Thursday 26 May 2016

Umno not to field racists in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar

The latest that I heard was that BN, or to be more precise Umno, will not go into the coming by-elections of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar exclusively to win Malays' votes.

I was relieved when I heard that.

Whom ever is that at the Umno war room who advised DS Najib Razak on the need for the party to remain moderate should be commended.

I was told that Umno will pick its candidates for the by-elections solely based on their credentials and being acceptable among the constituents.

That means they will be chosen because they are deemed to be the best when it comes to serving the people there and not because they are the Umno division chiefs or loudest in spewing racist remarks.

It's a good move by Umno because these by-elections will set the tone for the next general election two years from now.

Despite all those talks about getting back at the Chinese for their tsunami in 2013, Umno has apparently not lost its way by choosing to remain moderate.

For me, it doesn't really matter whether the Umno candidates will eventually win the by-elections or not, but what's more important is that the party has sent a message that it will not be the one to cause the division of this country along racial line.

I know that some people who wanted Umno to turn itself into an ultra Malay racist party were disappointed.

They wanted the most vile of racist characters to be fielded as candidates by Umno in those by-elections.

They argued that it will help the Malays unite and teach the Chinese a lesson.

I'm not really sure of their motives but I know what they wanted is wrong.

Umno will eventually be destroyed if it goes down that path.

Anyway, these people who wanted Umno to be like the Nazi party or the Klu Klax Klan do not understand that Malays are not by nature racists.

Their culture and Islamic faith do not shape them to be such.

They are instead conditioned to be nice people.

Given half a chance, they want to be friends with just about anyone.

They are so nice as a people that others labelled them as docile, lazy, lack competitive spirit, etc.

Whatever not so nice things you see about them were not because of themselves being Malays.

Those were more personal failings than anything else, okay.

As a people, they are nice.

They don't really mind sharing with you their country, language, identity, etc.

That's just the way of the Malays as a people.

That's why Umno cannot be the vulgar racist party that those people wanted.

The Malays will eventually reject the party if it does become such an entity.

Being racist is not nice, and Malays want to be nice.

Sometimes I suspect that those who want Umno to be racist actually want it to be dead.

They pretend to be on Umno's side but actually plotting and subtly goading it to self-destruct.

It's like planting a virus in a computer by disguising it as something good for the machine.


  1. Good post and I agree with you.

  2. I am a Malay and I strongly believe chinese are more racist than Malays.However, the chinese are very good in hiding their feeling. Probably as businessman, they know soft skills such as public relations better than Malays which are less cultured( I am talking about things in general).So, there are probably more closet racist Chinese than closet racist Malays

    Prof Kangkung

  3. Someone (suggested UMNO to field Jamal Ikan Bakar. After 2 days, I agreed.
    The fact was:-
    1. Almost everybody in the worlds, such as Myanmar Europe & US, seems to prefer, some sort of racist candidates as their leaders.

    2. Jamal had adopted a Chinese boy. No racist would do that.

    Anyway, I agree with Annie.
    "Sometimes I suspect that those who want Umno to be racist actually want it to be dead.
    They pretended to be on Umno's side but actually plotting and subtly goading it to self-destruct."

    1. Only the raciest can face the raciest .

  4. What do U mean umno is NOT RACIS........?????
    Bukankah Najib selalau menakutkan Melayu, kalau umno
    kalah, Melayu akan merempat....????
    As though Melayu cannot survive without UMNO.
    Isn't this racis enof......????

  5. Well I can't agree with you more about the congeniality of the Malay muslim culture here.But I also wanna say that the propaganda of the Islamist wahhabi party has greatly decimated the good-spiritedness of the Malays for the last tens of years. They introduced racial chauvinism and religious dissension into the malay psyche and achieved it with petro dollars from the mid-east.

  6. Annie,

    Jamal Ikan Bakar is NOT a racist.

    He is a businessman.

    If you want him to be a racist for money, he'll do it. If you want him to love Cinabeng for even more money, he'll do it.

    The power of dedak.

    It can make a fat blob of mata sepet pig lard "forget" that she used to whack Islam on a daily basis with Malaysiakini.

    Tiba2 jadi "founder of Umno"pulak.

    The power of dedak.

    Makes you fat, ugly and hypocritical, too.

    1. "......a fat blob of mata sepet pig lard"...

      HA HA HA HA!!!

      Tahu pun......

  7. But majority of Malay don't trust and support Najib anymore.

  8. The well-known historian Professor A.J. Toynbee remarked in 1948: "The extinction of race consciousness among Muslims is one of the outstanding achievements of Islam, and in the contemporary world there is, as it happens, a crying need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue."

    1. Clarity of vision ... what we need for humanity

    2. Until the introduction of the term "Melayu Islam".

  9. Actually, I prefer those blatant outright racists. At least they are honest and you know where you stand with them, even if you cannot tahan their attitude.

    It's the hypocritical closet racists I despise. Those who pretend to care and talk of unity and human rights, but won't have anything to do with you out of the public eye.

  10. Take a break. We certainly need one to beat our jam.

  11. the chinese had backstab the malays big time...malays have given so much to them....and this is how chinese repay us. Anyone can understand why Jamal acted the way he is. Yet still Malays have to jaga hati the chinese by not fielding him in the prk. The chinese I met and thats a lot are mostly more racists...this is a true fact that even my Indian friends agree. But one thing about the Indians they prefer to remain at the side line and usually try to be neutral. anyway...i will never trust a chinese ever...once a backstabber always a backstabber...and thats a fact!

    1. You sound like someone I know who contested in several elections for DAP in Chinese constituencies but lost all the time. He's very bitter towards the Chinese and nowadays try his bet to get them into a fight with Malays. Actually, the Chinese where he contested those elections rejected him not because he's an Indian but because he is too creepy and slimy.

    2. Aneys stay on sidelines to see who wins then straight away will support the winner, lah.

      They are racists within their own community. Try calling a Malayalee Christian mother-tongue-English a Tamil and watch the outrage. Like how Jaclyn Victor reacted when a fan wished her Happy Deepavali.

    3. India: our journey ... how we came to know caste system

  12. Too Fat in her latest paid article accusing you of being a Melayu DAP. Such a feeble accusation by that obvious Trojan Horse. Anyone who has read your blog Annie can see you're not.
    Whereas all one needs is to do is Google Too Fat's Christian name to see her duplicitious writings in Malaysiakini.

    Pitiful desperate Fat So.

    1. Too Fat 100% Anti-Islam......

  13. Does not matter who UMNO nominates. UMNO is a fascist party..indeed it is quite proudly known among its half-educated members as "U Must Not Oppose".

    The fact is Malays are ashamed of their culture and want to be something else. At the moment many want to be 'Arab". That is where the salafists have come in.

    I agree there are Chinese racists. But that's because they have never been allowed by the govt to visit China in the mistaken belief that they will return as disloyal citizens. Those who know will tell you that mainland PRC Chinese discriminate against oversea Chinese and cannot wait to steal,lie to and swindle them. One trip and many realise that the land of their birth is where they belong. But most Malaysian Chinese are ordinary people trying to make ends meet. And , yes, Najib is clean. The money sent to Switzerland to be laundered (cleaned?) resulted in a 143 bank being shut down by the Swiss.And the 2.6 billion was from God because after all He is in Saudi Arabia.

    1. Malaysian Chinese not allowed to step onto China mainland ever? Well, i think the horrible mao tse tung era is well over .....

  14. Annie,


    If you are a Melayu DAP blogger as I have been told by "some people", you are the LOUSIEST Melayu DAP blogger I have ever read :)

    Anybody who is publicly saying/writing that you are being paid by DAP for the articles you have written is living in La-La-Land.

    "Some people" seem to want us to believe that DAP is a stupid political party which just hands out money for articles like the one above!!!

    DAP would be mad and stupid to associate itself with you but then that is what "some people" want us to believe.

    Anyway, I really wanted to say that you are 110% correct in saying that Malays are a nice people.

    In fact, Malays were already liberals long BEFORE "liberal" became a dirty word.

    Look at the Mak Yong dance, look at the transgenders in Malay society.

    Nobody cared too much until the religious nutters and do-gooders hijacked the relaxed care-free Malay lifestyle.

    Can't do this, can't do that, must do this, must do that, this is haram, that is haram.

    But interestingly, as long as you do not question and obediently do whatever you are told to do, everything is OK.

    Maybe this is why some people do not like the Chinese or Indians. They are always asking difficult questions and challenging conventional thought or authority on why things are done they way they are done.

    Malays, OTOH, are usually too nice to ask difficult questions or challenge convention, so they are easier to handle and be taken advantage.

    The sad thing is that it is generally Malays who take advantage of other Malays BUT we are told that it is the Chinese and Indians who are the culprits.

    And Malays being Malays are simply too nice to ask difficult questions or challenge authority and just agree/accept that the Chinese and indians are responsible for all the problems we have in Malaysia.

    Senang je :)

    Maybe UMNO can change to the UMNO you want but then maybe it can't.

    I can only wish you luck in seeking and wanting to be a part of that change.

    Malaysia will be well-served by more Annies who think like you.