Friday 13 May 2016

We are Malaysians from the state of Johor, no more, no less

There had been quite a number of stories in cyberspace lately about some Johoreans wanting to be different.

They feel that they are better then their fellow Malaysians just because they are Johoreans.

Some went as far as saying that it's better for Johor to get out of Malaysia as it can survives on its own.

Well, I'm a Johorean and proud of my home state, but loyalty to my country Malaysia is more important.

Basically, I love my home state the same way others love their hometown or kampung, or something like that.

It's not excessive to the point of being stupid.

These days I find some Johoreans' love for their state has reached a worrying level.

Just look at the comments in relation to the claim by Tunku Mahkota Johor about police tapping his handphone,

Police to respond to TMJ's claim of his phone being “bugged”

I don't think even TMJ wants Johoreans to comment about it the way some of them did.

It's embarrassing.

Want to get out from Malaysia and be like Brunei?

Don't be silly, okay.

We, Johoreans are known to be progressive people, so let us be more matured and realistic about things around us.

Anyway, I don't subscribe to the so-called Bangsa Johor thing nor do I support the JDT football team.

I don't really watch football that much nowadays.

Actually, I don't even believe in the Bangsa Malaysia concept.

What's more if it's Bangsa Johor.

See, that's the reality of things.

For me, all these concepts were cooked up by politicians and people with vested interest, and we like stupid sheep agreed and followed what they told us to believe.

That should't be the case.

We are intelligent people.

We live in a free democratic country and we have the right to think for ourselves.

That's enshrined in the constitution, okay.

We are all Malaysians of pelbagai bangsa, budaya, agama and adat resam.

We are different but united in this single country we call tanah tumpahnya darah ku.

That's what I believe Malaysians, including myself to be.

Let us stay that way.


  1. Made in Malaysia ....for bangsa manusia

  2. Now, let's see how FatSoh will twist this in her usual hate-filled writings.

    I find it amusing that for someone who hates Annie, FatSoh seems to read every article Annie writes.

    Equally laughable is, according to FatSoh, how everybody is "makan"-ing dedak except for her.

    1. I wonder how the Lipo went. She's sure as hell pounded some fat on with all that drivel recently. Incredible that she's retained....

    2. Look, FatSoh can lose all the fat and be as skinny as she likes but she will stay an ugly person inside and outside.

      Cosmetic surgery might fix the outside by giving her a new face but FatSoh will always show what an ugly person she is inside from her writings which promote hate and anger.

    3. She's trying to incite a race riot. As responsible citizens - we should highlight this and bring her to the law. Annie - it's obvious what you think of her - but she's a real menace and threat to Malaysia. Any ideas how we can lodge a police report and have her investigated ?

    4. Anon 22:55,

      You are right.

      A race riot and a religious war is what The Gollum is trying to achieve and by the comments from her readers, she is doing a great job.

      Lodging a police report is trivial but it is no use in this case.

      The type of dedak which The Gollum eats protects her from prosecution.

  3. "Actually, I don't even believe in the Bangsa Malaysia concept.
    What's more if it's Bangsa Johor."

    I fully agree with Annie.

    Everybody, including the Palace must stop this crap of Bangsa-Johor, Bangsa-Sabah, Bangsa-Kedah. Even in the US, there is no such thing as Texas-Race, California-Race, Hawaii-Race or Vagina-Race.

    It's ok with Johorean, Kelantanese or Kedahan, same as there are Texan, Californian, Hawaiian or Virginian.

    I guest, all this nonsensical crap about leaving the federation, must have cropped-up because of a weak and corrupted national leader. When you're the King of a State, you would not want to be associated with a national-leader whose image is in bad-taste, abroad. The State goes abroad to woo investors too and surely they had to present themselves as Malaysians from any State they come from.

  4. Seriously, I found the IGP's comment that it was all a "misunderstanding" astounding. Either TMJ's phone was tapped by SB or it wasn't. What misunderstading? Yes or no?
    If not, say so. If yes, wow!! Do the cops truly believe TMJ is a threat to national interests? What is this? Watergate? "I am not a crook.." err.....

    Malaysia is really getting f....ked by Jibby. Billions popping up in his account, billions disappearing in government company, prices soaring, rakyat suffering to survive, economy and ringgit tanking, civil activists arrested for questioning, ruling party politicians sacked for asking questions, top civil servants removed and shunted, and now... royalty being spied upon by cops.

    Like Joseon-era politics under King Tejong! (Just binge watched Great King Sejeong, damn good!).

    Saw a documentary recently on how goose liver pate is made. The goose's throat is shoved open and food poured down the throat. Guzzle, guzzle until bloated. So reminded me of a certain Fei Poh hoovering in all the dedak while pretending to care about the Malays and Muslims.

    At least pate tastes good.

    1. It's mahathir the first one to say this then you blame jibby..

      It's mahathir that change our constitutional then you blame jibby..

      U sucking grumpy old man then you still blame jibby..

      Stop use TMJ as your tool.



  5. Sure we have these Johor clowns, Lil sis Ms Annie
    and you don't have to join them. We are past their infantile antics.

    There are alhamduli 'Llah many more intelligent and well-balaced Johoreans.

    M Zin
    Fes, Kingdom of Morocco

  6. What is so big issue with the term BANGSA JOHOR...??? This is how the Sultan of Johore prefer to call his what is the issue here Annie??


  7. Once there was a sultan who started calling his state ' Kingdom of Johore ' but someone must have advised him to desist from using such a potentially divisive phrase and the name was no more. Such a name just as the phrase ' Bangsa Johor ' is meerly a reflection of someone's illusion of grandeur.
    Johor is not Brunei and will never achieve the same status of sovereignty. Johor's future lies within Malaysia and certainly not elsewhere.
    Now a sizeable number of Ibans and Bidayuhs are to be found in Johor. Are they part of ' bangsa Johor' ?


  8. Some will claimed they Jawa ,some will claimed they are Bugis and someone else say they are Banjar ,some will say they are Boyan but in their I/C they want to be stated a Melayu to benefit from Malaysia prosperity ,this what Fuad Zarkasi used to say as 'Melayu Angkat'.

    What the difference from the Chinese and Indian ,who want to be stated as Malaysian but want to remain Chinese & Indian ?,don't blame them .

    What is the clarification of 'bangsa johor' ?, would they will be no Chinese ,no Indian, no Bugis ,no Jawa,no Banjar and no Boyan ,even as Malaysian we cannot stand together ,we are divided .

    Could this be another threat that Malaysia is facing ,due to weakness of national command ?.

  9. Bangsa Johor are only those who have 01 on their ICs or MyKad. I'm a little worried about the Muafakat Johor bus. If a foreigner wants to board it and a local prevents him from doing so, I'm just concerned about the way the local tells it to him, and would he (foreigner) understand why he cannot board the bus? Tempers may flare, and foreign workers also don't earn that much, let them enjoy the privilege la.

    1. It's JPN decision to use no.01 as birth code of Johor in i.c. Obviously because the state located in southernmost part of peninsula. Nothing related with bangsa johor.


  10. Ever heard Bruneians calling themselves Bangsa Brunei?

  11. i think everyone of us here should read the long history of Kesultanan Johor, Kerajaan Negeri Johor Dan Jajahan Takluknya,and when the term Bangsa Johor started to pop up. It is not the current Sultan of Johor who starts to use the term. Go and read the history and then come here and comment. Dont be buta sejarah!!

    1. I have always been curious about the role of the British and the ambitions of the Temengong.

      Also, what ever happened to the lineage which originated from the deposed Sultan of Malacca? In Pahang?


    2. Anon 15:58,

      Have you read 'Sejarah Perang Jementah' ,I am sure you are not buta sejarah too.

  12. Annie,
    To engage (in this discussion) or not to engage, that is the question!

  13. One million and more. Here goes.

  14. There was a Johor before Malaysia came into being. There was a Johor before Merdeka. Old-timers will remember Johor during the British colonial administration (English-medium schools etc).

    So why are you getting angsty about "Bangsa Johor"?

    It's like Californians, Texans and New Yorkers in the US. Spicy parts of a bigger pie.

    That also you tak faham, Ah?

  15. wats up with johor royalty nowadays???
    so they been making lots of money selling their land...developing johor so they say. so what...they cant survive on their own without our government helping them....heck even their own football teams are imported players...cant they even groom their own players from their own so called 'bangsa johor'.....embarassing....

    1. And your point is...?

      What about royalty in the other states? Have they not entered into business opportunities themselves?

      Your post is totally devoid of logic. And not even in good English too! Sad....

  16. WHAT ABOUT BANG$A UMNO ..i am quite sure you're all for it, right?

  17. We are all aware that our PM is at his weakest point with the rm4b scandal and all. Because of that,some people would take advantage of his situation.

    First, it's Sarawak insisting for more of its administrative autonomy. Now, it's Johor with its Bangsa Johor and the Sultan wants more power to be restored to the King/Rulers.

    Don't know which state is next. But, whatever happens, I do hope we are all still be called Malaysians.

  18. Ini bodoh punya isu untuk perbincangan......aku bangga dilahirkan sebagai anak Johor, bangsa what the issue here??? Ini perbincangan yg takde masa way forward....


    1. 19.37,

      Alas, implying yourself to be saintly while your comment proved yourself to be otherwise.


    2. I was proud to introduce myself as a Johorean while in school and university.
      However I don' t see the justification for a 'bangsa Johor' . I am of bangsa Melayu and a Malaysian and still proud to be a Johorean.

  19. Secession is Treason.

  20. Annie, saya amat meluat dan loya apabila mendengar perkataan bangsa johor. Apa dia nya bangsa johor ni? Kenapa harus ada bangsa baru dibumi malaysia ini? Kalau ya pun taksub sangat dengan negeri johor, gunakan lah perkataan orang johor. Kadang kadang puak puak ni melebih lebih sangat. Johor adalah sebahagian dari Malaysia dan ia akan kekal sebegitu untuk selama lamanya.

  21. Sebab tu lah dari awal lagi Mahathir dah nampak benda benda mcm ni akan terjadi. Dan oleh kerana itu juga lah dia jadikan undang undang applicable keatas raja raja atau sultan sultan di malaysia. Cuba bayangankan kalau raja raja atau sultan sultan ini tidak tertakluk dibawah undang undang????? Hahahahaha aku malas nak cakap 😂😂😂😂