Friday, 11 September 2020

Sad news from Kuantan

A friend in Kuantan succumbed to her illness two days ago and her death quite affected me. She was just 47. It just broke my heart, especially thinking about her son who is with autism. Will he be okay? What if he miss his mother? I pray for Allah to always protect and provide for Fidie. I hope he will continue being loved by others and not miss his mother too much. My friend was a good mother. I have known her for more than 15 years. May Allah places Su in jannah. Alfatehah.

p.s Blogspot changed the interface of this blog causing me not being able to write new posts using my laptop. I'm writing this using my phone which is quite difficult. Still trying to fix the problem.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Being blur about Malaysian politics

It has been a while since I last updated this blog.

It's because I was occupied with something else the past weeks.

Also, at the moment I'm not really sure again which political side that I prefer to support.

I don't like the opposition mainly because of their hypocrisy and I'm beginning to dislike the government too for things such as its ministers' stupidity.

On the opposition side, there were things like the direct negotiated contracts that they did when they were in power while on the other side the government has ministers like the one who recently broke the Covid-19 SOP after holidaying overseas.

The opposition shouldn't have put stopping the direct negotiated contract stuff in their GE14 manifesto.

As for that stupid minister, he should have just resigned because what he did was so blatant and reprehensible.

Anyway, things political in this country are currently so muddled up that I don't feel like writing too much about them.

That's at least until I gain better knowledge of what's happening later on.

For now, I prefer to let them settle their mess first.

Don't want to contribute to the nonsense by commenting about things I'm not really so sure about.

Let the politicians play their games and we just watch for now.

Bad enough that most people are now struggling to survive the aftereffect of Covid-19, now they want us to waste our time and energy for them and their ego.

Well, we shouldn't be fools and dance to their tunes.

Personally, I'm now suffering some financial difficulties too.

It's not too bad though as I think my savings would be enough to tide me up for at least a year more.

Hopefully the economy would be better by then.

For now, I have to cut down on quite a few things.

But I'm thankful to Allah for I can still enjoy a relatively comfortable life and even keep up with my inexpensive hobby.

On a completely different matter, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe resigned yesterday, which I feel was unfortunate.

He resigned because he felt that his illness may prevent him from doing his job.

How I wish our politicians have the same attitude.

I'm not well, so I resign. I'm too old, so I resign. I'm facing corruption charges, so I resign. I'm a sexual pervert, so I resign.

Back to Abe, I received a message from my mother, wishing that his replacement will be a right wing hardliner who can stand up to the communists in Beijing and help defend Taiwan in the event of a war.

As I previously wrote, my mother is a Chinese school alumni and attended university in Taiwan. She loves that country. She's a Chinese traditionalist yet is against the communists who rule China.

Yup, being a Chinese does not mean being a communist.

As with me, she supports the democracy movement in Hong Kong too.

Well, at least on that one I'm clear about where I stand....unlike Malaysian politics.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Relax, Guan Eng can still prove his innocence in Najib

Looks like Guan Eng is in serious trouble now because of the tunnel project.

My DAP friends were understandably quite upset when MACC arrested him last night.

Well, looks like it's the new normal.

Just last week Najib was convicted, now it's Guan Eng's turn.

Wonder what those DAP leaders who lauded the Najib's conviction would say this time.

One already posted this,

I think Auntie Kok shouldn't jump the gun like that.

How does she know that there's "not a single bit of evidence"? She so smart ka?

Then simply simply said it's a political prosecution some more.

Hey, let the case goes to court first la.

Then we can see whether there are evidence or not or whether it's really corruption or just political prosecution.

Let's not be like the Anwar's supporters who before even the start of trial already declared that their idol never buggered young men.

Trust the court, when it dealt with Najib's case.

You all applauded that decision what. Independence of judiciary, remember?

So, now lets just wait for the trial.

Remember, even if Guan Eng is to be convicted, he can still appeal all the way to the Federal Court....just like Najib.

And please, don't go to the streets to protest for Guan Eng. Trust me, it would be a waste of time and energy.

Furthermore, I think the police will not be so nice to protesters during Najib's time when they were told to refrain from beating up protesters.

And of course, there's the Covid-19 too.

So, again, I would like to advise DAP people to stay relaxed and wait for Guan Eng's trial....just like what Umno people did when Najib was arrested and later convicted.

And when people start to call Guan Eng a they did to all should also just stay calm and not get too upset.

Prove to everyone that DAP people are as good as Umno people...or better.

Okay, for Guan Eng, this song is for you.....

Jangan nangis ya.

And to DAP people, let's stop saying all Umno people are corrupt as that's really not nice now that Guan Eng is going to be charged with corruption. After all, I don't think all DAP people are corrupt.


Friday, 31 July 2020

A new Sabah soon as we hang on till GE15

Sabah to have a state election within 60 days.

I'm cool with that.

That state needs its politics fixed.

I also heard Musa Aman and gang are forming a new coalition to kick Shafie out.

I believe they are capable of doing that.

I also suspect that Umno will retreat from Sabah after that and they will set up a new entity similar to the one in Sarawak to rule the state.

Whatever it is, I think Shafie's Warisan's days are numbered.

The coming state election is definitely not like GE14. Things have changed.

Well, never mind. Let's just wait and see.

As for Umno not being part of Perikatan Nasional as announced by Zahid, I did expect that in my last post.

The Umno grassroots were very unhappy about the Najib's verdict and Zahid as party president has to do something about it.

It's actually not just the verdict, but also the reactions to it, particularly among Pribumi Bersatu people.

I think you all are aware of what they posted in social media about the Najib's verdict.

Their comments are actually worse than those of the Pakatan people, especially because they were supposed to be Umno's friends now.

They didn't just whack Najib, but the entire Umno, okay.

Of course the Umno people were pissed with them because of that.

Those stupid Pribumi Bersatu people never seemed to realise that they are still where they are now courtesy of Umno.

What to's done now.

Next general election, Umno and its BN allies, along with Pas will be together under Muafakat Nasional.

Pribumi Bersatu will be on their own, unless they are willing to be a junior party in that coalition.

I don't think Pakatan will take them back anyway as it is almost useless now with no proper machinery and almost zero support from the Malays.

When is the next general election going to be?

I think Muhyiddin will push it as far back as possible.

He needs to buy time and space to get the best deal for his party.

Otherwise, it's going to be the end of the road for him and the other Pribumi Bersatu people.

Why Zahid, didn't pull Umno totally out of Perikatan?

He needs to keep the current government going until Muhyiddin calls for the next general election as otherwise Pakatan will come back to power.

If that happens, Anwar, backed by DAP will be the new PM and they will pull all stops to destroy BN, Umno and Pas which they could never hope to beat in a proper general election now.

I think Zahid did the right thing on this one.

Unfortunately, it's going to be tough for all of us till the next general election.

Yup, the country will suffer from the instability while it tries to recover from Covid-19.

That includes our economy, which will affect all of us.

Sigh....just too bad, okay.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Haji, guys.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Relax, Najib's fight is far from over

So, the High Court judge sentenced Najib to 12 years jail and over RM200 million fine.

He said the defence had failed to raise reasonable doubt to the prosecution case.

I did follow the case and held a different view, but who am I to dispute the learned judge's opinion.

It may even be a contempt of court if I try to do that.

Then again, Najib will appeal his case to the Court of Appeal and it may even goes to the apex Federal Court.

In Court of Appeal, there will be a penal of three judges who are more learned than that single High Court judge.

In the Federal Court there will be a penal of seven even more learned judges than the three Court of Appeal and single High Court judges.

Lets see what will happen there.

Till then, I think everybody should remain calm.

Pakatan people should not be too cocky yet while Umno people, especially Najib's supporters should not be too sad or angry.

The fight is far from over, okay.

Well, politically, I think the court's decision today is not really good for the Muhyiddin's government.

I think Najib's supporters in Umno may likely feel that Muhyiddin is somehow responsible for what happened in court today.

It's the same as how Anwar's supporters felt when their idol was sent to jail for abuse of power and sodomy.

I believe Umno people who support Najib will want their party not to support Muhyiddin anymore because they would believe that Muhyiddin is actually the one behind the court's decision.

With its super thin majority in parliament, Muhyiddin's government may not survive if the Umno groundswell is so great that its leadership succumbed to pressure and pull out of the informal Perikatan Nasional coalition.

I believe the Najib supporters wouldn't even care if Muhyiddin turns around and rejoins Pakatan Harapan to form another government.

They would prefer to bid their time till the next general election.

If things get so bad, Muhyiddin may even be forced to call for a fresh poll as early as later this year.

Umno leaders who became ministers and GLC bosses may want to stick around with the Muhyiddin's government but Umno MPs who support Najib may cause a lot of problem to the effect that a fresh election would need to be called.

For instance, they may vote against the budget to be tabled later this year.

I don't think the Umno leadership can force them to vote otherwise. It would be politically suicidal for them to do that.

Hopefully, it wouldn't come to that but I believe Najib has enough supporters among the Umno MPs to pull off such a stunt if they choose to do that.

Personally, I don't mind a fresh election.

Settle the whole nonsense once and for all.

After all, we do need a strong government now to recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Fix things first instead of talking too much

I'm now in the East Coast, resting for the weekend.

It's nice here. Feel very peaceful.

I think things are more settled now as the Covid-19 situation began to eases off in this country several weeks ago.

The fear of a second wave is still there but I'm more relaxed now.

The political situation is also looking more stable.

Everyone knows now that the current government can function despite its thin majority in parliament.

Personally, I prefer a fresh general election but if the government does well, I don't see any reason why I need to make too much noise about it.

Okay, they do need to make some adjustments like stopping the stupidity among some of the ministers and stuff but overall, at this juncture, they seemed to be better than the previous Pakatan government.

They handled the Covid-19 situation well and didn't do anything that riled up too many people like what Pakatan did when coming to power in 2018.

Bear also in mind that it's now not anymore about who is in power but rather whether those in power could serve the people and country.

My only wish now is for this country to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic as soon as possible and I believe the current government is trying to do exactly that.

The politicians also need to fix their own houses first for now.

They are in a mess, okay.

Pakatan, despite their complaints should know that they are not yet in shape to wrest back power after the damage they inflicted upon themselves during their infighting.

Dr Mahathir, who led them to the GE14 victory, along with his supporters are no longer with them.

I think I got it right when I said way back then that Dr Mahathir would never let Anwar becomes PM.

He knows that Anwar as Malaysia's PM would be a disaster for the country.

Umno and its BN allies also need to properly get back in shape.

Some of the shits which caused their GE14 defeat are still there and they need to remove those.

Otherwise it's going to be the same nonsense as it used to be.

I'm hoping that the next Umno election, scheduled next year if I'm not mistaken, would be good for that.

The other political entities need to do the same too, except maybe those in Sarawak, which I think are the only stable ones for now.

Well, I guess that should leave us Malaysians with some breathing space to properly get things in order during this Covid-19 recovery period.

The least politicking the better for now.

I also need time to recover financially. Lost quite a bit during the lockdown.

Thought of doing some small online business.

Simple stuff like selling ready-made roti canai and curry puff or even beauty products and indoor sports equipment.

Or maybe I  can use this blog to promote other people's small online businesses.

See lah how.

Okay, I'm going back to resting.

Hope you all have a good weekend too.


Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Art Harun as parliament speaker should be good

I quite enjoyed watching the reopening parliament session yesterday.


Especially the last bit about the need of some to use talcum powder.

Well, nothing changed with those people,

Whatever it is, I like the appointment of Art Harun as the new parliament speaker.

I like the guy. He is cool.

Despite him being a pro-Pakatan during GE14, the guy is quite sensible.

He proved himself to be so after appointed as Election Commission chairman.

Quite fair and professional.

And I like the way he handled himself yesterday amidst the jeering and clownish antics of the Pakatan MPs.

The speech he made was good.

Congrats to him.

I was so glad that they didn't put a nonsense guy like Tajuddin Rahman as speaker. That would have been a disaster.

Oh, by the way, I think I dislike that fat DAP woman MP the most now.

She's so irritating with her stupidity and shouting yesterday.

Simply making noises to get some attention.

I felt like saying to her: Hey woman, you are fat, ugly and stupid. Please don't try to draw attention to yourself, can or not?

I don't think she's good for DAP's image as the party's front liner.

Hannah Yeoh is better....heck, Teresa Kok too.

Hey, at least Miss Kok was funny with her blur blur ministership back then.

Minum lah sesudu minyak kelapa sawit setiap hari...that's priceless.

Okay, I need to get up now and get ready for the day.


Friday, 10 July 2020

Political maturity, sooner or later

This is stupid,

BN wants to defend all traditional seats, says Annuar Musa

How many BN's traditional seats are there for it to defend after the GE14 defeat, anyway?

How about its Perikatan Nasional ally Pribumi Bersatu then? Where should they contest in GE15? Chinese majority areas?

This Annuar Musa is simply talking without thinking properly.

He's the kind of Umno politician who make people don't like that party.

Because of Kelantan Umno leaders like him, BN was never able to capture that state through the decades.

Why they made him BN sec-gen is beyond me.

Whenever I came across statements by Umno leaders like Annuar Musa, I felt discouraged to write in support of BN, even though I know the other side is a worse option.

And there's a lot of such statements from such useless Umno leaders these days because the party is back in power.

All want to remain relevant and jump back onboard the gravy train.

Real bastards.

Make me so fed up.

Well, that's why I have not been writing much.

Seriously, I hardly pay much attention to politics these past weeks.

I didn't even bother myself about the Chini by-election.

In fact, I'm writing this post while sitting on a bench waiting for someone.

Just killing time.

Surfed for news and saw that stupid Annuar Musa's statement and decided to comment a bit about the stupidity.

Well, I talked with some friends and they said they felt the same about politics these days.

Really, it's not just me.

I know, the political show will go on, but I think it's just going to be a tiresome show.

Well, maybe it's a sign that Malaysians are becoming more matured and don't care much about all the bullshit.

Maybe even the kampung folks feel the same.

After all, we don't really need the politicians except for them to serve us and run the government.

If they do their job FOR US properly, we keep them. Otherwise we just kick them out and replace them with another bunch who may do a better job.

The days of politicians being revered by the people are probably in the past.

They serve us and not us serving them.

They also can't con us with their talks anymore.

Yeah, I like the idea of that.

I already told some of my Umno friends that they shouldn't think they can get all the Malay votes by just talking about Malay unity and such.

Malays also want a good and clean government.

They don't want corrupt or stupid leaders too.

That's why they are willing to vote for a good Chinese guy over a Malay in overwhelming number such as in the Tanjung Piai by-election.


Well, some are still not so smart yet, but I think they will become smart too sooner or later.

Pakatan talks a lot and the people gave them the chance in GE14, but they screwed it up.

Now its the Perikatan Nasional's turn.

Some of them thought they can just sell the Melayu propaganda stuff to win the next election, but I think the people will punish them for that.

The Malays are not a bunch of stupid irrational racists.

I know, I know....DAP managed to do that to get the Chinese to unite behind them using such a trick.

But Malays are not Chinese. They have a different mentality.

Consider this - It's easier for a good Chinese candidate to win in a Malay majority constituency than a good Malay candidate to win in a Chinese majority constituency.

That's a fact, okay.

Even DAP people know that.

If you don't believe me, go and study the campaign and result of the Teluk Intan by-election or the fight for Gelang Patah in GE13.

I can list a whole bunch of similar evidence, but I'm too lazy to do that.

Well, that's my thought for politics this morning.

Yeah, I know, it's just another rambling of mine.

Okay lah, I need to go now.


Wednesday, 1 July 2020

At least it works better than Pakatan government

A foreigner friend asked me yesterday about the current political situation in Malaysia.

His company has quite a lot of investments here.

Told him that I haven't been keeping myself updated on politics as I'm tired of it, but from what little that I knew, it's actually going nowhere.

Yeah, it's just going in the same merry-go-round as usual.

Shafie Apdal as PM candidate???....okay, out of respect for the elderly, I'm not going to say what I think of Dr Mahathir's state of mind when he proposed that.

Told my friend that it's just the handsome old man telling the world that he doesn't want Anwar as PM, ever. Anything but Anwar, that's what the world should know now about Dr Mahathir's thinking.

And Anwar himself should realise that he's now irrelevant. No way he could lead Pakatan to win the next general election. Even DAP and Amanah know that and rather follow Dr Mahathir.

They are so messed up over there. Some really need to retire from politics too.

Pakatan coming back to power in the immediate future....forget about it, okay.

Having said all that, I have to admit that I'm actually quite fed-up with a lot of people on this other side of the fence too.

Some stupid ministers starting to show their stupidity again, towkays seeking "appointments" with newly minted GLC politician bosses, lackeys trying to make their own deals using their bosses' position etc etc.

Same old sickness.

I think I should give up too on the hope of an early election to allow the people to get rid of the garbage.

That's not going to happen as most of them politicians seemed happy living in their own little ponds for now.

Even the Pakatan politicians are afraid to lose whatever little they still have now if Muhyiddin goes crazy and calls for GE15.

Well, never mind.

As long as the current government works and not screwed up too much, I don't mind.

If it could revive the economy the way it handles Covid-19, I think that would be great.

Yeah, I know, you all may argue that things will get rotten very soon, but till then I'm still okay with this government except for a bit of its stupidity here and there.

At least this government, for now, is still better than the Pakatan's one which was back then was purely driven by stupid politics.

Remember all the blaming they did on the previous BN government? That's about all that the Pakatan government really did during their 22 months rule.

If they come back to power (which I don't think they will for now), I wonder who they would blame for their own shortcomings later on as that's about all that they seemed capable of doing.

Eh, people are tired of their whining, okay.

I'm tired too.

And I have to get up for work now....enough with my rambling for this morning.

Have a good day guys.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Hopefully, they settle the nonsense quickly

Been almost a month since I last posted something here.

Was busy with personal issues.

And I was also quite fed up with what's been happening.

Not inspired at all to write.

Now they said there may be a general election as early as October.

Maybe it's because they want the tabling of the budget to be smoother.

Yeah, all the nonsense as we are just trying to recover from Covid-19.

However, it is not really a bad idea, I think.

A snap general election could settle the nonsense quickly so that we could move on.

I just  hope the people could be smarter this time and kick out the crooks from both sides.

And the stupid ones too.

I'm really tired of them.

People are struggling to survive and they are busy jostling for power.

Real bastards.

You all must have read all that in the news and don't need for me to tell those again here.

It's for you all to decide, okay.

See, I'm already losing my interest in all the nonsenses, even as I'm writing this.

I'm actually writing this short post just to make myself sleepy.

See lah how, maybe I'll write properly later.

For now, I will try to get some sleep.

Working tomorrow.

Good night.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The unfortunate political appointments - Sime Darby Plantation

I have so far been supportive of the Muhyiddin's administration as it leads the country in the Covid-19 war.

However, that does not mean that I support everything that the administration is doing right now.

I have been trying to hold back my criticisms as I don't want Muhyiddin and his people to get distracted from their main priority that is to contain the pandemic, which they are doing quite well so far.

But today, I have to write this one criticism of the current government which I feel necessary because if the problem is left unchecked, it will cost the country dearly.

It's about the increasing number of appointments of politicians aligned to the current government into the GLCs.

This is actually the one issue which I don't have a proper reply to when brought up by Pakatan people.

I'm honestly not sure what is Muhyiddin's actual motive for allowing such appointments.

To appoint politicians to GLCs is one thing but to appoint unqualified and proven failed politicians to important posts in GLCs is simply bad and there's no excuse for it.

Still, I have ignored this issue till now as I wanted the focus to be on the Covid-19 war.

I have to admit though that I cringed upon reading news of those appointments....such as Khaled Nordin as Boustead chairman and Tajuddin Rahman as Perasarana chairman.

"Tak ada orang lain ke?" I asked in my heart.

Then came this story at The Edge;

Please click on image to read

The story is that TS Abdul Ghani Othman is to be replaced at Sime Darby Plantation by Pribumi Bersatu disciplinary board chief Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas.

Regular readers of this blog should know that I'm very fond of Ghani since my days in Johor till even after he had retired from politics in 2013.

The guy is one of the few confirmed good men that I know.

I was saddened that they are removing him from Sime Darby but decided not to make noise about it as maybe Muhyiddin has his good reasons to let his former Muar High School classmate being replaced like that.

I was also told by someone close to Ghani that he doesn't mind being removed from the post as he has been helming the company for almost eight years.

Ghani has been doing well in his post, so much so, that he was the only BN political appointee and an Umno personality at GLCs who was not removed by the Pakatan government after GE14.

As far as I know, being a non-executive chairman at Sime Darby, Ghani has never interfered with the actual running of the company and instead acted more as an advisor to the professional executives.

He is not at all like those usual political appointees who screwed up things for the professionals who are supposed to run the GLCs.

For the record, Sime Darby Plantation is doing relatively well, considering the circumstances.

This is the last story I read about the company,

Sime Darby Plantation’s net profit 

up to RM394 million in Q1 2020

That was among the just few good local business news since Covid-19 hit our country.

Then this morning I received a call from a close friend who knows what is happening in Sime Darby.

I asked about the removal of the former Johor MB from Sime Darby and it turned out that he knows quite a bit about it.

According to him, this was how it happened;

- On May 15, just before a Sime Darby Plantation board meeting, Ghani received a letter signed by PNB chief executive Jalil Rasheed informing him that Megat Najmuddin has been appointed as Sime Darby Plantation chairman with immediate effect from the date of the letter.

- Ghani was required to inform the board about the appointment. The letter however did not mention anything about Ghani's removal from the post. Ghani's contract as Sime Darby chairman was supposed to expire in June next year.

- Ghani had then dutifully informed the board about the content of the letter.

- The board members were however very unhappy about it and protested, saying that was not how a chairman of the company was supposed to be replaced. They said Sime Darby Plantation is a public listed company and that the way the irregular appointment was made will have a negative impact on the company as a whole.

- The board members were also most upset because Sime Darby Plantation was supposed to hold its AGM next month and preparations for it was at its final stage. To replace Ghani with Megat now will upset the whole process.

- The Sime Darby Plantation board members had then sent a letter to PNB chairman Zeti Akhtar Aziz to voice their unhappiness over the matter but so far have not receive any reply.

Well, that's the story so far.

I'm not writing this in an attempt to persuade Muhyiddin to keep Ghani as Sime Darby Plantation chairman.

I'm more into letting him know that people are watching and if these sort of nonsense continues, it will affect the people's perception of his administration.

If Ghani, or any of the other GLC heads really need to be replaced, then at least do so properly.

And please don't put useless politicians as their replacements.

I hope, some how, Muhyiddin will get this message and he will do something about it.

My request to him is that, please do things properly and don't squander the people's support given for the Covid-19 war just to satisfy the greed of some quarters for political expediency.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Farewell Tok Mat

Received the sad news that Datuk Ahmad A Talib passed away late this afternoon.

Ex-NST GE Ahmad A Talib dies


I know arwah for more than two decades.

He was a good and kind man.

Anyone who knows him will agree with me on that.

Some may even say that he was sometimes too good and kind for his own good.

As some people like to say, nice guys never win wars.

But that's just Tok Mat.

"Ahmad is the quintessential nice-guys-don't-win-wars type. He hasn't got a mean bone in his body," said a friend when we discussed his illness two weeks ago.

Whatever it is, for me, life is not war. It's not about winning or losing.

Life is a journey.

And Allah judges us based on how we conduct ourselves on this journey.

I believe Tok Mat conducted himself well throughout his journey.

Ya, as a human being he, as do all of us have faults, but as far as I'm concerned Tok Mat's good deeds, especially his kindness to others far outweigh his faults.

I pray that Allah placed him among those that He favored.

My condolences to his family and loved ones.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Covid19 Raya: Putting loved ones at risk

I hope I'm wrong but I think there will be a new wave of Covid19 infections within the next few days..

This house where Im now is packed with beraya people.

Im sitting in a corner trying to keep my distance.

I don't know why they are not following the advice to celebrate raya in the safe confines of their own homes.

It seems that people are forgetting there's a pandemic at the moment.

The main road outside is also busy with traffic of people going berhari raya.

Don't know lah.

Hopefully not too many will die after this raya.

Sometimes I don't understand why people can be so reckless and thoughtless, putting the lives of their loved ones at risk.

Maybe it got something to do with our education system.

Honestly, I'm very dissapointed.

Well, what to do....just have to live with it and try to survive the best that we could.

I'm writing this using my phone, so I can't write longer.

Hopefully you all have a more pleasant and safer raya than me.


Saturday, 23 May 2020

Raya eve blues, let us have fresh GE

Received this after Subuh prayers early this morning;

This is my reply,


EC chairman Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun said managing a large-scale general election while the country is dealing with the pandemic would be challenging but not impossible.
He said the commission began preparing for this eventuality when the Dewan Rakyat recently accepted a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, which was filed by his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Ya, I don't mind having a snap general election now....even amidst this Covid-19 crisis, so just to shut them up.

That nice guy Art Harun said his EC outfit is ready, so let's have it.

Hopefully Muhyiddin see this post some how and when they go after him again on July 13, he can just dissolves parliament and let us have a fresh general election.

If there's a new Covid-19 outbreak afterwards because of that, we can blame it on Pakatan for being crazy for power.

And for all you know, BN, Pas and their allies will win the election on their own....just like they did in the last five by-elections.

Baru padan muka orang Pakatan, especially those DAP ones.

Eh, enough lah. I need to help in the kitchen now. 

We are making lontong daun pisang for Raya tomorrow. 

Can't do ketupat because hard to get young coconut leaves under this MCO.

Banana leaves can just take from behind the house.

Okay, that's all.

Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Covid-19 Raya: Let us not be selfish like those politicians

This is a very good advice,

Covid-19: Best to just stay at home during Raya


“Better yet, this is only an advice and not a policy, don’t leave home at all. Don’t go visiting and just celebrate Hari Raya at home with your immediate family members,” said Dr Noor Hisham.

That's exactly what I'm going to do this weekend.

I hope others will do too.

We really can't afford a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It's really not worth celebrating Raya if only to later on being totally confined again and the economy takes even longer to be revived.

I also totally support this,

Covid-19: Zero tolerance for those 

attempting interstate travel for Raya


Those attempting to cross state borders will from now on be issued compounds instead of just being asked to turn back.

We really need to let go of everything for now so that we could quickly overcome this Covid-19 crisis.

Let's not be like those politicians who insisted on having their drama while we, the common people are struggling to survive the pandemic.

They wanted to topple and replace the current government, if possible right at this very moment, despite it having performed very well so far in containing the virus.

As if they could have done or will do better with their infighting and power crazy leaders.

If we look back at the way they conducted themselves during their 22 months in power, and if we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that it would be a complete disaster if they were the ones running the government when Covid-19 hit our country.

And now, after kicking their own butt out of power, they want to create trouble again.

Selfish bastards.

Those who know me or read this blog since its early days should know that I hardly criticise Dr Mahathir. In fact, I defended him on many occasions to a point that I was accused by some pro-BN bloggers of actually being pro-Pakatan.

But for this Reuters' story, I have to say I totally oppose Dr Mahathir,

Mahathir promises 'very big trouble' for Malaysia's ruling coalition


“(Muhyiddin) is going to be in very great trouble. Because whatever chance we have to prove that it is not legitimate for him to be the prime minister, we will do that.”

What's the need to make things difficult for Muhyiddin and his administration while they are leading us in the battle against Covid-19 pandemic?

Is this what the rakyat really want?

Or is it just the Pakatan people who want to be back in power?

I actually felt sad when I read that.

Dr Mahathir is now 94 and he still has to continue doing that.

Honestly, I wish him to just rest and be at peace.

I really hope we don't have to go through another political battle before we could really overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Reviving tourism more important than reviving Pakatan's ambition - Agong

They had a one-day parliament sitting yesterday under the Covid-19 cloud.

I'm sure you all have read it.

The Agong told the politicians to stop their political bullshit and let the government he appointed to revive the country as the pandemic slowly eases.

He reminded everyone that after Dr Mahathir resigned, he had tried to persuade the handsome old man to take back the job, but was not successful.

He then had to appoint Muhyiddin because the man has the most support in parliament as per required by the constitution.

Ya, what else they want the Agong to do?

I believe the Agong was directing that part of his speech yesterday to the Pakatan Harapan MPs, who were still making noises about immediately taking back power from the Muhyiddin's administration.

He even told them not to drag the country into another round of political crisis after what they did with their Game of Throne nonsense at the end of the Pakatan government's days in power.

The Agong also made a point to described the current government as "kerajaan beta", meaning that if you go against it, that means you are going against the royal institution and the country's constitutional monarchy system.

I like the diplomatic yet firm tone of Sultan Abdullah's message yesterday.

However, I'm not hopeful of the Pakatan MP to really understand what the Agong was trying to tell them.

They were still talking nonsense till today, saying that the government was not fair for not allowing their motion of no-confidence to be tabled yesterday.

Really thick skulls.

Eh, it's Covid-19 la. Can't wait for proper sitting ka?


And seriously, do they really have the number.

My last count, the best that Pakatan could muster was 107, short of the needed 112.

Well, even if they win the no confidence vote, Muhyiddin could just dissolves parliament for a fresh general election.

And my calculations indicate that they will get trashed by Umno, Pas and their allies if that happened.

You think people like it that you force the government to be dissolved while it was battling the Covid-19 pandemic?

People will instead punish you la.

People for now just want to survive Covid-19 and the unemployment that will soon follow for many of them.

The Pakatan people really should heed the advise of the Agong to give priority to reviving the country's economy so that people will have jobs to feed their family.

This is one of the highlights of his speech yesterday which I found to be fresh and interesting;

Agong wants tourism to be revived, 

expresses confidence in government 

Typical of Sultan Abdullah to be concerned about these sort of things.

He must have known how important it is to revive the tourism industry as so many Malaysians - from sophisticated stewardesses who work for airlines to Makcik Kiah who sells kueh to tourists who check out her stall by the roadside - are dependent on it for their source of income.

Reviving tourism is more important at the moment than reviving the Pakatan's political ambition, okay.

Even the Agong can see that.

Of course, other industries are important too.

Still, we need to get our priorities right - for now, rakyat didahulukan, politicians' ambition dikendian-kendiankan.

Oh, and with that, here is again the picture of Sultan Abdullah and his rakyat which I took myself during his visit to the flood relief shelter at the Temerloh R&R of the East Coast Highway during the major flood of 2014/2015,

Daulat Tuanku.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Please let Taiwan rejoins WHO

I learnt that they are going to vote tomorrow on whether to give back Taiwan its observer status at the World Health Organisation.

I actually read about it here just now,

Food hunting in Kuchai Lama


Taiwan, a self-ruled democratic island, was expelled from the World Health Organisation in 1971 and from 2009 to 2016, Taiwan could still attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer. However, that came to an end in 2017.
Come Monday (May 18, 2020) representatives of 194 countries will have a virtual WHA and one of the highlights of the meeting is to vote whether Taiwan will be back on board as an observer.
It’ll be interesting to see if the bigger nations, especially India who will be helming the World Health Organisation (WHO) beginning Friday (May 22, 2020), will give its vote to the tiny powerhouse.
I hope they let Taiwan in again.

If I have my way, I want them to let Taiwan in as a full member.

They really shouldn't exclude that country in the first place just because of pressure from the communists in Beijing.

I believe that if Taiwan had not been expelled from WHO and later on ignored by it, the Covid-19 fight may have been much more successful.

Covid-19: US accuses WHO 

of ignoring Taiwan’s early warnings


Taiwan, which has succeeded in limiting its Covid-19 casualties to just five deaths despite the island’s proximity and ties with China, warned the WHO on Dec 31 of human-to-human transmission.
Its vice- president Chen Chien-Jen, who is an epidemiologist, told the Financial Times that Taiwanese doctors had learned that fellow medical workers in Wuhan were falling ill but their reports were not acted upon by WHO.
I really hope the countries of the world will change their attitude towards Taiwan.

They should stop just .thinking of profits to be made from doing business with the communists in Beijing.

The Covid-19 crisis should teach them that there are more important values that need to be considered other than just the corporate bottom line.

Covid-19 didn't start in Taiwan, okay.

Taiwan has better transparency and accountability because it's a democratic country.

Well, if you are interested to read more about what I think of Taiwan, please click on this link;

Chinese Merdeka 

Okay, that's all for today.

Here is a video of Taiwan's successful effort in containing the Covid-19 pandemic

Saturday, 16 May 2020

The need for simple explanation - Riza's case (updated)

UPDATES at 13:00 on May 17 2020

Please also read this one,

Thomas agreed to terms of settlement 

with Riza Aziz, says AG Idrus

and this one,

Controversy over decision to discharge Riza Aziz should end with AG's statement, says Sri Ram


At the height of the Najib-Dr Mahathir war during the run-up to the GE14, I had repeatedly wrote that I'm not 100 per cent sure that I understand the complicated 1MDB case.

I really had listened to both sides including from two accountant friends, one who supported Najib and the other who sided with Dr Mahathir.

Still, I was not convinced that I really know which side was right.

So, I decided not to comment on the case.

Commentators of this blog who at that time were overwhelmingly pro-Dr Mahathir whacked me for it, either saying that I was deliberately trying to side-step the case or that I was just plain stupid.

Well, in this context, I was really just plain stupid.

I'm a simple person who don't really understand about businesses, let alone complex high finance.

I don't even like to pretend as if I know all that.

Let people call me stupid, as I don't mind that at all.

When I don't know something, I will say I don't know.

But back then I really wished that someone could explain to me about the case in simple language so that I could understand it.

Unfortunately, despite their best effort, my accountant friends still sounded like accountants when they tried to explain the case to me - I simply can't understand them.

After a while they just gave up. To be fair, I admit that I was already bored too at that point.

By the way, I don't know why, but some people tend to try to explain things in such a way to make themselves look intelligent.

They used big words, fancy terminologies and such.

I think they were not being intelligent for doing that. In fact I think they were stupid as their audience would not understand what they were trying to explain.

Even worse if the audience later pretend to understand what the whole thing was all about so that they wouldn't be accused of being stupid and then they start to spread what they pretend to understand.

I think that was what happened with the 1MDB case.

Yup, I actually believe that most of those who claimed to understand the case actually don't really know what it was all about, yet they pretended to understand it so that they don't appear to be stupid.

I really suggest for us to stop such behaviour as it could lead to more confusion.

Come on guys, when we don't understand something, let's admit that we don't understand it.

Even Dr Mahathir was not shy to admit his ignorance about something such as in this report;

Dr M ‘confused, concerned’ over Riza Aziz’s plea bargain

And for that we have this very good and easy to understand explanation in plain language,

By Najib Razak

Search Results

Web resultsBy Najib Razak 

Oleh kerana dia konpius, saya taip perlahan-perlahan dengan cara paling ringkas supaya dia faham: 

1. Riza ada projek filem. 

2. Keluarga kerabat Abu Dhabi berminat dan janji kepada Riza untuk labur projek filem dia.Yang berjanji masa itu termasuk putera mahkota Abu Dhabi serta Timbalan Perdana Menteri UAE yang juga merupakan adik kepada Presiden UAE yang juga pemilik kelab Manchester City. 

3. Mereka pun arahkan CEO syarikat Aabar untuk melabur dalam projek filem Riza. Ada perjanjian pelaburan dan sebagainya. Mahkamah dan jabatan pendakwa raya pun ada. 

4. Filem-filem Riza agak berjaya. Filem pertama Wolf of Wall Street (2013) jana penjualan tiket US$392 juta (RM1.7 bilion) berbanding kos US$100 juta (RM430 juta). Filem "Dumb and Dumber To" (2014) jana penjualan tiket US$169.8 juta (RM730 juta) dengan kos pengeluaran US$50 juta (RM215 juta). Filem Daddy's Home (2015) jana penjualan tiket US$242.8 juta (RM1.04 bilion) dengan kos US$69 juta (RM297 juta). 

5. Ini bukan bail-out Petronas untuk syarikat milik anak tertentu ataupun Vincent Tan jual kumpulan hospital Pantai kepada anak tertentu yang berumur 35 tahun masa itu. Ini juga bukan konsesi-konsesi FOMEMA atau kontrak membekal semua hospital kerajaan yang diberi kepada kumpulan Pantai selepas anak tertentu membelinya. Ini juga bukan melantik syarikat Petron sebagai syarikat rasmi untuk membekal minyak kepada kerajaan sebaik sahaja PH menang PRU14. Dan ini juga bukan syarikat Opcom Bhd milik anak tertentu yang terlibat dalam projek Pelan Gentian Optik dan Kesalinghubungan Negara (NFCP) bernilai RM21.6b yang diwujudkan, diluluskan dan dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan PH dalam tempoh kurang setahun sehingga harga saham Opcom melonjak naik 50%. "31 Ogos 2019: Opcom and OCK on investors’ radar following broadband plan" Paling pelik ialah projek-projek lain masa PH slow-slow tapi projek mega RM21.6b jalan begitu pantas sekali. Pelik, tak? 

6. Selepas filem agak berjaya, Riza mula membayar balik keuntungan dan pelaburan asal kepada pihak Abu Dhabi. 

7. Perkara ini juga terdedah dalam rakaman audio perbualan telefon saya dengan putera mahkota Abu Dhabi yang didedahkan oleh Latheefa Koya pada masa PH. 
- Najib: Dia telah membayar balik sejumlah, dia terus membayar balik, supaya anda lihat ia akan muncul sebagai perjanjian pinjaman sah. Kerana apabila dia menerimanya, bank-bank membersihkan sumber wang itu jadi dia tidak tahu dari mana asalnya. Oleh itu, saya tidak mahu dia menjadi mangsa apabila dia benar-benar tidak menyedari tentang sumber wang itu. Dia benar-benar percaya bahawa ia daripada Aabar dan di bawah arahan Sheikh Mansour. Ya, betul, kerana dia benar-benar tidak bersalah. Apa yang dia mahukan ialah membuat filem, dan terdapat tawaran pinjaman daripada Sheikh Mansour dan pihak anda daripada Aabar, dan anda juga pernah menyebutnya. Ingat? Ketika kita makan tengah hari di restoran (bercakap) tentang membantunya jadi dia fikir semuanya baik-baik saja. Sekarang, mereka cuba mengaitkannya dengan wang 1MDB, yang benar-benar ... ia mengejutkannya. 
- Mohammed: Tuan perdana menteri, Insya-Allah. "
9 Jan 2020: Transkrip penuh panggilan Najib lepas DOJ fail saman 2016" (Terima kasih Latheefa dan kerajaan PH kerana sudi mengeluarkan bukti rakaman audio untuk bantu saya dan Riza bersihkan nama kita) 

8. Oleh kerana Aabar ada perniagaan dengan 1MDB maka tertimbul masalah bahawa sebahagian dana yang dihantar oleh Aabar kepada Riza berasal dari 1MDB. 1MDB tak pernah hantar apa-apa dana terus kepada Riza. Bagaimana pula Riza yang rompak pulak? 

9. Di bawah undang-undang, dana asal yang bermasalah termasuk keuntungan yang dijana dari dana yang bermasalah juga dianggap sebagai dana haram. Sebab itu, Riza menyelesaikan kes-kes di USA dan di Malaysia dengan cara membayar balik dana asal dan sebahagian keuntungan yang diperolehi.

10. Kesemua transaksi, akaun bank, penggunaan dana, keuntungan yang dijana dari dana, perjanjian dan saksi-saksi adalah di luar negara terutamanya di Amerika Syarikat. Nak bicara di Malaysia pun susah. Pun begitu, DOJ Amerika Syarikat juga tak pernah mendakwa Riza atas kes jenayah. Cuma saman sivil yang sudahpun diselesaikan di sana tahun lepas. Tapi yang pelik ialah walaupun satu butir transaksi-transaksi Riza pun tak berlaku di Malaysia, didakwa dengan kes jenayah di Malaysia pulak. Tapi USA tak ada, 

11. Ianya pendakwa raya Gopal Sri Ram yang dilantik PH dan Tommy Thomas yang dilantik PH yang mulakan proses penyelesaian dengan Riza. 

12. Perbicaraan kes Riza tak pernah berjalan satu hari pun sejak Riza didakwa hampir setahun dahulu. Pada 31 Januari 2020 masa PH, ianya pihak pendakwa raya yang menangguhkan kes Riza kepada 25 Februari 2020. "Kami juga memohon untuk mendapatkan tarikh lain bagi menyemak dan mempertimbangkan representasi (tawaran perjanjian penyelesaian) berkenaan." Norzilati berkata, pada 25 Februari ini juga mahkamah turut menetapkan tarikh perbicaraan bagi kes terbabit. "31 Jan 2020: Mahkamah tetapkan 25 Februari ketahui status representasi Riza Aziz" 

13. Pihak SPRM pun tak keluarkan kenyataan rasmi bahawa mereka terkejut kerana kes Riza Aziz (yang tidak pernah masuk hari pertama perbicaraan) diselesaikan seperti mereka terkejut apabila kes Guan Eng rasuah digugurkan masa PH walaupun puluhan saksi dah dipanggil dan perbicaraan sudah berjalan hampir sebulan. Malah, pihak SPRM tiada masalah dengan penyelesaian kes Riza dan masih tegas ianya keputusan Tommy Thomas. 

13. Jika "dia" masih tak faham, boleh panggil Gopal Sri Ram atau Tommy Thomas untuk jelaskan padanya. 

14. Harap dengan penjelasan cara mudah ini, "dia" akan faham dan kurang konpius.

See, very easy to understand, right?

How I wish Najib had explained things like this back then instead of using all those spin conmen who actually made people distrust and hate him more.

Well, never mind. What's in the past should stay in the past.

We have to look forward and for that, hopefully people will be more honest and explain things in simple plain language like how Najib does these days.

Okay, I need to do work now.

Here's a music video for you all to enjoy,

It's actually the ending of Studio Ghibli's Only Yesterday.

It reminds me very much of my autumn train ride to Kinosaki Onsen....miss it so much.

Never mind


Thursday, 14 May 2020

How to celebrate a Covid-19 Raya and dreaming of the beach on a Ramadhan day

Not feeling very well today.

Actually I have been like this since yesterday.

But I'm quite sure it's not Covid-19 because I don't feel like I'm going to die just yet.

Still, I'm not in the mood to write anything serious at the moment.

Tired of politics and feeling a bit suffocated by the Covid-19 restrictions.

I don't like wearing the mask because I have breathing difficulties....probably from the years of smoking.

Never mind.

I wish I can escape now to the East Coast and lepak by the seaside.

I miss sitting under a tree with a book at the beach.

Hopefully the MCO will be fully lifted soon.

Hopefully people will abide by the SOP so that we can further reduce the number of Covid-19 cases and make that happen soon.

By the way, I think the government should not let people gather in large number yet.

Someone forwarded the news about sembahyang Aidilfitri going to be allowed at the mosques, which in my opinion shouldn't be the case.

Such prayers are not even compulsory according to the religion.

That prayer could just be perform privately at home, which would lessen the risk of a major infection such as what happened at the Sri Petaling mosque gathering at the start of the pandemic in this country in February.

Religious gatherings or any type of gathering should only be allowed when there is an absolute guarantee that there would not be any risk of a renewed outbreak.

Of course the same should apply to gatherings of other religions.

We don't want another wave of infections like what were reported in South Korea and Wuhan, which was the Covid-19 epicenter.

I pray that the authorities would make the best decision on the matter.

As for the Raya celebrations, I think for once people should think about how to celebrate it privately.

They should spend it with only close family members and loved ones. Make it safe for everybody.

Actually, that's how I always celebrated Raya.

I don't really like the practice of going around from house to house and such on Raya day.

I don't even believe that's how they celebrated Raya during Prophet Mohamad's time.

It's too tiring, anyway.

Hopefully my fellow Muslims will understand that the less Raya they do this time, the less the risk of Covid-19 infections they pose.

For instance, if you insist on visiting your elderly relatives who are in their 70s or 80s on Raya day, you are actually increasing the risk of causing their death via Covid-19 infection.

Don't play the fool on this one, okay.

Don't let it happens to you.

Well, just don't do something which you may regret later.

Anyway, since I'm missing the beach at my usual haunt in the East Coast today, I'm putting this nice video of a Korean girl who spent time at a beach on a Ramadhan day,


Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Dr Adham strikes back, a new normal

I think this is going to be the new Malaysian politics.

Health Minister demands RM30 million, 

apology from NGO on false contract claim

Anyone try to defame you, sue their ass off.

I guess it's the only way.

The days of being nice and gentlemanly are over.

Back then, when Umno politicians were being defamed, they mostly did nothing and accepted it as part of the political game.

For most of them, suing their opponent for bad mouthing them seemed not nice and petty.

Only then opposition people, particularly those from DAP that resorted to the court to silence their critics.

In the end, because they did nothing proper about it, people started to believe in the lies thrown at the Umno people.

Okay, to be fair, some of the accusations were actually true but most were not so.

Whatever it is, Umno and their gang lost the GE14 because people believe in the accusations which were thrown at them at that time.

To a large extent, they believe in the lies because Umno never really try to fight the accusations properly.

Based on my personal experience, many of the Umno operatives actually thought that they can just ignore the accusations and they would all just go away.

"Alah, kalau dilayan lagi lah menjadi-jadi dia orang tu. Buat letih je kita nak jawab semuanya. Biar kan je, nanti lama-lama senyap lah tu," said one of them to me at that time.

Nope, the accusations didn't go away, okay.

Oh, and the Umno's way of employing cybertroopers and stupid self-serving mainstream media players to counter the accusation at that time was pathetic.

This is a battle that needs to be fought by smart people who truly believe in the cause and not by some hacks who write garbage ampu bodek stuff to earn some money.

Well, never mind that. That's water under the bridge already.

Now I think people like Dr Adham have learnt their lesson.

No more being nice and stupid like back then.

You defame me, I sue you. End of story.

I'm quite sure that if Dr Adham didn't initiate the legal proceedings, the defamatory allegation against him would remain at least in the public consciousness.

Just look at this comment at my last post in this blog,

Cerlah masuk blog Syed outsyedthebox. Baca kisah Menteri Air Suam dgn rm30 juta buat lab COVID. Umno & raswah berpisah tiada.
Dalam sibuk-sibuk COVID tetap nak corrupt. Hanya totok umno je buta mata dan hati sebab cuma baca blog totok yg penuh propaganda umno.
Lapangkanlah otak baca berita di portal online dan toton TV news. 

That's how the defamation was being spread and it would continue to spread if Dr Adham didn't take such legal action.

Of course you must be clean yourself to sue those who defame you.

In this case, I think Dr Adham was quite certain of his innocence, which is good for him.

Maybe if he got the RM30 million from the NGO  who defame him, Dr Adham could use the money to help finance the Covid-19 war.

That will be good for the current government and this country.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Guan Eng as finance minister again???

This is the best joke so far this year,

Mahathir and Anwar speak as one


“We are now old, we do not have a lot of time. But the fighting spirit still burns in the souls of young people who dream of reform. The time has come for us to rise up again and to continue to return the mandate of the people to the right party, ” they said.

I laughed quite a bit reading it.

Rise again?

Eh, enough la. How many times they want to do that?

People just want to survive this Covid-19 crisis and its economic fallout, okay.

I honestly didn't care much about Muhyiddin and the gang at the start of it all but they seemed to be doing quite well so far.

So, let them continue with the job lah.

Things will be tougher in the months to come as the country try to recover from the crisis, especially repairing the economy.

We really don't need another Dr Mahathir-Anwar tango to mess up the country further.

Remember the last days of the Pakatan Harapan government when they were playing their stupid Game of Throne?

Just imagine that with the Covid-19 crisis on top of it.

Malaysians gave Pakatan power in GE14 and after only 22 months they screwed it up royally among themselves.

And now they want another go at it. Yup, the very same people who screwed it up just less than three months ago.

In the midst of Covid-19 crisis they want us to endure them some more....why la????

And just imagine if they get back in power.....

Ya, you all are going to get that again as your finance minister to handle the country's post-Covid-19 economy.

You mau dia jual asset negara lagi ka? konon. Tipu saja.

I was so glad that they were no longer in charge when Covid-19 hit us that day.

Otherwise, I can't imagine the mess.

Anyway, these are good stuff that my best friend from Kuantan forwarded to me last night,

By Najib Razak 

Pegawai Kit Siang tak cerita betul betul ni. 

 Macam ini cerita sebenarnya.... 

PH sewa rumah untuk 5 tahun. 

Tinggal satu keluarga, PH kotorkan rumah. 

Sofa ditanggal, lantai tak cuci. 

Siling pun bocor. 

Seluruh rumah bau hancing. 

Bila tak cuci, berpusu-pusulah kuman dan virus. 

Barang-barang yang ada dalam rumah pun dijual macam harta sendiri. 

Bukan tu jek, bil air bil api semua tak berbayar. 

Tambah hutang. 

Siang malam bergaduh buat kecoh dalam rumah. 

Jiran-jiran pun bingit, setiap hari tanya bila mereka ni semua nak pindah keluar. 

Selepas 22 bulan, ketua keluarga kata kepada tuan rumah dia dah tak nak duduk situ dah. 

Dia pun angkat kaki. 

Ketua keluarga keluar, ahli keluarga lain terpinga-pinga dan tuan rumah pun tendanglah mereka keluar. 

Tuan rumah pun batalkan perjanjian sewa. 

Lalu buat interview cari penyewa baru. 

Setelah seminggu puas mencari, penyewa baru pindah masuk rumah dan mula basuh dan baiki rumah yang tunggang langgang dek penyewa lama siap dua kali dijalankan proses penyahkuman. 

BIla dah kena tendang keluar, barulah PH nak kata menyesal, berkokok siang dan malam. 

Tiap-tiap hari duduk luar pagar rumah, tekan loceng, ketuk pintu dan merayu masuk balik ke rumah.

Say what you want about Najib, but the guy is at the moment the best at explaining these sort of things.