Sunday 8 May 2016

BN can win back the Chinese like in Sarawak

I'm not in Sarawak, so my take on the just concluded state election there is going to be quite simple.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, okay.

This is the result last night:
BN    - 72
DAP  - 7
PKR  - 3

You can compare it with the result of the state election in 2011:
BN   - 55
DAP - 12
PKR - 3
Ind   - 1

As expected, BN won with a landslide. This is after all Sarawak.

Nonetheless, it's quite clear that there had been a swing to a certain extent as far as the Chinese votes were concerned.

DAP suffered quite a lot while BN's Chinese-based party, namely SUPP did rather well.

That's for me is the biggest significance of the Sarawak election.

It gives BN the signal that there's real hope of winning back the Chinese votes in other parts of the country too.

Some may argue that Sarawak is different from the other states, but do remember that back then, the pattern of Chinese votes in the Sarawak election in 2011 was the same as the Chinese tsunami of the general election in 2013.

For me, Sarawak BN, led by TS Adenan Satem did the right things to win back a significant amount of the Chinese votes as seen last night.

It presented a good state government, was firm against corruption and even more importantly showing genuine sincerity towards the Chinese.

I believe that the best example of that genuine sincerity was the recognition given by the Sarawak government to the Chinese education system, particularly the Unified Examination Certificate.

Equally important was that Adenan and his people didn't try to punish the Chinese for overwhelmingly siding with the opposition in 2011.

They didn't play the bumiputera card against the Chinese.

That's what likely turned a lot of Chinese around, back to supporting BN in the Sarawak election.

Hopefully the BN leadership in KL will learn the right lessons from it.

Umno in particular, should not forsake its old friends especially the Chinese-based MCA and Gerakan because of the Chinese tsunami of 2013.

It should not submit to the insidious goading of those whose motives were suspect by turning itself into an ultra-Malay-Islamic party or joining forces with such as that.

BN needs to stay the way it has always been - a moderate multi-racial coalition representing all Malaysians.

It's the only way it can remains relevant.

There's still hope for it as could be seen in Sarawak last night.

And of course Umno and its BN friends need to clean up their act.

True, they are in a mess now, but so do the opposition parties.

There's still slightly over two years from the next general election.

If they work hard, be clean and sincere, I believe they can be like Adenan and his people last night.

As proven in Sarawak, the Chinese like hardworking, clean and sincere people and they aspire to be such too.

BN should strive to be like that and win them back.

Of course there are a few Chinese who prefer to be insincere hate mongers and not very clean, but I believe most of the others are not so.


  1. Beware the enemy within

    1. Yes. The enemy within. An illustration.

  2. tebing tinggi8 May 2016 at 07:12

    re, the Chinese like hardworking ,clean and sincere people .

    The Malays like lazy ,not very clean and insincere and they aspire to be such too.

    1. Generalisation. Validity and reliability issues.


    2. Bulayu manyak hina maa aa !.

      re, The Chinese like hardworking ,clean and sincere people ,and they aspire to be such too.

      Sutak bagi maksud, Bulayu sutak manyak salah pilih ,manyak tatak kila punya maa aa , malas ,tatak bolih pecaya punya pon kasi pilih maa aa .
      Bulayu itu macam .kasi pilih pemimpin pon itu macam !.

      Hai Yaa !, manyak teluk maa aa .

    3. Congratuations.True colours and shades. Emerging.

  3. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللّه وَبَرَكَاتُهُُ
    dan selamat pagi !!
    AHAD 8 Mei 2016
    1 Syaaban 1437H.
    28 hari lagi RAMADHAN
    Didoakan agar Annie sihat dan cantik sentiasa.

  4. Very well written. The fat auntie must be very angry that the Chinese has returned to BN.


  5. The Chinese never left


    1. Ya lor rr !,manyak betut maa aa, the Chinese never left China .

  6. PRK Sg.Besar Selangor and Kuala Kangsar Perak
    is the best solution to test BN's strength for PRU14.
    PRN Sarawak is mainlay for the people of Sarawak.
    Adnen himslef said - They will do it the SARAWAK's way
    not Najib's way.
    So, do not count your chicken before they are hatch.

    1. That's true.
      These two by-election will be the actual milestone to gauge Rakyat's acceptence of Najib. Of-course 1MDB's infamous Jho Low....Altantuya too, would come to hound BN and UMNO. Thanks to Najib's middleman, Razak Baginda and last but not least, Deepak Carpet.

      Sadly, it would waste more of the Rakyat money, especially when used to grease the palms voters through division Chiefs and brown-nosers.

      But....I don't think GE14 would ever come, with Najib at the helm.

  7. Annie,

    The Sarawak election was always going to be an Adenan Satem victory from the moment he became CM of Sarawak.

    Sarawakians do geniuinely like Adenan and it shows.

    The only real question was how many seats Pakatan was going to lose.

    We now know that, at least in Sarawak, the Pakatan god has feet of clay, to use a biblical reference.

    Oh, btw, just in case anybody is wondering, I voted Pakatan in the last GE.

  8. Chinese in right frame of mind .... wallah!

  9. Forget about the Chinese.

    Concentrate on getting rid of the fat hippo.

    No fat hippo, no fat ahsoh.


  10. After millions+++ poured there? Think again...

  11. Elections break. Disasters mend. Kaveria ei jateta - never leave a friend behind.
    The Finns. "Finns also have a proud history of going to great lengths to retrieve the bodies of deceased friends. The phrase "kaveria ei jateta" - "never leave a friend behind" - was used by Finnish soldiers, who put themselves in grave danger to recover the bodies of fallen comrades during the Winter War against the USSR in 1939-1940"

  12. Never leave a friend behind. The reference.

  13. Animal usually see other creature as animal too. Is that true?

    1. Some humans are worst than animals. Please don't insult animals.

    2. Sufi psychology sees that every human soul possesses degrees of faculties from the low to the high:
      1) satanic 2) animalistic 3) rational 4) angelic 5) altruistic

    3. Who knows if animals see another creature as an animal?

      I asked my goldfish and did not get an answer.

      Hm, maybe because my goldfish is a fish and not an animal.


  14. YS Adenan for PM, Lil sis Ms Annie
    and he should in-sya-Allah win a parliamentary seat easy

    M Zin
    Casablanca 13000

  15. The winning mind. Battle-hardened. Manage within our control. Make concessions for those that we can't.
    “Whatever happens on this front, we are battle-hardened as we can’t really control the ringgit, but the most important thing is that demand is strong,” Air Asia Battle-hardened Chief.

  16. The battle-hardened chief.

  17. Ehmmm....except Dato A.Kadir Jasin, wonder why nobody mention about the low voters turn-out. Maybe the MSM would like to focus more on this during the upcoming 2 by-election.