bow to UMNO pressure and cancel the deal?