Tuesday 13 September 2016

In defense of good doctors (updated)

(note : Updates at the bottom)

In my last posting,

there were comments condemning the doctors such as this,

....They save lives, okay....

yes many of them save lives but with condition...and the condition is give me a lot of money or go and die because i am a DOCTOR

For all that, I would like to reproduce this post which I did almost a year ago so that you all may not think too harshly of our doctors,

Please give the good doctor what he wants 

(Note : Please click on the link above if you wish to read it along with the comments. There is also a video of the doctor performing a surgery at the link. If you watch and listen carefully to the video, you will realise that the good doctor I highlighted is a Malay.)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I met a handsome doctor, who is a neurosurgeon the other day.

He has a practice at one of the private hospitals in Malacca.

The neurosurgeon used to work for many years at several government hospitals.

He left to set up his own practice because of reasons I'm not at liberty to disclose here.

He nonetheless told me that he loves working in a government hospital because he get to save more lives there.

Despite the lower income compared to having his own private practice, he enjoyed having more patients at the big hospitals.

"Many of those patients can't afford to go to private hospitals, so I think I can do more good in a government hospital," he said.

The guy said he had recently volunteered to perform surgeries at a government hospital.

The problem is that the hospital doesn't have proper


equipment necessary for him to perform those surgeries.

The hospital had since applied to the Health Ministry for an allocation to purchase the equipment.

The guy appeared quite excited at the prospect of being able to help out at the hospital.

"They don't even have to pay me. Just get the equipment and I will do my best in the OT (operation theater)," he said.

I hope one of the big shots at the Health Ministry will read this and help out to get the budget for the hospital to get the equipment needed by the neurosurgeon.

Please check which hospital in Malacca had recently applied for the equipment.

I don't want to give too many details here as i don't want the neurosurgeon to get in trouble for telling me all these.

Just imagine how many lives could be saved if the guy can help out at the hospital.

All those poor patients can get faster treatment.

The neurosurgeon told me the needed equipment could costs less than RM100,000.

I don't think that's too expensive considering the benefits which could be derived from it.

To the Health Ministry people who read this and willing to help, thank you very much.

Hopefully, the hospital can have the equipment as soon as possible.

The neurosurgeon performing a surgery. The guy is very good with his work.

I believe the good doctor I highlighted in that post was also caught in the tax issue.

I hope the whole thing will not discourage him from trying to help the less well-off patients at the government hospitals.

Well, saving lives is not easy after all.

There are people who don't even want to appreciate it.

By the way, I'm still down with my ailment and writing this in bed.

Feeling a bit down, actually.

Hopefully I'll be okay again in the next few days.

You all take care ya.


I forwarded a question by Gladiator, who is a regular commentator of this blog about what happened to the craniotomy equipment requested for the use of the neurosurgeon and this is the wassap reply from the good doctor,


  1. Annie,

    I recall that article you wrote and I hope that doctor is doing really well in private practice.

    Your post was written in Sept 2015.

    It is now Sept 2016.

    Has that craniotomy equipment been delivered?

    RM100,000 is peanuts compared to the frivolous expenditure we have seen by various politicians.

    And oh, hope you get back on your feet real soon.


    1. Wow but look at annie's whatsapp reply huh. (Update at the end.) Really have to salute the public hospital docs for doing what they do.

    2. Anon 18:25
      FYI, the government hospital in question doesn't have a neurosurgeon. That private doctor whom I highlighted in the posting volunteered to help out there. For his troubles, they paid him that much. Otherwise all patients who need to undergo neurosurgery there would have to be sent to KL or JB.

    3. Ok ya, I got it now - thanks annie for clarification. But really. This is a sad thing:

      "THERE are only 26 oncologists at government hospitals to handle the 30,000 cancer patients diagnosed annually.

      Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya said these numbers only represented those who sought treatment at government hospitals.

      “The number of patients are expected to rise in the future,” he said.

      He said about half of the 30,000 patients were suffering from stage three or four cancers."

      That's from this year. WOW. WOW. WOW. 26 oncologists at government hospitals to handle the 30,000 cancer patients??? Insanity.

      And then there's that fat greedy woman spending our public cash of 24 million on trivial things and her hubby with his precious 2.6 billion.

      Makes my blood boil.

    4. And 2 thumbs up to your friend. Must salute him.

    5. TQ Kak Semah, for using money enough to buy few hundred craniotomy equipment, but she buy Chanel & harrod

      Thank you KAK, from whole rakyat M'sia

    6. "26 oncologists at government hospitals to handle the 30,000 cancer patients diagnosed annually." So the ratio is way more than 1,000 patients to one cancer specialist in Malaysia? That is insanity, and here we are happily losing US$3.5 billion to a Bugis-Chinese-Arab theft. Wake up, Malaysia!!!

  2. Annie,

    For those who think it's always a cushy, well-paid job, read this:


    Quite sobering.

    And the rich part?



    1. Ya. Was once in GH in a crowded waiting room this guy just barged into the doctor's room and asked why he was being so slow. And he had only 4 more numbers to go...some were way back in the Q.

      This is how difficult it can be, esp. in govt hospitals. Not easy life at all.

    2. If houseman(pelatih) basic rm2100+ tp ade elaun-elaun lain (kritikal,rumah, khidmat awam)......so cmpr-cmpr semua.......dptla rm3000+.....x terer sangat pun. Kerje tu pun x senang......

    3. RM3K now is nothing to survive on! And who says you can get a place? Medical grads have to wait three to six months for housemanship as there's only about 5,000 places a year. Blame the stupid Malaysian parent mentality - "DOCTOR, LAWYER, ENGINEER"...that's the problem lah!

    4. That comes from assuming those guys are best paid. Well are they? Law degrees dime a dozen.

    5. You think enginner rich nowadays? If in O&G industry cannot get loan. Now many is drive Uber. Even non-O&G high unemployment for enginner

    6. I'm not sure parents are still like that. The Indian parents are the ones who seem to want their sons to become "Professionals". Chinese don't mind if you sell insurance (not a high-regarded job, no offence) and the Malays are also quite relaxed. But the problem is the education system so whatever race you are you are not going to get a decent education, whatever the piece of paper says.


  3. Speaking of the ICU for OKU bloggers, Annie, the Blob has racked up...

    ...8 comments on her latest post.

    There's a palpable feeling of boredom over at Fatty's, which is hardly surprising because she's always been nothing more than a one-trick pony (or rather, a more appropriate farm animal that makes oinking sounds.)

    Here's a clue:


    Oink oink. Yes indeed.

    However, all is not lost. I hear Ustazah Blobby (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour Of The Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century) is going to stand for GE14 under the PAS banner.

    I think she convinced then by repeating "ummah" and "nawaitu" a few hundred times, until they overlooked her black heart, its arteries clogged with the porcine cholesterol of a thousand bak kut tehs.

    Their loss, sadly.

    1. Ickkkkkk...well that's Fat Soh, ugly on both the inside and out. Get well soon dear Annie, and remember you'll feel better in the morning, but Fat Soh will still look like (and be) **** - that's incurable! LOL

    2. 'her black heart, its arteries clogged with the porcine cholesterol of a thousand bak kut tehs' - that's sheer poetry : )

    3. DS Hadi Awang not that stupid bro

      Ustazah M'kini nih arrested for insulted Islam few years ago,,,

      Just becos can say 2-3 Arabic words dun mean she changed


    4. Ustazah Blobby ada banyak nama. Rina, Ayam to name a few. She talks to herself most of the time. Cari makan maa...must make lots of comments and hits.

  4. Agak memalukan apabila seorang doktor sangguo meluangkan masa dan tenaga tanpa bayaran untuk menyelamatkan rakyat tetapi pemimpin sedang bergelut mengekalkan kuasa dan mengumpul harta terlepas pandang menyediakan kemudahan senilai beg tangan.

    1. 'pemimpin sedang bergelut mengekalkan kuasa dan mengumpul harta terlepas pandang menyediakan kemudahan senilai beg tangan."......tu la.....si pokjib nih asyik gunakan nama bapak dia aje..tun abd razak.....utk publicity konon nya mewarisi kepimpinan yang berjiwa rakyat.....tu zaman lain.

    2. Kita berhadapan dengan kumpulan dan pemimpin yang dah hilang pertimbangan kerana dikawal olih matlamat material dan kuasa demi menjajaga udang yang terlalu besar jika gagal mereka2 terlibat akan menjadi sejarah hitam. Mereka dah retak dan terus kekalkan tekanan kerana mereka tak ramai pun.

  5. There was this real sad case:

    "In front of the crowd that had gathered there, the accident victim refused the good doctor's help, saying, "Aku taknak keling datang dekat aku ke, tolong aku ke, banyak orang boleh tolong" (I don't want a 'keling' coming near me, or to help me, others can help me)"...remember that case. So not all's easy for doctors. I have seen some really save lives in accident situation before.

    Sure some try and aim for profit but there's good ones too.

    1. Nie lah "Kling" yg paling aku suka.....

      "Prof Zainal Kling tampil memberikan analisis terkini mengenai Rosmah Mansor

      Seorang penganalisis politik tempatan berpendapat Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak kini berdepan dengan masalah yang ditimbulkan oleh isterinya, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, di samping timbunan masalah lain.

      “Di Malaysia, orang belum boleh menerima isteri seorang PM sebagaimana yang dibuat oleh Rosmah,” kata Prof Datuk Dr Zainal Kling.

      Prof Datuk Dr Zainal Kling berkata, orang melihat Rosmah sebagai lebih menonjol dari Najib sendiri. Di Malaysia, orang belum boleh menerima isteri seorang Perdana Menteri sebagaimana yang dibuat oleh Rosmah."

      Kih kih kih.....Kling nie bes skali

    2. Kalau PM songlap berbillion billion.......dan gunakan wang yg tak sampai 10% di duit songlap tu utk tutup n kabur kan mata rakyat dgn buat "kebajikan"... betul ke???
      duit yg dipinjam rakyat yg tanggung...bukan buat bisnes.....buat kocek sendiri.....tu la penyamun munafik......

    3. Is the word "keling" non-offensive in the north? My Penang friend claims so. Seems not logical though.

    4. No lah your friend is confuse becos of Masjid Kapitan Keling. Dun mean you can call every Indian that word. Sensitive bro

  6. Heal,heal Annie, heal soon enough .......


  7. Be realistic.

    Your last posting is about doctors' in premium private hospitals refusal to appoint other professionals (aka tax accountants). Nothing more!

    Had they appoint proper tax accountants, they would not be in hot water with the taxman.

    After all, as the maxim goes, "Only certainties in life; death and taxes".

    The doctors do their bit to prolong lives. Taxman, make sure they pay their dues.

    BTW, Doctors who goes into private practice no longer live by the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath.

    Those who are in private practice, especially premium private hospitals are Capitalists.

    Means, to them GREED comes ahead than saving lives.

    The Malays have a saying "Orang tamak selalu rugi".

    If your compassion is about for the people who saves lives, then the same tribute should be accoladed for life guards, search and rescue helicopter crews and divers, firefighters etc.

    All paid just like other civil servants.

    1. @ Ex-AA & Co,

      'Your last posting is about doctors' in premium private hospitals refusal to appoint other professionals (aka tax accountants). Nothing more! Had they appoint proper tax accountants, they would not be in hot water with the taxman.'

      Don't think so.

      That's not their story, anyways:


      I'm not taking sides. Maybe they should have got better advice but still LHDN going over, lah. Also "Doctors who goes into private practice no longer live by the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath" - bit over too, no? You mean every single private doc is a money-grabber? No lah.

      Sure, let's celebrate life guards, search and rescue helicopter crews and divers, firefighters etc. Nobody going to argue.

    2. Toksahlah stereotype all doctors like that bro...dorang semua tamak ke? Be balance bro

    3. Zamri

      They are.

      Even those IJN specialist.

      There was a big hue and cry in the past agst mgmt. They argue on pretext of patients.

      Actually they are greedy bastards who are reluctant to attend more patients and want more pay plus perks to travel.


  8. OK the big big $ gauranteed for specialists in private hospitals where there is real shortage compared to the so many other practitioners.

    Just look at the car models in the parking lots reserved for them, and really not begrudging them. For big or small $s all huhu work long donkey hours.

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  9. Annie,

    Thanks for the update on the equipment.

    I am so glad that for once something good has been done by the Ministry of Health.

    Your doctor friend should also be highly commended for his selfless act of kindness towards other humans.

    I am truly humbled by his generosity of self and time.

    Malaysia is already a slightly better place because of people like your friend.

    As a Malaysian, I thank him.

    As a human, I can only but respect him.



  10. Malaysia is alhamduli 'Llah a great place with great people, Sdr Gladiator

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. M Zin,

      //Malaysia is alhamduli 'Llah a great place with great people//

      It is also a place with some not-so-great people.

      IMHO, the not-so-great people outnumber and have more power/influence than the great people.

      The benefits which great people bring to Malaysia are often overwhelmed or destroyed by the not-so-great people because of jealousy or greed or the desire for power.



    2. Disagree, more common people that makes Malaysia great Sdr Gladiator
      from the Thai minorities in the north to the millions more Dayaks/ Kadazans etc in the east, never taken for granted

      Agree though all can use better leaders

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Instead of hounding Doctors, IRB should investigate all the politicians if they really are serious. Doctors are at least useful. Politicians are scums.

    By the way, maybe we should celebrate that USD has hit 4.13 today. Maybe Najib Government is aiming for 4.5 by Xmas and 5.00 by next year?

    Keep supporting UMNO.

  12. Annie,

    Speaking of "professionals":

    "An Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) report has revealed that miscommunication between a Malaysia Airlines A330 and ground crews, led to the March 31 incident in which the door of the aircraft was damaged.

    According to Australia's online portal news.com.au, the A330 had collided with an aerobridge at Melbourne Airport when the captain released the park brake, without checking if the wheel chocks were in place.

    It cited the ATSB report, which stated “the ground and flight crew procedures were not well harmonised, leading to reduced cohesion between the crews”.

    Seriously, this is the worst time for MAS to be making massive errors like this. Then there was that bunch of people stranded for 19 hours with no info:

    "At this point, the passengers were informed that hotel rooms would be provided for them.

    Unfortunately, no airport or MAS staff were on hand to assist them with the transportation, subjecting the group to another four-hour wait just to get to the hotel located 1.6km away.

    “Even while waiting to get our taxi ride, there was no organisation or airport staff or MAS staff to assist. So, everyone had to fight to get their ride.”

    Josh also claimed the airline had placed the passengers into twin-sharing rooms, with strangers left with no option but to stay together.

    He then questioned the fate of a Muslim girl travelling alone, and if she, too, was made to share a room with a male traveller."

    There are clowns running MAS.

    They should have stuck with the German Christoph Mueller. I heard he wanted to take away some of the "kabel" contracts from suppliers and the cronies made noise. So he said "OK, wallow in your corruption, bye!" But that's the bitter medicine that MAS needed.

    The new guy is from RyanAir, one of the worst airlines in the world.

    The future is clear, and the future is bleak.

  13. Tell your multimillion dollar doctor lady friend not be cheapskate and pound foolish.

    Be like this brain surgeon and pay tax to government for excessive income she so it helps govt by equipments for other good doctors

    And dont befriend that leech lady doctor.