Friday 24 February 2017

Defending Ghani (updated)


Please also read this Bernama report;

Man arrested after making offensive remarks against Sultan of Johor


A friend approached me this afternoon and asked

'Hey, Sultan of Johor whacked TS Abdul Ghani Othman yesterday. How come you are not defending him?"

The guy knows that I'm a big fan of the former Johor MB.

He was referring to this story

Past MBs were arrogant, says Sultan 

"I don't think Ghani wants me to defend him on this one. I'm quite sure he doesn't want anyone to end up getting in trouble because of him," I answered.

Well, I think Ghani's track record as the longest serving Johor MB (18 years) should suffice to defend him.

You can just type "Ghani" at the search section of this blog to read the archive of what I think of Ghani as Johor MB or even in his current position as Sime Darby chairman.

Personally, as I put it in past postings, I believe all current development projects in Johor, except those such as Forest City were initiated during Ghani's time as Johor MB.

Don't take my word for it.

You all can check them yourself.

From Iskandar Malaysia, Petronas' Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex, all the way to the building of more affordable houses and Sekolah Agama Johor.

You all decide for yourself whether  I'm right or wrong about Ghani.

Okay, that's all I want to say about this.

Please don't leave seditious comments here.

Thank you.


  1. People can call Mahathir anything they like. He's a nobody now. It will not become 'kudis' to him. You can destroy his image, smear his reputation, but one thing for sure, you will never ever can destroy his intelligent prowess and leadership talent. You will never be able to destroy the respect and admiration people have over him. Not only here in Malaysia but around the world. This is fact.
    Respect and good standing which Malaysia currently enjoy right now on world's stage is in large part due to him. Before he came to office, nobody knew Malaysia. Where was it? Was it a third world country? Was it located in African continent? Why bother knowing such country? By the time he left office after 22 years, Malaysia is not the same as Malaysia the world used to know. Malaysia had stamped its mark on global arena like never before. Malaysia's persona and prestige right now is built upon and developed him. Every where you land around the world during his time, people had only nice things to say about Malaysia especially countries in the Middle East. Can you say the same about the current leadership?

    1. Yup, may Allah bless Tun Dr. M our father of Malaysia.......

    2. You're right, Anon 17:44.

      Today we're famous the world over for the wrong reason.

      And... tomorrow, we will be famous again for hosting another Royal from the richest oil-producing nation which hosted an American Military base on its land. Unprovoked, bombed its poorest neighbor... so dirt-poor, it could not even afford to have an air-force of its own to defend its airspace.

      I just hope that our country would not make an enemy of the enemies of this visiting Royal.

    3. Anon 17:44,

      Very well said.

      One day TDM may leave us, although I wish that he would outlive all current pemimpin pemimpin Melayu Islam in Malaysia so that by the time Allah recalls him, he will go in real peace.

      But that's a whimsical thought, for at the age he has now, every second is a blessing to himself and Malaysians.

      So when the time he goes, I have promised myself that if I'm still alive and able to travel, I will go to pay my last respect to this great man.

      In the same time, I wish that Allah takes the life of other pemimpin pemimpin Melayu Islam and bestow them upon TDM so that TDM may live longer while the other pemimpin pemimpin Melayu Islam can go now and nobody will give two shit about them.

    4. Anon 1744,

      I am with you about Y.A. Bhg Tun M.

      I was at PWTC last week and there were times when I was standing in front of the potraits of former and current Prime Ministers. I only know about Tunku Abd Rahman from history book, heards about Tun Razak from my parents. Not much about Tun Hussein. But I grew up under Tun Mahathir leadership. You can hate him for the Anwar's case but you will always remember him for what a great leader he was. Visionary, believe that we can do more. I still keep the Star newspaper on his last day as our PM. For the 2 after him, nothing much to say about them except that I am cannot stand watching or reading anything about them. Frustrated and maybe anger at the same time.

      Last week, as I was in front of his photo, I pray that Allah will bless him and Tun Hasmah with good health and us all for we need to regain our honour and pride as Malaysian.

    5. Raised in TDM era i was blessed with the understanding of the importance of hard work, punctuality and high level of patriotisme. Peoplecan say anything about him now.. about so call cronies..his bloody rich childrens.. so what? Name me any leader who dont use their influence to give advantage to their families n 'kuncu'?
      They said even TDM involve in corruption.. so? At least he did lots of things (good one) to open wolrd''s eyes on Malaysia. Economically , for me as common citizen he really did make sure the Rakyat have their buying powers..ability to spend.. thus boosting the economy...i dont know about the national reserve.. bank negara...bla..bla..bla.. call me ignorance.. but those days i really got the value of my money. Even after 1997 crash..
      If he so call nyanyuk..good for nothing..why the hell u think those who caci maki him last time hang around him now ? Why seek his bless to gain support of rakyat?
      May Allah bless u tun.. may He bless u with good health and clear mind... Dont let them use u anymore.. u deserve to rest and enjoy your old days... you had done enough and we forever thankful to you..

  2. Annie,

    I know of only two things about Abd Ghani Othman.

    The first thing I know of Ghani was that he stood against Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah in GE13.

    I have always felt that anybody brave enough to take on LKS head-on is a person to be respected.

    Given Ghani's credentials, he could easily have had got himself a nice safe seat somewhere in Johor but to his credit, he sacrificed himself and his political future because his party asked him to undertake a suicide mission.

    The second thing I know of Ghani is that you like him.

    I am rather puzzled as to why the Sultan of Johor has come up with such a statement against Ghani.

    Perhaps there is some friction there which we are not entirely aware of.


  3. I always "menguap" whenever I hear statements from the royals.

    1. Eh eh...I pun "menguap" also lah. Sejak kebelakangan
      ramai pun agak "menguap".

  4. No point to defend the previous MBs of Johore.

    You should simply look the other way and repeatedly say "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!" or, simply "I see nothing–NOTHING!"

    We be better off to keep our fucking mouths shut because they are many powerful people who are just fucked up and crazy.

  5. You not tired ah?
    Every 5 years doing politics?

    Since u have real job

  6. >>>many powerful people who are just fucked up and crazy.

    not they are not. these people are not gods. as a muslim majority country, this should be very clear and painfully obvious. in this era of cash is king, nobody can tell you how to live your life, the law is too corrupted, it cannot be trusted, it isnt fair, its all connected, these `melayu leaders` vermins are spoiled-entitled-brat and a bastard, and we are here have a responsibility to change that

  7. Me... I felt a lump in my chest, instead. They should atleast asked... Who is Jho Low... to the Rakyat? Government official?

    1. I'm very sorry.
      My above comment was supposed to be in reply to Anonymous 24 February 2017, at 19:14.

  8. As a Johorian (a Muarian ) I am so proud of our MBs from Muar.Othman Saat, Tan Sri Muhyiddin and Tan Sri Abdul Ghani.You might call it parochialism or whatever but I believe Muar has produced so many quality leaders.
    Even though I have lived in Kelantan for the past 30 years but I still consider myself as a Muarian first and a Johorean second.
    You can take me out of Muar but you can never take Muar out of me

    Prof Kangkung

  9. Honest and patriotic leader like Ghani would certainly not be compatible with the environment where Cash is King.

    If he is still the MB, he would surely disagree or object the way land/homes are being sold... freehold, especially to foreigners at a time when, to its own Rakyat (di Dahulukan?), the gomen would sell, leasehold.

  10. As a Johorean I considered myself lucky. I am taught to obey and be loyal to my King. Frankly, I do not know why but I go along with it.

    I think I am one of those blind subjects who obeys without questioning. With that, I don't think I have a problem.

    What about on this current issue posted? This time, I tend to sway a little bit. For reason of statements, I am convinced my dear king has gone a little way off beyond a figment of his imaginations. A royal pain is in the making as someone guessed.

    However, my King is also an entrepreneur with his kingship thus kingly duties as an attribution with reference. As it stances, he is prudent by his sovereignty and concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of his subjects.

    I was told, the venture with his Chinese counterpart from the People's Republic of China (PRC) is strictly a deal of business exchange. By and large, the 'economists' say is for the economic growth of Johore State.

    More importantly, the immediate return of investment is going to be profitably sound. It has been estimated to amount receivable of billion Ringgits in return. A situation of monetary engagement which is an offer whom no one would not like to refuse, also an effort of self justification to opulence.

    Someone remarks, what really matter is, we have to learn to live along side with the seven hundred thousands (700,000) to millions of Chinese China residents in the Forest City. Like it or not, we were told, they are going to be our adorable new potential neighbors in near future.

    We should learn to accept the meaning of tolerance and progress. Therefore we should welcome them with our open arms. A grand and warm welcoming party should be organized. After all, they are going to be our possible bangsa Johore.

    Bangsa Johor will benefit from the Garden's Forest City project, a total investment of 383 billion in the 20-year plan. The experts told us this mega project would boost up Johore domestic economy. I wonder who would benefit from the changed transactions of the 383 billion? I bet you 90% of the 383 billion exchange changed hands in China. Perhaps we can have a touch of its benefit in 2038.

    Anyway, I am baffled and don't really believe what I wrote.