Thursday, 25 May 2017

Chinese are never to lose

When I wrote this post

on the Bandar Malaysia issue, a commentator replied,

tebing tinggi4 May 2017 at 20:15

The Chinese are just playing games ,jut to see that they could gain more .

The Chinese are never to lose ,jut wait and see .

Well, the comment turned out to be true as far as the Proton strategic partnership plan is concerned.

This is the story yesterday,

Geely Holding buys 49.9% of Proton

It certainly make this observation of mine kinda stupid,

I was so sure the French going to get the deal when reports said Geely had pulled out of it.

Turned out, the Chinese were just being smart business people.

They were just bidding their time to make the right offer, it seemed.

I think they are really smarter than the French.

They must have known that DRB-Hicom would prefer not to let go of the controlling stake, at least for now. That's probably why they only take 49.9 per cent.

The general election is coming after all and Proton being taken over by foreigners may upset too many people.

After election, different story lah.

Personally, I don't really care as long as it will do good for Proton in the long run.

I argued on that point here,

Maybe Dr Mahathir wouldn't mind the Japanese too much

Anyway, in a related story, the Chinese are getting 51 per cent controlling stake of Proton's Lotus as part of the deal, and it was said that the

Lotus sale gives DRB-Hicom 100 million pounds

Perhaps Lotus is what the Chinese really want in the first place.

Lotus is a good brand name with excellent track record. Probably the best thing that Proton have.

Well, doesn't really matter to me.

If DRB-Hicom think it's a good deal they are having with the Chinese, then who am I to complain.

I got no prejudices against the Chinese anyway.

If they are smart enough to make a good offer, then they deserve what they are getting.

Anyway, I have never seen a Geely car.

When I was in China, I saw lots of Volkswagen and Japanese cars.

Can't remember seeing a Geely.

Maybe they were there in front of me, just that I didn't notice their badge.

So, this is a video about one of their cars,

I still prefer the Japanese, but this is also not too bad.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

BN will win if the opposition parties remain the same

Someone asked me yesterday whether the opposition parties will be able to defeat BN in the next general election.

I said no.

Well, not if the opposition parties remain the way they are now.

Honestly, the way I see it, the opposition parties are simply in even worse shape than BN.

That's the truth. Even the opposition supporters, if they are honest with themselves, will have to agree.

There's that Pas factor to begin with, which will break the opposition's vote bank among the Malays.

The opposition parties were hoping for a Malay tsunami against BN, but without Pas in the same camp as the others, I don't think that's going to happen.

This Pas matter has been discussed quite a lot, so I don't think I need to elaborate on it.

Let's go to the other opposition parties and see what's wrong with them,

Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia

It is basically a Dr Mahathir's party consisting disgruntled Umno people who quit or forced to quit the party after the latest failed Umno rebellion.

Their way of thinking is however still as if they are in Umno. Lately they were even squabbling for positions the same way when they were in Umno.

This latest blog post by Dr Mahathir confirmed talks that the infighting has been serious,


They are also finding it hard to play second fiddle to the more senior opposition parties such as PKR, DAP and even Amanah.

It would be hard for many of them to swallow the fact that even if they win, they will have to submit to the other parties' wishes.

On top of that, they may even have to accept that Anwar Ibrahim is to be made PM if they win the next general election. That's going to be very hard for them as they have been whacking the guy for a very long time when they were in Umno.


PKR is still stuck with the ideology of making Anwar the PM, plain and simple.

Yes, they do talk about justice and a better Malaysia, but their end game is still all about Anwar.

As of now, they seem even willing to sacrifice everything else including the goal of winning the next general election, to achieve that objective.

For them,  beating BN would be meaningless if Anwar is not to be PM.

Thus the other day at their convention, they sort of forced everyone, including their guests from the other opposition parties to hold up the Anwar to be PM placard.

Dr Mahathir, who was there actually avoided doing that.

PKR's Anwar as PM dream is actually off putting for many people who hates BN as they equally can't stand the idea of the former DPM running the country.


The Chinese-based party is currently stuck at third gear.

It can't improve from it's Chinese tsunami mode of GE13.

It's for all intent and purpose is still actually a Chinese party.

All its effort to appear multi-racial have not been making much progress.

Any attempt to dilute it's Chinese flavour only causes it to lose chunks of its Chinese vote bank.

That's exactly what happened when they fielded a Malay girl at the Teluk Intan by-election in 2015.

For many Malays, DAP is still a Chinese political bogeyman that scares them.

It doesn't help that some of the DAP personalities openly displayed their lack of sensitivities towards the Malays.

For example, by openly promoting evangelicalism, some DAP leaders do not seem to care what the Malay Muslims feel about such activities.

They even contemptuously dismiss the Malays unhappiness over the matter.

They probably feel that they can get away with such behaviour because their constituents are mostly Chinese and that they may even actually win more Chinese votes that way.

However, the effect would actually be damaging for the opposition parties as a whole because Malays, who are the majority in this country tend not to take such nonsense too kindly.

Its a case of "Menang sorak Cina, kampung Melayu tergadai".


Consisting mostly Pas rejects, it's the only opposition party which in my opinion is without too much baggage.

Okay, party president Mat Sabu may be a baggage because of his not so handsome face as well as crazy antics and background, but the other leaders seem not so bad.

These guys are after all mostly professionals who joined Pas believing that they can do good in the Islamist party.

When they were still in Pas, the party seems less Taliban-like.

Well, too bad that they got kicked out by the Pas Ulama gang and have to set-up their own new party.

However, they don't have the Pas' Islamic fanaticism which attracts a lot of Malays, especially those from the rural areas.

Unlike Pas leaders who can claim that supporting their party is akin to buying a ticket to paradise, the Amanah guys, who are not ulama could only project a moderate Islamic image which may not be attractive enough for the more religiously-inclined Muslims.

Amanah may do some good in non-Malay heartland states such as Johor and Malacca but that's about all that they can do.

It may not likely stand much chance in three cornered fights with Pas and Umno such as what happened at the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections last year.

Mat Sabu may not be handsome in my eyes but some girls do love him though.
Well, that's my honest opinion about the opposition parties' chances for the coming general election if they remain as they are now.

Unless they do something drastic to overcome their problems as laid down above, they will lose again.

A lot of people that I know are fed up with the opposition parties despite their hatred towards BN. Some of them don't even want to talk about politics anymore and may likely not bothered to vote later on.

This, however, doesn't mean Umno and the other BN parties will have it easy in the months ahead leading to the general election.

If they get over confident and cocky, which they tend to do all the time, they may get the people to be so angry that they don't really care whether the opposition is any better or worse to replace BN in Putrajaya.

They would just vote for the opposition out of spite because they are pissed off by the arrogant and stupid remarks as well as failures to do the right things coming from the BN side.

Actually, I believe the opposition parties' only chance to win the next general election is if the people become so angry with BN that they couldn't care less whether those to replace the ruling coalition are any better.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Can Khaled do what Ghani did in handling a Malay tsunami?

According to this Bernama story,

Johor BN Will Focus Efforts To Recapture Seats From Opposition

JOHOR BAHRU, May 20 (Bernama) -- Johor Barisan Nasional (BN) will focus its efforts to recapture seats lost to the opposition in the last 13th General Election (GE13).

Johor BN chairman Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said BN would ensure victory, despite the opposition´s confidence of capturing 5 parliamentary seats in the upcoming 14th General Election (GE14).

"Ask the opposition to specify which areas (15 seats) that they want to capture in Johor," he told reporters after launching the Mega Sale �Muafakat Johor´ Carnival 2017 at Pasir Gudang Indoor Stadium, here today.

The Johor Menteri Besar was commenting on a statement by Pakatan Harapan that expressed confident to capture 15 seats in the state in GE14 after a special meeting of the Pakatan Harapan Johor yesterday.

In the GE13, Johor BN won 21 of 26 parliamentary seats. The five opposition seats are Kulai, Gelang Patah, Kluang, Batu Pahat and Bakri and Pagoh.

On the Mega Sale Carnival, Mohamed Khaled said the carnival would be expanded to Iskandar Malaysia as it would help the people in the face of rising prices of daily necessities at the moment.

Not a very well written story, but never mind.

Well, since Khaled asked where are the five parliament seats the opposition is confident of capturing,
let me take a wild guess....errr, one of them should be at his own division of Pasir Gudang where BN's majority was slashed in 2013 from over 20,000 to less than 1,000.

It's 935, to be exact.

The others should be Ledang (1,967), Tebrau (1,767), Muar (1,646), Segamat (1,217) and Labis (353).

Out of the 25 parliament seats won by BN by less than 2,000 votes in the last general election, six are in Johor.

That makes it one extra more than what Khaled asked for.

There are several other places in Johor where BN's majority had been significantly reduced, but let's save those for another story.

Can BN win back its lost parliament seats in Johor?

For that, maybe we can just look at the majority won by the opposition in Gelang Patah, which is 14,752, Bakri (5,067), Kluang (7,359), Kulai (13,450) and Batu Pahat (1,524).

Maybe Batu Pahat can be taken back by BN.

In the first place, BN was not supposed to lose that seat in the last general election but the Umno headquarter's decision to ignore Johor liasion committee's recommendation not to field Mohd Puad Zarkashi there handed the seat to the opposition.

For more on that, read this,

Meroyan kalah pilihanraya

So, what could possibly be Khaled's strategy to avoid BN from losing more seats, or to put it as he said, to recapture those now with the opposition?

If we look at all those 50-50 seats, they are mostly racially marginal.

That means BN, or to be more precise Umno can't rely solely on Malay unity in Johor.

It needs to win back some non-Malay votes in the state, especially among the Chinese.

I'm not sure how they can achieve that, but definitely not by the approach of some who went around saying that the next general election will be about Malays versus Chinese.

Some people told me that the Bangsa Johor campaign led by the palace may do the trick as it makes the Chinese happy.

Maybe kut.

Well, I don't know. Only the Johorean Chinese can tell whether they are happy or not.

As for Malay unity in Johor, it  has always been unity in Umno.

Nothing to do with Umno-Pas unity. That's why I couldn't care less about all those perpaduan ummah talks. In Johor, it's perpaduan Melayu didalam Umno, okay.

Khaled personally told me that 83 per cent of Malays in Johor voted for BN in the last general election.

That's how strong was Malay unity in Johor.

I believe if not for that, the Chinese tsunami of 2013 would have swept away the state from BN.

In light of the Umno rebellion led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the opposition is expecting a Malay tsunami against BN in the next general election.

They expect Johor to be hit hard by it, thus their confidence in capturing more parliamentary seats in the state.

The last time there was something which could be described as a Malay tsunami was during the 1999 general election.

It was estimated that less than 40 per cent of Malays voted for BN in that election

The ruling coalition was saved by the Chinese who went all out to vote for it after being spooked by the violent mostly Malay-led Reformasi riots of  Anwar Ibrahim.

Umno, nonetheless, lost a lot of seats with Pas capturing Terengganu that year.

Johor was however untouched by that Malay tsunami.

Johor BN, led by then MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman, won all the parliament and state seats in that 1999 general election. It was an amazing 100 per cent victory at the height of a Malay rebellion against Umno.

Back then, Johor was truly the tiang seri of Umno.

Lets see if it is still so, and whether Khaled can do what Ghani did in leading Johor into what the opposition believe will be another Malay tsunami.

I do hope for Khaled's sake that he agrees with me that in Johor, it is not wise to stop a Malay tsunami by saying "you are with us or against us", 'no retreat, no surrender" and other such stupid things now very popular among some clever Umno people and supposed supporters.

Bear in mind that back in 1999, there were many Johorean Malays who disliked Dr Mahathir for what he did to Anwar, but they still voted for BN because of their loyalty to Umno.  It helps that Johor Umno, then under Ghani, never witch-hunted them.

Maybe Khaled can learn from that.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

About Malays versus Chinese

A friend who is a Sabahan Chinese called to complain about this article by RPK,

GE14 is about Malays versus Chinese

He said such an article is not helping Barisan Nasional to win back Chinese votes, and may cause difficulties for the coalition in Sabah and Sarawak.

My friend, who is a staunch BN supporter had sounded very distressed.

"Can you help counter this RPK's article?" he asked.

Seriously, I wish I could help him, but in this case I don't believe I can.

I explained to him that he needs someone with a bigger and more influential platform to do that.

Mine is after all merely an insignificant anonymous blog - just a little anchovy compared to RPK's hugely popular Malaysia Today.

I do understand though why my friend was so worried about such racially provocative articles.

I was also guilty of writing such articles in the aftermath of GE13's Chinese tsunami. And my post of those sorts were relatively well read.

I was mostly venting out my frustration at that time because I was so disappointed with the Chinese for choosing to abandon the moderate Malays of the establishment during that general election.

But, as I previously wrote, things cooled off after that as things slowly went back to normal.

I believe the Chinese political tidal wave of 2013 had also receded to a certain extent over time. The signs were there during last year's Sarawak elections and twin by-elections of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

BN actual managed to get a decent percentage of Chinese votes during those elections.

I never expect BN to get overwhelming percentage of Chinese votes in future elections but it would be good enough if the percentage could be increased to 20 or 30 percent. Maybe it could help stop our society from becoming more racially polarised.

More importantly, it may even shut up those who are advocating racism as a political tool.

Actually, I never believe that we Malaysians, despite all those racial rhetorics, are really racists at heart.

Those ugly racist feelings, for me, were the faults of politicians who exploit communal sentiments to win support.

These bad people and their minions always tried very hard to deny that we Malaysians could live together and that there are those among us who could be the best of friends or even love and accept each other the way we were.

In my last post

Annie's favourite Ang

I highlighted this (excerpts),

Later on I have a Chinese friend who is like Hillary. He doesn't play a guitar but can mix around with Malays very well. He is so well liked that even the local Pekida and Tiga Line guys hang out with him. I think it's something to do with his sincere heart.

A commentator then accused me of lying about having such a friend as he can't believe that such a Chinese exist. Pekida and Tiga Line are after all known to be extreme Malay organisations.

In my reply, I provided this link to a previous article of mine where I mentioned about my friend,

Annie and Najib's advisers

Yes, that Chinese friend of mine really exist and if the commentator who accused me of lying bothered to check on him, he will discover that my friend is exactly as I described him.

The guy even looks a bit like a young Hillary Ang of the Search fame.

A young Hillary Ang
Let me add a bit more about him here.

When his father died a few years ago, I spent several days with him and his family at the funeral parlour during the wake. A group of Pekida guys turned up there to pay their last respect and convey their sympathy to my friend and his family.

It turned out that the Abang Long of the group is sorts of his "abang angkat".

No kidding.

The Pekida and Tiga Line people are not exactly the same as the people of Ku Klux Klan, okay. If we take out the politics, these guys are as normal as anyone else. They also like good people irregardless of race and religion such as in the case of my friend.

For me, all that matter is for us to regard each other with sincerity and honesty.

As for my Sabahan Chinese friend's request, all I can say is - let us all try not to be influenced by people who want us to hate and fight each other so that they can benefit from the chaos that comes out of it.

Give it a try, okay.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Annie's favourite Ang


This Ang is nice and the best, okay.

I'm talking about Hillary Ang.

In case you don't know him, the guy is a lead guitarist and founding member of Search, the greatest Malaysian rock band ever.

And Hillary is not a girl like Hillary Clinton. He's a real macho rocker guy.

That's him on the right,

That's in the mid-80s when the JB boys of Search ruled the Malaysian music scene.

I was just a kid at that time, but when I first heard his guitar riffs, I knew that Hillary was exceptionally good. Perhaps even the best among local rock guitarists.

Back then I always wondered how the quiet Chinese boy could be part of the Malay rock band. The Chinese are after all not known to be so into hard rock music. That's what I think made him extra special.

Later on I have a Chinese friend who is like Hillary. He doesn't play a guitar but can mix around with Malays very well. He is so well liked that even the local Pekida and Tiga Line guys hang out with him. I think it's something to do with his sincere heart.

Guys like Hillary and my friend are among the main reasons why I can't hate the Chinese even if I try. Believe me, I tried after the Chinese tsunami of 2013. Cuma boleh marah sekejap je. You can't hate the entire race when you know and like the good ones among them.

Well, at least I can't.

Anyway, here's Hillary and his Search gang playing at Planet Hollywood in 2007,

And this is him and the gang when they were much younger and at the height of their power,

Nowadays Hillary looks very uncle uncle....

....but he's still as cool as ever, especially when he is with a guitar.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Umno's campaign styles and memories of Tenang

Umno celebrated its 71st birthday at the National Stadium last night.

National news agency Bernama estimated about 150,000 people at the event.

It's almost as many as the whole of DAP membership.

This is its report on what Umno president DS Najib Razak said at the event,

UMNO Remains Strong As It Always Struggles For The People - Najib

This is a picture from the event yesterday,

The last time I remember of such a gathering was the Umno's 66th birthday celebration on May 11, 2012.

This is a picture of the event from back then,

Looks the same and the number of crowd was equally as impressive as yesterday.

It was part of the built up to the 13th general election which was held just short of a year later.

The main reason for the gathering back then was as explained by Najib in this Bernama report picked up by The Star,

Najib: May 11 mass gathering to prove Umno's strength 

I believe the gathering yesterday was also held as a show of strength and part of preparations for the coming general election.

I'm not however a believer of big party gatherings being helpful in winning elections.

After all, despite the similarly big birthday celebration of Umno in 2012, which was followed by other crowd-pleasing events such as the Jelajah Janji DiTepati programme, BN did not do really well at the polls the next year.

Personally, I'm more for real works on the ground such as door to door campaigning, providing efficient community services, showing genuine care for the constituents, helping out when people are in trouble, etc.

It's after all a matter of winning the hearts and minds of the people.

Showing how strong a party is, doesn't really do that.

Okay, maybe it's good for party morale and such but that's all about it, I think.

It's something like having five main pages of your event highlighted by a newspaper which is read mostly by your own party members and supporters.

I don't actually think people would react like "Huih, ramai dan bersemangatnya ahli Umno....hmmm, aku nak sokong Umno lah macam ni."

Don't know lah, but those are my thoughts.

I actually developed this line of thinking after being on the ground during the flood-hit

Tenang by-election

of 2011.

BN at that by-election employed a very practical campaigning approach, especially by approaching voters at personal level and persuading them that BN is their best choice.

The BN campaign on the ground was led by local leaders as they knew the locals better. Outsiders, including high ranking party leaders were told to play a supporting role if they wish to lend a hand for the campaign.

There was hardly any big gathering or fun-fair type of events to spice up the campaigning.

Even outriders escorting VIPs were told not to use their sirens going into the villages, Felda settlements and residential areas.

Johor MB at that time TS Abdul Ghani Othman even told a group of local Wanita Umno members not to proceed with their plan to have a lunch gathering at the KFC outlet in Labis town.

The reason for it was to prevent the locals from getting irritated by what they may deemed as pompous behaviour among the Umno campaigners.

It was felt that the presence of a huge crowd of Wanita members in their red and white uniform swaggering around all over the place may have that very effect.

In contras, Pas which was heavily backed by especially DAP at that by-election embarked on their usual big ceramah and gatherings.

There were a lot of unhappiness especially among Umno people who came to Tenang for the by-election as they were told not to do the usual.

I remember a friend from Kelantan asking me "Tak ada buat gelombang merah ke? Macam mana nak menang kalau macam ni je?"

Even pro-Umno bloggers and social media players were heavily criticising the Johor Umno's campaign style.

"Hambar", "Tak meriah", etc they wrote.

The unhappiest among them were however people from the Umno headquarters in KL.

They were told that for the Tenang by-election, they didn't have to organise any event which may costs the party a lot of money.

In another word, Johor Umno at that time was saying that no one would be allowed to make money out of the by-election at the party's expense.

If those fun-fair like events were allowed to be held, contracts would have to be doled out to certain individuals and paid by the party. This, Johor Umno felt was not worth the expenses and furthermore not really helping the campaigning effort.

Despite BN later on winning the by-election by a significantly increased majority, the unhappiness of the Umno headquarters people remains.

Note the multi-racial BN crowd celebrating with their candidate Mohd Azhar Ibrahim after he was announced as the winner of the Tenang by-election.

Johor Umno was again heavily criticised at a party war room meeting after the by-election.

The debate on the matter led to the Johor Umno war room director being later on banned from attending future meetings.

The excuse given was that only those who led an Umno division were allowed to attend the Umno headquarters' war room meeting. The Johor Umno war room director was the only one who was not a Ketua Bahagian.

All the nonsense were despite Najib himself praising the leadership of Johor BN and Umno for the victory in Tenang.  The campaigning for the by-election was described by him as being the most well managed and costs effective ever.

I'm not sure what it's going to be for Umno and BN in terms of campaigning style after this. After all, the next general election may be just a matter of months from now.

If I'm an Umno member or supporter, I would prefer Najib as my party leader to do the right thing rather than allow some people to use the party to enrich themselves via fun-fair contracts.

Well, of course I'm not a party member or even a supporter, and therefore all that I'm writing here is just actually sharing my experiences and thoughts on the matter.

If Umno wants to have a fun-fair like campaigning for the next general election, than that's their choice.

None of my business, really.

Okay, that's all.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Be cool as ours is a tolerant multi-racial society

I was in JB on Friday when the commotion outside the mosque in Austin Perdana happened.

A Chinese man got himself beaten and his car smashed up for repeatedly honking outside the mosque during Friday prayers.

His car was apparently blocked by those parked by the roadsides outside the mosque.

This is The Star's report of the incident;

Group attacks motorist outside Johor mosque 

and the warning by police;

Cops warn against further unrest following mosque incident 

and this is RPK's commentary today;

Don’t build mosques in towns and where there are humans

Actually, I'm not really sure what RPK was getting at but maybe he was being sarcastic.

I was shown the video of the incident just moments after it went viral on Friday by my friend who is a Chinese.

We were lepaking at his shop near Taman Nong Cik.

"Susah la macam ni. Lagi la polarised negara kita," he said.

"That is just people being stupid" I replied.

Earlier in the day, my friend and me were at a church attending the wake of a friend who died a few days earlier.

Everything was okay there as my deceased friend lay in rest before his funeral the next day.

There were Chinese, Malays and Indians among his friends who attended the wake.

I think the best way to avoid such an incident at Austin Perdana was to stop all racial and religious incitements.

Under normal circumstances, I don't think the Chinese guy could be so stupid to incessantly honk away like that as he knew that the owners of the cars blocking his path were praying in the mosque.

In all probabilities, he could be like one of those whose comments in this blog using words such as "Fucking Melayu....bla bla bla" I had to spike off for being overly racist.

That, I blame on politicians who went around telling Chinese that they are second, third, fourth,  or fifth class citizens because the Melayu people are oppressing them.

As for the people who beat up the guy and smashed his car, I don't think they would react like that under normal circumstances.

They would likely be more patient, having just finished their prayers.

However, in this case, maybe just the other day some politicians had told them that the Chinese are kurang ajar power grabbing bastards out to get them.

So, I think it's a combination of all that which caused the fracas.

I don't think it's really about cars being blocked or anything.

By the way, cars parked by the roadsides during prayers causing congestion were not only at mosques, okay.
Cars parked along the roadside of Jalan Maarof, Kuala Lumpur during prayers at the Arulmigu Sri Ramalinga Eeswarar Temple
This reminds me of a conversation I had with two Christian friends when I was in college.

Both are members of the Francis Xavier Church at Jalan Gasing in Petaling Jaya.

One of them (let me named him as Leslie) was complaining to me about the Christians being discriminated by the Muslim-led BN government.

The other guy (let me named him as Shawn), however told Leslie to cool off.

'Where do you park your car when you go to church on Sunday?" he asked Leslie.

'By the roadside la,' said Leslie.

'Why you didn't park inside the church compound?" Shawn asked again.

"Not enough space. Hey, you also parked by the roadside what," said Leslie, a bit irritated.

'Ya, I parked by the roadside too every time. You ever kena saman?" said Shawn.

"No," said Leslie.

"See, the police didn't saman us because they knew we were in the church praying. If they really want to oppress us they would just saman everyone who parked by the roadside. After all, the law is the law what. But they didn't. It's because ours is a tolerant multi-racial society. That's the way it is in this country la," said Shawn.

I remember this conversation with my friends very clearly despite it being years ago.

I think we Malaysians need to have more conversations like that rather than getting hooked up too much on politics of hate.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Are the Chinese running out of money?

First there was this story yesterday,

Bandar Malaysia agreement with IWH CREC lapses

Then it was followed by this one,

IWH CREC disputes TRX City claims over lapsed Bandar Malaysia stake sale deal

I was like "Hey, what's going on?"

These are indeed weird developments.

I really thought it was all a done deal.

Well, I still remember the big news back then in Dec 2015,

1MDB sells Bandar Malaysia land to

 Johor, Chinese consortium

It actually sounded quite good at that time - Bangsa Johor and Bangsa Cina building a city for Bangsa Malaysia :)

Now I do wonder what really went wrong.

All that's known so far is that IWH CREC can't pay the needed sum to buy the 60 per cent of the project.

Maybe it got something to do with this,

China's capital controls start biting

Don't know lah.

Maybe it's just that they don't have real money.

All the hype about the Chinese having all the money in the world may not be true after all.

Somehow this whole thing reminds me of this news from back then,

RM22 billion Mersing Laguna project cancelled 

If you bothered to click on the above link, please however not believe in everything written in the story.

There's a story behind that story which only those who were directly involved in the project from start until its cancellation could tell.

I can't. Don't feel like spending nights in a lock-up, okay.

Well, never mind.

I'm actually not so disappointed that the Chinese are out of the Bandar Malaysia project.

Maybe without them I can get this wish of mine for the KL- Singapore High Speed Rail project,

May the Japanese beat the Chinese on the HSR

Back then when it was made known that the Chinese have a foothold in the Bandar Malaysia project, which the HSR will start in KL, I thought the Japanese were out of the race.

Now their Shinkansen bullet train got a better shot for the HSR project.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Senna's Day

F1 legend Ayrton Senna died 23 years ago today.

Please click on this link if you don't know who's the guy,

Ayrton Senna

Since there's nothing really interesting to write today, I'm going to pay tribute to Senna, my favourite F1 driver of all time.

Really, the Pas' decision yesterday to severe ties with PKR doesn't interest me. Anyway, I had witten about it in my last post. So predictable.

Back to Senna.

I was still a kid in 1994, but had been following the F1 races after becoming fascinated by Senna's duel with his arch rival Alain Prost at that time.

Those days there were no live telecasts of the races, yet I religiously watched the recordings despite already knowing the results of each race from the news.

My aunt, a fellow F1 fan who was staying with me at that time woke me up the morning after the San Marino Grand Prix accident at Imola.

"Senna died," she said.

At first I thought she was mistaken.

'No lah, That's Roland Ratzenberger," I said in reference to the Belgian driver of Simtex team who died in a crash during qualifying the day before the race.

It was a really bad weekend at Imola. Rubens Barichello who was driving for Jordan at that time was also badly injured in an earlier accident.

"It's Senna. He's really dead," insisted my aunt.

I jumped out of bed and rushed to the living room to watch the news. TV3's morning bulletin was still carrying news of Senna's death.

How Senna died was quite unbelievable to me at that time.

He was going through the high speed but easy Tamburello corner when everything went wrong. The Williams car just went straight into the wall and Senna died upon impact.

It couldn't be Senna's mistake. Something was definitely wrong with the car.

At that time I used to play the Microprose F1 game on my aunt's Pentium-powered PC. It was the best of its kind then.

Tumburello corner is the first one after the start of the lap. They built a chicane there to slow it down after Senna's accident.

So, I know a bit between an easy and difficult corner.

I actually memorised every corner of each F1 circuit while playing that game. It was necessary as I have to take each corner using the right gear and be ready for it before I reached there. I also learnt about taking best racing line when driving from the game.

I didn't go to class that day.

Instead, I took a walk to the nearby 7-Elevan and bought all the newspapers to read more news about Senna's death.

I was living in Section 6 Shah Alam at that time. The 7-Eleven is the one near the market there.

Lots of memories from back then.

I mostly lost interest in F1 for a while after that.

That was until F1 came to Malaysia in 1999. This year, it will be its last. But that's another story for another day.

I'm closing this posting with a video tribute to Senna,

The last segment of the video clip was moments before Senna's car went out of control and crashed at Imola 23 years ago. It seems as if only yesterday.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Pas alone

The hottest political story at the moment is the ongoing Pas' annual general meeting in Alor Setar.

Everyone who are writing politics have been writing about it since the past weeks.

Everyone are saying Pas will break up with PKR and get out of the Selangor government.

They are going alone, so it was written.

Well, I don't think that will make much a difference.

It's not going to topple the state government.

I even dare to predict that Azmin Ali and gang will continue to rule Selangor after the next general election.

You all really think Noh Omar can lead Umno and BN to victory in Selangor? Seriously?

You think Pas going alone can win Selangor? Come on la.

Well, if Pas really want to get out of the Selangor government, they could had done so way back then when Pakatan Rakyat ended.

They don't need to wait until this AGM.

I guess they wanted to stay there till now as they need to earn a living.

The exco posts, city councillors, etc.

Since the general election is expected soon, it's only natural they want to get out now.

Those posts only last that much after all.

Can Pas survive on it's own?

The probable scenario is that they will face three-cornered fights with Umno and its splinter Amanah in most places.

I think the winner will be Umno because the opposition votes would be split in such a fight.

Tok Pa may even capture Kelantan for Umno.

And Umno may also likely retain power in the other outright Malay-majority states of Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah and Perlis.

Okay, Kedah may be more tricky because of the Dr Mahathir's factor. Maybe the votes may split equally three ways - Umno, Pas and Amanah+Pribumi Bersatu.

But still, I don't see Pas winning even in Kedah. I think it should be between BN led by Umno or Pakatan Harapan led by Mukhriz.

So, Pas may come out of the next general election without winning anything.

Not even Kelantan.

Well, somehow I don't think Pas people would mind that too much.

Their leaders kept saying these days that their struggle is to uplift Islam to greater heights and not actually to rule the country or even winning elections.

Something like a dakwah organisation, I guess.

By the way, Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang at the Pas AGM yesterday cautioned Muslims not to be split.

That's good.

Wish he had said that long ago.

In fact I think Pas should be dissolved and its members be made to join Umno.

Or at least it can be transformed into a dakwah organisation like Abim while its members do their politics in Umno.

That way there will be true unity of the Perpaduan Ummah variety.

That way also there will be no more people claiming they are more muslim than the others and use that argument to win votes in elections, especially in the kampung-kampung.

Well, that's just my suggestion, okay.

Anyway, I hope those injured at the Pas complex during the storm yesterday are okay and getting treatment in hospital.

Crazy weather these days, eh.

Okay, a bit of entertainment should do for a Sunday,

Of course the song is not for Pas people. It's too feeling feeling. Pas people are good tough Muslims and only listen to nasyid for entertainment :)


Friday, 28 April 2017

People love their freedom

I think this is silly,

WhatsApp group admin may face action if members spread false news

It followed this Berita Harian front page the other day,

Come on la.

If want to catch the real culprits, go and track down those who started the fake news, can or not?

Scare people from becoming Wassap admin for what?

I think this sorts of nonsense will only built more resentment towards the government.

Yes, spreading fake news is bad, but being seen as curtailing freedom of speech is even worse.

How the hell are they going to enforce this anyway?

For me, a much better way to stop the spread of false news is by giving out the real news in such a way that the people believe it more than the fake news.


By being more credible than the ones who spread the fake news.

Make people like and trust you so that they will listen and believe that the news you give them is the truth.

Read this post of mine from the other day to get some idea of how it can be done,

Facts don't win hearts

Anyway, back to that jailing Wassap admin stupidity, let me tell you that even if you are right, the more you try to suppress  freedom of speech, the more people will hate you.

That's just simply the way people are.

This country is a democracy and therefore being liked is important, irregardless whether you are right or wrong.

The people hold the ultimate power because their votes will decide how it's going to be.

If they hate you, you are not going to get their votes. It's as simple as that.

Malaysians will hate you if you try to take their freedom away.

Sometimes, I don't really understand why some people in position of authority can't see this.

They seemed to want to do things the easy way.

Arrest, jail, sue, shut down, close down etc.

Are those the only ways they can think of in countering dissent?

Don't they realise that such tactics will backfire at the polls later on?

Why can't they be credible and smart in persuading people to trust them instead?

Well, never mind. I'm not paid to give these sorts of advice to such people, anyway.

So, let them continue to shoot their own feet.

Actually, I don't really give a shit about this Wassap nonsense.

I'm in only two Wassap groups now- one strictly for work with my colleagues and another one with my family members.

I don't really like Wassap groups.

Used to be in several of them but I quit because I can't tahan the nonsense that everyone wrote and share in them.

Everything want to if I care what they are having for lunch, whether their kids are doing well in school, where they are going shopping etc.

The political nonsense shared in Wassap are the worst. So much bullshit.

But still, to stop people from airing their nonsense in such apps is equally bullshit.

Most people are not like me, okay. They love their bullshit and if you try to take it away from them, they would hate you for it.

Anyway, there are other messaging apps out there.

If they kacau at Wassap, can use the others.

I installed Line last month.

You can check it out here,

LINE : Free Calls & Messages

It's the most popular in Japan and Taiwan.

It's cute.

Here is a Japanese friend of mine welcoming me to Line.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Rest in peace dear child

This is the sad story of the day,

Beaten tahfiz student dies

What had the boy done that his life ended that way?

Why did that teacher beat him up like that?

Why did his parents sent him to such a school?

He was just 11 years old.

Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi

So many questions and I have no real answers to them.

I was lost for words when I first started following this story last week and I still am when I heard that the boy had passed away this afternoon.

I always tried to avoid discussing religion because as I admitted in the past, I'm not a very religious person and have limited religious knowledge.

However, on this one, please excuse me for stating that I am very disappointed that this tragedy happened at a religious school and the teacher who beat up the boy most probably a supposedly religious man.

What actually happened?

Obviously something was wrong.

Religious or not, you are not supposed to beat up an 11 year-old kid.

Especially not to the point of causing the child to lose his limbs and eventually die.

Fine, I'm not going to pass judgement beyond that.

I would wait for the authorities to complete their investigation.

This is just me taking out this lump of sadness from my heart.

Deepest condolences for the boy's family.

Allah loves him more than anyone else, definitely.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Facts don't win hearts

A pro-Najib friend asked for my opinion on this news,

1MDB and IPIC agree on arbitration settlement

Told him that I have no opinion on it.

Honestly, I never truly understand the 1MDB issue due to its complexities.

That's why I don't really write about it.

My friend on the other hand was happy with the news.

He said it settled the issue.

I didn't say anything or asked for him to explain why that was so.

I suspect that he doesn't really understand the issue too and was only saying he's happy because others who support Najib kept saying that.

The same goes with most others from the other side who whacked Najib over the issue.

They just believe and follow what others were saying without really understanding it.

Many claimed that they understand it, but I believe that's because of pride more than anything else.

Well, never mind.

That has always been the case with most of us when it comes to politics.

Facts doesn't really matter because most of the time people formed their opinion based on sentiments.

No matter how accurate your facts were, if people don't like your face, they will not believe you.

That's why if you want to present your facts, you better make your audience like you first.

If you are arrogant because you said you have all your facts right, they will just give you their middle fingers.

Man with facts : "Hey you all stupid people, see, my facts are all in order. You all better listen to me."

Angry people without facts : "Fuck off you arrogant bastard. Shove your facts up your ass. We don't give a shit. We just hate you all pompous mother fuckers."

Something like that.

This was exactly what happened before the last general election.

The "Asal Bukan Umno" campaign was a sample of how the public was urged to hate without thinking too much.

Once people hate Umno, they don't care what facts were presented before them.

It's simple and effective.

The hate was built on sentiments.

And the sentiments were built on emotive issues such as the death of Teoh Beng Hock back then.

The opposition parties played up the issue to the maximum and it became a major contributing factor which caused the Chinese tsunami of 2013.

People were angry.

And angry people don't really give a shit about facts.

I think the game play will still be the same for the next general election.

It will all depend on how both sides play on the sentiments.

It's not going to be based on facts.

The big question is - are the people angry enough to a point where they don't care what will happen after the election?

The opposition would like to hope so, I guess.

They want the people to be angry enough with BN to a point where they forgot that the opposition were themselves in a bad mess.

BN, on the other hand, really should not irritate the people some more.

Too much of that already.

For instance, I think if Umno have something good to announce, they better find someone else other than Ku Nan to do it.

Sorry, but just looking at his face irritates me.

See, that's sentiment.

I don't have the facts on why Ku Nan's face irritates me....but it just does.

Find someone more handsome to make such announcements, boleh tak?

Otherwise I would not be bothered to listen, okay.

So, having facts alone is not good enough.

You need to be good looking or at least charming too.

If got good clean heart, better still.

That's at least as far as I'm concerned lah :)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

A little rambling of a restless mind

Been a week since my last post.

Got some personal issues to settle, so no mood to write.

Anyway, what were there that really matter to write these days?

Some whacked Najib, others whacked Dr Mahathir, the rest are just the usual ding dong...more or less the same over and over.

Seriously, you all really want to read those ka?

Everything more or less the same, isn't it?

Okay, the recent Zairil-Dyana Sofea thing may be a bit exciting....but even if it's true, that's their business. Why should I or you all be so kepoh about it?

Anyway, all these alleged sex or semi-sex scandals are of no point, really.

They don't really have much impact.

Really. Some even have videos, yet still they prosper.

So, what's the point?

Maybe I'm just a bit jaded for now.

Maybe if my mood change for the better, I can write better.

See lah.

Now I'm resting somewhere on the east coast. Long weekend.

Drove here yesterday night.

Took this picture at the Temerloh R&R of the East Coast Highway,

It looks weird because the camera of my phone was foggy due to the car aircon.

Anyway, that R&R is a bit special to me. I managed to help get food and assistance for flood victims sheltered there during the big flood three years ago. One of those memories which made me happy.

Eh, enough lah of my rambling.

Here's a nice song you all can enjoy instead,

I used to sing this song to someone I love.

Have a good weekend guys.


Sunday, 16 April 2017

Doctors are criminals? (updated)

(Updates at the bottom of this post)

This is the main front page story of Mingguan Malaysia today,

The story was sent to me by a doctor, who is one of those accused as trying to cheat in paying their taxes.

He accompanied the story with this remark,

"Jahat kan Dr kat private hospital - dah kira criminals nih"

I first highlighted the issue in this post in September last year,

My posts was relatively sympathetic of the doctors.

A colleague, who is an accountant was however not very pleased with the tone of my post.

He insisted that the doctors are cheats and should be dealt with accordingly.

His argument was that the doctors should had hired accountants to do their taxes if they have no intention to cheat.

So, I checked it out with a neurosurgeon friend about the accountant's allegation against him and the other doctors.

The neurosurgeon is the one whom I highlighted in this post

Please give the good doctor what he wants 

Yes, he's the one, who helped out by performing surgeries at a government hospital.

He said when he started his private practice about four years ago, he followed what the other doctors did, that is to hire an accountant consultant to do his taxes.

He did exactly as told by the accountant when it comes to taxes.

His was no different than the other private doctors.

Then, he was told by the Inland Revenue Board that he was not paying his taxes properly.

Now he has to pay the amount said not paid previously, along with quite a huge sum of penalties.

"I was really not trying to cheat my taxes," he said.

" I was just following what was told by my accountant.

"I really don't mind paying the sum they said I have not paid, but when they imposed the penalties, I feel that it makes me some sorts of a criminal.

"And they were not very nice about the whole thing."

Well, I guess the Inland Revenue Board people, being very powerful that they are, couldn't care less about such consideration.

In this previous post which I did as a follow-up to the issue,

In defense of good doctors 

I wrote again about my friend the neurosurgeon (excerpts),

I believe the good doctor I highlighted in that post was also caught in the tax issue.

I hope the whole thing will not discourage him from trying to help the less well-off patients at the government hospitals.

Well, saving lives is not easy after all.

There are people who don't even want to appreciate it.

Unfortunately, it turns out that my friend was actually quite affected by what the taxmen did to him.

He was angry.

He told me a few days ago that he had stopped performing surgeries at the government hospital.

He said since the government has no consideration for him, he doesn't feel very much like helping out at the government hospital anymore.

Actually, I was quite sad and lost for words when he said that.

Nothing much I can say because he volunteered to help out at the hospital and therefore it's his right too to stop doing so. Not many bothered to do what he did in the first place.

Nonetheless, I hope that once he cool off, he would go back and help out again.

They don't have a neurosurgeon at that government hospital and patients with spinal or brain ailment and injury were forced to be transferred to KL general hospital. It lessen the chances of survival.

Okay, maybe my friend could consider helping out in treating all the other patients again except those who are  taxmen and accountants. Can?


Please read these stories too :

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Get it over and done with

So, according to this Bernama report, PM DS Najib Razak said,

BN Ready For GE14 

Okay, that's good.

That means we can have the general election early.

Yup, let's get it over and done with.

I think everyone is itchy to settle things early too.

Most are probably tired of the endless bitching by both sides.

Really wasting time and energy.

May as well quickly settle the whole damned nonsense.

If BN wins, then Najib can have another term at the top and everyone can stop with all those allegations against him. After all the rakyat are the ones who would have decided on it.

If Pakatan wins....well, they can do whatever hell they want too.

It's only fair what.

I think the best time for Najib to call for the early general election is just after Sea Games in September.

At first I thought it should be in November after the tabling of next year's budget in parliament, but that budget may not be nice enough to help with winning the election.

Well, whatever.....any which way also can, okay.

Just get it done with minimal fuss.

I want to proceed after that with doing more beneficial things without having to be bothered by all those political bitching.

Whatever it is, compared to the run-up of the last general election, I think this time things are much slower.

I believe the BN's readiness for polls, as said by Najib, is not as great as back then before the general election in 2013.

The Pakatan's one appears the same to me.

Less enthusiasm on both sides of the ground.

At least that's how I feel about it.

Maybe it's true....everyone is tired.

I'm definitely tired.

Writing only just little bits and pieces these this post.

Why bother writing long posts and tiring people to read them, right?

Okay that's all.

I'm going to continue watching Korean drama now.

And here's a nice sad song for what seems to be a nice Saturday,

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Hishammuddin ahead of Zahid, maybe...

Almost everyone I know was caught off guard by DS Hishammuddin Hussein's appointment as Special Functions Minister yesterday.

All they could do was to speculate about it.

No one I know could say for sure what's really happening.

Maybe today there will be some proper explaination, but I don't think that would be enough to quell the rumours.

People nowadays simply refuse to believe in political announcements.

They always want to know what they believe was the real story behind such announcements.

Honestly, I'm also not sure what's happening.

And as the others, all I can do is to speculate.

I don't really like doing that but it's all I could offer a friend who asked my opinion about it yesterday evening.

These are what I told my friend,

- PM DS Najib Razak is promoting Hishammuddin ahead of his deputy DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

- Hishammuddin will play a more important role in his new capacity than Zahid in preparations for the next general election.

- General election is very near. Maybe between September and December.

- Hishammuddin will be Najib's successor...maybe later, if not now.

- Najib must had felt that Hishammuddin is a better bet for him than Zahid.

- Definitely not a very good news for Zahid's camp.

- Zahid will not protest this move. He can't, even if he wants to because he simply doesn't have the capacity. He's outgunned.

Then again, I'm merely speculating.

Told my friend, who is a hardcore Umno member that it's just coffee shop talk.

Just gossips.

I really got no special interest in it.

I don't mind both guys. Doesn't matter to me who between Zahid and Hishammuddin will be on top,

It's not going to change my life, anyway.

Well, that's about it.

Getting up for work.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Cherry blossom

I'm supposed to be in Tokyo with my parents now but we had to cancel the trip because my grandfather is not well again. My mother needs to be here for him.

It's cherry blossom season over there in Japan.

Since we can't go over there, last night my friend sent these pictures, especially for my mother to cheer her up a bit.

Very nice, right?

And these are pictures my friend took as he walked home from work last night,

I wish we can have something similar here in Malaysia.

Also, I wish we have the capacity to appreciate such beauty.

It would be nice if we can pause a bit and appreciate God's gifts to us.

Life should not be all bad.

It should not be just about being power hungry and money grabbing at all costs.

Lie, cheat, steal, back stabbing etc. Bottom line is about who is powerful and rich.

It's something I'm afraid our society is heading to right now.

Once power and money is all that matter, I think all the cherry blossom in the world would not make any difference to us.

To read more about cherry blossom, please click on this link : Cherry blossom

Friday, 7 April 2017

Helping poor people better than politics

A friend received this from his wife earlier this morning,

It's from the Facebook page of social activist Kuan Chee Heng.

My friend then forwarded the screenshot to his friend in Kota Iskandar.

The guy in Kota Iskandar quickly did the necessary, and this is the outcome,

The visit to the family's home was at 2.30pm today.

My friend was also told by the guy in Kota Iskandar that Tanjung Puteri assemblyman Datuk Adam Sumiru will do the necessary follow-ups.

It's heartwarming that actions were promptly taken to further help the family.

This is better than all the political nonsense that's been going on.

Hopefully those responsible to care for such matters could adopt the same approach.

Better still if such cases were detected early before it's highlighted in the social media.

Anyway, alhamdulillah that the suffering of the family could now be eased to a certain extent.