Monday, 13 January 2020

Forming own opinion and learning from Taiwanese

Surfed around a bit just now to see what others are commenting.

As usual, lots of hot air and ego out there.

I'm right, you are wrong, ALWAYS.

Well, that's how it is with people.

That's why I  don't really like to read commentaries.

Especially on politics.

When I surfed for them, I normally don't read the entire stuff and just do so to see what others were interested in.

The first few paragraphs normally were just enough to make me....tired.

Too many people who know so little yet commenting so much as if they know everything.

Mostly bullshit, actually.

Then there are those who wrote so much about things such as religion and morals while at the same time committing transgressions all over the place.

For instance, I know one very prominent man who wrote quite a bit about Islam in his blog, claiming he's better than the religious scholars whom he condemned, yet he never solat and drink beer all the time.

Okay, I'm not religious or moral too by comparison, but at least I don't go around condemning the alim ulama.

And I didn't dye my hair blonde either.

Also, I'm not fat.

But seriously, do we need to read those commentaries to form our own opinion about things?

Get the news, and decide for ourselves what it's all about. How about that?

Well, seriously I'm a bit fed up with Malaysian politics at the moment.

All sort of nonsense.

Today, we even have this story,

Selangor rep, four political officers nabbed at drug party

I heard the assemblyman is from Pribumi Bersatu.

Bagus sangat lah perangai tu.

I hope the Kimanis folks will teach them a lesson at their by-election later this week.

Whatever it is, I'm really tired of discussing those monkeys running the country.

It's depressing, okay.

Taiwan's politics is better.

The people there made the right choice on Saturday.

Very happy for them.

Taiwan's Tsai wins landslide in stinging result for China

Tsai Ing-wen
Really hope the communists in Beijing will realise that given the chance, no one is willing to be oppressed by them. Just like what is happening in Hong Kong.

We, in Malaysia should learn from the Taiwanese. Don't let ourselves be ruled by a dictator or an oppressive entity.

We should cherish and defend our freedom and democracy.

And of course, let us all not be stupid by choosing the same monkeys again to rule over us in the next general election.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

The need to handle small things first

Last day of my long leave. Going back to KL later this afternoon.

I have refrained from writing while on this leave because I need to focus on settling some personal matters.

Alhamdulillah, they were mostly settled now.

As to what had been happening the past week, I think things were not so bad. Of course they were not so good either.

Well, no one is yet to kill someone for stupid reasons here in Malaysia, which is good, at least in my opinion. That's despite the country getting messed up quite a bit of late.

But honestly, I have nothing to be cheerful about at the moment.

For instance, I didn't really wish anyone a happy new year that day because I don't think 2020 is going to be a happy year.

So many shits are bound to hit the fan as the year progresses, in my opinion.

For one thing, the Mahathir-Anwar power transition issue is expected to come to boil in May.

That alone is a cause of anxiety for many as the economy will suffer from the uncertainty, much like it was throughout last year.

Investors are not really keen to invest in a country clouded in anxiety and uncertainty, okay.

I also don't see any concrete move by the government so far to make things better for the common people.

The Cabinet is still full of incompetent people. Some are outright stupid and divisive.

Some cheered the departure of that Maszlee guy from the Education Ministry saying that it's a sign that the government is trying to improve itself.

But I think that's not true.

It's just politics, actually.

Some in DAP are even claiming credit for it to appease the rebellious Chinese who now support the community's educationists who are at odd with the current government.

Personally, I think there are others in the Cabinet who should leave ahead of Maszlee because they are worse than that guy. Waytha Moorthy is one of them.

Let's just wait for the resignation of other useless ministers from Pakatan parties other than Dr Mahathir's Pribumi Bersatu.

If that happened, then maybe I'm wrong about the Pakatan government being a rubbish government.

But till then, I rather have a pessimistic look at things this year because of the rubbish government.

Well, that does not however mean I'm not going to do something to improve things, at least at my personal level.

I need to focus more at improving myself, for one thing.

No point in me trying to correct big things, like changing the rubbish government that we have now while I can't keep my own personal things in order.

First, I need to clean up my room once I get back in KL later today.

It's in a mess when I left it to go on this long leave the other day.

Then, I also need to do better at work.

Need to do more to motivate myself.

I also need to practice better for the sport that I took up.

Set a proper achievable goal for it.

Yup, I need to do that sort of things correct first. Among other things.

As for this blog, I think I need to get back to basics.

I wrote several years back that I treat this blog more as a personal diary of my thoughts on things that happened around me.

It still is.

I didn't even try to make it popular or force people to read it.

For one thing, I didn't try to promote it on other social media platforms like Facebook or Tweeter.

I don't even have any active account of those.

I'm actually very uncomfortable with the idea of forcing my thoughts on other people.

People who wanted to read my thoughts really have to come to this blog to do so at their own choice.

I know, it's old fashion in this age of social media, but that's just the way I am.

Oh, by the way, I also want to repeat what I wrote before that I don't want to be famous or respected and such.


That's because I find all that very tiring.

By the way, I have quite a manageable level of ego, so I don't really care about what people think of my writings.

Well, that's all for this first post of 2020.

I need to pack up now before going back to KL.


I wish I don't have to go back there, but I need to keep my job and earn a living.

Need to remember that as this year matter what shit happens, life still needs to go on.

And I will persevere, insyaAllah.


Saturday, 28 December 2019

What's wrong with Dong Zong explaining themselves?

So, they stopped the Dong Zong's congress because people protested against it.

I think that's silly.

The Chinese educationists were trying to explain why they were against the teaching of Jawi/Khat at the Chinese schools.

I say, let them speak their mind.

Whether they make sense or not, doesn't really matter.

Whatever it is, I don't think they are going to insult people of other races or anything like that.

By right, we all should have freedom of speech. That includes the Dong Zong people.

If they want to explain their stand, we should let them do so.

Why must others got all so worked up?

We shouldn't get angry with people who are trying to explain themselves.

Anyway, I think I have been consistent about this.

Let the Chinese schools remain as they are.

Don't force people to learn unnecessary things that they don't want to learn.

If anything, it's their loss, not ours.

No need to sibuk-sibuk, okay.

This whole nonsense started when the education ministry wanted to introduce the khat in schools, including the Chinese ones.

It's I think a follow up to that Pribumi Bersatu-initiated congress where they among others proposed for the closure of vernacular schools, which in this case I believe was targeted mostly at Chinese schools.

It's a case of Pribumi Bersatu trying to be more Malay than Umno and Pas.

Stupid politicians.

Well, never mind lah.

I just want to stress that as far as people explaining themselves, I'm all for it.

Even if the explanation doesn't make sense.

As long as what were said do not break the law, I think it's okay.

Next time people want to say something and other people complained, are we going to stop them from speaking?

Ya, so much for freedom of speech and expression in Malaysia Baru.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

As if people have no choice

I had this conversation the other day with an Umno leader about the prospect of BN winning the next general election.

He was confident of victory saying that the Malays have now realised of their mistake in GE14.

In reply, I told him that it's more important for Malay LEADERS to realise their mistakes.

For me, GE14 was not the fault of Malays but that of their leaders.

Malay leaders failed to lead, causing their community to be divided and became weak, enabling others to dictate things to them.

I really don't blame the Malays who switched their votes from BN to Pakatan in GE14.

BN leaders, particularly in Umno failed to convince them at that time not to believe in Dr Mahathir and gang.

Why did they fail?

Arrogance and overconfidence.

They never even bothered to properly explain the issues raised by Pakatan, expecting the people to simply believe in whatever they shoved at them.

Worse, they and their agents were arrogant about it, being so cock sure that the people have no choice but to vote for them again.

Take it or leave it. You are with us or against us. That's the attitude.

They failed to realise that the people have feelings too.

People hate arrogant people.

That's to me was the story of GE14.

BN lost because it failed to address the sentiment of the people because its leaders and their agents were too arrogant to do so.

Maybe they were even too lazy to do so. And of course their fucked ups and other stupid shits.

"We don't care about sentiments, we only care about facts," one of them said to me back then.

Yup, and BN lost because of that.

The people just said "Fuck your facts, we despise arrogant pricks like you all" and voted Pakatan.

And now that things are all screwed up under Pakatan's rule, some of those BN leaders and their agents are saying "Padan muka kamu semua sebab pangkah Pakatan. Siapa suruh jadi bodoh."

Obviously GE14 had not cured their arrogance.

They thought the recent strings of BN's by-election victories were purely because the people are again turning to support them because of no choice in face of Pakatan's broken promises and poor governance.

I have been on the ground during the by-elections and I'm quite sure the people had not voted BN because they want to support these arrogant Umno leaders and their agents.

Yes, they were unhappy with Pakatan but they also see some hope in a better Umno when the very likable and down to earth Mat Hasan acted as its president in Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau.

Similarly, Tanjung Piai, for me, was won largely because of the tactical brilliance and good leadership of the quiet yet efficient Datuk Hasni of Johor Umno.

Still, the arrogant people in Umno are reemerging, claiming credit for BN's good showing.

And they are back at their nonsense again, to the point of even trying to kick aside those who actually have been winning support back for BN and Umno.

I have been hearing a lot of their nonsense of late and I'm tired of them. That's another reason why I have not been writing as regularly as I used to be.

Simply meluat.

If someone like me can get tired of them, I can just imagine how an ordinary folk, especially one with no political affiliation feel when presented with their arrogance.

Do people really have no choice?

I believe they still do have.

It's now up to especially Umno to learn from their past mistakes, failing which the people will reject them again despite Pakatan's failings.

Really, why it's so hard for some of them to be nice to win over the heart and mind of the people?

Can't Umno just get rid of the arrogant people among them, or at least not allow them to become the face of their party?

Well, writing the above was quite tiring, actually.

I honestly wish I could write something else but felt I have to get that out of my chest.

Now that's done I feel better.

Okay, enough lah. Here's something to cheer me and you all up a bit,

Hope you all enjoyed that. Have a good Sunday.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

A bit on the Azilah's SD and Media Prima retrenchments

Yesterday there was that SD by former policeman Azilah that he received order from Najib to kill Mongolian lady Altantuya.

After so long.

Why didn't Azilah, who is now on death row, said that back then or at least right after Pakatan won and Najib was kicked out from the seat of power?

Don't know lah. Personally I don't care much about SDs. So many made in the past which turned out to be bullshit.

Whatever it is, Najib had rubbished it.

But I think AG Tommy Thomas will act on the SD.

For what comes next, we simply have to wait and see.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Still, I think BN, particularly Umno need to do something to counter this latest move to undermine its recovery effort.

Personally, I think leaders should know when they become a liability and give way so that they don't drag down the party with them.

Innocent or guilty doesn't matter. Once a leader can't handle a personal issue which affect the party, he/she should leave. At least until he has cleared his name.

I have actually been bitching about this since the Shahrizat's lembu condo controversy several years ago.

Well, another disturbing news yesterday was the announcement about the retrenchment of over 500 NSTP staff.

I guess things must have been very bad for the company.

Or is it just a strategy to get rid of unwanted people?

Well, more to come as Media Prima, which is the parent company planned to get rid of more people at its other media outlets.

I wrote about the organisation in the past

Media Prima at war

A bit more on the Media Prima war

Media Prima after the civil war

I guess it's a vicious cycle.

I feel so sorry for the young journalists who lost their job there.

But not so much for their seniors who were involved in the "war".

You did bad things to people, bad things will happen to you. You did good things to people, good things will happen to you.

Yup, you kicked people out back then, now other people kick you out too.

Whatever it is, I believe that everything that comes our way is part of Allah's will and we have to accept it with an open heart.

If we are patient and steadfast, insyaAllah things will get better.

Hopefully those who lost their jobs will get new ones soon.

Hopefully, there will not be too many of these retrenchments during this hard time.

Friday, 13 December 2019

More interesting and pressing things than politics

Someone scolded me yesterday for not updating this blog.

Ya, it's been a week.

Actually I've became obsessed with something and of late been spending most of my free time on it instead of writing.

It's something more interesting than politics, definitely.

Well, never mind.

What I have been missing so far?

There's the intensifying PKR fight.

Looks like Anwar's chance of becoming PM has really faded.

Without Azmin and gang, he definitely wouldn't have the number to topple Dr Mahathir in parliament.

I just can't see how they can reconcile after all the nonsense and sex videos.

But all that had been discussed quite extensively by others, so I don't think I have to add to it.


I'm actually itching to write on what I know about Umno's current state of affairs but I think I better let them try to sort it out quietly among themselves.

Better than having a public punch up like PKR.

Other interesting things....well this is an interesting (but I think rather obscure) story:


“How do they smuggle it out of Malaysia? They declare it as clay when in fact it is rare-earth which has been precipitated,” said a source, adding that the activity had been going on for quite a while.
It is also believed that the syndicate had been in cahoots with a local company to smuggle the mineral to China.
Another source said the runoff from the mining at the jungle area is disposed into a nearby river.
The authorities are however tight-lipped.
Crazy stuff.

Hopefully the authorities will really do something about it and make it public.

People make so much noise over Lynas, but that one is even worse.

Really, this is among things more important to be taken care of than making Anwar the new PM.

People need a good government to take care of the country and not a washed-up drama queen demanding to be this or that.

As for me, I'm at the moment just praying for things to get better, especially for my beloved who is currently facing a dilemma at workplace.

That's about all I could do.

But then again I have that obsession of mine at the moment.

Good enough as a distraction from all my worries.

Okay, for entertainment, here's the Lakeside ladies final 2019, which took place in January (which I don't think most of you all know what the hell is). Enjoy :)

Friday, 6 December 2019


Meanwhile in Melaka....

And these are the people who are supposed to rule this country.

Don't want to write too much lah.

Wasting time only.