Saturday 5 September 2015

Removing Muhyiddin

I'm bracing myself for the Umno supreme council meeting scheduled on Sept 9.

Umno VP DS Hishammuddin Hussein and Wanita chief DS Shahrizat Abdul Jalil had denied that deputy president TS Muhyiddin Yassin will be sacked from the party at the meeting.

Some decided that denial should put to rest the rumour of Muhyiddin's impending sacking which has been a hot topic of discussion ever since he was stripped off his deputy prime minister and education minister posts during the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

However, my gut instinct tells me that Muhyiddin will indeed be sacked along with a few others.

My blogging captain Rocky in his latest posting,

The day they shot the Deputy

wrote this,
... But I remember how both Anwar and Mahathir were dismissing rumours of a rift, right before the cracks gave way to the gaping abyss.

What ever it is, Umno president DS Najib Razak has not denied the rumour.

I wonder why the journalists covering his many functions these past few weeks never ask him this very question which so many people were asking.

Logically, Najib should remove Muhyiddin and replaces him with someone else as his deputy.

I can't see how they can work together now.

It will be too difficult for Najib to have Muhyiddin, who openly questions his decisions as prime minister and Umno president to continue being his right hand man over the next two and a half years before the next general election.

Bear in mind that Umno needs to be united and on top of that convince the people, especially the Malays that it is still the best choice to safeguard their interests.

If Najib doesn't remove Muhyiddin now, he can expects more problems later when the latter continues to openly express his disagreement.

I don't think Muhyiddin will shut up if he is allowed to remain as Umno deputy president.

Discontent within Umno will continue if this happen.

Hishammuddin and Shahrizat said there were many other issues that the party leadership needs to tackle at the coming supreme council meeting, but for me, the Muhyiddin's issue needs to be tackled first before the party can move on.

Najib should know this.

If Muhyiddin stays as a party leader, the rebels will see it as a victory for them and it will encourage them to continue the fight.

I don't think Najib will let this happen.

In my opinion, he will make a calculated move to sack Muhyiddin from at least his party posts, thus removing any threat left from the man.

There will be some protests here and there but things will eventually cool down.

It's the same when Najib made the decisive move to replace the Attorney General, dismantled the special task force investigating 1MDB, etc.

Malaysians are after all not really good rebels.

They generally have a good life and don't really want to lose it.

It's even more so among Umno members.

And Muhyiddin is not at all like DS Anwar Ibrahim.

He won't go to the streets like Anwar did which trigger the violent Reformasi protests of the late 1990s.

Even if he wants, Muhyiddin does not have the same mass appeal of Anwar to do it.

As for the other "nuisances" such as VP DS Shafie Apdal and others, with Muhyiddin gone, they could be easily dealt with.

However, Kedah MB DS Mukhriz Mahathir, who is the son of his currently fiercest critic Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, will continue to be a tricky issue for Najib.

It will be very difficult to remove him because

Kedahans will go with Mukhriz

And this is what I wrote about removing Mukhriz,

You kick out Mukhriz, you die, okay


  1. "Bear in mind that Umno needs to be united and on top of that convince the people, especially the Malays that it is still the best choice to safeguard their interests."

    UMNO (and BN) may still be the best to lead Malaysia provided the leeches are removed from high office.. starting with Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi. UMNO will not be united with Najib at the helm. Sane UMNO members will not want to be led by a corrupt tyrant and Najib Razak is the mother of all corruption. His SOP is "Cash Is King".. what more can we say?

    1. If Cash can be King then Najib can be God.

      If 1MDB is Sovereign Wealth Fund then Chow Kit is Paradise.

    2. Hai Annie,
      For me rocky bru is finished , he is in the same boat with RPK when you worked hard to covered your pay master wrong doing in that particular moment you have no integrity and moral .

      Najib and his group can do what ever they liked in umno or in the goverment just to make sure he his safe for time being but remember the more najib cover up his shit and criminal acted the more problem they will be facing in comming future and more burden the country will go through . Najib and his group are desperated for them the rakyat will always come last , so there is nothing more to comment about Muhhyidin and other because liked I said above , what ever Najib acted right now , its never for the good of umno ,the rakyat and the country its just for his safety , so it will never end well believe me .

    3. ahjibgor ialah projek jholow untuk musnahkan UMNO dari dalam! Syabas DAP!

  2. You kick Muhyiddin,Others will kick your Butt..

  3. Jangan salah perhitungan. Tendang Muhyidin dan ini menjadikan Zahid Hamidi orang paling berkuasa di Malaysia. TPM & Menteri Dalam Negeri. Tangkap Najib terus jadi PM sebab dia dah jd Timbalan Presiden Umno.
    Jadi Najib mana lebih baik dan boleh dipercayai, Muhyidin atau Zahid.
    Seperkara lg kenyataan Zahid lebih memburukkan Najib dan bukan nak membantunya tp macam nak menjahanamkan adalah. Takkanlah Najib tak nampak kecualilah dia tu mmg bodoh .

    1. Zahid is tokoh mazhab al-Juburi

    2. Zahid will make Anwar PM.

  4. Annie,
    you may be correct on this matter... On the other hand Kedahan may vote for PAS in the next election even Mukhriz still MB (even without this ongoing issues).

    Mukhriz has not been on the ground as much as the previous MB from PAS, thus causing some uneasiness among grassroots. Mukhriz need to spend more time in Kedah than in KL. Probably having State EXCO meeting regularly in Kedah would help.

    Thats what i heard since last year... hopefully i am wrong. Wallahualam

    1. Of cause you are totally wrong because you being listerning to people like Ahmad lebai sudin Adun bukit lada ,umno warlord and the pengkianat bangsa melayu dan agama islam he his a real malay bloody bastard further more you are not living in and comming from kedah liked me . so beat it .

  5. Annie,

    Yupe, I agree.

    As a show of power, Muhyiddin and Shafie will likely get the chop at the next Supreme Council meeting.

    It'll probably work this way :-

    1/ get rid of Muhyiddin, Shafie and all the others who are an annoyance and a threat.

    2/ pay the ketua bahagians to calm down the rabble rousers

    3/ monitor the noise level

    4/ get rid of or sideline the ketua bahagians or ketua cawangans who took money but did not calm anybody down

    5/ repeat from step (2) again

    Cash is king and it will work in this case :)

    By carefully managing the amount of cash handed out in step (2) with promises of more to come, it is entirely possible to reduce the damage to a minimum.

    Expect to see more new cars, lavish renovations to meeting halls and offices, overseas trips for field studies, etc etc.


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anon 13:25
      I have to remove your comment because not only it's overly seditious, it's also out of topic.

  7. Jika Muhyiddin diapa-apakam oleh MT pada 9/9, Umno harus bersedia menanngung kesannya. Beberapa cawangan telah bersedia untuk memfailkan saman terhadap Najib seperti yang dilakukan oleh Anina. Umno boleh mengambil tindakan melucutkan keahlian Anina kerana beliau bertindak secara insividu. Jika saman dikemukakan oleh cawangan, kita mahu lihat sama ada Perlembagaan Umno mempunyai klausa yang membolehkan tindakan diambil terhadap cawangan. Buang cawangan Umno agaknya. Jika Mukhriz disentuh, hal serupa akan berlaku. Bermain dengan undang2 adalah kerja peguam. Kalau surat pemecatan Anina bertarikh 2/9 boleh sampai ke tangan peguam pada 1/9, kita boleh nilai bagaimana kecekapan SUA Umno bekerja. Tarikh itu hanya bahan jenaka dalam mahkamah nanti tapi tafsiran undang2 dalan Perlembagaan Umno mungkin membuatkan Hafarizam pun berpeluh sejuk. Dan bila cawangan yang memfailkan saman, kita akan saksikan kecekapan mereka bermain mewakili bos mereka.

  8. annie, if they remove muhyidin, i urge tuanku sultan will bubar DUN Johor. reelection will take place n umno will be split.. DAP will make in road, PAS will join UMNO splinter and DUN will be balanced..

  9. Diharap MT UMNO menggunakan kebijaksanaan berpolitik semasa bersidang pada 9915.

  10. Apabila Cina tak mahu undi BN dalam PRU 13, Melayu 1Malaysia sehingga sekarang masih menanya-nanya "APA LAGI CINA MAHU?"

    Sebenarnya Cina dengan lebih 90% sokong pembangkang, dan baru baru ni keluar beramai-ramai dalam Bersih4, telah membuktikan bahawa permintaan Cina adalah sentiasa konsisten dan tak berubah.

    Di sebaliknya, Melayu 1Malaysia harus menanya kepada diri sendiri, "APA MELAYU MAHU?"

    Nak kata Melayu sedang menghadapi krisis diri nanti ada orang marah pulak. Namun ia sentiasa menghadapi krisis dalam memilih samada mahu duit ke, kuasa ke, hidup senang ke, seks yang memuaskan nafsu dia ke, jawatan tinggi ke, jawatan kekal ke, kahwin lagi ke, dunia ke, akhirat ke, agama ke, dapat ke, tak dapat ke, dan sebagainya.

    Dulu Melayu Islam dengan bangga menggelar sendiri sebagai Mazhab Syafie, namun sekarang gelaran ini dah tak berapa nak dipakai lagi, ditukarkan dengan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. Ini berlaku apabila banyak sangat antara kaum tu ada puak Syiah, ada Wahabbee, dan macam macam kumpulan lagi. Salah pakai istilah boleh mencetuskan perpecahan yang lebih teruk lagi.

    Dulu sesama kaum suka kafir mengkafir sesama diri, sekarang pasal political expediency dah tak boleh macam tu lagi, digantikan dengan prinsip Tahaluf Siyasi.

    Prinsip Tahaluf Siyasi membolehkan pergaulan bebas atas kehendak semasa, ia sebenarnya bukan matlamat menghalalkan cara, tetapi ia sebenarnya matlamat menghalalkan cara (penerangan ini sesetengah ustaz sahaja boleh faham, kalian kalau bodoh sangat tak payah peduli).

    Kalau Tahaluf Siyasi boleh dikatakan sebagai suatu prinsip, maka prinsip itu ialah tak berprinsip.

    Ciptaan begitu adalah suatu ciptaan yang ingenius, merupakan suatu ciptaan mengikut arus moden pemikiran orang Melayu sekarang. Ia hasil daripada hakikat bahawa Melayu susah mahu buat pilihan, sebab tak tahu apa lagi Melayu mahu. Dengan ajaran ajaran baru macam tu, boleh terus percaya bahawa dunia dan akhirat semua akan dia dapat.

    Jadi balik pada soalan pemecatan Muhyiddin Yassin, dia dipilih ahli ahli UMNO atau Presiden UMNO? Apakah ahli ahli UMNO yang memilihnya tak rasa hak sebagai ahli telah dirogol oleh puak puak yang tak berprinsip jika ia dipecatkan begitu?

    Ini lah sebabnya, berhadapan dengan dunia dan hidup kerdil yang masih dapat dinikmati sekarang, apa yang Annie cakap akan jadi kenyataan, yakni semua akan diam, dengar Presiden cakap dengan taat, mudah mudahan mendapat dunia dan akhirat. Ameen.

    1. Fucking Melayu fight with each other to GRAB POWER and it's our fault?? Nabe, get a cup of coffee.

    2. Fucking Melayu is always like that. When they have a problem, it's never their fault, it's always the cina babies fault. Fucking idiots.

    3. Fucking Chinese, pls fill up the migration form..asap..YES ..its always the fucking cina babies what??!!

    4. Dengar kata orang, di Malaysia kalau nak cari gangster pukul orang pun dah ada 'market'.

      Samseng hitam hitam dua kali dua atau tiga kali enam dulu murah, sekarang dah naik taraf sikit takde ribu jangan cerita.

      Samseng Cina beng lebih kaya dari lu, setakat upah untuk pukul orang jarang dia mahu buat.

      Dengar kata yang paling murah ialah putera putera nunggang motorsikal garisan tiga makan keropok merah, paling jahat tapi murah. Ratusan ringgit dah boleh kaw kaw kasi taruh.

      Pasal apa diorang murah sangat? Ada kata sebab diorang miskin, kekadang bayar roteks motosikal pun takde duit, setakat dapat beli pil khayal pun dah ok, ada lebih boleh isi minyak dapat lumba sikit bawa awek, seks pun free.

      Itu sebab dia murah.

      Itu hakikat BN tak kasi tahu publik. Kemiskinan menjurus kepada kekufuran. Ini bukan pasal warna kulit, cuba upah kaum sama di Singapura, budak sana kocek ada duit ada belajar ada undang-undang ikut, mana nak lu punya ratusan ringgit ? Lu punya duit tukar jadi SGD tinggal berapa sen? Haha.

      Itu sebab BN mahu main isu perkauman, bukan sahaja menutup kegagalan pentadbiran, malah mentodikan kaum putera putera bahawa mereka atas landasan di mana dunia pun dapat akhirat pun dapat. Kalau ada kekurangan maka itu adalah sebab Cina lahanat sudah merampas opportuniti kamu, sedangkan mereka telah 'dibenarkan' dengan generositi besar bangsa untuk berniaga dan mendapat untung di tanah air tercinta.

      Setakat budak despatch kerja dengan tokeh Cina pun dah pandai cakap tokeh Cina tu kaya pasal generositi kaum dia.

      Nak tanya, berapa orang komentar perjuang bangsa umpama Hang Tuah di sini ada buka niaga dan berapa orang putera putera pulak yang dia kasi kerja? Kalau setakat makan upah maka diamlah dengar dengan taat because you know nothing about running a business.

      Jadi ada rancangan nak kumpul maruah kat depan Low Yat lagi. Oleh kerana maruah tiap tiap orang tu kurang sangat maka 50 ribu orang baru cukup maruah satu orang.

      Itu namanya bankrap maruah.

    5. Woi Cina pening kepala aku baca BM ko? Bila nak jadi orang Malaysia?

  11. Here's a question to people who know about election rules and Umno constitution. If you remove Muhyidin and Shafie that means Umno will have no Timbalan Presiden and tolak satu Naib Presiden. Adakah salah seorang Naib mengisi jawatan Timbalan secara otomatik dan seorang dari MKT ambil jawatan Naib Presiden atau tidakkah Umno perlu adakan pemilihan baru?

    Soalan kedua: jika TSMY dan Shafie telah dipecat tidakkah ini memerlukan mereka mengosongkan kerusi Parlimen mereka dan make way for by-elections?

    1. Semua jawatan Presiden, Timbalan Presiden dan 5 Naib Presiden adalah dipilih dan bukan dilantik.

      Jika Muhyiddin dipecat, digantung atau letak jawatan, kekosongan tersebut tidak boleh diisi sehingga PAU kecuali kerja2 Timbalan dipangku oleh kebiasaannya dari 5 Naib Presiden.


  12. Bahaya punya balang kena mau kasi buang lea aa ,
    tapi eee aa Wa ingat itu Mahyudin manyak bahaya untuk Najib ,tatak bahaya untuk UMNO lor rr.

    Atak kuasa punya olang memang itu macam maa aa , tatak kuasa apa boilh buat ?, itu hitam pon bolih nampak putih lor rr.

  13. Annie,

    UMNO ini sakit..sangat tenat skrg ni, budaya feudal + wang bermaharajalela...pimpinan UMNO yg ada skrg ni hanya menjadikan org melayu sangat di pentingkan hanya menjelang PRU..aku da semakin jelak dgn sandiwara 50an pemimpin UMNO..biarlah UMNO kalah... harapan aku akan ada wadah baru menjadi payung utk bangsa aku..MELAYU

    1. 'budaya feudal + wang bermaharajalela'

      Habis yang sokong aljuburi butatuli tu tak feudal? Yang sokong DAP butatuli tu tak feudal?

      Sudahlah tak payah nak jual minyak kat sini. Orang Melayu cakap jangan nak menangguk di air yang keruh. Jangan jadi batu api. Ko paham tak?

  14. Malaysians are masters in saying one thing yet doing the opposite instead...

  15. Hi,
    I'm a DAP supporter. I hope they sack Muhyiddin. It is good because UMNO need loyal Najib followers then without Muhyiddin, Najib can steer UMNO and control the party better. Even in DAP we also sack those never listen to central party ruling.

  16. Lancau lu punya bapa, cibai lu punya Mak...keluarr.. Jgn campur babi....dapig laknat..puki mak lu...

    1. Anon 21.43pm.

      Are you UMNO supporter?

    2. ya chibai 21:43 what the fuck is your problem??? Fucking asshole!!! Your mother is a fucking pig.

    3. With all the vulgar words, you expect Malay will continue to support UMNO? You learned all those F words from your mother is it? Your mother must be a cheap whore and that makes you a son of a BXXXX!!!

      p/s our mother must be the ugliest PIG fucked by all those moron UMNOPUKIS!

    4. Anon 00:07..
      ..YES ..your mother were the ugliest PIG and smell like one..DAPig

  17. Read the UMNO constitution. On what grounds can any sacking take place?

    20.1 Majlis Tertinggi berkuasa menubuhkan Lembaga Disiplin dan menentukan peraturan-peraturan, kuasa-kuasanya dan mengenakan hukuman kerana melanggar peruntukan perlembagaan ini dan kesalahan lain yang disenaraikan di dalam Tataetika Ahli UMNO atau mana-mana peraturan lain.

    They could not have "melanggar peruntukan perlembagaan" and I believe "kesalahan lain yang disenaraikan di dalam Tataetika Ahli UMNO" is in reference to party elections. "mana-mana peraturan lain" is not specified.

    However there is this clause:

    20.8 Semua ahli UMNO hendaklah cintakan parti dan:-
    (a) Patuh kepada Perlembagaan ini dan Tataetika Ahli;
    (b) Mengikut perintah-perintah parti;
    (c) Menjalankan dasar-dasar parti;
    (d) Patuh dan menghormati keputusan-keputusan parti;
    (e) Menjaga rahsia-rahsia parti;
    (f) Memelihara nama baik dan maruah parti;
    (g) Senantiasa menunjukkan tatalaku yang sopan lagi tertib

    I cannot see any contravention. If any it certainly applies to DS Najib in contravention of (f) Memelihara nama baik dan maruah parti!

    And he, Najib I am refering to, would be subject to:

    20.12 Majlis Tertinggi berkuasa penuh membuat kaedah-kaedah dan peraturan-peraturan berkaitan dengan Tataetika Ahli UMNO, yang di antara lain melarang penyalahgunaan kuasa dan wang dengan tujuan mendapat undi atau sokongan atau untuk mempengaruhi mana-mana pemilihan bagi pihak sendiri atau bagi pihak lain atau supaya jangan mengundi mana-mana orang dalam mana-mana pemilihan parti.

  18. MB Mukhriz has moved his state forward ...
    ... but in Ah Jib's eyes he's gone nowhere

  19. Bangsa cina zaman ini sama seperti yahudi,..segala tindak tanduk mereka yg licik serta penuh tipu helah,...tiada istilah kesetiaan dlm diri mereka kecuali sesama bangsa serta topekong mereka,...bangsa yg merbahaya,...mereka takkan berhenti selagi tanah melayu berjaya dirampas,....