Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I'm going on a trip tomorrow.

Tired of KL and my routine.

Need to rest at a quiet place for a while.

I actually wish I can go abroad, but can't afford to do so.

So, I'm going to take a three-hour drive to the place where I believe I can have some peace.

I will do only light postings while I'm away from this haze-chocked city.

Need to take a break from the heavy stuff because they are making me all stressed up.

The political scene has not actually been very healthy.

It's actually been like that for quite a long while, but of late, I realized that I have little patience for all the nonsense.

I need to recalibrate my thoughts so that I can stop being angry, frustrated or bitter about the whole thing.

That way, I believe I can write properly again.

As for now, I feel that my writings were rather stiff.

There was little fun in them and it worries me that I may bore you all.

I was actually surprised that you all still want to read them and even left comments.

Thanks for that, anyway.

I also need to restart my book project.

It had stalled because I was not in the right mood these past one or two months.

I have actually been weighted down by several personal issues which sometimes spilled into my writings in this blog.

These issues have actually yet to be resolved.

Sorry for that. I will try to limit such personal nonsense to the minimum in future.

Hopefully this few days break can fix my brain and mood.

Okay, do excuse me for the night now.

I need to sleep early.

Will be leaving early in the morning.

Cheers and good night.

Gerakan's Mah is not bad at all

I have met and talked with Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong a couple of times in the past.

He is really a very nice and gentle guy.

I was very happy when he won the Teluk Intan by-election against all odds a few months ago.

For me, it's the best BN's victory since the GE12 in 2008.

Beating DAP which had a cushion of over 7,000 votes majority in the constituency was extraordinary.

It doesn't matter that DAP was too cocky for fielding that Malay girl, expecting the  Chinese of Teluk Intan to swallow anything being dished on their plate.

Mah's victory in Teluk Intan was still meaningful as it gave hope to many who had  already about to give up on BN.

And for Gerakan, it was indeed a sign that the almost dead party could make a come back.

Mah had since worked hard to repair the party which had been wrecked almost beyond repair at the tail end of Koh Tsu Khoon's tenure as its president.

On Saturday, Mah told delegates at the party's national delegates' conference that one of the steps to resuscitate the party was to do away with those who talk and behave as racists.

Gerakan to punish, sack members who utter racist statements

He also said that the party will also get rid of traitors, of whom I understand are those who are Gerakan members but actually support Pakatan, particularly DAP.

Gerakan to set up national party disciplinary committee

However, later on at the conference held at the Seri Setia Convention Complex, Shah Alam, it was reported that a delegate from Johor did exactly what Mah had strictly forbid party members to do.

And the pro-Pakatan news portals were all excited over it.

Malays also pendatang, not only Chinese and Indians, 

And of course, that remark predictably got the Umno and pro-Umno people all riled up.

However, knowing how Gerakan works all these years, I was not very concerned about it.

Their delegates have been whacking Umno every time they have their annual conference.

You have to understand that, as it is with most other Chinese these days, many of the Gerakan delegates also feel that in order for them to be seen as heroes, they have to whack that Malay boogieman called Umno.

It's all just fun and game for them.

Seriously, otherwise, what else they can talk about?

They were outclassed by DAP as a supposedly multi-racial but actually Chinese party.

They could not also out-Chinese the MCA which was never shy to call itself a Chinese party.

So, can you imagine how boring their conference would be if there was nothing to spice up things for the delegates.

That's why some of the delegates resorted to Umno (read Malay) bashing.

For your information, it was not only that Johor delegates who took a pot shot at the Malays that day.

There were others who did the same.

I was told by a journalist friend who was at the conference that a Malay delegate from Kelantan had in fact blamed Umno as being the main culprit behind the current strained ethnic relations in the country.

The guy was said to be roundly applauded by the other delegates when he said that.

However, my journalist friend said Mah and other top party leaders were not overly amused by the delegates antics.

He declined to comment on it when met after the end of the conference.

Mah's reaction only came yesterday.

Gerakan suspends Tan Lai Soon over 'pendatang' remarks

Well, good for Mah and his other sensible friends in Gerakan.

If they had not acted on that delegate, things will most likely get quite ugly when Umno have their annual general assembly later next month.

Gerakan will be mocked for not walking their talk and the Umno right wing people will have a field day whacking not only Gerakan but also everyone else who are not Malays.

"Tak sedar diri punya Cina, hidup menumpang ehsan kita tapi berlagak macam babi tonyok tuntut itu dan ini," I imagine an Umno delegate making such a remark in reference to Gerakan.

There are many such Umno leaders who are ready to talk like that as the mood among Umno people is that leaders who can whack the Chinese back are heroes.

"Bagi muka sangat kat Cina bukan ada faedah, dia orang bukan tahu menghargai persahabatan dengan orang Melayu," Yup, that's the attitude among many Umno people after they found out that many of their Gerakan and MCA friends actually voted for DAP in GE13.

And of course, Mah and other sensible Chinese leaders realize this.

So, again, good for them for trying to help PM DS Najib Razak in showing members of their community that the best for them is going for the middle path.

DAP people may laugh at them, but it's okay, the Chinese people are not exactly stupid.

They know what is good for them. That's why they are the most prosperous and advance ethnic group in this country.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I want to touch a pig, Dyana denied touching other things

Today there was an event called "I want to touch a dog" at the One Utama shopping Complex in PJ.

It was organized for those who want to overcome their fear of dogs.

At least that was how it was publicized.

The media went gaga about it.

Well, it was not because a lot of dog fearing people managed to overcome their fear of dogs after attending the event, but rather because many Malay Muslims turned up to pet the dogs at the event.

I believe most of these Malay Muslims are not afraid of dogs but rather have not been touching dogs because their religion put quite a bit of hassle for them to clean up after that.

Kena samak - basuh dengan air tanah.

That is how it should be according to the traditional Islamic interpretation on the matter.

I actually have no problem touching a dog.

To me it is no big deal. I pet a dog almost any other day.

But for most, I guess it was a big deal to see Muslims touching a dog.

Wow! Muslim girl in tudung patting a dog! Amazing!

That seems the way the media was reporting the event.

Malay Mail,
Squeals and giggles abound as Malays get acquainted withdogs

Malaysian Chronicle,
POSITIVE ISLAM! Helping Muslims get over fear of dogs a HUGE HIT!

The Star,
Touching success at dog show for Muslims 

and my favorite is this one by Rakyat Post,
'I received hate messages' says dog event organiser 

It's my favorite because of this part:
Among them was Yazlina Yazid, 48, who attended the event with her husband and their two dogs, Ayoub and Atan.
“This is a wonderful event and through this, we can see that all Malaysians, including the Malays, are kind and compassionate, even to animals."

we can see that all Malaysians, including the Malays, are kind and compassionate...

What? It needs the Malays to pet a dog to be seen as kind and compassionate...like other Malaysians, is it?

By the way, why does it that the Malay names of the Malay lady's dogs were mentioned but the name of her husband was not deemed necessary to be reported? Weird isn't it?

Never mind.

Malays in a way are quite pathetic sometimes.

Okay, I hope some one can organize a "I want to touch a pig" event after this.

I also hope many Malay Muslims will turn up to touch the pigs so that others will see them as being even more kind and compassionate....like other Malaysians.

Honestly, I have never touched a pig before.

In fact, I also haven't touched a lot of other things....hahaha...okay, one at a time. 

As for other stories about touching, touching, you all can read this report by the best selling English newspaper in the country The Star, complete with a picture :

Zairil Khir, Dyana on passionate photos: ‘It's gutter politics’

Ini mesti Umno punya kerja...hahahaha...


Woken up about 4.30am just now.

It is Sunday morning, yet I have to work.

I was working too yesterday.

Wished I could sleep more, but once I am woken up like this, I simply can't go back to bed.

I shouldn't had slept too early.

Well, I was very tired last night.

I'm always tired at night these days.

Need to remember telling my doctor that for my annual medical check up next month.

Need to do something for my coughing too.

Really need to quit that damn cigarettes. Very hard. especially at work, when stressed.

Anyway, checked yesterday's postings,

US embassy wants Malaysia to follow its orders

and wondered who are those guys who commented on it. Almost 100 comments on a Saturday. That was quite a lot, actually. And the quality of the comments is relatively good. Thanks you all, for being interested.

I don't feel like writing anything heavy today.

Need to save my brain's bandwidth for work later.

Actually, I'm writing this just to while away the time till Subuh.

That will be in a short while.

Hopefully, I can get a break from work soon.

Then, I can really rest.

My work always reminds me of our country's rather messed up political system. It's really tiring, sometimes.

I need the occasional breaks.

That's why there were times when I just ramble on without any purpose in this blog.

Sorry to those who feel they had wasted their time reading this rather personal thoughts of mine instead of something about the latest on serious politics.

You see, sometimes I wrote in this blog pretending that I was writing a letter to a friend. I pretended that you all who read this blog are my friends.

After all, I don't have that many real friends and I can get quite lonely, sometimes.

And I don't have active accounts of Facebook or Twitter or Instegram or any other outlet to express myself. I think I had previously wrote why I only have this blog and nothing else to write my thoughts on.

And I don't keep a proper diary.

This blog is indeed a bit like my diary, and the possibly at least once a day posting being my thought for the day.

Okay, I think it's already Subuh now.

Need to do the necessary to start the day.

Hope you all have a good Sunday.

I leave you all with a nice song, okay.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

US embassy wants Malaysia to follow its orders

I have always prefer for Malaysia to stand on its own and not beholden to all those super powers.

We did achieve a degree of that during the administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Dr Mahathir was known throughout the world for his forthrightness at the global stage.

Malaysia, despite being a small country was well respected by others as it was doing well at that time.

Dr Mahathir could actually said just about anything, which includes telling off the powerful Jews which "rule the world by proxy".

No one at that time can do anything to Malaysia for it's free and neutral stance as well as having the habit of standing up for the weak and poor nations against big bullies among the more powerful countries.

We can, at that time, gave the middle finger to even the most powerful country if they interfere in our internal affairs, such as the Al Gore incident during the Apec meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

Al Gore who was then the US vice-president had expressed support for DS Anwar Ibrahim's Reformasi Movement which at that time was wrecking havoc in down town KL with violent street protests.

Dr Mahathir had nonchalantly dismissed Al Gore as "kurang ajar" (ill mannered) and that was the end of it.

Just imagine the significance of it, the prime minister of tiny Malaysia telling off the number two guy of the most powerful country in the world to go fly kite.

I believe Dr Mahathir would had done the same even if the one who tried to interfere in Malaysian internal affairs was the US president himself.

Those were the days when even our ministers could tell off their US counterparts to shut up, such as when MITI's TS Rafidah Aziz clashed with US secretary of state Madeline Albright.

Our ministers these days are mostly clowns and jokers if compared to Rafidah.

Well, some of them are in fact clowns and jokers even if not compared to Rafidah.

Yes, things have changed quite a lot since then.

Yesterday, the US embassy in KL issued a statement concerning the country's Sedition Act which had been lapped up by the pro-Pakatan media.

Malaysian Insider's
US concerned with Putrajaya's use of Sedition Act, says embassy 

Malay Mail Online's
Use rule of law transparently, US embassy tells Putrajaya

and a more hard-hitting headline by Free Malaysia Today
US: Najib must repeal Sedition Act, as promised 

I am not sure how the current administration will react to the US embassy's statement.

Are we going to cower and immediately repeal the Sedition Act or will our PM DS Najib Razak summons the US ambassador and tell him not to mind about our business?

Hopefully, Najib will be firmed on this.

The groundswell against the repeal of the Act among those who voted for BN in the last general election seems to be very strong.

Almost all Umno divisions had during their recent delegates' meeting wanted for Najib not to repeal the Act.

It was feared that without the Sedition Act, the extremists among us will do as they please and the country will end up in ashes after everyone have their say.

Those who called for the repeal of the Act may actually want that because they thrive when the country is in a mess.

They want to insult those they don't like with impunity.

However, they tend to forget that for every action, there will be a reaction.

Without the Sedition Act, I believe the provocations will come thick and fast.

Similarly, the reactions will be equally hard hitting and things will most easily end up in physical violence.

I wonder if that is what the US embassy people want to happen to this country.

When things get really ugly, I wonder who will be the peacekeepers to be sent into our country?

Americans? British? Singaporeans?

What? It will not come to that? Malaysian were matured enough to handle freedom of speech and expression? Really?

Okay, to answer that, you all look at this face of the "sue sue boy" and tell me if you think he's matured enough to handle freedom of speech and expression :

Baru panggil dia pendatang dah tak tahan, inikan pulak nak bergasak maki hamun tak tentu hala.

You all think la what will happen if our leaders follow everything that the white men tell them to do, okay.

Hopefully our leaders are not being stupid on this matter.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Anwar's probable finale

The PKR headquarters today issued a statement on DS Anwar Ibrahim's nationwide road tour ahead of the final appeal of his sodomy conviction at Federal Court on Oct 28 and 29.

The road tour will start with a Deepavali function in Klang on Oct 21, followed by other functions in Penang, Kedah, Perak, Terengganu, Pahang, Malacca, Johor, and Selangor.

The climax of the "Himpunan Solidariti Bersama Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim" will be at Stadium Kelana Jaya on Oct 27.

It's an obvious attempt by Anwar to pre-empt the possibility of the Federal Court upholding the decision by the Court of Appeals which sentenced him to a five years imprisonment for sodomising his aide.

The Court of Appeals had in March overturned a lower court's decision which had acquitted him of the charge.

The road tour will be Anwar's attempt to whip up public support for him, which he hopes will damage the ruling Barisan Nasional and to a certain extent influence the court's decision.

It is the same strategy which he employed when he was sacked from his deputy prime minister post on Sept 2, 1998.

Anwar had then went on a whirl wind tour of the country to galvanize support for himself.

It triggered the Reformasi movement which resulted in a string of violent street protests in downtown KL before Anwar was arrested and jailed for abuse of power.

BN took a severe blow at the 1999 general election, with Malays' votes for the coalition being reduced to just about 37 per cent.

The Chinese community, spooked by the violent Reformasi protests which participants were overwhelmingly Malays, went all out to support BN, thus saving the coalition at the polls.

This time, Anwar is hoping for the same to happen again...except of course the part where the Chinese community's votes save BN.

It is however doubtful that he will get his wish.

Back then he was only 51. Now he is 66.

I don't think that many young people are fanatical about Anwar now.

How many of them are willing to go to the streets just to defend him?

Are young DAP supporters willing to clash with the police over Anwar?

How about Pas people? Is it going to be a jihad to go to the streets to prevent Anwar from being jailed for committing sodomy?

I don't think so.

The Pakatan people do not say it out loud but I think most of them are actually glad that Anwar may soon be out of the picture.

He is actually a liability to them now.

I had talked with many Pakatan supporters about Anwar and his political baggage, including his sexual exploits.

Most of them said it's not that they do not believe in those unsavory things BN people said about Anwar, but the overriding objective of getting rid of the BN government necessitate them to overlook all that.

In any debate I had with my Pakatan friends, the best way to silence them was by asking them whether they believe that it was Anwar who was featured in the sex tapes.

" Anwar can screw a donkey for all I care, but BN must be toppled," said a DAP friend once when I asked that question. And that ended the debate as we then laugh about other funnier things than the mental picture of an old man having sex with a donkey.

I actually believe that Pakatan will be stronger once someone younger and with less baggage such as Azmin Ali takes over the helm of PKR.

The Pakatan coalition actually has a number of capable young leaders from all three component parties of DAP, PKR and Pas.

BN leaders should in fact be more worried once these young people took over from the old Pakatan leaders.

I believe BN itself has less of such capable young leaders.

Umno in fact, only has two whom I can think of at national level - Khairy Jamaluddin and Mukhriz Mahathir.

So, I don't think BN should be too happy if Anwar goes to jail.

As for Anwar, it's the end of the road for him if he goes to prison.

By the time he came out of prison, the country's political dynamics will be very different from what it is today.

He will no longer be needed by Pakatan as they will by then have the young leaders fully entrenched at the top.

They are not likely to give up their position for a spent force that Anwar will be by then.

And the likelihood of these young Pakatan leaders at that time already occupying Putrajaya should not be totally dismissed if BN continues to flounder and fail to clean up its own act.

I don't think Prime Minister Azmin Ali will be willing to hand over the post to Anwar, no matter how much he love his mentor.

Whatever it is, Anwar should realize that this coming road show may likely be his last hurrah, and that it's the end of his dream of being the country's most powerful man.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The war Umno is not likely to win

I'm writing this sitting and leaning my back on one of the pillars outside the Dewan Tun Hussein Onn, PWTC.

This is where all the makcik-makcik Umno usually sit on the floor watching the proceeding of their party's general assembly on a big screen.

This is a picture I took just now from where I'm sitting,

It's mostly empty now.

End of next month, this place will once again be jammed packed with Umno people.

Their general assembly will be from Nov 25 to 29, if I'm not mistaken.

I'm attending to some work here today.

This place have the Melayu feel about it.

I'm not really sure how to describe it....but it has the ambiance of one of those Melayu places - Arked Mara, Kompleks PKNS, Hotel Seri Malaysia, Puteri Pan Pacific Hotel...something like that.

There was quite a crowd just now at the entrance of Level 4 at the Menara section of the building.

It turned out there is an Umno supreme council meeting going on at the 39th floor of the PWTC tower.

I happened to be entering the building from there when DS Najib Razak arrived at 3pm sharp.

He looked cheerful.

The usual characters were there to greet him. Ku Nan and KJ were among them.

Bumped into one of my journalist friends who is covering the meeting.

He said the meeting is likely about the recently tabled budget and preparations for the coming party's general assembly.

"Kena tunggu Press conference dulu lah. Tu dalam pukul 5 ke 6," he said before joining his colleagues for drinks at the Riverside Restaurant not far from where I am sitting now.

The Umno media people were seen busy ushering the journalists to the restaurant. There are quite a number of them. All smartly dressed in the Umno media shirt which look like any other high quality corporate shirt.

"Umno belanja minum," I said in my heart.

I hope the Umno media people's job is more than belanja minum the media people.

I hope they are also involved in the planning of media strategy to counter their rivals in the Pakatan coalition.

As of now, I am not very satisfied with their work.

The Pakatan media people have been running rings around them for so long.

They are totally outclassed and outmaneuvered by the Pakatan people in cyberspace, which is now one of the most important political battlegrounds in this country.

But I don't blame them.

Their bosses are that clownish Ahmad Maslan and not so clever Sabery Chik.

When the generals are incompetent, the troops are bound to get slaughtered.

If it's naval warfare, the media war is akin to Umno and its BN allies using grand but obsolete battleships against Pakatan's aircraft carriers and Aegis missile cruisers.

It's no match.

And Umno and it's BN allies are still using the same media strategy as prior to the total loss in GE13.

Ya, I know, the orang kampung still watch TV3 and RTM and what not...but for how long?

I don't know....sometimes I feel very frustrated about it all.

Hopefully Najib and gang who are meeting at the 39th floor of this building as I am writing this are discussing a bit about this matter.

I'm a bit tired of going to Google News to check on something about Malaysian politics and found that all the stories listed there come from the likes of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today, Malay Mail Online and even that trash portal Malaysian Chronicle.

I simply can't find news by pro-establishment media.

Okay, there's some news by the Star, but you know lah, who the newspaper really supports.

If you don't believe me, just try Google the word "najib" at Google News and see the stories listed there coming from where.

Try la.

Ahmad Maslan, Sabery Chik, can you all do something about it?

If can't, can you all resign from your post and make way for more competent people?

I know, it's just my fancy thought. They will never resign. To them they are doing a great job.

Tak pa lah, Umno dah terlungkup nanti dia orang resign lah.