Friday 26 August 2016

Please let it be the Shinkansen

The tender for Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail project is out,

I had explained why I prefer the project to be designed and executed the Japanese way in this post,

I know for a fact that the Japanese are very keen to participate in the project.

I'm hoping they will be selected to help us instead of the others such as those from China or South Korea.

The Japanese are after all the best in this field.

To better understand my sentiments on this matter, please watch this half an hour NHK documentary on the Shinkansen,


  1. Yea Japanese technology, for futuristic possibilities and ecological awareness ...


  2. Be careful what we wish for(?) Lil sis Ms Annie

    " For years, Taiwan has been operating a high-speed train service based on Japan's bullet train system. It is Japan's first Shinkansen export. But saddled with huge losses, the Taiwanese high-speed rail operator has recently decided to accept a government bailout in hopes of turning its troubled business around"

    -- Nikkei Asian on November 12th 2015

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. MAS has suffered losses over the years. Is it because MAS is flying Boeing and Airbus aircrafts?


    2. My eldest flew B777 with MAS for about 10 years, Lil sis Ms Annie
      and Boeing is not the reason he left.

      Just need to update that he is now B737 captain in China Airlines
      ( OK, this threads about HSR kan?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. I don't think the Taiwanese are making losses because they are using Japanese trains, the same way MAS was making loses not because of the type of aircrafts it was flying.


    4. Mega-infra projects:
      These the world over including the Olympics and UK Chunnel remember(?) cannot be justified solely commercially

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. M Zin,

      //including the Olympics and UK Chunnel//

      So what is the relevance of this comment to Taiwan using Japanese trains and losing money?



    6. The project owners are, Sdr Gladiator:
      • MyHSR Corp (M)
      • LTA (S)

      There are huge business risks, and we do not want continuous big big $ billion government bailout like Taiwan

      Acceptable pricing:
      Market pricing would be a major concern, compared to the high transport prices say in Japan. We can expect it to be more than ERL rates/ km kan?

      We didn't take the Shinkansen in Japan last year, electing to drive. The tolls are many times more than PLUS, more than the petrol expenditure there. The Metro is not cheap.

      Maybe not as good but could be less expensive, we will in-sya-Allah surely look at French and Chinese HSR offers.

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. M Zin

      Toksah la...siapa pun yg offer tu, price will be inflated giler. Inikan era 'Cash is King'. Duit bawah meja diutamakan dulu. Tak rasis punya. Jp ke, Cina ke, Perancis ke...siapa boleh bagi komisyen yg paling banyak je la yg penting. Sebabkan ada rakyat utk bayar. Tak cukup duit? Naikkan GST.


    8. LTA Singapore will have more than a little say kut(?) Sdr ANON 09:56

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    9. M Zin,

      "...There are huge business risks, and we do not want continuous big big $ billion government bailout like Taiwan..."

      We are well aware that there are huge business risks.

      We also know that there is the risk of government bailing out MyHSR..

      BUT you posted something which says that the Taiwanese used Japanese trains and they had to be bailed out.

      So, does this mean that if Malaysia uses Japanese trains, MyHSR might need to be bailed out just like Taiwan?

      Bear in mind Annie's article is about using Japanese trains.



    10. Future P&L depends on the business risks kan(?) Sdr Gladiator
      and MyHSR must have done many rounds of $ sensitivity analysis especially on factors ticket prices, ridership nos and changes in competition/ substitutes

      ( my personal ROI experience only with much smaller projects)

      Of course the $ CAPEX depends on the choice of technology package.

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    11. M Zin,

      //MyHSR must have done many rounds of $ sensitivity analysis especially on factors ticket prices, ridership nos and changes in competition/ substitutes//

      Who knows what MyHSR has taken into consideration.

      So, the Taiwanese needed a bailout because they used Japanese trains?




    12. The Taiwanese could have taken other CAPEX options kan(?) Sdr Gladiator
      and the outcomes will be different for each, not saying any will profit

      Over to MyHSR

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Tebing Tinggi XVII26 August 2016 at 15:59

    The Chinese are coming on strong.

    Wonder how this will play out?

    Will the tenders for the HSR project be open, fair and transparent?

    1. Whatever lah, just as long as the music on board is old school cool as this .....

  4. I agree and support the SHinkansen.
    Please dont let the PRC be the Neo Colonialist of the Peninsular.Their economic,financial,fiscal,socio vernacular involvement, participation in Malaysia has escaped the radar scan of all but a few high level pple.Their political proximity to MCA is too dominant.Their constant arrogant bullying neo imperial antagonistic confrontational hegemonistic island hopping 6 lighthouses and armed military bases
    in the Natuna Seas have been blind sided by the glitz of 2 panda bears in ULU KElang.
    Malaysia 's honour and dignity was sold out by todays lackey toadying regime in Putrajaya.This stooge regime is vying with Cambodia for the next Sinophile champion in Asean.
    Mr Presiden Duterte and Bapak Presiden Jokowi are shining examples of Honour Dignity Independence Pride Courage.Malaysia has none of the attributes.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

    1. sape broker kontrak rasuah CCCC tu? mca ler, sape lagi........knape lontong lai duduk senyap jer?

  5. Diplomatic affair must take into consideration too.

  6. Annie,

    On the railway subject - e more worried by the fact that Pokjib is dealing with a company banned by the World Bank, just to fill that gaping hole in 1MDB.

    The Malaysian government planned to double the cost of the East Coast Rail Project from 30 billion ringgit to 60 billion ringgit, a difference of about $9.8bn. A company nominated by CCCC would then assume $US5.6bn of 1MDB’s debt in return for assets held on the sovereign fund’s books at the same amount.

    Are Zimbabwe and the Maldives more intelligent than our govt?


    "A Chinese contractor chosen for the US$200 million Malé-Hulhulé bridge project was blacklisted by the World Bank over fraudulent practices during a road improvement project in the Philippines.

    The CCCC Second Harbour Engineering company was sanctioned in 2009 and barred from engaging in any road and bridge projects financed by the World Bank Group until January 2017.

    Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz said at a parliamentary committee today that the bidding process for the ‘China-Maldives Friendship Bridge’ was conducted by the Chinese government last week."


    "HARARE, June 6 (The Source) – The company that won a lucrative $2 billion contract for the construction of Zimbabwe’s most important highway is under a World Bank ban for tender rigging and fraud.

    Zimbabwe recently named Chinese firm China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) as the main contractor of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway dualisation project. An Austrian firm based in China, Geiger International, was named as the financier of the project.

    However, according to a World Bank listing of firms that are ineligible for contracts that it finances, state-owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Limited, CHEC’s parent company, is banned until 2017. According to the World Bank, companies that it places on its blacklist would have been found in violation of its “fraud and corruption policy”.

    Does CCCC only deal with countries desperate to make a quick buck, more so because they may have to pay the UAE RM27 billion shortly?

    That money is coming out of our pocket!

  7. I trust the Japanese more. Chinese construction companies very bad reputation, just check news. But the key issue is maintenance by us. No use having the best train service if cincai work ethic.
    Scarier if Shinkansen, some more.
    Shinkansens built to tahan earthquakes. But tthe Japanese haven't dealt with our vandals who pelt trains with stones for fun.

  8. Beginning of the end of Ketuanan Melayu...
    Padan muka.
    Red shirt rally also called off.
    I told you already... Ali Tinju and Ikan Bakar are fucking cowards against the forces of PRC.

    Shabas motherland!!!!

    1. In the footsteps of their chief - the freaking taigor mappadulung nothing2hide im4u of "One Malicious Devil's Bidding" (1MDB) infamy.

  9. Ghani, Umno election 2000 and Sultan Iskandar.

    Sorry Annie to retrieve the above subject matter.

    Though Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail Project is rather an interesting subject matter due to an unaccounted amount of 'Kick back' would soon get into someone receivable account.

    However, without any doubts all the MBs have done great jobs in their own ways for Johor. Ghani was not spare either.

    Ghani was a minded leader and certainly not of one from a political upbringing. A well done academician who ran the State. Yes he was, who along the way lost of being a politician. He lost his sense of political comradeship. A political chief without Indian who got caught under the spells of Johore's team A (Mahatdir) and team B (Musa).

    Besides, he moved aside the forbearance of Johor civil servants left out in the cold from getting involved in the development process. For an example, Johore Economic Planning Unit was kept in a cold to participate in the economic planning for Johore socio economic landscape.

    He activated Institute Sultan Iskandar to head the economic planing which later interrupted the bureaucratic oder and decision making of JCS. As the result, economic development was at a standstill and furthered to stagnate for decisions.

    Prior to Ghani took office as MB, the economic development of Johor was robust and ready to take off to next economic level. There were indications of economic slowdown but Johore was structurally and financially prepared in managing thus foresaw the economic challenges.

    Ghani took a fair political and economic decision. He made a brave u-turn by looking inward. His policies were to develop the socio-economic for Johorean by furthering the infrastructural development which directly benefit Johoreans.

    Unfortunately, the individuals whom Ghani selected were a bunch of incompetent CEOs and officials of KPRJ who knew to spend the borrowed money (from the commercial banks) rather than be a business-like incorporated to earn a penny.

    Like 1MDB (42 billions), KPRJ was in debt of accumulated amount of 700 millions. Technically KPRJ was a bankrupt holding company.

    Ghani created KPRJ (the creator of 1MDB is a known thief) but ended up a total failure although Ghani was not a thief.

    "Rumah Rakyat", not a single unit was erected. The huge sign board was left to rot by itself.

    Infra Desa, a company under KPRJ who was awarded to build 2,000 miles long of low quality "Jalan Kampong" (Ghani's grand showcase) was halfway completed.

    Coastal highway proposal was abundant but left with millions ringgits worth of uncompleted drawing and engineering plans.

    He abolished the treasured scholarship scheme (Johore heritage) from Yayasan Pelajaran Negiri Johor. He then introduced student loan at the given high interest rate. YPJ was placed as the guarantor of the loans.

    KPRJ took over all the subsidiary companies under YPJ along all the unit shares and money. YPJ which was self sufficient now became dependent of the State Government.

    In the end, where goes the 2 billion in form of cash and in unit shares of Johor Heritage Fund?

    Unofficially, KPRJ was an undeclared bankrupt company which later was rescued by Bangsa Johore, Lim Kang Ho. One thing about Ghani and the like of other MBs before him, Ghani was not a thief and the others were not thieves either.

    1. You got most of your facts jumbled up, I'm afraid. And all the issues you raised had been explained by the previous administration numerous times. They were brought up before by Ghani's detractors, so that there's no point in me trying to repeat the explanations. For instance you can check them out at Another Brick in the Wall blog. I had asked two former members of Ghani's team to respond to you but they said it would be just a waste of time to do so. Thank you.

    2. I may have jumbled up my facts on KPRJ in relation to Ghani's administration then. The definite facts remain doubtfully to be Ghani's unprecedented endowment.

      What I am trying to say also, like the other Johore MBs, they were not 'Khalifah' and they were not 'Penyamun Trabus' like the Malaysian Officials 1.

      Besides, many have had no idea how Ghani had gone through to manage the State in time of economic recession, with KPRJ outstanding debts while Johore was in deficit of its continuous balance sheet.

      At the same time politically, Tun Mahatdhir was his Boss. He was the Menteri Besar in the State where Tun Musa's' Hantu Raya' were wandering in his administration and every conner of the State.

      Forget about the former members of Ghani's team, they don't have the answer because the facts were about policies in relation to a bunch of incompetent individuals in KPRJ and economic recession. Another Brick in Wall blog, forget about him too because he was not the party to it. He could be a good spinner on this particular Johore issues.

  10. Annie,

    Maybe the Japanese do build a better rail network but if I had to guess, I'd say that Beijing will win the contract.

    No need to go into detail how Beijing will provide the "best deal", ok?


    1. jilake.......CCCC rasuah part 2 ke???

    2. Anonymous 27 August 2016 at 01:10,

      //CCCC rasuah part 2//

      Aiyah, why use horrible words like "rasuah"?

      Try something more pleasant sounding like "advanced cost restructuring" or "pricing matrix variances". They are meaningless phrases I just made up but *heheheh* we know what it means, don't we?

      Just calling it "rasuah" just seems so cheap and dirty :)


  11. Annie......why argue over who gets to lay the tracks and run the train. Chinese or Japanese or Korean will all lose hands down to Indian Railways.

    Indian Railways are well known for their super efficiency and punctuality. They also come cheap and are built strong to last
    long.Some are even 100 years old.
    Wanna hear about their and my friend visited India a couple of years ago and decided to travel by train to keep the costs low and also to get a good view of the countryside.
    Ended up in a city and headed for the railway station to continue our travels.
    Reached the rail station at around noon and proceeded to buy tickets for our next destination. Managed to get two 2nd class tickets to continue our journey scheduled at 3.30 pm same day.

    As we lugged our bags and waited at the designated platform to board the 3.30 pm train, suddenly there was an announcement on the PA system indicating that our train was delayed for an indefinite period.The announcer also said that all passengers scheduled for the 3.30pm train should wait at the same platform and further information shall made on the status of the delayed train from time to time.
    Just as me and my friend were resigned to the fact that our day has been wasted due to the indefinite delay, we saw a train chugging into the platform with the same name (Nilgri Express)and arriving at the same time (3.30pm) as stated in our tickets.

    Thinking that something isn't friend went over to the Station Master, who was waving a green flag from the platform for the arrival of the train.

    Friend : Excuse me sir, Is this the 3.30pm Nilgri Express ?

    Station Master : Yes, this is the 3.30pm Nilgri Express.

    Friend : Sir, just now there was a PA announcement saying today's 3.30pm Nilgri has been delayed indefinitely but now I see this train here.
    Station Master : Hello my friend......this train was scheduled to arrive yesterday at 3.30 pm....but sudah lambat 24 jam.

    Of course he said sudah lamabat 24 jam in English.

    And that is Indian Railways punctuality.

    No offence or disrespect to anyone.


    1. You just can't walk into a train station in India and get a long haul ticket. Tickets have to be bought weeks in advance or bought online due to demand.

      Good read anyhow, could have made into childrens' bedtime story book.

    2. What a moron....there was no mention of a long haul trip.....and glad that you have educated the world that all villagers in India do have a personal computer to do their online train ticketing.
      Bodoh piang and sleepyhead!

  12. Sibuk nak bina rail tapi Kementerian-kementerian dah mula tiada duit. Atau gomen parlance 'peruntukan'.

    Ubat nenek, balik berulang kali ke klinik pun tak dpt. Pharmacist ckp bekalan masih tak sampai. Sebab gomen takde duit ke apa? Tak pernah kami alami keadaan cam ni.

    Dengar kawan kat Menteri Pendidikan, mesin cetak printer pun kena tarik balik daripada supplier sebab Gomen tak bayar.

    Kes kontraktor kat T'ganu pun satu lagi.

    Just the begining.

    UMNO...korang baik sedar okay. Kalau kepala tu dah busuk, buang je. Jangan sampai marah rakyat membuak.

  13. This high speed rail project will benefit Singaporeans in general and a few Malaysians connected to UMNO and the state down south who was so pist with Mahathor's statement that words uttered does not reflect their social standing(i guess everyone knows what this means).

    Singapore will not allow or approve any projects that does not benefit them like the crooked bridge as the crooked bridge will make Johor ports more preferred than Keppel Port Singapore. To the UMNO ruling government, as long as there is opportunity to make big bucks,they will just agree to everything. Thats how 1MDB had screwed up the whole country.

    Back to the outburst on Bangsa Johor opinion by Mahathir, those who had high regards to the "people" down south previously now has different opinion after their recent outburst on an opinion by an old man that they went on personal attack against him which is totally unbecoming. Mahathir was polite not to mention why the constitutional crisis took place in 1993 which the whole country knows and just when we thought the next generation is more decent, it has been proven otherwise and looks no difference than their fore-fathers.

    And because of the unbecoming outburst, the tyrant dictator quickly used the same statement to demonize Mahathir by just repeating the exact words uttered.

  14. Apparently after realizing that the crowd at the #Tangkap MO1 was small, the King of Kerala had changed his mind of making his appearance at the rally. He instead boarded a private jet and flew to Langkawi. Hehehe! What an embarrassment to an ex-dictator who had ruled Malaysia for 22 long years with an iron fist! Some people say karma, but I'd say he got his just desserts or comeuppance!

    1. I am not 100 percent sure of the definition of polemic, but it sure wasn't meant to convince anybody of anything.

  15. Hishamuddin,the coward like his cousin, who flashes Keris trying to act tough but later apologized for that action said today that Mahathir's opinion on Bangsa Johor and unity will cost his new party Bersatu to be rejected by Johoreans.

    Are Johoreans so emotional and lack of intelligence that they will reject Bersatu because of Mahathir's opinion and continue to support UMNO despite billions were stolen from the people for MO1 and his family members to frolick? Are Johoreans sharing the same backward mentality as Kelantanese?If thats true, then looks like instead of learning from the Singaporeans neighbour, Johoreans actually learnt from their Indonesian neighbours instead!

    Looking at the various emotional comments by key leaders of Johor couple with Hishamuddin being a Johorean, then it is very obvious that what Hishamuddin said was true. No wonder despite the multiple scandals, you as a Johorean are writing nonsense articles about armpit, cium tangan and asam pedas!

  16. scrap this project,i am living in penang and this dont bring me any good,i as a rakyat dont want this

  17. agree. i too don't want the project.It doesn't bring benefit to Malaysians, except those project related individuals, whose pockets will be filled

  18. Do we really need the HSR? How many orang biasa mcm kita will use the HSR?
    We have good roads, public transport, so why spend BILLIONS on something which we can do without?

  19. fuck the PRC and their sub standard engineering maintenance
    japanese railway beat beat china anyday, everyday
    it even beats the whole world fullstop
    a true Prime minister will chose safety and reliability above all else
    najib? rakyat didahulukan can go die
    and malaysian can go forever being a monkey brain, retard, ignorant, backward, bersyukur and aman bangsa malaysia
    malaysian can go lick najib royal ass


  20. Selamat menyambut Hari Merdeka

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  21. China railway macam taik, lepas sambut hari merdeka pun aku tak nak dan aku akan terus membangsatkan china railway