Friday 7 April 2023

The judiciary is not supreme

 No one should be supreme except Allah.

Yup, not even the raja-raja are supreme. 

If they do wrong, then we have to say that they had  done wrong.

The same with the three branches of the government that are the executive, legislature and judiciary.

None of the trio is supreme as they have to be the check and balance of each other.

I actually learnt this basic stuff in my first year at law school.

These days,  it appeared that there are those who think the judiciary is supreme and its conduct could not be questioned.

In the news today were former Bar presidents and prominent legal experts who insisted that the MACC's investigation on Justice Nazlan who sent Najib to jail for 12 years was an attack on the judiciary.

Well, MACC is part of the executive, which job is to "check and balance" the judiciary. 

It's checking and balancing, the judiciary....not attacking the judiciary.

Can't a judge who was suspected of committing a crime be investigated?

As it turned out the MACC had found that Nazlan was not being proper in his conducts while sitting as the judge before Najib.

That's why those supposedly legal experts are all jumping up against the whole thing. 

They are actually not defending Nazlan or even the judiciary but instead were defending the judgement made by Nazlan against Najib.

I'm quite sure they would be very okay if the MACC had instead found out that Nazlan was a model ethical judge with no vested interest in Najib's case.

This is all about politics again.

They are making their ugly noises because they want the 71-year-old Najib to stay and die in jail.

I'm no longer supportive of Umno but I would not agree for these people to use the judiciary to unfairly punish Najib or commit injustice against anyone else.

Judges are not supreme beings who are devoid of mistakes and biases.

It's the same as being a lawyer does not necessarily makes one clever.

There are many idiots among the lawyers too.

After all, it's not so difficult to become a lawyer. 

I know this because I could be one if I had really wanted to. 

Got my LLB (Hons) by actually doing minimum amount of studying.

You would not believe it but many idiots got through the whole thing too and became stupid members of the Bar  Council.

Some became the Bar president where they made idiotic noises all the way until they are no longer holding the post,

So puffed up in their sense of self importance.

Really guys, these people who supposed to read the laws are not all bright or even good people.

They have their own selfish agendas too.

They go to toilet to shit too, just like we all, okay.


  1. True...very true indeed!!!

    1. right. so the other 13 judges were idiots as well and somehow had beef with najib.

    2. i am pretty sure 14 bar presidents & 13 judges have more gravitas than you annie. get back into that box

    3. At least I can take criticism...unlike them.

    4. Melati Kampung8 April 2023 at 23:26

      Well said Annie

    5. The main point of the article is about judge Nazlan , MACC’s investigation found him to be guilty of not declaring that he has a conflict of interest . This is a very serious allegation. I would have thought the judiciary would want to make sure he has his day court and prove his innocence. And therefore clearing any distrust the public may have . But instead of standing up for transparency their evasive behaviours do the opposite .. it shows that they trust themselves even less..

  2. Ranting again,bad moon rising.

  3. Conflict of interest is certainly involved to create the only existing excuse to get a royal pardon after everything else fell through. But, if the walanon dares to hold out an olive branch, then PH must be ready for a severe backlash besides becoming a whooping target of jokes. But alas, who knows what God's plan has in store for them to continue their never ending play-off. To be honest, I am disgusted and fed-up by all the rumbles that we are forced into as life gets ever tougher under this so-called Madani.

  4. Love the rantings ! boy our politics is so complicated nowadays .

    “unfairly punish Najib” …. I’m no judge or lawyer but for what he did , do you honestly say that it’s ok for him to come out already ? such a short stint ? Roger Ng Goldman Sachs 10 years ! ok la Malaysia kan ada mega sale . Good behaviour 30 % discount . So 7 years . The fat lady how ? roam freely ? Wah macam tu i pun nak buat 2MDB . Duk kejap Sg Buloh makan nasi kari all settled .

    Why everyone so upset ! like lost the plot . I jadi Pm i send my macc / special branch and whoever to get you la . Jail or mess them up make them so busy with court everyday so i can eliminate my opponents . Then when they jadi PM , my turn to kena la . Round and round that game goes . Same play book . Same pattern . Why we talking about boring stuff . Playing the same broken record arguing about the same shit . It’s like watching an english premier league except everyday everyone tukar jersey with each other before match .

    1. If we want Najib to rot in jail we should at least do it properly instead of getting a judge with compromised background to perside over the case.

  5. Kalau betul ajib diampunkan nanti, barangkali inilah pencapaian yg paling hebat dan luar tabii drpd kerajaan madanon ni. Susah payah pi buat perbicaraan, buang duit rakyat, kering air liur org ramai cakap2,..... akhirnya dilepaskan mcm seekor tu. Eloklah tu, terbentuk jugak segerombolan mereka yg terdiri drpd bermcm2 rekod sejarah, ada bekas banduan, peliwat, keptokrat, pembohong, pengkhianat,.... Masih tunggu reaksi dap. Oklah, selamat maju jaya tanah airku atas pelaburan 170B tu. Puiiiii..... sepuiii-puiiiiinya.

  6. From the whole trials we also can see many of our yang ariff are of the copy and paste type ie just follow the crowd or their bosses....

    1. In the golongan Yang Ariff also got their own groups and politics la . Rakyat tak tau je

  7. In the first place if you are not qualified or not within your scope you should not made an allegation about code of ethics or conflict of interest. If i have problem with a lawyer ethical i will write to bar association. It is up to them to initiate the investigation. That is the process. Is our country now leading to SNAFU.

    1. Wahh.. comment oso cannot unless it is for yr benefit. Means go to mamak, if yr lauk tak sedap then cannot comment also since u dont cook like mamak.. like that one arr.. poodah

    2. This woman is just a lawyer buruk la , what else did u expect from her ha ha ha

  8. A ridiculous powerful politics is reflecting the rule of jungle. Kill or be killed, dog- eat-dog society will soon drag the country further down to becoming one of the 3rd world. Congrats, papanon, for every successful chess move ! Don't forget, Allah is watching all the way.

  9. Nak bising buat apa...Bossku dah songlap juta juta jangan tutup mata la.. jangan kita ingat Hakim Nazlan tu tak dak otak...sudah sudah la....ramai rakyat nak makan buka posa pun struggle....Keluarga Bossku makan sedap2 walaupun Pak depa duk dalam...hareeemmmm

  10. It has more than 24hrs now since the pardon news of NR's broke. Wonder why DAP still remains silent? Where are those NR's ferocious attackers? What, too scared to rock the boat? When the self-indulged Big-Brother opted to lie down with the devil, so must the other little ones. Nothing is indeed for free as everything comes with a price. Maybe, this one is worthwhile. Well, no worries, as we all know the Chinese are too realistic to be rational. They will sure embrace and be thankful to NR like what they did to Zahid once upon a time. Country always comes first, and so, the bygones should be bygones. What is more, our super hero PMX always has a magic wand at hand to bring everything to fruition and keep the power intact.

  11. Ayuh Malaysia, kita boleh! Slogan parti mana ni? Mari sokong rancangan PMX utk membebaskan hero 1MBD agar 2MBD dpt dilancarkan. Kali diketuai ketua kerajaan semasa ini pula. Aiya, alang-alang dah disakau, biarlah sakau habis-habisan sbb pm dan menteri kewangan kebal dan tak perlu jawab kpd sesiapa termasuk Dewan Rakyat. Yg pelik adalah PH telah penjarakan Najib, dan PH jugalah berusaha nak keluarkannya. Jika ia benar2 berlaku, jangan kata dunia tak pandang hina kpd kita. Sial dan khianat betul makhluk seekor ni!

  12. Bila nak tangkap Zety Taufik Ayman dan Jho Low...!?

    1. Tangkap Jho Low?. If only the trip to China could be to get China assistance to tangkap Jho Low then could add one more MOU and put some value in it. But then again why would they be interested in Jho Low, it was only najib. unless of course if Jho Low is the presiden of UMNO then lain cerita.. in another world perhaps

  13. lets not panic. its all a show by umno ( and dsai ) to square off najibs supporters - najib is not gonna help in state elections - abd will actually be a detriment given PN’s platform of ‘ clean ‘ governance.

    YDPA has the pulse of the nation to his credit - he wont risk it - the rulers have also spoken out on corruption.


    Proses penyucian hampir selesai. Let's all take a bow for a masterful game played.

    Lepas ni kita tunggu adingan nanges depan kaabah pulak.



  15. Mr Madanon says, he will be part of the pardon board panel. That itself tells how desperate, unprincipled and treacherous he is. His shameless hypocrisy has no bounds and so unfit to be a govt head. No wonder the Arabians gave him the most humiliating snub. I hope more of the likes will ensue one way or another. Yea, go on and free Najib and allow the whole event to come to full circle. Well, why not?

  16. The world craziest politics can only be found in Malaysia under the directive of a Tambun Chameleon, Bapak Saman aka Pendendam. Setting to free najib and drop wak's charges, ready to nego with China our SCSea territory, going all out to kill off rivals, gaslighting the public, spewing slanders & nonsense here n there ..... have become his daily routine, while poor people out there are struggling to keep afloat and still waiting anxiously for his promised but never existed cost of living plan. I just can't think of any good deeds he has done to the country, except for his own personal agendas. Can you imagine the amount of destructions he may bring forth after completing a full term? We are all doomed to have voted in such a dangerous, brainless n noisy tin kosong.

    1. You got it wrong bro. Its not him that cause the harm. Its all on the voters who put the trust in him and allow him to be there eventhough there have been so many questionable promises been unkept on his part all this time. Lets wait for next GE or state elections to let him know.. can arrr

    2. You get it wrong too. We did not you vote to the government. It is wheeling dealing and horsetrading amongst corrupted politicians west and east that form majority government with thier own agendas. It is nothing to do with peoples. You cannot called it a unity givernment if you still have significant numbers sit in opposition. It just a wayang.So where are we leading to. One side request for greater representation so they can kingmaker in future.One side want to free the convict and started to appoint to glc or gic. One side want liberalism and moderation of centuries mindset.It will finally leads to disunity in population if you cannot fullfil all these demands. Fragmentation will occur.

    3. bro, am talking about the one who voted the PH with all the promises of madani guy. And i am talking about whether those who voted then would again cast the votes.

    4. There is no unity . it’s a hoax . Everybody’s like orang gila shouting at the wall . Unity my ass la guys . The very fabric of our society is made/split up of 3 races . Politically also if you look at the root of it . Melayu cina india . That same DNA . Unity apa ? there won’t be a need for DAP if there wasn’t an UMNO .Every pay will be happier like back in the 70’s . Here’s a simple way to prove it , stop ANYONE in the street ask them who they are they will say they are malay chinese or indian .Not Malaysian. Unity apa ni ? Now go to Indonesia , do the same you will find everyone will say they are Indonesian no matter what color or creed .

  17. Kalau umno tarik diri dan menyebabkan kerajaan tumbang, adakah madanon berani hunus kerisnya ke arah umno? Baik munafik lalang yg tak berprinsip ni cepat2 pi mintak petua drpd LKS.

    1. You mean kalau zahid tarik umno keluar kerajaan? Why would he do that? Buang tabiat?

  18. Pergi mampos la dgn tag team Wak n Bang Non...lidah mcm bewak.. boleh tidok lena ka kalau dok bohong hari hari.....puihhhhhh...lahanat punya orang...

  19. Macam sial... Asal Babi lepas..!!

    Sam mohon maaf kepada ibu bapa mangsa kemalangan..

    Mahkamah Rayuan membebaskan Sam daripada pertuduhan memandu secara berbahaya yang menyebabkan kematian lapan remaja yang menunggang basikal lajak itu di Johor Bahru pada 2017.

    Mahkamah rayuan memutuskan bahawa pertuduhan mengikut Seksyen 41(1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan adalah cacat.

    Ucap maaf lepas tu bebas... Apa punya babi la

    Macam sial... Asal Babi lepas..!!.. Jho Low lepas Navin Tan anak Vincent Tan peladang ganja berkilo kilo lepas . babi betina ni pun lepas... Suma babi lepas...!!!

    Masyarakat madani atau masyarakat babi..!!

    Apa UMNo bole buat sekarang..!!

    Hidup babi..!! 3x

    1. Memang patut pun dia lepas... bukan nya dia mabuk atau hisap dadah atau main talipon. Apa ke jadahnya budak bawah umur main basikal atas jln raya pukul 3 pagi?

      Ada budak2 tu pakai reflective vest supaya org nampak dari jauh? Ini sama je kesnya dgn kalau terlanggar lembu berkeliaran atas jlnraya. Tuan punya lembu yg salah tak kira apa bangsa pemandu.

    2. bro jangan lah sampai hati panas racis . Batal nanti puasa kau :)

      Sudah lah kes amoi ni dah basi lah . Dipanggil k-e-m-a-l-a-n-g-a-n / accident je . Kau tak puas buat apa ? dari segi apa ? benci makhamah ke benci babi ? haaaaa pikir baik baik sebeleum jawab

      Mamat tanam kebun tu ko kena ingat masa tu siapa PM ? siapa bapak dia ? biasa la kat sini . kantoi macam tu , bapak kau kabel besar , ada duit 20-30juta settle la nyawa kau. Kalau tak ada sen , muka kau masuk berita , besok masuk la sg buloh . tu je ! salah babi lagi ke bro ? masa tu aku baca berita aku pon hati panas tau tak ….


      Babi tua

  20. Bila nak heret Zety dan keluarga penyamun Taufik Ayman ke mahkamah. Bila nak tangkap Jho Low. Apa jasa Taufik Ayman pada negara..!?

    Sehingga saat ini Zeti Aziz masih lagi belum sihat semenjak ‘day one’ beliau sepatut menjadi saksi.
    Sehingga kini juga , Zeti masih berada didalam cuti sakit yang Panjang. Berak cair, terkincit lam seluar vertigo dan muntah darah alasan yang diberi pada mahkamah..!!

    Beberapa nama telah dapat kami kumpul kan sebagai amat terkesan , kecewa , takut atau gusar jika DSNR dibebaskan.
    Ikut pendapat kami mereka ada lah Empat “M”.
    Nama nama mereka ada lah Mahathir, Muhyiddin dan Mael. Mereka mereka ini lah yang akan merasa tidak selesa. DSNR jika bebas akan seperti biasa aktif semula dilaman media nya.

    Maka tindak tanduk mereka mereka ini dan kenyataan kenyataan mereka pasti sahaja akan mendapat respon dan counter komen dari DSNR jika didapati nya tidak betul atau berbohong.
    DSNR pula terlena; dengan bermain dengan fakta dan ketelitian dan bukan nya sembrono.
    Maka , sudah pasti DSNR akan menegur dan berhujah dengan fakta untuk berdepan dengan mereka mereka ini.

    Maka , kehidupan tidak sama lagi untuk Mahathir, Muhyiddin dan Mael Sabri. Ditambah lagi dengan laporan media yang dikawal oleh taikun2 Tun Mahathir yang tidak melapor seluruh dan sebenar nya.

    Pada sesi beberapa hari yang lalu , Joana Yu , Pegawai AMBANk yamg diselamatkan oleh mahkamah dari disaman oleh DSNR telah beberapa kali terkantoi dalam jawapan dan perakuan nya.

    Jho Low dan kaum mata sepet DAP@ LeeKwanYew sedang terbahak bahak ketawa tepok tangan melihat barua barua Melayu mereka diarah bercakaran berbunuhan sesama sendiri. Jho Low sedang bersenang lenang dengan duit curi 1MDB..

    Tan Sri Shafee juga ada menyatakan beliau ada bukti bahawa Jho Low akrab dengan keluarga Zeti terutama nya suami Zeti, Tawfeq Ayman.

    Jho Low juga dilaporkan kerap datang kerumah Zeti. Maka, jelas lah sebab apa kes rasuah Zeti sendiri masih belum dibuka2 lagi dan syak wasangka rakyat ada individu tertentu campurtangan hang dibuka demi menutup kerja konspirasi nya.


  21. Nasib Barnie Maddof sceme ponzi NYSE scheme jauh bezanya dengan Zety Jho Low..!! (Thank You Netflix siar Barnie Maddof tiba tiba teringat muka haramjadah penyamun Zety Jho Low dan Tun Mahathir)

    Bila barua Melayu DAP@LeeKwanYew mula cari Melayu.. makna nya apa.!!

    Apa UMNo boleh buat sekarang ini..!?

    Bangsa Perasuah seronok tepok tangan ketawa terbahak bahak bila semua pemimpin Melayu mangsa rasuah mereka terus bercakaran sesama sendiri.

    Fitnah jijik dan si batu api ini sebenar pemilik kemenangan bagi barua barua Lee Kwan Yew dan proksi.

    kemenangan fitnah jijik itu juga adalah milik Zety dan Taufik Ayman anak anak penyamunnya kerana berjaya mencuri RM700 juta duit AMLA

    Hebat yang 700 juta buat buat buta tidak didakwa yang 34 juta ditandatangai secara palsu dibongkar habis habisan..!!

    Dengan fitnah jijik juga mantan Perdana Menteri Najib boleh ditogelkan semua termasuk akaun bank tetapi Zety dan Taufiq Ayman Jho Low Nik Faisal pula sebaliknya.

    Link dibawa di mana mantan AG lantikan Tun Mahathir iaitu Tomy Tomas menghalang siasatan ke atas Zety dan Taufik Aman dilakukan

    Sepanjang 22 bulan berkuasa dalam kerajaan PH. Pakatan Harapan memerintah negara selama 22 bulan dibawah Mahathir, hutang negara bertambah .

    Kebanyakan senarai penerima ini dari Pulau Pinang dan mereka telah menerima sejumlah RM780 juta, pada hal orang Umno menerima hanya RM19 juta sahaja. Link

    Senarai nama Parti DAP sembunyikan 346 kes melibatkan 346 entiti dan individu yang telah menerima RM307 juta wang 1MDB semasa PH jadi kerajaan diterajui barua meraka Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

    Link bawah kenapa UMNO / BN bisu skg..!?

    1. Laverage Asia Sdn Bhd 31.5 juta
    2. Enr Marketing. 24.3 juta
    3. Mega Utilities Sdn Bhd. 18.3. juta
    4. Kek Lok Si Tample 12 juta
    5. Homewin Renovation n Cons 11.44 juta
    6. Music Melody Store. 6.58 juta
    7. G Event Managmnt. 2.93 juta
    8. Pers Cintai A. Sekitar P. Pinang. 2.65 juta
    9. Jaya Printing & Advertising. 1.07 juta
    10. MCA Bah Tanjung P.Pinang. 1 Juta
    11. Geh Choh Hun. 22.8 juta
    12. Oii Teng Seng. 4.55. juta
    13. Cheah Kah Chye. 4.4 juta
    14. Yeap Chee Cheong 4.4 juta
    15. Goh Kheng Huat. 4.2 juta
    16. Oii Kheng Hin. 4.01 juta
    17. Choo Keng Hock 3.84 juta
    18. Toh Lean Seng. 3.5 juta
    19. Chong Thong Yeow. 3.24 juta
    20. Teh Hun Liang. 3.04 juta
    21. Lembaga Union Pinang School 2.25 juta
    22. Pinang Chinese High School. 1.25 juta
    23. Chung Ling High School. 1 juta
    24 J/K Chua Nan School. 0.5 juta
    25 Pers Penduduk B. Daya Penang. 0.4 juta
    26. Chung Ling High School. 0.25 juta
    27. Smjk Phor Tay School Commitee. 0.25 juta
    28. Pers Kebudayaan Pangkalan Kota P. Pinang. 0.204 juta
    29. MCA Bah Tanjung P. Pinang. 1 juta
    30. Parti Gerakan Rakyt Johor. 0.4 juta

    Bukan ke ini conflict of interest?

    Jho Low sedang tepuk tangan ketawa terbahak kaum nya yang paling banyak dapat habuan.

    Berbeza denda Barnie Maddof scheme Ponzi terbesar di NYSE.. ( tgk siri Netflix) nasib nya di penjara seumur hiddup, anak nya mati sbb malu teramat dasyat isteri nya jedi gelandangan bila harta dirampas.

    Lim Guan Eng sebagai Menteri Kewangan hutang yang ditinggalkan Kerajaan PH yang dicatat menghampiri RM850 billion. Sejumlah RM164 billion hutang dijana olih PH selama 22 bulan.

    Tidak seperti Jho Low, Zety Nik Faisal sampai sekarang hidup mewah.. memang celaka lah pemimpin barua Melayu Lee Kwan Yew@DAP ini..!!! Macam pukimak...!!

    Angkara penipuan Bangsa Perasuah bernama Jho Low tepuk tangan saksikan pemimpin Melayu diperbodohkan dan bercakaran sesama sendiri.

    Otak barua lama dan baru tetap masih sama juga..!!Barua Lama Vs Barua Baru Lee Kwan Yew..

    sampai skg sekor babi pun tak diheret ke mahkamah..!!

    haha tepokkkk..!!

    1. Bagaimana hang dpt list 30 entities tu? Copy paste dpd Whatsapp atau Telegram?? Ingatye fitnah to haram

  22. Acknowledging that he'd be in the pardon board is sufficient to ruin his own reputation as the king of anti-corruption. His willingness to agree to the proposal is mind-boggling. What to do, in a situation like this, the powerful him seems so powerless probably due to a secret tie-up between them. He chose to ride on a tiger and is now afraid to dismount. Meanwhile, the wave of antagonizing him is picking up its momentum. It certainly serves him damn right. He asks for it.

  23. Semua orang tahu, nobody lebih besar dan 'supreme' kecuali Allah. Bila dapat tahu tu?
    Maybe, tengah rasa 'down' dan nak pujuk hati yang berduka bila terasa diri digunakan, dicela, dipermainkan dengan tidak adil. Apa yg di 'expected', di luar..'beyond our expectation!'
    Para hakim pun begitu, dia manusia malah buat kerja, lagi la nak buktikan manusia bersalah ataupun x bersalah!
    Haru punya kerja tu tapi dia cuma base pada facts apa yang dalam court dia la!
    You, bawak bukti, kalau ada fakta apa yang didakwa...dia bagi la, judgement dia yang you juga boleh baca bicara dia, minta jer record tu kat Mahkamah!
    Masalah hakim x boleh didakwa, itu masalah lain.You boleh cerita dalam court lain, ada mengerti?
    Itu SPRM semua ada background law juga, para hakim sangat tahu tu...cuma tengok level la!
    Nak dakwa ke hapa ke..silakan..bukaq la kertas siasatan..kertas lori the end, make story short - Peguam Negara pun x bising..what you 'toon king' man..!

  24. Orang Cina sebenarnya bodoh berniaga.. harap jadi kroni dan jadi bangsa perasuah baru boleh kaya raya..!!

    Kroni Tun Mahathir Ahli perniagaan terkenal Lee Kim Yew diisytiharkan bankrap oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam.

    Laman sesawang e-insolvensi, mendapati pengasas Country Heights Holdings Bhd (CHHB) diisytiharkan muflis pada 26 Jan lalu.

    Orang Cina tak pandai berniaga.. mereka suka jadi kroni dalam masa jadi bangsa perasuah untuk kaya raya...

    Bela kroni kroni 22 tahun 22 Bulan bodoh bangang bangsa perasuah lepas tu kata bangsa Melayu' tak tahu berniaga...puiiiii .!!

    1. Anon 05:28

      betul ke ? ada logic ke ? pasal 3 juta RINGGIT ? ko tau tak berapa kaya mamat tu . kau ni pun .… otak udang

  25. Battersea idea Bossku bukan idea bapa Pelingkup Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim bersama bapa pemfitnah Tun Mahathir Mohamad semasa Pakatan Harapan memerintah selepas PRU 14.

    Najib melakukan majlis pecah tanah projek tersebut pada 4 Julai 2013 tetapi dua bulan selepas Pakatan Harapan (PH) menang Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14 (PRU14) beberapa projek yang diusahakan Najib dikaji semula kata Anwar Bin Ibrahim semasa jadi ketua Pembangang sebelum PRU 14.

    “Enam puluh tahun lepas, hanya segelintir pihak sahaja telah meramalkan yang wang Malaysia akan menghidupkan kembali Battersea,” kata Najib dalam ucapannya pada majlis pecah tanah yang dirasmikan bersama-sama Perdana Menteri Britain, David Cameron.

    PROJEK Battersea Power Station di London yang pernah dilihat sebagai membazir ketika dilancarkan oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pada 2013 akhirnya menjadi mercu tanda ikonik bandar raya tersebut.

    Media pada 12 Jun 2018 melaporkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pada waktu itu Ketua Umum PH berkata, satu siri pelaburan hartanah di United Kingdom (UK) yang menggunakan dana kerajaan termasuk Battersea Power Station akan disiasat dan dirunding semula jika wujud sebarang salah laku.

    Bercakap kepada The Guardian, Anwar yang dalam rangka lawatan empat hari ke London berkata, Battersea Power Station akan disiasat sebagai sebahagian pelaburan “diragui” yang dibuat kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) terdahulu.

    “Semua perjanjian ini yang dianggap mencurigakan, termasuk pelaburan dalam hartanah di London, perlu disiasat kata Menteri Kewangan Lim Guan Eng semasa PH berkuasa.

    Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah yang ketika ini berada di London dijadualkan merasmikan projek ‘milik’ Malaysia hari ini.

    Malah Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Apple, Tim Cook dalam ciapannya baru-baru ini berkata, syarikat itu akan membuka dan memindahkan ibu pejabatnya di dalam bangunan tersebut awal tahun depan.

    Battersea Power Station bernilai 9 bilion pound sterling akan dibuka kepada umum secara rasmi pada 14 Oktober.

    Dari tahun 1930-an hingga 1980-an Battersea Power Station ialah stesen janakuasa elektrik.

    Najib memberi jaminan kepada rakyat bahawa pelaburan di Battersea tidak wujudkan pengaliran keluar wang negara.

    NAJIB@ BOSSKU meminta rakyat melihat projek tersebut dari segi jangka panjang yang akan mendatangkan pulangan tinggi, termasuk kepada pihak individu yang membeli aset di projek ini.