Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Some more on Budget 2020 - featuring Najib and KJ

I always said that I'm not an economic expert.

That's why I hardly commented on the 1MDB controversy.

It's really too complicated for me.

I don't like to write about things I'm not sure of.

That's unlike some people who claimed that they know about 1MDB just because they don't want to be called stupid.

Actually, these people were just parroting others whom I suspect were equally clueless about the issue.

They believe in what others said because it suits their political belief.

Well, never mind that. The 1MDB case is now in the court.

Lets wait until the judge delivers the verdict. Innocent until proven guilty, okay.

What I really want to highlight in this post however is some more facts about the Budget 2020.

As I said, I'm not an economic expert. So, lets hear it from those who know economics better than myself and then make our own conclusion.

This is one of them yesterday,

Say what you want about Najib, but what he said about the budget was factual.

Quite clear and easy to understand, even for someone like me.

Things are indeed not well with Malaysia under Pakatan.

Also, just look at the desperate monkeys who tried to interrupt Najib. Pathetic.

And here is also a good one by KJ the previous day,

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

IQOS, the alternative cigarette

An editor friend asked me to help him out a bit because his news portal is currently facing some technical difficulties.

Since he has been such a nice friend, I agreed.

He asked me to post a story about the anniversary of IQOS, that heat-not-burn alternative cigarette device, in Malaysia.

The device was meant to lessen the risk of smoking.

I have this device and I no longer smoke conventional cigarettes.

I wrote about it at this link,

It's really good.

Well, some may say why don't just quit altogether, but for me, it's important to give people an alternative. A better one.

Not everyone have the will power to just quit, okay.

I smoked Marlboro Light for so many years and I admit that I'm a nicotine addict.

I had previously tried many times to quit but they just simply didn't work.

But now, I managed to do that.

So, devices such as IQOS does help.

Some may say, it's still smoking, but really, it's less harmful.

Well, at least I don't suffer chronic sore throat anymore ever since I quit conventional cigarettes.

And I'm quite sure my nicotine intake now is much lesser than previously.

Who knows, maybe I will be able to quit altogether soon.

Anyway, this is the full press release that my friend forwarded to me,

Kuala Lumpur, 15 Oct 2019 : Philip Morris Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PMM), an affiliate of Philip Morris
International (PMI), is celebrating the first anniversary of its business transformation towards a
smoke-free future in Malaysia, since IQOS was launched in 2018. 

IQOS is PMI’s most advanced tobacco heating system that uses heat-not-burn technology.

To date more than 50,000 adult smokers in Malaysia have switched to using the IQOS device.

PMM, with its distribution and retail partner, has opened 28 IQOS Authorised Care Centres (IACC)
and six IQOS Care Corners throughout Malaysia. 

Adult consumers can get access to professional customer support in the IACCs in addition to purchasing the IQOS device and accessories. 

PMM strictly maintains that IQOS is not for youth, non-smokers, or former smokers. 

As such, all IACCs throughout Malaysia comply with PMI’s Good Conversion Practices and implement access restrictions for youth, and other verification and control measures before giving consumers information about IQOS.

"Our vision is to create a better alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to

"Through disruptive thinking, robust science and years of R&D experience behind our
smoke-free platforms, we are confident that IQOS, PMI’s heat-not-burn technology, will bring us a
step closer to our vision of a smoke-free future,” said Kang Tae Koo, Managing Director of PMM.

“We hope among 5 million smokers here in Malaysia, the adult smokers would switch to better
alternatives which are scientifically proven to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes. 

"It is very important that men and women who would otherwise continue to smoke have access to
accurate information about alternatives to cigarettes in order to make informed choices.”

The IQOS device is designed to heat tobacco without burning, as a result it produces an average
reduction of 90% to 95% in the levels of Harmful and Potentially Harmful Chemicals (HPHCs) as
compared to conventional cigarettes, but it is not risk free. 

As such, the innovative IQOS system presents a better alternative to cigarette smoking. PMM remains committed to offering smokefree innovation and technology that will one day replace cigarettes with better alternatives for adult smokers who won’t quit.

PMI is leading a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and
ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products to the benefit of adult smokers who would
otherwise continue to smoke. 

To date, PMI has invested over USD6 billion on research and development to substantiate and manufacture smokeless alternatives such as the IQOS device.

The science behind this innovation and its harm reduction potential has been verified by a
growing number of independent studies conducted by renowned public health institutions. 

A total of 340 peer reviewed publications and 10 clinical studies have been conducted and the totality
of scientific evidence so far indicates that switching completely to IQOS that heats tobacco
without burning it, is less harmful than continuing to smoke cigarettes. 

As such, the innovative IQOS system presents a better alternative to cigarette smoking.

Approximately 8 million adult smokers around the world have completely stopped smoking
cigarettes and switched to IQOS, which is available for sale in 48 markets in key cities

Malaysia was the 44th market to commercialize IQOS.

For more information, please visit and

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Budget, should we believe the liars? (updated)

UPDATES 12:20 Oct 14

Lets listen to Mat Hassan


I watched Guan Eng's tabling of the Budget 2020 yesterday.

Honestly, I didn't notice anything spectacular.

And next year is supposed to be the year our country becomes a developed country. Vision 2020, remember?

Well, there's the obvious attempt to win back the support of Malay Muslims. A bit of allocations for bumiputera thingy, halal products, petani, nelayan etc here and there.

I guess the Umno-Pas alliance really shook them up quite a bit.

Guan Eng yesterday kept saying things are better now under Pakatan rule. Really?

He gave some figures and said inflation is down now and will continue to does so.

You all feel inflation is down meh?

Things are cheaper now?

Well, I don't think so.

Never mind.

Go ahead and be the judge yourself. Go to the market and buy stuff and be honest when you answer whether things are cheaper now.

I remember that back then when Najib gave out nice figures, people didn't want to believe him because they said what was said didn't tally with what's on the ground.

They should judge Guan Eng's figures the same way too.

This is especially so because Guan Eng and the other Pakatan leaders have been proven to be lying all the time.

Targeted fuel subsidy, does it really matter?

Price of fuel will definitely goes up next year.

Fuel goes up, so will others.

That so called targeted subsidy was a joke, if you ask me.

Remember this?

So many others like that lah.

They just know how to talk.

Doesn't really matter to them whether what they said is a lie or not.

So, my advice is, don't be too taken in by what Guan Eng tabled yesterday.

Most likely he was just bullshitting, as usual.

Later a Pakatan leader will probably say "Hey, a budget is not a bible. No need to do what was said."

Same with the election manifesto. Remember?

Lies, lies, lies.

Do we need to really listen to what liars said?

I don't think so.

For me it's easy.

I just ask myself, did my life gets better after these jokers took over the country?

I would not let them bullshit me.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Stop terror group LTTE in Malaysia

Guan Eng yesterday said

Our two reps innocent, no link to extremist activities

and because of that, today

Former IGP calls on police to ignore 

DAP over LTTE-linked assemblymen

Yes, I agree.

Police must ignore Guan Eng and the other DAP people on this.

I believe the police have investigated the case thoroughly before arresting the DAP assemblymen and the other suspects.

DAP assemblymen P Gunasekaren (left) and G Saminathan have been arrested for alleged links to LTTE.
After all, it took them almost a year to do that.

Surely police have videos and other hard evidence against the suspects who were at the LTTE function in Melaka last year.

It's almost impossible for the suspects not to later be charged in court.

See lah how....whether the DAP-oriented AG Tommy Thomas will allow those DAP assemblymen to be charged.

You all know lah these days....their gang always get their cases thrown out because the AG Chamber refused to either take them to court or continue with the prosecution of an ongoing case.

Like that Guan Eng's bunglow case and scores of others, especially those involving the Sedition Act.

There was even this one the other day,

AGC concedes defeat in another sedition case

Selective prosecution, if you ask me.

Same like that issuance of MACC's 1MDB compound earlier this week.

Well, they have the power, like that lah.

Anyway, I still think our police should be congratulated for taking a firm action against these people who were clearly trying to glorify and possibly revive LTTE which was crushed by the Sri Lankan armed forces a decade ago.

It's as dangerous as any other terror groups which the police have cracked down upon such as Islamic State.

LTTE was categorised as a terrorist group by Malaysia in 2014. I believe it was because the government at that time had discovered attempts to revive the terror group in this country after its defeat in Sri Lanka in 2009.

Even if the AG later on refuses to take the LTTE case to court because DAP people were involved, I hope the police will continue to crack down on them.

We can't let this country become a base for terror groups like LTTE.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

When mainstream media's slide became a free fall


Utusan Melayu ceases operations

Ironically, that oldest Malay-language newspaper group died just a few days after the leading Malay-based party in government, Pribumi Bersatu had its

Kongress Maruah Melayu

So much for Malay dignity, I told myself.

Well, I deeply sympathise with the Utusan staff who lost their job.

I once lost my job too and therefore I could understand how they must be feeling right now.

I hope they will immediately get a new job so that they don't suffer too much.

What actually went wrong?

Of course, Pakatan people and the media which sided with them blamed Umno which for a long time controlled Utusan.

Well, to a certain degree, I do agree with them as I believe that the media should not be controlled by political parties.

Umno is indeed guilty on that count.

But then again, there are those who used to exploit Utusan who are now with Pakatan.

Many of them used to be top Umno leaders who gave instructions to Utusan editors and journalists on what were to be published by the newspaper.

They are indeed responsible for what happened to Utusan due to what they did when they were with Umno.

For instance, those who are old enough may remember how Anwar, as the deputy president of Umno controlled the media, especially Utusan which at that time was more or less reduced to be the party's mouthpiece.

Then there are also former media bosses and journalists with Pakatan now who used to earn big salaries and get Datukship and Tan Sri titles while they were with Utusan and other media outlets.

They got all that by doing the biddings of their political masters who were with Umno at that time.

Some of them now blame what happened to Utusan and the once Umno-controlled media on their successors there, but I'm sure they know, and we also know that's not true.

The rot started during their time, okay.

When the internet era started, one of them even famously said it was just a fad and then refused to develop the online version of the newspapers that he controlled.

And the "jilat" culture at the so-called mainstream media continued.

That was around the Anwar's Reformasi time in the late 1990s.

It was the time when the slide of the mainstream media which I believe actually started with Operasi Lalang in 1987 became a free fall.

But yeah, never mind all that, just blame Umno, as that's the most convenient way to gain political mileage out of what happened to Utusan.

By the way, Umno now has its accounts frozen by the Pakatan government, so that it can't help Utusan this time as it did over the past years.

I'm quite sure they would have tried to do something at least to help the Utusan people if not for that.

Anyway, the media outlets which all these while have been supporting Pakatan and were enemies of Utusan and Umno gleefully reported the newspaper's demise.

They among others told stories about angry Utusan staff condemning their cowardly bosses who shied away from facing them.

True stories, of course.

It's a story of soldiers being angry with their incompetent officers after they lost the war.

The fact however remains that they lost and being on the losing side, they have to suffer the consequences.

Officers, soldiers....doesn't matter, they are in the same boat.

If you ask me, I think the Utusan staff shouldn't be too angry. Instead, they should prepare themselves for the future.

In fact, they should have done that right after BN lost GE14. They should know what's coming their way.

Surely they know that the newspaper was not making money for quite a while and had to depend a lot on Umno to survive.

Once Umno is no longer in power, they should know that it can't help them survive anymore.

Another irony of this whole thing is that, I know quite a number of those Utusan staff who lost their job yesterday are actually not really supportive of Umno and BN.

That's just too bad for them.

Well, who is next? NST, Berita Harian, Harian Metro?

Hopefully not.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Dr Mahathir switching sides?

Last week I wrote that I don't support the

Kongress Maruah Melayu

That's because I believe in

I'm against its planned resolutions which include the closing down of Chinese schools.

I also wrote that I don't think Umno and Pas would be involved in the event.

Despite it being touted as organised by public universities, the event actually belongs to Dr Mahathir's Pribumi Bersatu.

Umno and Pas had previously vowed not to have anything to do with Pribumi Bersatu and other parties aligned to DAP in Pakatan Harapan.

Yesterday, however, it was confirmed that Umno and Pas will take part in the event.

So, what is actually happening?

My take is that Dr Mahathir's people had probably approached the Umno and Pas leadership and convinced them that their side also wanted to be part of the Perpaduan Ummah thing.

I believe they could have told the Umno and Pas people that they were also fed up with being an ally of DAP which is trying to push its Malaysian Malaysia agenda from their seat of power in Putrajaya.

They probably had said that DAP is backing Anwar to push Dr Mahathir out of the PM office because once the guy is in power he would repay the support by giving in to that agenda.

Do note that Anwar had not been invited to the event. I also have yet to see any news about DAP's lackeys in Amanah being invited.

Dr Mahathir's people must have been very convincing about all these when they talked with the Umno and Pas leaders.

If this speculation of mine is right, this could be the end of Pakatan Harapan, and we Malaysians are set for another political roller coaster ride.

We may even have a snap general election as early as next year.

Anyway, I'm still not supportive of this event on Sunday for reasons that I wrote in my previous post.

I still believe in a moderate multi-racial Malaysia.

I believe the Umno-Pas' Perpaduan Ummah thing is good enough for that.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Umno candidate likely for Tanjung Piai

Someone from Johor told me last night that BN is almost certain to field an Umno candidate for the Tanjung Piai by-election.

The guy who is well connected to the Johor Umno establishment said the leading candidate is Tanjung Piai Umno division chief Jefridin Atan.

I'm not sure where he got his information from but he also claimed that the matter had already been decided by the Umno leadership.

Well, whatever.

I had stated my preference here,

But if Umno people insist on contesting the seat, then that's up to them.

Actually, I don't blame them.

After all, despite the constituency used to be an MCA stronghold, its Malay majority there stood at 57 per cent.

It's about the same as Cameron Highlands which BN won a few months ago after MIC gave way to a BN's Orang Asli candidate.

I don't think Pakatan can even accuse BN of playing the racial card on this one.

Tanjung Piai parliamentary constituency was set up as part of the re-delineation process in 2003, just before the 2004 general election.

It was originally a DAP versus MCA venue.

However, it was DAP which fielded a Malay candidate first in 2008 and then in 2013, hoping to sway the Malay majority there to vote for them. It didn't work.

In the last general election, Pakatan fielded a Pribumi Bersatu candidate there, a Malay from a Malay-based party against BN's MCA candidate.

They won. As I argued in my previous post, it's the Malays who gave the Pakatan candidate his victory.

Now it looks like BN may respond to that by fielding an Umno candidate this time.

I think even MCA understand this move was necessary.

Well, I 'm still hoping for an MCA candidate to be fielded there for reasons which I stated in my previous post, but if Umno insist on fielding theirs, then so be it.

If BN wins, then Umno will increase their parliament seats by one,.....but that's about it.

However if the Umno candidate lose, even though the risk is not much, it will be a big blow to BN and its allies.

Well, bear in mind that MCA's Wee Jeck Seng won over 30 per cent of the Chinese votes there last year, which is a lot considering the circumstances at that time. I don't think the Umno candidate will get that for BN this time.

So, BN need to make sure that at least 80 per cent of the Malays who made up the 57 per cent voters in Tanjung Piai are on their side.

Achievable under the present political climate, but the risk is still there.

See lah how it turns out.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

China celebrates 70 years of communism

That was yesterday.

They said it's for the motherland, but actually it's for totalitarian communism.

Well, never mind that. At least in Malaysia they have democracy and freedom.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong yesterday,

Police shoot teen protester as Hong Kong violence escalates

Why are they fighting China? Because they don't want to end up like these people of Xinjiang.


Sunday, 29 September 2019

Tanjung Piai, between Umno and MCA

A very high ranking Johor Umno leader asked me the other day whom should BN field in the upcoming Tanjung Piai by-election.

I actually felt honoured that he asked for my opinion. After all, I'm just a nobody while he is a very important Johor Umno decision maker.

I told him that my opinion on the matter is probably not the best as I have been away from Johor for quite a while and due to that I'm quite out of touch with the local sentiment.

"Datuk, I can give you my personal opinion, but I want you to know that I will still respect your decision and that of Zahid's on this matter if you all choose the other option. All that really matter is for BN to win the by-election," I said.

Having said that, I told him that personally I would prefer MCA's Wee Jeck Seng, the former MP there to be the BN candidate.

The main reason for my choice is that I believe BN will contest the by-election as the favourite to win it due to the current political climate and that if the coalition fields an MCA candidate, then it would prove that the recently sealed Perpaduan Ummah pact with Pas was not meant to alienate the non-Malays, particularly the Chinese community.

It will send a strong message to the Chinese community, especially in Johor that DAP's accusations of BN over the years, especially about Umno being a racist party were not true.

Tanjung Piai, despite being a Malay-majority constituency (currently at 57 per cent) has been an MCA stronghold until the last general election.

Wee had done well there by previously winning against DAP Malay candidates in 2008 and 2013.

The guy was well liked as he served his constituents diligently, irrespective of their race or religion.

In the last general election, despite other MCA candidates being massacred elsewhere, he was beaten by the late Dr Md Farik Md Rafik of Pribumi Bersatu by a razor thin margin of 524 votes.

I was told that Wee managed to get about 30 per cent of the votes from among the Chinese voters in the constituency, which was exceptional compared to the average five per cent received by other MCA candidates from the community.

The bulk of voters who used to support Wee but turned against him last year were actually Malays.

This is evident from the results at the two state constituencies within Tanjung Piai.

In Pekan Nanas, where the local Chinese community is concentrated, the MCA candidate managed to reduce the DAP's majority from 2,669 votes in 2013 to 1,308 while in Kukup where the Malays have the outright majority, the Umno candidate's majority of 6,946 votes in 2013 was reduced to merely 862.

Considering the current trend of Malay support swinging back to BN, Wee may get back his lost votes.

This is the full result of GE14 for Tanjung Piai
PHMd Farid Md Rafik21,25547.29+ 47.29
BNWee Jeck Seng20,73146.12- 10.00
PASNordin Othman2,9626.59+ 6.59
Total valid votes44,948100.00
Total rejected ballots841
Unreturned ballots69
Registered electors53,528
Do take note that it was the first time Pas, which is now a BN ally had contested in Tanjung Piai and its candidate acted as a spoiler that prevented Wee from winning. Also, to be considered were the over 800 spoilt votes which could have been from those who protested against the BN leadership at that time.

Click on this link for the electoral history of Tanjung Piai,
Tanjung Piai (federal constituency)

All that considered, I told the Johor Umno leader that Wee would be the ideal BN candidate for the coming by-election.

I also pointed to him that most of the parliamentary constituencies in Johor are of the marginal type and BN will need all the Chinese votes that it could get in future elections in the state.

"If Umno and Pas campaign hard for Wee and he wins in Tanjung Piai which is a Malay majority constituency, then the Chinese, at least in Johor, will realise that the Perpaduan Ummah is not a threat to them and some may even return to support MCA again.

"Bear in mind that not all Chinese even like the DAP. Wee even received over 30 per cent of their votes despite all the BN's problems during GE14," I said.

The Johor Umno leader nodded in agreement. The guy is nice and sensible.

However, he told me that many other Johor Umno leaders, including those at the Tanjung Piai division wanted their party to contest the by-election.

"They felt that there's no benefit in giving MCA another Malay majority constituency. Umno suffered so many betrayals by MCA members who voted for DAP and its allies in past elections. They told me that if MCA want to win elections in future, they have to do so at Chinese-majority constituencies so that they can truly say they represent their community," he said.

I told him I do understand that sentiment and I don't blame those Umno leaders. I was myself enraged when TS Abdul Ghani Othman lost to Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah in 2013 because I believed that the Chinese, who are the majority there betrayed their own MB at that time despite him contributing so much to their community just because he is a Malay.

But then again, I still feel that the Johor Umno leaders need to see the bigger picture which is how to once again turn Johor not only to be the tiang seri of Umno but also the stronghold of Barisan Nasional.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Let's not delay justice for Adib anymore

The inquest ruled that

Adib’s death caused by rioters


Coroner Rofiah Mohamad in reading out the ruling said the blunt chest trauma that led to Adib’s death was caused by an assault by more than two individuals.
She said the testimony of witnesses at the scene indicated that there had been an assault on someone in the area.
Rofiah said the court also accepted the testimony of United Kingdom-based senior consultant forensic pathologist Prof Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid, who said that Adib, was dragged out of a Fire & Rescue Department van and beaten.
Honestly, I never expected that verdict which was so obvious from the start of the case.
That's because I didn't believe that the inquest was even necessary as it was a clear cut case of Adib being killed by rioters at the temple.
Police just needed to get the rioters who beat up Adib there and then.
My lack of faith in the inquest at that time was also confounded by the conduct of the AG's Chamber, particularly concerning the representation of Adib's family.
But never mind all that now. The important thing is that the court has ruled that Adib was beaten to death and therefore the killers must be brought to justice.
The police must quickly catch them and the AG's Chamber must after that prosecute them.
If the AG's Chamber tries to be funny on this one, then we as Malaysians must take the government to task for its conduct.
The case is over eight-month-old now, lets not delay justice for Adib and his loved ones anymore.
In remembrance of Adib,

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Unifying Malays without oppressing others

Saw this post by Rocky just now,

Kongress Maruah Melayu

In English, it should be called Malays' Dignity Congress.


I was told Dr Mahathir Mohamad will deliver his amanat at the end of the Kongress, which has encouraged the conclusion that this is an event quietly sponsored by the Prime Minister's own party, Pribumi Bersatu . Wallahualam.

Looks like they need to have a congress for their dignity.

That's a bit off, I think.

As pointed by Rocky, it looks like all the Malay leaders are now scrambling to be the champion of Malays' this or that after the Umno-Pas recently sealed cooperation.

The ultimate objective, however, I believe is still Malay Unity. The way I see it, all of them ultimately want to be the champion of that because it's the key to power.

Well, whatever.

Since this is actually a Pribumi Bersatu's project, I do wonder though as to how are they going to approach and persuade those of Umno and Pas to join them in unity to discuss the dignity of their race.

Or would they?

Honestly, at the moment, I don't think that any of these Malay stuff can do without the participation of Umno and Pas.

But, I still remember this from just two months ago,

No DAP whatsoever. That's what Zahid said.

And Pribumi Bersatu is an ally of DAP.

So, I don't think Umno will be there and probably Pas too.

Unless Zahid and Hadi want to betray their own Perpaduan Ummah pact lah.

Therefore, I don't think they'll be interested to help Dr Mahathir's party with this Malay Dignity Congress.

After all, their Perpaduan Ummah sounds better as it emphasises on unifying the Malay Muslims without threatening or suppressing others.

Compared to that, the Pribumi Bersatu's one have this;


Of course, Hamzah and friends are also concerned with the relationship between the Malays and other races. To promote unity, they think that it is time the Government introduce the OSS - the One School System - and abandon the vernacular schools. This is not going to go down well with some quarters at all but as one of the brains behind the Kongress told me:  "If Singapore could do it, why not us?" 

They are promoting the congress by among others calling on the closing down of vernacular schools, especially the Chinese ones.

It sounds very much like a Malay nationalist bait, to me.

Forcing Chinese kids to go to sekolah kebangsaan.

The excuse was to enhance national unity as usual, but personally I think it's just them selling Malays' dignity or is it pride or just ego for political interest.

Anyway, closing down Chinese schools will unite the Malays meh?

Malays are divided because Malay political leaders are selfish and only care about their personal interests or that of their supporters, okay. It has nothing to do with Chinese schools.

We have the various school systems for decades without much problem. The country is even doing relatively well.

We don't have civil wars like some of those country with single school system.

Well, we may have one if we try to close down the Chinese schools.

You all think the Chinese community will just keep quiet when forced to close down their schools?

It's like telling Malay Muslims that they cannot have mosques because religions are divisive.

Really guys, do we want that?

Singapore can do it? You all want us to be Singaporeans?

Hey, I have friends who studied in Chinese schools and they are good people.

And one of them is definitely more patriotic than myself.

I wrote about her here when MH370 went missing in March 2014;

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

I'm all for Malays to be united but I'm against anyone attempting to achieve that by victimising others.

Malays should unite for their betterment and not for the purpose of oppressing others.

Anyway, try to unify the Malays first la before you all want to talk about unifying Malaysians. One at a time okay.

Friday, 20 September 2019

How a Muslim celebrates victory

Khabib won again earlier this month.

And he celebrated his victory as a true Muslim.

With respect.

And Khabib's opponent Poirier deserves the respect as he is a good man and fighter.

Whatever it is, the lesson here is that Muslims must treat their opponents with respect.

And be humble and gracious in victory and at all times.

At least try to be so, okay.


Monday, 16 September 2019

What non-Malays need to know about Malay unity

A friend called last night to tell me that he was worried about the sealed Umno-Pas alliance.

He's worried that it could be the end of a multi-racial Malaysia.

He's a Christian Sabahan Chinese.

I do understand his concerns.

I reminded him how I was against the whole thing to a point where I got into quite a serious quarrel with some pro-BN bloggers in the run up to GE14.

This is one of my posts from those days,

At that time I still believe that not all Chinese would forsake BN as a multi-racial coalition.

That despite the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

At that time I still wanted the multi-racial BN to remain as it was.

I have never wanted a Malays versus non-Malays fight.

Then GE14.

BN as it was ended.

Its non-Malays side was almost totally wiped out.

On top of the substantial number of Malays who sided with Dr Mahathir due to the failure of Najib's team to counter the corruption and other allegations, more than 90 per cent of non-Malays sided with Pakatan.

It was estimated that over 95 per cent of Chinese voted DAP and its allies, which was even more than during GE13.

I have to admit now that I was wrong about the Chinese.

They were already overwhelmingly united under DAP after GE13.

Now, there's no turning back.

The Malays are now doing their own unity drive under the Umno-Pas banner.

The same as what the non-Malays, particularly Chinese did under the DAP banner.

It's proven, even the minority could overwhelm the majority if they are united.

Even more so if they are the majority.

How did it gets to this point?

Actually, it started in the run up to GE13.

For those who are too young, they need to realise that before the current Penyatuan Ummah between Umno and Pas, there was the Penyatuan Cina by DAP.

That's how it started.

DAP went all out on racial issues to win over the Chinese for that general election in 2013.

They even played up religious issues too for good measures.

Just look back at the DAP's campaign videos at that time.

And they succeeded with that Chinese tsunami, wiping out the BN's Chinese-based parties at the polls.

After that, knowing that they needed a certain percentage of Malay votes for GE14, they started a campaign to win over particularly the liberal Malays.

They knew that by then they already have almost all the Chinese votes in their pocket.

With Dr Mahathir leading the Pakatan charge, they got the Malay votes that they needed to get what they really wanted - POWER.

So, that's the outcome of GE14.

Then they started the move to slowly strip the Malays of what they have.

ICERD, Statute of Rome and other issues.

There were also other things that they did which hurt the Malays.

The turning point for me was when fireman Adib was killed during the temple riot last year.

I just can't forgive them, especially for the way they reacted to the incident.

The last straw for me was the way they tried to justify Adib's death.

And I believe that I was not the only one who felt that way.

The signs of what's coming was clear for all to see at the Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau by-elections.

It was clear that most Malays are angry.

To make things worse, this Pakatan government has been floundering on almost everything from day one since their GE14 victory.

Stupid statements from stupid ministers day in and day out.

And that's all about it.

To put it bluntly, I believe this administration is the worst since Merdeka.

It lied to the people on its election promises and was not even ashamed about it.

Even the Najib's administration, with all those allegations against it, seemed to have done a better job at governing the country.

And with the supposed handing over of the PM post by Dr Mahathir to Anwar by May next year looming ever larger over the horizon, I can't see things getting any better for Pakatan.

Should the non-Malays really worry about the Umno-Pas penyatuan ummah?

Yes, I think that they should.

But not in the way DAP is trying to make them believe.

There will be no war against the non-Malays as Guan Eng tried to scare them.

It's not the natural way of Malays to bully others.

In fact they have always been welcoming of others.

That's how the non-Malays are here in this country in the first place.

First of all, this cooperation between Umno and Pas, the two biggest Malay-based parties, will indeed sink Pakatan, which was almost wholeheartedly supported by the non-Malays.

That's for sure.

The facts and numbers are all there to ensure that.

Yet what the non-Malays should worry about is actually just the lost goodwill between the communities.

Most Malays now know that they had been duped.

They were actually ready to change after GE14 but what happened after Pakatan came to power made them realised that they will eventually lose everything that they have.

It's just like what happened in 1946 when the British colonial rulers tried to force the Malayan Union deal upon the Malays.

That was the first time ever that the Malays were united.

And the end result was Merdeka.

Now, it's the second time they are doing it again.

After the first Malay unification, the non-Malays continue their life peacefully and prosper, especially the Chinese.

The Malays did so too albeit with some difficulties.

I believe it will be the same after this second one.

Really, the Malays just want what are theirs. They will not try to take anything from the non-Malays.

This is the Umno-Pas agreement,

It doesn't say anything about taking away anything from the non-Malays.

As for the lost goodwill, I don't think they should worry too much.

Malays are not really a vengeful lot.

In fact they want to like others and be liked back very much.

They bend backwards for others quite a bit sometimes.

Just so to be liked by those others.

That's just the way they are.

So, I believe things will be back to normal after a while.

By the way, MCA, MIC and other non-Malay based parties are still there on the side of the Umno-Pas alliance.

If they win significant support from the non-Malays in the next general election, I believe they can stand to protect the interests of their communities just like they did during all those years of BN's rule.

So, despite their worries, I don't think the non-Malays should worry too much.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Muzzling Malaysians

This is the front page of NST today,

You can read the report by clicking on this link;

Social media ban in crisis gets an aye

Personally, I think it's a totally insidious bullshit.

I dare say that it could be an early step to further muzzle Malaysians.

Since this report is by NST , which was and is linked to the powers that be, I'm taking it as an early warning that the government may in future shut down the social media if it deems the country as being in crisis.

I believe they will use whatever survey quoted in the report to tell everyone that Malaysians are okay being shut up in time of crisis.

Who the hell exactly these people who did the survey?

Not even the previous BN government, said being so evil, had ever tried to shut down the social media.

Heck, not even the communist government in Beijing had resorted to such measure to clamp down on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

The way I see it, it's the government's job to manage the flow of information without shutting down channels of information.

It's definitely not its bloody job to shut up people.

When they campaigned for GE14 the Pakatan leaders promised freedom of this and that, but now that they are in power, they are mulling to shut up everyone, are they?

Crisis? What is that? Is it for the government to define what is a crisis?

This currently terrible haze is a crisis to me. Does it mean the government should shut down the social media?

Anti-government protesters defying police in down town KL. Is that a crisis that warrants the government to shut down social media?

If yes, then the people of previous BN government were really fools for not doing it back then during all those Bersih rallies and such.

Well, let's wait and see where this whole thing is leading to.

For all I know, this Pakatan government may be worse than the communist regime in Beijing.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Haze getting worse yet crazy "environmentalist" attacked PMO over Lynas pulak

The haze was very bad today.

It has been like this in KL for quite a while.

As everyone knows, it was caused by people setting forests in Indonesia on fire so that they can set up farms and plantations.

It has been a problem since the 90s and I can't see any chance there will be a solution any time soon.

Not even the Malaysia Baru government seems capable of doing much.

When Indonesian president Jokowi visited Malaysia the other day, everything seemed the same.

Not much attention given to the haze problem.

The Pakatan Harapan environmentalists were also not saying much.

They appeared more busy fighting over Lynas which their own government had declared safe.

This is the latest

Wong Tack urges MACC to probe 

PMO officers over Lynas FAQ


The 14-point infographic, citing information from the energy, science, technology, environment and climate change ministry, also said data and reports by government agencies and experts showed that Lynas’ operations in its plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, in Pahang, was controlled and safe.

Crazy guy that one.

I'm still waiting for the PMO guys to respond to this nonsense.

Tell MACC to probe Dr Mahathir la. He's the one who said Lynas is okay.

Go after Yeo Bee Yin, who is the minister in charge of environment too as her ministry's data on Lynas were quoted by the PMO.

In fact, go after the entire Cabinet because it was their collective decision to let Lynas continues its operation.

Seriously, if this Wong Tack, Fuziah Salleh and others like them were really concerned about the environment and well being of Malaysians, they should have switched to pressuring the government over the haze problem.

Go la and make noise about it.

Why they did not have a demo when Jokowi was here? The haze is from Indonesia what. That was scientifically proven, okay.

Lynas scientifically proven to be safe by even their own Pakatan government yet still they want to make noise pulak.

Still trying to deny that they lied over the years about Lynas.

So shameless.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

No white terror at our airports, please

I don't really blame these guys

MAHB IT officers lodge police reports against 
their employer over KLIA technical glitch


The four, who are pioneer IT officers with MAHB since it began operations 20 years ago, made the police report to counter a police report lodged by the airport operator on Monday at the KLIA police station.
It was learnt that the four staff who have been suspended following the incident were part of 12 MAHB officials called by police to assist in investigations following a report by the company's senior IT department manager.

Those in charge of MAHB can be quite irrational.

The airport system screwed up, causing chaos for almost a week and what did they do?

Immediately lodged police report against their employees and made it as if they are a bunch of saboteurs.


Why can't they do their own proper internal investigation first?

What if it becomes a trend that every time a company screwed up, a police report is lodged against the employees?

Police got nothing better to do, is it.

But then again MAHB is known to do crazy things like that.

Picked up quarrels with their clients and even went personal against them.

Ya, it even filed a personal suit against the CEO of its client because the guy made a statement defending his airline.

Really crazy.

Now pick up a quarrel with its own employees pulak.

I think something need to be done to stop such nonsense at MAHB.

Anthony Loke, please do something, okay.

We don't want that sort of white terror at our airports.

Don't let it become like this,

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Chinese Merdeka - Part 2

My mother attended this university in Taiwan,

She told me that her days at the university were among the happiest in her life.

Taiwan is a beautiful democratic country.

Yes, it's a country to me now.

I used to accept that it's part of China, but not anymore.

I pray that the communists in Beijing will never take over Taiwan.

In Taiwan, the people who are overwhelmingly Chinese are free.

They can voice and express their opinion without much fear,

Just like in Malaysia since the Najib's administration several years ago,

Yes, the Chinese in Taiwan and Malaysia enjoy their freedom and democratic rights....

.....unlike their kins in Hong Kong,

and definitely unlike their kins in mainland China,

Tiananmen square massacre, 30 years ago.

The massacre of unarmed students right at the doorstep of the communists' seat of power.

Till now those communists in Beijing pretend that it never happened.

Their rabid dogs, despite their bravado in social media, could not answer to it.

The Hong Kong kids are currently fighting so that they would not be subjected to such oppression.

They may not likely win but the world will remember their sacrifices and their unwillingness to roll over and die without a fight.

That's why I'm now praying for their safety.....and their unlikely success.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Chinese Merdeka

As Malaysia celebrated Merdeka yesterday, people in Hong Kong are fighting for their freedom and paying the price for it,

It actually reminds me of those demonstrations calling for Najib's resignation prior to GE14, except that in those instances the authorities didn't use force against the demonstrators,

As mentioned in the video, the protesters at the rally against Najib were largely Chinese.

Since the authorities back then didn't use violence against them like in Hong Kong, I believe Chinese in Malaysia have more freedom than Chinese in Hong Kong and definitely more so than Chinese in mainland China where this is how they break up a protest,

The protesters in Hong Kong were accused of being driven by foreign powers. So did those massacred at Tiananmen Square in Beijing back then. Were the protesters in Malaysia driven by foreign powers?

Well, that's what they said.

Whatever it is, Malaysia pre GE14 was relatively tolerant of protesters against the government.

Maybe we are better now.

That had not always been the case though. This is a protest during the Reformasi era of late 90s,

But then again the Reformasi protestors back then were largely Malays, not Chinese.

The Chinese only started going to the streets in large number after this anti-Lynas protest in Kuantan after the Najib's administration promised not to crack down on them,

You can read more about it at this post in the old BIGCAT blog just days after it happened in February 2012

DAP's victory in Kuantan last weekend

As it turned out now, all that anti-Lynas protests were just political bullshit.

But back then it led to the other Chinese-dominated rallies in the run up to the GE14 where BN was defeated in the end.

Maybe the Chinese authorities in China and Hong Kong learnt from it.

Maybe that's why they don't allow the Chinese there to rally peacefully. They beat up and even killed those Chinese protesters over there.

Well, I guess the Chinese, along with others in Malaysia are more Merdeka than those in China and Hong Kong.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Korean guy Jay Kim better than Zakir Naik

Someone asked me why I didn't write about the Zakir Naik issue.

Actually it's because so many people had written about it.

I seriously don't have anything else to add to them.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of Zakir Naik.

I'm not against him but I also don't care much about his dakwah style.

Too aggressive for me.

In fact I prefer this Korean YouTuber Jay Kim than him.

Here is one of Jay Kim's videos;

Many of his videos are like that.

And this is Jay Kim on himself and Islam;

And his challenges;

And yes, the guy tried his best. This is him and his mother;

The guy also loves Malaysia....without even being here yet.

Give him PR, I say.

I pray the best for Jay Kim.


Thursday, 29 August 2019

Extra patriotism of Malaysia Baru

It's that time of the year again when people are supposed to be extra patriotic.

It's Merdeka celebration time.

Are you all feeling extra patriotic now or not?

Me, honestly, not so.

Just feeling normal only.

I don't feel the urge to put little Jalur Gemilang on my car.


Don't bluff okay.

I don't see cars with little Jalur Gemilang on the streets here in KL.

I know, I know, you all going to say being patriotic doesn't mean one has to put up little Jalur Gemilang on the car.

Well, if like that, I also can say I'm feeling patriotic.

Just that, I'm not good at lying.

After all, I'm talking about that extra patriotic feeling, not the normal one.

I just don't feel it even at this Merdeka celebration time.

What's there to feel extra patriotic after all?

Seriously, I can't see any.

Just normal only.

So, normal patriotism only lah.

Like if there's a football match and the national team is playing, I will of course support it.

But not to the point of going through the trouble of going to the stadium.

I don't like crowded places after all, okay.

Maybe just watch the match on TV and cheer when the Malaysia team wins.

Lose also never mind. So used to it anyway.

That's patriotic enough, I guess.

Yup, that's as patriotic as I get at the moment.

Seriously, you all tell me lah what's happening with Malaysia that I should feel extra patriotic for this Merdeka celebrations.

Malaysia's economy better? I don't think so.

Malaysia's politics better? I don't think so.

Malaysia's race relations better? I don't think so.


Football also, I think many of you all support Man U and Liverpool more fanatically than the Malaysian team. Correct?

Don't lie, okay. Be honest.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Syed Mokhtar to end MAHB's near monopoly?

I read with great interest this latest posting by Datuk Kadir Jasin, who is the Prime Minister's media adviser

Holding MAHB Responsible for KLIA System Failure 

I totally agree with him.

MAHB must answer for that terrible mess at KLIA.

It's after all not the first time and KLIA was not the first airport under its care to suffer system failure.

Just recently I complained about this matter.

These are previous posts of mine,

Interestingly, Datuk Kadir in his post mentioned about MAHB's near monopoly of Malaysian airports.


Speaking of rocks, this incident could put MAHB’s monopoly of the country’s airport industry on a rocky road. There are bound to be challenges to its hegemony.

With 39 airports in the country under its belt, MAHB could have been fed (or bitten) more that it could chew.

I don't know about you all but I think these paragraphs could well scare the MAHB people a bit.

And Datuk Kadir also wrote about his pleasant experience at the Johor's Senai Airport, which is the only major airport in Malaysia not managed by MAHB.


I was rather apprehensive when the government privatised Senai International Airport in Johor to MMC Corporation Berhad back in 2009.

I had not used the airport since then but last Saturday I flew in and out of it for a brief visit to Johor Bahru. I must say that my impression of the privatised Senai is positive.

The airport looks more like a shopping mall than a drab brick and mortar airport. Last year it was listed as the fifth busiest after KLIA, Kota Kinabalu, Penang and Kuching. It handled 3.5 million passengers.

For those who don't know yet, Senai airport is managed by Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of MMC Corporation Bhd.

MMC is one of those many huge corporations under the control of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary.

So, I believe you know where this is going, right?

Will Syed Mokhtar be enrolled to provide a competition for MAHB, which keeps experiencing "system failures" or even to take over the whole thing?

Possible, I think.

After all, Datuk Kadir who hinted this with his posting is very close to Dr Mahathir. 

Syed Mokhtar is also very close to the handsome old man.

So, there should be something going on.

If you ask me, I think if the guy can provide competition to improve things or even do a better job, then why not, right?