Thursday 31 December 2015

OMG....Helen angry with Annie AGAIN

My blogging sister Helen Ang has come out with all guns blazing over my post,

You can read her rebuttal of my opinion here,

Umno should cut its losses, write-off Protun and off-set with PAS support

I think Helen is angry with me again.

The last time she seemed to be really angry with me was this one,

OMG...Helen angry with Annie

This time she even cited my posting which I wrote after an emotional night of the 13th general election,

The end of moderation

to stressed on the need for Johor Umno to get rid of all who may not be 100 per cent in agreement with the current party leadership.

Actually I have toned down quite a bit since I wrote that emotional post-election posting.

It was something like what Utusan asked the day after the 13th general election : "Apa lagi Cina mau?"

Well, never mind, I still believe that the Chinese votes, at least in Johor, are still with the opposition.

The more reason why I think Johor Umno cannot afford to be gung-ho and cut off any of the Malays who are not supportive of PM DS Najib Razak.

As I previously wrote, there are those who still love Umno and want to vote for BN even though they no longer like Najib.

If Johor Umno cut off these people, then i think it will have very serious problems in the next general election.

I also think that the possible cooperation between Umno and Pas will not help BN much in Johor.

Pas was never much of a force in the state.

In the last general election, their main function in Pakatan as far as Johor was concerned was to break up the Malay votes bank which is Umno's safe deposit.

Furthermore, many of top Johor Pas leaders are already with Amanah.

Being on the ground in Johor for quite a while, I noticed that Pas members in the state are not actually of the same mentality as those in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah.

They are not so fanatical in their support for the Islamist party.

I believe quite a number of them have crossed over to Amanah along with the likes of Salahuddin Ayub and Suhaizan Kayat.

They are a bit like Helen herself, who used to support the opposition but crossed over when she found out that BN is a better choice.

Helen also pointed to this, 

As a comparison, Batu Pahat – lost by Umno’s then Deputy Education Minister Puad Zarkashi – has 46 percent Chinese voters. Puad’s opponent had a winning majority of1,732 votes.

I think it's to indicate that the opposition had also won by a slim majority in certain marginal constituencies.

Actually Batu Pahat should had been won by BN if the Umno headquarters had listened to the Johor Umno's proposal to change the candidate there before the general election.

It was lost because the Malay votes bank there was fractured because Puad was still fielded despite indicators which suggested that he was not very well liked not only by the Chinese but also many Malays who were uncomfortable with his rather aggressive right-wing style.

The key in Johor has always been Malay unity under Umno.

If that unity is broken, then DAP will have its wish of taking over that state, the third richest in the country after Selangor and Penang (which are already theirs).

I believe that Helen's suggestion for Johor Umno to cut off its members and Malay fence sitters who have been supportive of Umno but dislike Najib over the recent controversies will achieve exactly that.

Bear in mind that the Chinese who made up about 40 per cent of Johoreans are still more or less solid behind DAP.

My opinion is that Johor Umno may be able to stop being moderate with the Chinese voters but they can't afford to do so with the Malays, even those who can't seem to agree with the party leadership.

But then again, who am I to dispute my blogging sister Helen who is a better blogger than myself.

I can't even come up with a nice chart to support my arguments like her.

I also can't even write a long posting with fancy and grammatically correct words without getting a headache.

So, Johor MB DS Khaled Nordin and his boys in Kota Iskandar should follow Helen's advise and start cutting off people who love Umno but refuse to support its leadership.

Okay, my dear sister Helen, you win, I lose.


(Note: No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed in this blog as she had requested me not to publish them. Go to her blog if any of you feels like doing that.)


  1. Helen ang is a strange person. Ignore her


  2. Last Tsunami was unexpected but it gives a good lesson. Many almost drown but manage to survive. The writing already on the wall but dismissed.

    Next time they go to the booth, not only will they look for the unexpected, they look forward to return the favor.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Anon. No Helen bashing allowed in my blog. I told you already what.

  4. if she cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen

  5. Asas dalam politik demokrasi ialah mendapatkan sokongan sebanyak mungkin. Melainkan Umno mahu tukar status kepada mafia, mencantas bukanlah pendekatan yang diperlukan. Yang nampak memang Umno dah jadi mafia yang ada godfather tanggung. Jadi tidak heranlah Umno akan laksana pendekatan cantas besar2an. Annie bukan ahli Umno tapi layak untuk jadi ahli. Helen Ang hanya layak jadi ahli MCA atau Gerakan. Umno tak perlu dengar mana2 pandangan pun. Tunggu dan lihat bolehkah Najib bertahan hingga PRU-14?

    1. Yup, sudah jadi Tai Gor Jib menggadaikan negara demi kepentingan puak dia sendiri ... dia seorang pau Malaysia dan bermewah biar rakyat tanggung derita. Kenapa jibby tak join DAP ya?


  6. Sikalang lamai olang pikir ,apa macam mau hilup maa aa . Ini poitical party lebih manyak kasi susah ,lagi senang maa aa .

    UMNO sutak manyak kacau maa aa.

  7. Wahaha, you as just like the rest of spineless Melayu. Kena whacked by that bitch and still suck up to her. You are such a piece of shite.

    1. I'm letting this comment through because I think it will help the Malays understand what the DAP supporters think of them.

    2. Dun try and deflect. It's about you and HA's belligerence.
      Still remains, spineless.

    3. I am just wondering...
      What kind of evil might have spawned from the groins of Helen Ang and Ikan Bakar Sekinchan?

      That child might be our future PM!

      Chilling thought.

  8. Biar la Helen marah, Annie
    Ada la pasal nya tu
    Helen consistent pun in her postings past few months leaning towards what she wrote yesterday.
    Itu opinion dia. Biar la

    Kita tahu Melayu memang dah berpecah belah dah. Yang nak join perompak elite yang tak sedar diri orang dah tak suka; yang dah meluat dan muntah belela dengan tebiat perompak elite ni ( ini termasuk yang dulu tak ambik pot tapi sekarang dah mula melantun); yang masih tak tahu hal - ramai mereka ni. Harapan umno ni. Itu le pasal Helen recommend tebas aje sympathizer Dr.Mahathir. Tapi jangan lupa mereka ni pun tak kurang ramai nya dan mereka ni ada ilmu dan hebat jugak.

    Umno memang dah lemah lutut. Tunggu nak tersepok aje. Selagi umno nak kekal sifat bongkak harapan untuk tagih undi Melayu semakin malap.

    You pergi enjoy the entire Santana Supernatural tu lagi baik

    1. Ingatku belasan tahun dulu di Terengganu cara PAS menyesatkan akidah Islam ... terpecah belah keluarga2 dan masyarakat Melayu seeing bergaduh atas remeh tempeh dan risk.

    2. .... Terpecah belah keluarga2 dan masyarakat Melayu seringkali bergaduh atas yang remeh temeh dan setengah mereka suka sombong dan riak.

  9. Anon 19:09 and you yourself are right on this.

    They have made up their minds. All or nothing. Two years ago ABITW bigdog etc all vilify Lim Kang Hoo for his business along Iskandar, asked him to be kicked out of Johor. Today the same LKH throws a lifeline for Bandar Malaysia.

    The end justify their means, so they think. It's your blog, write what you want, you clearly have an audience for HA to react as she did.

    1. Jeng Jeng bro,
      Sekarang aku tak larat nak baca a Voice kalau tajuk dia politik or 1mdb. Tajuk lain boleh baca. Macam dah dapat gaji. Bigdog waste time macam Rocky. Aku memang ingat they both whacked Kang Hoo kaw kaw. Apa jadi?

      Helen of late pun dah semacam aje. Her blog her say. Biar aje.

      I'd like to read balanced article which carry some sense of course. RPK tak payah baca. Palat!

      Now this remains a free country but no for the detractors of the kingpin and the kingsmen. Kena sosma nanti.

      Annie ni pun belakang belakang ni pun dah nampak tak kuasa nak ambik hal politik. Penat kan, Annie!
      Annie layan hobi baru. Riding. Good for you, Annie.

      Jeng Jeng, I didn't care much about politics. But the development into mob type of political parties nakes me sick. They rob us and continue to rob tak ada tanda nak insaf langsung.

      Lufang cakap memang betut.
      Fikir amacam mau hidup kasi kukang susah lagi baik.


    2. Those malai does not want slant eyes to buy. APA cina mau? But now those are selling to real chinaman. Without the real slant eyes chinman how can they made billions profit. They are selling tanah air ku.

  10. Just back from Helen Ang's Blog.
    Please continue to be yourself. Thank you.

  11. Helen makes a lot of sense..

    Org muo

    1. Correct, correct, correct..Orh muo

      Going by Helen's recommendation boleh rosak tak repair lagi dan kacau bilau tunggu kita.

      Tepuk dada tanya selera


  12. Simple question to all the magicians:

    Rationalisation plan:

    1. Debt for Asset Swap to IPIC
    2. Sale of IPPs
    3. Sale of Bandar Malaysia

    2 & 3 = RM20B (generous)

    What assets are left to swap to IPIC? There's nothing left. IPIC is owed more than 5b USD.

    Exchange losses amounted to at least RM8B.

    Now there are no assets left but still at least RM10b debt . And more money required for financing their percentage of TRX and Bandar Malaysia.

    Please explain. Or is it you are with us in closing two eyes and two ears or against us?

    1. You red beans. Umno is doing well. Many ministers are supporting umno. They are voicing out. You can eat kangkong, wait up early and get 2 or 3 jobs. They are good for your health. Happy new year. So be happy why worry?

  13. Annie, Helen Ang macam Syed Akbar Ali..tak pernah tak betul!
    Ada baru punya .. Lim Sian See
    Hahahaha nak masuk league

    Sinners must go

  14. Dato' Sakmongkol got a new term, " umno rednecks "
    I think this fits the present umno very well.
    I once lived in redneck country. Know how redneck is like. Almost become one too.

    Have a Blessed New Year, Annie
    The whole country need God's blessing pretty bad. Ada yang sembahyang hajat dah.

  15. All said and done. I am sorry I voted for PM Najib's government. No matter how you bloggers spin it, 1MDB is a political funding machine for him.
    All Malaysians please prepare for more economic hardships if you are not part of the gravy train. The loot will get worse.

    Might want to rethink which local bank you put your money in.

    Try joining feeding/helping the urban poor once in a while. It puts your spirit back in Malaysia. But of course due to nature of it, might also make you think the currrent government is a sham.
    There is nothing much you can do with legalized corruption.

    May Allah be Merciful to the poor.


  16. Just give the $3 billion to save PROTON, adinda Ms Annie
    that should pacify the ProTuns and keep Tun occupied on company restructuring for a short while, boleh?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  17. Helen Ang - she's still relevant? A qui cursory glance over there has left me wondering why she Isn't in jail yet.

    1. Same with Ali tinju and ikan bakar??

    2. Yes, I have to agree with you. She just harps on the same thing all the time. Quite seditious too. Annie,you are the better blogger

  18. Continue writing as you are Annie. You may not have the thing for fanciful graphs, big words and selectively selected data like Helen but you are honest and straight to the point. The conSultans that got us into this 1MDB mess also have a liking for fancy graphs, hot air, and cherry picked numbers

  19. Hi Annie, I am Chinese and still return to Johor to vote. No, I did not vote DAP but PAS and PKR because the EC saw it fit to lump my Batu Pahat city address within a Malay majority rural seat. We will discuss the implications of EC subservience another time. I stood by my votes at that time simply because of BNlah. So, do consider the sweeping statement of solid Chinese support for DAP. Honestly some Chinese would vote a monkey over BN. Why? Because Malaysia is 'the land for which I spill my blood'.