Monday 23 May 2022

Pakatan's Sri Lankan nightmare

Looks like this is what the Pakatan people want,

Johor PKR man tells people to take to the streets over soaring food prices, weakening ringgit

Yup, they want people to go to the streets and kick up a ruckus so that our country would end up in a mess like Sri Lanka.

I have also saw their comments on that on social media.

Just like the one previously made by Lim Kit Siang.

Rioting, looting, burning of homes of prime ministers and ministers, and even public lynching.

Is that what we want?

Yes, the country's situation is not so good but does it need to get worse with such protests, which could easily become riots?

Do we need to undermine investment confidence in our country some more with such insanity?

Honestly, I think these Pakatan people are getting desperate that they wanted to start some sort of unrest in order to stay relevant.

Hopefully the authorities could act firmly against them before they start such nonsense.

We don't need such things as we and the rest of the world are recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

After all, ours is not the only country facing the current problems. This is actually a global phenomenon, exacerbated by the economic fallout of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The way I see it, everyone need to stay calm and let things settle down.

I'm quite sure everything will be alright sooner than later if we just bear with the problems just for a little while longer.

I really don't think we need to start a street protest because there's a lack of chicken supply in the markets.

I'm sure the prices will stablise again once the supply chain, disrupted by the pandemic is back to normal.

Anyway, are there starving people yet in Malaysia?

Not yet, right?

Really guys, is our country heading towards the mess such as in Sri Lanka as Kit Siang said?

You see, this is why I dislike the Pakatan people more than the BN people.

People like Kit Siang and that PKR man who called for street protests are willing to go overly dramatic to incite people for their political expediency.

Also, remember when that DAP's Selangor exco falsely announced that a group of Muslims had attacked a Hindu temple, leading to the rioting which killed fireman Adib?

All that just so that they could stay relevant, especially among their people.

Quite disgusting, actually.


  1. Sri Lanka’s 2 main source of revenue is tourism and workers remittance. These are 2 grinded to halt during 2 years of Covid. By the time the country reopen, gomen’s revenue severely diminished. The government of Sri Lanka itself consist of brother, sister, in laws, nephew, cousins, neighbours certainly wouldn’t help and make situation even worse. Sri Lanka all this while is a bomb waiting to explode.

  2. In terms of beef production and consumption, we only produced around 30%. Not enough to meet local usage and consumption. The rest 70% we have to import. 70% is staggering number. We actually depend heavily on import for our food security. Thanks to previous administration who didn’t much pay much attention to this.

    If 250 million Feet Lot project which commenced during Pak Lah’s time is a quite a success story (the goal at that time to meet 50% local needs), right now we would have been quite self-sufficient when it comes to livestock and beef production.

    But we are not. 250 million of taxpayers money wasted just like that. 250 million bodoh-bodoh masuk longkang. Nothing good coming out of it. Nothing! You give even half the money to hardworking Cinapek or people already in the industry, know the industry really well, the money given to them would have shown good substantive results. Some of the objectives would’ve been met. If not all. If you give the project to cronies, the money would go to weird places such as condominium. Farmers breeding bullocks in open plain but us in condo.

    1. Yes...with the introduction of minimum wages and the soaring prices of goods has got nothing to do with the hardworking Cinapek !!!

    2. Hardworking cinapek. Yes hardworking in giving money sgd520k per mth to wak jahid to get extended contract.Who owns chicken and durian cartels. Bumi might get the ap but who utilised these ap. Get real lah we are all in carhoot bumi and non bumi when there are free money. Umnok getting rich because of these cinapek. So dont play race issue

  3. You like it when current gomen berangan-angan, talk about castles in the sky and give money from rakyat's own poket (epf, duit bantuan/prihatin etc.) When PH/Dap talk about realities and how much debt we have incurred from all the wasted projects by BN gomen, they are sh*t stirring-la, dramatic (and need to be overthrown) Now look at where we are heading? The poor get poorer and the rich umnoputeras are holidaying in Greece and Nice while B40s and M40s have to find ways to feed their families.

    1. Those with bmw should not get subsidy. What about those with vellfire with petrol and all other allowance foc. What a joker. Follow what i said and do not follow what i do. Again peoples still vote for them. Why complain. Eat kangkong easy to cultivate.

  4. So to use annies logic if we are headed towards collision course, we shouldnt do anyhing much because:

    1) we havent collide yet
    2) everyone else is also on a collision course

    Our whole life have been fed with we are still ok, this system works, it is not so bad or i know it is bad but.

    Look around u. Is everyone happy ? How many are plague by debts ? Im not talking about 2k debt. Im talking about a whole life of debt and tht if u are lucky ur property wont be taken for auction.

    How many people are forced with the poison without any guaranty and how many suffers now ? It is better if u die if u r permanently injured by the way.

    How many are victims of crimes ? Look around u. Smoking use to be the worst one can do but now drugs are normal. Lets not even talk about decency. Is the morality and human decency getting any better ?

    How many couldnt afford medication to save their life. All they can manage is prolonged life through sub oar medication because the one tht works costs u thousands.

    How many suffers the debt only for wishing to better their life through education ?

    Hey annie havent u heard ? We are heading towards a great reset. Awani covers this if u dont belief me. Wht kind of reset ? Why should we ? Whos driivng this reset. Now WHO gets to reset malaysia cause we already sign tht treaty. But no lets belief in the system. System is good. Let us all be debt slaves cause we can still be an ok living slave wht. Lets not change anything.

    People fighting for themselves are the enemy init ?

  5. Masalah mentality PH they so depend their survival on the gomen for evelythg. Anak2 mrk biaq nganga dok lumah, gi vote for PH.. hoping to get bantuan RM30 yearly?

    Get real la. Our kids graduate takde kerja dh merantau cali rezeki dNegala olang tau.

    Tak kira lor gi cuci tandas ke.. klo tiap bulan dpt RM15K - RM20K so what?

    Engineering graduates ade yg jd public bus driver tau.. OT etc getting at least Sgd4K++ monthly. Tak cukup makan lagi? Tiap bulan can send home Rgt5K++ tau tak?

    The skies the limit.. gi cari kojo kat Saudi atau Qatar.. semua kemudahan dey provide.. gaji in USD lagi! Kali RM4.4 tengok! Makan tak abis.

    Haiyoo olang PKR Pasir Gudang.. tgk la standard anak2 muda Johor yg dok kojo kat Singapore. Talak malu ke? Gaji mrk kali RM3.19 tgk belapa?

    Tak ke bodo dok incite rakyat esp our young ones gi bergolek2 atas jalan macam MatSabu? Lepaih tu hoping to become Menteli Pertahanan seronok bole baik gajah sana sini!

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

  6. Let the people riot, loot n storm Chinese shops. :)

  7. This level of mindless, brain-dead drooling is why you got retrenched in the first place and why Rocky had to sedekah you out of the kindness of his heart : )

  8. Malaysians have the right to protest (with police permit). If people want to protest they can, After all there have been many protest by many parties over the last 10 years, so what difference is this.

    You always like to conflate and bring in extreme examples to support your point which are not relevant to Msia.

    This has become more of a trend in your blog recently, Say something, bring some extreme example from somewhere and equate the two.

    Do keep writing but it's getting boring when your style is like this, becoming just another propagandist