Monday, 31 August 2015

Idiots' fratricide of the Malays

Malays can be quite bad, especially when they fight each others.

And the closer they are to each other, the worse it gets.

They fight their own brothers and sisters harder than they fight outsiders.

The current Umno fratricide is perhaps among the worst in history.

It's total war for most of them. No quarters given.

They fight each others harder than they fight DAP, PKR and Pas.

You can't even be neutral in this fight.

In fact the neutrals are the ones getting hit most.

The bullets come from both sides.

In my case, I'm getting shot up more by the anti-Najib side.

That despite me defending Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from the start of the fighting.

I defended Dr Mahathir because he is the best statesman that we ever have and he is an elderly man. It's not right for us to kurang ajar towards him, no matter how unhappy we are with him.

At 90, Dr Mahathir  is like a father to us all.

As I pointed to veteren journalist and blogger TS Zainuddin Maidin in a past posting, those who want to label me as a paid blogger on Najib's side should check my track record throughout the fight at this posting ;

Still, the attacks continues.

Apparently, there are people among the anti-Najib side who consider anyone who doesn't attack the prime minister in person or done anything remotely helpful to him as an enemy.

You are with us or against us. That's how it works with them.

This is one of the comments from the anti-Najib side ;

Annie Mangkuk,

Lu tak payak nak nasihat Mahathir ler. Obviously, Mahathir tak pedulik pun apa lu and other prepaid bloggers macam Puki Brew, BigDog Gemuk Macam Babi, ParpuKakiTodi, TheVoice Bangkrap, TheUnspinner, meroyan macam monyek bila dia stoped by at Bersih malam tadi. And the fact that harinie Mahathir turun lagi Bersih (siap naik LRT lagi, that's my man), lu boleh tutup ler blog sundal lu nie. Lu cakap sama Najib and Rosmah GO TO HELL!!!!

The comment came at my posting where I tried to explain why Dr Mahathir decided to be present at the Bersih 4 rally.

I was concerned as so many people, including those who are fond of him can't seem to understand why he went to the rally.

They started calling him lackey of DAP, barua Cina and such.

As in the past and in future, I will try to defend Dr Mahathir. It's not much but I will try my best.

Of course I gave a bit of my opinion that Dr Mahathir should not stressed out himself too much because I'm convinced that Najib will not voluntarily step down anyway.

But obviously, that's not right for some of these self-righteous anti-Najib people.

They just want to win the fight.

For me, they don't really care what happened to Dr Mahathir.

Selfish bastards.

Well, the pro-Najib side is actually not that much better.

If you all care to read my past postings defending Dr Mahathir, then you know why I said that.

Some of them tried so hard to please their paymasters that they make a fool of themselves by sounding stupid and without manners.

And worst of all, they tend to get very arrogant.

They think just because their paymasters are in power they can behave any way they want.

Hey guys, the rakyat is watching.

You all only have two and a half years to fix things for your bosses before the next general election.

Do you all think you can do that by being arrogant towards the very people whose support you need when it's time to go to the polls again?

You think my friend in this posting

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

will want to once again go through the trouble of dragging her children, including the autistic one on a five-hours bus ride to give her vote to your bosses after what you all did to her family?

People remember, okay.

And when you all fall, those whom you treated unkindly due to your arrogance will show you no mercy.

Always remember that.

And pro-Najib people, some of you all have very poor manners, okay.

I want to celebrate Merdeka and you all put this kind of comment for what?

Blogger Haramjaddah Pukimak Din Tyrtle, OutSyed The Box, Kadir Jasin, Zamkata, apanama, putra merdeka, Celah Gelegar, The Sense Credibility and Accountability, Jelapang, KZO. Sungai Rapat Online.

Mulai hari ini Blogger Banggang, Bahalul, Pukimak waiima Haramjaddah nie semua BoLEH Declare Blog masing2 sebagai Blog Macai Mahathir Mudah Lupa a.k.a. Nyanyok, seterusnya letakkan diri masing-masing sebaris dengan Blog Pembangkang pro Pakatan Rakyat.

Ini kerana Blogger Banggang ini terlalu mendokong Mahathir Mamakkuty yang secara terang-terangan menyokong apa jua agenda CINA DAPIGS.


Kamu semua adalah Mamak Haramjaddah yg baru kenal keyboard. Selamat Maju Jaya dengan tugasan Baru Menaikkan Bangsa Cina di tanah Melayu ini.

Sesungguhnya Kamu semua lebih HINA drp Kelab Greenboc, MSO, Anak Sungai Derhaka, MSO, Ameno World, Omak Kau, Aspan Alias, Shahbuddin, Tranungkite Online, Bloglist, Blogger Pro Pakatan Rakyat walau macammana pon keadaan kedudukan Parti PAS, DAP, PKR, tapi mereka tetap mendokong dasar kepartian mereka, menulis menenangkan ahli, menguatkan saf parti.

Kecuali Blog Tranungkite yang cenderong pd PAS, Omakkau yg menuju kearah keadilan sejati, Manjung Mari tetap PAS di hati.

Blogger Banggang, tukar LOGO sokong Mahathir yang Sokong Cina, takut kalau Bisness Cina Bangkrap, takut Cina hilang kuasa ekonomi.

Blogger lain teruskan kerja, blogger pakatan kerja pakatan, blogger pro kerajaan teruskan kerja murni anda. suatu hari rakyat akan sedar, siapa Mahazalim, Mahacelaka, MahaFiraun Mahathir Mamakkutty.

You all think that kind of comment can make people support Najib, is it?

Hey pro-Najib people, the rakyat get put off by such rudeness, okay.

Use your brain la, stupid.

Sometime I really don't understand how Najib choose his people.

Most have their brain underneath their kneecaps.

Newly minted DPM DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi appears to be having the same problem of getting numbskulls into his team.

But that's a story for another day.

Okay, I'm going to sleep again. It's my way of enjoying this Merdeka Day.

A cool song of freedom

My father forwarded to me this music video just now.

He said his boss forwarded it to him.


It's past midnight.

Selamat Hari Merdeka.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dr Mahathir on why he attends Bersih 4

When the options are running out

Many were shocked when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad turned up at Dataran Merdeka for a walk among the Bersih crowd last night.

I was not shocked though.

The handsome old man was in a combative mood yesterday.

He must had felt that the options were running out as the doors were all being closed for him to see DS Najib Razak stepping down from his PM post before the next general election.

Watch his speech in Pasir Gudang yesterday and you may understand why Dr Mahathir swallowed back his own words about Bersih by being at Dataran Merdeka last night.

But still, I don't think it will change anything.

Najib will still be our PM at least until the next general election.

He will not step down no matter what his detractors do or say and Umno in general will support him.

Dr Mahathir should just rest at home, stay healthy, and wait for the next general election.

If it's fated for Umno and its BN allies to lose under Najib's watch, then he and others who love the Malay party will simply have to accept it.

Well, if Dr Mahathir still feels the need to do something, he should just blog about it instead of running here and there like yesterday.

He also needs to be mindful of the health of Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali who was with him the whole of yesterday.

It must be so tiring for the two of them, being 90 years old, to rush here and there from KL to JB and back and then went for that walk amidst the Bersih crowd and all.

And if you all may noticed, the security details of the couple during the walk was bare minimum.

People may just harm them.

Dr Mahathir is after all still not the most popular person among the mostly pro-opposition Bersih crowd.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

September soon


No one was hurt at the rally today.

My salute to the police for using their good discretion in handling Bersih 4.0.

Politically, I don't think the rally will make any difference.

I am totally convinced that PM DS Najib Razak will not step down from his office as demanded by the Bersih organisers and participants.

Why should he? He has everything under his control.

Najib will still be our prime minister until at least the next general election.

It also doesn't make a difference to me that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad went on a tour at the site of the rally where some of the participants are camping tonight.

Malaysia is a free country....for now.

Dr Mahathir has the right to go anywhere he wants.

Anyway, it's not that he borrowed Marina's Bersih T-shirt and wear it to go there.

He didn't even give a speech.

What ever it is, I do feel a bit silly for initially worrying too much over the whole thing.

I think things will be okay with Malaysia.

We just need to be patient.

I also need to relax a bit.

It's nice here at my friend's place.


My friend's son, who is autistic keeps playing this song on his mini I-pad,

The boy can't speak or understand much but I guess he loves the music.

It just so happens that September is the most important month of my life.

Hopefully I'm still around when the month ends.

Well, I need to rest for the night now.

Take care and stay safe.

I love them too

A commenter in my last post

Be safe, T-shirt banned already

wrote this;

...i love my chinese friends

...I love Malaysia too.....


Thank you, whoever you are.

I love my Chinese friends too.

I also love my Chinese mother, my Chinese cousins, my Chinese relatives....even those who live in Singapore and my Chinese ex-boyfriend.....

Yes, I did bitch about them from time to time, but the truth is, I love them.

I don't support Bersih 4.0, but I do wish those who participate to be safe.

I hope the police don't beat them up.

I don't want to see Malay FRU guys beating up Chinese Bersih protesters....or any other protesters for that matter.

I don't want what happened today be the start of a racial war in this country.

I don't want to be forced to choose between the Malay and Chinese sides of myself.

Yes....peace Malaysia.

Be safe, T-shirt banned already

I'm now at my friend's place in Kuantan.

Drove here after work yesterday evening.

Decided that I don't want to spend this long weekend in KL.

Not with that Bersih 4.0 thing happening there.

I suspect things will turn ugly this time.

The authorities seem determined to stop the rally.

I don't want to be there when it happens.

Honestly, I'm worried for the Bersih people.

I hope no one gets hurt.

This came in a while ago via NST SMS alerts;

NST 28/08 Home Ministry bans yellow Bersih 4 T-shirts, publications and related printed material

I guess they are going to arrest anyone wearing yellow or carrying anything related to Bersih in KL tomorrow.

It can be quite havoc if that happens.

The other day, they even blocked the Bersih website.

I think the censorship of internet in this country has started in earnest.

Some of my friends have decided to be at the rally.

They are young and idealistic.

They believe in everything good about Malaysia and wanted to express their desire for the country to continue having those by joining the rally.

Maybe they are misguided, but I still hope they will be safe.

I'm worried for them because in the crowd today will be some very bad people.

Those who did this,

I think the crowd will be big.

As I was driving here, I saw quite a bad jam at the Bentong toll of the Karak Highway heading to KL. That was about 9pm.

I also noticed that a lot of cars on the East Coast Highway were heading towards the Klang Valley.

In a way I would be glad if those cars were carrying Bersih people as they should be Malays from the East Coast states.

That means Bersih 4 will not be dominated by just Chinese from DAP.

It could become a racial issue if the FRU decide to employ force and the ones at the receiving end are mostly Chinese.

I think it could be the end of Malaysia as we knew it if that happens.

Imagine the images - Malay FRU beating up Chinese protesters.

Well, tighten the seat belt and wait for what's coming.