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Wan Dal Cha answers RPK on Dr Mahathir and Daim

An old friend had requested for me to publish the piece below in answer to Raja Petra's

1MDB: was it to finance the 2013 GE as alleged?

particularly concerning these paragraphs which more or less summed up RPK's entire assertions,

It seems Daim was smart enough to transfer out everything that his nominees were holding on behalf of Umno. Dr Mahathir, however, has not done so yet and Najib is making sure that he cannot do what Daim has done — transfer out those assets. And while Daim may have been smart enough to transfer everything that his nominees were holding into his name, he, too, refuses to surrender everything back to Umno.
And that is why Dr Mahathir and Daim want Najib ousted. It is not about 1MDB. It is about making sure that Umno and Barisan Nasional no longer have a source of finance. If Najib dissolves Parliament and calls for a new general election he is going to need around RM2 billion or more. And Dr Mahathir and Daim are going to make sure that Umno and Barisan Nasional do not get this money unless Najib resigns.

By the way, the writer Wan Dal Cha, is someone whom I believe knows more about the corridors of power than RPK.

By Wan Dal Cha

The RPK role in the ongoing 1MDB conversation deserves a fair bit of attention. He does seem to favour a particular persuasion.

That one should not fuss over the actual borrowings and those big hints of mismanagement.

His latest posting sought to strengthen this ideology of financial exuberance.

In the process he has inadvertently complicated the “to sue WSJ or not to sue WSJ” debate.

RPK went with the political argument of highlighting the possibility of funds referred to the WSJ report were actually meant and indeed spent for PRU13.

Those people he has been trying to bolster would be naturally upset with this line of defence for it raises all sorts of transparency and ethical questions.

For example, was this method of securing funding discussed at the Supreme Council or if this was always going to be awkward, was this mentioned at the political bureau meeting of Umno?

It does also suggest that 1MDB was doomed from the outset. That it was fine to borrow RM42 billion and only have some power plants to show given its “national service” functions.

Also, in classic fashion the villains were quickly paraded. Replicating the Anwar Ibrahim method, RPK attempted to taint Dr Mahathir and the Umno treasurer of his era, Daim Zainuddin.

The allegation was these two grandees were bent on forcing their way into the matter of election funding.

RPK in so doing has actually given Pak Lah and his people lots of credit. 

That they ran two elections – 2004 and Tsunami-like 2008 chapter – without having to resort to financial magic. Going by the same RPK logic,

Pak Lah too had no grand privatisation schemes to dish out. 

In any case, Dr Mahathir has said he handed over to his successor RM1.4 billion of cash and assets.

By comparison, RPK has never really pretended to be factual in his use and choice of data.

Should we expect another piece by RPK? 

One that is going to argue that he was merely raising a poser on the 1MDB funds vis a vis election funding.

Please refer to Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Snippets

Najib should try Dr Mahathir's way of clearing his name

A commenter had just now given me what I think a good suggestion on how PM DS Najib Razak could shut up those accusing him of stealing the billions of ringgit.


hi annie,

i copied the following comments from JMD ....


Jemuan Najib 4 hours ago

Let me show you example of right answer or response in this type of situation…

Look no other than the respond given by Dr M when he and his family was accused to have hundred of millions stash in Singapore – Israel Bank…(the case is almost the same as the one now face by Ah Jib Gor complete with account number details given).. see the accusation here: https://dupahang.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/dr-m-ada-rm768-juta-dalam-akaun-di-israel/

Dr M responded:


Bank Account

1. Several blogs have given space to a scurrilous statement that I, my wife and my children, have USD 199.45 million and S $ 42,000,000 in fixed deposit in the Israeli National Bank in Singapore.

2. The scum who alleges this does not have the guts to give his name.

3. UMNO can make a statement about the money I gave to Dato Abdullah when I stepped down. Better still Dato Abdullah can explain how much of the 1.4 billion Ringgit in cash, shares and property that my staff and one of his Ministers handed over to him is still with him.

4. I give full permission for the Israeli National Bank to make public these accounts so that I can claim the money said to belong to me and my family.

6. As for the anonymous scum, give your true name, I/C and address so that I can sue you.

I had checked the link given and it's genuine.
Dr Mahathir did post such a reply to his accuser at 11.20pm on Friday, June 13, 2008.

You can check it yourself here,

I think it was a good way to answer such an allegation.
It was straight to the point and using plain language.
Dr Mahathir knew he was not guilty and didn't hesitate to say that he dare to sue his accusers.
No need to even consult his lawyers on whether to sue or not.
It was convincing.

And in Najib's case he doesn't even have to ask for the scums who accused him of being a thief for their true name, I/C and address so that he can sue them.

They are all out there in the open.

But of course, we need to remember, we are talking here about

Monday, 6 July 2015

May sue? Set to sue? Will sue?

These are the front pages of the country's three main English newspapers today.

1. New Straits Times - MAY SUE

2. The Star - SET TO SUE

3. Malay Mail - WILL SUE

So, which one is the really accurate one?

I don't know lah. That's why I said that those Najib's media handlers are not doing a really good job.

Never mind.

I don't really read newspapers anymore.

Need to save money.

News were free online, anyway.

Just need to sort out the facts from fictions.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The ever changing tide of the rebellion (updated)


These just came in via NST alerts

NST 05/07
PM says he has consulted his lawyers over possible legal action against those who accused him of stealing USD700mil from 1MDB

NST 05/07
Illogical for someone to stash stolen money in his personal account. PM in reference to accusations against him concerning 1MDB

I think PM should just say that he is suing all those who were trying to fitnah him.

That would be more convincing than just saying he had consulted his lawyers on whether to take legal action.


I thought the Umno rebels can never win the fight.

Furthermore the Umno supreme council had two weeks ago endorsed party president DS Najib Razak to lead them into the next general election.

There will be no party election next year. It had been postponed.

That should be the final death blow for the rebellion....and so I thought.

Then on Friday the Wall Street Journal published a story about billions of ringgit being allegedly channeled into the personal account of PM DS Najib Razak.

It's all related to the 1MDB mess.

Najib's deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin had after that called for an investigation but interestingly there was no outright show of support by him for his boss.

Then Attorney-general TS Abdul Ghani Patail announced that investigation had actually started.

You all can read all that at Rocky's

Bad PR to sue Wall Street Journal?

The anti-Najib people had trumpeted the latest development as the killer blow for the PM.

Here is among the latest posts by Syed Akbar Ali of the OutSyed The Box

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Breaking News : AG, IGP, MACC Chief Have Already Met Muhyiddin

Here is some news that is flying around KL. Heard from two sources.

On Friday the Attorney General met the Deputy PM over the latest exposes.

Then yesterday the AG, IGP and the MACC Chief  again met Muhyiddin Yasin (at his house - so they say).

Another source says the meeting discussed if there was a "solid case for prosecution".

If there is a solid case for prosecution, warrants of warm welcome at the Sungai Buloh Country Resort style living must be issued.

If there is no solid case, then just watch the Titanic sink.

Music in the quiet of the night (updated)


Someone apparently took offense that I used the word "cunning" to describe Dr Mahathir in my last post.

Let's then learn more about the word from "the cunning plans" of Baldrick from the Black Adder series;


It's a quiet night where I am now.

My heart seems unsettled though.

I guess it's because I miss someone.

Suddenly just feel like listening to

The first time I noticed them was in January.

I didn't know who they were at that time but it inspired me to write this post,

Why I like Dr Mahathir

I enjoy their music even though it was mostly cover songs.

Still a bit raw but honest.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

My understanding of the latest by a cunning Dr Mahathir and an angry Najib

There's no hiding it anymore.

It's now all out open war between PM DS Najib Razak and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The guys during happier time

I mean there is no holding it back anymore

The latest allegation of Najib receiving money from the 1MDB deals, though apparently on the surface not coming from Dr Mahathir, finally did it.

Najib's statement, issued last night, among others directly accuses Dr Mahathir of being behind it.

Najib was clearly angry with the old man.

But let's put that aside for a while.

I want to first go through Dr Mahathir's latest post yesterday,

which I think had also made Najib very angry.

It's not just the allegation of him getting money from 1MDB by The Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report, okay.

The following is Dr Mahathir's post and my understanding of it were in BLUE.

1. One of the greatest achievements of Malaysia is in the collection of taxes. Malaysians willingly pay taxes. They fear legal action being taken against them. They fear more the raids on their businesses and residences by the income tax authorities. I know this because I was raided when I was expelled from the party and was working as a medical practitioner. 
2. They got hold of my cheque stubs and nothing I said would convince them that the money in my account was not all mine. In the end I had to pay more than twice what they claimed I had not declared.
3. The income tax people are always on the lookout for people who live beyond their means. They would raid these people and would force them to pay additional tax should they feel that the culprit had not paid up fully on their wealth.
(Dr Mahathir is telling us that not unlike other ordinary rakyat, he pays his taxes and in fact had even once been penalized for allegedly not doing so)
4. But of late we see some selectivity in the focus of the income tax people.
5. For example the step son of the Prime Minister is reported to have spent hundreds of millions of USD or Ringgit buying luxury residences in London, New York and Hollywood. He also expended many millions to finance the production of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
(Dr Mahathir wants Najib's step-son, allegedly one of the recipients of the "missing" 1MDB money be investigated for possible tax evasion) 
6. When the Prime Minister’s Office claimed it was inherited money the brothers of Najib protested. Their father was not rich and did not leave hundreds of millions of Ringgit to the family. Even Najib had to admit that Tun Razak did not have such money to leave to his family. So where did this money come from?
(Dr Mahathir pointed that even Najib's siblings disapproved of what the PM had allegedly done)
7. It was claimed that the money was from business. If he made so much money from business he would have paid income tax. Has the income tax people investigated him regarding his business profits. How much tax had he paid. It is a secret of course. But I hope it is not a cover-up.
(Dr Mahathir wants Najib to come clean with his wealth by declaring his tax returns in public.)
8. Then there is Jho Low. He bought a bank for 260 million US dollars. Where did he get the money. Is it borrowed? Did he sell the bank and paid taxes on the profit.
9. He also bought luxury flats in New York and Hollywood. Where did the hundreds of millions he paid for all these come from? Has he paid tax on them?
(Dr Mahathir believes that if Jho Low, a central figure in the 1MDB mess, is clean, then the Najib's administration should made it public that he had paid the taxes of his considerable wealth)
10. I believe executives of 1MDB and its subsidiaries are paid high salaries. Have they paid taxes on their earnings?
11. I understand that the Prime Minister as adviser to 1MDB is not paid anything. He is paid the Prime Minister’s salary, which I know is far smaller than what business executives get. But the Government pays allowances, the electricity and water bills, transportation, home, etc. So the salary can all be saved and spent.
12. But still the lavish lifestyle must cost a packet. It must be more than what I saved after 29 years in the Government.
13. It is a secret of course. But I just want to ask, has the income tax people investigated the source of the money and the tax paid.
(Dr Mahathir wants to know whether Najib paid his taxes and how much. The same goes for 1MDB bosses.)

14. We talk about equality before the law. In this country even the rulers are subject to certain laws. It is the essence of justice. We must be equal before the laws and we must be seen to be equal. Everyone who should be investigated by Government agencies must be investigated. There should be no discrimination.
(Dr Mahathir, despite this very obviously personal probe of Najib is saying that he is asking a fair question.)

Now, lets get back to the latest Statement by YAB Prime Minister Najib Razak

Again, my understanding of it were in BLUE,

"In recent months, various allegations – all unsubstantiated, and many simply outrageous – have been directed against me and my family.
(Najib takes exceptional offense to the personal‎ attacks)
These attacks began when I refused to implement Tun Mahathir’s personal demands. I refused, because I do not believe it is right for Malaysia to be ruled by proxy.

Tun then created a crisis when he recklessly claimed that RM42 billion was missing from 1MDB, when in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51 billion audited assets.
(Najib says Dr Mahathir is the main culprit and that he was doing it to satisfy his own personal agenda)

The latest allegation is that I have taken state-linked funds for personal gain. I believe Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.

Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.

 It is now clear that false allegations such as these are part of a concerted campaign of political sabotage to topple a democratically elected Prime Minister.
(Najib says Dr Mahathir is cooperating with enemies of the country to topple him)

At no point have those making these allegations offered any evidence. All we have heard is that these allegations are based on leaked documents and unnamed investigators. Not once has the source of these documents ever been shown, neither have the documents themselves been provided for verification by lawful authorities.

As we now know, a number of the documents on which recent allegations have been based were reportedly doctored. The person who was leaking these documents is under investigation by authorities overseas for attempting to extort and blackmail his former employer. This says a lot about the reliability of the documents, and those who are using them to damage our government and our country.
(Najib says all allegations against him are false.)

Those who continue to mount these attacks should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. These gutter tactics - in some cases criminal tactics - to overthrow the government will fail. Where appropriate, they will be met with the full force of the law.
(Najib says he will not be holding his punches anymore and those who lied about him will be prosecuted under the laws)

It’s a shame that these false attacks motivated by self interest come at a time of unique opportunity for Malaysia – with our Chairmanship of ASEAN this year, and the prize of developed nation status around the corner. I will stay focused on the work of nation building for the people."
(Najib is sad over the whole thing but he is not going to give up)

Friday, 3 July 2015

Rebels and enemies at the gate (updated)


Please also read,

Najib promises "full force of the law" against latest "outrageous" allegations


Things are heating up again.

Apparently, the almost defeated rebels were given new stock of ammunition to continue the fight.

I was not so concerned about the Sarawak Report's

SENSATIONAL FINDINGS! - Prime Minister Najib Razak's Personal Accounts Linked To 1MDB 

After all, the portal has serious credibility issue.

My worries were more about the article by The Wall Street Journal

Here is Apanama highlighting the WSJ article,

WALL STREET JOURNAL - 1MDB money in Najib's pocket?

WSJ is a highly reputable international newspaper specializing in business and economy.

Some people may believe the story is true just because of that.

I think people of PM DS Najib Razak should properly handle the situation.

They need to demand for WSJ to retract the article and apologize.

Nothing short of that will make this go away.

Meanwhile, those supportive of Najib had come to his defense but mostly concentrated their efforts on the attack by Sarawak Report.

These are from my blog rolls;

Sarawak Report's sensational failures and its last-ditch attempt at discrediting Najib Razak

Hogwash! 1MDB never provided fund to PM

Big Dog's
Sarawak Report Hubris on Demonizing PM Najib

SR's sensational but humourous attempt for diversion

Anyway, I don't think the Umno rebels will really be the ones who benefit from this latest development.

I don't see any way they can hope for Najib to step down now that the Umno supreme council had endorsed his leadership by postponing the party election until after the next general election.

I think the rebels are keeping up the fight just for the sake of doing so.

They know that they can't win.

As far as I'm concerned, it's the opposition parties which will benefit from this latest round of "expose" on alleged corruption of Najib and the BN government.

They will definitely make the best out of it.

Here is DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng saying,

Najib must resign if he can't dispute claims in WSJ


"I have never asked him to resign. We hope he can respond to the serious allegation.

“Najib should file a suit in the US against the publication to clear his name if necessary. But first, he must explain. Failing which, he has to resign.

"This is an allegation of unprecedented scope and shocking in scale... before this, there has never been such allegations against a prime minister," he told reporters today in Juru after launching the Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan.

Well, the way I see it, from now until the next general election, every attack directed at Najib and his administration will be a goal scored for the opposition parties.

Umno rebels, are you all willing to fight alongside the opposition parties to bring down Najib?