Saturday, 30 April 2016

BlackGold and a bit on Mus

I was doing some research on Petronas' LNG project in Canada yesterday when I came across this new blog,


It's quite good.

The blogger is apparently quite pro-Petronas.

Well, I consider myself pro-Petronas too.

Better than being pro-Najib or pro-Mahathir, I think.

More peaceful.

Surprisingly, my blog is in its blogroll.

So, I decided to include it into mine.

Hopefully, with some extra traffic, the blogger will be encouraged to continue writing.

We need more of such informative blogs, instead of the nonsensical political hate-mongering type.

Meanwhile, someone told me that New Straits Times group editor Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor has resigned from his post a few days ago.

I was quite surprised.

I was told that his last day at NST will be around end of May.

Mus seemed strong and healthy the last time I saw him.

I don't see  any reason for him to resign.

I can't remember any NST group editor who actually resigned from the post.

It was rumored that those who are to be appointed to the post must be approved by the Prime Minister himself.

Furthermore, Mus was just appointed to the post last year and it made quite a bit of news,

Mustapha Kamil named as Group Editor

Still, so far there's no official confirmation yet.

I know Mus as a superb business writer.

A calm and cool fella.

He has a blog but has not been updating it for awhile,

The Back Roads

I like his blog quite a lot.

It's nice.

Well, in case it's true that Mus is leaving NST, I hope he can continue to write or maybe revive his blog.

All the best Mus.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

A bit of this and that

Nothing specific to write at the moment.

Things seem to be bland and uninspiring.

I'm slacking. I didn't write again yesterday.

I'm supposed to write at least a post every day as part of the blogging discipline.

They said if I start to be a lazy blogger, my blog is going to die.

Many better bloggers than me went through it and their blogs just faded away.

So, I think today, I just write short takes on things which had been going on.

Better than nothing, okay.

Sarawak Election

Supposedly the hottest thing happening at the moment.

Unfortunately, I think it's boring and quite predictable.

BN going to win with a landslide.

Even, the DAP-PKR fight was not surprising. Sarawak is different than Semenanjng, okay. Anyway, they are too dumb to get it right in the first place.

DAP is luckier though. The Chinese will still vote for them. Can still get a few urban seats, I think.

PKR on the other hand is going to be totally wiped out in the rural area.


No progress up to this point.

I think MB Razif is going to try to be thick skinned and hangs on .

Other MBs would probably resigned after what happened.

Heard the Sultan is really angry this time and will not be so easily appeased.

Well, that's what my friends in Terengganu said lah.

I know of other Sultans being angry with their MB in the past but not to the point of stripping their titles like that.

Hopefully PM Najib will be able to settle the problem with the palace, one way or another.


Received several more complaints from Johor Umno friends.

Don't feel like putting them here though as I can't see the point in doing so.

They are not very major, anyway.

I think MB Khaled knows about the complaints.

Let him settled them lah.

Got a message for Pulai MP DS Nurjazlan though.

Please do something about Kempas before things get as bad as Pengkalan Rinting.

I think Jazlan knows what I meant by that.

Jazlan, whatever Uncle Rashid Kasman said about Kempas is true, okay. All the best.

Umno civil war

It's like the Syrian civil war.

No ends in sight as the whole place torn to pieces.

Accusations and counter accusations.

I'm sort of a refugee just complaining about the hardship caused by the combatants on both sides.

Tiring stuff that one.


The usual.

Mother busy, father misses her very much.

Old people like that lah.

Love them both very much anyway.


Trying my best but still don't think I'm doing good enough.

Wish could do better.

Will try harder.


A friend who is a very prominent blogger told me yesterday that an ex-friend, who is also a very prominent blogger had successfully underwent a liposuction surgery.

I think he was bluffing me, but still, if it's true, I wish that ex-friend all the best.

Hopefully she looks nicer now.

Heard they pay better if a blogger looks nicer. Don't know true or not but that's what they told me la.

Love life

Something like that lah....

Eh, enough of my nonsense for today.

Really. You all should go read the very prominent blogs of my friend and ex-friend instead.

They write better than me, okay.


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Interesting Terengganu intrigue

Things don't look good in Terengganu.

As everyone should know by now, the Sultan had stripped all titles conferred to MB Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman.

Among the titles stripped was the highly coveted SSMZ which is the Knight Grand Companion, carrying the Dato' Sri Setia title.

This is unprecedented as I don't remember anything of this nature ever happened in Terengganu before.

I wondered what actually happened.

I'm not a Terengganu expert, so I called one that I know to get his opinion.

He said what caused the Sultan to take such a drastic measure against the MB could not be just because of the latter's speech on Friday which so far was the reason given by many for what had happened over the past few days in Terengganu.

"There must be something else which was far more serious that angered Tuanku," he said.

It was said that the Sultan was offended when Razif's speech was allegedly delivered in such a manner that it belittled a contribution made by the palace to assist orphans and the less fortunate in the state.

PM DS Najib Razak was expected to have an audience with the Sultan over the matter as early as this evening.

I asked the Terengganu expert whether Razif still has a chance to continue being the MB now that the Sultan appears to be very unhappy with him.

"Not much of a chance. It's very unlikely that Tuanku will retract the stripping of Razif's titles," he replied, adding that it's almost impossible for Razif to work as MB if the Sultan dislikes him.

He said it's very likely that Najib will have to propose to the Sultan a new MB.

According to him, if that's the case, the likely leading candidate will be State tourism and culture executive chairman Datuk Mohd Jidin Shafee, the Permaisuri assemblyman.

Jidin is the second most senior BN assemblyman in Terengganu after former MB Datuk Seri Ahmad Said of Kijal.

He is said to be in Najib's good book and doesn't have any problem with the palace.

I asked the Terengganu expert whether the BN government may collapse over the Razif issue and his response was in the negative.

"I don't think Tuanku wants that. A change of MB should be good enough," he said.

When pressed on what would happen in the unlikely event that the Terengganu assembly be dissolved due to the impasse, this was his response,

"That's almost impossible to happen, but if it turned out that way, BN is most likely to lose the ensuing state election due to the current political atmosphere."

The Terengganu state assembly consists 17 BN members, 14 from Pas and one from PKR.

Well, I'm wishing the people of Terengganu the best of luck. Hopefully everything will be peacefully resolved.

(Note: Please don't post seditious comments.)

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Please, don't let it be another Kow

Last night I saw this story,

Tersalah Lapor: Wartawan Malaysiakini Cabut Lari Dari Sarawak

It's about Malaysiakini reporter Kow Gah Chie being recalled back to KL from covering the Sarawak election after she caused an uproar with her report that a BN candidate allegedly saying that voting for BN is to ensure the state continues being govern by a Muslim chief minister.

The BN candidate had said he didn't say anything like that and a few police reports had been lodged against Kow.

It's clearly an incitement for the Christian majority of Sarawak to go against BN, led by TS Adenan Satem, the Muslim chief minister of the state.

For me, this is obviously a case of overspin by an overzealous pro-opposition reporter.

Kow, may not be a DAP member but she seems clearly trying to assist the party by spinning the story that way.

I don't think she "tersalah lapor" (misreported) but instead intentionally wrote it that way.

The modus operandi seems very much like that of a DAP operative.

DAP has been playing this game since before the last Sarawak election.

All these while, they have been accusing Umno of playing the racial and religious sentiments, but themselves doing it.

It's what made me can't stand them even when I'm very unhappy with Umno or BN.

I just can't stand the hypocrisy.

And the way their operatives spread hate is totally despicable.

I believe that they were trained that way.

They repeat their hate-mongering chants over and over again like mantra.

Evidently, the habit of hate-mongering sticks with their operatives even after they were no longer working for the party or even changed sides.

That's how well conditioned they were with that tactic.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't be surprised if this Kow suddenly switch sides a few months from now, and self-styling herself into an Umno defender and "penyelamat ummah".

Hey, don't laugh, okay. I've seen it happened before.

Well, if Kow really switches sides like that, I only have one wish of her - that she will diet a bit,

DAP people, if you all want to send over your operatives to switch sides to Umno, can you all send the nice and pretty ones for a change?

The one you all sent over so far looks like...Kow, okay.

Umno, no need to add another Kow la.

But seriously DAP people, can you all change your hate-mongering tactics so that people like me won't find your party to be too repulsive?

At the moment, I don't see your party to be any better than your opponents.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Cat in a gutter is okay....but not Johor Umno

Saw this guy having a nice nap just now,

The spot must be cooling that he choose it in this hot weather.

It's very hot out there of late that I decided to rest indoor for this entire weekend.

Going to do some research on several complaints I received from friends in Johor Umno.

Among others, I need to verify whether it's true that several Umno divisional annual general meetings here were held without enough quorum.

Never heard of this happening in Johor before.

If it's true, then things must be really bad.

Then there's another complaint that the Johor Umno war room people were being put under pressure by some kind of think-tank which was set-up supposedly to assist them.

That's really stupid.

Why must there be a need for all these intrigues?

The war room already have good experienced people such as Datuk Ahmad Zahri and Datuk Ramli Buhani, yet they were being impeded by a bunch of people who only know theories and arm-chair knowledge.

Johor Umno cannot afford these sort of things with the general election just two years from now.

MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin needs to fix such problems fast.

Otherwise Johor Umno can ends up in the gutter.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Focusing on Johor to stop creepy DAP people

Earlier this year, I got so fed-up with politics that I thought of switching to writing about food.

Actually, I did start to write a bit about nice or unique makan places around JB at that time.

But later on I realised that I'm not very good at writing about food.

It's probably because most of the time I just eat whatever available rather than search for really good food.

For example, this is my dinner last night,

Mee goreng telur mata and teh O ais limau
I just stopped by at a mamak after work and had that.

Not really healthy stuff, okay.

Told myself that anyone who eat such thing shouldn't be a food blogger.

At least that's how I feel about it.

Once in a while can la write about food but I shouldn't do too much of it.

Anyway, I had given it quite a bit of thought and decided that it should be okay if I write about the local Johor political scene.

I'm no longer as actively involved in it as before but at least I still have a bit of knowledge about what's happening on the ground.

So, I think it wouldn't be too bad if I write what ever I know about it.

Who knows, maybe it can do some good.

I always believe that if I want to comment on something, I must be there on the ground to really understand the situation.

Too many arm-chair con jobs la these days, okay.

Never really been on the ground in Johor yet writing about the state as if knowing everything about it.

Then, when people disagree with their stupid theories and they can't argue back on facts, they got angry and went on a crusade of personal attacks and accusing these and that.

Really crazy.

Well, I will try to never be like that.

By the way, as far as Johor is concerned, I still prefer for BN to continue ruling the state.

That, despite my lots of unhappiness about what's happening in this state at the moment.

It's because if BN falls, DAP will be the one which actually going to rule the state.

The DAP people in Johor are mostly quite creepy, okay.

This is a story about one of them,


That one is really very creepy.

Okay, fine, the DAP had kicked out that one but there are still many others like that.

Just can't imagine if they take over my home state.

Hopefully, MB DS Khaled Nordin can fix things in Johor properly after this.

I will try not to disturb him and his team too much like before.

Unless, of course if they really mess up things again.

That's at least until the next general election.

See lah how.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Thanks KJ

I'm busy over the past and next few days.

Can't blogging too much.

For this post I just want to share this

Please click to enlarge

Thanks KJ.

For context, please read my last post,

Redha and a little story about KJ

I know that some of you don't like KJ, but I believe that if the guy is doing good, then I must acknowledge and appreciate that he is doing good.

The same when I wrote this in January,

I know, some people will accuse me of "makan dedak" and such because of it, but I don't care because there are already people accusing me as such.

I believe in being fair when it comes to such things.

Well, that's all there is to it as far as I'm concerned.

Need to get back to work now.