Sunday, 26 October 2014

Best way to a Nordic country

I actually envy this person,

Ali Abd Jalil keeps tirade against monarchy going

Not only that he get to insult the Johor and Selangor sultanates, now he got to go to Sweden because of it.

Yes, and on top of that, he was hailed as a hero.

Really lucky bastard.

I wish I can insult, especially the Johor sultanate and get to go to Sweden too.

It's a nice and beautiful country.

And the food is also good. I eat some at the Ikea's restaurant every now and then. My favorite is the meatballs.

Seriously, I don't mind spending a few years in a Nordic country, tagged as a heroic "prisoner of conscience" and when the time is right returns to Malaysia and be respected by the young ones as some sorts of "pejuang".

All that despite actually being so full of shit, ya.

Something like that basket case Hishammudin Rais.

Well, this Ali Abd Jalil is a basket case too. It's the only way I can describe him.

But of course he get to go to Sweden, while I can't.

It's because he got the money to pay for the trip to Bangkok and the flight from there to Stockholm.

I don't have that kind of money.

Yes, life sucks, sometimes.

Whatever it is, I wonder what this Ali Abd Jalil does for a living that he has that kind of money.

The reports described him as a student activist.

What kind of job is that?

Is he really a student?

And how is he going to live in Sweden?

Is he going to take up the job of student activist once more while in Sweden so that he can support himself there?

The job seems to pay well.

I wish I can apply for one.

Like Ali Abd Jalil, I am not very fond of the royalty too, especially those who are involved in excesses.

But in my case, I do not desire the demise of the institution.

The institution of Raja-Raja Melayu is part of the Malay cultural identity.

Sebahagian dari Jati Diri Melayu, so they said.

I just wish for the Malay Rulers and their families not to misbehave.

They have to be responsible and remember about their duties to the rakyat.

Being members of the kerabat diraja does not mean they are lords and masters of the rakyat and that they can do just whatever they want.

If the kerabat diraja still refuse to accept these facts about the real relations between the rakyat and themselves, then people like Ali Abd Jalil has already won.

The days of Kesultanan Melayu is indeed numbered, as more people begin to hate them for their misdeeds.

Anyway, for Ali Abd Jalil's information, Sweden has a king too.

His name is Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

I hope Ali Abd Jalil will not go around insulting the Swedish king pulak once he got his asylum status there.

You know la these basket cases....can never tell what they are going to do next.

Well, if I'm in his shoes, I would actually rather try to seek asylum in Finland.

It is also a Nordic country but a republic.

It's a bit dumb I think for a Malay to flee from his bad Melayu king and only to run to a country with a Mat Salleh king.

Makes one very much appears like a self-hating Melayu with mentality enslaved by white men.

Ya, I definitely prefer Finland if I have to flee to one of those cool Nordic countries.

After all, Kimi Raikkonen is indeed more handsome than King Gustaf,

Friday, 24 October 2014

Chop a bit of this, chop a bit of that

About to leave this place in a short while.

I'm heading to the East Coast.

It's going to be an about five hours drive.

Nope, I'm not planning to hang out by the beach.

It is monsoon season already la. Only crazy people hang out at the beach in the East Coast during monsoon season.

I'm just going to spend time at a quiet place there for the weekend before coming back to KL.

Meanwhile, the most interesting news item for today, I believe is this exclusive by NST,

Let professionals amputate limbs for hudud offences

Well, you all go ahead and read it yourself. I'm not going to comment on it as I'm going off now.

All I want to say is that, Pakatan supporters among the non-Muslims are quite contented about this Pas' hudud thing.

"Hey, it's not going to affect us. Just you all stupid Malay muslims will get your hands chopped off if you steal. Anyway, why would we worry as we have no plan to steal."

That's actually also the sentiment among the non-Muslims who were hell bent on voting Pas in the last general election. They believe a vote for Pas is actually a vote for DAP.

They don't really give a shit about anything else as long as the evil Malay-led BN/Umno government could be toppled.

Malaysia will be like Singapore once Pakatan takes over. That's what they believe. about the Pas' dream of chopping off hands of thieves which they believe is what Allah demands for them to do if they want to go to paradise?

"Ohhh...that one is not our problem. That's just some Malay Muslims' shit thing. Those stupid people can do whatever they want among themselves. We all non-Muslim can live like Singaporeans after the evil BN/Umno are gone. That's all that matter."

I now wonder who they are going to train now to chop off heads of those deemed deserving such a punishment under their hudud laws.

Another bunch of professionals?

Maybe those returning Malaysian members of the IS from Syria and Iraq could apply.

Yeah, they are most suitable for the job, I think.

Interesting isn't it.

Oh, don't worry non-Muslims. You all are not going to be affected by all that shit. You all can continue to vote for Pas in the next general election. ABU! Asal bukan Umno! Just remember that, okay.

Okay, I really need to get going now.

Shit. It starts raining.


Admitting reality

Took a walk at the nearby town with two guys who befriended me at the hotel we are staying.

One of them is a rich Singaporean in his mid-40s, and the other an artist in his late 20s based in KL.

Nice guys.

I suspect that they are lovers.

Well, I don't mind gays as long as they don't do their gay stuff in front of me.

A man kissing another man is gross, okay.

I don't even want to imagine beyond that.

Lesbian stuff however is not so bad.

Well, I don't mind it that much if two women start kissing in front of me.

It's weird but not as gross as two men kissing each other.

In fact, when I was young I did try it once with my best friend to know how it feels.

I know it's haram and all but I was really young and curious at that time.

It's not so bad actually, but at the same time it didn't make me want to be a lesbian.

My best friend also didn't turn into a lesbian.

Anyway, the night walk was nice.

It was quite cold. Something like early spring in UK.

The two guys had wanted to try the charcoal steamboat which is very popular among those who visit the town.

I'm not sure if it is halal, so I just ordered for my drink, telling the duo that I'm on diet.

We spoke mostly in Mandarin as the Singaporean guy insisted that he wanted to practice the language.

It was good company.

Well, when I got back to my room, I weighted myself.

The room got a good weighing machine.

Ya, it is official : I AM FAT.

Despite not taking dinner for most of the past week, I'm still at 52.64 kg.

Need to think of a new strategy if I want to be cute again.

If I continue to be like this, I'm afraid I will end up like DS Rosmah Mansur.

I mean, it's a fact that the lady could do with a better diet.

That is the reality.

Ignoring reality will only harm oneself.

I wish others accept the reality about themselves, and in the process saving precious time and energy we otherwise spend on trying to process their bullshit.

Examples of what could possibly be ground breaking admission of reality:

Anwar : Yes, I am an irritating bisexual liar.

Najib : Okay, Rosmah can be quite scary sometimes.

Guan Eng: True, I was in love with Rainbow but scared of Betty. And I miss seeing Regina at my PCs....

Kit Siang: Zairil is a fucker.

Zairil: Ya, I am a fucker. So what?

Dyana: I dig Chinese guys or guys who look Chinese. It's the K-Pop thing.

Ahmad Maslan: I'm the ugliest and dumbest Umno info chief EVER!!!!

Malays: We fucked up for being too nice, too lazy, too indisciplined.

Chinese: Our forefathers were indeed immigrants (pendatang) who were welcomed into this country by the Malays and other bumiputera.

See, much easier it is going to be from here onwards.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Enjoying a cosy moment

It's been raining since I arrived here this afternoon.

I'm wearing a sweater as it's quite cold where I am.

Tucked in this comfortable single sofa at a corner of this room, I feel quite relaxed.

Just had a steak dinner in the adjoining room. Very nice.

Got myself a mug of hot chocolate on the coffee table next to me now.

There are others in this room. All strangers - a Chinese couple with their two kids; a young Caucasian guy whom I believe is an American; three Chinese friends, two of whom I believe are actually lovers and a group of seven Chinese and Indian guys and girls, probably some college students from rich families.

Okay, I am actually in the coffee house of this small hotel where I am staying.

Everyone were having their drinks. It's all very cosy.

The Caucasian guy is sitting in the other single sofa reading a book while having a beer. He is probably waiting for his partner whom I noticed was with him when I checked in earlier.

The Chinese couple were having some hot drinks and pastries with their kids.

The three friends were having some sorts of martini or something. The two guys were talking while the girl who was sitting next to one of them seems contented to listen to them. I noticed from where I'm sitting that she got one of her legs pressed against the guy's leg next to her. The guy doesn't seems to mind that. Lucky guy.

The college kids were having beer and a bottle of Jack Daniel. They were talking animatedly about something in English. I don't think the two Indians among them were Hindus as they wouldn't be here if they are as today is Deepavali. If they are Hindus they should be with their family, I think.

Whenever I'm alone like this, I enjoy making such observations.

I'm always interested in understanding people and their motivations.

I among others always wonder what motivates people like DS Anwar Ibrahim.

I mean the guy is already 66 or 67 years old.

How much more time does he has? Did he ever thinks of that?

Is wanting to be prime minister such a powerful motivation?

Honestly, sometimes I feel that it's all so silly.

Life is too short to be spent on such things, I think.

I don't think I want to continue jumping around like him when I am already at that age.

Let other younger people have their chance la.

But then again, I'm just a simple person.

As far as I can remember, I have never been motivated by power or money.

I'm not claiming myself to be noble, just that I was not really interested in those things.

I sought money actually just for my sustenance and nothing else. Well, except maybe when I need to make someone I love or care about happy.

As for power, I don't think I ever really have it. If there is any little bit, it's more for me to protect myself and my love ones. I'm basically harmless except when people disturb me or my love ones.

Okay, maybe I'm more motivated whenever I have the ability to do some good.

Not that I am saying I'm a good person, but being able to do good for others did make me feel satisfied.

Yup, I'm a bit of the Spiderman type.

Nonetheless, as at this moment, I rather stay still and enjoy this peaceful moment.

I am going up to my room in a short while. Feel like sleeping early. It's the cold weather, I guess.

By the way, the Caucasian guy's partner just arrived. Very pretty lady.

Lucky guy.



Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I'm going on a trip tomorrow.

Tired of KL and my routine.

Need to rest at a quiet place for a while.

I actually wish I can go abroad, but can't afford to do so.

So, I'm going to take a three-hour drive to the place where I believe I can have some peace.

I will do only light postings while I'm away from this haze-chocked city.

Need to take a break from the heavy stuff because they are making me all stressed up.

The political scene has not actually been very healthy.

It's actually been like that for quite a long while, but of late, I realized that I have little patience for all the nonsense.

I need to recalibrate my thoughts so that I can stop being angry, frustrated or bitter about the whole thing.

That way, I believe I can write properly again.

As for now, I feel that my writings were rather stiff.

There was little fun in them and it worries me that I may bore you all.

I was actually surprised that you all still want to read them and even left comments.

Thanks for that, anyway.

I also need to restart my book project.

It had stalled because I was not in the right mood these past one or two months.

I have actually been weighted down by several personal issues which sometimes spilled into my writings in this blog.

These issues have actually yet to be resolved.

Sorry for that. I will try to limit such personal nonsense to the minimum in future.

Hopefully this few days break can fix my brain and mood.

Okay, do excuse me for the night now.

I need to sleep early.

Will be leaving early in the morning.

Cheers and good night.

Gerakan's Mah is not bad at all

I have met and talked with Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong a couple of times in the past.

He is really a very nice and gentle guy.

I was very happy when he won the Teluk Intan by-election against all odds a few months ago.

For me, it's the best BN's victory since the GE12 in 2008.

Beating DAP which had a cushion of over 7,000 votes majority in the constituency was extraordinary.

It doesn't matter that DAP was too cocky for fielding that Malay girl, expecting the  Chinese of Teluk Intan to swallow anything being dished on their plate.

Mah's victory in Teluk Intan was still meaningful as it gave hope to many who had  already about to give up on BN.

And for Gerakan, it was indeed a sign that the almost dead party could make a come back.

Mah had since worked hard to repair the party which had been wrecked almost beyond repair at the tail end of Koh Tsu Khoon's tenure as its president.

On Saturday, Mah told delegates at the party's national delegates' conference that one of the steps to resuscitate the party was to do away with those who talk and behave as racists.

Gerakan to punish, sack members who utter racist statements

He also said that the party will also get rid of traitors, of whom I understand are those who are Gerakan members but actually support Pakatan, particularly DAP.

Gerakan to set up national party disciplinary committee

However, later on at the conference held at the Seri Setia Convention Complex, Shah Alam, it was reported that a delegate from Johor did exactly what Mah had strictly forbid party members to do.

And the pro-Pakatan news portals were all excited over it.

Malays also pendatang, not only Chinese and Indians, 

And of course, that remark predictably got the Umno and pro-Umno people all riled up.

However, knowing how Gerakan works all these years, I was not very concerned about it.

Their delegates have been whacking Umno every time they have their annual conference.

You have to understand that, as it is with most other Chinese these days, many of the Gerakan delegates also feel that in order for them to be seen as heroes, they have to whack that Malay boogieman called Umno.

It's all just fun and game for them.

Seriously, otherwise, what else they can talk about?

They were outclassed by DAP as a supposedly multi-racial but actually Chinese party.

They could not also out-Chinese the MCA which was never shy to call itself a Chinese party.

So, can you imagine how boring their conference would be if there was nothing to spice up things for the delegates.

That's why some of the delegates resorted to Umno (read Malay) bashing.

For your information, it was not only that Johor delegates who took a pot shot at the Malays that day.

There were others who did the same.

I was told by a journalist friend who was at the conference that a Malay delegate from Kelantan had in fact blamed Umno as being the main culprit behind the current strained ethnic relations in the country.

The guy was said to be roundly applauded by the other delegates when he said that.

However, my journalist friend said Mah and other top party leaders were not overly amused by the delegates antics.

He declined to comment on it when met after the end of the conference.

Mah's reaction only came yesterday.

Gerakan suspends Tan Lai Soon over 'pendatang' remarks

Well, good for Mah and his other sensible friends in Gerakan.

If they had not acted on that delegate, things will most likely get quite ugly when Umno have their annual general assembly later next month.

Gerakan will be mocked for not walking their talk and the Umno right wing people will have a field day whacking not only Gerakan but also everyone else who are not Malays.

"Tak sedar diri punya Cina, hidup menumpang ehsan kita tapi berlagak macam babi tonyok tuntut itu dan ini," I imagine an Umno delegate making such a remark in reference to Gerakan.

There are many such Umno leaders who are ready to talk like that as the mood among Umno people is that leaders who can whack the Chinese back are heroes.

"Bagi muka sangat kat Cina bukan ada faedah, dia orang bukan tahu menghargai persahabatan dengan orang Melayu," Yup, that's the attitude among many Umno people after they found out that many of their Gerakan and MCA friends actually voted for DAP in GE13.

And of course, Mah and other sensible Chinese leaders realize this.

So, again, good for them for trying to help PM DS Najib Razak in showing members of their community that the best for them is going for the middle path.

DAP people may laugh at them, but it's okay, the Chinese people are not exactly stupid.

They know what is good for them. That's why they are the most prosperous and advance ethnic group in this country.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I want to touch a pig, Dyana denied touching other things

Today there was an event called "I want to touch a dog" at the One Utama shopping Complex in PJ.

It was organized for those who want to overcome their fear of dogs.

At least that was how it was publicized.

The media went gaga about it.

Well, it was not because a lot of dog fearing people managed to overcome their fear of dogs after attending the event, but rather because many Malay Muslims turned up to pet the dogs at the event.

I believe most of these Malay Muslims are not afraid of dogs but rather have not been touching dogs because their religion put quite a bit of hassle for them to clean up after that.

Kena samak - basuh dengan air tanah.

That is how it should be according to the traditional Islamic interpretation on the matter.

I actually have no problem touching a dog.

To me it is no big deal. I pet a dog almost any other day.

But for most, I guess it was a big deal to see Muslims touching a dog.

Wow! Muslim girl in tudung patting a dog! Amazing!

That seems the way the media was reporting the event.

Malay Mail,
Squeals and giggles abound as Malays get acquainted withdogs

Malaysian Chronicle,
POSITIVE ISLAM! Helping Muslims get over fear of dogs a HUGE HIT!

The Star,
Touching success at dog show for Muslims 

and my favorite is this one by Rakyat Post,
'I received hate messages' says dog event organiser 

It's my favorite because of this part:
Among them was Yazlina Yazid, 48, who attended the event with her husband and their two dogs, Ayoub and Atan.
“This is a wonderful event and through this, we can see that all Malaysians, including the Malays, are kind and compassionate, even to animals."

we can see that all Malaysians, including the Malays, are kind and compassionate...

What? It needs the Malays to pet a dog to be seen as kind and other Malaysians, is it?

By the way, why does it that the Malay names of the Malay lady's dogs were mentioned but the name of her husband was not deemed necessary to be reported? Weird isn't it?

Never mind.

Malays in a way are quite pathetic sometimes.

Okay, I hope some one can organize a "I want to touch a pig" event after this.

I also hope many Malay Muslims will turn up to touch the pigs so that others will see them as being even more kind and other Malaysians.

Honestly, I have never touched a pig before.

In fact, I also haven't touched a lot of other things....hahaha...okay, one at a time. 

As for other stories about touching, touching, you all can read this report by the best selling English newspaper in the country The Star, complete with a picture :

Zairil Khir, Dyana on passionate photos: ‘It's gutter politics’

Ini mesti Umno punya kerja...hahahaha...