Monday, 20 November 2017

A little extra problem for Johor BN

No new post by my guest bloggers the past few days.


Never mind, I think I better write a bit instead.

Just want to comment a little on this post by Rocky;

Syed Hamid is Mahathir's latest weapon against Najib, really?

For me the worst that Syed Hamid did to BN back then was this;

excerpts -

He was also the Cabinet minister who in 2008 ordered the detention of the Sin Chew Daily journalist under the now-abolished Internal Security Act "for her own safety". 

I believe that contributed a lot to the build up of the 2013 Chinese tsunami.

I remember very well the night when the Sin Chew girl was arrested as I received numerous angry messages from my Chinese friends, particularly those working with the Chinese press.

I also remember Syed Hamid's funny nickname among pro-opposition supporters at that time.

They called him Kodomo Lion, which was the mascot of a child dental and health care products brand name.

They were actually mocking him because his father Syed Jaafar Albar's nickname was Singa Umno (Lion of Umno).

I actually met Syed Hamid quite a lot in the early 2000s.

Personally, I don't mind him so much those days.

He was quite nice to me back then.

My opinion of him however turned a bit negative after the Sin Chew girl arrest incident.

That one was really stupid.

Anyway, that was almost a decade ago.

Now it seems that Syed Hamid may join the anti-BN people.

This is the headline of RPK's Malaysia Today;

Syed Hamid Abandons Najib, now supports Mahathir

It was actually a story by Free Malaysia Today titled; Syed Hamid wants the 1MDB issue answered in Parliament.

I suspect that it has something to do with him being very sore after removed as SPAD chairman recently.

Well, really,

I think if he was really so against Najib purely based on principles, he should have joined Dr Mahathir's team from the start and quit his government post without waiting for them to push him out.

Now is a bit late, I think.

Nonetheless, as other people say; better late than never.

The more important question now is; how much damage can he contributes against BN if he really joins up with the opposition?

Bear in mind that he has yet to say outright that he's joining them, okay.

What ever it is, let's just assume the most extreme scenario.

Well, Syed Hamid was the MP of Kota Tinggi for five terms from 1990 to 2013.

He was still leading the Kota Tinggi BN machinery in the 2013 general election even though he was not named as a candidate to defend his long held seat.

He actually did well as Kota Tinggi remained an Umno and BN stronghold despite the advances made by the opposition in Johor that year.

This was among things pointed out in this article;


BN even increased its majority in 2013 at similar constituencies such as Mersing where it won by 15,747, an increase from 13,763 in 2008; Tenggara by 17,169 from 14,049; and Kota Tinggi by 24,574 from 18,961.

Syed Hamid was only replaced by Daing Malek as Kota Tinggi Umno division chief later that year.

Before that, he was considered as one of the more influential Johor Umno warlords at the same level as TS Muhyiddin Yassin, TS Shahrir Samad, the late TS Mohamed Rahmat and a few others from his generation.

As far as I know,  Syed Hamid's influence at the grassroots level used to be very strong in Kota Tinggi, Pengerang and parts of Tenggara.

However, things may have changed now that he no longer holds any political or government post.

Still, it would not be such a good news for Johor BN if Syed Hamid suddenly turns around and says he's contesting Kota Tinggi for GE14 under Pribumi Bersatu.

Even though I expect his chances of winning to be slim, it will cause additional problems for Johor BN.

It would even signalled that even the previously BN's safe outright Malay-majority constituencies on the Johor eastern seaboard are no longer as safe as they used to be.

That's because the opposition has found a real leader to carry out their assault there.

At the very least, Johor BN would have to divert some of its extra resources to the area instead of focusing them at critical areas, especially in the north and south of the state.

Well, I believe the team of MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin is already making preparations for this eventuality.

Or are they?

Well, let's just wait and see.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Can we get rid of the Datukship and such?


By Tyler

Recently, my former boss was conferred with a Datukship from Perak.

I'm not sure on what ground did he receive it for.

It's not like he had done something great or sacrificed his life or limbs for the country or something like that.

On top of that, the guy is a scumbag, who is running the organisation that he led to the ground.

He got no talent whatsoever except for kissing the ass of the higher-ups, back stabbing even his closest friends to further his career and totally only care about himself.

He even cheated on his wife...or wives, I think.

When someone like that was conferred with Datukship, it makes me wonder why should we be bothered to call people with their honorific titles or even treat them with extra courtesy.

After all, these days, almost anyone can get those titles and it's no secret that we can actually lobby or buy those titles from "connected" people.

This 29-year-old hoodlum got Datuk Seri
And titles such as having a fake Datukship seem to be the current rage for some with big bucks to spend.

The other day, the Johor cops smashed a Datuk-for-sale syndicate with the arrests of two people.


From the news reports, there is definitely a market for people to shell out RM150,000 for a Datuk and RM280,000 for a Datuk Seri.

Ridiculous amount of money, really.

Personally, I feel sad that the victims were actually the ones who were depended on such titles to make themselves feel important, creating a market for such things.

Well, maybe they thought that those titles would help in their businesses or entitle them to receive special treatment.

But I still feel its unnecessary due to such things being a false perception.

Whatever it is, this whole thing makes me think, are we heading in the proper direction as a nation where we have to give special treatment to people with Datuk or Tan Sri or what ever titles there is in front of their name?

They probably just bought it off from somewhere and we, like stupid, have to bow and scrape to them.

I really wish we can get rid of all these nonsense.

Why can't we instead treat each other with the same respect and courtesy and call each other Mr or Mrs or Miss or Encik or Puan?

What's wrong with just that?

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Guys, please don't bully my guest bloggers

Received this via WhatsApp from my guest blogger Lebai Sudin just now,

Hi annie…

Itulah pasal aku malas nak tulis.. aku tulis perkara betul pengalaman aku, hang punya pembaca tafsir/pusing ikut politik. Aku bukan kutuk bas mini, aku cerita pengalaman masa bas mini dan pengalaman masa MRT.. kalau ke Bangsar tentulah aku naik LRT..

Aku cerita pasal kemudahan…kenapa nak diselewengkan. Bukan hal yang nyata ke yang aku tulis. Tak kiralah siapa buat LRT, siapa buat MRT, siapa buat jalan raya, lebuh raya dan sebagainya. Aku cuma cerita itu untuk kemudahan aku travel apabila duduk semula di Lembah Klang.

Ketika LRT diperkenalkan aku tak ada di Lembah Klang. Aku bukannya nak bandingkan pemimpin yang mana buat apa. Setiap sesuatu pasti ada permulaannya..tak apa lah bermula dengan Tun M buat LRT dan sekarang MRT. Kalau bukan Najib jadi PM pun aku rasa projek MRT tu berjalan juga. So apa masalah dia orang ini. Aku cerita pasal apa yang memudahkan kehidupan aku.

Kalau kita nak bicara semuanya dari punca, mestilah negara ini kena merdeka dulu barulah Tun Razak dan Tun M boleh majukannya. Maka Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman yang memulakannya..

Tapi ada pula orang akan kata bukan Tunku yang mulakan kerana ada Dato Onn yang menentang Malayan Union…nanti ada pula orang lain kata bukan Dato’ Onn tapi Mat Kilau yang mula gerak menyerang penjajah..…ishh.. dah lah. Tidak akan ada semua orang puas hati dengan apa pun di dunia ini.

Itulah Annie, dia orang kaitkan pasal politik, sehingga kata tulisan aku sebagai cheap writing. Barangkali pejam celik dalam kehidupan dia orang adalah semuanya pasal politik. Entah-entah dengan anak, isteri/suami dan adik beradik pun dia orang berpolitik.

Seolah-olahnya mengkritik sana sini, mengata pelbagai perkara dan menuduh macam-macam sudah menjadi juadah harian dan darah daging masing-masing. Terpulanglah kepada mereka.

Tak apa lah annie, kalau hang nak aku tulis lagi..aku boleh tulis. Aku hanya nak cerita pengalaman aku mengenai sekeliling aku dan apa yang ditempuhi selama ini, serta apa yang terlintas dan berlegar difikiran aku.

I believe Lebai Sudin was referring to comments such as these at his post;

From Bas Mini to MRT

Lebai Sudin, Annie's guest blogger is only trying to highlight Najib's big ACHIEVEMENTS as orderd by big boss,Mat Maslan the 3.85 gpa. Unfortunately, by mentioning BASMINI as comparison to MRT, you people got lost with nostalgic memories of "Those were the daysss..............." (sight).
Hehehe....kesian Lebai Sudin sebab dia mengharapkan kita semua berbangga dan mengutuk bas mini.

Lebai Sardine, its jus a cheap write up.. nmpak sngat your intentions..
get real bro...

Come on guys, can you not bully my guest blogger like that.

I'm trying very hard not to censor your comments.

I'm also trying to keep this blog alive by inviting my friends to write here.

Please bear in mind that my friends are not like me.

With me, you all can whack me all you want because I really don't give a shit.

With my guess bloggers, please be a bit more considerate.

Really. Lebai Sudin was not trying to campaign for Najib or anyone when he wrote how happy he was with the MRT.

I believe him.

Anyway, you all please just hang on until I finished my serious stuff at work, okay.

Then I can write here properly again and you all can enjoy whacking me again.

For now, please restrain yourselves a bit and just take my guest bloggers' postings at face value.

Please ya.

Hopefully, Lebai Sudin will write again.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

From Bas Mini to MRT


By Lebai Sudin

Salam sejahtera..

Selamat berkenalan kepada sesiapa sahaja yang mengikuti blog ini.

Minggu lepas tuan punya blog ni minta aku menulis sesuatu. Aku jawab, nanti aku cubalah.

Agaknya sebab sampai hari ni aku tak tulis-tulis juga, si Annie ni pagi tadi aku tengok buat posting macam nak merajuk.

Jadi aku tulis la ni bagi dia gembira sikit.

Adalah sikit pengalaman nak kongsi sebagai catatan.

Aku ini dan lebih separuh abad hidup…Panggil sahaja aku sebagai Lebai Sudin. Cucu Lebai Ali.

Asal dari utara dan merantau sejak awal 80-an ke Lembah Klang hinggalah ke negeri-negeri Pantai Timur kerana mencari rezeki.

Sekarang kembali semula ke Lembah Klang..dan aku membuat kerja bebas (tak tahu betul ke tidak istilahnya). Ada kerja ada pendapatan, tak ada kerja..pendapatan pun tak ada…macam gitu lah lebih kurang.

Sebenarnya aku nak cerita aku ini pengguna tegar MRT.

Sejak ada MRT..kalau aku perlu pergi buat kerja..aku naik MRT.

Best! memang best.. aku bayar lebih RM3 nak ke TTDI. Kalau ke Bangsar lebih RM4. Itulah dua destinasi harian aku bila ada kerja.

Aku kata best..sebab dulu aku pengguna tegar bas mini.

Bayar 50 sen..naiklah sampai mana.. tapi macam-macam bau ada..hapak, tengik, masam..entah apa lagi baunya.. hari-hari naik bas mini macam sardin..

“Belakang-belakang..masuk-masuk.. dalam-dalam.. jerit tukang tiket tak kira dia tu lelaki atau perempuan..sama saja..menjerit..ramainya perempuan..

Kalau time peak hours..aku naik lemas dalam bas mini.. kena pula hujan..adui..mahu pengsan berhimpit-himpit.

Itu dulu..siapa ada pengalaman itu…pasti faham apa yang aku cerita.

Sekarang MRT.. memang selesa..kalau peak hours pun dan kena berdiri..masih ada ruang berdiri rapat-rapat..tapi tak lah sampai berhimpit-himpit.

Satu lagi aku suka MRT ini, banyak juga aku buat pahala..beri orang kurang upaya, perempuan tua tempat duduk aku. Pimpin orang buta sampai ke luar dari stesen MRT dan macam-macam lagi pertolongan boleh diberi.

Bukan aku sorang yang buat macam itu..ramai yang suka tolong orang ini, tak kiralah lelaki ke perempuan.. tak kira bangsa pun.

Ada satu peristiwa..sebenarnya dah tiga kali berlaku ke atas aku. Kali pertama, seorang gadis beri isyarat minta aku ambil tempat duduknya. Alamak..aku dah nampak macam warga emas ke?

Kali kedua, seorang Mat Salleh..dia bangun offer tempat duduk, dan minggu lepas seorang budak belasan tahun pun buat perkara sama kepada aku.

Dalam ketiga-tiga insiden berkenaan, aku tolak offer mereka dengan cara baik. Aku belum rasa tua sangat dan masih boleh berdiri sepanjang perjalanan, walaupun ada rasa lenguh-lenguh.

Ada tak sesiapa lalui pengalaman macam aku..kalau ada..apakah itu tanda-tanda kita semakin dimamah usia tua?

Apa pun, aku suka MRT kerana memudahkan aku.

Terima kasih kepada yang menyediakan perkhidmatan ini.

Don't rely on others, they got priorities

I'm actually a bit disappointed.

I was hoping to take a break from blogging for a while because of my work.

For the meantime, I was relying on my friends to help me keep this blog going.

I had called up all my friends, whom I knew can write to contribute.

Unfortunately, after a week, only Ani and Gondrong had sent me something to publish.

Ani is not a writer but she's quite a good story teller.

Well, I actually sort of forced her to write that post about her autistic son and the barber. I'm not really sure why she was very reluctant to write it for me.

Gondrong used to be an excellent writer with quite some fearsome opinions . However, the stuff that he sent me so far were rather tame. 

But, I don't blame him as he may get in trouble if he writes the way he used to. The guy is very mellow these days.

Whatever it is, I'm grateful to Ani and Gondrong for their effort to help me.

At least they tried.

However, I don't feel like imposing on them anymore.

I know now that I can't rely on friends for these sorts of things.

They got other priorities.

If I want to keep this blog alive, I have to do it on my own.

Well, in life, it actually boils down on ourselves to take care of ourselves.

You simply can't rely on anyone else.

Husbands, boyfriends, wives, girlfriends....they tend to cheat on you..or get bored of you.

Children....they'll probably forget you once they have their own life...or feel that you are actually a burden to them.

Friends....if you are lucky, you just can't rely on them....if you are unlucky, they'll backstab, manipulate, and take advantage of you.

I know, it's dark, but that's the realities of life.

Okay, I'm actually in a foul mood now.

Slept about 1am only to wake up at 3.30am. Now it's 6.13am.

I'm always cranky when I don't get enough sleep.

So troublesome.

Well, I'm still struggling with my work.

Once I'm done with it I will try to write here properly again.

See lah how.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

The silent killers which may trigger a Malay tsunami


By Gondrong

PRU14 akan berlangsung tahun depan. Itu kata Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Dato' Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Bulan Mac agaknya iaitu ketika cuti sekolah. Ramai berpendapat PRU14 adalah "ibu segala PRU".

Ia timbul mungkin disebabkan jangkaan persaingan sengit antara tiga blok parti2 mewakili Barisan Nasional, Pakatan Harapan dan Gabungan Parti Islam SeMalaysia ((PAS) dan Ikatan. Kalau diikutkan PRU sebelum ini pun agak hebat jugak menyaksikan BN kehilangan majoriti 2/3 pada PRU12 dan majoriti diterima merosot lagi pada PRU13.

Mungkin disebabkan itu juga PRU14 nanti dikatakan 'ibu segala PRU'. Kali ini dikatakan bukan saja berlaku tsunami pengundi Cina, malah akan berlaku tsunami pengundi Melayu.

Sebabnya, Melayu dikatakan sudah ada pilihan lebih baik daripada BN iaitu Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), Amanah, PKR, PAS, malah mungkin DAP yang selalu dipromosi sebagai parti pelbagai kaum walaupun hakikatnya ia dikuasai oleh kaum Cina.

Adakah tsunami Melayu akan melanda pada PRU14 bila mana orang Melayu dikatakan bosan dengan Umno beralih arah ke parti dipelopori dan diterajui pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu meskipun pada hakikatnya telah berpecah2 menjadi parti-parti kecil.

Secara fizikal dalam sesi2 perhimpunan dan perjumpaan parti pembangkang tidak terlihat pun kehadiran ramai orang Melayu bagaimana tsunami Melayu mahu menjadi realiti. Kalau tsunami Melayu mahu dikira berdasarkan peperangan di alam siber, ia juga mungkin tidak begitu tepat kerana daripada hampir 19 juta pengundi di negara ini peratusan tinggi kalangan mereka yang tidak peduli dan tidak ambil tahu pun apa yang berlaku di alam maya itu. Jadi, kena realistik dan perlu berpijak di bumi yang nyata.

Satu lagi pandangan bahawa tsunami Melayu akan berlaku di kalangan orang muda orang bandar dan pinggir bandar. Adakah betul?  Berdasarkan situasi semasa kumpulan besar orang muda kurang memperlihatkan kecenderungan dan ambil tahu mengenai politik. Mereka lebih menjurus kepada kepentingan diri mereka mudah dapat kerja, gaji pun OK, berniaga pun senang boleh berhibur bertemasya menonton bola sepak dan boleh untung berniaga dengan adanya niaga online guna sosial media.

Malay crowd at a concert

Cumanya kos sara hidup dan isu2 perumahan dan kos rumah di bandar terutamanya perlu diuruskan secara bijak kerana isu2 ini boleh menjadi duri dalam daging kepada BN. Kenaikan harga minyak masih berterusan.

Isu2 babitkan rasuah, penyelewengan integriti dan moral amat penting ditangani secara serius tegas tanpa kompromi kerana implikasinya kepada imej dan reputasi negara.

Adakah isu2 ini akan menjadi 'pembunuh senyap'  merangsang kepada tsunami Melayu seperti diwar-warkan tu? Malah, dikatakan ramai yang tidak berpuas hati dan kecewa dengan apa yang berlaku di pelbagai peringkat kepimpinan masih berada di dalam UMNO sebagai parti teras BN dan hanya menunggu masa saja untuk meletup dari dalam.

Banyak juga kaji selidik dilakukan baik di sebelah kerajaan atau pembangkang untuk mencari ketepatan apa sebenarnya dirasai rakyat dan kemanakah kecenderungan mereka masih tidak memperolehi jawaban yang jitu konkrit dan boleh diyakini.

Manusia berevolusi dan sifatnya terlalu kompleks gaya permainan pada masa kini sehingga ke saat-saat akhir sebelum PRU masih terus berubah2 mengikut kebijaksanaan mengurus dan mengutarakan isu, apakah kejadian2 yang akan memberi kelebihan seperti Pulau Pinang lumpuh dilanda banjir atau apakah program dan event yang memberi impak spt penganjuran Sukan SEA selain kenyataan dengan permainan isu2 yang boleh dipusing2 sentimennya.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Melayu, where are you going?


By Gondrong

Soalan-soalan pembuka gelangang kepada orang Melayu.

Kek ekonomi negara sudah sebesar mana agaknya? Bagaimana pembahagiannya ?

Bolehkah sasaran negara berpendapatan tinggi dan 20 negara terhebat dengan pendapatan cecah trillion dapat memastikan kek ekonomi di agih secara adil dan saksama?

Diukur dari segi penguasaan ekonomi antara kaum, Melayu bangsa majoriti di Malaysia masih ketinggalan jauh.

Sebahagian besar kaum Cina terus bergerak laju menguasai sebahagian besar kek ekonomi.  Manakala hanya kelompok Melayu kecil merasa bahagian kek yang besar dan agak selesa.

Siapa kelompok kecil Melayu yang merasa kek ekonomi yang besar dan banyak daripada keseluruhan kek ekonomi Melayu?

Di mana kedudukan dan kelompok kecil Melayu ini berada dalam pembahagian keseluruhan kek ekonomi  negara?

Adakah kelompok kecil Melayu ini boleh bertahan dan terus dapat mengembangkan kek ekonomi mereka untuk dikongsi secara merata dengan golongan pertengahan dan bawahan?

Agak berapa peratus golongan pertengahan dan bawahan ini mendapat bahagian mereka?

Jurang ekonomi yang semakin melebar sesuatu yang tidak bagus untuk negara. Malah, boleh mendatangkan impak jauh lebih buruk.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Autism friendly barber


By Ani

Kawan saya Annie mintak saya menulis diblognya ini buat sementara waktu sebab dia kata dia perlu take a break from blogging.

Mulanya saya agak keberatan sebab saya sendiri tak ada blog. Cuma menulis sedikit di Facebook, Instagram dan sebagainya.

Lagi pun saya tak ada pengalaman menulis macam Annie dan bahasa Inggeris saya pun tak berapa bagus.

Walaubagaimanapun Annie minta saya tulis juga apa saja yang terlintas dikepala yang boleh dikongsi untuk kebaikan bersama. Dia kata saya boleh tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia pun.

So, saya cuba lah ni.

Untuk permulaaan biar lah saya bercerita perkara yang paling dekat dihati saya yaitu mengenai anak-anak saya.

Untuk kali ini saya nak cerita mengenai anak saya Mikail, who is with autism.

Sejak kecil lagi Mikail ni memang sukar to get his hair cut.

Masa yang sesuai untuk menggunting rambut dia semasa dia mandi.

Gunting lah macam mana pun asal kan pendek, sambil dia main air.

Apabila mula menduduki kelas khas di sekolah kebangsaan, hmmm ada guru yang "sound" (guru kelas perdana) sebab cara potongan rambut tidak mengikut peraturan sekolah.

Ini lah masalahnya kalau anak-anak di kelas khas terpaksa mengikut peraturan yang sama dengan anak-anak di aliran perdana.

Bila bawa ke barber shop tak mahu keluar dari kereta.

Masa berlalu, his papa jadi his personal barber.

Tapi punyalah lama this personal barber wanna cut his hair...

Sekiranya lama sangat masa yang diambil, Mikail restless.

Jadi ada waktu nya cantik potongan rambut tu, kadang-kadang asalkan boleh lah.

Sekarang Mikail 15 tahun. Tahun pertama di sekolah menengah (kelas khas).

Tahun ini juga Mikail jumpa barber shop yang sesuai, barber yang autism friendly tapi jauh nun di Puncak Alam, yang agak jauh dari Klang.

Setiap kali balik kampung diKlang, sudah semestinya barber shop itu yang kami tuju.

Apabila rambut Mikail nak digunting, setiap kali itulah handphone ditangannya sambil menyanyi lagu-lagu daripada Greenday, Simple Plan, soundtrack from video games.

Dalam masa yang sama mengajak barber menyanyi bersama

Mikail :"nyanyi.."

Barber : "alah, abang tak pandai nyanyi lagu rock, abang tau lagu nasyid je".

Mikail ada masalah "sensory". Jadi kain alas (cape) tidak boleh diikat rapat dengan bahagian leher. Tangan dia akan sentiasa menarik cape tu.

Cuti Deepavali lepas balik kampung tujuan yang sama ke Puncak Alam tapi kedai tutup.

Mama Mikail ni dah mula pening, aduhai.. dah sampai kedai tutup pulak mesti Mikail tak "settle" ni.

Betul sangkaan saya. Dalam kereta Mikail sentiasa menyebut "mama, rambut".. "mama, rambut"..

Macam mana nak buat ni.

Sesi memujuk "kita makan roti canai dulu ye, nanti kita pergi gunting rambut, cut your hair"..okey sekejap sebab makan roti canai.

Habis makan sebut lagi.. "kita balik dulu, mama sembahyang maghrib dulu, lepas tu kita get your hair cut".

.. mesti tak settle juga, mula tantrum sebab routine dah lari..

Saya pun scrolled FB sebab tak silap ada like page barber shop tu.

Sent message : "kedai tutup ke?"

Barber Eim "dah tutup kak, saya sekarang kerja part time kat kedai lain di fasa 3, tak boleh hidup lah kak, customer ramai yang keluar, sesekali je ada customer, saya whatsapp akak"

Barber Eim : "saya buat mobile gunting rambut kak, esok akak datanglah kedai yang saya kerja part time ni, orang kat sana okey"

Saya : "tak boleh, esok akak dah nak balik Kuantan".

Barber Eim : "kalau macam tu malam ni saya datang rumah mak akak, boleh share location?"

Saya : "ha??? Jauh tu Eim dah malam pulak"

Barber Eim : "eh tak apa kak, boleh je, kesian Mikail"

Sementara menunggu Barber Eim, Mikail masih lagi menyebut "mama, rambut".. "mama, hair"..

Barber Eim sampai naik motor dari Puncak Alam.

Mikail dah standby dengan handphone.

Barber Eim : "haa, ni cape baru ni khas untuk Mika, ada tingkap (transparent plastic), Mika boleh tengok handphone "

Panjang cerita sebenarnya nak promote Barber Eim yang autism friendly ni.

Kalau ada sesiapa yang ada anak istimewa nak gunting rambut dikawasan dia beroperasi boleh lah call him.

Maklumat semua ada kat sini;

Itu saja lah untuk kali ini.

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Taking a break

Guys, I need to take a break from blogging at least for a while.

Need to focus on my work.

I think I may lose my job if my work doesn't improve soon.

I need to earn a living like most people, okay.

Therefore, my job is definitely more important than this blog.

And yes, writing this blog does interfere with my train of thoughts for my work.

This blog doesn't feed me. My job does.

Unlike all those prominent sopo bloggers, I'm actually blogging purely just for fun.

As I always said, I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger after all.


While I'm taking this break, I suggest you all read la all the prominent sopo blogs instead.

Those which are supposedly more factual....and with figures, graphs and charts.

I think you all also need to take a break from my nonsense.

See lah how.  Later, if my work improves, I may continue writing here again.

Or maybe I'll ask someone else with better opinions, as well as higher level of  English and writing skills to write here.

Okay, you all take care.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Floods in Klang...praying it's not getting worse

Just received these from a friend in Klang,

Exit bukit raja dari highway nkve jalan tutup..
Depan jusco bukit raja jalan tutup..
Dari padang jawa jalan tutup..
Dari klang exit bukit raja (depan jusco) jalan tutup...
Semua dipenuhi air...
Tol rm1.00 jadi 1 lane..jem..jgn redah banjir...air paras peha..gunakan laluan lain..sekian..mohon sebarkan..

Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu Belah, Klang this morning.

Looks like the flood is going to be bad this monsoon season.

We already have a very bad one in Penang and at a lesser extent in Kedah and Perak.

Hopefully everyone will work together to face any eventuality.

Everyone better stop playing politics for now.

The most important thing now is the safety of the people.

All the blame game should stop.

That can wait for later.

Natural disasters are after all an act of God, okay.

Let's also pray that any potential floods in areas not yet affected will not be too serious.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Pray for Penang and others

Things are apparently very bad up north, especially in Penang.

I don't want to comment anything more except calling for you all dear readers of this blog to pray for the flood victims in that state as well as those also affected in Kedah and Perak.

No politics, okay.

Amidst the disaster, it's heartwarming to know that the state governments, especially Penang are working well with the federal government to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims.

For that I have to particularly congratulate Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng and Deputy Prime Minister DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Please click on this link to read the story,

Guan Eng reaches out to DPM for army's help

Soldiers evacuating flood victims in Penang today.

Guan Eng looks especially sincere in this video,

Okay, I wouldn't make fun of him for quite a while after this.

Guan Eng, you bersabar juga ya.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Will Apandi accepts RPK's sort of an apology?

Saw this by RPK just now,

The visit by police officers from Bukit Aman

It looks as if it was drafted with an assistance of a lawyer...or maybe a political operative.

The most interesting part of the article is at the fifth paragraph ;


Since I first wrote those three articles many new documents have come in, which throws fresh light on what had earlier been assumed. I pointed this out to the police plus to the fact that even more documents are coming in by the day, which I promised to send to Bukit Aman. And I pointed out to the police that from these new evidences a picture is emerging that the Attorney-General is a victim of name-dropping and it appears he may be innocent after all. Hence I regret any grief that he may have suffered due to the negative perception on the office of the Attorney-General.

It sounds almost like an apology to AG Apandi Ali.

Well, it's up for Apandi to decide whether that satisfies him or he still need to sue RPK "till kingdom come" as he promised.

If I'm Apandi, I would not accept just that as it would be pathetic for me to do so.

The article was not even titled "Apandi, I'm sorry for slandering you. Someone in KL made me do it".

I would then proceed to demand nothing less than a front page apology on all major newspapers in Malaysia and UK by not only RPK but more importantly the people who instructed him to write the offending articles.

On top of that I would also demand RPK to admit that he has no credibility whatsoever,  the way some pro-opposition NGOs forced NST to publish a terribly embarassing half page apology on its page 3 back in November 2013. You can read it at this link

Malaysia's Oldest Newspaper Is Sorry For Baseless Article

Otherwise, I'll proceed to sue RPK and gang and make them pay me tonnes of pound sterling and gold bars too.

Hey, they simply hantam me what.

But that's me. Apandi may be different.

My guess is that those people behind RPK had told him to really do something to get out of the mess because their gang had bitten more than what they can chew this time.

After all, Apandi had vowed to go all the way to clear his name from the smear that RPK wrote about him, and I don't blame the AG for that as the allegations in those articles were extremely serious.

Click on these links to read them,

 Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 1 and Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 2

The allegations basically described Apandi as a corrupt stooge and in cahoot with criminals.

Well, RPK's allegations were always extremely serious.

Remember the statutory declaration which among others claimed that DS Rosmah Mansor personally supervised the murder of Mongolian girl Altantuya? That one was really crazy.

That one was when RPK was pro-Pakatan, by the way.

For other samples of RPK's extremely serious allegations, please click on this link,

The others attacked in those articles had just ignored them or rather suffered in silence, but Apandi turned out to be totally different from the rest.

He lashed back with furious that guy in Pulp Fiction.

Let's see whether he is now willing to go all the way to fry RPK and the gang....or accept that sort of apology at paragraph 5 of RPK's article a pussy cat.

Oh, I actually laughed when I read this part of the article;

In response to the questions from the police as to what motivated me and what was my agenda for writing those articles, I told them my motivation and agenda is to make sure that the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan does not come to power. More importantly, I want to see my home state, Selangor, taken back from the hands of the DAP Chinese and the return of a Malay-Muslim government.

I was like, hey, what that got anything to do with accusing the Attorney-General of Malaysia of being a corrupt stooge and in cahoot with criminals.

Well, whatever lah.

As I previously wrote, it's up for PM Najib to keep or throw out those jokers in his circle who instructed RPK to attack Apandi. After all, its not the first time they did these character assassinations nonsense which made Najib himself looks bad.

Cakap banyak pun tak guna.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Possible Pakatan Johor MB candidates

These are suggestions from my last post as who among Pakatan leaders who should become Johor menteri besar if the opposition coalition captures the state;

Tidak ada yang menarik kalau pi mai pi mai umno jugak..

Tukar angin, Salahuddin Ayub.

I think Syed Saddiq will be the next Johor MB.


I think Khalid Samad is quite a good candidate.

He got vast experience in an MP for Shah Alam. His experience in Selangor will benefit greatly in Johor.

Selangor is doing quite good. Now is the richest state in Malaysia.

So, they are Salahuddin Ayub, Syed Saddiq and Khalid Samad.

I know Salahuddin quite well.

Nice and sensible guy. He lost to Jazlan in the fight for the Pulai parliament seat and lost also to Dr Zaini for the Nusajaya state seat in 2013. At that time he was a Pas vice-president. I believe he was supposed to be the Johor MB had Pakatan Rakyat won the state that year. DAP people like him. His mother is a Chinese, like Jazlan and me. I don't mind so much if he becomes Johor MB.

I don't think Syed Saddiq should be made Johor MB.

He's too young and immature. He also talks too much and too loudly. Too excitable too. Most of the time, he doesn't make sense to me. The boy needs to learn more instead of just talking. It would be very irresponsible of Pakatan if it makes him the Johor MB. Well, if they still give Syed Saddiq the job, I'll renounce my right to be a member of Bangsa Johor forever. It's that stupid, okay. Maybe I'll join Bangsa Batam after that. By the way, the truth is that Syed Saddiq is not really handsome anyway. My father with his flat Jawa nose is more handsome. Really.

I only met Khalid Samad a few times.

Nice guy and quite smooth like his brother Shahrir. However, I don't think I'm qualified to comment much more than that about him because I don't really have much opinion about the guy. Just another politician to me. As for the Johor MB job, I don't think he is the best candidate as he's been away from Johor for quite awhile. It may also be too late for him to set up base in the state now. I'm quite sure he can't even beat Shahrir if they are to have their brothers' fight in JB.

So, of the three proposed, my choice would be Salahuddin Ayub.

But I doubt that Pakatan will make him the Johor MB.

If I have to bet, I'll put my money on TS Muhyiddin Yassin, instead.

Yes, if Pakatan wins Johor, it doesn't mean the coalition can win Putrajaya.

If that's the scenario, than Muhyidin should be the best candidate for Pakatan to run Johor.

After all, he was the Johor MB for nine years once.

Need to be bared in mind that Johor is a very Umno state, and for that the Pakatan leadership there should be from the ex-Umno Pribumi.

But please not Syed Saddiq, okay.....urghhh....scary la that one.

What ever it is, in order to have a Pakatan Johor menteri besar, the opposition coalition needs to win that state first.

Can they?

For that one I'll do another post later.

I'm too sleepy now.

Almost 3am.

I think I'll have another cigarette now, brush my teeth and go to sleep.

Good night guys.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Possible new Johor MB candidates

Rumours of Johor getting a new menteri besar after the next general election had been circulating for quite a while in that state.

Friends in Johor told me over the past weeks that it is almost certain that current MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin will revert back to contest his former Pasir Gudang parliament seat in the election.

Khaled is currently the state assemblyman of Permas.

However, just the other day, another source based in KL said Khaled had succeeded in his appeal to remain as Johor MB  for another term.

I'm not sure which of my sources were right about this whole thing, but I believe there must be something real going on for the rumours to start in the first place.

I will however not discuss why Khaled was said to be replaced as MB due to the sensitivity of the matter.

What I'm more interested to discuss here is who could possibly replace Khalid as MB.

So far, I have heard three names for the job.

Top in the list is Datuk Daing A Malek Daing A Rahman.

He is currently the Kota Tinggi Umno division chief.

To know more about him, please click on this link,

Daing A Malek

I have never even met Daing Malek, so, I don't think I should comment much on him.

The most that I know is that he is very close to the Johor royal family, therefore making him the most likely candidate to take over the MB job in the event it's true that Khaled will move to Putrajaya after the next general election.

However, my sources in JB also told me that Daing Malek was not really interested in the MB job and instead prefer to concentrate on his business activities and the Kota Tinggi Umno division.

It was said that only the Sultan of Johor could persuade him to take the job.

The second name I heard to be a possible candidate for the Johor MB job is Datuk Hasni Mohammad.

He is the Pontian Umno division chief, Benut assemblyman as well as state executive councillor for public works, rural and regional development.

I actually didn't take it seriously when I first heard that Hasni could be the next Johor MB but my sources in Johor insisted that he was indeed a prime candidate for the job.

My skepticism was because Hasni had previously been known to be very close to former Umno deputy president TS Muhyiddin Yassin, who is now the Pribumi president.

I doubt that the Umno leadership would want someone like him to be their main man in Johor.

The latest development also indicated that Hasni's chances of landing the MB job, if true, had faded due to an issue related to his current job as a state executive councillor.

The third and latest emerging candidate for the job that I heard was quite a surprise.

He is Dr Zaini Abu Bakar, the current Nusajaya assemblyman.

Honestly, I really thought that Dr Zaini's career will effectively ends with the coming general election.

Even his Nusajaya seat was said to be taken over by Mohammad Khairi A. Malik, who is the Gelang Patah Umno division chief and political secretary of Khaled.

Nonetheless, my sources in Johor insisted that Dr Zaini is now a strong candidate for the Johor MB post.

Someone "higher up" was said to like him and wanted him to be considered for the job.

Well, if it's true that Khaled is to change job and become a federal minister or something after the election, then Khairi would naturally be moving along with his boss, thus giving Dr Zaini a chance of not only prolonging his political career, but also landing the Johor MB job.

Still, I think it's a 50-50 thing and could go any other way.

After all, the next general election may only take place up to August next year.

Anything could happen between now and then.

New candidates for the Johor MB job may emerge, or maybe Khaled himself will manage to turn the tide and successfully lobby to keep his current job.

Let's just wait and see.


Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Rewcastle-Brown and Ambiga drop the ball for Pakatan

This is definitely bad for Pakatan,

Sarawak Report editor names Ambiga as source of information


According to her Defence and Counterclaim statement that was provided for The Malaysian Insight, Rewcastle-Brown said she spoke to the former Bersih chairman in July 2016 regarding Najib, 1MDB and PAS.
"Ambiga had told the defendant that her sources, whom she said were reliable, had estimated the amount that had been paid was around RM90 million," said Rewcastle-Brown in her court filing dated October 11.
Rewcastle-Brown's defence was filed in relation to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's defamation suit against Rewcastle-Brown in April this year.
It shows that Sarawak Report, which is now known as a prominent pro-Pakatan "whistle-blower" website is an unreliable source of information.

I have never studied journalism but I know that one of the most basic things that journalists must never do is to reveal their anonymous sources.

They were supposed to protect their sources even if they have to go to jail to do so.

In this case Rewcastle-Brown should by right must protect Ambiga, who is her source, even if she was to be cited for contempt of court.

I'm quite sure the former Bersih chairman had wanted to remain anonymous when she told Rewcastle-Brown about Hadi allegedly taking money from PM DS Najib Razak. Otherwise, Sarawak Report would had quoted her from the start instead of putting her as just a source.

Now that it's out in the open, Ambiga will come under public scrutiny for alleging that Hadi had taken money from PM Najib Razak in return of Pas' support for BN.

She will have to testify in that court case in London or Hadi could initiate a separate legal suit against her here where she would likely be compelled to produce evidence or reveal her source.

When that happened, does Ambiga willing to protect her source if she has no evidence to support her allegation against Hadi? Is she willing to go to jail to do that?

Rocky was more direct when he asked,

Now, who will Ambiga throw under the bus?

Well, I seriously think Rewcastle-Brown and her Sarawak Report has now been TKOed by this whole thing.

Firstly, she should not have written such a serious allegation against Hadi based solely on just what Ambiga told her.

Instead, she should have double checked with other sources to corroborate the allegation before writing and publishing it.

To make an allegation based on the mere words of just one person who wished to be anonymous was very reckless and irresponsible.

Especially so when Sarawak Report has made its name worldwide as one of the main critiques of the Malaysian government and its leaders. International publications had quoted it in articles critical of Najib and the country.

Then, as I wrote above, by right Rewcastle-Brown shouldn't had blown Ambiga's cover as that effectively sealed Sarawak Report's reputation as an untrustworthy source of information.

A whistle-blower shouldn't blow the cover of its sources, okay.

Unless, of course if Ambiga herself doesn't mind for her cover to be blown, which I doubt, as that would mean she herself will face legal troubles.

Now that it has come to this point, Ambiga should be ready to reveal her sources or produce evidence to support her allegation against Hadi.

Somehow, I doubt she can do that even if she wants to.

My bet is that she will go to court and says that she was merely speculating or even joking with Rewcastle-Brown about the whole thing and she didn't expect what she said to be published.

Probably that's the truth, anyway.

Whatever it is,  I think both Rewcastle-Brown and Ambiga will come out of this looking really bad.

Bare in mind, that story of Hadi taking money from Najib had been circulating and quoted numerous times by Pakatan people.

Now that the whole allegation looks more and more like a fake news, it surely doesn't look  good for Pakatan at all.

People will start to doubt the other stories they told in their effort to oust Najib and the BN government.

The only way this could be prevented is for Ambiga to suddenly produce in court the hard evidence against Hadi which prompted her to make the allegation in the first place.

Hopefully, Ambiga will not just turn around and said she had heard it from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or DS Anwar Ibrahim or Mat Sabu, etc.

If she does that, it's really as if she is throwing the whole Pakatan under the bus.

Well, I believe Najib and the whole of BN scored a big one on this.

Too bad for you all Pakatan people.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Not all Chinese in this country are rich

This is a very sad news,

All victims of Tapah road tragedy are locals

It made me even more sad when I looked closely at the identity of the nine who died;


The victims killed in the tragedy were identified as 
1. Lew San Jau, 32 (the driver of the van)
2. Thong For Thye, 52
3. Cheong Kai Yen, 55
4. Wong Yok Yen, 61
5. Yow Sam Mooi, 67
6. Cheong Moy, 68
7. Chong Moi, 82
8. Liew Siew Fah, 81
9. Tang Kam Siew, 73
Except for the van driver, all of them are women.

And these women were elderly.

It made me wondered what were they doing working in a farm and traveling in a van to go to work like that.

Can't they just rest at home?

And they are Chinese.

Many people think that all Chinese in this country are rich.

Why then those elderly ladies needed to work in a farm despite their age?

When the story first came out this morning, and the identity of the victims were not yet known, many would have thought that the farm workers must be foreigners. Most likely Indonesians and Bangladeshis.

Now that we know who they are, I'm amazed as to why eight elderly Chinese women had to work as farm hands and then their life ended tragically like that.

Sorry, I'm really sad over this tragedy.

Thinking of the victims made me miss my mom, grandma and grandpa very much.

After finishing school, my mom worked as a waitress in Singapore for two years to save money to further her studies in Taiwan. She is still working today.

My grandma operated a koey teow stall and my grandpa used to be a carpenter. They only stopped working when they were in their 70s.

They are okay, but not rich.

Seriously, not all Chinese in this country are rich.


Friday, 27 October 2017

On the proxy war in Najib's camp

It's budget day.

Later in the day PM DS Najib Razak will table the 2018 Budget.

But I think I know what it's going to be. It's definitely going to be a people-friendly budget, considering that the next general election is to be held the latest in August next year.

There will be tonnes of stories about it later.

So, no need for me to comment on it.

For today, I rather give my take on the ongoing nonsense between people who supposed to be big shots in the Najib's camp.

The way I see it, the fight is not really between Apandi Ali and RPK as it seems to be.

It's between people who are behind those two.

This is sort of a proxy war for influence within the PM's inner circle.  We can only guess the real identity of the main players as they will never come out in the open.

Okay, as you all may know by now, the first open attack in the latest Najib's camp nonsense was when RPK wrote these,

 Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 1 and Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 2

They were directed at AG Apandi and that funny Tabung Haji guy Azeez Rahim.

Quite serious allegations, actually.

I strongly believe that RPK wrote those under instruction from someone who is out to knock out Apandi and Azeez from Najib's circle.

I don't think RPK has anything personal against Apandi and Azeez.

The guy is after all living in Manchester, okay.

He was just doing his job.

I said that RPK was only following instructions because this sort of things happened before.

RPK had previously attacked an MB, accusing him of being a homosexual while as far as I know he got no quarrel with that MB.

He must had done it under instruction, as in the current case with Apandi and Azeez.

I don't really like that MB guy but I felt the attack was unfair and therefore I defended the MB in this previous post on Sept 22 last year,


On yet another matter, last night I got a message from a friend asking me who is the MB meant by RPK in this story of his,

Menteri Besar blackmailed by Mahathir

Of course I know who is the MB meant by RPK.

It's an old story, actually.

But I told my friend not to bother himself with such stories.

I'm not a big fan of that MB, but to float such an accusation against him, in my opinion was not fair.

And RPK did another posting about him just now as I'm writing this,

The faggot Menteri Besar under Mahathir’s thumb

Guess someone really wants that MB to be thrown out.

Well, this is all very sordid.

For yet another previous proxy war within Najib's camp involving RPK, you all can read these;

If you followed what transpired in all these fights, the modus operandi is always the same.

Anyway, for the current one, I think RPK had toned down the attack quite a bit following Apandi's aggressive response to it. You can read it here,

Strong Rumours Surrounding The AG: Part 3

Maybe the people behind RPK have suddenly realised that the gang behind Apandi is more powerful than they thought.

But I think it's too late for that.

Damage done already, okay.

This fight among them, as they were with the previous ones, had only caused BN to lose more support and provide Pakatan with quite potent ammunitions as the general election draws nearer.

It's a malady of greedy individuals who only care about their vested interests.

They are there hanging around Najib for their own selfish agenda.

They don't care about this country, the people, BN, Umno or even Najib.

These people will switch side in the event things get bad for Najib, Umno or BN. I'm quite sure of that.

That's why they remain hidden and use others to fight for them.

Their loyalty is only for themselves.

Najib should realise this by now.

By right, he should get rid of them.

These people are very much like all those scheming concubines or corrupt eunuchs of the ancient world.

They are the cancerous cells which destroyed dynasties.

Read history of those dynasties and I think you all will agree with me.

Well, for this one, it's solely up for Najib to decide.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Palace intrigues

Rocky's posting yesterday

Apandi Ali vs RPK and Khairuddin (there's Azeeez in there somewhere, too!)

actually reminds me of the Korean historical dramas which I enjoyed quite a lot.

All those palace intrigues were very interesting to me.

Things like the queen ganging up with the king's favourite concubine in their fight against the scheming head of concubines.

Then there's the eunuchs and court officials running around trying to grab a bit of power for themselves at the lower level of the palace hierarchy.

Interesting, isn't it?

These sorts of things actually do happened in real life power struggles too.

The one highlighted by Rocky involves BN people but actually Pakatan people also have such things.

For example, just not too long ago, it became public knowledge that Azmin Ali was ganging up with people like Lateefa Koya in their fight for power in PKR against the scheming Rafizi Ramli.

In the Korean historical drama context, I just imagine Azmin as the queen, Lateefa as the favourite concubine and Rafizi as the scheming head of concubines.

Of course, it would help if Rafizi is a bit less chubby....hehehe

The smaller players in PKR could be the manoeuvring eunuchs and court officials.

Well, for the BN's version, you all can read Rocky's posting again and use your imagination as to who should be of which character.

Fun isn't it?

Actually, I think it's the same on both sides.

The only significant difference is that for now BN has the power and therefore there are more at stake in their internal power struggles.

I believe it will be the same if Pakatan ever managed to defeat BN and has the power to rule the country in their hands.

It's unavoidable in any organisation.

At a lower level we have office politics at the workplace.

It can't be helped as most people want to move up in the organisation they worked for and the only way some of them can do it was to play office politics.

I went through this at my previous workplace.

I have to admit that I'm totally useless when it comes to these sorts of maneuverings as my only talent is probably doing my work the best that I could.

I also don't know how to sweet talk the bosses. If they do stupid things, I would say "Boss, that's a stupid thing to do".

Well, maybe I'm the stupid one for saying that :)

I also don't know how to make my bosses happy by praising them all over or following in their footsteps even if those footsteps would eventually lead the organisation into the longkang.

Others, however, were very good at it. In fact, that's their only real talent.

For instance, when the big boss went around bullying one of the junior executives, the whole gang of flunkies fell all over themselves in bullying their subordinates too, so that they could be seen as in line with the big boss' ways of doing things.

Amazing isn't it?

Honestly, I was at awe when I saw the way they kissed the bosses' ass. I can never do that, okay...too disgusting leh...

Needless to say, people like me lose out in the end and the organisation is now own by the gang whose actual talent is just ass kissing the big boss.

Well, I don't want to say how the organisation is doing under those people now as I don't want you all to accuse me of being a sour grape, okay.

That's just the way things are in this world, I guess.

So, if you want to move up in an organisation, you better acquire some ass kissing and office politics skills.

Otherwise, you just lay low, do your job well (but not too well, as you may be noted for your talents and presumed to be a threat by the ass kissers) and settled with just the aim of getting your salary paid at the end of the months.

I gave that advise to my former colleagues, actually.

All in all, it's just the same. It's just the way humans do things.

But still, I also gave this additional advice to my former collegues,

Don't despair when you lose out to those scheming people. The more important thing is to keep your conscience clear and do the right things. I believe that's what God wants us to do.

Remember, rezeki tu Allah yang bagi. Bukan boss yang suka dibodek atau pengampu-pengampunya tu yang bagi.

If we do the right things, God will provide for us, one way or another.