Monday, 22 December 2014

The Election (Chinese: 選戰)

Today I just want to recommend this new Hong Kong drama serial, The Election.

It stars among others my current favorite Hong Kong actress Angelica Lee Sinjie.

By the way, she is from Alor Star.

Angelica Lee

It's the best drama serial coming out of the island for quite a while.

And the story is just the stuff for you all political junkies.

Here is a review by South China Morning Post

HKTV's political drama The Election wins the youth vote 

It's just launched, so you all try la find a way to watch it.

Seriously, it's worth it.

Umno people at the party headquarters are also recommended to watch the drama so that they may learn a thing or two about how to win an election. Learn a bit about strategy, instead of buta-buta saja like last time.

DS Najib Razak is also recommended to try watch the drama...if he has time la.

Okay, I am resting early tonight...its raining cats and dogs where I am now...sejuk beb.

Oh, almost forgot, Happy Winter Solstice for you all Chinese who celebrate the occasion.

Don't eat too much of that TangyuanIt can make you fat, okay.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Moderation: Annie vs Sin Chew's deputy editor in chief

I am bored, so, I decided to analyze an article by Sin Chew Daily deputy editor in chief Lim Sue Goan.

It's about moderation.

My comments are in blue.

A tough fight

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A good car and a marriage proposal

Everyone seems to be in the holiday mood now.

So many people in my office are taking leave.

Christmas and New Year coming.

I guess everyone also just can't wait for this year to end.

It's a very bad year for Malaysia.

Dominated by the tragedies of MH370 and MH17.

I will write more about it in the year end wrap-up later.

As for today, I actually went on a long drive up a hill with someone.

Just got back.

It was a nice but tiring trip.

The guy drove a Proton Preve.

It seemed to be handling the winding road up the hill very well.

He said the "sports mode" of the car is very good for such a drive.

Well, despite the complaints by some about the Proton car, I found the Preve to be quite good.

The guy has been driving his for more than two years but the car seems still new.

I had drove the car a bit before and decided that it is quite good.

I do remember the guy bitching a bit about it when he first bought the car but after a while he seems to love it, especially its turbo engine, superb road handling and above average safety features.

I think its not bad at all for a RM70,000 car.

Okay, back to the trip....

We started from Bangsar, head towards east and then up north before swinging west to go up the hill. That took us about two and a half hours.

Once there, we just drove around exploring the place before settling down for lunch at a quite nice restaurant.

I had smoked salmon, salad and apple juice.

He had steak, pumpkin soup and beer.

The food was quite good.

The view from the place was superb except for some cables hanging low near where we were sitting.

The weather was relatively cool and nice.

After lunch, we drove back to KL via a different route heading west.

As we drove back, the guy actually told me how much he loves me and wanted to marry me.

I just laughed.

It's not the first time he said that.

Told him it's the same deal : convert and stop the drinking and pork eating, then only I will consider.

He made a face and started talking about me being cruel to him.

I just laughed again.

Well, don't get me wrong, I am fond of the poor bastard but if he is serious then he really need to think about fulfilling my conditions.

It's not my choice anyway...and what I asked were the bare minimum.

It's not as if I asked him to buy me a bungalow or a Mercedes Benz, okay.

I am not even asking him to quit supporting DAP.

By the way, the guy is an atheist.

So, there should also not be any issue about me making him betray his religion and stuff.

I am not even asking him to change his name.

I like his Chinese name.

Well, so much for a marriage proposal.

Eh, no politics today. I am tired.

Need to rest.

Have a nice weekend guys.


p.s Don't worry about me. The guy doesn't read my blog. That's why I can share this story with you all :-)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Business as usual for DAP's cyberwar effort

I spend the months after last years' GE13 mostly blogging about how Umno and its BN allies need to improve themselves.

I was quite critical of them.

My intention was for them to fix everything that's wrong so that they will do better in the next general election.

For me, it was time for them to take such criticisms and fix things as the next general election was still quite far away.

I would not had been so hard hitting on Umno and its BN allies if the election is near.

I remember how damaging that could be when a bunch of pro-Umno bloggers attacked former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman just weeks before the last general election.

Their motive was to ensure that Ghani disappear from Johor so that their patron could take over his place and in the process there will be better prospects for them and others in the same camp to enrich themselves.

I remember that very well and have no intention of doing the same.

I did however notice that the DAP cybertroopers who used to hang out and taking potshots at me in this blog had gone quiet as I attacked things which I feel were wrong with Umno and its BN allies.

They were probably enjoying themselves as I criticized my own side, sometimes even taking direct shots at the leadership of DS Najib Razak in order to urge him to fix the wrong things.

But of course the DAP cybertroopers didn't go away.

My last two posts were proofs that the enemies are quietly and efficiently doing their work.

When I decided to ease my criticisms against the establishment, this was what I posted to shift back my attention at countering the Pakatan gang,

About being a nice moderate liberal Malay

It was actually a reminder of what happened in GE13.

True enough, the DAP cybertroopers immediately sprang into action.

You can read what they wrote in the comment section of that post.

Yesterday, I tested the water again with this post,


It's about the hypocrisy of Pakatan.

The first comment was this one which I immediately recognized as that of a DAP cybertrooper's,

Amazing. People have died, and all lil Annie can think of is how to please her masters with another spin. No wonder you're all known as bangang. The lot of you. I know getting some sense of intelligence is probably beyond you, but try and have decency?

To confirm my suspicion that this blog is being closely monitored by the DAP cyberwar team, I posted the following just to provoke a response,

If you want to accuse me of spinning, please point out how and at which point of my posting that I did that? Which part of my posting is not based on facts of truth? Don't be such a fucking piece of DAP cybertrooper pig shit, okay.

And this is the response that I got,

Annie, your whole fucking piece was a spin. Don't try to fucking worm out of it you brainless dumno bitch.

Do take note the time I posted mine which was at 12:27pm and the DAP cybertrooper's response which was at 12:28pm.

Yes, it was within just a minute.

That's how fast the DAP cybertrooper had responded to my probe.

Probably, he/she was one of the less experienced cybertroopers as such haste to hit back at me actually revealed who he/she was.

But what is clear from the seemingly close monitoring of this blog by the DAP cyberwar team was that the Pakatan's cyberspace effort to topple the BN government is as active as ever.

They have quieten down a bit for now just because those on the BN side are currently busy with shooting one another.

As I have always argued, The Pakatan cyberwar team, particularly that of DAP is much more effective and efficient compared to BN's.

In fact, BN or Umno, does not even have a proper strategy on cyberwar. This is a fact.

Go and ask the people at the so-called National Communication Team (NCT) whether what I said was true.

Seriously, semuanya makan gaji buta saja. Apa nak buat pun tak tahu.

While you are at it, ask the NCT guys what have they done so far ever since their new boss took over.

Anyway, NCT was not so bad, previously.

For more lessons on how to detect DAP cybertroopers, you can read my first post about it here,

In the Komtar's crosshair

Thursday, 18 December 2014


There is so much talk about terrorists these days.

All of these bad guys being touted as terrorists are of the Muslim variety.

Then there are all kind of reports about racists and extremists in this country too.

Again, all of these bad guys being touted as racists and extremists are of the Muslim variety.

Perkasa, Isma etc.

I guess that if I read The Star everyday, I will believe that these local racists and extremists will soon graduate to become terrorists too.

But of course if they change side and become part of the Pakatan gang they will become the good guys Pas, even though they want to implement hudud and other such stuff.

By the way, in case you all don't realize, most of the locals who became the so called Islamic terrorists are mostly Pas people.


Nik Adli, the son of Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the mursyidul am of Pas used to be the head of Kumpulan Mujahideen Malaysia.

He was detained under ISA right after the 9-11 incident along with his followers who are all Pas people. Otherwise he will either be on the run or dead. Now, he teaches at a religious school in Kelantan.

Some Pas members had reportedly been killed recently while fighting for the murderous ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

I have yet to know of Perkasa or Isma members turning into terrorists.

Well, never mind.

The Star will make sure that you all will not notice that.

Pas is part of Pakatan, so they are better than Perkasa and Isma, okay.

Well, here is an 18-minute video of some terrorists in action. This is real life action, okay.

Monday, 15 December 2014

About being a nice moderate liberal Malay

I used to consider myself as one of those moderate liberals.

That was until the Chinese tsunami of May 5 2013.

Nice moderate liberal Malays of Umno such as former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman were wiped out at the polls on that day.

I was there on the ground as a witness of what happened.

A day after that I wrote this posting,

The end of moderation

That posting was the most read in this blog for more than a year. It is still in the top five today.

I have toned down myself since then but I still don't consider myself a moderate liberal as I used to be.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what sort of a person I am now.

I do not hate the Chinese.

It's just that I no longer believe that they appreciate nice moderate liberal Malays.

I also no longer believe that I should smile to people who spat on my face.

I think I am being stupid if I do that.

PM DS Najib Razak is the nicest of all moderate liberal Malays, and you all can see what they did to him.

It was the same with Ghani.

I don't want to end up like them.

I am not a supporter of Perkasa or Isma, but at the same time I don't want to be like all those stupid Malays who think that being moderate and liberal is being cool.

Yea, I know, some Chinese will come up to those Malays and say that they like them very much and all.

They may even offer those Malays to write columns in The Star, that backstabbing MCA's newspaper.

Some may even want to make love to those Malays.


Ask that DAP's Dyana Sofea, ok.

But, that's all there were to it.

When push comes to shove, the Chinese will not take into account those Malays' liberalness or moderateness.

I may be wrong for generalizing, but that was what happened on that fateful May 5, 2013.

In Gelang Patah, they rather voted Lim Kit Siang who had done nothing for them instead of Ghani who had served them well as Johor MB for 18 years.


Kit Siang is Chinese, Ghani is Malay. It's as simple as that.

At least that's how I concluded it.

Well, actually, I am writing this in response to Rocky's posting,

Why I welcome the Eminent 25

Sorry Rocky, with all due respect, I can't make myself to welcome them.

It's because I don't believe they were on the ground when the Chinese tsunami happened on May 5 2013.

Note: Rocky is my blogging captain. Despite my disagreement with him on this matter, I don't allow anyone to whack him in this blog.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Wassap war on 1MDB

Received a Wassap message from someone who is not so fond of the BN government last night.

It was a pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini report quoting senior journalist blogger Kadir Jasin criticizing the controversial 1MDB programme.

Obviously she had received the message from someone else as the story went viral via the Wassap network.

Then early this morning, I received another Wassap message on 1MDB. It was from a friend who is an Umno supporter, who is to be more precise, a supporter of PM DS Najib Razak.

1MDB is now extensively used by critiques of the PM to undermine him.

I am a bit tired and muddle headed at the moment to try to analyze the claims of both sides.

For that, I leave it for you all to decide.

The only observation I want to make here is that defenders of the BN government seem to be far less sophisticated in the psychological battle as the pro-Pakatan side utilize their potent cyberwar machinery such as Malaysiakini  to spread information to undermine the BN government.

I have repeatedly wrote about this : Umno and its BN allies have no real cyberwar strategy at all to counter those of Pakatan's.

Anyway, this is the one against 1MDB : 

1MDB got loan extension from Bank Negara'

12:46PM Dec 13, 2014

The controversial state investment body 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had sought an extension period for its non-performing loans (NPL) from Bank Negara, veteran newsman A Kadir Jasin claimed today in a blog posting, quoting "sources".

Kadir claimed that Bank Negara governor Zeti Aktar Aziz had in a recent meeting allegedly agreed to the request despite being unhappy with 1MDB's large borrowings, as not doing so could seriously impact the banking system.

"If it (the extension) was not given, there would have been a massive default and Tier 1 banks that extended the loans would have to make huge provisions," Kadir wrote.

"This could lead to the downgrading of the local banking system."

Kadir also claimed that some "very harsh words" were traded during the meeting between 1MDB top officials and Bank Negara.

Non-performing loans are loans that are in default or are close to being in default.

1MDB had so far accrued a RM49 billion debt against RM51.4 billion in assets.

'Dr M grilled 1MDB top guns'

In that same meeting, Kadir claimed 1MDB chairperson Lodin Wok Kamaruddin had offered to step down.

"One source said at the meeting with Bank Negara, Lodin had offered to resign immediately. But that is not the concern of Bank Negara," Kadir said.

"Lodin was appointed by the Prime Minister (Najib Abdul Razak). If it is true that he offered to resign, he should tell that to Najib," he added.

He said that 1MDB sought to extend the NPL period from three to six months, and its ability to keep the extended period will depend on whether it “can or will” bring home the RM7 billion it had controversially parked in a Cayman Islands fund.

Kadir also said that in a recent meeting, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad (right), who had openly criticised 1MDB, had "grilled" top 1MDB officials.

"Sources said Dr Mahathir grilled the 1MDB team on the company’s modus operandi," he said.

"The source said Dr Mahathir feels obliged to take up the matter with 1MDB and to speak openly on the subject because many parties had come to see him to inform him about the goings-on in the company," he added.

Malaysiakini has contacted 1MDB over the claims and is awaiting their response.

And this is the one in defense of 1MDB :

(Ini satu maklumat penting ttg 1MDB)

1MDB lapor keputusan penuh tahunan diaudit untuk 12 bulan berakhir 31 March 2014

1MDB mengumumkan keputusan penuh tahunan untuk12 bulan berakhir 31 Mac 2014, satu lagi tahun yang produktif untuk kumpulan di mana ia memperoleh beberapa aset tenaga dan hartanah berkualiti tinggi untuk portfolionya yang semakin berkembang.    

Kumpulan mencatatkan kerugian berjumlah RM665.3 juta untuk tahun kewangan ini, sebahagian besarnya berpunca daripada kos pembiayaan yang lebih tinggi berjumlah RM2.4 billion, berbanding RM1.6 billion pada tahun kewangan sebelumnya, sebagai sebahagian daripada strategi untuk mengembangkan pangkalan asetnya.  Nilai pangkalan aset kumpulan meningkat kepada RM51.4 billion, berbanding RM44.6 billion pada tahun kewangan sebelumnya, dengan jumlah pinjaman meningkat daripada RM36.2 billion kepada RM41.9 billion.  Jumlah keseluruhan pendapatan meningkat 64% daripada RM2.6 billion kepada RM4.3 billion, mencerminkan kualiti portfolio aset-asetnya yang sedang dibangunkan dan kekukuhan penjanaan pendapatan.  

Pangkalan aset berkualiti tinggi ini disokong oleh wang tunai yang kukuh dan simpanan yang sepadan berjumlah RM16.7 billion, dengan perniagaan berada pada kedudukan yang baik untuk membiayai perbelanjaan modal yang besar bagi 12 – 24 bulan akan datang, dan menyediakan ruang yang luas untuk mencapai keperluan pembiayaan masa depan.  Fokus utama untuk perbelanjaan modal dalam tahun kewangan berikutnya termasuk projek yang diperoleh oleh anak syarikat tenaga kami dan pembangunan berterusan TRX, yang merupakan hub kewangan pertama Kuala Lumpur, oleh anak syarikat hartanah kami.  

Sejak penghujung tahun kewangan pada Mac 2014, 1MDB telah menebus sejumlah lebih RM4 billion daripada pelaburan kami dalam Syarikat Portfolio Berasingan (Segregated Portfolio Companies) yang berdaftar di Cayman Islands, dengan bakinya dijangkakan untuk diperolehi sepenuhnya pada November 2014. Dividen sebanyak RM435 juta daripada pelaburan ini juga telah diperolehi selepas tahun kewangan berakhir Mac 2014 dan akan dimasukkan ke dalam akaun tahun kewangan seterusnya berakhir Mac 2015.

Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Mohd Hazem Abd Rahman berkata:

 “Kami mengekalkan fokus kami kepada mengembangkan pangkalan aset syarikat dan kapasiti pelaburan. Ini telah dipacu oleh perbelanjaan modal yang besar dalam jangka pendek, yang menyebabkan kerugian yang telah dijangka untuk tahunan kewangan ini disebabkan kenaikan jumlah pinjaman.  Walau bagaimanapun kami yakin bahawa aset-aset berkualiti tinggi dan projek yang telah diperolehi akan memacu perniagaan kami ke hadapan serta memastikan pertumbuhan dalam jangka masa panjang.