Thursday, 27 April 2023

Lady journalists

 NST carried this Bernama's story today.

Women still underrepresented in senior editorial roles in Malaysia

and uses this picture to go with it

Why three of the ladies are wearing sleeveless clothing and two of them have weird coloured hair.

Trying to be extra feminist and woke, is it?

Journalists should wear proper working clothes and put on decent appearance la.

If I'm an editor, I wouldn't let them go on assignments like that.

Well, if women journalists want to be taken seriously, they should take their duties seriously and put on the appropriate appearance.

So, not enough high ranking women journalists in Malaysia?

Honestly, I don't think that's a real issue.

As far as I know, the gender of a journalist in this country is not really a barrier for him/her to be successful.

You work hard, play the office politics well, and you will get promoted.

I never actually heard of someone not being given a top post in media organisations in this country because she is a woman.

Only feminists like to think otherwise.

They like to think that women are being victimised but the fact is I know many good male journalists who were also deprived of promotion to senior positions.

It's even a matter of luck, sometimes.

Sometimes the bosses simply just don't like your face.

Or maybe because you are too bitchy and talk back too much.

Or it's because of your political affiliation.

That's what I know about the newsrooms in this country.


Never heard of a bunch of media bosses sitting in a meeting saying "Let's not promote her because she's a woman".

"Let's not promote her because she's too bitchy" got la.

Ladies, you want to get promoted to that top job, work for it and navigate the office politics well.

Don't expect to be promoted on a woman quota as that would not make you a good journalist.

If you become a top editor just because you are a woman, then your organisation will suffer for it and your colleagues will only have contempt for you.

Same as those who got promoted because of their cables.

Anyway, the media organisations as we know them are suffering these days.

Low advertisement revenue and the social media are killing them.

People expect news to be free, not knowing that the business of news gathering requires a lot of money.

That should be the immediate concern, instead of whether the bosses are male or female.

Senior editors should be those who could guide their media organisations to produce good news contents and bring in the needed revenues.

Doesn't matter whether they have penises or vaginas.


  1. Betul tu Annie. Kena pandai navigate ur roadmap politics is a norm. It's not only in media sector but others too be it guys or ladies. Siapa pandai kipas n cakap pandai dia naik la. Yang kuat kerja n tak pandai ampu....sorryyyy la....hahahaha

  2. "Doesn't matter whether they have penises or vaginas."
    Ha ha ha... Selamat Hari Raya Puasa... Annie.

  3. Kenapa ye bila posting komen pasal lupakan Singapura...

    Tinggalkan Singapura pedulikan Singapura jiran tak guna bagi Malaysia dan Indonesia tetiba posting Komen kena auto delete....

    Kalau auto delete makna kata betui lah tu...

    Kan kan kan ...


    1. Maaf ya. Kalau nak cerita pasal Singapura pun sekurang2nya comment lah sikit topik posting asal. Kalau tak nanti saya ingat spam pulak.

  4. Like it or not, that is the way the world works. Simply, it is how things are. Just like pmx appointed his princess and cronies into the posts despite the eruption of anger. What can we do? So just swallow hard now and wait till we turn him upside down la.

    1. I’m with you anon 13:28 .Live with it la for now . Later if no performance, no increase of gdp , no increase of standard of living so we don’t argue about price of eggs . Bye bye lah you. On the flip side I will only vote you again regardless of what you like to play with behind closed doors after hours if you can deliver as a nations leader .

  5. I think this gender equality bullshit though supposed to mean well has somehow gotten lost in the woods and is causing more problems than good nowadays .Underrepresented in senior roles . seriously ? what happens to getting roles by merit ? siapa bagus dia dapat la. Sometimes pandai kerja sometimes pandai main politic office . Either way dia pandai la kan . Some climb by ladder and lift some climb by emergency staircase when nobody is looking . Speaking for myself i had men and women bosses before . Men and women clients before . Work is work la who cares . Now want or have quota for women ? errr i think that’s a bit off la . If that’s the case they must have quota for the fellas building roads with the tar and steam rollers in the hot sun also la . I think la but what do i know right …..