Saturday, 1 November 2014

Another weekend as life goes on (updated)

It's another Saturday morning, another new month.

Don't feel like getting up.

Not really sure what to write....

Well, everyone seems to be still engrossed with the DS Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy appeal at the Federal Court.

What was supposed to be a two day's hearing is now likely to drag for a week.

Honestly, I don't really care whatever the outcome.

It's not really going to affect my life.

Life is still going to go on.

Masih kena cari makan.

I think the stupid people who gathered in front of the court were beginning to realize that.

The crowd had dwindled as the hearing drags on.

It's mostly about old stuff.

I find it all boring except for the part about tea and karipap daging, which was a bit funny.

And of course that part where Anwar gave Saiful religious advise after humping the boy's backside.

Typical Anwar.

Anyway, I am still of the opinion that BN, in particular Umno shouldn't be too happy about Pakatan's troubles.

Instead, they should be focused at improving themselves.

I wonder if they have done anything to get all of their members and supporters to register as voters.

DAP is still going all out to get theirs to do so despite their huge win in the general election last year.

Pemuda ada buat ka itu kerja? Or all of you sibuk cari project saja?

Wanita apa macam? Masih rajin macam dulu lagi ke? Makcik-makcik semua ada dapat ajak penyokong mendaftar sebagai pengundi ke?

Puteri semua kalau lepas zumba tu pikir-pikir kan lah macam mana nak kasi party kuat dengan menambah ahli dan penyokong sebagai pengundi.

Honestly, I don't see much of this effort being done.

Tak kan nak tunggu sampai besok nak pilihanraya baru nak buat.

Anyway, tired lah wanting to advise Umno ni. 

I'm not even bothered to talk about the other component parties. Buat sakit hati saja.

So, today I'm just going to rest and pamper myself. 

Hopefully someone will call me out later in the afternoon.

Maybe can get him to pay for a massage session, movie and makan.

I need especially the massage.

Chinese Massage Sydney

Body aching all over.

Well, you all have a nice weekend too.

Here's a nice music to go with it,



The guy busy usual. Never mind. I will just go on a long drive on my own. See lah where it will take me.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

1MDB clears the air

1MDB had just issued a press release to clear the air over various allegations directed at it.

I am reproducing it in full here :

Over the past week, there has been considerable speculation about various elements of 1MDB’s business. Whilst the majority of issues have previously been raised and subsequently addressed by the company, we take the allegations very seriously. As such, we wish to take this opportunity to respond to these unsubstantiated claims, with the intention of presenting the other side of the story and allowing readers to develop their own informed views about 1MDB.  
Bond / Debt Issuances
Concerns have been raised about the 5.75% interest rate assigned to a RM5.0 billion Islamic bond that was issued by 1MDB in 2009, with suggestions that this was a bond with a particularly high interest rate. As a comparison, it has been noted that another government-linked company Petronas paid an interest rate of 3.60% on a bond at the same time.
This is an unfair comparison that does not take into account a number of important factors.
When subscribing to a bond, lenders take on a certain degree of risk.  The longer the tenure, the higher the risk for the bondholder.  As such, bonds that have a longer maturity period typically have a higher interest rate. 
As far as we are aware, the only Petronas-related bond issued in 2009 that carried a coupon rate of 3.6% was for a RM100 million bond with the tenure of only three years.
Given the significant difference between the maturity periods, it should not be surprising that the bond issued by 1MDB had a higher interest rate.
More broadly, it is important to note that the bond issued by 1MDB in 2009 was the first Malaysian bond with a 30-year tenure, and the first Islamic bond to be issued with a maturity period of that length. 
Given the economic climate of the time, the fact that 1MDB successfully managed to raise this amount of capital reflects the support, goodwill and confidence placed in the company. 
We have also noted with concern unsubstantiated speculation that a portion of this interest rate has been paid to ‘middle-men’ as a benefit payment of sorts. This is a serious allegation.  We wish to make clear in unequivocal terms that the entirety of the 5.75% annual interest rate is paid to our bondholders, which include some of Malaysia’s leading institutions, twice a year in accordance with the payment schedule. To suggest otherwise or insinuate that a portion of this amount is being paid to middlemen is factually incorrect. 
Further to this, concerns have also been raised about the commission and fees incurred by 1MDB for two additional debt issuances in 2012 and 2013, for US$1.75 billion and US$3.0 billion respectively. 
Both these bonds were issued at a discount typical of most bond offerings.  Any difference between par value (issued value) and the net proceeds of a bond comprises not only fees and other expenses but also its effective yield, which takes into account the discount and the remaining tenure of the bond. 
We would like to make clear that the bulk of the difference between the bonds’ par value and the net proceeds are attributed to the bonds being issued at a discount. This decision is to ensure the successful completion of the fundraising in view of internal and external factors of the market, the speed to complete the offering and the scale of the underwriting.
Both debt issuances were fully underwritten by Goldman Sachs which is a leading global investment bank.  It is one of a handful of banks with the ability to underwrite debt issuances of this size and scale. The bonds which are issued at a discount to its par value ensures the timely and successful completion of our debt issuances, in what was still a challenging time for the global economy.
With respect to the aforementioned transactions, we have noted with concern the insinuation that Goldman Sachs may have made payments to third parties, an allegation that we deny in unequivocal terms. Goldman Sachs has publicly stated: “Other than legal and accounting firms providing professional services, no fees or commissions were paid by 1MDB or Goldman Sachs to external third parties in connection with these transactions, nor have we ever been asked by 1MDB or others to pay such fees or commissions.”
Debt Levels
Like any major company, 1MDB has raised capital on the international debt markets to finance specific projects, the scale of which has required us to do so. All of our debt is backed by solid assets, and the total value of our assets (RM44.67 billion as at the financial year end of March 2013), comfortably exceeds the value of our total debts (RM37 billion for the same period).
It is also important to note that we have never missed a payment schedule, nor do we intend to do so. Our consistent ability to raise funds on the international markets, and from quality investors, reflects the confidence they place in us. The listing of our energy business is one of a series of exercises that we intend to carry out to deleverage our balance sheet.
Furthermore, we are developing our real estate business with projects such as TRX and Bandar Malaysia.  Over the past year, we have entered into a number of agreements with leading companies and institutions from around the world such as international property and infrastructure group Lend Lease.  All these will lead to an in-flow of capital into Malaysia.  
As we continue to enhance the value of our real estate assets, allowing us to further monetise, with the funds generated being used to drive future growth as well as reduce our debt levels.
Overpaying for Assets
In addition to claims centred around 1MDB’s debt issuances, allegations regarding the amounts paid by 1MDB for its energy and real estate assets have been raised again as well.
Like any other company, we only acquire assets when we are convinced that they represent compelling value for our business. In line with the Government’s strategic aim of ensuring Malaysia’s energy security, we have acquired a number of energy assets since 2012. These acquisitions have allowed us to diversify our fuel mix and country risks, as well as benefit from healthy cash flows and the expertise of their excellent management teams. 
The claims relating to the amounts we paid for our energy assets revolve around values that were attributed to the assets at the time they were acquired and on the basis of certain assumptions made by external parties. However, we take a long term view and consider broader synergies for the group, as well as the social and economic impact on the country, when we evaluate assets and forecast economic returns. As such, we believe that the value we paid for these assets - which may have involved a premium in certain instances, as is common when acquiring another business - is commensurate with their existing and future potential.  
1MDB has also been subjected to claims that it overpaid for land parcels in Penang. The land in question is located in Air Itam, a much sought-after area where property prices have seen a substantial increase in recent years. 
The size of the land acquired will allow us to build close to 10,000 affordable homes, and we intend to use the remaining parcel of land – which would be of a considerable size – for other development purposes from which we would expect to generate significant value. As such, we are confident of adding to the overall value of the land, and believe that the price we paid is commensurate with this. 
This is reflected in the prices that other developers have paid to acquire land in neighbouring areas which, at over RM200 per sq ft, is substantially higher than what we paid. We understand that in one instance, dating back to 2013, approximately 9.8 hectares in Air Itam were purchased for RM267.4 million, about RM251 per sq ft, for a mixed-use development.
Preferential Treatment on Tenders for Power Projects
Our scale as Malaysia’s second largest independent power producer, successful track record in the sector, and experienced management team mean that we are a competitive player in any tender process. Earlier this year, a joint consortium consisting of 1MDB and Mitsui & Co participated in an open and competitive tender exercise for a 2000MW coal-fired power plant known as Project 3B. Following due consideration of the various bids, the Energy Commission announced that our consortium had been chosen as the preferred bidder.
Subsequently, there have been suggestions that 1MDB received preferential treatment, and that our joint bid was not as good as that submitted by other participants in the process. Any award is based on a number of considerations to ensure secure and cost-effective energy supplies to consumers, for instance: the technical standards of the bid, the track record of the company, the bidding price, the urgency of the project and energy security and the whole systems cost of the bid.
As the Energy Commission announced in a public statement, the 1MDB-Mitsui Consortium has won the bidding exercise “in a fair and square manner with a well-proven technology that would enhance security of supply expected of a 2000MW coal-fired power plant operating in a grid system of our size”.
It is also worth noting that 1MDB was not successful in other tenders we have participated in, namely the gas-fired Prai plant bid and the 1000MW coal-fired power plant.  Both projects went to TNB, whom the authorities view as offering a better package, despite 1MDB offering the lowest bid price for the Prai bid.  
Project financing for 3B 
1MDB would like to state that its consortium paid less than RM8 million to assemble and submit our bid for Project 3B. This is about half the amount a business daily claimed other bidders spent for this stage.
To our knowledge, no other bidder has come on record to reveal this information because this is confidential business information. We are making this known because we want to put to rest these baseless insinuations. 
1MDB did not spend US$100million to win Project 3B.  
Upon award, the 1MDB-Mitsui Consortium moved to the next development stage to bring the plant into operation, expected in 2018. This development period thus makes up the bulk of the development costs. 
Development cost or development fee is what is paid to the project sponsor for the development work done by the sponsor to bring the project to realization, from the bid process all the way through to the plant operation. It is not a reimbursement cost. 
For project financing in the power industry, development costs typically run to between 5% and 8%. Our development costs – which are inclusive of any development fees incurred by the project partners, 1MDB and Mitsui – are 5.5% of the project cost, which is at the lower end of the scale.
1MDB is confident of our international-style project financing done in close partnership with our international partner Mitsui, one of the largest general trading companies in Japan. Project financing of this kind where equity is back-ended, is a first for Malaysia but common for large international projects. 
It will help improve the project sponsor’s equity return, due to the effect of time value of money, as the payment is made upfront rather than from the operational cash flow of the project.  The amount is negotiated and subject to lenders’ approval. 
Furthermore, any accusations that our 3B sukuk bondholders will bear any hidden risks are completely untrue and irresponsible. Our bond exercise comes with a bank guarantee which ensures the promoters’ commitment on the injection of equity. The security of cash flow and returns to bondholders is assured. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fighting with clean hands

A friend called earlier today asking why I appeared so worried about

The need to convincingly explain 1MDB 

"I don't think you should worry too much over such issues. BN should be okay as Pakatan is in a lot of trouble now with Pas, DAP and PKR quarreling with each other. Anwar is also likely going to prison soon," he said.

I told my friend that Pakatan being in trouble is not going to change the negative perception of many people towards BN.

I believe that

BN needs to fix itself first

if it wants to regain the same amount of support it used to enjoy prior to the 2008 general election.

BN, in particular the Umno people, need to understand that they cannot afford to ignore calls, especially from within its own side of the political divide, that they need to change the perception of themselves being corrupt, selfish and uncouth.

For instance, Umno people need to realize that Bung Mokhtar Radin may be popular in his Kinabatangan constituency but his not so nice image had caused considerable damage to the party elsewhere.

Then there's Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who may be the most popular Wanita Umno chief among members of the party wing, but the negative image that she carries after the lembu condo fiasco has stuck with her and it's hurting Umno quite badly till now.

There are many others in Umno similar to those two.

Seriously, the young and educated, in particular Malays don't want to be led by such people.

They despise such people and don't want to be associated with Umno because of that.

Umno in particular could never hope to regain the middle ground being represented by them.

The party needs to clean up its image from all the dirts, real or perceived, if it's really serious about what its president DS Najib Razak described as a "political transformation".

It also can't afford to be embroiled in any other major scandals.

The 1MDB issue may likely be one of those and thus needed to be cleared up properly before it spirals out of control and ended up similar to the Shahrizat's lembu condo fiasco.

Once it had reached that level, then all may likely have been lost.

Shahrizat may not be guilty of anything, but the perception against her has been so negative that no matter what were done to correct it, people in general still believe that she was involved in getting her family members the lembu deal.

As for the Pakatan's troubles following the Selangor crisis, I don't think it will hurt them that much.

Chinese support for DAP is still as solid as ever.

Pas recent saber rattling in the face of DAP may even won them some extra support from the conservative Malay ground.

PKR on its part is set to be rejuvenated soon.

Yes, if Anwar is really going to jail, it may actually help PKR rejuvenates itself.

The young ones such as Azmin Ali, Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Izzah Anwar will no longer be dragged down by Anwar's political baggages once he is in jail.

As I had written previously, Umno and its BN allies can only win the fight against Pakatan in future if they can show to the people that they are still the better option.

And to do that they must go into the fight with clean hands.

They must convince the people that they are the good guys and prove that things that they initiated such as 1MDB is actually good for the rakyat.

The need to convincingly explain 1MDB

I am at the moment suffering from flu.

Runny nose and headache.

My mood is not so good's that time of the month again.

And I am worried.

First, I had read that posting about 1MDB by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


and then the follow-up piece at the popular blog, Apanama,

Hidden agenda against or in 1MDB ?

Just now, another senior blogger, Syed Akhbar Ali, who is a fierce critique of PM DS Najib Razak posted this,

Apanama : "... Najib has no option but to step down as Prime Minister and face the law. Talk has it that it is nothing but white collar crime."

All these things said about 1MDB are indeed making me worried.

I had previously wrote that I am 

Not yet giving up hope on Najib 

Nonetheless, I really think that Najib, as the Prime Minister must clear up things about this 1MDB issue.

The explanation must be thorough because the allegations were serious.

These allegations pointing at the possibility that 1MDB is being used to siphon off billions of ringgit overseas as a safety net for certain people in case Barisan Nasional lose in the next general election.

Yes, all those talks about money being hoarded at banks in Cayman islands are still making it rounds.

The whole nonsense can be quite demoralizing for a foot soldier like myself.

We, the infantrymen are dying in the trenches while the generals are getting ready to flee from the battlefield. 

Well, I refuse to believe in such allegations.

It can't be, okay.

I'm confident that Najib can rebut those allegations with facts.

I'm also confident that Najib is capable of explaining how 1MDB works for the interest of the country and its people.

I refuse to believe that Najib is a crook who steals the people's money.

Yes, I do have doubts about the people around the PM, but not Najib himself.

I still regard him as a good and decent person.

In fact, I want so much to continue believing that.

Hopefully, Najib will soon properly explain the issue and prove that people like Dr Mahathir, Syed Akbar and Apanama were wrong about 1MDB.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Anwar better than Mandela, is it?

Others in this room are already asleep.

Some are snoring rather loudly.

I can't sleep yet, thus I decided to write this posting.

Been receiving reports about the commotion at University Malaya last night.

Supporters of DS Anwar Ibrahim had forced open the university's gate to let their idol deliver a speech there.

It's the last push to galvanize support before Anwar's final sodomy appeal at the Federal Court today and the day after.

I had actually wrote about the whole thing earlier here,

Anwar's probable finale

I honestly don't get it that there are people who still actually believe in Anwar's bullshit.

Do you really believe that Anwar is fighting for the rakyat?

Or is it because he needs to pre-empt the court, just in case his appeal is rejected?


Anyway, the best part of the whole thing was when Anwar said in his speech last night the Turkish prime minister had told him that he is better than Mandela.

Why la Anwar, you said it that way?

Just say it point blank that you think you are better than Mandela. No need to say that the Erdogan fella is the one who said that.

Now, who is going to check with Erdogan whether he had actually said that?

Next time, do try not to be so shy one, Anwar.

Ehh...I'm sleepy already....need to knock off now.

I know, tonight's posting is a bit tiresome. 

Anwar is after all a rather stale subject, nowadays.

Will try to do better next time.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

What Ku Seman actually wrote

My last day on leave was slightly disturbed when someone send me a text, expressing worries about this pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini's report

'Mereka lebih buruk dari pekerja Bangladesh'

It's about an article by Utusan editor Ku Seman Ku Hussain on the vernacular schools issue.

There were actually other reports about the Ku Seman's article in the other pro-Pakatan portals.

All with the same slant. So, I'm not bothered to provide the links here.

They were trying to depict this Ku Seman fella, as an Umno stooge working for Utusan, is a Malay racist who wants the Chinese to submit to Ketuanan Melayu by closing down the Chinese schools.

It's the usual tactic of making the Chinese hate the Malays by making them believe that the Malays are trying to dominate them.

My personal experience tells a different story. My mother totally dominates my father, okay.

Anyway, since I personally know Ku Seman, I would like to tell you all that he is not at all a racist.

This is what he actually wrote in that article;

Memalaysiakan' semangat sistem pendidikan SJKC

Apabila Timbalan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Petaling Jaya Utara, Mohamad Azli Mohemed Saad mencadangkan supaya isu Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) dibincangkan di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO November ini, ada pihak tertentu menganggap beliau menghasut. Tetapi saya melihat Mohamad Azli jujur dan realistik tentang bahaya SJKC dalam konteks hubungan kaum dan ini tidak boleh ditutup lagi.
Selama ini pun banyak pihak sedar bahawa SJKC menjadi pemangkin melebarkan jurang kaum khususnya antara Cina dan kaum teras iaitu Melayu. Tetapi kerana menjaga kepentingan politik, tidak ada pihak yang berani atau sanggup memalaysiakan sistem pendidikan SJKC. Kononnya SJKC tidak boleh dicuit kerana boleh menjejaskan kelangsungan politik Barisan Nasional (BN).
Sebenarnya kita pula telah lama 'berkorban' membiarkan jurang kaum melebar kerana mengharapkan keuntungan politik yang tidak pasti. Walau apa sekalipun hakikatnya tidak ada negara yang mengizinkan generasi muda Cina diasingkan daripada budaya kaum teras melalui sekolah vernakular. Tidak ada. Di Singapura yang dianggap 'negara Cina' juga tidak ada sekolah vernakular.
Saya sangat bersetuju dengan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yang bercakap atas kapasiti peribadi bahawa sudah tiba masanya dilaksanakan sekolah satu aliran. Tetapi apabila melihat beberapa perkembangan politik muktahir, saya tidak fikir kerajaan serius memikirkan gagasan sekolah satu aliran. Apa lagi persatuan Cina, Dong Zong yang cauvinis mendesak kerajaan mengiktirafkan Sijil Sekolah Menengah Cina. Apakah ini juga akan menjadi kenyataan?
Dalam satu kajian yang dibuat oleh sarjana tempatan, Prof. Dr. Teo Kok Seong mendapati 604 pelatih (Cina dan India) daripada 14,000 pelatih di 79 kem Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) tahun 2010 tidak boleh bertutur bahasa Melayu. Nisbahnya sangat besar dan inilah 'sumbangan' sekolah vernakular dalam konteks perpaduan yang kita laung-laungkan. Nampaknya puak 604 orang ini jauh lebih buruk daripada orang Bangladesh yang baru tiga bulan sudah boleh berbahasa Melayu.
Bagi saya isu SJKC sudah lapuk. Ia menjadi lapuk kerana tidak ada ruang untuk dibahaskan di pentas intelektual. Semua ruang penuh dengan prejudis dan kepentingan politik. Sekolah vernakular yang terus wujud dan diberi bantuan kewangan adalah suatu yang sangat tidak masuk akal. Tetapi bagi Zong Dong peruntukkan untuk SJKC masih belum cukup. Ini lagi tidak masuk akal.
SJKC menjadi pemangkin kepada sebahagian besar orang Cina yang memilih pengasingan atau mengasingkan diri daripada menerima sosio-budaya etnik Melayu. Pengasingan ini berlaku secara besar-besaran terutama apabila pengaruh politik Cina yang semakin besar pada pasca Pilihan Raya Umum Ke -12 (PRU-12). Malah parti politik Cina yang bertentangan ideologi boleh duduk semeja mempertahankan SJKC. Tidak adakah dalam kalangan pembuat dasar yang boleh membaca mesej ini?
Barangkali ini ada kaitan dengan sejarah silam abad ke-19 dan awal abad ke-20 dulu ketika nenek moyang kaum Cina yang ada di negara ini datang dari China. Pada awal abad ke-19, berlaku pergolakan politik yang hebat di China dan etnik Han yang menjadi majoriti di negara itu mencari tempat lain yang lebih aman serta dapat menambah kekayaan.
Etnik Han di utara China mencari penempatan baharu dan kebanyakan mereka terdiri daripada golongan kaya dan bangsawan. Mereka tidak boleh lagi meneruskan hidup dengan mewah akibat ditekan oleh Manchuria serta peperangan dengan Jepun atau Sino-Japanese War. Etnik dari utara ini memilih untuk berhijrah ke Amerika Syarikat (AS) dan negara-negara Eropah.
Sementara etnik Han di selatan pula memilih Asia Tenggara termasuk Tanah Melayu. Tetapi hasrat mereka berhijrah dengan etnik di utara berbeza. Mereka berhijrah untuk mencari kekayaan dan bukan untuk menetap di Tanah Melayu pada mulanya. Mereka berhasrat untuk pulang ke China suatu masa nanti dengan membawa kekayaan yang diraih di Tanah Melayu.
Saya ada membaca tentang Ru Xiang Sui Su, satu falsafah Cina yang mengingatkan supaya orang yang datang dari luar milieu setempat menyesuaikan diri dengan budaya dan sosial di tempat baharu itu. Inilah yang menjadi pegangan generasi awal Cina yang berhijrah ke Amerika Syarikat (AS) dan dan negara-negara Eropah.
Tetapi malangnya sesetengah orang Cina di negara ini tidak lagi berpegang kepada falsafah Ru Xiang Sui Su ini. Mungkin dianggap lapuk dan menghakis 'kecinaan' mereka. Hasilnya mereka sengaja tidak mahu menyesuaikan diri dengan budaya kaum teras di negara ini. SJKC menjadi benteng supaya orang Cina tidak diserapi milieu sosial yang berbeza dengan tanah asal nenek moyang mereka.
Saya sangat berharap isu jurang kaum ini dapat ditangani dengan penuh hemah, bertanggungjawab dan mengetepikan kepentingan politik. Kerajaan wajar menegaskan bahawa isu SJKC bukan satu tindakan politik dan tidak harus dibiarkan pihak tertentu membina persepsi ke arah itu. Kali ini isu SJKC menjadi tanda aras kesungguhan kita sama ada mengutamakan perpaduan bangsa Malaysia atau terus hipokrit untuk kepentingan politik.

If you all don't understand what Ku Seman was trying to say here because of your poor command of the national language, then, it's just too bad.

You simply have to improve your command of the national language before claiming that you are Malaysian first and Chinese (or anything else) second.

Best way to a Nordic country

I actually envy this person,

Ali Abd Jalil keeps tirade against monarchy going

Not only that he get to insult the Johor and Selangor sultanates, now he got to go to Sweden because of it.

Yes, and on top of that, he was hailed as a hero.

Really lucky bastard.

I wish I can insult, especially the Johor sultanate and get to go to Sweden too.

It's a nice and beautiful country.

And the food is also good. I eat some at the Ikea's restaurant every now and then. My favorite is the meatballs.

Seriously, I don't mind spending a few years in a Nordic country, tagged as a heroic "prisoner of conscience" and when the time is right returns to Malaysia and be respected by the young ones as some sorts of "pejuang".

All that despite actually being so full of shit, ya.

Something like that basket case Hishammudin Rais.

Well, this Ali Abd Jalil is a basket case too. It's the only way I can describe him.

But of course he get to go to Sweden, while I can't.

It's because he got the money to pay for the trip to Bangkok and the flight from there to Stockholm.

I don't have that kind of money.

Yes, life sucks, sometimes.

Whatever it is, I wonder what this Ali Abd Jalil does for a living that he has that kind of money.

The reports described him as a student activist.

What kind of job is that?

Is he really a student?

And how is he going to live in Sweden?

Is he going to take up the job of student activist once more while in Sweden so that he can support himself there?

The job seems to pay well.

I wish I can apply for one.

Like Ali Abd Jalil, I am not very fond of the royalty too, especially those who are involved in excesses.

But in my case, I do not desire the demise of the institution.

The institution of Raja-Raja Melayu is part of the Malay cultural identity.

Sebahagian dari Jati Diri Melayu, so they said.

I just wish for the Malay Rulers and their families not to misbehave.

They have to be responsible and remember about their duties to the rakyat.

Being members of the kerabat diraja does not mean they are lords and masters of the rakyat and that they can do just whatever they want.

If the kerabat diraja still refuse to accept these facts about the real relations between the rakyat and themselves, then people like Ali Abd Jalil has already won.

The days of Kesultanan Melayu is indeed numbered, as more people begin to hate them for their misdeeds.

Anyway, for Ali Abd Jalil's information, Sweden has a king too.

His name is Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

I hope Ali Abd Jalil will not go around insulting the Swedish king pulak once he got his asylum status there.

You know la these basket cases....can never tell what they are going to do next.

Well, if I'm in his shoes, I would actually rather try to seek asylum in Finland.

It is also a Nordic country but a republic.

It's a bit dumb I think for a Malay to flee from his bad Melayu king and only to run to a country with a Mat Salleh king.

Makes one very much appears like a self-hating Melayu with mentality enslaved by white men.

Ya, I definitely prefer Finland if I have to flee to one of those cool Nordic countries.

After all, Kimi Raikkonen is indeed more handsome than King Gustaf,