Thursday 4 June 2015

Umno, you realize this coming danger from Pas or not?

Last night 1MDB issued a short press statement, accompanied by some simple charts, which I supposed was meant to once and for all clarify what happened to the billions of ringgit many believed had been siphoned away by....bad people...I guess.

Pro-Najib blogger SeaDemon put the whole thing as it is in his posting,

1MDB:The RM42b Is There 

Not so pro-Najib blogger Jebat Must Die, was apparently not so impressed and posted more or less the same thing but added a commentary and some questions he said was not answered by the press statement.

Jebat's questions:

1) Why did 1MDB used a company linked with Jho Low, Brazen Sky to invest in Cayman Islands? What happened to the money?

2) The high financial cost in acquiring those unnecessary loans which according to the books above, costing more than RM5 billion in interests which taxpayers have to bear. 

3) Is all the RM4.2 billion ‘investment’ in Aabar all accounted for?

4) How come 1MDB agreed to pay PetroSaudi USD700 million (RM3.2 billion) of interest free loan given just a few days before? This money was banked in into Good Star Ltd’s account. Good Star Ltd  belongs to Jho Low.

5) Who is Jho Low and why is he handling all the business deals involving 1MDB. Is he a staff of 1MDB staff or an authorised civil servant in Ministry of Finance?

If you have nothing better to do, I recommend you to read Jebat's full posting

which I think will give you a bit of a headache and probably quite some heartache once you get to fully understand it.

Really, it's that good.

Anyway, for me, those were all just academics now.

I don't think the 1MDB issue really matter anymore, now that,

The worst may be over for Najib

I have given it some thoughts and decided there are actually bigger things coming our way that needed attention such as

Dewan Ulama wants PAS to cut ties with DAP

I know, the pro-Umno and pro-BN people are cheering this on.

The pro-Najib camp will see this as further relief for their boss from all those 1MDB nonsense and other stuff.

They want Pas to break away from Pakatan, hoping the Islamists party will later on be sorts of an Umno's little brother again in a probable union under the umbrella of Malay unity.

They think their enemies will be weakened by the break-up of Pakatan.

Utusan, NST, TV3 etc had been highlighting what ever little news they can get which could hasten Pas' departure from Pakatan.

But do they realize the danger of Pas being on its own?

Let me put this as simple as I can.

Pas actually will be stronger if it breaks away from Pakatan as then they will be free to go around peddling among the Malays their Islamic credentials such as wanting to set up a truly Islamic state and implementing Islamic laws.

No more that lame negara berkebajikan bullshit.

Now, especially with many Malays getting fed-up with Umno, I think Pas will do very well being that way.

The overwhelming majority of Malays love to be more Islamic, or at least seemingly more Islamic.

Previously, a lot of Malays decided not to support Pas because of their association with particularly DAP which they see as a dastardly Chinese chauvinist party.

Now that out of the way, they don't find Pas such a bad choice anymore.

Remember when the late Pas Mursyidul Am Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat passed away, how the Malays across the political divide treated it as the passing of a saint?

Now Nik Aziz's cute and saintly-looking son

Nik Abduh is new chief of PAS Youth

And this guy is smart, articulate and on top of everything, RELIGIOUS.

His rival from Umno is good looking too,

but I doubt KJ can get anywhere close to Nik Abduh's religious appeal.

Malays (especially their girls and ladies) are really into all these religious stuff, okay.

Pas will soon have tones of new recruits once they don't carry the DAP and other baggages anymore.

They will even get rid of the ugly ones among them too once the ulama faction totally takes over the party

If you don't believe me, just wait for the outcome of their party elections on Saturday.

I'm going to miss making fun of Mat Sabu.

Well, how about the non-Muslim votes, especially the Chinese?

Do you seriously think they will abandon DAP in the next general election to prop up BN out of fear of Pas?

I don't think so, okay.

DAP will go around telling the Chinese they need to be more united than ever under its umbrella if they were to survive the upheavals that were happening among the Malays.

It's very unlikely that the Chinese will save BN like they did during the general election in 1999.

The young Chinese voters, conditioned over the years by DAP to hate Umno will not be able to make themselves vote for BN, no matter what.

So, a disunited Umno and its hapless non-Malay allies, will be facing a stronger Pas and strong as ever DAP.

Oh, almost forgot, PKR is also without the Anwar baggage. That will make them less disgusting too among the Malays.

And also, what makes everyone think DAP, Pas and PKR will not work out something after they have defeated BN in the next general election?

For all you know, they had already planned and choreograph all these little quarreling nonsense so that they can become stronger among their respective core support base.

You see, these days the Pakatan people seem to be getting smarter than Umno and BN people.

Okay, Umno people, you all get it or not what I'm trying to tell?

Really, you all should not be too happy that Pas is going on their own.

Most of your safe deposits in the kampung areas will soon be stolen, okay.

I think Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has seen this coming.

That's why he is making all those noises.


  1. The 1MDB fiasco is far from over. I dont care about pakatan.

    I dont think there is a cure for 1MDB.

  2. UMNO has to go. I will not vote for them, anymore. As simple as that.

  3. PAS will definitely get my support if they detach themselves completely from DAP ...

  4. "Lose the battle, win the war."

  5. Last general election saw PAS won on chinese support in Selangor. If PAS is no more friendly with DAP I dont think the Chinese will vote for PAS. Similarly PKR will lose PAS vote. Unfortunately Najib is stubborn on business issue, at expense of politic. Is he trying to give away support for PKR sake, being a liberal.

  6. Correct, correct. Let me move in with Nurul to be PKR's Adun here. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

    1. Apa kejadah dok O la la. I am the one you're looking for $&@/$&@

    2. You ain't got anything to say. If don't understand go to night class! It's better to say nice things to Annie than being a bongok.

  7. Hai Annie,
    Tak boleh buat apa dah annie , ahli umno yang pilih pemimpin mereka dan jangan salah orang ,walau pun Tun M , kerana setiap kali pemilihan mereka yang menentu kan pemimpin , walau pun pemimpin ada skandal macam shahrizat sebagai contoh masih di pilih jadi dapat la parti macam sampah , kalau kalah pun mungkin takdir untuk umno di cucikan daripada memiliki barisan pemimpin yang dah rosak dan busuk . kalau dalam tempoh tiga tahun orang UMNO dan pemimpin akar umbi masih tak sedar dan setia secara buta tuli , kita tak boleh menyesal dan salahkan sesiapa.

  8. re , For all you know ,they had already planned and choreograph all those quarreling nonsense .

    Wa manyak kali sutak cekap lea aa ,itu Uncle Lim manyak smart lor rr ,itu pasat lia mau kasi UBAH ,ini kelajaan lea aa ,mau kasi semua lakyat sama lata ,sama lasa , Malaysian Malaysia lor rr .

    Yaa... loor !, ini UMNO punya olang semua sutak bolih pakai maa aa , sana hentam .sini hantam ,sana galoh ,siani galoh apa macam mau cali makan itu macam .
    DAP ,PAS pula-pula galoh ,banyak pandei lea aa , mau kasi hantam itu Putla Jaya .

    Tapi Wa tatak tau itu Malaysian Malaysia nanti ,itu Cina sekolah and India sekolah apa macam .

  9. Very interesting analysis annie but I don't quite agree with your analysis.Divide and rule strategy still works. UMNO through ist network of mainstream media has managed to poke some holes into Pakatan's armour.

  10. From this posting, it has become very obvious that you are trying your level best to protect the current administration. Perhaps your opinion differs from the majority of the crowd. If my prediction is right, you blog will see a significant drop in visitors because readers wants to see blogger with guts and blogger trying tom protect the crook and his team.



  11. The bangsatwan bugisman is bringing a curse to this country together with his fatty spendthrift mama. Now even Lucifer can apply for Putrajaya.

  12. Somehow agree with your analysis however,

    - It could be learned by looking at the Australian government of the day where the Liberals and National Party has been effective in a marriage of convenience hence, UMNO-PAS can always tabled the coalition's differences and meet somewhere in the middle-road....

    - At least the DAP will not get sympathy vote as before where UMNO haters (Malays & Indians) rather vote DAP instead of UMNO.

    - For as long DAP not getting a foothold on the corridor of Putra Jaya, then its OK ( I mean it probably will take another 50-80 years before cinabengs-DAPs integrate as Malaysian society, perhaps never!).

    PS. Don't look at me as racist cause I myself is 3rd gen-cross-blood but you can understand cinabengs a lot more from Dr Ridhuan Tee ( I bet you read him). Kita di anjurkan membenci sikap yang buruk, teruk, jahil, dengki, hasad, sombong, tamak, lokek bla bla bla ie. termasuk melayu atau apa bangsa pun, tapi tidak kepada manusia ciptaan Allah.

  13. Don't underestimate the Chinese Annie. We know what we want. If DAP cannot control PAS over the hudud issue they are goners.. They will always prefer a moderate like Najib then the extremist like fact many Chinese have regretted voting in those extremist alamaks PAS MPs in the last election.

    1. Lim Kit Siang has already called for a coalition of moderates across party lines.

      "GELANG PATAH: DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has urged ordinary members of Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat to join hands in a “coalition of moderates” against extremism."

      So given the pragmatism of the Chinese and the irrelevance of MCA and Gerakan, what next do you expect will follow to counter PAS?

      It has been suggested elsewhere to me that DAP could agree to rule in coalition with UMNO subject to UMNO agreeing to some concessions to the Chinese and other demands by DAP.

      In short, DAP will play the role of a "new MCA" in a coalition government with UMNO, even though it may not become a part of the BN coalition.

      Will the Chinese agree to such an arrangement of it keeps PAS at bay?

  14. If BN ends up with less than 50% of seats in parliament after the next GE, out of necessity PAS, PKR and DAP may have to come to a quick agreement to form a coalition government but to say that their current open disagreements and disputes are choreographed is a rather far fetched.

    However, you are right that by going on its own, PAS can become stronger, especially in the conservative Malay heartlands, especially when the constituents are suffering economically under the burden of rising prices due to inflation, especially the additional burden of GST payments introduced and imposed by the UMNO/BN government, rising unemployment,including unemployed university graduates, cutbacks in subsidies and so forth.

    History testifies that when people are suffering economically, they will turn to any party promising a solution to their misery, however radical and in the 50s, 60s and perhaps early 70s many may have turned to the socialists or communists but with the strength and appeal of the left much weakened today, more of such people are finding solace in religion, especially more fundamentalist Islam which also offers alternative economic solutions as well as welfare based upon Islam as a way out.

    Israel born British Jazz musician Gilad Atzmon said in one of his posts that where previously freedom fighters were mostly led by socialists or communists but today the freedom fighters are mostly Islamic.

    Gilad Atzmon left Israel because he hated its policies towards the Palestinians. You can read his thoughts here -

    Ah! but what if the DAP moves the other way and joins the BN or comes to some kind of cooperatuve agreement with the BN. Wold UMNO refuse?

  15. Walaupun saya tak sokong samasekali, Hudud PAS, saya akan undi PAS pada PRU 14 nanti jika:-

    1. Najib tidak letak jawatan, selewat-lewatnya, akhir tahun ini. Jika tidak, ia dikira sudah terlambat untuk memulihkan UMNO dan BN.

    2. PAS putuskan hubungan dengan DAP, sebaik-baiknya sebelum PRU14. Kalau lepas menang PRU14, baru nak putuskan hubungan, maka amat kejam, tidak bermaruah dan sudah tentu mencemarkan kemuliaan Agama Islam, lebih-lebih lagi kepada bukan-Islam yang mengundi PAS.

    Saya yakin PAS tidak akan mampu melaksanakan Hudud, walaupun di Kelantan.

  16. people more worried about 1mdb la.. it seems that our smart minister yesterday(the one that misinterpreted units not cgpa 3.85). with the little bit more of explaination given by arul now there brazen sky comes into the picture, GIL(no idea apa itu) and beli hutang 6 billion of ipp. jho low pulak walking free and enjoying tax payers money. where is our hero KJ, muhyiddin and shafie. semo hilang :(

  17. Dear Annie,

    I am a opposition voter not because someone or some party tell me to hate the current ruling party. It's because what we can see with our own eyes, a.k.a facts, what have the ruling party done. Example like POOR: education system, road and building maintenance, wide spread corruption, cronies, favoritism.
    Please do not get me wrong that our ruling party did not do anything for this country, what they did like setting up Proton or 1MDB is fundamentally good, but lack real management and will to make it great, thus spending tax payer's money to bail them out every time they are in trouble. Seems like no one is accounted for our money. Would you spare me 1000 bucks without question if I lose it in a Genting gambling table? THINK!

  18. Annie,

    You spot on. Both PAS and DAP will be stronger when they are not associating themselves with each other.

    DAP has replaced MCA and Gerakan in total. Chinese society is pragmatic, they like to be moving on. Under DAP, their interest are well taken care and they do not need to listen to Malay leader like what MCA and Gerakan did in BN.

    PAS will replace UMNO which has rotten to the core. What stops malay from voting a PAS is not much about its competency rather because of its association with chauvinist DAP. When PAS part away with DAP, many malays including the one frustrated with UMNO will vote PAS.

    However, once they both win the election, obviously as the party representing the majority of their own society, both PAS and DAP will make a new pact. And as usual the more cunning DAP will lead the pact while the more emotion PAS will follow suit and God knows what will happen to the country, its constitution, principles and policies.

    At least, we Malaysian can have a new political story which if turns good will bring Malaysia and the citizen to another height and if turns bad, still a good attempt rather than listening to old lame story of bumiputera agenda which fulls of manipulation and corruption.

    budak jawa

  19. Annie, saya baru tengok dalam buletin utama TV3 ada satu mamat ni offer RM1 juta kepada siapa yg boleh bagi maklumat tentang kekayaan Tun Mahathir. Kahkahkahkahkah.... I've never seen the guy before. Never heard of his NGO. And what the fuck TV3 gave him the airtime????? Hahahahahaha. Ayoooo mamat ni tak carry weight langsung laaa. Apa la org org PM ni, awat pi dok suruh badut bercakap ni. Kahkahkahkah. Celaru sungguh puak puak PM ni. Apalah nak jadi Malaysia ni. Makin lama makin bangang

  20. Dalam news tadi ada lagi joker nak ampu DS Najib. Dia nak bayar 1 juta kepada sesiapa yg dapat bg maklumat tentang kekayaan Tun Mahathir. Ok thats not how to fight the grand old man like Tun Mahathir. To fight a person like Tun Mahathir u've got to be smarter than him. You do not send a moron to fight a person like tun. Tolonglahhhhhh wahai penasihat penasihat DS Najib Razak hentikanlah kebodohan kebodohan yg akan memakan diri sendiri. Kalau nak lawan pun biar la ada class sikit.

  21. The Islamist party could never integrate with mainstream Islam - Ashaariyah and Sufism -because of their ideologies of "takfir" and "offensive jihad". If UMNO now has a poor leader, yet the Malay party has traditionally been "wasatiyyah" moderated by sufism and sound logical methodology.


    In a blog posting, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said that under Najib and Hadi, Malaysia would have "a good image, good spin, but little of substance".

    "Malays decide who Malaysia’s leaders are and according to (former prime minister) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malays are lazy. I happen to agree with him. Malays do not like to think, which is why the current crop of leaders like Najib and Hadi Awang appeal to them," he said.

    - See more at:

  23. 1st simple step.. Najib have to go

  24. I wish Gerakan would quit BN and form a truly Malaysian political party. I think the time is now right for a non-race based political party.

    BN with Najib vs PAS, neither appeal to me, but I would rather vote for PAS than DAP.

    1. lets start with non race based school first, i think.

    2. there's no race based school in Malaysia, only language and religion based school. Which is open to all race.

    3. Do the PAS election results tell us something?

      According to Bridget Welsh, some 49% of PAS delegates were new faces who come from inside of the party, the religious schools and internal party organs, especially influenced by the ulama wing. Comparatively less exposed and more religiously conservative, their views of non-Muslims and the outside world are more suspicious and deeply parochial. This conservative clan is representative of Malays who stick to their own, who rarely move out of their circle of friends in religious classes and who live in their own echo chamber of social media.

      Are they excellent examples of what TDM and Zaid above said?

      Would you like them to be your government?

    4. sekolah jenis kebangsaan adalah sekolah berasaskan bangsa, bukan semata-mata bahasa, malah sukatan mata pelajaran. tak perlulah menafikan perkara yang jelas.