Saturday, 13 February 2016

Appeasing Kedahan Malays

Let me start by reiterating that I'm not an expert in Kedah politics.

As I have previously wrote, the last time i did something politically significant in Kedah was during the Sungai Limau by-election in late 2013.

I was on the ground there for the duration of the campaigning period.

That however definitely doesn't qualify me to be an expert of Kedah politics, let alone giving me the authority to tell Kedahans what they should or should not do.

You see, I don't believe in all these armchair analysis by people who have never really been on the ground, yet claiming they are the authorities of these and that.

But I did live in the north for quite a while many years ago and therefore more or less understand the general attitude or psyche of the people there.

At one point of my stay there, I even fell in love with someone from Kuala Kedah. A real heart breaker that one :)

So, I'm writing this posting based on what little I know of Kedah and its people from my experience when I was there.

Okay, two days ago I read somewhere that the new Kedah MB DS Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah was going on a campaign to win back the heart and mind of Kedahans following his takeover of the post from DS Mukhriz Mahathir.

I believe what he really meant by Kedahans were the Malays of the state who are directly affected by the current Umno mess there.

Now, I have no intention of discussing Bashah taking over from Mukhriz as MB because that's already water under the bridge. It's done and over with. Whether we like it or not, Kedah Umno/BN is going to be led by Bashah into the next general election.

Also, there's no doubt that the take over of the MB post caused a lot of unhappiness on the ground in Kedah. Even Bashah acknowledged this, thus the decision to go on a campaign to win back support of the people.

What I'm more interested to know now is how Bashah going to convince Kedahans to continue their support for Umno and BN under his leadership in the state amidst all the controversy of the take over.

The way I see it, he has two options on how to talk to Kedahans during his campaign to win back the people's heart and mind.

Option One : The 'either you are with us or against us' method.
"Kalau hang pa semua tak mau sokong pemimpin, hang pa semua boleh berambus dari parti. Kami pemimpin tak perlu hang pa semua yang dok asyik nak lawan cakap ketua. Cuma yang betul-betul setia pada pemimpin yang ada boleh kekal dalam parti. No retreat no surrender!"

Option Two : The "melayu" method.
"Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, saya faham ramai yang tidak berpuas hati dengan apa yang berlaku akhir-akhir ini. Biar lah saya berterus terang disini bahawa keputusan pucuk pimpinan dalam hal ini adalah untuk kebaikan parti dan kesinambungan perjuangan bangsa Melayu. Kita perlu bersatu semula untuk menentukan Umno kekal memerintah selepas pilihanraya akan datang. Itu misi utama kita. Jikalau tuan-tuan dan puan-puan tidak berpuashati dengan saya atau kepimpinan parti, perkara itu bolehlah kita selesaikan dalam pemilihan Umno yang akan datang selepas pilihanraya umum. Undi lah orang lain sebagai ketua. Tetapi yang penting sekarang ialah kita perlu merapatkan barisan dan menentukan kemenangan Umno dalam pilihanraya umum akan datang demi kepentigan bangsa Melayu."

From what little that I know of Kedahan Malays, I think they will prefer to listen to Bashah if he chooses Option Two.

If he chooses Option One, I think Kedahan Malays will take off their shoes and slippers and throw them at him.

Okay, I admit Option Two is not so great either, but at least Bashah stands a better chance by being nice. Malays like nice people.

Chinese, especially DAP operatives (present and former) may prefer the gung ho leadership style of Lim Kit Siang and his son, but I don't think it will work with Malays.

Malays generally don't like arrogant bastards....or bitches.

It's  something to do with their lemah-lembut culture.

Well, at least that's my humble opinion on it.

What do you think?

Anyway,  Bashah actually have a third option.

He can go in front of Kedahans and sing like this cute girl,

But I don't recommend it.

From what little I know of Kedahans, they generally cannot be enticed with "wang".

The right way to start a day

As I was driving back to Kluang yesterday afternoon, I got an idea of writing a political post.

It's about the new Kedah MB's plan to appease Umno members and Kedah Malays.

I thought of writing about it today.

But just now, as I woke up and doing the necessary for the day, I told myself that it's not right for anyone to start a day with something not so nice as politics.

Ya lah, imagine this : woke up, straight away opened the laptop, read blogs and trying to find something to whack someone.

Very unhealthy mind like that, isn't it?

Should instead brush teeth, shower and pray to Allah for a good day and life.

Told myself that I should start my day with something positive like that.

As I previously wrote, political blogging can be very toxic, especially if you got entangled with malicious petty people with shallow mentality and no sense of ethics.

Unfortunately for me, I have to continue a bit more with it as I had been accused of being banished, banned from writing politics and even merajuk for not being paid when I wanted to stop it all.

I have been doing this nonsense for a while now, so, I think I have the right to defend myself by occasionally continue writing about politics.

Just once in a while now, okay.

But not first thing in the morning like this.

I should present something nice instead to start the day.

Here, this is an old song which I like so much when I was very young,

I hope you enjoyed the song.

I like this group because they seemed to enjoy making their music videos at railway stations.

Being from Kluang, I like railway stations :)

Okay, I'll write about the Kedah MB later.

Have a good day for now.


Friday, 12 February 2016

Indonesian street food for a change

I'm not a big fan of Indonesian street food.

The only street food I always asked for whenever I'm in Indonesia was Gado-gado.

There's the halal thing to consider too.

Gado-gado, which is basically just salad is the best bet for that.

There was once I was in Ubud, Bali and ended up eating almost just Gado-gado the whole week.

Only towards the end of the trip that I found a Japanese restaurant along Jalan Monkey Forest that I managed to take a break from my Gado-gado staple diet.

So,  I was not very excited when a friend took me for a Bakso lunch at Kampung Melayu Majidee JB yesterday.

The stall #BaksoSuper is located at a house near a junction in front of the village mosque.

Surprisingly the Bakso tastes really good.

It's simple yet very tasty and refreshing.

The meatballs were just of the right texture and the broth was just nicely spiced up.

There's also the side dish of fried tempe and tofu.

Sorry that I'm not much of a food critic, and can't describe the whole thing properly.

If you are in JB, you may want to try the dish yourself.

The stall also offers other dishes of Indonesian street food.

You can see the simple menu here,

I think better of Indonesian street food now.

Maybe I will try the other dishes when I go back to the stall again later.

Okay, I need to do a bit more work and later on make an early exit for the trip back to Kluang.

Hopefully I can beat the usual traffic jam at Jalan Skudai.

Nope, still no politics today.


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fight the bullies

Just want to congratulate Puan Norliza Kamaruddin for winning her defamation case.

This is the story,

Facebooker apologises,

 pays damages to ex-Petronas employee

Norliza was a victim of cyberbullying.

I wrote about her predicament in this posting,

I hope she now goes after the other bullies.

Liz, don't be afraid of them.

I heard the PM's office people are not going to protect them anymore because they are giving the PM a bad name.

All the best.

Well, at least the PM's media handlers are doing the right thing this time - getting rid of the "hantu raya" who are making things worse for their boss by abusing others in cyberspace.

I really hate bullies.

In this case, they are people who think they can get away with bullying others just because they have the protection of powerful politicians.

They became arrogant and think they can bulldoze people over.

I salute people like Liz for  standing up against them.

We should not let ourselves be bullied.

It's the heart that counts (updated)

(Note : Updates at the bottom of this page.)

Exactly 200 readers of this blog took part in the poll which I set up to find out the main reason why they read what I wrote.

Thanks guys for entertaining my rather frivolous request via the poll which closed just now.

The poll was meant only for those who genuinely like reading this blog.

That's why the choice of answers were all positive.

It's not for the haters.

Those who read this blog at its webpage may view the outcome at the top right corner column.

But since those who read it via the mobile version can't see it, here is the outcome :

 I read Annie's blog mainly because

she knows politics
  28 (14%)
she writes from her heart
  108 (54%)
she is cute and nice
  15 (7%)
she is not smelly
  49 (24%)

Votes so far: 200
Poll closed 

I'm glad that more than half (108 - 54 per cent) of those who took part in the poll said they like to read this blog because I write it based on what I see and feel...from my heart. It confirms my belief that Malaysians generally appreciate stories and analysis written honestly without any hidden agenda.

I'm equally glad that only 15 people or 7 per cent said they read the blog mainly just because I'm cute and nice. I would have been worried if more people choose this as the main reason for reading my blog because there have been accusations that I'm flaunting my sexuality to attract readers. Still, special thanks to the 15 who think I'm not ugly :)

I was slightly disappointed that only 28 people or 14 per cent said the main attraction of this blog is my knowledge of politics. But it's not so bad considering that my political knowledge is mostly centered in Johor and that in many other areas I'm quite blur. What ever it is, knowing politics would probably not good enough if we are without the heart to turn it to good effect for this country and its people.

Last but not least, I was actually puzzled that the second choice among the main reasons for reading this blog is because I'm not smelly.  A relatively high number of 49 people or 24 per cent who took part in the poll said they read what I wrote because I don't smell bad. Guys, when did you all ever got to smell me lah? I put that one just for fun, okay. But really, I'm not smelly. I shower at least twice a day, wash properly after doing business in the toilet and lead a relatively hygienic lifestyle.

Again, thanks guys.


Okay, I'm adding this video for those who "perasan" themselves to be smelly.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Farming better than politics

I believe I'm not the only one feeling jaded about politics these days.

My blogging captain Rocky wrote this today,

Post-CNY thoughts on Monkeys with Keyboards

I think he was also fed-up with people who simply can't take it that others hold a different point of view from theirs.

Not only they refused to consider others' opinion, they were also quick to condemn those who disagreed with them.

Ever since the Umno civil war started last year I have seen my friends, some who were very close buddies, drifted apart.

Some even became bitter enemies.

I have lost friends myself over this past one year.

That's one of the main reasons why I have significantly reduced my political intakes and output via this blog.

If not for the recent spate of attacks directed at me, I would have stopped altogether.

For now I just feel the need to defend myself.

Anyway, nowadays, I prefer reading non-political blogs.

My favourite at the moment is

Kebun Bahagia Bersama

It's very nice reading about the blogger's farming activities.

If you are in KL, you can even buy the blogger's fresh farm produce.

My aunts (my father's sisters) who introduced me to the blog are regular customers of the blogger.

They said the produce of the farm were of very high quality and reasonably priced.

Based on the latest posting, you can sample the farm produce by getting them at :

Self-Collect Schedule Minggu ini:

~ Sabtu/Ahad pagi 13/14hb Februari 2016 antara pukul 10:30AM~11:00AM di depan Sekolah Kebangsaan Merbau Sempak, Sungai Buloh (berdekatan exit Paya Jaras Guthrie Corridor Highway).

I wish I can be more like the Tukang Kebun who operates the blog..

Doing something really productive and helpful and writing about it.

My aunts said the Tukang Kebun can also speaks Japanese, which for me is very admirable.

Unfortunately, those were not my expertise and I don't have the resources to do farming like her.

I can only "hitch a ride" by reading her blog.

For me it's a nice break from the toxic world of politics.

By the way, I'm back in JB.

Got works to do.

Will rejoin the family in Kluang for the weekend.

Most of them are still on CNY holiday till then.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Annie the flirt...aiyo, really ka?

I think I know now the real reason why some people are very angry with me.

A friend of mine called and told me last night that the angry birds believe that I was flirting with male blog readers and drawing them away from reading the other blogs.

I know, it's ridiculous, but that's what my friend told me.

This is more or less the conversation that we had last night:

Sab: Do you know why there are people who are very angry with you?

Me : Errr...because I decided to be a neutral blogger?

Sab: Nope. It's because you are a flirt.

Me: Hah??? When did I ever flirt la? You know I don't do such things, right?

Sab: That's what you think, others said otherwise.

Me: Who are these others who said I'm a flirt?

Sab: Do you realise that there is this one blogger who spent the entire CNY day yesterday whacking you for being a flirt?

Me: No la,  I was busy having fun. I was not checking the other blogs. Only did a posting on a movie I watched. That's all.

Sab: Well, you should. The blogger went on and on and on about you intentionally attracting men to your blog by being sexy and flirty and other things.

Me: Are you serious??? Did I do that???

Sab: Yes. I think you did....once in a while in the past.

Me: When?

Sab: I can't remember exactly when...but you did once write suggesting that you are going swimming in a bikini.

Me: Did I??? Well, I do swim in bikini, what. Do they expect me to swim wearing burqa??? Anyway, I can't even really swim. I just fooled around in the water.

Sab: That blogger has a point. You shouldn't be enticing men like that. It's not fair to the other lady bloggers as the men will go to your blog and not theirs.

Me: Is it? I really didn't mean it to be like that. This blog is just like a diary to me. I just write whatever that crosses my mind. Anyway, the other blogger can write about wearing bikini also what....if she feels that it can attract male readers....

Sab: It will not have the same effect, okay.

Me: Why not?

Sab: She is not very sexy.

Me: I'm not sexy too what....see, I'm flat chested.

Sab: Can you just cut it out...stop bullying the other lady? I really pity her, okay. Spending the entire CNY day writing about you flirting with men instead of enjoying the festivities.

Me: that really my fault??

Sab: Yes.

Me: But, I stopped mentioning her name for more than a month already leh. Commenters at my blog were also barred from mentioning her name. You can check the archive if you don't believe me.

Sab: Okay, but she feels that you are still talking about her.

Me: Is that also my fault ka? Why she so perasan one?

Sab: That's besides the point. You simply have to stop flirting with men as what that blogger said.

Me: How am I to stop something which I never started in the first place?

Sab: You need to reduce the number of men visiting your blog. Discourage them from reading your blog.

Me: What??? But that's going to affect my page views numbers.

Sab: Does it really matter to you?

Me: Errr... I guess not. I blog mostly just for fun. I don't cari makan with it.

Sab: Okay, good. Now you must put up a notice telling men to go to the other blog instead of reading yours. Tell them that you are not sexy. Maybe that will appease the other blogger.

Me: Alright. But what if the men still read my blog...then how???

Sab: At least you can say you tried.

Me: Okay....

Sab: And remember, don't write about you wearing bikini or give other hints that you are sexy ever again.

Me: Okay.....Sab, where should I put the notice?

Sab: Somewhere at the top where everyone can see.

Me: Okay....but this is so troublesome laa.