Thursday 22 September 2022

Let's have monsoon-free GE15 next month

Pakatan and Perikatan said they don't want to have GE15 during monsoon season.

Umno and its BN allies however don't care too much about it.


Zahid suggests holding election now to avoid monsoon

Well, why not?

We can have it next month.

You see, there are actually two monsoon seasons in Malaysia;

1. South West Monsoon Season from late May to September.

2. North East Monsoon Season from November to March.

So, if we want to avoid having the election during a monsoon season, then we have to hold it either in October, April or the first half of May.

Yup, those are the only months without a monsoon season.

If we want to make GE15 monsoon free, we must have it either next month or April and May next year.

October next year will be after its deadline, which is in September.

Considering that, Pakatan and Perikatan shouldn't complain if the Dewan Rakyat is to be dissolved next month to make way for the election.

But complain they will. I'm very sure of that because the whole thing was actually not about monsoon season.

As Zahid said, it's just because Pakatan and Perikatan are scared of having the election early.

They want more time to convince the rakyat to vote for them.

Having GE15 now may ends up with them suffering the same results as in the Melaka and Johor elections.

My bet is, they are hoping for the projected global recession next year will hit the country hard and with that the people will forget about Pakatan's horrendous 22-month performance as the federal government and blame their suffering on the current government anchored by Ismail Sabri, who is an Umno guy.

If Ismail Sabri doesn't see this, then I don't know what to say la.

And those Umno guys currently holding minister posts, can't they see that too?

Hishammuddin? Annuar Musa? Khairy?

At least, if BN wins a real mandate from the people now, the government will be more stable to face the said recession next year.

No more clowns from Pribumi Bersatu who threaten to pull out their support for the government if they don't get what they want.

No more crazy statements from PAS ministers too.

Anyway, personally, I don't really mind if they want to have it in April or May as I don't expect the GE15 results then would be that much different from it being held next month.

But why do we need to endure a few more months of the current nonsense?

Let's get it over and done with now so that everyone can settle down and work instead of wasting time talking about politics.

Aren't you all tired of it?

We have been like this since 2018, okay.


  1. Our country receives rain throughout the year. But more rain during the North-East monsoon and the transition phases where we undergo short period of heavy downpours and thunderstorms at the end of each monsoon. So, using monsoon as excuses are pathetic and unfathomable. Anyhow, like Annie had suggested, let's get it done by next month so as to put an end to the vulnerability of government and most importantly to let wak-komedi off the hook if BN wins. Ya, who cares who is going to run the country because the whole system was corrupt, and still is, I believe.

    1. The problem is that when parliament is dissolved now, the election can only be carried out in November/December that is right during the monsoon period...

  2. the pm is from umno, if the umno pm refuse to listen to umno, its a umno issue. umno member and supporter shd do something like kick out this umno pm and stop blaming others.

    1. Ya why keep questioning PH disagreement. PM is umno, PM say dissolve parliment then parliment dissolve. Just waste of time countering opposition disagreement

  3. outrageous. PH’s fault for not being able to delay the monsoon.

  4. Why not have it next week? After all zahid ponerogo, anne punya paymaster yang nak sangat election awal supaya dia lepas dari masuk penjara, haha

    1. Anon20:38
      Badan Kehakinam sudah jatuhkan hukuman untuk Najib masuk Penjara.Kes Zahid di bicarakan olih Badan Kehakiman yang sama juga ( walaupun Hakim Bicara orang lain ).
      Jadi tunggu sahaja keputusan Hakim di umumkan. Tidak adil untuk di kaitkan dengan PRU awal atau ikut tempoh tamat.Jangan prejudis ikut selera kita sendiri.

  5. I agree with u dear Annie. Do the elections now. Let the people decide once and for all. Sape2 menang majoriti itu le gomen nyer.

  6. Annie, I love you. Completely brain-free re-vomiting of what UMNGOK have been parroting, so you become......a parrot's parrot??? Never change, okay : ) Keep working smart, not hard!

  7. Anwar said : Don't compare me with Najib in the issue of getting rehab treatment! Well, as far as them both are concerned, they are the maestros in shamming, but anwar is the top-dog. There will be a lot more for Najib to catch up with. When caught with their pants down, they cried foul that it was a politically motivated and evidence flawed. Can you see the similarity between them? And now, wak-komedi has got himself off with an acquittal, surely noises will be drummed up from all directions. Anwar said Mahathir had jailed him and Najib did the same to him because he was just too good for them. Well, if a politician who has no control of his sexual urges, can he control the whole country of 32M? Never mind la all that but to have the GE15 ASAP, monsoon or no monsoon, and whoever takes charge.

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  9. Bodo punye argumen fr Piji. Dia ingat dia smart sgt, pendebat yg hebat. Buat malu ganu n sekolah menengoh dia je.
    Mana dia lebih bajaya, Kobit ke air boh?
    Tu Pilihanraya negeri Melaka buat masa bile? Masa Kobit, lagi bahaya. Tapi berjaya pun. Masalah W2R BN semua senyap membisu.

    1. Tak baik tau kondem piji. Tanpa piji masakan si ajib masuk penjara dan kes 1MDB terbongkar. Jasanya terlalu besar buat negara sebab dia lah faktor paling utama BN tumbang dan PH merasa pemerintahan 22 bln. Dia tu dianggap genius dan pakar dlm cungkil, selidik, siasat dan dedah segala rahsia, sehinggakan hal rumahtangga org dia pun tahu. Tapi yg hairan ialah kemaluan liwat dan maksiat tok gurunya, dia enggan heboh malah tolak sekeras2nya. Macam lah si tok guru tu sememangnya godsend dewa dewi suci bersih dan kebal disentuh. Pi mampus la.

  10. If BN confident of winning, anytime also can hold GE15 but please not during the rainy season. Rakyat come first okay. Election utilize so much money. Isn't it better to help those devasted by the floods with the money. After the election who will bother with those affected by floods. The losers won't bother. The winners will be busy with what position in parliament.

    Even if PM wants to dissolve parliament he needs a good reason for not fulfilling the full term and the final decision is with the king. The King can change PM like before. Have the government made any flood mitigation measure yet or busy preparing for GE15.

  11. Its aal stupidity that who ever win next pru with able to stop the rot that we and the world are facing in next 24 months. Dont spin and play with people life and hope. Malaysia in not living in cocoon. OUR ECONOMY IS DEPENDING ON WORLD ECONOMY. WHY is our rm is spiralling down. Why is cost of import is going up. Why is fdi is down. Do you thing by changing have new government can change. We have ph pm ,bersatu pm and unmo pm for past 4 years.