Saturday, 21 January 2017

The real people who beat up the lorry driver

I thought I want to rest today, but a friend called just now and was all angry.

Like many others, he was angry over this video of a lorry driver beaten up by a group of thugs,

'Ini cilaka punya orang. Pukul sampai itu macam. You mau tau ka siapa ni semua?" he asked me.

"Siapa Datuk? Saya tak tau la. Orang kata ini bodyguards sama  driver satu Datuk," I replied.

"Mana ada. Itu semua tak betul. Ini gangster punya kerja,' my friend said.

My friend has quite a lot of knowledge of the underworld, so he knows these sorts of stuff.

"Gangster mana pulak ni Datuk?" I asked him back.

"Ini Geng 24 la. Dia orang ada support sama itu Bhabi Kia," my friend replied.

Honestly, I'm not sure what he was talking about.

"Itu geng punya kepala orang panggil Along Taman. Kadang-kadang orang panggil dia Along Pandan," my friend added.

"Ini Cina punya geng ka Datuk?" I inquired further.

"Tak da  la. Ini Melayu punya geng. Ada royalty punya orang," he said.

I was like WTF, when he told me that.

My friend also sent me these pictures from the scene of the incident,

My friend also said the gang leader was involved in a murder case in 2003 as reported by The Star here,

Police nab four over killing of duo in Genting 

Two brothers charged over double murders 

Four acquitted of double murder 

I hope the police will take action against all these gangsters.

Dangerous people lah these ones.

What needed to be said had been said

It's raining heavily where I am now.

I kinda enjoy listening to the sound of rainfall outside.

Otherwise it's just very quiet here.

I wish I can rest in peace this weekend and that no one bothers me too much.

Yesterday a friend asked why I didn't write anything about the ongoing Forest City fight.

I told him I don't want to get involve as if I do so I would easily be accused of taking side.

I want to remain neutral as I have friends on both sides of the fight.

I hate fighting with my own friends over politics.

Anyway, I had written about all those reclaimed land along the Tebrau Straits long before the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight.

There was no political motive when I did that.

I remember that it was me bitching on my own about it at that time.

No one else seemed to really care too much about it.

I was a bit like a dog howling at the hill lah.

I did so because I was trying to make the administration of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin realise that people are watching what's happening and that they better do something about it.

This post on Sept 3, 2014 is among the last and most read that I did on the issue,

It's at number eight among my most read posts.

After I had said what I have to say about it, I left Khaled and his boys to do what they needed to do.....if they want to do it.

I believe I had done my part on that issue.

So, if the rest of them want to only fight about it now, I rather let them be.

Don't want to tire myself with it anymore.

Got more troubling thoughts in my mind now.

Okay, that's about it for this rainy day.

Here's a song,

Friday, 20 January 2017

A song for fighting friends

I had something in mind to write about earlier this morning.

But when I opened this laptop just now, I felt so tired and unmotivated to write them.

It's difficult when we are unhappy.

I'm in that mode right now.

Anyway, I never really believe that I'm making much difference writing this blog.

So, it's really no big deal.

I tend to agree to a certain point with this commentator from a previous post,

It's a sad state of affairs when bloggers and has-beens act delusional into thinking they matter.

Get off your high-donkeys and get a reality check. People read blogs to be mildly amused. That's all.

Well, I'm okay with that.

After all,  I'm mostly writing this blog just for fun.

It doesn't really matter to me whether you all agree with what I wrote.

It doesn't even matter to me if you all think I'm so full of shit.

That's why I let through almost all of the comments, even the bad ones about myself.

No need to take everything too seriously all the time.

Relax a bit, okay.

See lah. When I'm in a better mood, maybe I'll write properly again.

For today, instead of writing my usual nonsense, I offer this song to you all my friends who are fighting each other over the stupid politics of this country,


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Khaled in Kluang and the importance of grassroots work

My friend in Kota Iskandar told me earlier this morning that Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin is visiting my hometown Kluang today.

It's part of his state-wide tour for what I was told to be preparations for the coming general election as I highlighted here,

Rushing to GE14

Curious to know what Khaled will be doing there, I asked my friend to send me the itineraries.

So, she sent me this,

I'm quite sure Khaled will have talks and briefing on the coming general election with BN and Umno people in Kluang after completing the official visit.

My friend also sent me this picture from the first stop at Sekolah Agama Seri Kampung Tengah 2

It's nice and reminded me of my younger days when I attended the Sekolah Agama Johor where I learnt more about Islam as well as read and write Jawi.

I used to be quite proficient in Jawi and could even do shorthand writing in it. Now very rusty already la due to lack of practice.

However, back then, my sekolah agama didn't have air-conditioning  or what looks like an internet or Astro receiver disc like in the picture.

Maybe now the sekolah agama are more changgih :)

Anyway, the parliamentary constituency visit doesn't look as detailed as that done by Khaled's predecessor TS Abdul Ghani Othman who was being more micro by repeatedly visiting the numerous balloting areas in preparation for the last general election.

Still, I think what Khaled and his team are doing is good enough as it is.

I shouldn't be comparing Khaled with Ghani too much as they are of different standards altogether.

I think it's good for Johor BN and Umno that Khaled is now on the ground as that's where it all matters for them to win support for the coming polls.

I always believe that the fight is actually on the ground rather than the stupid exchanges of accusations and insults in the social media or other propaganda outlets.

The side which is more grounded and closer to the rakyat will win.

That has always been the case.

That's how BN and Umno won all the general elections since Merdeka despite their flaws and weaknesses.

The opposition could not possibly beat them by mere rethorics as proven in the past.

As long as BN and Umno leaders still care to go down to the ground and do the necessary for the people like what Khaled is trying to do in Kluang today, the opposition will have to continue to struggle to justify their accusations against the government.

Merely playing politics may win some extra votes but it would not on its own ensure victory.

Being able to be there for the rakyat and doing the right things directly for them are more important than anything else.

If the opposition hopes to ever beat BN and Umno, they need to do or seem to be doing more work on the ground and be close to the people instead of just talking about this and that.

As Ghani once told his people during the campaign for GE13, no matter how bad were the sentiments caused by national issues, if they can still take care of the people at the grassroots level, the battle could still be won.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

More important things in life (updated)


In case you think there's nothing more important to worry about than politics, read this.

Twilight Years

Really. Some people have bigger or more immediate problems to address.


Pribumi Bersatu was launched at the Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam last night.

Reports indicated that there were about 3,000 people present.

Not very impressive.

Well, I don't know lah.

I'm not in the Klang Valley right now.

Can't be bothered to check properly.

Read the speech by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Datuk Kadir Jasin's blog via Rocky's blogroll,

PPBM Dilancarkan Dengan Ikrar Selamatkan Malaysia

It reminds me of his speeches at Umno general assemblies of yesteryears when he was still its president.

Personally, I think it's quite long and mostly repeats of what he said before.

But never mind lah.

Dr Mahathir is 92 years old.

Let him says whatever he wants.

I never believe in being harsh with our elders, no matter what.

It wouldn't be too long now before GE14.

Just let the rakyat decide when the time comes.

If they think life is better now, they should support PM DS Najib Razak, but if they feel their life is worse, then they can support Dr Mahathir.

I think we should leave it at that for now.

No need for us to make things worse.

Just be patient and wait.

There are lots of other things that need to be done for now.

There were also other issues to be handled too.

I rather spend my time handling my own personal problems now than being too bothered about politics.

What's the point in complaining about the country when we can't even take care of lesser things which directly affect us?

I got lots of issues at the moment and I have only enough energy and time to handle them.

Can't spare for anything else.

So, I think I would like to leave it to those who have no issues in life except berjuang demi agama, bangsa dan tanahair  to handle the big stuff such as saving the country.

For now, I need to handle a matter about myself being treated like garbage by someone.

Quite pathetic, but that's a reality of my life.

So, that's more important to me than 1MDB or Felda or Pribumi Bersatu etc.

Chinese New Year is also coming soon.

I hope I can settle my issues before then so that I can have a peace of mind during the festivities.

I really wish I can be happy again.

Dr Mahathir, Najib, etc....are now just mere distractions for me.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Rushing to GE14

I saw this article yesterday

GE14 almost certain not in first half of 2017

and became curious.

I was particularly interested in this visiting schedule of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin as displayed in the article,

I think that's a rather reasonable schedule as it would give Khaled and his boys reasonable time to prepare the Johor BN machineries.

Based on that schedule, I think the writer of the article got it right that the Khaled's team would have six solid months of touring the State and doing the necessary to prepare for the general election, which would probably be held later in the year.

So, I contacted my good friend in Kota Iskandar to double check the info.

This is part of our Wassap conversation,

I guess something must had happened that Khaled and his boys now decided to speed up the schedule.

My friend told me the visits to the parliamentary constituencies were indeed in view of the general election.

If they are going to finish the whole tour by April 27, then the general election could be called as early as May.

But still I believe Khaled and his team need more time to prepare for it.

Logically, after such a tour, they need to study their findings and do follow-ups for remedial measures to solve local issues detected during the tour.

That should take another month or two.

Unless of course as I said, something had happened that they really need to rush the whole thing.

That's actually strange.

I had actually earlier learnt from a high ranking intelligence guy that when Khaled started his tour early this month, the actual level of preparedness of Johor BN for the election at that time was only at 30 per cent.

That's what made me thought that  Khaled had did well by allocating about six months to do the tour, if indeed it was to be the final push before the election period.

But if they are rushing it now, then I guess it's no longer Khaled's decision.

The directive to wrap up everything early must had came from KL.

Maybe BN really wants to have an early general election.

Maybe it's because of things like this,

A Pas-PKR-Pribumi Bersatu coalition in the making

Well, I never really trust that Pas wants to be an Umno's friend.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A poem

In the autumn of the year jen-hsu
A friend and I went out on a boat 
that passes the Red Cliff 
The breeze is fresh and the water is unruffled
As I drank with my friend 
I hummed a poem and a song
A phrase on its strange beauty
The moon rises from the eastern hills and wanders among the stars
White dew above the river draws a line beneath the sky
Letting the boat go where it pleases
We drifted over the endless flow
Sailing the void and riding the wind
We not know where to stop
Leaving the world and standing alone
We sprout wings to join the immortals

As I drink the wine 
I compose a song
Oars of orchid wood row 
through the moon's drifting light
Thoughts fly far away
for my loved one in a corner of the sky

A friend plays a flute
harmonising my song
The flute makes a whiling sound
resenting, longing, lamenting, protesting
trailing the night like endless silk

Woke up earlier and just felt like sharing that.

If you want to know what nonsense I wrote above, do watch the full movie at this address,

It's Anita Mui's last movie.
She had already gone when I first watched it.
It's heartbreaking.