Thursday, 13 June 2019

Sifting through the garbage of sex video scandal

Someone asked me last night as to why I was not writing something about the Azmin sex video nonsense.

Well, actually it's because initially I only have theories and not real facts about it.

I was trying to learn more about it as I wouldn't want to write something I'm not really sure of.

As of now, one thing is for sure, it's part of the intensifying fight between the camps of Dr Mahathir and Anwar over the promised transition of power which looks more than ever is not going to happen.

Yes, it's as written by some prominent bloggers over the past two days.

After all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Just look at who were making the statements over it.

I was actually told that it's Anwar making a pre-emptive strike to avoid himself being hit with something similar.

At the same time, the hit was directed at Dr Mahathir's preferred successor to undermine any attempt to immediately promote Azmin.

Quite intense, right.

And more to come soon from this fight.

At the moment, it's more or less a stand off.

Anyway, I need to caution you all on the importance of reading carefully to differentiate between the garbage and actual facts of the scandal as presented by our mainstream media, which I feel has not really changed much so far under Pakatan's rule.

Okay, let me help you all with this story by national news agency Bernama;

PKR rejects heinous and dirty politics - Anwar

These are actually about all the facts from the story while the rest are garbage;

excerpts 1 -

Anwar said the PKR fully supported the investigation by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on the allegations hurled at Mohamed Azmin and hoped that the process would be carried out fairly and thoroughly.

A sexual video was viralled in the social media purportedly involving Mohamed Azmin, who is also the Minister of Economic Affairs, and an accusation that a company's fund was channelled into the account belonging to the minister.

That's because Anwar wants Azmin to be investigated so as to put more pressure on him.

excerpts 2 -

To another question, he said for the moment no action would be taken against the PKR member, Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz who claimed that he was the individual in the sex video.

Of course la no action will be taken against the good boy.

As for the rest of the Bernama's story, they are just garbage you all should ignore. This Bernama's picture also;

Well, I don't blame the Bernama journalists and editors. I know that they are trying their best under the circumstances.

They need to keep their jobs and provide for their families. Really, I sincerely mean it.

As to, is it really Azmin in the video?

Why the hell should I care, okay. It really doesn't matter to me.

However, if you all care, then that's your right to be so. Suka hati korang lah.

Anyway, I'm just glad that except for one or two stupid pricks who tried to claim credit over the nonsense, Umno and it's friends have stayed away from it.

They should continue doing their own things.

Let the Pakatan people fight their own dirty war.

Who knows, maybe we can even have a snap election as early as next year.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The bocor airport for rakyat marhaen

This is bad,

'Waterfall' in klia2 - Netizens react 

to burst pipe at Gate K8


"OMG. In @ChangiAirport they have waterfall in the airport. #klia2 also building our own waterfall ke?" tweeted @rayongtim.
His tweet was in response to another Twitter user sharing a footage of a collapsed ceiling with water gushing at a lounge in klia2.
The footage posted by @UncleAhBoon was captioned, "This is serious...klia2..."
I have to congratulate NST for putting that part into the story instead of just the PR statement by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) which was the main highlight of the report by Malaysian Insight;
MAHB lauds speedy action to fix burst pipe at klia2
Sorry ya, I can only give you all Malaysian Insight's headline but not their story because unlike the NST's one, you have to subscribe to read their story.

Anyway, I think MAHB should not congratulate itself for fixing a problem which shouldn't be there in the first place as well as coming up with excuses as to why such a problem happened.

It should have make sure such things never happened.

Key word here is "maintenance".

You all at MAHB tak bothered nak buat maintenance ke sampai paip pecah dan bumbung nak roboh?

Or is it just at KLIA2?

Because it's an airport for budget travellers?

Less wealthy travellers get bocor airport, is it?

Is this part of being Malaysia Baru?

And KLIA2 is very new compared to KLIA. How come can bocor?

Actually, I heard all kind of bad things about KLIA2. Even the toilets were said to be inferior than those in KLIA.

Now I'm beginning to believe that they were true.

I think if I have the time. I'll go check it out one of these days because I have never been to KLIA2.

Whatever it is we shouldn't have a leaking and roof collapsing airport, okay.

Really, that's just not right MAHB.

You all can't have this don't care attitude even with that almost total monopoly of airports in this country.

After all, you all charge the travellers using KLIA2 with the same airport charges/taxes as those in KLIA.

I don't know whether you all realise it, but I was made to understand that almost half of the amount we paid for our plane tickets went to things like airport taxes/charges.

Why can't they make use of that money to ensure we have good airports....instead of bocor airports.

By the way,  the Tourism minister and several others are now making noises about expensive airfares such as reported in these stories;

PKB gesa syarikat penerbangan kaji semula kadar tambang Sabah-Semenanjung

Harga siling, dasar langit terbuka murahkan tiket penerbangan

The way I understand it, they were mostly demanding for the airlines to reduce the airfares.

Obviously they were ignorant of the fact that it's the other things included in the airfares that made up almost half of the ticket prices.

Yup, those extras such as airport charges/taxes for the use of leaking, collapsing airports made the airfares more expensive than they should be, okay.

And those people should check back this story on a statement by the Transport minister in September last year,

Tiada harga siling tambang penerbangan

Well, that's more or less the government saying it's not reducing those other charges.

So, if the government doesn't care to do the necessary to reduce airfares, why should we expect the airlines to be more benevolent?

Saturday, 8 June 2019

A doctor in the house Part 2

This is a comment I received just now at my last post;

Politischeiss8 June 2019 at 18:25
Da Mahn has spoken - FULL STOP

All the noises, bleats and whines which have followed are just like farts against thunder.

"Decision on Latheefa’s appointment final, says Dr Mahathir"

I almost laugh when I read that.

Hey, what did you expect? Quite funny, right.

Let me make it easier for you all, just click on this link to read the whole story;

Mahathir says Latheefa’s appointment final

Nonetheless, I think we must particularly take note of this part of the story;


Dr Mahathir said this when asked to comment on media reports that PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was of the opinion that the Prime Minister should clarify Latheefa’s appointment as the new MACC chief.

It's basically Dr Mahathir saying "Shut up Anwar, I'm in charge and I don't have to answer to you or anyone else".

Well, the fact that Dr Mahathir is not even considering Anwar's opinion for him to clarify the appointment was quite hurting for Anwar, I guess.

This is like in the 1980s and 1990s, when Dr Mahathir was fully in charge.

I believe that Anwar could feel the chill going down his spine when he learnt of the handsome old man's statement.

He should know now that Dr Mahathir will whack him again if he tries to get in the way, just like it was back then.

I now even suspect that he appointed Latheefa to that post just to send that message to Anwar.

Surely Dr Mahathir got some aces up his sleeve now.

If I'm Anwar, I really better back off.

Let Dr Mahathir runs the country as long as he wants and in any way he pleases.

Really Anwar, it's not worth going to jail again at your age now.

Well, this is what the majority of people who voted Pakatan Harapan in GE14 wanted - Dr Mahathir in full control of things, just like it used to be back then.

Right isn't it?

For the young ones who were not yet born or still small kids at that time, get use to these sort of things.

Try to get one of those books on Mahathirism and read it.

Understand it well, so that you all can adjust yourself to this Malaysia Baru.

Oh, and I think they should start on the Part 2 of this book;


Thursday, 6 June 2019

Waiting for the implosion (updated)


Yup, it's starting already.

Anwar wants Mahathir to clarify Latheefa’s appointment


On the same day Latheefa Koya was appointed as MACC head, which was on Raya eve, there were these other stories of Dr Mahathir's strongmen;

Rein in supporters pressuring Dr M 

to quit, PM's pol-sec tells Anwar

Ministers should step up and stop relying 

on Mahathir, says PM's media advisor

The first one is on Zahid Md Arip and second on Datuk Kadir Jasin.

Zahid was quite harsh, actually.


Zahid, in his response, used an analogy of a mangy dog which barks at passersby in a neighbourhood when it senses its master’s frustrations.
“The dog is not barking for the first time, it has barked many times, this being the latest. Whoever passes by the house, it will bark, it has a sickness,” he said.
Asked what “sickness” the dog has, Zahid said it has “penyakit kalah di bahagian” (sickness from loss of the division).
“It’s not just one person, I hear there is another, Klang or Kapar. I see this as a plot to pressure Dr Mahathir, it will not stop here and it will continue after Hari Raya.”
Zahid said the dog cannot be calmed by anyone but its master.
“So I hope the master will speak up to silence them, if not people will say that the master is in cahoots with the dog,” he said, adding that he hoped this was not the case.
“We live in the neighbourhood together, we don’t really care if the dog barks but this seems to be going overboard to the point we are uncomfortable.”
So, Anwar's supporters are now like mangy dogs, eh Zahid.

I wonder what Anwar's people think Dr Mahathir's supporters are akin to nowadays.

Mangy swine?

My read into this is that the likes of Zahid in both Dr Mahathir and Anwar camps are all gearing up for the coming fight next year in the very likely event that there's no transition of power as promised.

Datuk Kadir, who represents the more intelligent side in Dr Mahathir's camp saw the danger of Pakatan's implosion from such a fight and tried to buy time as much as possible.


Commenting on the transfer of power to Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Anwar Ibrahim, Mr Kadir recounted how he told those at the seminar that while PH’s election promises were not cast in stone, the transition from Dr Mahathir to Mr Anwar “was clearly stated and was the linchpin in the pre-election agreement”.

“I told them that they should be encouraged by Mr Anwar’s recent statements that he wasn’t in a hurry and that Dr Mahathir would continue to play a major role thereafter,” he said.
As for concerns over whether there would be any u-turn in policies after Mr Anwar takes over, Mr Kadir said this would be “unlikely”.

Yet Datuk Kadir, being among the harshest critics of Anwar during the Reformasi days of late 1990s surely knew that the fight is inevitable.

How can it be otherwise after these sort of things;

I don't think Datuk Kadir would be so naive as to believe that Anwar could truly forgive all that and will not take his revenge after he got the power to do so.

I believe he was just trying to keep the peace for now so that the fighting would not start too early before the deadline which was supposed to be in May next year.

Meanwhile, they are gathering all the bullets and power for the showdown.

Well, while all these were going on, Umno, Pas and their gang have been rather quiet, especially after their victory in Rantau.

From what I know, they are moving quietly on the ground, building strength at the grassroots level.

Better that way, I guess.

Just wait for the Pakatan implosion and meanwhile avoid making mistakes such as issuing unnecessary statements.

Yup, that's the right way to do it.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

So much for MACC's independence (updated)


Please note that these statements were not made by Umno, Pas or their friends.

Pelantikan KP SPRM tidak dirujuk jawatankuasa Parlimen

"Pakatan Harapan (PH) dalam mementingkan kepentingan awam dan kebebasan SPRM, menyebut mengenai janji menerusi manifestonya bahawa SPRM perlu merujuk kepada Parlimen.
"Tanpa merujuk kepada kemampuan peribadi, integriti dan perwatakannya, pelantikan Latheefa yang juga ahli PKR, satu parti dalam kerajaan PH akan menjejaskan kepercayaan orang ramai terhadap SPRM.
He said he did not get any resignation letter from Latheefa, who announced that she “sent in” her resignation as ordinary member of PKR, a component party of the ruling Pakatan Harapan, yesterday with immediate effect when she was informed she would be appointed to lead the nation’s anti-corruption agency.
“As of today, her name is still in the system,” Saifuddin told Malay Mail.
When asked if ordinary PKR members need to submit resignation letters to the party secretary-general, Saifuddin said: “For this high-profile case, she should write to sec-gen. That would be the proper way to do.”


We, Malaysians got this news on raya eve today,

PKR’s Latheefa Koya is new MACC chief as Shukri Abdull ends contract early

Honestly, I was shocked that they were being this blatant.

Not even Umno at its worst had done such thing.

But of course, a short while later we got this follow up news

On taking MACC helm, 

Latheefa resigns from PKR and LFL

Ya, sure, with that MACC will remain independent.


Somehow I suspect that this is going to be part of their coming civil war when Anwar was supposed to take over the premiership from Dr Mahathir next year.

Bear in mind that Latheefa is definitely not in love with Anwar and his gang.

Well, I'm not going to write my full thought on this nonsense for now as it may spoil my mood for whatever little raya celebrations I'm supposed to enjoy.

After all, this is Malaysia Baru, so they can do whatever they want.

Malaysians voted for them what.

I'll just wait for their spins on this and have a good laugh later.

Okay guys, happy hari raya.


Monday, 3 June 2019

Mat Sabu's defence policy

If you read this story by The Star

Mat Sabu: Region faces complex security dynamics

or this one by FMT

US-China row affects regional stability, says Mat Sabu

which were written as reports from the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, you would probably think that there's nothing wrong with our defense minister.

He sounds quite ministerial and even a bit boring.

Actually, those stories are part of the magic tricks of our media in this age of Malaysia Baru which is begining to feel more and more like Malaysia Lama when media outlets spun their stories to make ministers look good.

Well, this is Mat Sabu in video at that premier Asia Pacific defense and security summit,

Yup, that's our defense minister.

Nice or not?

And he is the president of one of the parties in the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition.

Okay, I'm not going to say anything about the standard of his English because I have no problem with people who speak the language that way. I'm not an arrogant Anglophile snob.

I just want you all to concentrate on the message that Mat Sabu was trying to convey....if you can understand what he was saying la.

My favourite part is when he said that the Chinese Coast Guard is bigger than our navy and because of that there's nothing we can do except to talk to them if the Chinese decide to come over and do whatever they like in our territory.

In all seriousness, if our own defense minister can say that in front of an international audience, then we may as well close down our navy and save the billions of ringgit for our country's defense.

Heck, why not close down our entire armed forces while we are at it. Let's not waste our tax payers' money.

Just roll over and die whenever anyone wants to invade our country.

Yeah, why bother, right?

Even the Singaporeans have better looking armed forces than ours. So, tell the world la that we are going to let them take over our country if they feel like it.

And I wonder what our soldiers, sailors and airmen of Angkatan Tentera Malaysia think of what Mat Sabu said at the event.

The guy who is more or less in charge of them basically said that they are quite useless.

All those sacrifices, and lives lost while defending this country over the years amount to nothing for this current defense minister.

He can't even seemed to remember how our armed forces defeated the communist insurgency, won the confrontation with Indonesia and other instances when our men and women in uniform did good in defending our country.

I don't know lah, but this sort of idiocies among the Pakatan ministers are really getting on my nerves.

And it doesn't seem to be getting any better any time soon.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Pre-raya blues

It's already raya mood now.

Many have went balik kampung, taking the whole week as holiday.

I'm not going anywhere though. Staying put in KL.

As usual, I don't really celebrate raya like most people.

Just the compulsory two or three visits of close relatives. That's all.

No baju raya, duit raya, raya open house and such.

For me, raya is time to rest.

Resting is celebration enough.

But, that's me. You all celebrate lah as according to what makes you all happy.

Tomorrow I'm planning to pay the compulsory zakat fitrah for myself and my family.

That's my routine as raya draws near.

I used to pay for my beloved too, just simply because I thought maybe Allah will give us blessing if I pay a bit extra.

I know, that's rather stupid but I just like the idea.

Anyway, this Ramadhan was not so bad.

I tried my best.

Still, I don't think I got full marks for my puasa. My puasa was definitely not perfect.

Hopefully Allah will be a bit lenient on me.

By the way, this is going to be the second raya for Malaysians under the Pakatan rule.

I wonder if people are happier compared to when raya was under BN rule.

For one thing, are preparations for raya now cheaper without GST?

You all have enough money for raya or not? Still have a job?

Well, politics aside, I hope you all are alright one way or another.

Sorry ya, today I'm not really in good mood and actually quite tired.

Someone made me very angry this afternoon until I got very exhausted.

Don't know what's wrong with me that I got so angry like that,

No energy now except for just this little bit of rambling.

Hope you all don't mind too much.

Here's a song I've been humming since this morning, Hope you all enjoy it.


Friday, 31 May 2019

The right decision on Lynas

First and foremost, I'm glad for the about 1,000 Malaysians working at the Lynas' rare earths plant in Gebeng near Kuantan.

Yes, their prayers have been answered.

This is the story by Reuters;

Malaysia to let Lynas to continue running its rare earths plant


“We will allow Lynas to carry on because otherwise we are going to lose a very big investment from Australia,” Mahathir told reporters at a news conference in Tokyo. 

But I think this also got something to do with it,


Lynas’ status as a non-Chinese producer came into sharper focus this week after major Chinese newspapers, including the official People’s Daily, reported Beijing was ready to use rare earths to strike back in its trade war with the United States.
China supplied 80 per cent of the rare earths imported by the United States from 2014 to 2017, when it accounted for 81 per cent of the world’s rare earth production, data from the U.S. Geological Survey showed.
You all can read more on that at these links;

Somehow I believe that Dr Mahathir was glad to make that decision.

He knows that those anti-Lynas politicians such as Fuziah Salleh and Wong Tuck are actually so full of shit and just using the issue to gain political mileage. 

Yup, the whole anti-Lynas movement was actually just a load of crap.

If you believed in it back then, then I'm sorry for you.

This is what Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog about Lynas on May 20 2012,

1. I was the first to write in my blog about rare earth, about how difficult it was to rid ourselves from activated rare earth when it was no longer needed.
2. Rare earth can be used for many things and in many ways. The rare earth represented by tin tailing, mostly ilmenite, when activated can be used in colour television. Today colour television uses plasma or LED.
3. This posed a problem of getting rid of the activated rare earth left in Malaysia. Finally it was agreed between Mitsubishi Electric and Malaysia that a site in Perak of almost a square kilometre be reserved for burying under concrete the activated “amang”.
4. Although visitors were banned and no human habitation was allowed at the site, I am told that now there is no more danger of radiation and human dwellings have been built there.
5. The Lynas project is not about activating the rare earth to make it radioactive. It is about extraction of the element to be used in making lithium ion batteries and magnets.
6. Lithium ion batteries are extensively used to power electronic products including mobile phones.
7. We carry in our pockets and use mobile phones all the time, putting them against our ears to hear and speak over the air waves. Obviously they are not harmful. This lithium ion battery does not emit harmful radiation.
8. As I understand it, the Lynas plant in Pahang does not involve activating any of the rare earth components to make them radioactive. The process cannot be harmful. As for the waste, it does not give off harmful radiation either. The waste is just ordinary earth which is normally mixed with the small amounts of rare earth. The necessity to export the waste does not arise.
9. Malaysia is endowed with significant quantities of rare earth. In its natural state it is harmless. Tin tailings or “amang” is probably more likely to give off radio waves than rare earth. The mining and extraction of rare earth can bring much wealth to Malaysia. In fact Malaysia should be producing lithium ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid cars. Today these batteries are being produced in Germany and Britain, using rare earth from China and elsewhere.
10. Lithium ion batteries will be much in demand in the future. They are usually rechargeable and can last for many years.
11. It would be a great loss to Malaysia if misguided people prevent us from extracting and using the high clean electrical capacities of rare earth. Just as the lithium ion batteries in the cellular phones is not harmful even when we carry them everywhere in our pockets and put them to our ears, the mining and extracting of rare earth from Malaysian earth will not harm us in any way.

Well, yesterday's announcement by Dr Mahathir was indeed satisying because I have been writing quite a bit about Lynas myself.

These are some of my previous posts on the issue;

Quite a few, aren't they?

Really glad that one settled.

Well, I'm alone in the house now. Not working today.

Maybe I'll go out later and celebrate a bit during buka puasa time.

For now, I just want to relax and enjoy the solitude.


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

They are desperate to win Adib inquest (updated)


It turns out that

Lawyer instructed to withdraw 
from Adib's inquest by AG

No wonder lah....never mind.


A friend was complaining to me last night about this,

Adib inquest: Court sets new 

date after lawyer withdraws

"Why did she quit when she was about to bring back that forensic and pathology expert who believed that Adib was assaulted?" my friend asked.


The lawyer’s withdrawal also rendered void her clients’ appointment of United Kingdom-based forensic and pathology consultant Dr. Shahrom Abd. Wahid as an expert witness. 

Shahrom was to have testified for a second time today after being recalled.
Apart from Adib’s family, Syazlin represented the Housing and Local Government Ministry and the Fire and Rescue Services Department.

How would I know why the lawyer quit, right?

But never mind, because I never really expect anything from the inquest since I suspected from the start that these sort of things will happen.

Well, let them do whatever they want as they are so desperate to win this one.

As for now I rather think that,

Allah will give justice to Adib and his loved ones

and I believe that,

Truth will prevail, one way or another

If you all bother to click on the links to those earlier posts of mine and read them, then you would probably understand better why I have so little faith in the inquest.

Anyway, why is the lawyer's withdrawal from the inquest is so significant? What had she done?

Lawyer Syazlin

Probably this;

Adib inquest: Lawyer grills doctor on probability report

causing this;

Adib inquest: Forensic expert feels humiliated in court

And that forensic expert is the one who insisted that Adib was not beaten to death.

I believe those who want the inquest to rule that Adib was not beaten to death must have felt the need to remove the way or another.

As for Dr Shahrom, who was supposed to testify again but now has been cancelled out because of the lawyer's withdrawal, this is what he said the first time at the inquest;

Fireman semi-conscious 

when pulled from EMRS van


Former senior forensic and pathology consultant at Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz, Prof Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid, 62, said this could have been because Adib was either shocked to be attacked or in extreme pain.
At the same time, Dr Shahrom said it was also possible that the firefighter was helpless to resist the person pulling him out.
“He may have been semi-conscious, either because he was in shock, or because he was in extreme pain due to his injuries.
“Maybe he was conscious when he was pulled, moving but not resisting aggressively. No reaction,” he said when testifying on the 27th day of the inquest.
He said this when questioned by Deputy Public Prosecutor Hamdan Hamzah, who is the conducting officer in the inquest, about the deceased's condition when he was being pulled out.
The 29th witness said Adib was probably dragged and that the evidence was in the back of the camouflage pants worn by the firefighter.
He said traces of dirt stuck on his pants would prove that the victim was dragged.
Dr Shahrom said he thoroughly checked Adib's camouflage pants and found evidence that the firefighter was indeed dragged.
“Look at the pants, there is dirt and traces of being dragged. The fabric is also fluffy and there are stitches which have come off,” he said.

Well, while you all are at it, maybe you all can read again this story about the forensic experts of the inquest,

Pakar forensik saksi inkues Adib buat 

laporan polis dakwa diugut saksi lain

Yup, they are trying everything possible to make sure the finding of the inquest favours them.

But, it doesn't matter, right? This is Malaysia Baru.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Melaka land grab - Dr Mahathir is not the same PM anymore

This is Rocky's post today,

The PM knows about that 
controversial land deal in Melaka

He even put a copy of the letter from SDP group chief executive Mohd Bakke Salleh to Dr Mahathir.

That Rocky's post more or less confirmed what I wrote about the issue on April 30


SDP CEO TS Bakke Salleh had then wrote to PM, Dr Mahathir on the matter but nothing came out of it.

Well, some tried to spin the whole thing to pin the blame on the previous BN government but that's not working because the whole nonsense certainly belongs to the Pakatan's state government in Melaka.

Why Dr Mahathir did nothing about it?

Honestly, I don't have a sure answer to that.

Maybe it's because the Melaka CM is an Amanah guy and not from his party.

I'm quite sure Dr Mahathir would have done something if the CM is from Pribumi Bersatu.

He did that in Johor.

Of course that Johor MB affair was messy and still unsettled until today but at least he did something about it.

Seriously, I don't think Dr Mahathir has much say as to how leaders of DAP, PKR and Amanah conduct themselves.

That's why I think he did nothing about the Melaka land grab issue.

And even if he wanted to do something, he can't.

That's unfortunate isn't it?

Back then when Dr Mahathir was a BN PM, he had total control and could steer the nation to greater heights.

But not now.

Okay, I can understand if he doesn't have any say about what DAP and PKR people do.

After all, DAP is the dominant party of Pakatan while PKR is the party with the most number of parliamentary seats in the coalition.

But for Dr Mahathir to have no say over the conduct of even Amanah leaders such as in the Melaka land grab issue is really unfortunate.

Amanah is almost as junior as Pribumi Bersatu in Pakatan, and Dr Mahathir as the PM can't even stop its leaders from abusing their power and punishing them for it.

Well, nothing much we can do now except just wait for Anwar to take over from Dr Mahathir as PM next year ( if it's going to happen).

Who knows maybe Anwar can do what Dr Mahathir can't....control over all the Pakatan component parties.

After all, PKR is a bigger and older party than Pribumi Bersatu.

Somehow, suddenly I find it hard to swallow that Anwar may be more capable than Dr Mahathir in handling all these problems.

Cannot be, right?

Just wait and see lah.

Whatever it is, bear in mind that no Malay leader, either Dr Mahathir or Anwar can control or have any say about what DAP leaders are doing. 

That I'm very certain.

They are the real gang in charge.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

A good U-turn on China

Looks like

Pakatan government committed to stronger Malaysia-China ties


” I have always believed in the principle of ‘prosper thy neighbour’ and as China prospered, it has in turn prospered Malaysia as well,” he added.
On China’s Belt and Road initiative, the prime minister said Malaysia had taken the position of supporting it for the benefits were mutually shared and distributed and for Malaysia, it was a continuation of the ancient trade that started way back during the Malacca empire and trading between both countries had never diminished for centuries.
Good lah, like that.

However, I do remember all those previous talks about BN selling off the country to China.

Like as reported here,

Selling the country to China? 

Debate spills into Malaysia's election


Mahathir Mohamad, who heads an alliance hoping to oust Najib, has seized on popular disquiet about Chinese investment pouring into Malaysia and turned it into an election issue.
Najib, he says, is selling Malaysia out to China.
This could matter for Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and for Malaysia’s economy because Mahathir, who was the country’s prime minister for more than two decades, has vowed to reconsider Chinese contracts if the opposition wins on May 9.
“Coming in here, buying land, developing luxurious towns, is not beneficial for us,” the 92-year-old former leader said of China’s investments in a recent interview with Reuters. “Quite definitely, we will review.”
Najib has repeatedly shrugged off Mahathir’s barbs on China, saying that allowing foreign direct investment does not amount to selling the country’s sovereignty.
Those are after and before GE14.

Anything goes, I guess.

Janji menang pilihanraya.

But really, I don't like people who think it's okay to lie.

Today says something, tomorrow says another thing. That's bad.

Well, what's done is done.

Now we have this Pakatan government because we believe what its leaders said and voted for them.

Just bear with it lah....the lies, U-turns, incompetence, stupidity, racism, etc.

As far as the Pakatan government's intention to maintain good relations with China, I actually support this U-turn.

It's good for the country.

About the previous selling the country to China lie, that's just their tactic to win votes.

That one you all decide in the next general election.

If you all still okay being led by liars, then vote for them again lah.

But if you prefer honest people to manage this country, change the government.

That's later, okay.

For now lets support things which is good for the country....even if its a U-turn decision.

Okay, enough of politics.

I'm actually bored today.

Such a boring Sunday.

To entertain myself, here's one of my favourite videos of how I believe paradise should be....

....and that's in China. Very tough and talented lady, that one.