Friday 22 July 2016

Japanese trip and Shinkansen

Had early lunch with a friend just now.

In the middle of our conversation she asked me about my plan to visit Japan again as she was interested to go with me.

Then our talk turned like this,

Friend : Eh, someone seems very jealous with you because you said you are going to Japan again.

Annie : Er...where you heard that?

Friend : I read in a blog this morning.

Annie : Which one?

Friend : (censored)

Annie : Aiyo...that one, I fart also she get jealous and angry one. Been like that for half a year already leh.

Friend : Why she like that one?

Annie : Don't know. Maybe last time I got into a bit of a debate with her and then she feels she has not won yet, so whack me lah until now.

Friend : Why so teruk like that? The things she wrote about you really bad, okay. You not angry?

Annie : Kiasu like that la. Cannot lose one. Angry also no point. You angry with crazy people, you become crazy also. For what?

Friend : One more thing, when story of the DoJ came out, I notice that she went and whacked you instead of defending PM. Three four postings like that. I thought she claimed to be ProJib. It seems like she more anti-Annie pulak. How come?

Annie : Eh, you go ask her la, why ask me?

But really, guys, going jalan-jalan to Japan is actually no big deal if you plan it properly.

No need to get jealous or angry if you heard someone planning such a trip.

You can go also. It's really not that expensive.

The last time I went there, the MAS plane return ticket was just about RM1,500 only.

I bought it three months earlier.

Then I stayed in a hostel. One night is not more than RM150.

To move around I bought week-long train season ticket for less than RM400.

Really can have a pleasant stay there for five days for about RM4k.

Can shop a bit also.

Of course don't la do things like take a taxi let say from Narita airport to your hostel in downtown Tokyo.

You'll die if you do that. The fares more than RM600, okay.

Take the train. Sure no problem one.

The Japanese train is the best in the world.

Clean, comfortable and fast.

I took rides on their bullet train


when I was there.

Very smooth and efficient.

I wish the Japanese get the KL-Singapore high speed rail project, instead of the Chinese.

Theirs have a proven track record, especially in term of safety for decades.

The Chinese one is quite new and not really proven. Heard the Indonesians having problems with their collaboration with them for such a project.

If the Japanese got the HSR job, maybe they can also bring the related work culture with them.

You can see it here,

I actually personally observed and experienced all these when I was there.

That's why I love going to Japan than any other country.

Every time I went there I learned something positive.

I don't go there simply to waste time and show off I got money or anything like that.

Well, I'm leaving KL later this evening.

Hope it's not going to rain.

I hate driving or riding in the rain.

Can make me a bit stressed.

Okay you all have a nice weekend.

If I got time, I'll write again.



  1. Annie,

    The reason that Ustazah Blobby Munafik cannot defend Najib and has to whack you instead is simple:

    She has nothing left to say that can defend him.

    Remember that whole "Saudi donor" fairytale?

    It's dead and buried. And Porky tried to sell it to the public just as hard as the other dedak eaters.

    The whole myth about ‘Saudi Royal Donation’ has gone up in smoke, thanks to the clear and forensic detail provided by the FBI.

    Step by step, down to the date of each dollar transfer, the Feds have spelt out in their report how, in just a matter of days, $681 million (RM2.6bn) raised from 1MDB’s so-called Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) bond issue was passed to Najib’s now notorious personal AmBank account in KL.

    They point out that this was the very same bank account into which earlier transfers were traced from the previous 1MDB heists, processed through the companies Good Star and Blackstone, which were both controlled by Jho Low.

    Tanore Finance, the company which passed on the cash, was in the name of Jho Low’s associate, Eric Tan and a named signatory was none other than the lawyer Jasmine Loo, whom Low had brought from Sarawak’s UBG corporation to be Executive Director of Group Strategy at 1MDB (before using 1MDB’s money to buy out his own and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s interests in UBG).

    Out of $2.7 billion raised from the 2013 TRX bond issue $1.59 billion was immediately siphoned into a network of off-shore funds that had been used before to launder money. These companies passed $835,000,000 straight to Tanore, which in turn passed the $681 million on to Najib’s account, thanks to instructions from Loo.

    No Saudi Royal in sight.


    The dedak eaters are in real trouble.

    I can foresee that Ustazah Blobby Munafik may end up eating Maggie Mee 3 times a day once its paymaster is busted, and lose a lot of weight.

    Her chins may reduce from 6 to 5.

    What a shame.

    1. No wonder Rosmah was not at the Trooping the Colour of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong parade, yesterday.

    2. Pi shopping kut? With SRC Credit Card.......

    3. Dear mdzfrs, you are so articulate in your writing regarding the DOJ report. I get to understand more of it after reading your post. Are you an accountant?


  2. Budak cina gemuk gedempol
    Kawan dia sigemuk badak
    Sana sini duit rakyat digondol
    Suami tetap berkata tidak

    Makan nasi air suam
    Makan pulak di kedai mamak
    Rakyat tanya buat diam
    Rupanya otak semakin semak

  3. Just wondering why you ban the fatso's name on your page when she happily trigger happy and mentioning your name all over her blog. Is it because your paymaster who she claim is DAP, do not allow you to attack her? I strongly believe both of you are on the same side and main sandiwara to boost your audience. She kept repeating and rehashing same old story and seem to be your no 1 fan, and you ban her name on your wall? Something fishy is going on here. Are you both propping each other's blog?

    1. Nice theory. But have it ever occurred to you that the two of us are actually the same person? Ever thought of that smart guy? Hahaha...

    2. Ewww Annie!!!

      I also planning japan trip -- but duit tak cukup as yet.

      Hokkaido too cold for me. But I hear seafood damn sedap.

      Itu pompuan gemuk damn jealous of you. Psycho fatty.

    3. Ah so spin some more Annie san

      The sun never sets for the moon
      And in the dark night are stars


  4. Kenangan Manis No. 1........

    "Sri Gading Umno chief Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, was quoted in Malaysiakini as saying that the RM2.6 billion was donated to Umno to help the party fight “Jewish-backed” DAP.

    “If we had lost in the elections, Jewish-backed DAP would have been in power... Fellow Muslim leaders recognised the DAP threat.

    “If Malaysia's Muslim government fell, the world's Islamic struggle will crumble,” he reportedly said."


    Oh Krap-awi, Krap-awi........

    1. Abdul Aziz Kaprawi mmg mangkuk betul.......inilah hasil polisi "loyal but not smart"..........

    2. Bro, Crap awi spells and denotes he is an ass.


  5. Kenangan Manis No. 2........

    "Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today that he has met with the chief investment officer and wealth trustee representing the mysterious Arabs behind the RM2.6 billion donation deposited into Datuk Seri Najib Razak's private accounts.

    According to Malaysiakini, Zahid told the Sri Gading Umno divisional meeting today that the representatives also explained to him that Umno was not the only recipient of such donations.

    “When I asked them why they donated US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) to Malaysia, they said ― 'Malaysia is not the only country we are channelling our money to. There are many more friendly Muslim countries who we are donating to’.

    “They want Umno and BN to continue ruling the country,” the Umno vice-president was quoted by the news portal as saying.

    Malaysiakini said Zahid did not name the Arab family that made the donation but confirmed he had seen the original documents for the funds transfer."


    Oh Zahate, Zahate........


    2. Zahid hamidi kan dah berjumpa dgn penderma (raja arab saudi tu).

      Jadi najib penjilat2 najib nak takut apa?

      Nanti raja arab saudi dgn zahid hamidi akan muncul di mahkamah amerika untuk membersihkan dan membebaskan najib.

      Selepas ni Zahid hamidi akan dijulang sebagai wira bangsa, wira negara, wira agama dgn bendera malaysia sebagai jubah untuknya.
      Selepas ni dapatlah anugerah Tun DiRaja Malaysia.


  6. DS Khairuddins long winded animal-feed-eating cyber merceneries busy gobling and regurgitating kut(?)
    not time yet to join him on the executive jet world trips
    or a trip to Japan

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Keep Najib!!

      Singapore and the Jews love him.

      Malays are so easy to control.

      Just give em money.

      Keep up Zin.

      Singapore needs Malays like you. Keep my country safe and sound.

    2. Saturday Lite demi saudara Gajah:

      Q. How do you stop an Elephant from charging you? A. Just take away his credit card kan!


    3. Yes just build his crooked bridge, Sdr ANON 08:14
      for a crooked mile instead of HSR

      Ha ha and mind the elephant ROTFL, Sdr ANON 10:09

      Wishing all in-sya-Allah a great Syawal weekend

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Saudara Mangkuk Zin bin Kentut.....

      You seem to have a fart obsession, and your comments are really like kentut - hot air and zero substance.

      You enjoy smelling your own flatulence, but nobody else does.......

    5. We were not agreeable to Mahathir's crooked bridge. Hence we got HSR on the terms that we want. You use your country's money to build it and we only build our part in Singapore. Win win for Singapore. Thank you. We hope more people like you Zin in Malaysia. Thanks for being such good neighbor. Najib is the best. Actually his wife is really lovely. Lucky Malaysia is under UMNO.


    6. Bowls and flatulance is apparently your fixation(?) Sdr ANON 10:43
      which is really not the subject of this thread

      Your kind got anything significantto contribute here?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. 'Singapore and the Jews love him.'.......jgn lupa China, ye.....pulau spratly tu dah kena gadai nampaknya.....pondan bugis tu mmg terdesak dah

    8. nahhhhh, mangkuk zin, pemakan dedak badak air no.1:

      Khairuddin mendakwa Tengku Adnan dan pemimpin Umno yang lain tidak menegakkan Islam kerana nampak seperti membiarkan gejala rasuah berleluasa.

      “Sudah-sudahlah pemimpin Umno cuba hendak tegakkan benang yang basah.

      “(Datuk Seri) Najib Razak (presiden Umno dan perdana menteri) perlu bertanggungjawab dalam skandal 1MDB,” kata Khairuddin dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

      “Pemimpin Umno hari ini tidak ada iman. Mereka patut ucap semula kalimah syahadah dan kembali beriman untuk menegakkan syiar Islam, berdasarkan kepada Al-Quran dan sunah.

      “Adalah haram untuk bersubahat dengan rasuah. Pemimpin yang melanggarkan patut ditentang dan ditolak. Ajaran Islam tidak ada pilih kasih. Siapa yang buat salah perlu dihukum.”

      Padan muka engko......


    9. Tunku Aziz soal mengapa FBI bypass 1mdb Dan PAC, AG Pandi dah clear PM.

      Nak Jawab Tunku, kaki jilat tegar tu x payah lah panggil FBI jawab. Soalan pra tadika.

      FBI buat forensic yg Di inginkan rakyat Malaysia Dan audit Negara tapi byk halang. Duit Masuk, keluar, siapa, stmt bank jelas. Tiada derma, pulang balik, siapa tuan punya goodstar, Abar bvi yg ambil duit dibank dsb.

      Bagai FBI perlu mentaliti forensik bukan kabberap selindung belakang OSA utk cari kebenaran Salah laku kewangan.

      FBI tak main wayang kulit belit2.


    10. Eloklah tu sama DS Khairuddin tompang semangkuk, Sdr 15:09
      dedak Qarun $ billion YAB Tun anak beranak

      ( se molecule heheh tak jealous)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    11. Oooo. M.Zin mengaku la Najib klepet $ billion kerana Dr.M anak-beranak pun klepet berbillion juga.

      Bezannya, masa Dr.M nak-beranak buat, tak dak bukti tapi masa Najib buat ada. Anak-tiri disebut oleh DoJ Amerika.
      Tapi tak pa. Ia bukan tuduhan criminal. Tuduhan civil hanya memerlukan tertuduh buktikan dari mana mereka dapat duit begitu banyak untuk beli asset yang bakal dirampas dan dipulangkan kepada Rakyat Malaysia.

      Nota: Mungkin istilah Kleptocracy berasal dari bahasa Melayu yang bermaksud, 'Klepet Wang Rakyat'.

    12. heh heh heh Mangkuk Zina,

      Your paymaster punya anak tiri using public money to make Wolf of Wall Street halal ke?

      Pale otak hang.....

      Aku pun tak jeles, heh heh heh


    13. Why so hateful, or you paid(?) Sdr ANON 19:29
      from Qaruns chaffs

      I voted PAS GE13
      and whatever colourful names trolls apparently use does not add value to this thread kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    14. Zin,
      "I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against."
      - Malcolm X


    15. Malcolm X is no troll kan(?) hounding certain persons, Sdr 09:28
      with personal insults

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    16. 'and whatever colourful names trolls apparently use does not add value to this thread kan'.........woiiiii munafik, ko sendiri panggil org lain 'fart', superfart' entah apa lagi......dah lupe ke, mangkuk zin bin kentut? Cissss...


    17. Memang Hew keparat yang andaikan diri Cina Superman(?) Sdr ANON 11 :48
      saudara ingat pulak kita kata Superfart kat dia.

      OK lah marah sebab dia dulu ceramah biar calon Melayu DAP Sarawak screw(?) Melayu, ingat?

      You still apparently happy to call me whatever animal names and don't know why you so personal?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  7. The clause Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (KARI), used by the DOJ is damning enough to Bangsa, Agama & Negara.

    Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, (from Greek: ???pt?? - kleptes, "thief"[1] and ???t?? - kratos, "power, rule",[2] hence "rule by thieves") is a term applied to a government seen as having a particularly severe and systemic problem with officials or a ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats) taking advantage of corruption to extend their personal wealth and political power. Typically this system involves the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service.
    End quote.

    'Rule by thieves'????
    As a Muslim, I'm getting tired when Kafir country points a kleptrocratic finger at my so-called, Islamic wasaatiah Country.

    Malu la bro. Sudah la Islam dikaitkan dengan keganasan. Sekarang sebuah Negara Islam-Wasatiah, dikaitkan pula dengan Kleptocracy. Lepas tu, pemimpin yang dituduh itu pula buat nama Islam lebih dipandang serong oleh bukan-Islam.

    Bila dia tersepit dengan berbagai tuduhan salahlaku mulalah memperagakan pakaiaan keagamaan dan mendekati Agamawan. Beri Zakat pada asnaf dan salur wang untuk bina Masjid dan Surau. Jadi hero pengajian pondok pulak lagi.

    Lebih kurang sama, kita lihat dalam TV, gelagat Orang-Kena-Tuduh liwat, rogol anak-kandung, merompak dan lain jenayah keji, memakai ketayap diiringi Polis, naik-turun Mahkamah. Imej & maruah Islam yang pertama sekali terjejas. Pasal itu Agama kita sering dipandang serong, dipersenda dan dihina.

    1. Good comment bro, aku sokong 100%.

      Ketua Amanah Terengganu Datuk Raja Bahrin Shah mempersoalkan sikap membisu pemimpin dan agamawan Islam negara ini terhadap dakwaan berkait akauntabiliti dan pembaziran wang di kalangan pemimpin tertentu seperti yang kerap dilaporkan.

      “Di manakah pembela ‘orang Melayu’ yang pernah berdemonstrasi kerana mendakwa hak dan harta Melayu ditipu dan dikhianati?

      “Bukan hanya para ulama ulama tidak bersuara seperti sepatutnya, pejuang hulubalang ‘hak Melayu’ pun membisu seribu bahasa,” katanya.

  8. Hanya apabila Melayu merempet kemiskinan dinegara sendiri baru mereka akkan sedar yang telah memiskin mereka ialah orang Melayu sendiri. Masa akan datang bila orang Melayu akan menyeberang selat bekerja sebagai kuli dan amah di Indonesia.

    1. Jika kita menuntut mediocrity, itulah yang kita dapat. Kalau kita demand, competency, integrity, honest leaders, kita akan dapat itu semua.

      Adakah ini serangan keatas Islam? Jawapan nya tidak. In serangan keatas rasuah, pencurian, salah laku, kemungkaran. Ia dituntut oleh Islam.

      Kepada ustaz2 yang membei gelaran keatas diri mereka- tok guru, murabbi, dan apa2 lah saya hendak ingatkan.

      Kebenaran itu tidak datang dari timur atau barat lagi. Ianya datang dari dalam diri kita sendiri. kalau kita muliakan dan mendahulukan tuhan, kebenaran itu terbentuk jika kita benar2 muliakan hubungan kita dengan tuhan.

      Kalau kita Islam- ia nya melibatkan taqwa kita- melakukan apa yang Allah suruh dan meninggalkan apa yang Allah murka. Allah hendak kita melakukan kebenaran, melawan rasuah, menentang kezaliman. Apa yang Allah suruh tidak terhenti walaupun ia datang dari barat.

      Ianya ditentukan setakat mana kita memelihara dan memuliakan hubungan kita dengan manusia lain. Membela golongan yang lemah, yang teraniaya, membantu yang miskin dan yang berkehendak.

      Ianya ditentukan oleh bagaimana kita mengasuh dan mendidik diri kita supaya memuliakan nilai2 peribadi. Kita mensyukri nikmat Tuhan melalui sembahyang. Kita melakukan tanggung jawab membersihkan diri kita dengan membayar zakat dan bersabar dalam berdepan dengan cabaran.

  9. Annie,

    Indeed the Japanese have much that we the ordinary Malaysian people can learn from. But to emulate Shinkansen for KL-JE HSR, it would be a dream that can never materialise in Malaysia. I tell you why:

    i. Japanese treat their jobs with a sense of duty to serve with honour, you can hardly find workers like that in Malaysia (much less in Singapore);

    ii. Japanese believe that there's no pre-determined fate, that you can change your fate with your will, and hard work; while for most in Malaysia, who are fanatic in their respective religion, your will and hard work would not change anything because God had determined for you your life;

    iii. In Japan, you accomplish the day's job without reference to the clock, while in Malaysia, you breakfast after you punch card, minum at ten something, leave early to fetch kids from school, come back from lunch later than 2pm, tea time before ending the day's work, leave office right on time without regard to whether the job is done or not. This is the work culture the mat salleh must understand about Malaysia, no?

    iv. Japanese love their country, would go great length to defend and protect their land, whereas Malaysians despite some calling themselves 'prince of earth', would carelessly lose Pedra Blanca, while Tanjung Pagar and other rail land in Singapore were exchanged for a song with a condition to pay hefty development tax, failure to man their borders to the extent entire company of Kiram Armies came in without being noticed, mass graves with foreign bodies piled up in Perlis without checking, East Johor Sea largest illegal oil smuggling area in the world, not to mention the free roaming of PATI in Malaysia to the millions and foreign sex workers doing their trade even sampai lubang cacing in kampung areas.

    v. Japanese will do their utmost for hygiene, but Malaysians being mostly Muslims will do little for hygiene, just visit the toilets in any surau/masjid and you will know, that's despite the calls in Quran and Hadith to jaga cleanliness for all Muslims.

    vi. Last but not least, Malaysians have no regards for public facilities, there was a time where no public phone was working in Klang Valley. Seburuk-buruk cina kapir you don't get your sepatu stolen from a tokong, there's no likewise about Muslims. In any masjid, or surau, the threat of having your slippers stolen is real so that all slippers in Masjid/surau must be cut cacat and that's a phenomenon in Malaysia.

    To summarise, Japanese have shame, most in Malaysia, right from the official first to ordinary last, have zero shame because in Malaysia crime pays.


    1. Yes the Tokong has been charged with corruption Sdr ANON 19:04
      that under the Criminal Penal Code 1936 includes jail sentence

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. RE: "while for most in Malaysia, who are fanatic in their respective religion, your will and hard work would not change anything because God had determined for you your life"

      Yup, the Hanbali-Salafi influence is well-known for their teachings on "fatalism". Unfortunately they have pervaded Malaysian society via Saudi and mid-east petro dollars.

  10. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said: "Prophets from ancient times up until our day have all preached this: If you have no sense of shame (conscience) then (you will) act out your base desires."

  11. Beruk Alor Gajah-if you nothing intelligent to say, better go and dip your head in any public toilet bowl just like the AG. You keep commenting on everyone else comments and cannot come out with your own argument. Ooh yeah, now i remember. Dedak causes brain malfunction and thats why you can only comment on other comments.


    1. Foul language from trolls like you Sdr Zack
      is not from the Sunnahs of the Prophet SAW

      Terus lah buat personal insults
      yang Allah SWT pasti nilai setimpal

      ( Surah al-Hujuraat, 49: 11)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. En Zack

      Tak baik panggil En Zin tu beruk. Nanti Beruk pulak tersinggung.

      Kalau la maklumat Khairuddin tu palsu, fitnah, mengapa DoJ kat Amerika Syarikat nak siasat. Buang masa dan resources mereka je. Tapi sekarang ada pulak cai-cai yang kata konspirasi Yahudi dan Amerika Syarikat.

      Habis kenapa pulak dulu beria-ria nak guna Goldman Sach? Tu bank yahudi tu. Kalau konspirasi pulak cam cakap Salleh Keruak, saya sarankan putuskan la hubungan diplomatik dengan Amerika Syarikat. Berani mereka menuduh bukan-bukan kepada MO1 kita ni.

      Wahai Annie

      Duduk atas pagar untuk hindari perbalahan dan konflik mungkin satu pendirian bagus seketika sebelum ini.

      Tetapi dah berterang suluh PM Najib telah jauh tersasar dengan amanah negara. Masih kamu nak duduk atas pagar? Saya khuathir tiada pagar untuk kamu duduk dalam masa depan nanti. Kewangan negara bertambah teruk. Malaysia dirogol rakus oleh orang politik tiada integriti. Melainkan kamu ada offshore account, kalau tidak percayalah kamu akan merana dengan kebanyakkan kita.


    3. Awak pun tag-team Sdr Zack ke(?)Sdr ANON 07:53
      berbahasa celupar bukan Orang Melayu sebaliknya mencerminkan kurang ajar kepada orang yang lebih berumur

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. After more than sixteen years sailing around the world they conclude: the Americans are most helpful and the Malaysians most honourable. Source:
    We can still honour the common world trust.

    1. I remember the movie 'The Last of the Mohicans'.

      In the final part of the movie the young Mohican demonstrated utmost courage and bravery to fight the Mohawk chief Magua in order to save one girl whom he hardly knew. He died, but honourably.

      If you love someone, you forget about your life, you will do what is right even though you must sacrifice your life.

      Malaysia needs an honourable leader. But there's no honour in a leader unless he is prepared to sacrifice himself out of love for the Malaysian people.

      What we have seen so far the pemimpin pemimpin in Malaysia, despite mostly Muslims who are being taught to be utmost honourable and to prepare to sacrifice, failed entirely to be so. What has been shown so far, is the craze for wealth and power, absolute privileges vis-a-vis the common people, the immunity from criminal prosecution, and the freedom to misuse public fund.

      While it's an unfortunate thing to have pemimpin like that, more unfortunate still is to have dumb deaf and blind supporters of corrupt leaders who, out of folly and misguided pride, are prepared to defend their corrupt pemimpin to a very low level.

      So today is a fine sunny Syawal Sunday, not least because the invention of the name 'Mangkuk Zin Bin Kentut' really had made my day, but more importantly what Allah has done so far through the hands of 'evil America' provides an opportunity to the self-righteous Muslims in Malaysia to reflect upon the quranic teachings that they have received so far, before talking about honouring the common world trust.


    2. Panggillah kami apa gelaran, you losers(?) Sdr ANON 10:14
      dan ulang dan terus mengulang cerita sama nak menrendahkan Bangsa Melayu dan pemimpin Melayu

      ( dapat sedikit habuan harta Qarun YAB Tun anak beranak?)

      Kita banyak lagi yang nak diperjuangkan berbanding kapir Singapura yang awak idolakan, terutama berjuta Bumiputra di Sabah dan Sarawak yang perlu disalurkan $ billion demi pemerkasaan

      Teruskan nak tambah dosa menghina sesama manusia

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. re: "Malaysia needs an honourable leader. But there's no honour in a leader unless he is prepared to sacrifice himself out of love for the Malaysian people."

      Yes,the old Malays call this Sifat Perwiraan, or as we know it - Chivalry. The islamist politicians wiped out all that with their realpolitick chess-playing. Islam is no more about ethics and right principles.... but hukum, hukum, hukum huduuuuud. Is Hadi Takfiri going to fatwa on the Gigantor Swindler from Boogeeese?

  13. We cannot control how others behave. We can only share our understanding and model to others about what honour means. Certainly an honourable man or woman know when their actions and words begin to lack that honourable nuance. So who are we to complain about others when we are not even able to control ourselves?