Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Time to stop being stupid and heal the wounds

Jebat said it's all an

Endless absurdities

I agree.

Anyway, it's good to know Jebat is alright.

A lot of people were concerned when he suddenly became inactive after Raya.

They thought dia sudah kena tangkap.

I was asked about him too by my friends.

Hopefully he is not going into hibernation again.

I'm making the wish because of these excerpts from his blog posting:

This blog has been criticising Malaysian leaders since its first article. We stopped blogging for awhile because people without moral compass will never listen to reason and criticisms. They have charted their own doomed course and the direction of this country. There is nothing more to say to save them.

Well, can't force people to continue writing but if everyone decided not to write, then I think this country will be in trouble.

When the sober ones among the critics stopped to bother, then it's a sign that what had been broken could no longer be fixed.

Jebat is one of the sober ones.

As it is, they already wanted to make things hard.

The new minister said

The CMA needs to be reviewed to keep up with the times

but Malaysia Online (The Mole) found out from legal experts that

Enforcement better than amended or new laws for social media

My opinion is that, the administration of PM DS Najib Razak now needs to heal the wounds after crushing the rebellion.

If it instead makes things harder for the people, then all are truly lost.

The anger will just turn to silent hate.

Two and a half years before the next general election is not a very long time for the PM and his people to fix the negative perception people have of them, especially due to the manner of which they crushed the rebels.

They can't afford to screw it up by thinking that they can make people support them again by forcing them to do so.

Come on guys, the rebels had been crushed.

You all won....for now.

There is no need to further grind them to the ground.

After all, those rebels are from your own side.

I didn't see you all being so brutal with the opposition when they tried to topple you.

So please stop the absurdities.

The people are watching.

Now it's time to heal the wounds and win back the votes.

In fact, you all can even win back the rebels if you try.

Or is that too hard for you all to comprehend?

Monday, 3 August 2015

Rebels' two choices

I think PM DS Najib Razak has decisively crushed the rebellion.

Most of the rebels have gone silent.  Only a small number of bloggers who are still continuing the attack against Najib, albeit at a lower tone compared to previously.

His method may not be the best but it has definitely been effective.

The price he has to pay was that he can no longer be seen as a nice man.

There were indeed a lot of unhappiness all around but I don't see any way the rebels could continue the fight.

Najib is safe at least until the next general election which deadline is two and a half years from now.

The key move he made last week was in neutralising his deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin who is actually the only real threat to Najib's position.

Without Muhyiddin, the rebels can't win.

Effectively removing key people from the investigation of 1MDB was also crucial.

These moves will be the subjects of debates for years to come, but whatever it is,  Najib is still in power and whether we like it or not we have to live with it for now.

The way I see it, those who were unhappy with Najib have only two choices,

1. Continue to spend all time and energy sniping at the PM at the risk of punitive action which Najib had indicated he is willing to take against his detractors.

2. Go back to work and life, bear with the unhappiness, keep all the anger bottled up inside so that no one can arrest and charge you for trying to topple a democratically elected government and wait for revenge at the polls in the next general election.

As I wrote before, life has to go on.

The family needs to be fed and clothed.

The bills need to be paid.

Those leading the rebellion have apparently eased off their attack.

I think I know why...

They also have a life other than going after Najib

Probably, only now that they are also aware that Najib is actually capable of fighting them back and has the means to do so.

Najib is not so lembik, after all.

Nonetheless, Najib should not be too happy with the success of putting down the rebellion.

The anger among a lot of people is still there despite the open rebellion being more or less effectively over now.

It's for him and his team to win back the support of the people.

They have two and a half years to do it.

Najib may not be able to claim that he is a nice PM anymore, but I think he can try to be an efficient PM who delivers the goods to the people.

That, he and his team need to strive hard from now on, to convince the people that he deserves to stay in power.

As for myself, I have been defending Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ever since the rebellion started.

And I will continue to do so.

So, some may see me as a rebel too even though I never directly attacked Najib.

I don't mind that.

I think I explained my stand several times in my past postings.

I did that not because Dr Mahathir or anyone asked me to do it.

In fact I have never met any of the rebel leaders since the fighting started.

I defended Dr Mahathir because I appreciate what he did for the country when he was the prime minister for 22 years.

Right or wrong, I still feel no one should demonised the elderly statesman.

Now that the fighting is actually over, I want to get back to my usual routine so that I can be a useful citizen of this country once again instead of just bitching to no effect.

I will wait and see what will happen these next two and a half years.

If Najib still screws up, his people continue to be arrogant and stupid, abuses continue etc, then I think I know what to do.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Shut up and be protected

I think the newspapers will soon be popular again as news source.

There will soon be a clamp down on the Malaysian cyberspace.

All those news portals, blogs, facebookers etc better watch out.

Unless of course they just want to write about the latest fashionable handbags, how to cook pasta, jalan-jalan cari makan, etc.

This is from the blog of the new Communication Minister,

The CMA needs to be reviewed to keep up with the times


While Malaysia will uphold freedom of speech and the right to information, we must also protect Malaysians from libel and slander, plus character assassination. In no country in the world does freedom of speech include the freedom to lie and slander. National security and public order are also of concern and which can be jeopardised if there were no proper controls over what people do and say. We must, therefore, review the CMA so that we can strike a balance between not stifling free speech and continuing with freedom of information while at the same time protecting Malaysians from criminal acts that appear to have become the trend of late. 

When I read that, I was like....hmmmm....they said the same thing in China.

Also, the part about "protecting Malaysians" sounds familiar...they said "protecting Koreans" in North Korea too.

I'm quite sure it's all because of the politics.

Part of the purge, I guess.

Quite a number of people, including those investigating the 1MDB mess had been arrested.

Scary liao.

Well, doesn't matter.

I can always write about other things other than politics when they change the laws.

I can switch to travels or food or entertainment.

Maybe it's healthier to write about those things.

Definitely won't go to jail one.

It's like blogging in Singapore.

Write nice things only.

Singapore is a nice country....the DAP people always want Malaysia to be like that super clean and efficient little island.

They will definitely support anything done to make us more like the Singaporeans.

Okay, you all need to cheer up a bit on Sunday morning?

Here's a song...

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Be cool as life goes on

Woke up just now and saw quite a number of messages in my phone.

Almost all of them were on the ongoing political drama.

They were either rumors, predictions, real news or just jokes on the whole nonsense.


Rumor - (prominent anti-Najib blogger) Syed Akbar Ali arrested.
"Outsyed The Box dah inside the box"

Prediction - Possible sackings in the near future.

Real newsSenior bloggers critical of Najib admit he is now stronger

“Now that the Cabinet is strongly supporting the prime minister, I do not think it is possible for anybody to get him to resign. “There would not be any demand for his resignation, or even criticisms against him by the Cabinet members,” he said. Syed Akbar was also of the opinion that with the new Cabinet line-up, demands from outsiders for Najib’s removal are no longer important. “I am sure some others would continue urging Najib to throw in the towel but they do not matter. “The opposition leaders, Dr Mahathir and others might continue their efforts to topple Najib but they have no power to make it happen,” he added. When asked why former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was keeping his criticisms against Najib down a notch the past few days following the Cabinet reshuffle, Syed Akbar insisted that he was just as puzzled as others.
Joke - Ramli Sarip's song Kamaleia

Saya cuma mampu pinjam kata-kata Hanum Marvelous......jom kita nyanyi rockuuuuu...
Tiba tiba....
1.Tiba-tiba Peguam Negara tetiba sakit dan diganti serta merta selepas ( dengan orang yang 5 thaun lebeh tua dari nya ) mengetuai badan penyiasat 1MDB. Penggantinya pun tetiba orang itu.
2. Tiba-tiba Ketua Cawangan Khas Bukit Aman ditukar juga
3. Tiba-tiba TPM ditukar selepas menegur isu 1MDB dan terus disungkit isu 1Bestarinet
4. Tiba-tiba org yg kritik TSMY dapat jadi menteri.
5. Tiba-tiba dilapurkan org penting isu 1MDB Jho Low dan Nik Fausal Jamil tidak ditemui.
6. Ttiba-tiba pengerusi PAC di parlimen yg siasat 1MDB diangkat jadi menteri
7. Tiba-tiba Bangunan Bukit Aman terbakar
8. Tiba-tiba keluar berita Gabenor Bank Negara terlibat korupsi .
9. Tiba-tiba langkahku terhenti ... Sejuta tangan telah menahanku .... Ingin ku maki .... Mereka berkata .... Tak perlu kau berlari .... Mengejar mimpi yang tak pasti .... Hari ini juga mimpi .... Maka biarkan .... Ia datang ..... Kepada mu .... Terima kaseh !!! ������ Ramli Sarip

I like the joke quite a bit.

True also, why chase after a dream which may most likely not come true.

Life as it is now has not been so bad afterall.

Well, better than being arrested and put in jail for bad mouthing the PM.

Most of the PM's critics that I knew are all well-off people.

At least they live better life than mine.

Wondered whether they are willing to be jailed for many years to uphold what they believe to be the truth.

Since the PM now wants to play hard ball, I think we should let him be.

Two and a half years from now, if we are still  unhappy, we can always throw him out.

Make sure then you all vote the right people.

Now, I think it's time we get back to our normal life.

Cari makan and be safe while waiting for the next general election.

Bising-bising sekarang pun bukan nya Najib tu tumbang pun.

Later in the day I got a date.,,not with a BF, okay. I'm not sure what is this guy to me....yet.

Going to watch that new Mission Impossible movie.

See, life goes on, so, be happy a bit and don't get stressed up all the time.

(Note to shuzheng: Thanks for the kind wishes to Ai and me here, Fishing and Wedding. I'm sure Ai see it too and be happy. But I was not her bridesmaid. Didn't even attend the wedding. Ai and Vincent married in Singapore on July 26. It was a very private wedding attended by just their immediate family members.)

Friday, 31 July 2015

Neat things

This is the latest from the ongoing mess,

Claims by Sarawak Report prove a threat to Malaysia’s democracy, says A-G

Well, I'm not feeling well.


No energy to comment on that.

So, you all go to that link, read the story and conclude yourself what is going on.

For entertainment today,  I suggest you all watch my favorite movie of all time, A Man For All Seasons.

The full movie is in YouTube. Go and find it.

I think the movie can help people grow a bit of conscience.

Here are some neat things about it,

Okay, I'm going back to sleep.

Later going to clinic to get medication and MC.

Good day to you all.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The credible figure that is Zeti

All eyes are now on Bank Negara governor TS Zeti Akhtar Aziz 

With TS Abdul Gani Patail removed from his Attorney-General post, Zeti is now the centre of attention to determine the credibility of the Special Task Force investigating the 1MDB scandal.

All sorts of stories have came out over the past few days regarding her.

I saw this just now,

Well, I heard of the rumors too, that Zeti was admitted at the Pantai Hospital on Sunday night for "anxiety attacks" but was discharged the next day.

Guess, it's false news then.

Anyway, several news outlets are playing up Zeti's stories over the past 24 hours.

This is by Rakyat Post,

Reveal identities of 1MDB Special Task Force, Zeti urged


Tuan Ibrahim said Zeti’s track record and integrity as BNM governor was well known internationally, and hence any attempt to disrupt her from investigating 1MDB would only enforce public perception that 1MDB funds had indeed been transferred to private accounts of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Tuan Ibrahim’s response came after an anonymous blog was published in light of yesterday’s announcements.
The blog had accused Zeti and a few prominent individuals, including Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)’s deputy chief commissioner of operations Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s press sceretary Sufi Yusof among others of allegedly committing “activities that are detrimental to parliamentary democracy”.

As per the report, I also know about the anonymous blog which accussed Zeti and the others of these and that.

I'm not going to give you all the link to the blog here as the content of the post was highly defamatory.

Anyway, I think the blog was specially set-up for the hatchet job of smearing Zeti's name and the others, and therefore I don't want to have anything to do with it.

If you still want to read its nonsense, please get the link from that Rakyat Post's story.

Rakyat Post can afford to provide a link to that defamatory article because it is rich and can pay if sued in court by those being defamed.

Talks about Zeti actually continued this morning and what I heard was that she had tendered her resignation.

It was however not yet confirmed till now.

I guess it's false news too.

A friend who is a senior journalist said it would be "a killer blow" for PM DS Najib Razak if Zeti resigns as Bank Negara governor now.

Anything happened to Zeti now, the credibility of the Special Task Force will be in tatters and the public can't be blame if they then conclude that Najib has indeed stole the billions of ringgit as alleged.