Friday, 27 March 2015


This is a short one.

I'm at KLIA and about to board a plane to Japan.

This time I'm going there on a real holiday.

Took me quite a while to save money for this trip.

Really. Najib and Rosmah are not sponsoring my trip, okay.

I'm feeling happy.

It is cherry blossom time over there.

Well, I think I have done my best for agama, bangsa dan negara so far and deserve a bit of a holiday.

I will try to write if I have the time there.

To all readers of this blog, thanks so much for everything.

Just feel like saying that :-)


Barua Melayu

I read with interest this post by Datuk Nuraina Samad,

Samad Ismal: Of friends and foes.

and the follow up by Rocky,

Othman Wok, a Singapore Malay horror story

I did some reading on this guy Othman Wok and I can't help but to conclude that he is the typical Malay lackey.

The only real talent that such a Malay posses is on how to excessively kiss asses and slandering others to promote himself.

Here is among the articles written about Othman Wok,

Othman Wok Seperti Anwar Ibrahim Gadai Identiti Bangsa

Veteran blogger and journalist Zainuddin Maidin in a post three years ago described Othman Wok as


The Malay lackeys are the type of Melayu who reminds me of Malcom X's "house negroes and field negroes" theory.

If Othman Wok is an African American of Malcolm X  era, then he would be a house negro.

A house negro loves his white master more than the white master loves himself.

As a reward, a house negro gets to live in the mansion to serve his master, wear better clothes than the field negroes who work on the cotton fields and eat better food too, whatever left eaten by his master.

Othman Wok fares better than that though, he got to be a minister (though the portfolio was not so great), and became board of directors member of several companies after retiring from politics.

I actually know quite a number of Malays like Othman Wok.

They make a living by kissing the ass of their non-Malay bosses and going out of their way to run down other Malays to please their non-Malay masters.

Ini jenis manusia yang orang Melayu kata tak ada maruah dan khianat, atau dalam bahasa kasarnya barua.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

New phone almost as good as BF

Okay, I'm tired of writing about the hudud thing.

The whole DAP-Pas lovers quarrel over it is beginning to look quite ridiculous.

Guan Eng really behaving like a kindergarten kid.

Unfriend Hadi, but wants to friend Pas.

Apa Betty can tahan you la Guan Eng?

Also, I think I had done enough mourning for Lee Kwan Yew.

This time I want to write about something fun for a change.

Writing about all these gloomy issues is making me sound like a real crazy bitch.

Well, actually I am a happy go lucky person.


I wish I could write about my BF as he is the most fun thing in my life but he had warned me not to do so.

The last time I did that he almost don't want to be with me anymore.

Sensitive fella that one.

So, the next fun thing to write at the moment is about my new iPhone 6 Plus.

I finally got the one I wanted after much difficulties.

I bought it at a Celcom outlet at a mall not far from where I work.

Earlier, I had searched for it at another mall.

At that mall, I was frustrated again by those at the Celcom outlet there, causing me to once again almost giving up and switch telco.

I was so angry but after cooling down I decided to give it one last try at the mall near my work place.

Wallah! The Celcom outlet there actually had the phone I wanted and everything went smoothly.

For those who wondered why I'm still with Celcom despite them being so difficult, let me tell you that they have the best overall package compared to the other telcos.

I'm not going to give the details as I don't intend to give Celcom free publicity. You have to check it out yourself.

After all, they made it so difficult for me to just buy a new phone from them.

Really weird people.

They offer the best package yet make things so difficult for loyal customers like myself.

Anyway, the phone is wonderful, especially that its battery can lasts for so long.

Celcom still sells it at the original price of about RM2,600.

I'm still trying to master its applications though. No worries, as it's actually quite fun. politics this time. Just a short break from the nonsense.

Here is a nice song to go with this post

That song is actually for my BF :-)


p.s BF stands for best friend, okay.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Najib being smart on hudud

I think PM DS Najib Razak has so far been smart in his handling of the hudud issue.

He is staying out of it and letting the Pakatan people, especially DAP and Pas to continue whacking each other over the nonsense.

DAP in particular is now very anxious to drag BN into the ring as they needed Pas to get distracted by whatever official stance BN will come out with on the matter.

The party's secretary general Lim Guan Eng had earlier this morning issued a statement on behalf of the DAP's central executive committee, declaring that they were severing ties with Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang.

It's quite comical of them, as how can they severed ties with Hadi while still wanting to be a friend of Pas.

It shows how desperate DAP now as they try to prevent Pas from leaving Pakatan and at the same time telling the Chinese community that they are against hudud.

They know that without Pas, Pakatan can't go on while at the same time letting Pas got away with its hudud plans means DAP will lose a huge chunk of the Chinese votes.

The Chinese community don't want this country to become a stupid Malaystan, okay.

It's DAP's headache now.


Guan Eng knows that the only respite DAP could ever going to get is by forcing BN into the picture so that he and his gang can attack it instead of having to continue whacking Pas which he actually still needs, to keep Pakatan going.

Thus, this is the tail end of Guan Eng's statement:

"Umno telah menghasut Pas untuk melaksanakan undang-undang hudud di Kelantan pada 27 Mac 2014 semasa sidang Parliament dengan menjanjikan sokongan Kerajaan Persekutuan. DAP menggesa agar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak tidak melengahkan masa lagi membuat pendirian jelas dan tegas sama ada akan menyokong atau menolak enakmen hudud di Kelantan, serta menjelaskan peranan Adun-adun Umno Kelantan dalam menyokong rang undang-undang hudud. Najib juga harus menyatakan sama ada beliau menyokong Rang Undang-undang Persendirian yang dibentangkan oleh Hadi."

Well Guan Eng, siapa yang hasut siapa?

Itu Pas kan DAP punya kawan. You sudah blur sangat ke sampai tak ingat?

Oh, and what does Najib owe you that he needs to do all that?

If I'm Najib I would give the irritating little DAP boy the middle finger.

For me, what the PM is doing now is right.

Don't get involved.

This is Pakatan's doing, so, let them sweat it out among themselves.

Najib and the other BN leaders, particularly Umno should wait till the last minutes before making their official stand, that is just before Pas tabled the hudud bill in Parliament, before the end of the current session next month.

If I'm Najib I will tell the BN MPs to vote according to their conscience.

The Muslims can vote for hudud while the non-Muslims can vote otherwise.

This is after all a democracy.

Whatever the outcome, DAP will have to shit bricks explaining to the Chinese community about their dear ally's funny streak of Talibanised madness.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Singaporean rhapsody

A friend asked why I put this blog in mourning with the passing of Lee Kwan Yew.

My friend doesn't like LKY and thought I share the same sentiment.

My answer to him was that, it's my condolences for Singaporeans, plain and simple.

LKY is the father of Singapore and what he did for the island state is admirable.

That, despite him being a thorn in Malaysia's side for so long.

Looking back, I believe LKY was just another guy who tried to do good for himself and others.

My favorite picture of LKY and wife Kwa Geck Choo when they were students in UK.  LKY was in love just like others. Anyone capable of falling in love can't be too bad.

LKY did what he had to do for his people.

I have no quarrel with Singaporeans and wish them well.

In fact, half of the younger members of my family are Singaporeans.

So, today, I share their sadness.

May Malaysians and Singaporeans always be good friends.

Kit Siang meroyan hudud

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang went bonkers last night over the hudud thingy.

Here are the reports by pro-Pakatan news portals:

As Pakatan fumbles over hudud, Kit Siang moots new bipartisan 'Save Malaysia' pact

To save Malaysia, Kit Siang suggests new coalition with MPs from BN, Pakatan

Kit Siang, who are going to be in this Save Malaysia Pact?

DAP, MCA, Gerakan?

Oh okay, non-Muslim PKR MPs along with those from Sabah and Sarawak to join in also.


Well, Kit Siang, go ahead lah.

Continue to be a bloody hypocrite, okay.

Guys, do remember : PAS IS DAP'S PAKATAN ALLY

They are the ones who started this.

I am not comfortable too with the hudud thing, but if Kit Siang wants to set up a coalition against it, then I am all for the Islamic criminal laws being implemented on EVERYONE, and not just Muslims.

Anything but DAP, okay.

Remember that Anything but Umno campaign? Now I am returning the favor.

I rather live in a crazy Malaystan than being ruled by DAP.

At least in the future Malaystan, I can still say no to being oppressed.

I can still have my Dragunov rifle.

It's not against hudud isn't it to have a Dragunov rifle?

In Malaystan, anyone who tries to be funny with me will get a bullet in the kneecap, okay.

Come on Muslim MPs, vote "aye" for the Pas' private members' bills in Parliament next month which will set the hudud ball rolling in motion.

It will probably be fun just to look at the faces of Kit Siang, his ultra irritating son and the other DAP evangelists when it happened.

Errr....if I was not mistaken, the DAP gang and their fan boys and girls had said Pas is an okay bunch and non-Muslims have nothing to fear about hudud before the last general election in 2013.


So, why worry now, eh?

Well, in case you want to know why they are worried, read this prediction of mine which I think is also the DAP people's prediction:

The road to Malaystan 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

First hudud casualty

Saw this via NST SMS alert:

NST 22/03 Producers of BFM Kupas and presenter Aisyah Tajuddin will be probed under section 298 of the penal code for blasphemy : IGP


That serious eh...

I have seen the video.

Actually, I think she should instead be probed for being irritating and coming up with a lousy sketch.

Blasphemy is a bit too serious, I think.

Well, never mind.

Guess after that the police are going to probe the death, rape, and burning threats directed at the silly girl.

Hmmm...whatever it is, I think freedom of speech and expression is going to die with this hudud thing.

Baru mau mula dah ada yang nak bunuh, rogol dan bakar orang yang pendapat berlainan.

And there was a commenter in this blog who questioned why I need a Dragunov rifle once this country becomes a full fledge Malaystan.

Hey, I am not going to go around shooting people, okay. But if there are assholes who try to kill, rape or burn me, I am not going to let it happen without a fight.

Well, this is what we get once we lost the middle ground on May 5 2013.

Chinese, let me tell you that your tsunami had wiped out the moderate Malays who all these while had been shielding you from the crazies.

Do you all know that?

You think Guan Eng and his DAP gang are your saviours?


Guan Eng and the DAP gang were the ones who unraveled all that you have now.

Pas is their ally, remember?

Pas is the one who sell itself to the Malay Muslims as the hudud champion.

Umno, weakened by the Chinese tsunami just played along as it can't be seen as anymore less Islamic than Pas.

After all, there's only the Malay votes for them after you all Chinese abandoned them during GE13,

Bear in mind that it's those irritating tak-apa Umno Melayu buggers who actually enabled you all Chinese to prosper all these while.

Now, there's only the hardliners, trying to out-Islam Pas.

PM DS Najib Razak is probably the last moderate one, but I think it won't be long before he succumbed to the hudud tsunami.

Now, you all Chinese want to help Najib and the other Malay Muslim moderates or not?

Up to you all, okay.

Migrate is a good option too.